i just really like phosphora okay

tagged by @tsumomos!! ily sm & i hope your day’s been good!!!!

rules: list 10 fav female characters from 10 different fandoms + tag 10 different people   

okay so i really like a lot of girls so im gonna limit myself to a max of 4 per series 

  1. palutena & phosphora from kid icarus 
  2. allura from voltron 
  3. sharla, melia, & fiora from xenoblade 
  4. ammy & sakuya from okami
  5. flavia, sully, panne, & maribelle (AND OLIVIA S/O TO MELLY FOR REMINDING ME) from fire emblem awakening 
  6. terra from ffvi
  7. bea from night in the woods
  8. every single girl pokemon trainer & their pokespe equivalents i love them all sm + zinnia & anabel (i know that’s a lot more than four but i just have so much love in my heart rn) 
  9. effie from fire emblem fates, which i haven’t played in years
  10. luna & phi from virtue’s last reward

i’ll tag @ground-types, @silvan-noctilum, and anyone else who wants to do this!!