i just really like joo jihoon ok


Can we all jus stop bullying haknyeon? Some of you seem to forget that hes just a kid and can get really hurt by comments that say hes untalented and doesn’t deserve to be in the group. I feel like his attempts to be center are completely justifiable. This is a survival competition; SURVIVAL = SURVIVE. Sometimes you just have to be greedy to get what you want despite lacking a bit in skill. You can’t just blend into the background and expect to stay at the top. No one cared when Jihoon or Samuel were a bit greedy. No one. So why is it suddenly okay to be rude? I also think hes bad attitude is completely justifiable. WE’RE SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE, I’m honestly not the tiniest bit surprised about it, wouldn’t you be getting irritated and greedy? Especially when there’s people on the internet slagging him off. Over time all of this just builds up it becomes too much. You call him untalented, but do you see what happens behind the camera? For all we know he could be training his ass off, you need to understand that some people need more time than others.

I think every boy deservers to be in the group but its all up to the k-fans. To say that someone is untalented and is not deserving of something is disgusting.