i just really like my patrons ok

alright so i was reading zev’s dialogue page and i just…. this is Too Much because either…..
1. zev went to the chantry while he was still living in the brothel (?-7 years old.) just imagine him, a tiny, scrawny, filthy little boy in rags scampering away to the local chantry on his own accord. maybe to escape from the shifty patrons or just out of genuine curiosity

ALTERNATELY (the one i think is more likely) 2. zev is in the crows/a recruit (7 onwards) and taking into consideration his banter with Alistair on religion (I ask forgiveness for my sins every chance I get […] the Maker has never objected, why should you?) he’s so young being forced to do such horrific things and it’s not unlikely that he would turn to the chantry/maker/religion and ask for forgiveness/try and find some peace there

zev had Such a sad childhood but he’s so pure n good im gunna hug him