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SovietWomble Prompts!

(Because his videos are the funniest and most uplifting thing I know)

“Me and my flip-flops are ready to go.”

“I am now poor.”

*Alone in the woods* A: *weirdly calm* “There’s something walking towards us from behind you guys.” *B and C freak out*

“How can someone be so cute?”


“I thought you were watching?” “Yeah, I was, I stopped paying attention.”

“My scuba suit protects me from your bullshit.”

“God, fucking damn it A, you piece of…good job.” “What was that?” “I’m rebranding myself as the nice guy.” … “You lasted all but 7 seconds.”

“Surprise!” *explosion*

“English is not my first language, okay?” “You’re American.”

“A, what’s wrong with him?” “Many things.”

“I have got a plan!” “Which is?” “A terrible plan.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you when you’re not eating.”

“A, I think you should take one for the team and run off as bait as the rest of us survive.”

“I’m under attack by a bucket!”

“I haven’t heard a word of the briefing, I was too amazed by the hand gestures.”

“We have a small technical issue.” “Which is?” “I seem to have run out of bullets.” “…it’s been five minutes.”

“You need your medication, come back here!”

“Why do you have a gun, A?” “’Cause it’s Thursday.”

“You lied to me!” “It’s not my fault you’re an idiot.”

“I really like dolphins, I wanna see one!”

“You can’t have a secret dance club, we have a job to do!”

“I’m a funky janitor.”

“If A starts saying something odd, just ignore him/her/them.”

“There are civilians in the village.” “I think the way you pronounce that is acceptible casualities.” “NO.”

“So you’re now just gonna kill people for just being tempted for deserting?” 

“I’d like for you to know you are a piece of human shit.”


“Turns out these are just the noises A makes when he/she/them is alone in his/hers/their room.”

“Clearly we lead different lifestyles.”

“Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to impose Zen you dumb bitch!”

*inhales helium* “Fuck you A.”

“Do NOT search that on Google!”

“I don’t know whether to eat Pringles, breathe or laugh!”

“He’s never gonna shut up about that now.”

“No more button pressing, okay?!”

“Everything is black, is this heaven?”

“Really? You’re gonna hide under the building like a house cat?”

“A? Can you stop touching my knee?”

“Um, my vision has gone green.” “You have green sunglasses on.” “Ah, that might be the reason.”

“If you’re not on a no-fly list somewhere in the world, someone is not doing their job.”

“Don’t open that.” “Wha-” *explosion* “…You could have told me you put a freaking bomb in there!”



“Did you see the way my hips were moving?”

“Are you in the habit of tattooing everyone unconcious?”

“My echolocation was not very effective.”

“My tummy hurts.”

“Is he going to go sulk in the corner?”

“That’s um… staggeringly unhelpful actually.”

“No, I’m having a snack, leave me alone.”

“Do those things and then jump off a bridge.”

“Look, think of it as science.”

“A,” “Yes?” “I want you-” “I want you too!” “-to…” “Oh we were talking about something else, my bad.”


“I didn’t appreciate your insults to my mother yesterday.”

“I have an auto-sniper and exactly zero shame.”

“Ahahahahaha, you’re so- fuck you.”

“Whenever you do something awesome it’s ‘Oh look at me’ but whenever you screw up it’s ‘Oh we’re a team’.”

“You are actually hiding in a hedge.”

“Don’t worry boys, pappas’ got this.”

“I know Psychology, I use it on you.” “What do you you mean you use it on m-” “Nevermind.”

“I’ll hit you.” “Sorry.”

“A continues to amaze me.”

“We only had about three hundred bullets, and you’ve just wasted all of our ammunition in case we get attacked?”

“Dude, something’s happening.”

“I literally have no control over myself.”

“I just wanted you to know that I genuinely despise your existence you piece of shit.”

“In my eyes A, you are a beautiful caterpillar.” “What?!”

Oh no, what appears to have happened?”

“I will not leave you A.” C: ”I will.”

“I do not trust you, turn around!”

“Where were you guys when they were trying to BLOW UP THE FRICKING BUILDING?!”

“Sorry, is this supposed to be spooky?”

“I technically landed.”

“Make it interesting…nOT THAT INTERESTING!”

“I thought there was a guy in front of me but it was my own shadow.”

“Well we can tick ‘genocide’ off our to do list.”

“That’s a lot of dead people.”

“You ran in front of a machine gun?!”

“I don’t have Medi’stuff’, I didn’t expect the two of you to be this incompetent.”

“Stop parkouring and come get this jewelry.”

“Gayness?” “Gayness.”

“I don’t want to look because I’m scared.”

“Something just went ‘boom’.”

“Okay, that wasn’t where I left it!”

“We’re gonna go around the tornado.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare say you can’t fly! FLY!”

“You’re so useless it’s not even funny.”

“Hey guys, I have an idea, why don’t you fuck off?

“I’m going to hide and if that fails…surrender.”

“Dipshit?” “Hmm?” “….the fact that you responded to ‘Dipshit’…”

“I have been trapped in my bathroom for the last 3 hours.”

SnK Chapter 89 Thoughts (A.K.A Nick Finally Loses His Mind)

Fucking hell where do I even begin trying to keep this short for fuck sake

Okay first of all, Hange gets 12/10 for acting skills for copying the camera angle and exact facial expression and body language of Eren from chapter 88

“The Attack Titan”

YMIR’S LETTER. YES. my prediction was right yo. Like I said in the ask, the chances of her having survived were low and I guess.. sadly, I was right. An important thing is her backstory. First of all it looks like her actual true name is unknown, even to her. Ymir was a name given to her by some Eldian guy who thought he could use her.. that’s what I’m getting from it. Although the art wasn’t exactly off the charts in this chapter (especially around the beginning with Eren’s ridiculous facial expressions), it may seem that Ymir is not related to THE Ymir Fritz. Props to Isayama for making the connections as we just saw the Talking Titan being tranformed next to her.

Also, her awakening naked after 60 years but Armin having his clothes on confirms my theory of everything being absorbed into the Titan as time goes by. Also, REVEAL ON WHAT SHE SAID ON THAT TREE

The enemies aren’t Titans. It’s other humans and not just the Marley, but the entire world.

What a fucked up situation. Even if you had the power to kill everyone, these people do have reasons for wanting you dead, and it would make you feel like an asshole.

HOWEVER, FINALLY, we are getting some progression and plans for the future. These characters now have a goal after they know their history and Kruger’s information to Grisha which we didn’t get last chapter has been revealed. I’m going to have to wait for the official translation until I get the whole ideology of the King, but what Isayama said about Uri’s opinion of the people inside the Walls being the Truth seems to have been partially revealed. Like, someone please explain to me what the whole thing with the Titans being used as weapons and now being on the island are. My asks are an active black hole at this point.

Apart from that, the PROGRESSION. Basically, the goal of Zacklay and what Kruger’s original idea was: Use the Coordinate to unleash the Wall Titans, wage war, kill Marley, then destroy the weapons AKA the Titans..

Like.. fucking seriously, I am so rereading this like 4 or 5 times once the official version comes out.

The thing with the wall titans was my original theory, SO HORRAY.

oh and hey guys did you know :D





…Okay, to take a really deep breath here, it seems like the memories which travel through the paths can go in both directions. Both the past.. and the future. The source of all organic material must be the shit that’s responsible for this. Memories are like Pringles: Once you pop you can’t stop.

I hereby declare that I, LeapingTitan the First, have officially fucking lost the remainder of my sanity if there ever was one. There is also a live reaction which I did with @llusoire and that is coming up very soon.

so yeah guys that’s pretty much it thanks for readi-


i’m done

surprise me hajime isayama


Luke Hemmings - Break Up & Make Up


(Part 2)

Read part one here

{A/N: Hey guys ! So guess what ? I finally closed school, got my report which wasn’t the best from me but was good I guess and I go back to school until next year mid January which means more updates and imagines coming up so be prepared. Anyways I love you guys and let me know what you of it !! .xx}

We hopped of the plane and now heading towards baggage claim, to get our luggage. Once we were out of their, and we’re about to leave we got mobbed, so we ended up getting stuck at the airport for an extra 10 minutes. To be honest I love my fans, they mean a lot to me but right now I’m so tired and just really need a rest though I didn’t stop myself from giving fans autographs along with taking out selfies.

Once we were out of the airport we were now headed to our hotel, I which Adam had already gotten us checked in which just left all of us getting our room keys and heading towards the lift. The lift was about to close until a hand stopped it. We looked towards who it could be and it was a security guard until he moved aside, guess who it was ? Indeed it was Luke and the other boys behind him. Why now ? I didn’t mind seeing him at our concert but did I really have to see him right now ? This is gonna be awkward. Just then Adam and I’m guess it’s their manager also walking in. The doors of the lift now closed, in which Adam thought it was the perfect time to introduce ourselves … Great. “Boys, (Y/N) I would like to introduce you to the boys of 5SOS. That’s Michael, Calum, Ashton, Luke and their manager Scott” He said pointing them out. I lifted my gaze to feel another staring at me. It was Luke I quickly looked back down and shrugged it off. Adam mentioned that tonight we are starting our European tour, in which we can get rest and then later get ready for sound check.

My 5 hour sleep may have been short but it was good enough for me to get me ready and excited for tonight. I got up, had a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed in a black shirt, denim jeans and a flannel to throw over since it was just sound check and that our clothing for later was already at the arena. I quickly put my hair into a bun, grabbed my phone and was out to the lobby to be greeted by the others. We all had gotten into the SUV that was up front for us and was now heading to the arena.

Once we were at the arena Luke and the boys started their sound check in which my band and I tried to do something to keep us occupied until we went up next. I was playing on my phone sitting in the front row while the boys were rehearsing. Until I stopped what I was doing when I heard his voice. “Hey (Y/N)” Tyler said. I turned around and it was him. I ran up to him giving him such a big hug. Oh how I missed Tyler, a couple of months ago when we were first in the band, Adam had introduced me to non other than Tyler Carter. I was a big fan of his and who knew I would end up being best friends with him. {A/N: Btw I was told to use Tyler Carter. Unless you want to think of someone else go right ahead 😊} When we stopped hugging and started talking, I wasn’t hearing music anymore. I turned my view towards the boys up on the stage to see that Luke was staring right back at me and the other boys telling him to carry on or trying to get him out of day dreaming. I looked back towards Tyler to see that he was also looking but then we both went back into talking. I was interrupted from talking, by Luke’s voice. “We’re done, you guys can rehearse now.” he said leaving off annoyed. Okay then. I said goodbye to Tyler and ran off on stage to finish rehearsing.

It was almost show time, I quickly got dressed into my outfit which was a pair of maroon jeans, a black tank top with a Chanel sign on it, along with a denim shirt to throw over in which the sleeves were folded and a pair of black Dr. Martens. My hair had been braided on the side with the rest of my hair falling on my left shoulder, my makeup was very simple ; eyeliner, mascara, blush and topped it of with red lipgloss. Matt, George and Daniel were looking dashing as always. We were next to perform, the boys went on stage, me following them until I was stopped by Tyler. “Break a leg ! I know you’ll do great.” He said smiling at me. I smiled back and jogged my way onto stage. “Good evening everyone ! How are you guys doing ?” I shouted through the mike having the fans screaming. “I’m loving the enthusiasm already. Well let’s get onto it.” I said when the boys started to play our latest single.

“You guys have been fantastic tonight ! I love you guys so much and hope you had an amazing time.” I said while leading off the stage along with the boys. Tyler was now walking up to me. “(Y/N) you were amazing ! I am so -” Tyler was cut off by Luke. “Uhh (Y/N) can I talk to you for a second ?” He asked. “Yeah sure.” I said shyly. “Excuse me.” I said politely to Tyler and followed Luke to one of the rooms. We came to the Janitors Closet. Yeah great, like couldn’t he pick anywhere else ? “Hi (Y/N)” he said shyly. “Hey” I said awkwardly waving. “Luke may I ask why are we in the janitors closet ?” I asked not pleased with the place were talking. “Sorry about this.. Anyways I just wanted to tell you that you did great tonight, I’m amazed that you have such a voice. I didn’t know you could sing, why didn’t you tell me ?” He asked. “Well when I was a teenager I used to sing quite a lot but never thought I would really get anywhere and so then I formed this band with my mates” I said proudly. “Ohh okay. So like are you .. And like Tyler … Dating” he asked rubbing the back of his neck. “Actually no were just really good friends. In fact he has a girlfriend. So yeah I’m single as a pringle.” I said smiling. “Good. So that means I could do this after a long time.” He said cutting me of by placing his lips onto mine. I kissed back falling for him all over again, I missed his lips on mine. My finger were now in his hair while his arms were around my waist. I stopped kissing back and slightly pushed him back. “Luke we can’t do this.” I said sadly. “Why not ? You kissed back. You liked it.” He said. “Look Luke. Ever since we broke up I changed okay. I decided to make a difference in my life. Don’t think you can just kiss me and everything will be okay. If your wondering if I’m still on about the cheating. I’m not okay. I’ve moved on from that. But right now is how do I gain your trust again ? How do I trust that you won’t hurt me again ? Luke I still love you, nothing will stop me from loving you, I always have and probably always will. Even though you cheated I still loved you. But right now I don’t know if I can trust you again.” I said now tearing. “Babe please don’t say that. I love you so much, I always have and forever always will. I know that me cheating was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that without an explanation. In fact when I kissed that girl I expected to have sparks and fireworks taking over me when ever I kiss you, but nothing happened no emotion whatsoever, it broke me to see you in that state when you caught me. I stayed up all night crying, I didn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, I missed us, what we had, everything. I just want things to be right and how it was before. I swear I will do anything to be with you or to gain your trust again babe please trust me. I love you so much.” He said on the verge of crying. “I don’t know Luke.” I said “One more chance, that’s all I’m asking for and I know for sure I will definitely make use of that last chance.” He said with pleading eyes. I took a while to think. Should I forgive Luke ? “Okay… I’ve made my decision…” I said trailing my words. “And ?” He asked waiting for me to carry on. “I forgive you.” I said smiling. “Yes !!! Thank you so much baby I swear to god you won’t regret it. I missed you so much ugh.” He said squeezing me in a tight hug. “So I guess I can do this then” he smirked and leaned in, our lips touching again, sparks and fireworks were everywhere. “LUKE !!!!” we heard Ashton shouting, but Luke didn’t dare to break the kiss. “Luke.” Ashton said opening the door and the cleaning supplies falling into us which led us all into laughing. “Ohh sorry mate, didn’t mean to disturb you.” Ashton said laughing and walking off. {A/N: so that’s the end babes !! Hope you enjoyed that ! Let me know what you thought in my ask, I would love to know !!! This isn’t the end, I have a lot more imagines lined up for you guys so be prepared. love you guys :) .xxx}

Firsts - Chapter 2 (First Flirtation)

“Okay, spill!” Dinah demanded.

Ally, Dinah, and Camila were all sitting on Camila’s bed, and their monthly girls’ night was in full motion.

“Yeah, what do you mean you met someone? How dare you not tell us before?” Ally asked, playfully pouting.

“He or she?” Dinah asked.

“She,” Camila said with a slight smile. Dinah whooped, causing Camila to laugh. Ever since she had confided in her friends that she was bisexual, Dinah had been anticipating Camila’s first real girl crush. Camila had no idea why she found it so exciting, but it was amusing to watch either way.

“So who is she?!” Ally practically yelled, unable to contain herself.

“Well, you guys actually know her, she goes to our school. It’s Lauren Jauregui,” Camila admitted.

Both her best friends’ jaws dropped. “Lauren Jauregui?! Like, senior Lauren Jauregui? One-of-the-most-popular-girls-at-school-Lauren Jauregui?” Dinah exclaimed.

“That would be the one,” Camila giggled.

“Is she… you know, in to girls?” Ally asked carefully, trying not to crap in Camila’s sandbox. “I mean, she is known to have had quite a few boyfriends. I just don’t want you to get your hopes and then have them crushed.”

Camila’s shoulders slumped. “That’s why I need your help, I have no idea! Since we met last weekend, we’ve texted four times. One time it was for like two hours! And whenever she walks past me in school she smiles at me. But I can’t tell if she’s flirting or just being friendly. I’ve never been in this situation before and I’m so bad at decoding people – especially through text.”

“That, my dear, is why you’ve got us,” Dinah told her with a smirk. “Ally’s had a boyfriend for two years, so I think she knows a little something about flirting and relationships.”

“And Dinah’s the biggest flirt I know,” Ally laughed. “So you really like her?”

Camila felt her cheeks heating up. “Yeah, I really do… Whenever I see her in school I go all red, and she’s constantly on my mind – it’s exhausting!” she sighed dramatically and fell backwards on to her bed. “Ugh.”

Dinah laughed and grabbed her arm to pull her up. “Well what are you waiting for? Show us those texts!”

Camila handed over her phone, which Dinah and Ally immediately grabbed and started going through her and Lauren’s conversation, occasionally nudging each other with knowing looks. Camila felt herself blushing furiously, wishing they could just finish already and rescue her from this oblivion.

At long last, they set down the phone and looked at each other before saying in unison, “She likes you.”

Camila felt the corners of her lips tugging upwards. “You think so?”

“Definitely,” Dinah smirked. “No one tells you they loved your pants today and adds a winky face emoji, unless they’re trying to say your ass looked hella.”

“And I gotta give it to you, Camila, your flirt game isn’t so bad,” Ally added.

“Really?” Camila asked, suddenly feeling rather embarrassed.

“Definitely,” Dinah said once more, then looked at Ally, who nodded. “And you know what we’re gonna do now?”

Camila eyed them suspiciously. “What? Why do you guys look so excited?”

“You’re gonna text her!” Ally squealed, and Dinah nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

Camila’s eyes widened. “What? No! I can’t initiate the conversation! It’s always been her!”

“Oh yes you can – and you will! Don’t you think she’s tired of always having to be the one to start the conversation?” Dinah asked, thrusting the phone at her.

“I wouldn’t even know what to say! And it’s a Friday night, she’s probably partying or something!” Camila tried to protest, but she could tell from the looks on her friends’ faces that it was no help.

“We won’t know unless we find out. Just ask her how she’s doing!” Ally suggested.

“Yeah, do it!” Dinah urged.

Feeling extremely apprehensive, Camila typed up a message. To her great relief, Lauren responded within a minute.

Camila: hey, what’s up?

Lauren: Just chilling at home, cbf to go out lol. Wbu babe?

Camila gasped as her friends squealed.

“She called you babe!” Ally exclaimed.

“Oh my god, what do I do?!” Camila asked in a panic.

Reply!” Dinah and Ally yelled in unison.

Camila: same here, haha

“Okay, okay, wait…” Dinah said, lifting a finger to indicate that she was thinking up Camila’s next move. “Compliment her! Did you see her today?”

“Yeah, I did, she looked great. What do I say?” Camila asked, the rapidity of her breathing increasing. She couldn’t believe Lauren had called her babe, no one had ever called her babe. Did Lauren mean it casually? Did she call everyone babe?

Tell her she looked great! Just say anything!”

Camila: btw your hair looked gorgeous today ;-* and your outfit was on point

Lauren: Why thank you xx You looked stunning today

Lauren: And every other day this week

“Shit!” Camila yelped, throwing her phone on to her bed.

“Awwwwww!” Dinah and Ally said in unison and shrieked.

“She doesn’t hold back,” Dinah said, sounding impressed.

“This is so adorable! Aw, look at Mila, she’s blushing so hard!” Ally said, giving her a hug.

“I can’t breathe I can’t do this oh my god what do I say?” Camila asked.

“Say thank you! Tell her she’s sweet! And put a heart!” Dinah commanded, then stopped. “No, wait – tell her it made your day.”

Camila looked horrified. “I can’t do that! That’s too much!”

“No it’s not! Let her know that it means something to you!”

Still looking horrified, Camila obeyed and typed up the message.

Camila: awyou just made my day haha ♥ 

“Yes, CheeChee, yes! You got this,” Dinah said.

“I’m so glad your parents aren’t home, it sounds like someone’s being murdered in here with all the shrieking,” Ally said with a laugh, as Camila’s phone sounded yet again.

Lauren: :)

Lauren: How was your day?? X

Camila: not bad, rather boring haha

Camila: yours? :)

Lauren: Mine was ok

Lauren: Then I saw you in school

Lauren: And it got a lot better ;-*

All three girls screamed.

“Holy fuck!” Camila shrieked.

“She is just going all in,” Dinah said with a laugh.

“I can’t handle this I’m so not cut out for this oh my god please help me!” Camila said, her panic growing.

Trying to suppress her laughter, Dinah put her hands on Camila’s shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. “Boo, this is a good thing. This is a really fricking good thing. She definitely likes you. Do you like her?”

Not able to trust that she wouldn’t start wailing in panic if she opened her mouth, Camila nodded.

Ally continued for Dinah. “Well then why the panic? She already likes you, and she likes you for you. Just be your fabulous self and charm the pants off her! Okay?”

“What she said!” Dinah chimed in.

“But… what if this is a prank? I mean why would she like me? I’m just Camila Cabello. Plus, I’m a girl. We don’t even know that she’s in to girls.”

“Correction: You’re Camila fucking Cabello. An amazing person, who’s hot as hell, and who anyone would be lucky to have. Trust me, at this point I can almost promise you, Lauren Jauregui is not straight. Now take a deep breath and text her back. What do you have to lose?”

Inhaling deeply, Camila nodded.

Camila: stoppp i’m blushing ♥ 

Lauren: I bet you’re cute when you blush

Camila: haha, i’m not

Lauren: I find that hard to believe B)

Camila: you better believe it

Lauren: You’re always cute ;-*

Lauren: Are you seeing anyone right now btw?

Dinah and Ally whooped.

“Ayyyy! She went there!” Dinah shrieked.

“Oh my god!” Camila said for the hundredth time that night. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Camila: i’m single as a pringle

Camila: oh god did i just say that

Lauren: Haha you’re so cute

Lauren: Well I’m glad to hear that

Lauren: Btw I heard a song today and it made me think of you

Camila: oh really? and which song would that be?

Lauren: Beautiful by Akon ;)

Camila: stoppppp my cheeks are about to overheat

Lauren: I also heard another song that made me think of you

Lauren: I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

Camila: okay can u not i’m smiling so hard right now i can’t feel my cheeks

Lauren: Actually I can’t not

Camila: you’re funny

Lauren: You love it

Camila: :P

Lauren: Shit it’s 1am

Lauren: I would love nothing more than to stay up talking to you but unfortunately I have to be up at 7am tomorrow ew

Camila: yikes why?

Lauren: Driving down to see some relatives :)))))

Camila: you sound ecstatic

Lauren: They’re… eccentric

Lauren: But I actually have to go

Lauren: Sweet dreams ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Camila: have fun tomorrow ;-* goodnight ♥ 

Camila tossed her phone on to the other side of the bed and breathed out a huge breath she didn’t know she’d been holding in.

“Did I just make it through that?” she asked in disbelief, staring at the duvet. She looked up to see Ally and Dinah staring at her like proud moms.

“Hells yeah you did, and you did damn well!” Dinah squealed, clapping her hands together.

Camila let out a shaky laugh. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

“We got you, boo,” Ally said with a grin. Camila smiled and pulled them both in for a hug, feeling extremely grateful for not only her friends, but the conversation she’d just had. Lauren Really Liked her!  

Hope you guys liked it! I would love to hear any comments and/or opinions you have :) Btw, to any of you who want more Mani: be patient, she’s coming!

anonymous asked:

Clyde are you single or are you ready to mingle? ;)

CLYDE: Okay, Craig. Now I know you’re lying.

CRAIG: What?

CLYDE: You so DID tell them about me, I mean, do you see my shirt?

CRAIG: Clyde, I can promise you. I have never spoken a word about you on this blog. I don’t even really know why I’d want to.

CLYDE: Well, they must be some kind of shirt-mind reader. If shirts had minds.

CLYDE: Craig take a picture of my shirt right now.

CLYDE: Check this baby out.

CLYDE: Not ONLY am I single and ready to mingle, I’m also really ready for some pringles, too.

CLYDE: So like, if you’re cruisin’ Craig’s blog to hook up with me, I won’t judge you because I’m a pretty good catch.

CRAIG: Why are you even wearing that shirt?

CLYDE: I just pulled it out of my laundry basket last night.

CLYDE: I know it might not seem it, but I like to plan my outfits ahead of time. I like to keep my life clean, y’feel?

CRAIG: So you pull out a dirty shirt and some sweat pants.

CLYDE: Yeah, well, it’s not like I’m dressing to impress today. I’m hanging out with you, after all.

CRAIG: Okay, but won’t Bebe be mad at you for wearing that?

CLYDE: NOPE! I broke up with Bebe today just so I could wear this shirt.

CLYDE: To wear a shirt of this stature but to still be with a hot babe? I’d never lie like that.

CRAIG: You broke up with Bebe. So you could wear a shirt that says your single?


CRAIG: And you don’t think that was maybe… I don’t know. A stupid idea?

CLYDE: Why would it be?

CLYDE: We break up all the time. We always get back together, anyways.

CRAIG: And what exactly causes you to break up every other month?

CLYDE: Well sometimes she just gets mad and we break up. But then we make up! And make out if you know what I mean.

CRAIG: And this time you broke up with her.

CLYDE: I thought I’d, like, mix it up I guess.

CRAIG: Dude, she’s not gonna take you back. You’re an idiot.

CLYDE: If she’s that mad over a shirt, then so be it. I’ll be fine.

CRAIG: She’s kind of a crutch to you, dude. Without her you don’t even know how to function.

CLYDE: Dude, I just said it– I’ll be fine.




CLYDE: Hey Craig my main dude friend broski, let’s check out your blog some more before I start to realise I’m a fucking idiot.

CRAIG: It only took you 18 years to notice.

CLYDE: Shut up.