i just really like little things

I honestly assumed that the “oh worm?” thing was, like, an out-of-context line from a Shakespearean monologue about the frailties of the flesh, or whatever. When I found out that it’s really just a typo for “word”, I actually felt a little betrayed.

I really think Kit knows something that we don’t. I just went back to watching all the Jonsa and the Jo**rys scenes, and can safely say he was better chemistry with Sophie and there a lot of little nuances which he brings in like the sigh after “would that be so terrible?” or that little secret smile after Sansa gives him the cloak etc. There are lots of such small things here. Which is missing from j/d scenes except for the latest scene but even they were obvious.

I think Kit knows something and is playing Jon in a certain way and probably Sophie is oblivious to it.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same?

Guys, don’t freak out about Brits statement and Chicago!

So I felt like annoying you guys with my opinion once more:

This article seems to make people think of Chloe and Chicago being a thing, but I personally highly doubt that.

“I can tell you that I have a love interest this time, I think, weirdly enough, that Chloe is even more weird in this movie. They let me do a lot of improvisation and let me do what I really wanted to do, so I just ran with it.”

So basically:

  1. Chloe has a love interest.
  2. Chloe is even weirder.
  3. Lots of improv by Brit.

Only #1 hints a little at Chicago. But that wouldn’t make Chloe (#2) weirder and I doubt Brit would (#3) improv THAT.

While if you think about Beca as love interest: #1 wouldn’t be news tbh, #2 would kinda make sense (more to that below) and #3 would also make sense because Brit also loves Bechloe, right? I can still remember that old interview: “And i love women…and Bechloe … and you”, so there is that…

Regarding Chloe being weird: Think about Chloe finally realizing she wants, she NEEDS Beca. Maybe they lost touch after finishing collage and worlds together. That made her realize how much she needs her and it makes her crazy! And now she is seriously fighting for her, but carefully because we all know Beca. So to “hide” her insane love and desire for Beca, she lets it out in some “weird” behavior… I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE A FANFIC BASED ON THIS!

Completely different theory: What if that person really is Chicago? What if Chloe really hooks up with him? Like she did with Tom, which was 100% canon and still didn’t prevent all of us from shipping Bechloe like crazy!!

We already had the theory that, after Kommissar and Beca PP2, Chloe will have someone in PP3 to make Beca jealous. Because we all know it takes something like that for Beca to realize her feelings for Chloe. And that’s how Bechloe will become canon. No matter if they actually show the scene in the actual movie, apart from bonus clips and deleted scenes, or not. They will have another fight, Beca will admit she’s jealous of them, and Bechloe will be canon.

THAT might be the scene Kendrick was talking about. Or at least one variation of it. The one in the actual movie might be just all friendship and all “Bellas before Fellas“ but we know the truth…

I do not feel like writing today

I’m sorry. I said I’d write a few things but…nope. Started to write something but I just don’t feel it you know ? It’s not writer’s block, it’s just me wanting to read and play video games instead of writing right now

Lately, work and life in general have been VERY demanding of me, leaving me few to no “free time” (that isn’t spend trying to sleep because I’m exhausted) and so far I spend all my free time writing fanfictions for you guys. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to write, it’s really my passion, sorry if this sounded like I was forcing myself to write, oh no, I never force myself to do anything. What I mean is that I just want to take a little bit of time to just do other things I enjoy right now, which are : reading and playing video games. Also, I’ve been feeling down and re-playing or re-reading some stories I love is always a sure way to cheer myself up :-). There will be new stories soon though. Like probably tomorrow because it’s my day off and I can never stay away from writing too long. But today…nope. 

Hope you can understand and forgive me… :/

A Little Bit of Chaos

Request:  A Uma X male reader where the reader is the son of the mad hatter and when Uma (Harry & Gil 2) come to Auradon, they met him? He’s crazy like his dad? Talking to flowers, wears hat, loves tea parties, has tea cup under hat? That sorta thing? Like a little mini version of his dad? Thank you so much! I love your blog!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Warnings: None

Words: 889

Auradon was weird. Well, at least to Uma it was. Everything was so organized, there was absolutely no chaos anywhere. Everything had a place it needed to go and no one did anything really that fun. And while the Isle was a dangerous place to grow up, it had just what Uma needed: chaos. The mundane life of Auradon was starting to get to the daughter of Ursula, and she needed some sort of chaos in her life to fix that before she went absolutely insane. 

One day while Uma, Harry, and Gil were sitting at their table, Uma suddenly let out a groan and stabbed her food with her fork so hard some of it flew off of the plate. “How in Atlantica does anyone not die from boredom here?! There is absolutely nothing going on! No fights- no robberies, no nothing!” Uma shouted, pushing her tray away and resting her chin in the palm of her hand. 

“Well I mean, no one knows that you’re Shrimpy so that’s something- I’ll stop talking,” Gil said, immediately shutting up when Uma glared at him. 

“I’m glad you’re starting to learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes, Gil,” Uma said, shaking her head and about to say something else when they heard loud, boisterous laughter coming from a nearby flower patch, the group of three looking over and seeing a boy wearing patched up clothing, a large hat, and disheveled hair. “Who is that?” Uma asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That’s [Y/N] Hatter. I have gym class with him, he’s a weird guy.” Harry said, taking a bite of his food since he had learned to not really pay much attention to the boy, and Uma smirked, getting an idea. 

“Well, maybe that’s just what we need.” She said, standing up and going over to the flower patch to talk to the guy who was doing…something. “Hey, Hatter!” She said, going and crossing her arms, looking at him when he turned to look at her. 

“Yeeeeeeees?” He said, looking at her and his head tilting so far to the side that his hat nearly fell off. It took everything Uma had in her not to just snatch the hat off of his head. 

“Do you want to come sit with me and my crew? We have space, you don’t have to be all by yourself.” Uma suggested, putting her hands in her pockets as he thought. 

“Oh, I would love to! A tea party is much more fun with friends!” [Y/N] said, walking past her so he was no longer in the patch, and Uma just stood there in shock, wondering what she just got herself and her friends into. 

“Too late to turn back now.” She mumbled to herself before beginning to head back to the table where there was suddenly about three different tea pots on the table along with cups and a jar of sugar. “Where did all that come from?” Uma asked, sitting down next to Harry and across from [Y/N]. 

“His hat,” Harry said, looking like he was about to go absolutely nuts so he just stood up. “I’m going to my dorm, I’ll see you later Uma.” He said, leaving with Gil following close behind, and Uma sighed and rubbed her face, looking at [Y/N]. 

“I suppose it’s just you and me then, Hatter,” Uma said, looking at the young boy who smiled and poured her some tea. 

After awhile of the two of them just talking and drinking the tea together, Uma was about to find some excuse to leave when he began to speak. “I know I’m weird,” He said suddenly, looking at Uma. “I know that I’m a bit eccentric and not easy to hang around with…but I’m really really glad that you brought me over here. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for awhile, but I don’t know how.” He said, stirring his tea and taking a drink. “Besides, Harry doesn’t like me and I know that Harry is always with you so I figured he wouldn’t want me to talk to you.” 

“Harry’s all talk.” 

“Still, he frightens me…so thank you for inviting me over here to spend lunch with you. Usually, I just spend it with the flowers. Not even Ally likes to spend time with me, or Crystal, the Chesire Cat’s daughter. So…thanks.” [Y/N] said, frowning some as he began to gather up all the cups and such, standing up to go to his next class.

“[Y/N]?” Uma called before he walked off, and once he turned around to look at her, she sighed. “Would you like to go to that stupid Charming Ball with me?” She asked, referring to the Charming Ball that the Charmings held every year in memory of the ball that Prince Charming and Cinderella met at, one that was required to go to if one attended Auradon Prep.

The young Hatter smiled at Uma, thinking for a moment. “Does a flower hold petals?” He asked, which made Uma give him a glare, and [Y/N] cleared his throat. “Um, yeah…I’d like that.” He said, smiling. 

Well, at least Uma was going to be getting the chaos that she had been craving since she left the Isle. Harry would just have to deal, Uma thought to herself. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a really sad imagine with prompt #17 and Calum?

I may or may not have gotten a little carried away, but I hope you like it! x 

Lately, you and Cal had been having some problems. You both still loved each other, but neither one of you were too great at showing it nowadays. Calum worked long days in the studio with the boys, went to South Korea and you couldn’t come with because of work and school, things were just rough. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, the paps had started following you now that the boys were away for a bit. They constantly bothered you about how yours and Calum’s relationship was, as you hadn’t been seen much together in public lately, and eventually, you snapped. You’d been out walking the dog Calum had gotten you a while back for protection for when he wasn’t home, and the paps followed you around the park, at what they claimed was a “decent distance”, meaning about three steps behind you.
They kept firing questions at you and it eventually tumbled out of you that you and Calum weren’t in a great place right now, and him leaving didn’t exactly make things better. This was, of course, all over every celeb gossip page and all over twitter and tumblr the next day, which is when you received a heartbreaking phonecall from Calum.

“Hey bubs” you mumbled, knowing full well that he was either devastated or furious
“Why would you do that?”  he said lowly, and before you even had time to respond, he exploded “That is nobody’s business but ours, and you know damn well I wanted you to come with me, but you couldn’t, that’s not my fault! I know we’ve been in a really shitty place lately, and I’ve spent every waking minute trying to figure out how to change that” He snapped, hurt and pain clear in his voice 
“I’m sorry, I fucked up” you sighed “I’m just exhausted. I miss you cal” 
“I miss you too, but that doesn’t make it okay for you to say stuff like that, we don’t need the whole world knowing about our problems!” 
“What exactly are our problems cal? Do you not love me any more, is that it?” 
“What?” he breathed, clearly stunned 
“Because I don’t know what to think any more Cal, we barely talk, hell, you barely even touch me nowadays!” You snapped, frustrated tears blurring your vision as your pit bull came over and laid down with his head in your lap, making you cry even more. 
“Cal, Rocky cares more about me nowadays than you do” you whispered as you petted the dog gently
“I’ll show you how much I care, I promise. When I get back, we’re gonna fix this” He said firmly before letting out a shaky breath 
“We’ll see” you mumbled 
“What do you mean we’ll see?” he said, confused 
“We’ll see if I’m here when you get back”


Hey, did you hear there was this eclipse?

Wifi is a bit more wonky here in Portland, but let’s try this…

Things went super smoothly for us with the eclipse. We got to Eugene just fine the day before. Traffic was so good that we stopped at a winery (that did pear hard cider, which is mainly what we wanted, but I also came away with some delicious Glögg). And then, once we got to Eugene, we had time to go to the Cascades Raptor Center, a really cool educational and rehab facility with like 23 different kinds of western raptors. (Bottom: bald eagle, Swainson’s hawk, little male saw-whet.)

Top: but of course, here’s the original point of the trip!

We had no problem getting up to Salem from Eugene. We left our hotel at 4:45am and got to Oregon Gardens at about 6:15am, where tons of people had already gathered. We established ourselves on this big lawn that had a fantastic view out over the Willamette valley all the way to the coastal mountains. I had really wanted that long view and was so happy to get it (top left).

Neither my iPhone nor my real camera were good enough to get good pictures. Didn’t keep me from trying of course! (Middle pic.) was much better able to get pics of the trees creating natural pinhole camera effects on the sidewalks, which is always cool; and, through the gaps in my straw hat, on my arm.

I was also,surprised how hard it was to get a good pic of that eerie quality to the light as we neared totality (middle right); I think my iPhone kept automatically correcting the exposure. I did get a shaky but cool video during totality, which was neat. Being in a big crowd was fun.

Totality was a lot more spectacular than I expected. I mean… I guess I had always assumed the pictures I had seen were taken with special filters or something? But no, it really looked JUST LIKE THAT, and it was eerie and awe-inspiring, and I kind of felt a bit like crying. And it was over too soon, and when is the next one?

(My friends and I talked later about how we’d all felt like that. Some combination maybe of it being this natural phenomenon, independent of humans, so. It, and ancient, and how much it emphasized the sheer power of the sun. And sharing it with so many other people, both our crowd’s reactions, but also knowing how many others were watching across the country. It was just really really moving. I am not a traditionally religious person, but this is the kind of thing that makes me feel the most like that.)

And then, getting up to Portland took HOURS, and we ran into all of the terrible traffic jams we had feared we would hit beforehand. (So, that was definitely the better order to do that in.)

Today we did the Columbia gorge, so there will be pics to come from that. And tonight: oh god, PACKING, because it’s time to go home.

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TFA Prowl and Bumblebee for the paring thing if you're still taking them?

(Another of my favorites :3)

Who said “I love you” first:  Prowl had actually been saying it in little ways the whole time without actually saying it (patching Bee up after a fight, leaving him gifts outside his door, even offering to play his silly games with him) it just took Bee awhile to realize that that’s what Prowl had meant.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:  Bumblebee.  Prowl’s alternates between different pictures of flowers he takes on his phone. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:  Bumblebee.  Prowl never comments on it, but he sometimes draws a little heart next to whatever Bee wrote.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:  Bee, mostly to get Prowl to do that huffy eyeroll thing he loves.

Who initiated the first kiss:  Prowl.  It was sort of a heat of the moment thing, after Bumblebee approached him with his feelings.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:  Prowl, but he’s more of a cuddler.

Who starts tickle fights:  Bee, mostly without success.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:  Bumblebee often will as a joke, but when Prowl does it, he practically flushes up to his audials.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:  Sometimes Prowl will, mostly in the form of a hot cube of energon on Bee’s desk after a rough day.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:  Bee, even though he tried to act like he wasn’t.  Prowl was very considerate though and helped steer the conversation to easy topics for him. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders:  Prowl.  He’d never kill them, though.  He finds them fascinating.  Bee doesn’t care what he does with them as long as Prowl gets them Out Of The Room Immediately.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:  Bumblebee.  Prowl always acts like doesn’t condone such reckless behavior, but he does have a short 30 video recording of Bee’s drunken ramblings that he watches for a laugh now and then.

Looking for recommendations

Does anyone have any suggestions for good performance/fiction podcasts? I really love The Bright Sessions and it turned me on to that type of cast. I honestly didn’t know people even did that sort of “old time radio show” like thing.

I’ve downloaded the Alexandria Archives so I’ll check that one out. I tried Orphans but didn’t really care for it.

I like sci-fi/fantasy but it doesn’t have to be in that genre. A little romance element is good too, and an LGBTQ friendly one would be nice but not a requirement.

(Basically everything on my checklist is just more Bright Sessions 😅)

sippy-s  asked:

Have you seen The In-a-heartbeat film yet?

Oh you mean that cute little animation about the boy having a crush on another another boy?


yep. :>

One thing that amuses me is how Heavy Shinobi ALWAYS rolls into a ball when he jumps. Even when he only just got transformed into Shinobi mere seconds ago, he’s already gotten into the habit of rolling.

The other four simply fly away, but Shinobi’s all like “No no, I have to look cool when making my escape.”

It’s little things like that which really make me like these guys. :]

NCT sleep over (blurb)

Request: fluffy sleepover with just NCT in general? Whatever is easiest for you dude

A/N: thx for requesting, this is gonna be a little messy but i hope yall enjoy this lol

  • ……you were a close friend of mark and donghyuck’s
  • and you guys literally were like the 3 musketeers
  • always togetheR
  • on a random friday after school they’d ask if you could come to the dorms for a sleepover type thing
  • i MEan of course you’d say yes bc they’re your best buddies
  • all 3 of you guys would be excited bc yall havent really had a sleepover
  • n mark would warn you that, if you thought donghyuck was alot YOURE really not ready for him w/ the other boys
  • youd just be kinda overwhelmed by the thought
  • but you were going regardless
  • ok so you had your sleeping bag n stuff pack and you had plain lounging clothes on but they were “really cute still” according to mark
  • Everyone would greet you politely…especially taeyong
  • johnny would gather the movies with taeil
  • donghyuck would literally be so hype
  • everyone would coo about how much mark and donghyuck talked about you
  • that made you feel pretty welcomed
  • yuta would start joking around with you in attempt you warm you up
  • “how do you even deal with them for more than 5 minutes” hed nudge you as you helped him fix snacks
  • you’d laugh and respond “i dunno how do you?”
  • you’d be quite familiar with the  younger of the members,
  • chenle would always send you memes of donghyuck
  • mmokay so when johnny inserted the first movie and everyone settled down,,,,you’d notice only donghyuck and mark were close to you
  • everyone else kinda just leaned on each other
  • everyone sighed realizing it was a scary movie
  • …you were scared but you weren’t gonna be open about it
  • you thought the guys were gonna tease you but they all were like “lets cut it off”
  • and yall decided to pLAY truth or dare bc typical
  • and YOU HAD THE EASIEST DARES,,you figured they went easy on you bc you’re new to them
  • so then donghyuck dares you to pillow fight taeyong and eveyone got real loud and hype
  • and the both of you were like nahhahaha so you hit donghyuck with a the pillow instead
  • AND everyone joined in
  • twas  messy but really fun
  • YALL got super tired and started to pile up on snacks
  • eventually members fell to sleep one by one and it was just you and mark looking at the ceiling
  • and he’d go “y/n, what if….we’re like the aliens and the aliens are the normals one”
  • so theennn johnny and jaehyun would go “broooo” in unison in a really exaggerated tone causing you laugh..
  • mostly bc you thought they were sleep
  • and mark would start proposing theories until you dosed off
  • wwow i hope this wasnt crap….it was pretty fun to make

request nct blurbs here

Anonymous asked:

Do you need an outline before you start writing? I have a hard time with outlines in general, but I’ve found that I can’t write one unless I already have something on paper. Is this a normal thing or am I just really weird?

No, you don’t need an outline before you start writing. It’s just one of many tools that some writers find to be helpful. Some writers prefer to start writing with little to no planning, while others prefer outlines or other planning tools. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that an outline doesn’t have to be a hard outline like the kind we learned to do in school. Usually when writers talk about having an “outline,” what they’re really referring to whatever tool that works best for them planning-wise. It could be be summary, a jot list, a scene list, a timeline, a mind map, scene cards, even an inspiration board. Really, anything that helps to lay out the story in your head. 

As I said, though, some people prefer not to start with any of that. Some people really can just sit down with the ideas in their head and go from there. All you can do is go with your gut and do what works best for you. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited asks: how to portray/describe (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge requests (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complex questions. Asks directed to other anons/askers. I get dozens of questions per day…please don’t ask if I got your question. See master list & main site for more info!

tricksterxangel  asked:

I appreciate your response to that long ass post about the controlling parents. I'm 41 & I grew up with the 'Because I'm the parent & you're the child.' household. I've been to therapy (not for that), my therapist has never said how I was raised was a problem. Parents are parents, they're also like the ones PAYING for all those devices & wifi & cell service. Just, thank you. That post annoys me every time I see it. You helped. ❤️

Yes!!! My parents are the same and I may hate it at times but let’s be honest, I don’t do drugs, Ive had good grades during school and I don’t have issues besides my on/off depression/anxiety (which has nothing to do with that). I’m really glad someone actually agrees! A lot of people nowadays see things as black or white, but it’s a little bit of both. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Hey uh im unemployed and for two weeks ive been sick with a sore throat that makes me wanna cry from the pain and i have no money to see a doctor or do home remedies and it's really rough and making me feel like weak and whiny, can i get some kind words from the tng crew?

Picard understands that you’re struggling, but that doesn’t make you weak. It’s okay to feel bad or be sick. Beverly knows you don’t have the money to go and get things for home remedies, but she has a few suggestions in case you have some things at home already. Some people find gargling with saltwater helps (just make sure the water is warm). Green tea can also make it a little better. Data suggests you get plenty of rest, humans need it. Geordi is sure you can work on finding a job when you’re feeling better. Until then, take it easy.

anonymous asked:

i know you ship sha//adin a lil and i wanted to hear your take on my dilemma? i don't know what to call it. have you ever experienced stuff like this? and if you have how do you exactly deal with it? i feel like a little child for asking you all of these things. im turning 19 and i feel like i should know right from wrong by now or something. am i just taking this too seriously? im sorry to bother you about this. you just seemed so nice and safe i guess. sorry and thank you for your time [ 3/3 ]

Its okay! I really understand! I myself am 16, sorry if thay bothers you. But you don’t have to feel odd for asking me things! I love to answer and talk with anyone as sweet as you! As for advice. Peoplr will pick fights with everything. But just remember it is a show. Nothing is wrong with a ship just cause other people dont like it. Its your ship and there are many people who will like your ship too. Ignore the people who try and put you down and focus on how yoy feel about the ship. Does it make you happy? Do you like it? Thats wants important love. Being happy and having fun. Okay hun? Thank you for asking! I hope i could help you at least a little! You are so sweet!

crazy2rs  asked:

Not really a good cannon question, but what are some headcannons you wish we're cannon?

This one was a little bit of a loaded question for me, since I usually build headcanons around discussing a series instead of just sort of off the top of my head.

I guess I sort of wish April’s implied empath powers were more of a thing? It’s brought up here and there as a part of the overall psychic package (without being explicitly referred to as such) but it’s rarely ever touched upon. Maybe like, once or twice at most.

Maybe because, well, a power like that isn’t useful in most of their adventures, and on top of that it’s usually just packaged as part of her ‘just having a feeling’ about things so maybe I’m just reading scenes wrong. I can admit that might be the case.

However I feel like if it were a bigger part of her character, I dunno, she’d be way more complex and interesting than she is. Not that I don’t like her mind, but I feel like a lot of the time (especially in later seasons) she’s poorly or under-utilized.

So I guess that’s a headcanon I have, technically.That she has empath powers. They’d also play well with her being a kunoichi. Imagine how fucking helpful that would be.

Hm…I like the headcanon I’ve seen of Raph being Leo’s tagalong when they were really little, but grew apart with age? I always thought that was cute and made a surprisingly large amount of sense considering the implied strain on their sibling relationship. Plus that’d mean Donnie and Mikey being their own dynamic duo makes more sense too, aside from just having a lower skill level at the start of the series.

I dunno. Not good at ‘on the fly’ headcanons. Discussion-built ones are more my thing.

SO weird to suddenly find myself living with someone who doesn’t mock me and/or get mad at me for every little thing i literally ever do, say, or think????? surely this must be a ruse, when will The Explosion happen

Fanfic Meme: 101 Days of Smiles

It’s 101 Days of Smiles and it’s time to talk yourself up, writers! Appreciate yourself and your writing. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid to tag your fic. This is all about self love, so have fun with it. Answer these questions about your own fanfiction and reblog, tagging at least 5 of your friends!

Favorite fic you’ve written:  Probably The Snowdrop. I’m certainly proudest of it, and it felt good to write.

Least favorite fic you’ve written: On The Continuing Effects of Pollen Sensitivity. I know people like it. But I’m sure it could have been better, I just can barely even read it. It was an experiment, and smut is apparently not my thing.

Your most popular fic: The Snowdrop. Really no contest there.

Fic you wish more people would read: This is such a loaded question. I was upset for a long time how little attention Umihebi’s Revenge got, but I am over that now (my writing has gotten better). More recently, I thought Titles would go over better than it did. Beyond that, all of them?

Fic you most enjoyed writing: Curse and The Librarian and the Knight were fun in a different way than any of the others, because they’re unique.

Your funniest fic: Rumors. Still makes me smile.

Your hottest fic: Either Wolf Wedding or On The Continuing Effects of Pollen Sensitivity, depending on what kind of hot you are after (implied or direct).

Your saddest fic: Um. Maybe Bad Wagers, before I gave it a happy ending? Or the beginning of The Snowdrop? Or the Cajun AU chapter where Obi talks about Hiloha? I don’t do extended sad.

Any fics you surprised yourself by liking?: My whole Cajun AU (Akagami on the Bayou) was a total surprise. I wrote up a “hey wouldn’t this be cool but I won’t write it because difficult historical period” post, and then somehow 29 chapters happened. And I disappeared down a research rabbithole for months. It was awesome.

The things(s) your fic contributed to fandom head canon: I can’t think of anything. A few things that had their moment and a boatload of AUs, but nothing that has stuck. If anybody thinks otherwise I’d love to know.

I think everybody I know has been tagged already, but if not please do this, because people’s answers are fascinating!