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mmkay let it out what's your thoughts on the new doctor who

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- Okay so right off the bat??? It took me less than five minutes to fall in love with Bill holy SHIT

- Like I could tell from her original preview that I was gonna like her but!!! She’s fantastic!!!!

- 12 playing the electric guitar at any given time is a strong weakness of mine

- The Doctor…has pictures…of Susan and River on his desk…I am…beyond deceased

- Okay like literally every single incarnation of the Doctor fits the aesthetic of ‘eccentric professor who gives no fucks but also ends up teaching very memorable classes’ perfectly but like. I’m so glad Capaldi is the one that gets to FULLFILL that omg.

- “You shouldn’t be in my class you aren’t a student here”

- “I know but I’m like really gay and accidentally made my crush fat because I can’t function properly”

- “Valid points, I need to teach you everything I know.”

- What…is in…that Goddamn vault.

- “Doctor What?” you know that killed him just a little inside

- She got him a freaking carpet for Christmas??? amaze

- Also just the fact that she spent Christmas with him??? You’re not crying I am

- 12: “I’m a cold hearted lone wolf I’m here to do my job I don’t care about anyone no one can crack me-”

- Bill: “Yeah my mom died when I was a baby and I have no pictures of her it makes me very sad”

- 12: *internally screaming, eye twitching, frantically grabbing a camera and sprinting into the TARDIS, shouting* “I aM a CoLd HeArTeD lOnE wOlF i’M hErE tO dO mY jOb I dOnT cArE aBoUt ANYONE-”

- seriously that was so sweet I almost cried???

- LMAO when she said “You’ve apparently been teaching here for 70 years” and he was like “You’re thinking, ‘he doesn’t look old enough’ “ and she said no. HIS FACE 😂

- “One time you were supposed to give a lecture on physics but you started ranting about poetry” “They’re the same thing.”

- Like they did a weird job with the Heather girl??? I ultimately felt bad for her but she was like shady right from the start it was strange

- Like every time Bill was around her I was like “honey reel in your thirst just far enough to realize this situation has me nervous” omfg

- w h a t  i s  i n  t h e  v a u l t

- Am I like…the only person who doesn’t like Nardole? I never have tbh he just feels shoved in there

- Like his whole spiel about wanting to make sure the Doctor’s dealing with River’s death okay at the end of the Christmas special was sweet but like??? He feels out of place and hasn’t properly done anything yet???? Idk it feels like someone inserting an oc into their fanfic re-write of the show but not knowing how the oc can actually effect the plot

- The Doctor has been a college professor for at least 70 years like…is the TARDIS okay? I can’t imagine she enjoys being parked in his office or the ‘out of order’ sign omg

- Yes, yes I am worrying about a sentient machine’s feelings leave me alone

- “I see my face all the time- never liked it, it’s all over the place, having expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.” MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- “Why are you running like a penguin with his ass on fire”

- When she asked the Doctor if he knew about sci-fi. A++

- He was so swept up in figuring it out before he snapped back and was like nEVER MIND SWEET CHILD PLEASE GO AWAY ITS PROBABLY JSUT WATER lmao

- Can we as a society please stop setting creepy moments in fiction in bathrooms??? Like I’m fucking over it

- And honestly??? I’m so PISSED about the thing in the shower drain holy shit after years of having issues with drains because of “it” and I finally start fucking getting over that only for Doctor Who to do this to me??? Why does this show always know my deepest paranoia shit and use it only briefly like WHY

- Anyway,

- Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS was HILARIOUS

- “What happened to the doors though did you run out of money?” LMAO


- I lost it when they ended up in Australia omfg that was good tegan screaming in the distance


- “You’re…the first person to mention that…?” I WAS SCREAMING

- yelling ‘shark attack’ in a restaurant and it actually works? okay

- Why does Capaldi’s Doctor have such a penchant for traveling to the literal end of the universe??? This is the third or fourth time he’s gone there omfg

- Like he’s always like “no one will find us here” but like at this point? End of the universe would be the first place I’d check for him? lol

- 12 looked so proud of himself when he was called ‘silly’!!!! I’m so happy for him it’s a relief he’s out of the emo ‘what kind of man am I’ phase





- on a mildly related note: Nardole running around trying to sonic things and quietly screaming was THE MOST ME THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON TV

- I do shit with that exact attitude all the fucking time you don’t even understand I was looking in a mirror it was hilarious

- So question: Since when is the Dalek’s laser “the hottest fire in the universe”? Is that an already established thing I forgot about or like…did they just want an excuse to show the Daleks? lol

- so Creepy Water Demon Girl was chasing them through time and space solely because she thinks Bill is hot?

- R E L A T A B L E

- When Bill asked the Doctor how he’d feel if someone erased his memories and a slightly warped version of Clara’s theme music started playing??? I stabbed myself that was UNCALLED for I was NOT READY

- When the Doctor was having Internal Struggles™ and he told the pictures of Susan and River to shut up and then the TARDIS started making noises at him and he was clearly getting emotionally ganged up on I was YELLING that was so funny lmao

- Why was he so against travelling??? Why the same school for 70 years??? WHAT’S IN THE VAULT??? Who did he promise????

- The whole ending scene when he was inviting Bill on the TARDIS- idk I just really liked it?

- The lighting behind him from the ship, the mini speech, the music playing in the background??? I really dug it omg


- But no yes I???? Really freaking enjoyed the episode. Like it’s obviously not the best of the series or anything but I think it was a great opener and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of the season I’m so hype I can’t handle it omfg!!!!

For some reason I just really want to see The Doctor with a stereotypical moody teenager as a companion.

Can you imagine the first time he/she walks into the TARDIS and instead of being amazed by it they’re just like “Does this have WiFi?”

And when they’re running away from some sort of alien the teenager is just like “I CANT DIE YET, I NEED TO UPDATE MY DESTIEL FIC ON TUMBLR”

Can you imagine how many times the Doctor would ask the companion if they had a death wish because he/she kept dangling themselves from the TARDIS door to take pictures of space because it fits their “Instagram aesthetic”

And in the end the Doctor is just like “I’m done with you and your entire generation”


I was tagged by @phantom-of-the-keurig and I love tag memes so… First, these are the last 2 recent selfies that I like a lot. The second one isn’t strictly a selfie but I just really like that picture of me doing a tree pose in front of an actual redwood tree.

 Next, my lockscreen~ I don’t watch much Doctor Who anymore but I’ve always been obsessed with the TARDIS. To me it represents portals to new worlds and new understanding. Learning and education and adventure. It means keeping my enthusiasm and keeping the magic in my life. So it’s my lock screen to remind me to be as curious and compassionate and intelligent as the Doctor.

 And finally, the last song I listened to. I put my phone on shuffle and this is the last one that came up before doing this post… I know the Into the Woods movie wasn’t perfect but I just adore this scene and this song and Chris Pine… 

I tag @miss-annie-kay, @ben-solo-needs-a-timeout, @ibelonginnarnia, and @opera-ghost

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I mean, you jest, but the existence of a tardis would resolve 99% of the plotholes on the show. They really missed more than one opportunity when they failed to snag Christopher Eccleston as Stannis.

Real talk: I had to go look up who Christopher Eccleston is before replying to this. I don’t actually watch that show, my nerd credentials are pathetic. I like to picture Varys in a tardis though. In my mind he looks so happy.

Personally, when I get too frustrated with GOT I just remind myself that space and time are illusions in the real world as well as in fiction and the nature of consciousness is to experience suffering. The suffering part doesn’t really have anything to do with plotholes, it just tends to distract me until I forget to care about them.

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i dont know if you're taking prompts right now but i just found out that my granddad has cancer and he's not gonna make it. i'd just really appreciate the ABSOLUTE FLUFFIEST thing you can think of. if not something new recs would be awesome too. i kinda feel bad asking but it might help idk sorry

[I’m so sorry to hear the bad news, my thoughts go out to you and your family during this time. There’s a fluffy reclist here, but I wrote you something too.]


It takes Derek a second, then he remembers he’s in costume. He turns, but it isn’t a con-goer who wants to take a picture of his cosplay, but actually what looks like a little girl dressed in a TARDIS outfit with tears streaming down her face.

"Hi,” Derek says as she launches herself at his knees, hugging tightly. He looks around, but he doesn’t see anyone that looks like her parents or a guardian. “Are you okay?” he asks.

“I can’t find my mom and dad,” she says, wobbling. “Batman, will you help me?" 

What Derek probably should do is take the girl to the nearest convention staff, but he can’t see anyone wearing a staff t-shirt near him, and he doesn’t really have anything else to do right now. “Sure,” Derek says, and the girl nods resolutely. 

"I’m Jessie,” she says. “And I know you’re Bruce Wayne, but I promise I won’t tell anyone." 

Derek takes her hand and asks her where her parents were last, what they were wearing, what panels they had planned to go to, hopefully to get a clue where they might be. They end up walking through Artist’s Alley, and luckily Jessie has calmed down and is actually enjoying looking at the various people’s cosplays and the merchandise. 

Derek’s actually having a pretty good time too; Jessie is talkative and funny, and it’s a lot better than waiting in line for a panel that isn’t going to start for hours. 

"Batman, you’re a detective, how come you haven’t put together the clues yet to find my parents?” Jessie asks.

“Um, I— ” Derek is saved from trying to explain he isn’t really Batman and finding two specific adults dressed as Ten and Rose is fairly difficult, since he’s seen about a dozen couples so far.

“Oh, you must need Robin!” Jessie says excitedly. “I see him right there, he can help us!” and she’s tugging him towards a steampunk booth.


Derek’s actually seen this Robin cosplayer earlier and was too embarrassed to ask for a picture (either of him or with him); his outfit is sinfully tight, and he’s modified the costume in favor of bootyshorts and the mouth underneath his mask is curled into a bright smile. And then he saw him again with a bunch of other cosplayers taking photos for the Hawkeye Initiative, and well. 

He’s very flexible. And has a really nice ass. 

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Sometimes I think all the posts on my blog should be one thing, singular or similar, 

like woods and trees

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or fandom things

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but then I see cool text posts, or pictures of romantic/family things

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and my blog ends up being this amalgamation of random things, but I like it because it’s this small glimpse into the things I like, like to see, enjoy, etc.

Q&A of Matt & Karen at Comic con in Philadelphia [ June 21, 2014]

  • Matt and Karen dancing the drunk giraffe. Epic!
  • Karen took from the set the binoculars from the TARDIS and Matt took his suit and fez
  • What was it like working with David Tennant on the 50th Anniversary? Matt : “We were just kinda fanboyish, really." 
  • Karen’s favorite actors are Tilda Swinton - and everyone from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Matt wanted a flight Manuel for the Tardis!
  • Karen Gillian says the word tardis in the most satisfying way.
  • matts impression of Karen first stepping into the tardis "drunken seal”
  • Q. What’s it like to run from statues? A. “Its really fun to run away from things, in general.” says Karen
  • matts icon is Karen 
  • matts mom has garden statues that scare him!
  • “If my Doctor had carried on I think he would have become meaner, tougher. Damn I should have stayed!”
  • Matt Smith: a castle is just a big fridge
  • “I wanna play Macbeth!” “I want to play lady Macbeth”. “Lets do it together!”
  • “I put on my eleventh doctor outfit when I’m sad about my life and look at pictures of peter capaldi”
  • “I was really influenced by an actress called Karen gillan.” -matt
  • Karen is bewildered by the moderator’s technology
  • Matt thinks his character would’ve become meaner, “the universe would’ve weighed on his shoulders”
  • “She’s a full Hollywood movie star”- matt
  • Matt keeps calling Karen “K face”
  • “She’s got a great singing voice!…but she can’t walk in a straight line”
  • If Matt Smith could play anything… “Something cool and villainous.”
  • Talking about filming their last scene; had to film it multiple times and it was “SO SAD”
  • Matt talking about the upcoming DW world tour “not that I’m bitter!”
  • Karen on Peter: “I’m hoping he swears all the time and they bleep it out with tardis sounds”
  • Peter Capaldi will bring his own reinvention to the role. It will be bold, says Matt
  • “I was the same age as Amy so I was like, I know what we wear! you don’t!” -Karen on her costumes
  • Matt talking about other versions of regeneration scenes; doesn’t want to offend people who worked on it
  • Matt wanted it to be more “troubling for him to go; he was in much more pain physically, but then he sees amy and it doesn’t matter”
  • “How many death reactions can one person come up with? Karen: "the multiple death reactions I’ve had to conjure up because RORY kept on DYING.”
  • “it was so nice having you there on my last day. just as a, thing.” -Matt to Karen
  • Karen says her mom is “one of the biggest whovians in this room right now!”
  • In England, you’re just born with knowledge of Daleks, say Matt and Karen
  • The mod just called Karen “Amy,” she says “I quite like it when people do that!”
  • Karen cringing at matt inadvertently calling her a hot chick
  • “Billie was my favorite companion”-Karen
  • Matt’s mom was the one who convinced him on doing the audition for the doctor.
  • There’s nothing more weird than a doll of yourself"-Karen More cool than weird though, says Matt
  • “call JJ Abrahams!”-matt
  • Matt liked his tweed suit best because it was uncool, which made it cool.
  • If Matt were Amy: “yes, I’m a kissogram!!" if Matt was Karen’s companion he would wear the kissogram outfit
  • "That’s the doctor!!” matt says, making an inside joke face at Karen
  • “It’s as fun to make as it is fun to watch,” says Matt
  • Matt’s worst experience on set was seeing Karen in makeup; “no, actually it was one of my favorite times!”
  • While filming TATM, Karen hung upside down for so long she burst the blood vessels in her face
  • “Doctor Who changed our whole life!”-Matt
  • “I think you look nice with short hair!”-Matt to Karen 
  • matt calling small children “dude”
  • Matt and Karen laughing about their shared bald experience 
  • Matt is still jokingly distraught about no longer being the doctor
  • Karen was dressed as Britney Spears at her concert in Vegas; someone yelled “OMG ITS AMY POND”
  • Goldberg came to Matt and Karen to tell them she’s a fan of the show.
  • Karen said nothing would get saved if she was the doctor
  • What character would you be? “I was gonna say Rory, but like, to be married to myself??”-Karen
  • “But run a bath as the Doctor would run a bath. Kids, ask your parents because you could have a flooding bill.”
  • What was it like filming in the US? “The best! We love coming over here!”
  • The little human things that confound the Doctor make you realize he’s an alien, says Matt Smith
  • A cappella rendition of the DW theme is happening on stage!
  • Riding a dinosaur is painful according to Matt.
  • Matt loves Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, old disney films
  • Karen doesn’t like football. She just likes football player stickers
  • Matt: my mum sold my disney movies! Karen: LYNNE!!
  • Karen collected football stickers as a child. Matt: “who are you?!”
  • Karen’s favorite doctor is Matt! Matt says good answer.
  • “I made a belt out of them (heat packs). I’d put them in my socks.”
  • “The eleventh hour ” is matt and karen favourite episode.
  • Karens favorite 90s show is FRIENDS and matts is men behaving badly
  • Karen strapped 7 heat packs to herself on set; “she’s massively selfish”-matt
  • Matt read a book on psychosis to get into character for American Psycho.
  • Amy and the Doctor: the time-traveling Mulder and Scully
  • Matt ate 20 fish fingers filming “The Eleventh Hour.”
  • I did eat fish fingers and custard, which I highly recommend to anyone under 10,“ Matt says
  • Matt loves the angels. Karen loves Silurians.

Thanks to the whole twitter who was at the con!