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OK guys, hear me out

Earlier @lahnce posted the beautiful proposed ship name of math for Matt/Keith (though I still like katt as an alternative), and me being total multishipping trash decided to run with this and had a think about it with @the-punning-ubus, originally with galra!Keith, but let’s save that for another day

This is how it goes down

  • Since Shiro escaped, Zarkon saw the potential in using one of his captured friends to play a little psychological warfare. Hence brainwashing Matt and putting him in charge of a small troop of galra tasked with finding Voltron and capturing the paladins
  • After season 1′s Wormhole Incident, Keith ends up alone in Matt’s corner of the galaxy with a damaged lion. There’s not much he can do except get captured and hope the galra don’t kill him
  • Luckily for him, even though Matt isn’t quite himself right now, there are some things the galra can’t knock out of him and one of those essential parts of himself is the need to find his sister and protect her. So he decides to use Keith as bait to lure Pidge to him where he can convert her to the galras’ side and therefore keep her unharmed
  • Keith ends up spending a lot of time around Matt. It’s been a long time since Matt has spoken to another human besides his dad (who’s presumably locked away somewhere as insurance) so he lets Keith stay with him instead of keeping him locked in his cell all day in exchange for some conversation
  • They talk about Pidge and Shiro. Keith is cagey with information on their paladin abilities, but he wants to get through to Matt - for his sake and for Pidge’s sake. So he talks about the dorky things they do and the little habits he’s noticed. The first time Matt laughs at one of his stories, Keith feels like they could be friends
  • Matt ends up protecting Keith from the other galra, who don’t see the need to treat a paladin well. Matt makes sure that Keith gets enough to eat, a comfortable place to sleep, access to all his basic needs like a bathroom and clean clothes
  • After a while, Keith can’t really picture Matt as a bad guy anymore, even though he knows technically he is right now. One day when he’s alone with Matt he leans in close and whispers in Matt’s ear “when the paladins come for me, come with us. We’ll get you out of here.”
  • But it’s too soon and Keith miscalculated. Matt has him thrown in his cell, realising that he let Keith get too close
  • And the worst part is that when Keith had leaned in to whisper, Matt’s heart had skipped a beat and oh shit, when did that happen?
  • Matt doesn’t see him for days. He can’t. He’s too weak for Keith and he can’t let himself be compromised. And Keith waits for Matt to give in and visit, and every day that he doesn’t makes him feel that much more abandoned
  • They both sit at opposite ends of the ship and wonder “why do I miss him so much?”

…didn’t mean for this to get so long, and I ain’t even done. Might continue this sometime. Or someone else continue it. For the love of God, someone ship this with me


“i miss you so much, i’ve just been wearing your clothes and pretending its one of your hugs…”

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honestly, i haven’t worn denim in ages and idk why?? but yeah, i really love this picture of him so i was like mmm gotta go math bae per usual ;;; but yep ;; anyway– this is me after crying for an hour basically ;; 

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ok so i like the “bokuto is good at math” headcanon but also it conflicts with the 2nd ova bc bokuto failed math BUT consider this: his response is to tell akaashi that he promised not to talk about it, and this is bc bokuto is actually very good at math, he just got distracted and failed that one exam, and akaashi won’t stop bringing it up because he thinks it’s hilarious that bokuto, of all people, failed math

oftd featuring. tezri propie

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: You know it really frustrates me that I just watched this perfect balance beam routine but the gymnast was still was not given her full difficulty value and I cannot for the life of me figure out which connections the judges did not credit because there were literally no pauses or hesitations like I just sat down for five minutes calculating her D-score and I'm bad at math so I quadruple checked and I don't see where she went wrong and also I just really do not understand why itemized deductions are not a thing yet like shouldn't gymnasts be able to know what they should work on espescially if they/their coach/everyone else who isn't a judge thinks they're doing everything as perfectly as they can I mean it's just something that makes me really emotional like I just need to know ok

Ok I’m gonna be real I genuinely did not catch that math pun until I went to google the answer because I was like “I simplified this in only one step what if I did it wrong :/” So I went back to my precalc notes and googled imaginary numbers just to make sure I was remembering them correctly. And then I actually googled ‘2i<6u’ just to see if other people got the same answer and right as the Yahoo answers page loaded- It clicked for me lmfao.