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Mob Psycho 100 Fic Recs

I saw somebody talking today about the underrated fanfics in the fandom so I thought I’d make a short list of the ones that I’ve read and enjoyed.

I don’t really have rhyme or reason to this. It’s a shortlist, and tbh my main category for fanfic I like is “did it make me feel a thing.” It’s not a complete list by any means, just the ones that I immediately recognized as I was skimming the feed.

Content warnings are per fic. There is no rit//su//mob or rei//mob, or anything explicit I don’t think.

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Malec Dancing in the Rain.

(Disclaimer: This is short and not that great. I have been feeling ill lately, so my brain is being shitty… I just hope it makes sense…)

(Inspired by a tweet by the lovely @mortallwarlock, Asked for Malec dancing in the rain… I hope I did it justice. Hope you enjoy dear! <3 )

(Not beta’d as this was just a quick little piece… I may make it better later when I feel better.)

It’s a nice summer day, the sun high in the sky, just the perfect amount of clouds, and two men completely in love curled together in the window nook reading together. It is one of the best days they have had in a while. Finally a break from the dark and gloomy life of hunting and killing demons. A break from dealing with clients who believe they are entitled to ever drop of Magic you can give. No orders being barked out every few minutes, not lives that need saving, not that they mind being heroes. But even a hero needs a break every now and then.

So it’s no wonder when the sky grows dark and the clouds turn gray, that the mood shifts. Alec getting a frown on his face immediately. Magnus turning to look at his boyfriend, smiles instead. He will not let that frown stay there. “Alexander, its only rain.”

“I know but when it rains I just can’t help but feel like I will be called back to the institute.” He sighs running a hand through his hair. Staring out the window watching the drops hit the pavement.

“Why? Rain does not mean imminent doom.”

“No, but try telling that to over a hundred paranoid Shadowhunters.”

Magnus shakes his head, “I only need to tell it to one, Alec. The rain is good. Fun really.”

“Fun?” Alec cocks an eyebrow at Magnus. “I don’t see how…”

Magnus grabs his hand and pulls him up. As he leads them outside he doesn’t even bother to grab them a coat or anything else to protect them from the water. Alec is concerned, Magnus may be immune to all regular mundane illnesses but he is not. “Aren’t you worried I might get sick?”

“Nope, already taken care of.” Magnus winks. He let’s go of Alec’s hand and steps into the rain. Immediately he is soaked from head to toe. “See, fun.”

“Magnus, you are standing in the rain. How is that fun?” Alec crosses his arms over his chest.

“Right forgive me, I forgot the best part.” He snaps his fingers and music plays out of nowhere. “Dance with me?”

Alec actually breaks out in a grin dropping his hands as he steps toward Magnus. When Alec is close enough Magnus reaches out taking him by the waist and pulling him to his chest. Both of them soaked now. Magnus takes Alec’s hand and they begin a slow movement to the music.

Alec is not the greatest dancer, he knows it, Magnus knows it, but something takes a hold of him and he just lets himself get lost in the music, spinning Magnus, being spun by Magnus… Circling each other. Magnus playing around with waltz type movements… And in the end He dips Alec and they both laugh happily. This was fun and now Alec just want to… Magnus pulls him back up and Alec’s hands move to cup the sides of Magnus’ neck as he leans in to kiss him. Slow and gently, but full of every ounce of love he has for this man that knows just how to make him happy every moment of every day. The music is still playing and Alec moves their bodies to the rhythm without breaking their kiss.

The High School AU

Because everyone should have a high-school AU

Slugging her bag higher up on her shoulder, Dracule Riskua flashes a quick glance to Ace as he lumbers along just behind her. Sabo went in early for his work on the school newspaper and Luffy had spent the night at Zoro’s, leaving it as just the two of them on their usual route.

“You’re being particularly quiet today, Ace.”

When had conversation between them got so hard? Riskua doesn’t recall. It doesn’t seem right.

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Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Fandom Basics Edition

These are the most popular fanfics in the mob psycho 100 tag on AO3 when filtered by kudos, comments, and what I’ve seen personally in the fandom. All of these are for general or teen and up audiences. None of these fics contain pedophilia, incest, or rape. 

If you’re new to the fandom and haven’t read any of these yet, they’re a good place to start. 

Featuring works by phantomrose96, UncannyCookie, Sifl, and more. If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. 

tomorrow isn’t always another day



It’s like Reigen’s been waiting for the question. He stops dead on the pavement, grips Mob by the shoulders, and stares down into his eyes with an expression as haunted as though every ghost the pair of them has ever exorcised has taken up residence behind it. “Mob,” he says. “Mob,” he says again. “Tell me, Mob. Look at me and tell me. Tell me truthfully. Do I look cursed to you?”

Mob looks at him, and tells him truthfully. “No.”

“Well, you didn’t look very long,” says Reigen. “Let’s just stand here for a moment, like so, and you can have another look, a nice long look, and really think about it…”

 (There’s nothing strange about being called back to exorcise the same haunted photocopier six days in a row. It must just be a very haunted photocopier.)

General Audiences


Of Cold Hands Reaching



After six months in Mogami’s mind world that weren’t even real anyway, Mob returns to his old life.

Everything is fine.

General Audiences


And Nearly Letting Go



Mob and Teruki are the sort of friends that never fight. 

General Audiences


do make tomorrow a sunny day (series)



An AU that hinges on one question: what if someone at Claw noticed Mob’s powers much, much earlier? MANGA SPOILERS

General Audiences/Teen and Up Audiences





Your name is Hanazawa Shigeo, and when you are twenty four years old, you meet a boy.

His name is Reigen Arataka. 

General Audiences


It Runs in the Family



Teru agrees to attend a party celebrating his uncle’s full recovery after a horrific “car accident,” but he’s not excited about reconnecting with his cousin, Minori, who he recalls is as bad, and likely worse, as he used to be. 

However, he is not expecting to find her trying to turn over a new leaf in the wake of a traumatic spiritual possession, and in dire need of a confidant. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, they have more in common than Teru would like to admit…especially when he realizes that Minori is trying to track down her mysterious rescuer.

General Audiences


Color in A Monochrome World (Series)



A series of interrelated Mob Psycho 100 stories. They are meant to be read in this order, but they can also be read as standalone works.

General Audiences, Teeen and Up Audiences


A Breach of Trust



This is a world in which Mob and Reigen’s paths have never crossed, in which 10-year-old Mob found psychic guidance in the form of the aging, retired tv personality Keiji Mogami, in which Reigen followed through on his plans to close the Spirits and Such Agency, in which a cruel twist of Mob’s powers forces him to confront how dangerous he really is.

10 year old Shigeo Kageyama has vanished, his trail instantly cold, and his case gathers dust in police archives as a kidnapping never solved. Four years pass before a chain of events causes his path to cross with that of the despondent, unfulfilled fake-psychic-turned-fake-investigator, Arataka Reigen. Reigen finds himself in over his head caring for an escaped victim of abuse who, for reasons unfathomable, has been taught to believe his very existence is a horrifically dangerous thing…

Teen and Up Audiences


A House Made of Cards



Reigen is terrified of the man standing at his office door. And it’s not his own safety that concerns him.

Teen and Up Audiences





The staff of Salt Middle School consider Kageyama Shigeo’s third emergency contact.

General Audiences


Extracurricular Education (Series)



A collection stories revolving around Mob’s growth through his part-time job with Reigen.

General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences


Temporary Accommodations



Due to a matter of circumstance and some near-death escapades, Mob’s body gets kidnapped.

…Without Mob himself in it.

 (In which the great Reigen Arataka’s body becomes a sort of temporary accommodation for Mob’s soul, and Reigen quickly finds out he’s not really built for this sort of thing.)

Teen and Up Audiences


We’ve Really Grown Up



Mob and Reigen hang out and solve cases together.

Teen and Up Audiences





In the aftermath of the night fighting Claw’s 7th Division, Mob’s powers return to him. However, something unknown is left behind with Reigen. Something that doesn’t want to remain there. And someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. 

(Or: in which Reigen is saddled with ???%, and things go poorly for all involved.)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Risk of Going Through a Doorway Is That It May Be Locked Shut Behind You



“You’re always you, and that don’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

(–Neil Gaiman, ‘The Graveyard Book’) (AU)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Different Outcome



In a world where it is not a peaceful life that Mob seeks, but redemption, the road to recovery seems so far-fetched, a distant dream that nobody could hope to achieve.

General Audiences


kelsey // dynamics // i

Understanding - becoming part of their dynamic, friend group was something I never thought would be that easy. But it was. 

Nobody ever really questioned it, batted an eyelid at it. 

Except George. 

It was a Sunday night. Penelope’s garage. George was staring. A time where I couldn’t tell if he was squinting at me through hatred - or if it was just the effect of too much weed. Penelope liked to assure me it was the latter. I was never too sure.

Coming into late May - the beginnings of summer in little signs. 9pm sunsets, Penelope’s garage door left fully open, sun showers and the smell of rain soaked tarmac, pavements - heavy in the air. Petrichor - Penelope informed.

“It’s actually the plants,” Adam had told me earlier, on the walk to Penelope’s house, after we crossed paths in town. I had looked up in question, he chuckled - a low sound, almost inaudible.

Different - to Matty’s hyena like shrieks, George’s deep grumbles to cackles, Ross’ giggles, or Penelope’s guffaws that always sounded far too loud to emit from her petite frame. And I was so caught up in comparing a previously unheard sound to familiar ones - that I almost missed what he was saying. 

He spoke low, and quickly - but in a coherent set of mumbles. “The smell,” he said, reminding me of my previous point, how I liked the smell after rain, especially in summer. 

“It comes from the plants - grass, soil even,” he had stopped there, pink tinging his cheeks, hair slicked back from the downpour, and I thought he looked much better without the whole emo fringe thing. Not that I would say that. Pressing why he stopped - asking how, why. 

He had smiled then, a bit of disbelief - I suppose he was used to Matty telling him to shut up by now, unless it was something he was interested in. 

“Eh, basically when it rains on dry soil - or any kind of semi-permeable, or y’know porous kind of surface.. like soil or plants.. it - without getting too technical, it basically helps emit these oils and that’s where the smell comes from. Petrichor.” 

“Oh cool, you’re proper clever, Adam.” - and he had laughed again, shrugging. 

“Thanks, Kels,” Holding out a strawberry lace, different. Matty gave me cigarettes. 

Now - snapping out of my thoughts, daydreams - by a shout, right above my ear, Ross. 

Oi, tits!” 

A new development, nickname. Ross and Penelope. Disgruntled sounds - Matty. 

A few days ago - Matty’s dad’s garage, the general rehearsal gathering point. Penelope - one of her giant posters of Robert Smith, The Cure. Adam had helped her tack it up on one of the walls, covering some of playboy models, other mostly naked women. 

Something Matty told me him and George did a few years back, high.  And George was staring again, that fucking squinting stare.

Matty, Penelope - debating which of the girls tits were real and which were fake - until an argument started over one. Matty insisting they were real while Penelope swore they were fake. Ross eventually throwing his two cents in. Penelope having a sudden out burst, exclaiming - “They’re obviously fake! I would know, I’m the one who has fucking tits!” 

And Ross had smirked, quipping back with a low, “That’s debatable..”

Cackles - bouncing off the walls, through smoke - George, sat behind his drum kit, a fit of laughter. Adam following suit - although he did his best to hide it, suddenly becoming very interest in tuning his guitar, but the shaking of his shoulders giving away his near silent bouts of chuckles. Even Matty joined in - struggling to hold back. 

And at first she had glowered - before rolling her eyes, but an entertained smile, muttering that were all fucking dickheads. 

I suppose that’s how the name started - a kind of immature irony. Penelope was petite, skinny - and even though I was younger than her, mine were already bigger. 

Now - they were discussing something about the Cold War that I couldn’t keep up with. Matty - pausing whatever game him and Penelope had been playing on Playstation. A sigh - over exaggerated, clearly bored with the topic. Laying back - his head, Penelope’s lap, eyes closing, spliff between his lips. 

My history exam was the next day. Ross had offered to help cram - being the self-declared history buff, which is how we ended up sprawled on Penelope’s garage floor, notes scattered. 

“Yeah, so I was right..” - Ross, turning back to me, refocusing in. 

Time passed - eventually cramming turned into games of hangman and dots, Adam - on the phone to Pete, when Matty said they needed more weed, Penelope and Matty - hushed conversations and giggles. The Simpsons - telly. 

It was raining again - distant rumbles of thunder, but a good vibe. Ambient, typical lazy Sunday nights. 

That was until George. Seemingly engrossed in his laptop - it was sudden. His eyes flickered, meeting mine. And in retrospect - that may have been the start off.  

Curses - sudden, and before anyone can really comprehend, a door slams. 

Exchanged glances - filtered through surprise, unexpectedness. 

Penelope is the one to follow, through to her house after him. Leaving the four of us with thunder rumbling closer, Mr Burns singing about his vest. 

Now there was tension, something that ran thicker than the smoke hovering in the air. And I think Matty knew - from the distant buzz of voices. 

“Are we knocking around to Pete’s then?” - directed at Adam, but not waiting for an answer, continuing, “C’mon Kels, I can give you a lift home on the way, yeah?” 

He had seemed urgent, but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t quick enough. Barely having my notes gathered up when there was a shout. 

“No! Why is she here, again?


“G, shut up! They’ll hear!” 


Rumbling - closer, and the rain seems to get heavier on the roof, in sync with my heartbeat. The base of my throat. The tv buzzing off - losing signal. Quieter. 

“I don’t care, Pen - she’s a fucking kid, she’s not our fucking mate, Jesus, I’m sick of this - she’s not one of us!”

That’s when the white noise surfaced - flooding through each of my senses. Static mixed with rushing blood and internal spirals of cringes. After that - I wasn’t sure where to look. 

But - what I had thought, had a growing surety of, was all vanquished that night. That I was one of them - fit into their dynamics. From three sets of eyes - only one emotion was present. Pity. 

The rest of the night - was static, montone in passing. George’s words lingered and replayed. When Matty dropped me home, when Penelope called later. George’s words pierced and tore. 

Although it wasn’t the first time he’d call me a kid, say I didn’t belong with them. It was one that never really faded. It haunted, hovered. 

Because I liked him. I liked George Daniel. I liked the way he was around his mates, strangers at parties even. The loveable stoner type - a courtesy, that for whatever reason, was never extended to me.

I didn’t see any of them for a while. Avoiding. 

Until - two weeks later. A Friday night, Penelope and George turned up on my doorstep. 

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

summary: An asteroid is going to hit Earth in 16 hours, thus ending humanity. Confessions come out. Awkward times ensue.

word count: 3.7k

genre: angst & fluff trust me

warnings: mild existentialism, swearing, some drinking

a/n: hello! this took a bit longer since i tried a new style, but i really do hope you like it! (ps something is coming soon after this as well ;))

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Prom Night: Part Two

Title: Prom Night

Genre: overly fluffy

Words: 2.9K

Summary: Phil is nervous for going on a ‘platonic date’ with his best friend Dan, whom he is so utterly, hopelessly in love with. 

A/N: honestly this probably couldn’t be more fluffy, I’ll write some more dramatic soon-ish hopefully. (probs not ugh I’m a loser for fluff)

Part One (part one is really important if you want to understand anything of this)

“Oh Phil, you look absolutely gorgeous,” his mum chimed happily as Phil twirled around jokingly, showing off his new suit. They were standing in the hallway, Phil all ready to go his Year 11 prom. He had spent all afternoon getting ready; he had picked out his clothes himself, ironed his shirt himself, styled his fringe himself. He had decided to wear a jet-black tuxedo, perfectly matching his black dyed hair. His shirt was a rich, electric blue, and matched his black and blue dotted bow-tie. He wasn’t really sure if he was excited for the prom, but seeing his mum being excited for him was at least something. “Who are you going to the prom with? I want to have pictures!”

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aww, thats so sweet!! thank you for not rushing me, and you’re never a bother, youre always very sweeet so i was more inclined to write this (plus it was a fun prompt xD)

also………im lame so im dedicating this too my halloweenie deysi @ddmrqz bc it was her b-day today…….ily father. (need to work on other deysis present for tomorrow…….im dying)

so yeah. here. (fair warning - it’s p bad)


“Pass me the….soup.” Juvia requested, gently tapping the yellow plastic bowl in the center of the table. Asuka handed her the bowl, filled with nothing but multicolored margarita beads, and encouraged her to eat it.

“Ahaha…yum…” Juvia mumbled as she used an imaginary spoon to eat the imaginary soup.

“You’re not doing it right!” Asuka shrieked, slapping the bowl out of Juvia’s hands. The beads spilled into the crook of her jeans and she let out an exhausted sigh. “Where are your parents again?”

Asuka pouted and took a plastic donut out of a fake microwave. “They’re at the movies.”

“Right.” Juvia annunciated, anxiously peering out the front window. Just because Asuka was her neighbor and she decided to humor Alzack and Bisca every once in awhile - I did not mean that she was constantly available for babysitting booty-call.

The familiar sound of a decrepit truck pulling into the driveway from across the street turned Juvia’s senses to the absolute maximum - and to her surprise, Asuka noticed, too.

“Gray’s home!” She yelled vibrantly, racing to the front door to begin sloppily putting her shoes on the wrong feet.

“Hey, slow down there princess-” Juvia begged, standing up abruptly, beads spilling out of her lap. “You can’t just run outside like-”

Too late. Asuka opened the door clumsily and shot outside, mismatched shoes and all.

Juvia had no choice but to follow her - not that she was particularly complaining - she never openly objected to admiring her neighbor, Gray. But the last thing she needed was to be embarrassed in front of him, which happened to be a popular trend lately. Plus, hiding her nine-foot gaping crush on him was starting to become quite tedious.

“Asuka, wait!” She called, following the small girl outside and crossing the empty street, thankful that no idiots had decided to barrel down the suburban street and seal her babysitting career with a casualty.

“Graaaayyyyy!” She caterwauled, racing through the Fullbuster’s front yard and attacking the said man’s lower leg. Juvia sucked in a breath and jogged over to remove the small girl.

“H-hey, Gray. I’ll…take that off…” Juvia stammered, reaching down and gently prying Asuka off of Gray’s leg. He regarded them both with that usual mysterious smirk he always wore - the one that made her knees weak and her head dizzy.

“What’s up, lil lady?” He asked casually, his track bag thrown over his back easily. Juvia was about to answer, before she realized he was talking about Asuka. Of course, it was just her luck to realize that a five year old got more attention from her crush than she did.

“I wanna play a game, but Juvia’s really bad at it.” Asuka pouted, and it was then that Juvia realized she was being insulted.

“I thought I was great at eating soup!” Juvia defended hotly. Asuka giggled at her dramaticized words, and Gray smiled. Her heart skipped a few hundred beats.

“Juvia’s just rusty, don’t you think?” Gray mentioned conversationally. Asuka made a sour face.

“I think you’d be better…” she tugged his hand impatiently back towards her house. “Come play with us!”

He made a face of brief deliberation before shrugging. “I gotta take a shower first. Maybe I’ll stop by a little later, kay?”

Juvia ignored the pressing part of her brain that was insisting that she imagine Gray taking a shower, and instead let her mind be boggled by the fact that he might actually show up.

“Y-you don’t have to, Gray!” She stammered, pulling at the tips of her ponytail and smiling guiltily.

He dragged his gaze away from Asuka to focus on her. “I want to.”

She blinked unconsciously as her mouth opened and shut stupidly. That was oddly straightforward of him.

“See ya, kid.” Gray bid Asuka farewell by ruffling her hair. “Later, Juvia.”

“Right…” Juvia trailed off, watching him disappear into his home. “Later…”

Asuka stared at her weirdly. “Why do you look at him like that?”

Juvia tore her eyes away from Gray’s door to stare blankly at the young girl. “Like…what?!?”

Asuka shook her head. “Never mind. Let’s go home and play Candyland.” Asuka whirled around and ran back home, feet flopping against the pavement rhythmically.

Juvia took one last look back at gray’s house before following the small girl diligently. She had a board game to lose.




“You’re bad at this, too!” Asuka declared, after beating Juvia for the third time at Chutes and Ladders.

Juvia shrugged. “Maybe you’re just really good at everything.”

Asuka eyes her skeptically, but accepted her compliment. “Maybe. I wanna play a different game.”

“Like what?” Juvia asked, but before she could receive an answer, Asuka bolted to the front room.

“This is gonna be my whole day,” Juvia grumbled, and just as she started to stand up, she heard a scream coming from the where Asuka was.

Her eyes widened and she jumped up to see what was wrong.

“Asuka - what the he-

“Gray!” Asuka cheered. Sure enough, Gray Fullbuster was looking at both of them through the side window next to the door.

“He actually came.” Juvia droned while Asuka fumbled with the doorknob to let him in.

“Sup,” he offered them a fair greeting before entering the house. “What are you guys up to?”

“We were gonna play house!” Asuka declared, and Juvia felt her eyes pop out of her skull uncharacteristically.

“Sounds like a good time.” He nodded and raised his eyebrows up at Juvia. “Where’re Alzack ‘n Bisc?”

“Movie Theater,” she answered, telling herself to calm down, that it was just Gray, her friend since childhood. This was no big deal. Not a big deal at all.

“Huh. Well, Asuka, how do we play house?” He asked, surprising Juvia at his enthusiasm - or at least how well he faked it.

“You have to be the daddy - and you have to keep mommy from ruining dinner!” Asuka pointed an accusatory finger towards Juvia and then directed the finger towards her model kitchen.

“Wait…what?” Juvia spoke hazily. If she was the mom…and Gray was the dad…that meant…

“Better get movin’ Juvia.” Gray advised her. She blushed and quickly looked away - this was going to be a long afternoon.

“Make me a birthday cake. It’s my tenth birthday today.” Asuka, a five-and-a-half-year-old, instructed Juvia. She nodded vaguely and went to the fake kitchen.

“Do you have a…recipe?” Juvia asked anxiously. She heard Gray laugh and he came over to assist her.

“You bake my cake; I’ll go upstairs and get my birthday clothes on!” Asuka announced, running up the steps to the beat of her heart and Juvia looked down at the play food, unsure of what to do next.

“Get cookin’,” Gray told her, as if he had been reading her mind. She experimentally took a plastic cooking pot and dropped it onto what looked like an oven burner, except it was only a sticker on a table.

“Nice job,” he praised dryly. She turned back to shoot him a faulty glare before she began throwing a bunch of random ingredients into the plastic pot.

“I hope I’m doing this right,” she mumbled shyly, a tomato joined a watermelon slice in the pot and she had half the mind to wonder why she was wasting the time actually doing this.

Gray began to laugh, and that was when she stopped fake stirring.

“What’s so funny?” She asked him, lacing her hands on her hips and getting a tiny bit in-character with her inner mom. Gray shook his head before answering.

“You just…you are really bad at this…” He motioned to the plastic food concoction she had been cooking up, and then followed it up with an unappetizing face.

“Am not! I’m making a delicious…birthday…soup….” She trailed off, throwing a purple necklace into the stew and shrugging.

“Asuka’s gonna be pissed.” He said flatly, observing her work with a critic’s eye.

“Well, what do you suggest Gordan Ramsey?” She snipped playfully, before paling because why the hell did she turn into an idiot whenever she was around him?

“Don’t sass me,” He reprimanded, standing up from his crouched position by the couch and circling around the plastic kitchen in a predatory light. “Maybe if you put a little effort into it-”

“I am putting effort-”

“No,” he teased her, grabbing a spoon and bopping her on the nose with it. “You’re bad at making birthday cakes; you gotta do it like this-

He grabbed her wrist, a bit roughly, because he was Gray Fullbuster, and dammit, he took imaginary cake-baking seriously, and moved her wrist in a clockwise motion.

“Wow. Such an improvement.” She marveled, and he made a strange sound in the back of his throat, like he was trying to smother a laugh. She inhaled a bit shakily, seeing as the way he was holding her was reminding her a bit too much of a married couple baking a cake for their young child. It was creepily surreal. And she wanted it to stop, before the smell of his shampoo made her so dizzy she thought she might fall over.

“R-right.” Almost like he had the same mindset as her, he suddenly pulled away, restricted, like she had rubbed her socks against the carpet and given him a shock.

She stopped fake stirring and silently waited for him to say something else. They lapsed into silence and she almost smacked her head through the fake kitchen’s fake sticker-window.

“I should probably…” she broke the silence with the sound of her awkward voice. “…put this in the oven…heh…”

“Yeah.” He said wryly, suddenly cold like he had been stricken with a blast of cool air.

“You….uh…..you ok…..there…..buddy?” Juvia stammered awkwardly, realizing a second after speaking exactly how horrible she was at annunciating her own thoughts.

“I….yeah, sorry. It’s fine.” He shrugged it off but he looked like he was slightly grateful that I had noticed his change in attitude. Gray had those - those personality break moments, like one moment he’d be laughing at a joke with her and the next he’d turn away and avoid her for the rest of the night. It was slightly taxing. Juvia’s problematic fave.

“Hmm…you know, you can always tell me if something’s wrong. I am your wife,” she joked, before blushing like a maniac, why in heck did she say that-

“Happy wife, happy life,” he chorused gratefully, and she turned to him, freshly cooked birthday cake (soup) in hand and blinked.

“Gray…I think I have to tell you something.” She said hollowly, a foreign force possessing her (adrenaline? satan? one of those two things, yes definitely-) and she lightly set the fake birthday cake on the plastic table.

“What’s that?” He asked, looking like he was still pretending that they were married and it was their daughter’s birthday. Of course.

“I just…” she breathed out, unsure of where to begin, because if she was gonna do this, she was gonna do this. “I like you. A lot.”

His eyebrows scrunched together, before he smiled and nodded. “I like you too, wife.”

She almost rolled her eyes. “Oh, for god’s sake.”

Then, all in the span of a half second, she threw her hands up and around his broad shoulders and pressed her lips against his softly. Her fingertips grazed the soft edges of his hair and she lost herself to the taste of his mouth against hers, she had thought about doing this forever, and maybe she’d gotten a little bit swept up in the fact that he had called her his wife - but it didn’t matter now, because the second she pulled away, she was screwed.

Of course, that was the opportune moment for Asuka to toddle down the stairs, in a full-out ball gown, and gasp dramatically at the sight of her two babysitters in each other’s arms.

EW!” She shrieked, shutting her eyes and flailing her arms around dramatically. “You’re kissing!

Gray pulled away from Juvia agonizingly slow, and then took a small step back, startled that they had actually done that.

“We…did we just…”


“EW EW EW EW EW!” Asuka insisted, bounding down the steps and grabbing a handful of Gray’s shirt charismatically. “No more kisses! It’s time for my birthday party!”

“Right.” Juvia gulped, avoiding any and all eye contact with Gray, even though he was making that damn near impossible with his somewhat smoldering stare.

“Where’s my cake?” Asuka asked, dramatically throwing her dress up and flouncing over to her play kitchen.

“Uh…it’s right here.” Juvia awkwardly pointed to the margarita of toy food on the plastic table across from where Asuka had been standing. She made an odd face, but moved to collect her prize. Juvia stayed frozen. She had just kissed Gray - the boy she had loved for years, she was so dead-

“So,” Gray cleared his throat awkwardly, tapping his hip impatiently. “That was-”

“An accident,” Juvia said right away, smoothing her leggings obsessively and staring at the floor like it contained a prophecy for her future.

There were a few missed beats of silence before Asuka broke it like a glass window.

What is this?”

Juvia’s eyes darted upwards before a guilty smile spread across her lips. “Eh…birthday soup?”

Asuka made a flat face and dumped the ‘soup’ on the ground.

Gray made a ppfffttt sound and had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Asuka looked supremely pissed.

“You’re a terrible cook.” Asuka critiqued her. Juvia only nodded.

She turned to Gray. “Dad, you’re up.” Then, she handed him the now empty pot and shoved him in the direction of the kitchen. “And no more kissing!”

Juvia blushed at that. Of course…

Asuka wandered into the kitchen, and the very second she disappeared, Gray turned to Juvia, and before she could say anything else along the lines of how big of a mistake she was and that she wished she’d never laid eyes on him, ever, he grabbed her shoulders, yanked her forward, and kissed her. Again.

New record.

The kiss was short and sweet, like the taste of ice cream before it melts. He pulled away and smiled at her, a bit cheekily if she may add.

That wasn’t a mistake.” He informed her. She blushed so hard she thought she might pop like a bubble.


“Now,” he turned around, ignoring the act that she was very much still a sputtering mess. “Let’s make us some cake.”


im actually gagging rn deysi pls smite me


Call me monster- Part 4

Summary: Upon their arrival to the hotel things taken an unexpected turn….  

Word count; 3.1k

Author: Admin B- thank you for being so patient enjoy!

Warnings; blood, vampire, oral sex, lil bit of dirty talk, general smut

Part 3 ~ Exo Masterlist ~ Part 5

Originally posted by lullabyun

He stood ahead of you. Eyes bloodshot. Breathe shaky. Ahead of you stood the man that blessed you with so much happiness but cursed you with so much pain. He was self-destructive but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him for his heart begged you to stay. As blood dripped down his face he screamed at you to run. As far and as fast as you possibly could. But instead you stood paralysed in his sight. Until he finally attacked… 

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Just A Touch

Hey ya! Look, I wrote something! Big thanks to @mizjoely for betaing this and being amazing. It’s rated K+. It’s also on ff.net and AO3 - Enjoy ~Lil~

She couldn’t help it. She knew it was ridiculous and petty, but watching the way Sherlock interacted with Mary Watson sometimes drove Molly a little nuts. The hugs, the kisses… the winks. He actually touched her! Currently she was sat at Mrs. Hudson’s kitchen table having her weekly tea with the older woman as Sherlock and the Watsons came sweeping in. The detective had plundered Martha’s fridge while Mary scolded him about it. Sherlock rolled his eyes then kissed Mary’s forehead. That’s when Molly excused herself.

“But you’ve only been here a few minutes, dear,” Martha said.

“Ah, I know. It’s just…” She bit her lip as she looked around the room. “Toby’s been sick,” she lied. Damnit, lying in a room with Sherlock Holmes and Mary Watson… that’s a great idea. “I’ll see you all later.” Then she rushed out.

She should have known it was about to happen. Martha had been watching Gwyn while the trio was off on some adventure. Molly wasn’t exactly jealous of Mary. She liked her, a lot actually. But it had taken her years and so much humiliation and tears to form some kind of closeness with Sherlock. All Mary had had to do was marry his best friend.

Suddenly Molly heard her name and she turned around to find John, of all people, jogging toward her.


“What was that? Why’d you leave?” he asked as he caught his breath.


“Fine and you know it,” he interrupted. “Come on, Molly. It’s a pretty bad lie if I can sniff it out.”

She looked at the passersby and tried to come up with an answer that didn’t sound petty and childish, but she found nothing. “I don’t know, John. I just felt like leaving.”

“It’s hard to share him, isn’t it?” he said with a knowing smile. “They hit it off immediately. They’re so much alike. I suppose that’s why they’re two of my favourite people.”

Molly stared at him, surprised at his having sussed out the actual cause of her abrupt departure. “I’m glad he has friends now,” she said, hating how defensive it sounded.

“But it used to be just you… and Greg, I suppose.”

“Barely me,” she said looking down at the pavement.

“He does care for you Molly.”

“I know that. But it was so much work, ya know.” She looked up and she could see that John understood. “So much,” she added quietly. “ And he still doesn’t touch me… not like…”

John smiled. “You really don’t know why, do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Mary’s safe. Mary's… like his sister. You’re a bit dangerous, I think.”

Molly wasn’t following and was about to ask him what he meant when he continued. “I think he has to keep his distance from you, Molly.” He paused and eyed her intently. “Because he’s afraid.”

Molly laughed. “Of what? What could he possibly be afraid of?”

“Yes, John. That’s a good question. What is it that has me so scared?” Molly suddenly heard the deep baritone of Sherlock Holmes from behind John. She’d been too distracted by her conversation with the doctor to notice the object of their conversation walking towards them.

John, of course, turned around. “Sherlock, I had this well in…”

“Answer the question, John,” Sherlock growled.

“I was saying… It’s just that Molly here was…” John stammered, then looked at her and must have seen the fear in her eyes (she certainly felt a bit terrified). He turned back to his friend. “Nothing,” he said with a sigh. “Of course you’re afraid of nothing.”

“Mary’s ready to leave and Gwendolyn is getting fussy,” Sherlock said.

John nodded then walked up to Molly. “It’s gonna be okay,” he whispered then kissed her cheek as he hugged her tightly.

In the middle of their embrace she heard, “John, Mary’s waiting,” coming from the disgruntled detective.

“Right. See you later, Molls,” the doctor said before giving his best friend a glare.

Once he was gone, Sherlock walked closer to her. “Why’d you leave? It’s tea day.”

“Tea day?”

“Yes, the day you and Mrs. Hudson enjoy tea and gossip,” he explained.

“I just felt like leaving,” she answered, not even attempting to lie again, knowing there was no point.

“I think I know what’s going on, Molly,” he said, giving her his ‘I’m deducing you’ look.

“I’m sure you do, Sherlock. You… always do. But if you could just keep your dedu…”

“You’ll have a baby of your own someday. I’m sure of it.” He smiled, a rare soft smile.

Molly sighed. He always gets this bit wrong, she thought. “Yeah, of course. Maybe.”

There was an awkward pause, then Sherlock said, “I’m not afraid, you know, of touching you.”


“Well, that is… afraid isn’t the right word. It’s just different with you, Molly.”

She nodded. Of course it was different, though why was anyone’s guess.

“I’ve never hurt Mary, you see. Never told her that her hair looks nice a certain way so that I could look at a dead man’s feet. I’ve never insulted her at a Christmas party. I saved Mary from Magnussen’s threats, but you? I let you date James Moriarty. And instead of deducing him for what he was, I commented about your weight. It’s easier with Mary. You and I- our history…”

His eyes had never seemed more blue than they did at that moment. “We’ve moved past all that, Sherlock. I just want us to be friends, proper friends.”

“Really?” he said hopefully.

Molly smiled. “Of course.”

“Proper friends…” he repeated as he stepped closer. “And proper friends… touch?”

“Yeah, course. I mean we have before, ya know.”

“That’s right, we have.” He gave her a sad smile. “But last time, if I remember correctly, you were engaged.” He glanced down at her hands.

“Why should that make a difference?”

“Perhaps there’s something to the notion of safety, Molly.” Taking her left hand in his he studied it for a moment. “I do want you to be happy. I meant that.”

“I am happy, Sherlock. Why would you think…”

Never looking up, never taking his eyes off her hand he said, “Sometimes we deny ourselves something greatly desired because it’s not what we deserve.” His thumb gently ghosted across her pulse point. “Because we squandered it long ago.”

“I don’t understand,” she whispered, overwhelmed with his proximity and touch.

He finally tore his eyes away from their joined hands. “I don’t touch you, Molly because I’m afraid if I do… I simply won’t be able to stop.” He looked so sad, regretful.

“I wouldn’t mind that.”

Biting his lip to disguise an obvious smile, he looked away, though he kept her hand in his. “Nor would I. But…”

“No, please. No buts. Just…” She took a step closer and placed her right hand on his chest, over his heart. “You’ve squandered nothing, Sherlock. I forgave you a long time ago for the things you said, the things you did. But I will find it much harder to forgive you for withholding yourself from me because of some misguided sense of obligation. If you’re not interested in anything beyond friendship with me, I can live with that. I can. I care for you and will continue to care for you no matter what. But if there’s more here…” She clutched a little tighter to his suit jacket. “…then don’t you think we owe it to each other to pursue it? See if…”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” he exclaimed as hands closed around her head and with no further warning warm lips captured hers. He kissed her slowly and so deeply that she felt it from her tingling cheeks to the tips of her toes. It went on and on, then he released her with a low growl, causing her to stumble. Sherlock grabbed her arm and to steady her. “You okay?”

“Jesus, Sherlock!”

“What? Was that not good?”

“A little warning…”

“Fine, next time I’ll say, 'I’m going to kiss you now, Molly.’ Is that acceptable?” he said as he took her hand and started walking back toward the flat.

“Next time?”

He cut her a sinful grin. “It’s your fault. I told you I wouldn’t want to stop once I got started.”

Thanks for reading! ~Lil~

I look like everyone.

eeeek so hi aloha it is i. so i was in class and i was thinking of what to write and then i remember back to this book i started reading on good ol’ wattpad. but it was one of those cool stories that only gets two chapters then deletes. but here it is (if you know of the book please let me know so I can credit the author) and of course if you haven’t figured it out im stiles af so have some stiles fluff :-)) (and maybe possibly a part two??) anyways go ahead and request

summary: y/n has an unusual almost curse which results in her appearing as someone else. no one ever seems to see her, that is until she met stiles…

word count: 1721

stiles x reader

Originally posted by tylerboechlin

(not my gif) 

You were used to the stares. 

Of course you were. They followed you everywhere. It was just, how it was. Dying your hair, glasses, braces; it didn’t seem to matter. Nobody ever seemed to see what you actually looked like. No one would actually seem to see you. 

It made making friends hard, especially when you were constantly moving around, your family forever on the move. It seemed they couldn’t stay in one place for more than a couple of months. 

You didn’t understand it. You saw the plain old you in the mirror and so did you family. But to everyone else, you suddenly became the person they wanted to see the most. Whoever it they saw you as, there was one catch; only female people. It made some sort of sense, as you were female. 

Far too many times had you experienced the same situation; some frantic person comes rushing up, grabbing your arms as if you weren’t real, staring at you in utter disbelief. Then after some complicated explaining that you weren’t whoever they thought you were, they would always say the same thing,

You look just like her. 

By now, you had a generic response for hearing the same 5 words too often. 

I look like everyone.

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Mirrored Illusions || Jeonghan || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 //

Word Count: 5217

Genre: adventure, superhero/villain!au, fantasy

Summary: Just because of one dream, your life is turned upside down. And you had the worst companion to go through it with.

The streets, at this time, were filled with people. Most were dressed fancily as if they were about to attend a modern day ball in broad daylight. You frowned at the dressed that dragged against the asphalt as you and Jeonghan crossed the street. Jeonghan smiled slightly but didn’t make a comment. You looked uncomfortable. Once the street was crossed, you looked around and headed towards a rougher part of the city (“rougher” part just meant it wasn’t updated every week). This area lead deeper and deeper until the roads became cracked and the houses became more abandoned and shabbier. Jeonghan knew if they backtracked and headed to the left it would be a station to Seoul but to the right, it only lead to the Cracks and the Crooks. He personally preferred the Crooks so he was glad you lived there instead.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Park. ||

Anonymous said:

can you write an imagine where it’s in Joe’s POV and him and y/n are walking around at the park, and he’s so in love with her and is thinking about how cute she is? and he watches her every move, cute stuff like that :)

- - -

~ Joe’s P.O.V. ~

“I haven’t been on one of these since I was a kid.” She said excitedly as she jumped over the barrier between the pavement walkway and the pea-gravel that surrounded the equipment of the playground in the centre of the park.

Watching her get so excited always made me smile, I loved her after all.

She was heading toward the tire swing and it made me laugh.

It was slowly turning from our summer to fall but today it was still sunny and warm, the rays from the sun above us hit over her hair and made her (colour) hair look softer than it already was.

I followed her across the gravel to where she had gone on the tire swing, she was spinning around, laughing with a smile.

Her laugh like music to my ears and a smile so flawless it almost knocked me over the first time she smiled my way.

I lent against one of the metal poles holding up the swing and I laughed watching her.

“Sorry.” She giggled apologetically looking and me and following me with her eyes every time she spun around, her (colour) eyes lit up, sparkling – they melted me daily.

“Don’t apologetise babe.” I smiled assuringly, my eyes not leaving her as she spun in slow circles, being around her always made me feel so peaceful and at ease.

Watching her get off the swing, I held my hand out to hers and she smiled taking it, even after being together two years – every time we touched it felt like the first time.

“What?” She asked me and I hadn’t realised I was staring at her, “oh?” I zoned back in, “just stunned by your beauty.” I assured with a grin, watching her cheeks and ears turn into a soft pink blush. “Oh hush, Joe.” She whispered, waving me off with her free hand as we started walking back on the pavement walkway.

I had never been the type that really dated or got into relations, if I brought them home they’d usually be gone by the next day (which wasn’t often) but that had all changed the moment, (Y/N) and her perfection walked into my life.

Caspar always asked me what it was about her that changed everything and I could never answer him, (Y/N) just made me feel like my heart was always going haywire and everything was a new exciting adventure, even if we’d done something a hundred times… She was so special.

“What? I have to compliment my woman,” I winked at her and she laughed.

We stopped walking and I lent in, pressing my lips to hers I kissed her gently, her lips were always sweet to me – like a fancy red wine.

Slowly, I pulled away looking down at her still, I always had trouble telling her just how much she meant to me, I could never find the right words to describe the feeling, every time I tried it always just came out; “I love you.” I smiled at her, her (colour) eyes were staring into mine, “I love you, too.” She grinned…

Not a Real Werewolf Part 2

Stiles Stilinski x Reader. Ft Theo being sneaky asshole
Part two of this imagine.
like 1850
Warnings: some swearing.
Requested by @caitsymichelle13


“So you know this guy?” I whispered to Stiles as we leaned against the Jeep in the school parking lot.

He hesitated. “Not exactly. I mean, I used to. Scott and I used to go to school with him but he moved between third and fourth grade. He seems really different now though, almost like a different person.”

“What you’re telling me is that this Theo isn’t the Theo you know?” I clarified.

He nodded once. “Something just seems really off about him. I don’t know what it is but he’s just different. He’s weird.”

I squinted up at him. “Your best friend is a werewolf and your girlfriend can do things that humans should not be able to do.”

Stiles shrugged. “Yeah, but I don’t just mean like, supernaturally. I mean his personality. He seems off.”

“Also, speaking of things I should not be able to do as a normal human, there was another incident this morning.” I began.

He looked at me expectantly.

“Okay, so, I was running late this morning and I didn’t have one of my shoes tied so I tripped when I was going down the stairs and I may or may not have caught myself on air and levitated the rest of the way down.” I explained.

“Levitated? Actually levitated? As in floating in midair?”

I nodded. “Well, kind of. Honestly it felt like something was holding me up. You know those chambers with the huge fans that people go into and it simulates skydiving or whatever? It kind of felt like that but more calm. It was like there was air pushing up against me and holding me there.”

“Is it just me or have you been having more incidents than normal in the past few days?” He asked.

“Truth is… More stuff started happening the moment he got into town.” I jerked my chin in Theo’s direction.

“Do you think he’s doing something?”

I shook my head. “I think the supernatural part of me knows that something’s wrong with him and it’s a way of preparing or warning me about him. It’s like my… My powers are getting stronger. I’ve been uneasy ever since he got here but I didn’t know why.”

Stiles didn’t say anything, he just stared at the pavement and thought about something.

“I have an idea.” I said a few moments later.

His eyes snapped up. “Good. Because I don’t.”

“Introduce me to him, like, officially. I know who he is and he knows who I am but we don’t really know each other. If you introduce me maybe I can get a better feel of him, of what he wants.”

He almost laughed. “You’re joking, right? I’m not introducing you to a potentially psychopathic werewolf.”

“You said the same thing when I wanted to meet Derek.” I reminded. “And things with him went perfectly fine.”

“He threatened to kill you after you said some really insensitive things about a fire.”

I sighed. “It’s not my fault no one warned me that his entire family was killed in a fire until after I threatened to burn his house down. Anyways, we moved past it and he ended up looking out for me whenever you or Scott couldn’t. He saved my life more than once.”

Before Stiles could respond, someone called out my name. I noticed Stiles’ jaw clench and turned around to see Theo approaching.

I tensed up immediately and heard Stiles speak very quietly into my ear. “Don’t tell him anything about you.”

“Good thing I don’t know anything about myself to begin with.” I muttered in response.

Theo had finally reached us and he smiled at me. “You must be Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.”

He stuck his hand out and I reluctantly shook it.

“Nice to meet you too.” I said, plastering a fake smile onto my face. “Stiles told me that you used to go to school with him and Scott.”

He nodded. “Yeah, we were all pretty close.”

I smiled again. “Aw, how sweet. You know, Theo, if you’ve got any embarrassing childhood stories of my boyfriend, I’m all ears.”

He laughed. “I’ll definitely let you know if I think of any really good ones.”

I giggled and thanked him.

“Hey, so, there’s a reason I wanted to talk to you.” He said in a more serious tone.

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“Math, actually. My pre-calc grade could be better and Malia said you’re kind of a genius. I was hoping you could tutor me sometime.”

I was surprised at first before realizing he probably had a different motive. Regardless, I decided to play along. “Yeah, sure! Do you have a free period?”

He nodded. “Third hour.”

“Perfect! Meet in the library third hour and I’ll help you figure things out.” I said cheerfully.

Theo thanked me before walking back towards the school.

“He’s trying to trick you.” Stiles said.

I smirked. “He’s doing a shitty job of it because I’m going to trick him.”

“And what do you intend to do?” He asked.

I smiled up at him. “Theo’s new in town, I’m sure he could use a friend. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to.”

“And do you really think you’re going to get much out of him? I’m fairly sure he’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut.”

“When did I ever say he was going to tell me anything? I don’t need him to tell me anything, I just need him to fuck up for a fraction of a second. The smallest slips here or there will pile up over time. Subliminally, all criminals want to be caught. Theo is no different. He’ll screw up just enough that I’ll be able to figure him out.” I explained.

The first bell rang so I grabbed Stiles hand and pulled him towards the building. He trailed behind slightly. “It’s honestly so hot when you do that.”

“Do what?” I giggled.

“When you do and say smart things. It’s probably one of the most attractive things about you.” He admitted.

“Thanks.” I blushed.


(Third Period)

“Okay, you’ve got the easy part down. Now comes the harder part. Factorials were nothing, now you need to take what you know about factorials and apply it to permutations and combinations.” I said.

“What’s the difference between a permutation and a combination?” He asked.

“In permutations, the order of a selection matters. In combinations, order is irrelevant.” I explained. “Did you take notes over the different formulas?”

He flipped to a different page in his notebook. “I wrote it down but I don’t understand it.”

“Okay, Let’s take a look at permutations first. The n in this formula is the number of items in a set, the k is how many objects from the set. So your formula is nPk = n! over (n - k)! =…”

I trailed off at the sound of the bell ringing. “Shit, I’ve gotta get to gym.”

“Wait, what about my pre-calc?” Theo asked.

“Meet me back here after school and I’ll finish explaining.” I said, stuffing my books into my bag and slinging it over my shoulder before running out of the library.

I didn’t notice the fact that I’d moved inhumanly fast until it was too late and I was already halfway to the locker room. Theo must’ve noticed that I was far too fast.

Somehow, I didn’t see Theo for the rest of the day. He never passed me in the halls and he didn’t show up at the library.

I walked home after having waited for him in the library for nearly half an hour. When I arrived at my house, I was surprised to find that neither of my adoptive parents were home.

Usually one of them was at home but the anomaly was explained when I walked into the kitchen to find a note stuck to the front of the fridge. “Drove Aunt Leslie to a doctor’s appointment! There’s some cash on the table if you want to order pizza. Your dad will be home around 8! Love you, Mom.”

I tossed the note in the trash after reading it and headed up to my bedroom to get started on my homework.

As I climbed the stairs, a strange feeling came over me. I knew I wasn’t alone. I approached my bedroom door quietly before finally kicking it open and using all of my strength to fling my bookbag at the figure standing my window.

“Ow! Jesus christ, Y/N! What the hell was that for?”

“Stiles, what in the fuck are you doing in my room? Why didn’t you tell me? Where the fuck is your jeep? Are you okay?”

He rubbed the spot on his back where my bag had slammed into him. “I thought I would surprise you! I parked around the corner in case Jess and Mark showed up. Why did you throw your bag at me?”

“Because I thought you were an intruder!” I shouted.

“Woah, what are your eyes doing?” He asked, stepping closer to me.

“What do you mean? They’re not doing anything except maybe glaring at you for creeping in my room.” I said.

He shook his head, his eyes trained on mine and his hand gently twisting my head from side to side. “They keep… Flashing. One second they’re normal and the next they’re white.”

“Yeah, Stiles, eyes have whites.”

“No, I mean, completely white. No irises, no pupils, just white. What does that mean? What are you?”

I sighed. “We’ve been trying to find that out for like two years, Stiles. I’ve made no more discoveries than you have.”

“We should tell Scott.” Stiles pulled his phone from his pocket.

I grabbed his wrist to stop him. “No, wait!”

“Ow.” He said, looking pointedly at my hand. “And since when did you get so strong?”

I released his wrist. “Sorry. I don’t… I don’t know. I moved really fast earlier when I was leaving the library. Inhumanly fast. I almost broke the lock on my locker earlier as well. And I managed to open a jar of pickles by myself yesterday.”

He laughed at the last part. “A jar of pickles? Truly astonishing.”

“Okay, but like, seriously. I don’t know what’s happening but I think I need to figure out who my birth parents are and more importantly, what they are. I mean, is…. Is this something I got from one of them?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I don’t know, Y/N. But things are happening, you’re getting stronger in more ways than one. We need to figure out what you are so that you can learn to control it.”

“And what if I can’t?” I breathed. “What if I hurt you?”

Stiles pulled me into his arms. “I’ll forgive you.”

I was about to kiss his cheek when I pulled away. “I’ll go get the door,”

He cocked his head to the side. “Why do you need to go get the door? There’s no one here.”

A moment later, the doorbell rang.

His eyes widened. “Okay, what the fuck?”

Part 3

Okay, so while I was writing this I had the idea to sort of rewrite these first two parts and repost them in a different order and make this into a proper series. Let me know if you guys like the idea or not!!

Songbird (Busker!Reader x Bucky Barnes)
Word Count: 3148
A/N: Here, have this scrap one-shot thingy. I wrote this for a really good friend of mine who was in a similar situation a long while ago. I wasn’t sure what to do to help her, so I wrote this. It’s actually one of the first pieces I wrote for Marvel anything, so Buck is probably reallllllllllllllllllllly ooc. I apologise for that.

In any case, instead of letting it sit and rot, I thought maybe you guys would like it. :) Let me know what you think!

It was one of those days, one of those horrible days where your emotions were clashing horribly with each other and the voices inside you were screaming to be let out. You had left your house, guitar slung on your back and tears streaming down your cheeks. Did he really have to say those things? Did he really have to act the way he did? What was the reason? Why?

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More than stanzas

Summary: (kinda stole this from thorlester ily <33 ) The hot librarian is a massive nerd and Dan just found his notebook filled with poems.

Genre: fluff

Warning: swearing, a lil bit of pre-smut in the end

Words: 2, 115 words

A/N: im so sorry for abandoning??? Yes. I was busy beta-ing my friends’ fics and im also caught up with my collab fic with Sofie (which I hope you get to read one day, it’s named as Fragments Of Stardusters).!! I also added a submit page so if u want to submit me shit u can now :> this was supposed to contain secks but eh did you know that the poem dan recited was an actual written by me, it originally wrote it from dan’s perspective but yh

“It’s over there on aisle B.” Dan stared at the man in front him. He was fixing his glasses who had slid a little too low over the bridge of his nose as he pointed out what possible aisle could have what Dan was looking for.

Slightly too hot.

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Dancing in the Rain

Would you mind doing an imagine where there’s this huge summer storm and you get so excited so you go run out in the rain barefoot and Clint Barton (Hawkeye) kinda stares at you for awhile before shaking his head in amusement and joining you in your dancing that eventually leads to a kiss…. Sorry if it’s really long, just something I had stuck in my head….. Love the blog FYI ❤️

(Hope you like it!)

Author: Sim the Bookworm

The sun was hitting the ground in hot rays. There were lines of heat rising from the pavement outside of the SHIELD building and the heat was becoming unbearable. It was becoming difficult to breathe in the humidity of the summer but many people were trying to deal with it by guzzling down icy water or fanning themselves with paper fans. Everyone was steering clear of the windows to avoid the burning.

I pushed my chair towards the window feeling… trapped. Trapped. That was the word. It was too much to be stuck inside in the heat. There wan’t enough space with everyone staying inside. The AC was on full blast but it wasn’t doing enough. Using the paper fan I made, I attempted to cool myself off.

Then I heard the first crash of thunder. The first crash of sound that would bring rain and cold wind. Other people noticed it and looked up from their work. Instantly, the bright blue sky was filled with grey clouds. As soon as the last part of blue was covered, the clouds opened up and rain began tumbling down from the skies.

Knocking my chair to the floor, I raced out of the offices. Running with a newfound energy, I searched for Clint. Soon, I found myself in the training room where Clint was standing. He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“It’s raining!” I exclaimed. Clint nodded.

“I saw.” He told me nonchalantly. I laughed and rushed over to grab his hand. Once I had a hold of it, I pulled him out of the room. “(Y/N), what’re you doing?” He asked.

“Come on!” I giggled. Giving in, Clint allowed me to drag him out of the room and towards the main entrance.

My nostrils were filled with the scent of rain hitting the pavement. Now the air was cooler and it was literally a breath of fresh air for my lungs. I took a deep breath in through my nose and took a few steps back. Clint watched as I kicked off my shoes.

“What’re you doing now?” Clint asked.

“Taking off my shoes.” I told him before running past him into the pouring rain. Soon my hair was drenched and sticking to my face and neck. Pushing it out of the way, I kicked at puddles of rain as I danced around. I jumped into a puddle and began laughing at the sky. I opened my mouth and whooped. Turning back, I saw Clint shaking his head.

“Hey grump pants! How about you join me?” I yelled. Clint shook his head and was about to turn around. Before he would walk further into the building, I raced after him and grabbed his hands. They were warm and the coldness from mine were beginning to spread to them.

“I don’t want to.” He told me.

“I don’t care!” I dragged him out into the rain even though he protested. “This was bound to happen!” I sang as his hair was plastered against his forehead. I stopped and brushed it out of his face. My fingers brushed against his cheek and he smiled. I could feel the blush creeping up my neck. I took a step back.

“So are we going to dance?” He asked me. I laughed and held out my hands to Clint. He took them and pulled me closer so our chests were touching. I let my hands rest on his shoulders and he wrapped his around my waist.

“There isn’t any music.” He said after we were swaying for a few minutes.

“We don’t need music!” I told him taking his hands in mine. I thought they would go cold but they were warm in mine. Clint wrapped one of his arms around my waist to keep me close to him. I let him twirl me around once and I giggled. Turning around, I found myself incredibly close to him. My breath hitched in my throat and I let him dip me. His face was close to mine and his breath was warm against my skin. Clint’s lips turned up in a smile as he pulled me back onto my feet so I was steady.

“I can’t believe I let you drag me out here.” He laughed. I laughed too and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“You know you would’ve joined me.” I pointed out. He shrugged his shoulders. “I just managed to do it ahead of time.” The two of us had slowed down and were pretty much just walking in a circle in the same spot. Clint cupped my cheek and I brought my face closer to his. Our faces were close enough for our noses to bump and I grinned.

“Then I can do this ahead of time.” He smiled. Then he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter and stood on my toes. Clint wrapped both arms around my waist and I could feel my toes leave the ground as I kissed him back.

“Good thing I pulled out of there, huh?”


The pigeon was just staring at me, it didn’t move at all. I don’t even know if pigeons have eyelids. But it was just looking at me with its red eye asserting its dominance. I was so traumatized that it wasn’t stopping. And then without turning or blinking it just flew off. And I was just left on this pavement. Battered, broken and emotionally traumatized. I was just stood on this road in complete silence. Like, what just happened to me? It really affected me emotionally. I felt like I’ve never been more intimidated in my whole life. I felt like it was asserting itself as the alfa male. You don’t expect confrontation in life, and then something like that happens. It didn’t stop. I was in shock, it caught me by surprise. It came in, violated me and flew away without asking me how I was.

Head Down Low (Eighteen)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd. Extra warnings: mentions of poor body image (goes with low self-esteem but I thought I should warn you).

A/N: im sorry (if it reassures you there’s smut in chapter 20 so this won’t last long obviously)

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

Dan croaks out, and Phil’s rambling stops immediately.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Alex?”

“No. But I… I need you. Please. I know that I’m not worth it but I can’t… I don’t think I can get home on my own, and there isn’t anyone else,” Dan can hear how pathetic his voice sounds, but he doesn’t think that times like these are the best to be worrying about the few scraps of dignity that he has left.

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