i just really like his face ok

I like to think that Jack is so 110% that he can somewhat tell how Bitty is feeling based on the way his food tastes.

-Jack eating his sandwich with Marty, Thirdy or Tater (really anyone that is aware of Jack and Bitty)

Jack takes one bite, makes a contemplative face, puts down the sandwhich, takes out his phone and steps into the hallway. He returns 15 mintues later and continues eating as if nothing of significance occured.

“What was that about?”

“ Something was bothering Bittle so I just wanted to make sure he was ok.”

They ponder a moment for it seems whatever the issue, it has been resovled and prying isn’t a good way to talk to Jack. So they drop it and continued with their lunch.

This happens every so often and they start to wonder how suddenly in the middle of the day, Jack claims that something is “bothering” Bitty? One day someone decides to finally ask.

“If somthing is bothering Bitty why do you wait til you eat half your food before you call him?”

“I’m not always completely sure if he’s upset unless i talk to him directly or at least eat his food.”

“His food? Like what, it tastes bad?”

“No its still delicious, but different somehow. So i just call to check up. Usually its stress from school, so we talk through it and discuss how its going.”

“But how can you taste something like that?”

And Jack Laurent Zimmermann, as if someone casually asked 1+1? His response accompanied with the slightest shrug:

“He’s my boyfriend.”

Like what a silly question to ask?

Multiple sighs are released and heads hang low. Food is put down as eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. Some even have to leave, overwhelmed by Jack’s insane sincerity.

After practice Jack notices quite a few guys on their phones. Not meaning to, Jack passes and overhears variations of “Wondering how you day has been” And “Just thinking about you so I wanted to call and say hi.”

He doesn’t think much of it, (since it oblviously has nothing to do with him), and heads home.


carwood lipton
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I’m rewatching episode 2 and the way Hunk says “oh boy. Okay, how hard did you bang your head” leads me to believe this is not the first time Lance has gone on about mermaids and Hunk’s had to deal with this before

Like imagine Hunk and Lance together at a beach and they’ve spent all day in the sun and in the water, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, playing, and then suddenly Lance comes running up to Hunk, dive mask still over his face and snorkel flopping around on the side of his head and he’s yelling and gesticulating, trying to bodily tow Hunk into the water, and he’s like “Hunk, Hunk I swear this time I really saw one. There’s a mermaid in those rocks” and Hunk is just “ok buddy I think you’ve spent enough time in the sun for today”

Edited to add: OK I’D FORGOTTEN HUNK’S “Lance, I know this mermaid thing is a dream of yours” LINE NOW I’M POSITIVE LANCE HAS GUSHED ABOUT MERMAIDS TO HUNK BEFORE

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Beard, scruff, or clean ?

You really know how to ask the right questions, huh? I don’t know if I can answer this right away. I need some examples to help me pick…

First, bearded Jared (because Sam never has a beard….*sigh*)

GAH just look at that manly manliness. I LOVE THE BEARD

But what about scruff?

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This is hard…. the scruff is like the perfect combination of the manliness and his beautiful face. It frames it so well. Sometimes Sam has a little scruff too. And honestly it kills me.

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OK but also I can’t decide unless I look at shaven. Gotta have all the facts first, right? You can see his dimples clearly, the hard lines of his face, everything that makes him beautiful…

Wait… where was I going with this? Whatever. Can I just have them all??

His hands

I just remembered that I really started looking at his hands the other day and they’re amazing. How do you even describe why hands are amazing? They’re like big, strong looking hands. But not too big.

They look strong, but also with a softness to them. A gentleness.

It kills me, but I can’t stop imagining them on me. Not even really sexually.

His hands on my waist, caressing my face, mindlessly grazing my arm or playing with my hair.

Ah. Yup ok that killed me. Good going me

HEYO one more for tonight. I swear this series makes it. REALLY. HARD. to focus on art stuff I should ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON. Shit.

The Many Faces of Neil Josten + precious boy Andrew Minyard.
Neil looks 5years old with dark hair and eyes.
He has way too many keys ok his key ring is gonna get so heavy in his pocket its gonna pull his sweatpants RIGHT DOWN.
Also I wish I knew what kind of knives Andrew likes. I know nothing about knives.

Just trying to nail down faces that I like for them so that I can pretend to have SOME SORT OF CONSISTENCY moving forward.

ok so i was rereading kageyama’s wikia entry recently for reasons and noticed that he thinks animals don’t like him????



so a blind!lance au would require the ‘can i feel ur face’ scene and it can either be

1. really cute and emotional and lovey or

2. “holy fuck what is this” ‘my nose lance you know what a nose is’ “i’ve never heard of a nose what is it keith r u ok” 'i hate you’ or

3. keith’s head: ok ok he’s touching my face ok this isn’t weird is it weird? his hands are really nice holyshitshithsif
lances head: he needs moisturizer but like he feels really cute and omg his nose is small omg ok ok his liPS R REALLY SOFT OK

and they just both sit there blushing


ok but can we talk more specifically about the way even looks at sana, the fondness and the light on his face? and they’ve never really talked! they’ve only been briefly introduced to each other!! but it’s like he knows her, like he already knows deep down that she’s going to be someone in his life that will matter a lot? you know sometimes you meet these people and in the first few minutes, you can already feel like you can trust them and they’re going to be good to you and you want these people in your life? by your side? these are the people you want as lifelong friends? the people you want as companions on some of your journeys? i think this is who even and sana can become for each other 

Got7 reaction to the weekly idol MCs making fun of their girlfriend/boyfriend

Requested by anon

(The boys are on weekly idol and then the MCs bring their s/o up and insult or make fun for her because she is not korean and doesnt have the korean ideal body.)

Would go from smiling to his face being so red because of how mad he is. I don’t think he would be the type to try and punch someone or anything. I just think he would walk out and tell everyone that he refuses to ever be on the show again.

He would be so pissed. I feel like he would get up and start yelling. His signature jaw would definitely be out.
“Why the fuck would you say something like that? They’re perfect just the way they are!”

Ok this is going to be really sad. I think Jackson would honestly be so upset that they would make fun of you. He’s always super nice to everyone and is really good friends with the MCs. I think his heart would be completely broken. I honestly don’t think he would get super mad and start yelling I think he would just be silent for the rest of the show.

I think he would try his best to tell them off, without being disrespectful. He would say stuff like:
“If you don’t have anything nice to say about them, don’t bring them up.”

Wouldn’t understand if they were joking or not. After a while he would get really upset. I also can’t see Youngjae yelling or anything. I think he would be similar to Jackson. He wouldn’t participate anymore.

I feel like he would cuss a lot. I don’t know why but I can see him getting mad and just start cussing them out. And then he would start listing everything about them that’s not perfect to see how they feel.

Precious little maknae would be so mad and upset all at the same time. “Do you think this is funny? Don’t ever bring them up again. Ever.”

i don’t really think this would happen, but if Ran does find out about this baby Heiji and Kazuha suddenly started babysitting she would like to help out

Shinichi would just be covering his face the whole time which she would take as him being super shy and adorable.

this is all based on this idea

Spector 7

(He’s a confirmed Rebel now so let me have this)

He waited with the others in the hold. Kallus stayed in the corner. His uniform was drawing attention.

They made the jump to hyperspace. Safe at last.

“Kal!” A voice behind him yelled.

Kallus turns around. “Garazeb…”

The Lasats face falls slightly. Kallus doesn’t quiet understand until he hears the whisper. “What did they do?”

Kallus realizes what he must look like. “I’m ok, really. Been through worse.”

“Karabast, come on.”

Garazeb led him to a small room with a bunk with a cabinet and a small sink. A makeshift infirmary.

“How?” The Lasat asks, pulling out a small bottle of bacta.

“I was just making another transmission…to warn you, but Thrawn knew it was me all along. I don’t know how…I didn’t have much of a chance either against him.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve fought you and your not easy.”

Kallus laughs at the compliment,but winces at the pain. “It wasn’t just him. Deathtroopers.”

Garazeb nods.

“And we both know what happened next.”

They didn’t bother taking him to the destroyer. Thrawn questioned him right there. The methods were unrefined, and therefore ineffective..

“I didn’t give them anything…” Kallus doesn’t want them to think he’d sell them out.

“I never thought you would Kal.”

Garazeb gives him to much credit. If Thawn had been smarter he wouldn’t have asked questions until the battle started. Watching would have been more than enough…

“I saw everything. Thrawn had me on the bridge…I’m sorry about Commander Sato. He was a good man.”

Garazeb shrugs. “He did his job, like you did yours.” Kallus doesn’t press. It’s not easy to lose a friend in battle, no matter what side your on.

The Lasat examines his face, gently brushing a finger over the cut above his eye. Kallus is mildly surprised how warm his hand is. “They did do a number on you.”

They spent some time in silence as they worked on the rest his wounds. His arms were brutally bruised to a nasty purple color.

“Thank you, Garazeb…for everything.” He felt like he’d never stop owing these people. The jedi knight had even thanked him earlier.

“Most people call me Zeb, you know.”

“Apologies…Bad habit.”

“It’s ok. It’ll be awhile before we stop calling you Agent.”

Kallus frowns, “You’ve already called me Kal.”

Zebs ears flatten and he turns away to clear the medical supplies. Kallus could have sworn the Lasat was a slightly deeper shade of purple. However Zeb speaks again.

“How about Spector 7?”


Prompt: First kiss with Yoongi

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 434

YA’LL I GUESS THIS IS MY BTS SCENARIO DEBUT (it was originally gonna be a 10k angst, but I’ll save that for another special day HUEHUE) WHO DOESN’T LOVE A FLOOFY YOONGI AND AJKDAKJHUFGYERUHALER MERRY CHRISTMAS~~

“Yoongi! What-”

He gently but purposefully pushed you against the wall with one hand, the other behind his back.

“Mmm, I read that Americans have this weird sort of tradition thing. There’s this evergreen plant that if two people are caught underneath it, they kiss.” He pulled a small plastic mistletoe from behind his back. He also flushed a little bit, cringing internally at himself. “I think it looks like this. Should we?”


Yoongi saw nervousness shroud your face. He stepped back a little. “O-oh, well, I mean…if you’re ok with it. I don’t know, I just…we’ve been together for a while, and I really wanna kiss you, but I don’t want to pressure you if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s not that!” you quickly took his hand before he could get out of your reach. “I really wanna kiss you too but, ummm…well, it’s just that…I, I-I haven’t actually kissed anyone before? S-so I’m just afraid that I’ll mess it up, like…well, I can’t do it like on TV and stuff and I don’t wanna disappoint you or anything but-”

“Yah…” Yoongi cut in with a fond smile. He stepped closer again, narrowing the space between you. “It doesn’t have to be like on TV.”

“Y-yeah I know but-”

“It’s something you learn with lots of practice. And we can practice.”

Your face was heating up and you hoped he wouldn’t be able to feel the warmth radiating from your cheeks.

“You haven’t kissed anyone?”

You shook your head.

“Do you want me to be your first kiss?”

“Yes, I really do, but-”

He took your face in his hands and very softly pressed his lips against yours. The mistletoe tickled your ear but that was hardly any concern of yours. It happened quietly and quickly, and by the time you got over the initial shock, it was over. Yoongi looked at you with a shy smile.

“See? It doesn’t have to be all fancy. It can also be simple and sweet like that.”


Yoongi chuckled.

“Can…can you, can we…again, it was really…”

He smiled and brushed your noses together.

“I-It was nice.”

“I would love to.”

He kept kissing you, small little pecks to your lips and your cheeks until both of you were giggling messes. He raised the little mistletoe above your head with a smile, resting his arm against the wall. He leaned in, taking your cheek in his other hand to tenderly rub his thumb against the side of your face before he kissed you again, softly but determined to make a point.

I love you.

Mr. Best Golfer Alive

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Request: @rt-fan-trash  Could you do an Ethan (Crank) where the reader and him go one a mini gold date and end up angry and screaming at there shit golf skills like in the Golf With Friends game and its hella cute because Ethan is like on the ground yelling at the ball to listen to the reader. Thanks!

Word Count: 946

“I’m really glad that you came today.”

“Yeah, me too! It’s been so long since I’ve played mini golf.” Ethan had just payed the man at the front and he turned to look at Y/N and saw the excited grin on their face. A smile played on his own lips and he didn’t notice that he was staring until they arrived at the first hole and Y/N shook his arm.

“Ethan? You ok?”

A small blush crept up his cheeks. “Yeah, I’m great! I’m in my natural habitat.”

They raised their eyebrow but smiled nonetheless. “Natural habitat?”

“Yeah, I’m the best golfer alive, this is my domain!”

They didn’t say anything else, but the smile on their face turned into a sly grin as they motioned to the golf ball. “Alright then, Mr. Domain, work your magic.”

He hesitated a little before grabbing the golf club and walking towards the ball. “Don’t mind if I do!” He swung the club around a little until Y/N cleared their throat, causing heat to crawl up his neck. After stalling for almost a minute, he finally lined up the ball and swung the club back, only to completely miss the ball when he swung back.

“That was fantastic! You’ll have to teach me that move sometime!” Sarcasm was dripping from every word they spoke as they slowly clapped their hands.

“Oh please, I’m just warming up.”

After another ten tries, however, Ethan had only hit the ball once, but by the thirteenth time, he finally hit it into the hole. The whole time he was violently groaning as he tried to stay calm. He didn’t want to look like an even bigger idiot than he already did. Y/N, however, was leaning against a wall with a smug smirk on their face.

“Ok Mr., I’m the Best Golfer Alive, step aside and watch the real champ show you how it’s done.”

                                       *five minutes later*


The golfers around them were giving them dirty looks and on guy yelled over to them, “Hey guys, it’s just a game, calm down.”

Ethan looked up from his spot on the ground, where he had been yelling at the golf ball, his face as red as Y/N’s. “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?”

Y/N hit the ball again and it passed right by the hole, just barely missing it. “GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. I TOLD YOU TO GO IN THE HOLE.”


They tried again and finally, it went in the hole and Y/N screamed out in surprise. They turned to Ethan and wrapped their arms around his neck.


“Heh, that’s what she said.”

They gave him a deadpanned expression but it soon broke into a small eruption of giggles. Ethan looks at them and smiles but his smile falters, which Y/N notices.

“What’s wrong?”

He hesitated as he fiddled with his thumbs. “It’s just that, I brought you here because I wanted to impress you. I was going to show you how good I was at golfing, which I am, by the way! I don’t know what the hell happened today, but I am great! And then I was going to offer to show you how to get a hole in one, and I was going to do that cheesey thing like in the movies, you know the one?”

“Ethan,” They took a step towards him and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, “I’m having a really great time. I believe that you’re good at golf, you were probably just nervous, I know I was.”

They both grin at each other and continue to the next whole, where Y/N motion Ethan over to them. “Go ahead.”

He raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Do the thing.” It took him a few more seconds to realize what they were talking about but when he did, he squeaked out a small, ‘oh!’ and rushed over to them. He didn’t automatically put his hands around them, instead he hovered them over their shoulders until they chuckled and pulled his arms around them.

It only takes a few seconds for him to relax and wrap his arms around them tighter and rest his chin on their shoulder. They line the ball up with the hole but before they hit it, Y/N turns their head towards him so that their faces are only a few inches apart. They can feel each other’s breath as they both lean in a little until their lips connect.

When they pull away, they’re both smiling like idiots and Ethan buries his face in their neck. They stay like that for another minute before finally hitting the ball, only for it to go nowhere close to the hole. They don’t say anything but it seems like everyone at the golf course is waiting for one of them to blow up. Still in the same position, they look at each other and nod.







They’re both yelling so intensely that they don’t notice the employee walking over until he taps on Ethan’s shoulder and tells them that they have to leave. Supposedly they were being “obnoxious,” and “not appropriate for the children,” and evidently “you can’t cuss out the golf balls.” After flipping off the golf balls one more time, they leave the course with their arms wrapped around each other and happy grins on their faces.

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Juliet! Jin and Romeo!Jimin?

Jin: The fuck? Why am I doing this again??

Jimin: Well Yoongi Hyung claims that it is for his “project” and I wanna make Tae mad soo.. and I like you so thats a thing

Jin: What

Jimin: I like your face, hyung.. I like.. your face

((im sorry i didn’t know what outfits to draw them in ok))


just look at my ot3 over there, mob and reigen with their mouth open, did they do this unconsciously?! their habits are killing me!! and mob is leaning on him, his hand, and in-between his legs like HOLY CRAP the reimob!!! /SCREAMS/


lookit security guard Dimple (SO FINE) and that ekurei connection /CRIES/  look at his frickin face all up by reigen’s ear (damn you earmuffs but i also kinda like you bc you make reigen really cute!) and reigen is being cradled by dimple’s LEGS and im just dying MY OT3 YESSSS and Idk how to match but i see matching with my ot3, very small like Mobs orange pants and the orange on reigens earmuffs and the green of reigens shirt and the green on dimples tie /CRIES/


i love height differences I LOVE THEM so much and i love seeing the ot3s height difference it’s so perfect i feel inspired 

Teru, if i could ask you to push against them a bit more so they could be even closer :”D that would be perfect~

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I'm sorry to pop in, but didn't Mario cry in Paper Jam? While he was comforting Luigi after Wiggler's "death"... His animation really made it seem like he was shedding a few tears as well. Just not as vigorously. I dunno, though, I might have seen it wrong or something, heh. TwT

He does look like he’s crying!

The first animation has him with a sorrowful look on his face

While his second has his head down. It’s hard to tell if he is shedding a few tears or not but….I think it’s best to leave that to interpretation!

Remember, Mario is still human, and is prone to emotion just as much as Luigi. But he’s the older brother, so he has put on a much stronger exterior.

It’s always nice to see Mario comforting Luigi in this way.

But then Wiggler is alive and everything is fine! Yay!

on zemo

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there are two things i love the most in stories. the first is an ambiguous villain who has legit motivations for doing what they do. the second is a plot twist i didn’t see coming. since civil war succeeds on both counts with zemo, i think he deserves some appreciation as a character rendered with subtlety and style. 

i haven’t seen much conversation or gifs celebrating what an incredible villain daniel bruhl’s baron zemo was in civil war. so i’m gonna take a moment: 

civil war is, at its heart, a movie about justice and revenge, and who has the right to see these verdicts enforced. morality in media is usually absorbed in short-hand poignant bursts. we accept that tony stark could be motivated in his sokovia accords decision by hearing a story about one mother’s lost good kid. 

we accept that t’challa, lovely righteous new-crowned king of wakanda, is justified in his attempts to take down bucky for his father’s murder – a position he rectifies gloriously and immediately when he realizes he’s after the wrong man. still, when he thought it was bucky, no one would have told him he was incorrect in revenge-mongering (except steve, who will defend bucky in All Things. but even steve is buoyed by his knowledge that bucky is innocent)

enter zemo. there’s no doubt that he’s the villain. and yet.

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Can’t Stop Loving You (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “Could I have a one shot about Jasper being clingy with the reader and just spoiling her? Please” (requested)

Word Count: 584

A/N: yet again, short but sweet ;);););) {I need to start geting my shit together, really}

Part II

Cuddling with Jasper was one of the best things in the world, for me it could be listed as an Eight Wonder; his grip on me was tight in fear that I will ran away from him; as he once told me. His face would me on the crook of my head his cold breath hitting me in the right places, his lips leaving soft kisses here and there making me sigh like mad.

“Babe is everything ok?” his soft voice sounded though my ears.

I turned my head a little so I could look into his golden eyes filled with love, I smiled a little.

“Yes, don’t worry” I leaned closer to his body just so he could hug me again.

“(Y/N), I brought you something” I turned around to see Jasper on the door of our room holding a little pink bag with a small ribbon on it; I raised an eyebrow smirking at him.

“I told you to stop buying me things, Jas, I’m not going to have any more space to put the things” I got up from the vanity; that he got me as well sometime ago.

“But I promise this one is special, sugar” his smile grew wider as I got closer to him.

“I know, you say that every time” I chuckled and he looked down but his smile was still on his face. He quickly opened the bag and opened the box that was inside of it revealing a beautiful necklace with the Cullen emblem on it, but this one was different from Rosalie’s, this was smaller and full of little diamonds, or at least they shined like that.

“I knew you would like it” I looked at him laughing softly.

“You are too good for me, Jasper” I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt pulling him closer to me and leaning to kiss him making him smile.

“Jas, I’m only going to the room, I want to grab my phone. I’ll be back” I sighed, Jasper’s arms still wrapped around me tight enough to keep me down, of course I could easily get away but I really didn’t wanted to.

“No, please, stay with me (Y/N). Leave your phone there, you don’t need it” he snuggled the side of his face on the crook of my neck and I laughed at how childish he could be sometimes. “You have me, you don’t need that” he whined again.

I sighed deeply but couldn’t help to smile.

“I swear to god Jasper, you are so needy” I laughed but hugged him back anyway, making him sigh in contentment.

“Did I tell you that I bought you something today?” he whispered into my ear making me shiver a little.

“Again? You need to stop, babe” I giggled when his hands found the way to my hips drawing small circles with his thumbs. He looked up at my face, his eyes staring at me intensely and if I could blush I’m sure that my face would look like a tomato, thank god I’m a vampire.

“When it comes to you, I can never stop, every time I look at you I fall a little more in love” he adjusted his position so his face was closer to mine, his nose brushing against mine “and I think won’t ever stop” he close the little space between us by pushing his lips against mine kissing me softly but at the same time showing me how much he loves me.