i just really like his cape in this trailer


New trailer young Zavala was gold..I thought he has hair when that time(like in concept art)but it wasn’t. But still, he’s handsome👍 Most surprise part was Tower history wasn’t that long. As Amanda age so looks just got 20~30 years maybe? Most killing part was Shaxx’s poor painted armor when he was noob; dunno where did he get paint but now we all know he really like that orange. Thought Bungie forgot about Andal when saw Cayde already wear his cape.

Explore Season 7 of Game of Thrones with Inside GoT: A Story in Cloth Screenshots Part 3


Arya in her ragged clothes not quite yet North, i’m guessing going through the Riverlands at this stage with her Ned Stark hair. I wish we got to see more of the outfit she wore on the EW cover but i’m guessing that’s the later half.

Jon The first picture in Winterfell I believe, being his broody honourable self. The other two pictures I believe from the grassy hill that looks undeniably similar to the grassy hill Tyrion was walking upon in the trailer and Emilia posted a IG picture of herself battling the strong winds on that grassy hill. I believe it’s in Dragonstone, whether Kit is filming a scene there, having a photoshoot or just posing I don’t know but Jon looks adorable anyway like his struggling to look good and also not let the wind carry him away.

Dany looking incredible in her throne room in Dragonstone and at her map table, I’m really digging this variation of many of her new Targaryen outfit. I love how the red is not only the cape but threaded through her black dress as well, it’s stunning. No wonder Jon is unable to resist her lol.