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This is so angsty, but I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you to whoever requested. Keep spreading the love. xx - L

You overhear Harry talking badly about you at a party.

Warnings: angsty, light smut

Word Count: 1,728

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19 years later...
  • Ron: So that's little Scorpius.
  • Harry: Yes. He's quite adorable, actually.
  • Ron: How would you know?
  • Harry: He comes to our house a lot... to play with Albus.
  • Ron: He does?
  • Harry: Yeah. Draco usually accompanies him... to play with me.
  • Ron: Draco? Since when do you call him Draco? And what do you mean, 'play'?
  • Harry: Usually Quidditch.
  • Ron: Oh thank god! For a minute there I thought-
  • Harry: We usually do it in the shower afterwards.
  • Ron: WHAT?
  • Harry: *snickering* Ginny always chastises us for being too loud.
  • Ron: *turning to Ginny* How can you be okay with this?
  • Ginny: *shrugs* Who am I to stand in the way of true love?
  • Draco: *walking up to them* Potter!
  • Harry: Malfoy! *starts making out with him passionately*
  • Ron: *just stares*
  • James: Bloody buggar! Dad is making out with Mr. Malfoy... again! Guys, it's been like ten minutes since you last snogged! Get a grip!
  • Albus: Come on, Dad! Not on the platform.
  • Lily: Mum, I think it's time you found a boyfriend, too. Dad seems really happy.
  • Ginny: He really does, doesn't he, honey?
  • Ron: *still staring*
  • Draco: *grabs Harry's arse*
  • Ron: *getting close to a heart attack*
  • Me: *smiling contentedly* All was well.

Imagine: Being best friends with the Weasley Twins, and Fred kisses you at the Quidditch World Cup.

For: Anon

When you first joined Hogwarts you had instantly hit it off with Fred and George Weasley, so you agreed in a heartbeat when Mr. and Mrs. Weasley invited you to go to the Quidditch World Cup.

The three of you were partners in crime, but there had always been something about Fred that thoroughly drew you to him. George was like a brother to you, but with Fred, you always wanted more. You were in love with Fred Weasley, and everyone in the world, other than the boy himself, could see it. The small problem was that he didn’t feel the same way and you refused to confess your own feelings for him because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

You were sat in the top box of the stadium alongside your two best friends, their siblings and father, and Hermione and Harry. Fred and George watched from the edges of their seats, they had made a nearly impossible, yet oddly specific bet with Ludo Bagman, and you were sure they were going to fail.

Ireland was at a massive lead and the Twins’ bet wasn’t looking so impossible at this point. Krum suddenly caught the snitch and the match was concluded. Ireland had won. Wow, they were right. How do they always know these things?! You are snapped out of your thoughts when Fred grabs you by the shoulders, turns you to face him, and places a sudden kiss against your lips. You gasp against his mouth and he instantly pulls away, turning bright red. The others stare at you in shock, Bill finally breaks the silence, “You owe me 10 Galleons Charlie!”

Charlie bursts into laughter, “I always thought George would be the one to do that.”

The rest of the family joins in on the laughter and Fred awkwardly runs his hand against the back of his neck, “Y-you looked like your were about to pass out from excitement Y/N, I just thought I’d make sure you stayed conscious.”

You laugh, “You are such a dork Freddie.”

Fred successfully avoids you for the rest of the night after his little slip up.

You had ended up being separated from the brothers during the Death Eaters’ attacks and once you get back into the tent you see Bill holding a bedsheet to his bleeding arm, Charlie had a large rip in his shirt, and Percy was supporting a bloody nose. You filled with fear when you didn’t see Fred and George, “Bill where’s-”

“Fred and George are in there Y/N,” He points towards the bedroom that the twins were sharing.

When you walked in you saw Fred sitting the edge of the bed with a small cut on his cheek and a larger gash in his arm. He looks up at you and stands up, you quickly run into his arms, “Bloody hell Fred! I was so worried! Where did you disappear to?!”

“Relax love, I’m okay,” You look up into his gentle brown eyes, before tilting your head up and kissing him. You pull away after a few seconds, “Y/N…”

“You looked like you were about to pass out Freddie,” You chuckle lightly, “Besides, I had been waiting for you to kiss me for years.”

“Really?” He looks at you, astonished.

“Really,” You smile back at him.

“That’s cute and all, but come on guys, I’m right here!” George suddenly butts in, you two just laugh in response as Fred gently looped his arm around your waist.


Masterlist // Rules List // To-Do List


He felt like shit, his head pounding and his mouth dry as sandpaper. Slamming his hand down on his phone trying to silence the blaring of his alarm.

He got drunk last night, full on cry yourself to sleep and sleep on the toilet drunk, Jughead had never touched a drink before in his life but last night? He needed it.

“Good morning sunshine.” The familiar voice of his father brought him back to reality and he opened his eyes to see the man leaning in the tiny doorway of the trailer a sad smile on his face.
“Dad.” Jughead grunted out.

F.P settled down beside his son on the couch, pushing his feet to the ground and handing him a water bottle. “Care to tell me why you went through my hidden stash last night and puked all over my floor?”

Jughead groaned putting his hands to his temples “I just needed it, I’ll pay you back and I’ll clean up the mess.”

F.P shook his head “that’s not what I’m worried about kid, I’m more concerned with how you’ve never even tasted beer before and last night you drank an entire bottle of vodka, is it school problems?… girl problems?” F.P noticed the way Jughead winced at the mention of girl problems and nodded knowingly “Betty? The sweet blonde you brought over her last month? Your girlfriend right?”

Jughead shook his head, the familiar ache in his chest throbbing “not anymore, not ever again probably.”

“What happened? You two broke up?”

Jughead looked away staring at a spot on the far right wall “no. I broke up with her, she wanted nothing to do with it but I obviously won that fight.” He laughed bitterly before continuing, it felt better to just spit it all out “I thought she had feelings for Trev Brown, I see the way he looks at her ya know? Like he just wants to take her away from me, I pretty much told her that Trev can have her. He can make her happy, make her family happy. They can be the perfect high school sweethearts she was destined to be. She screamed at me, called me an idiot and then she….” he took a shaky breathe and looked directly at his father

F.P raised his brow and dropped a hand to his knee, knowing exactly what his son was going to say

“She said she loved me dad. Me. Not Trev, not Archie. Me. You’ll never guess what I did. Well I mean I’m sure you can, it’s what I always do. I ran away.”

F.P nodded sympathetically, he knew the effect his wife leaving had on Jughead, he had turned into some kind of woman hater but Betty Cooper seemed to break through all that and he saw his son genuinely happy for the first time in ages, he wasn’t about to let his boy lose that. He had an idea.

“It’ll work out son. I promise you.”

Jughead just nodded ,heading into the only bedroom in the trailer “I’m gonna go back to bed, sleep this off. Thanks dad”

As soon as the door shut, F.P had the phone in his hand, dialing the familiar number of one of his childhood best friends.

“Alice Cooper speaking, how may I help you?”

The prim and proper voice came through the line. F.P snorted, if only the town knew what a wild child she was when she was a kid.

“I swear to god Ally, you have the personality of a wet board.”

He heard the exhale of relief and she answered much more relaxed this time

“Save it Forsythe, how’s Jughead holding up? You know i love that boy but the way Betty was crying in her room last night made me want to throttle him.”

F.P laughed “A boy of my own heart, remember when Danny Clayton broke up with you, and Hal and I almost drove to his house to beat him up, you wouldn’t stop crying.”

Alice laughed through the speaker
“It was hard being fifteen. So anyway what’s the plan?”

F.P smirked into the phone
“Well it just so happens that my bike isn’t running properly and I may have to call a mechanic, I heard that Betty sometimes works in Hal’s mechanic shop, he tells me he’s very proud of what a little grease monkey she is. Well I’d like to request her to come and fix old rusty, you can tell her her dad is overbooked and is sending her for a house call. I’ll get the kids in a room together and they can talk it out.”

The other end went silent for a while when finally Alice snorted into the phone, laughing out loud
“I’ve gotta say Forsythe, you have always been the master of plans. This is almost as good as when you had a crush on Hermione Lodge and made me lock the two of you in a janitors closet “by accident”“

F.P smiled proudly
"I’m an opportunist.”

Alice answered
“Okay, it sounds like a plan. Expect Betty within the next hour.”

“Okay, oh and Ally?”

She answered almost immediately
“Yeah forsythe?”

“They’re gonna make it through all of this, we did. Maybe my fairytale didn’t work out but I’m gonna fix that too.” He was more reassuring himself than anything and Alice seemed to know that as she answered

“I know that sythe, anything you need. At all, you just give me a call.” She promised, before they both hung up.

Thirty minutes later, he was sitting on his porch, his bike parked in front of him, when the gorgeous blonde haired beauty approached him, she really was just like her mother, wild blonde curls and big green eyes.

“Mr.jones?” She smiled sadly, “you’re the house call?” sticking her hand out again. There were bags under her eyes and he noticed her palms were a bloody mess. She must’ve noticed his staring at the indent marks on her palms because she tucked her hands into her pockets and nodded towards his bike.
“This is the bike that’s been giving you problems? Oh I just love the old fashioned Harley’s!” Her eyes lit up as she ran a hand over the shiny chrome, she looked up at him excited “ya know, the very first Bike I ever fixed up was an original. I love the make of these beautiful babies.”

F.P was right about everything, this girl was the definition of a keeper. He smiled back at her,
“Come on inside and grab a drink then we can get started. It’s too hot out here for you to be working without water.”
Betty looked nervously at the house, he knew she was scanning for his son. He gave her a reassuring nudge and she smiled gratefully, thanking him profusely, sweet as sugar but definitely hiding some spice he thought happily, just what his son needed

As soon as she stepped into the trailer, F.P slammed the door shut causing Betty to jump and whip around

“JUGHEAD!!” He called, almost in an instant the boy was standing in front of the pair, sleepy eyes and messy hair, still in his jeans and black tshirt, suspenders dangling down. When Jugheads eyes caught Betty he instantly softened, the fear leaving his mind, that’s what this beautiful young lady did for his son, she soothed his troubled mind with just a glance.

Walking backwards out the door, F.P nodded
“Talk it out.”

He barely had the door shut when he heard the high pitched voice shout “is that alcohol? I swear to god Jughead Jones, if you’ve been drinking…”

Forsythe must have been waiting outside the door for atleast thirty minutes, listening to faint cries and shuffling feet. Suddenly the door swung open and the teen couple was wrapped up in each other, both watery eyed and smiling goofily “hey dad.” Jughead smiled at his father “were gonna head over to poptates, I’m hungry.” Betty giggled from beside him “when are you not hungry?” she smiled sassily running her fingers up his arm.

Jughead dropped a kiss to her forehead, staring down at her in complete adoration “touché, hey bets, you go ahead, i have to talk to my dad real quick.” Betty nodded at him moving to walk away before he gently grabbed her wrist “hey.” She looked up at him confused “I love you.” He whispered with a smile. Instantly her eyes softened and she grinned back “I love you too.” As she moved to walk away she wrapped Jugheads dad up in a bear hug, his eyes instantly wide as he smiled and patted her back
“Thankyou Mr.Jones.” He laughed “anytime love”

She headed off to her car as Jughead hung behind, turning to his father

“Thanks dad, you didn’t have to do that.”

F.P shook his head, placing an hand on his sons arm. “Yes I did Jughead, you’re my son and I’m here for you.”

For the first time in Jugheads life he believed those words. Smiling back he nodded, making his way over to Betty “I won’t be home late. See you tonight!” With that he sprinted away catching Betty by the waist and swinging her around while she giggled.

F.P watched the pair and smiled pulling his phone out and sending a quick text

F.P: bughead is a go. Teamwork baby.

ALICE: bughead? Absolutely not. What about Jetty?

F.P: here we go.

Dating Mad Sweeney would include

Because I feel like there is desperate need for this on tumblr and after this episode we just need it.

• first of all: Sweeney does not date. It’s either the real deal, a man’s one true love or if your lucky a one night stand. There is no in between.

• you getting him out of a fight because “ he’ll no mate I won’t spend all night cleaning up that bloody face of yours

• him getting really protective. Even when there is no threat at all

•you borrowing his shirts and wear them as dresses because the dude’s 6'5

•being totally badass

•hugs always and everywhere and boy can that man hug

•angry sex is the best sex (and he is good in bed. I mean look at him. Of course he is good in bed)

•public sex. Let’s just say there is something about him that drives you crazy. He just has to complement your outfit and that’s it. Like the time when Shadow and Mr. Wednesday were in that bar with you two and you are 99% sure they know what you were doing in that bathroom

•"stealing" his sweatshirts. “You know that is my sweater?” “Yes but you are never getting it back. Ever!”

•Hugging. Always hugging.

• comforting each other when ever luck runs out. Mad Sweeney may appear as a huge dushbag but he has heart of gold that is easily hurting

• Shadow talking to you after a huge fight you and Mad Sweeney had. (“Y/N please just talk to him. I know he keeps telling me that he is Irish but that amount of alcohol can’t be healthy. Not even for a god! I know he won’t ever admit it but he is miserable without you!”)

• finding him (with a little help from Shadow) completely wasted in the corner of a bar after Shadow convinced you to just talk to him for five minutes

• when you sit down next to him, he just stares at you sadly (and drunk but mostly sadly) not saying anything but suddenly he leans in and kisses you like there is no tomorrow

• gazing into each other’s eyes. Foreheads pressed against each other. Unsteady breathing.

•Never. Ever leave me again! Promise?


So after the kids “defeat” IT and they all hug Bill as he breaks down while holding Georgie’s coat I can’t help but feel as if Bill would refuse to leave without Georgie’s body. Like all these months he has been looking for him even though he knew deep down that he was dead but he always had that hopefulness that maybe, just maybe he would be alive. The scene where Bill shoots Georgie AKA Pennywise is where he comes to terms that his little brother is really dead. So after they stop IT he WILL NOT leave his little brother’s body to continue rotting down there.

Just imagine the kids all dirty and beat up and bloody trudging their way silently through Derry with George’s little body while Bill continues to sob hysterically but no one says anything because even though they stopped IT.

They did not win.


Part 4

It had been a week since Keith joined the circus and he had fallen into a routine.
Keith would wake up at 5 am to help Hunk make breakfast for the crew.
Then at 6:30 when everyone had eaten Keith would clean up while practice started.
He would spend the next few hours running around getting anything the performers need, dumbbells for Hunk.
Chains for Shiro.
Balance beams for Lance.
Megaphone for Allura.
Then around midday he would help make lunch.
After everyone’s eaten he would help Coran fix the set and costumes until show time.
During showtime after the first disaster of the winch Hunk was left in charge of it.
While Keith was put under Pidge, doing whatever the stage hand needed.
By time he had helped clean up Keith was usually so exhausted that he just collapsed onto his bed in the shared trailer.
Keith had gotten so used to this routine that it came as a surprise to him when one day everyone started to pack up so the circus could move on.
“Your coming with us right?” Hunk asked as he carried a large wooden beam over his shoulder.
“I mean… if you’ll have me.”
“Of course we’ll have you. Best assistant I’ve had since Lance started performing.” Pidge said as he seemed to materialise from no where making the two men jump in surprise.
“Wait Lance used to do my job?” Keith asked in surprise.
“Well sure he did, all the performers started out as stagehands until they found their act. Allura was actually the one to pick most of us up.” Hunk said with a soft smile “from the gutter or prison or mad house or brothel.”
Keith looked at Hunk in shock “that’s where you guys came from?”
“Well yeah, did you really think your the only one with secrets?” Pidge asked looking over his glasses at him.
“Hey Hunk Coran needs you to help him move some trunks of costumes!”
They all looked up to see Lance hanging upside down high above their heads untying the ropes that held the tent together.
A week ago Keith would of been worried Lance would fall. However after only a few days he came to realise that Lance was not someone to ever keep his feet on the ground.
He would always be climbing or hanging off something.
He even slept in a hammock hung above the others, refusing to sleep anywhere close to the floor.
Keith had tried to ask him about it, but he was always shrugged off and eventually he just gave up deciding it was just another of Lance’s strange habits.
“Sure thing bud.” Hunk walked off carrying the heavy beam like it was the lightest thing in the world.
“Lance! when your finished up there go help pack up the kitchen!” Pidge yelled up.
Lance grabbed a free piece of rope and began to climb down upside down.
“I’ll head there now.” He jumped off and landed on his feet with his arms outstretched like he expected applause.
All he got was an annoyed glare from Pidge. “Good, take Keith in about done here.”
“Yes mam.” Lance saluted making Pidge swat at him playfully with his hat.
Keith followed after Lance finding it annoyingly difficult to keep up with him and his long legs.
“Why did you call Pidge mam?”
“Oh cause she’s a woman… well on the inside.” Lance shrugged.
“What the hell does that mean?”
Lance thought for a moment “well Pidge is a girl but she has like a birth defect that makes her body look male. She doesn’t really care if you call her male or female but I know she prefers to be recognised as a woman.”
Keith nodded slowly starting to get it. “Was she the one from the mad house?”
Lance stopped in his tracks causing Keith to walk right into the back of him. “You heard about that then… yeah that was her. But it’s not my story to tell.”
Keith couldn’t remember Lance ever sounding so serious. “What’s your story then?”
Lance opened his mouth but closed it again when Shiro walked out of the kitchen tent carrying a few crates.
“All done here. Time to move out.” He smiled looking down at the two.
“I call Blue!” Lance yelled running off the the five horse drawn carts holding the entire circus going for one with a coat so dark it almost shon blue giving her namesake.
“What was that about?” Shiro asked looking down at Keith who only shrugged.
“I have no idea.”
If Keith thought helping to run a circus was tiring then actually moving one was beyond exhausting.
He had been put in charge of a slightly older horse with a ginger coat named Red.
She was a little tough to handle at first but eventually they came to an understanding after a few hours of struggling and running on ahead.
They fell into place next to Hunk and a very large shaggy horse named Goldie.
“So what’s your story?” Hunk asked.
“What?” Keith hoped he had misheard him.
“I mean no one joins the circus if they had the easy life.”
“Tell me your and I’ll tell mine.” Keith suggested pulling on Red reigns as she tried to catch up to over take Blue and Clover a little ahead of them.
“Well Allura picked me up after I got kicked out of a bare knuckle boxing ring.”
Keith stared at the gentle giant, he couldn’t imagine Hunk so much as hurting a fly let alone be fighting willingly.
“What happened?”
“Well me and Lance had known each other for years, it was just us see and we needed money to get by. Lance did what he could and so did I. For every fight I won I could get a dollar but if I threw a fight I could get five.”
Keith could t bring himself to say anything. If Hunk and Lance really had been together for so long then their natural closeness made sense.
They were like brothers not lovers.
“How come you got kicked out?”
A shadow crossed over his face “the guy that ran the place… he did something really bad to Lance… I punched him in the face and I know I would of killed him. But a whole room filled with fighters and well let’s just say I woke up bloody and batterer by Allura trying to see if I was still alive.”
“Wow.” Keith found was all he could say. What else could he say after hearing something like that. “So Allura got you and Lance to join?”
A pained expression crossed Hunks features for less then a moment before he shook his head looking at the road in front of him.
“N-no… she found Lance about 6 months after I joined up. I never thought I would see him again but because of her I got my brother back.” He grinned at Keith with so much joy that he felt a similar smirk stretch onto his own face.
“Ok story for a story, your turn so spill.”
Keith chuckled rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “I don’t really have a story. My dad owned a ranch in Texas and when I got old enough I decided to try my hand in the big city. I ended up broke and in prison for being caught with a prostitute.” He decided to leave out the gender of the prostitute.
Just because Hunk was nice didn’t mean he wouldn’t want him lined out for being gay.
Hunk laughed “aww and here I was hoping for some big dark secret, that’s nothing.”
Keith shrugged half heartedly “what can I say? Sorry to disappoint.”
“Ah well Lance is going to be disappointed, we had a bet going. He was sure you got arrested for fucking a guy or something.”
Keith felt his blood run cold.
“W-why would he think that?”
“Oh no reason, he just said you looked the type.”
Keith glared at the back of the trailer as though he could set Lance on fire just with the anger bubbling in him.
“Well I’m not, you can tell him and everyone else that asks that I’m no fag.”
Hunk winced “I’ll tell them your not gay… as long as you don’t use that word again.”
Keith looked at him in surprised curiosity “how come.”
“Because almost everyone here’s been one at least once in their life. Allura doesn’t get angry easy but her one rule is that no one uses that kind of language.”
Keith couldn’t of felt more surprised now even if Hunk suddenly sprouted wings and flew away. “B-but it’s illegal.”
Hunk grinned “not in every country we go to. First rule of the circus, the only laws that apply to us is about killing and stealing.”
Keith knew he should feel relief. These people were all like him… he could be himself.
However he couldn’t stop thinking about his time in prison.
The beatings and sleepless nights being on guard thinking that if he closed his eyes then he would never wake up again.


Modern High School AU 1/? => Speirsroe

NO but this is too heartbreaking, because it could just as well be a scene where Newt is already dead, not just an awesome edit to show his death.

Just imagine it, the surviving Gladers having a bonfire to honor all their fallen friends, and Thomas takes a jar of that drink and sits down and holds it up, thinking “Here’s to you Newt. Wish you were here.” and then taking a sip all seriously and stuff but he just ends up spitting it all out like the first time

AND Newt’s ghost is sitting next to him, laughing his arse off, saying “Jeez Tommy all that and you’re still a bloody Greenie” but wishing he really was there to laugh with his friend, just one more time.

Also, this is not my gif, I think its this awesome person’s, if I’m wrong please correct me :)

Wisdom teeth go bye bye| Dolan Twins

Summary: You get your wisdom teeth out and the boys go with you. 
Warnings: Cursing, mention of blood and that would be it 

You weren’t really feeling nervous about taking out your wisdom teeth until your boyfriend Ethan and his twin brother asked to film you do it for their Youtube channel. Recently, both Ethan and Grayson had theirs removed and their reactions were hilarious, especially Ethan’s but you weren’t sure how would you react so that made you kinda nervous. 

“I don’t know E, what if I say something I don’t want out in the world?” You shift in your seat, suddenly starting to feel a little hot. 

“Look, we will play you all the footage before we even start editing and if there’s anything you don’t want us to put in we won’t. Right Gray?” Ethan assures you.

“Totally. We would not want to make you uncomfortable or anything, we don’t even have to post it at all. We can film just so we can laugh at it later on. Besides, you can never be as horrible as Ethan,” Grayson chuckles, his eyes moving slightly from the road so he could see Ethan’s reaction. 

“I mean, true. Can’t argue with that,” We all laugh. 

“Cameron, can I trust you to knock me the fuck out if I start saying something too embarrassing?” I ask their older sister who was sitting in front of me. 

“Of course girl. I got you,” 

Few bad songs later, you find yourself in the doctor’s office. A nurse takes you and your large entourage to a room where she prepares you for the procedure. Last thing you remember was her asking them to leave when the doctor came back in. Almost an hour later, you were woken up by that same nurse, feeling loopy and weird as hell. 

You were thinking about why were the lights spinning when all the Dolan children came back to the room. 

“Hey baby,” Ethan greeted coming closer to you. “Are you okay?” 

“Ethan, I think my wisdom teeth went bye bye,” You were serious as hell but for some reason they all laughed. 

“It’s not funny! I gave them home for 3 years and this is what they do, they just went! No goodbye,” 

“Y/n, they said goodbye. We witnessed them do so baby,” Ethan tells you, stroking your cheek. 

“Yeah, you had a long, emotional goodbye y/n, don’t worry okay?” Grayson finally speaks up behind the camera. 

“Wow, you look exactly like my boyfriend, what the heck?!” You quickly got up from your chair wanting to go to Grayson, but you suddenly started feeling dizzy. “I think I’m drunk,” 

“No honey, you just shouldn’t be standing up yet. Can you please sit down?” Cameron takes my hand and tries to lead me to the chair but fails. 

“I look like a chipmunk,” Another great line escapes your wounded, hurting mouth as you notice your reflection in the mirror. “A chipmunk that just ate a looooot of  red berries. Look,” You stick my bloody finger up for them all to see. Classy. 

“Ew, y/n!” Grayson yells, disgusted as fuck since my finger got really close to him.  

“What, it’s just a little blood. You’re such a pussy Grayson Bailey,” You teased moving your finger closer to him. 

“Control her, E!” He yells moving away behind a chair. Ethan hugs you from the side and pulls you with him towards the chair. He sits down and pulls you into his lap. 

“You need to stay here just for a little while, okay? The doctor will be here soon and then we will go home.” 

“Okay. But I want frozen yogurt, tho. And maybe some pizza. Cameron, we should get a lot of pizza and have a movie night without them,”

“We can do whatever you want y/n,” She smiles at you, knowing you will be sleeping for the rest of the day. 

“Dope,” You weirdly nod your head and then turn around to face Ethan. “I really love your face. It’s so cute, you’re so cute. And you’re always so nice to me even when I’m a complete bitch. I love you too Cameron. You always help me with college things when I need you to. I even love Grayson a bit, even tho he’s a meanie and never lets me take his food. You are all well spent bunch of DNA material and other cells,” You creepyly smile due to huge amounts of gauze being stuck in your freaking mouth. 

“We love you too baby,” Ethan kisses your forehead, trying to to laugh. 

A ride home was an interesting one, to say the least. Grayson was a happy patient, Ethan was a complete savage and you were just so loving and cuddly. So loving and cuddly that it even started annoying Ethan at the end of the day, but he understood that you had to go through the same if not worse when he got his ones out so he just took care of you with the help of Cameron. Grayson just sat back and laughed his ass off the whole day, but you did the same when it was him in your spot so it didn’t matter. 

You ended up giving them an approval to post it to their channel because nothing you said was a secret or too embarrassing so you didn’t really care if it went out into the world.  

Still not totally happy with it, but I’m gonna need some time to get into this writing thing again so! This one is for @calumhuud!! Hope you survive the craziness that is the wisdom teeth removal! lol 

Dating Jason Todd would be like...
  • Playful insults.
  • Constantly.
  • Like instead of a “Hey Beautiful.” in the morning. He says something like “Get up ass breath.”
  • You retort with a smart comment about him being a technical zombie.
  • “Hey Walking Dead. What’s for breakfast?”
  • You guys take turns cooking.
  • But you have to admit that he is the best cook out of both of you.
  • Like when he makes pancake, you literally just cry.
  • “Y/N? What is wrong? Why are you crying?”
  • “These are just some good pancakes.”
  • He kisses you and makes you some more.
  • He is weak in the knees for your puppy dog eyes.
  • He can never say no when you look at him with those eyes.
  • And it’s your personal secret weapon.  
  • “Can we watched Frozen?”
  • “No! We watched that movie at least a dozen times!”
  • “Please.”
  • “NO!”
  • You look at him with the puppy dog eyes. “Pwease…”
  • You guys end up watching Frozen two times.
  • When he has one of his nightmares, you get up and make him hot chocolate and ask him to talk about it.
  • It’s usually the same nightmare all the time.
  • But you just want to be there for him.
  • He’s so good at reading you.
  • If you’re having a bad day, he will literally make all your favorite treats.
  • “Mmmm…are those M&M cookies I smell?”
  • “Yep. I made a whole batch.”
  • “Either you are trying to make me a diabetic or you want me to tell you about my awful day.”
  • “Why else would I slave in front of hot stove for?”
  • You nag him all the time when he comes home looking like bloody murder.
  • But you reluctantly patch and stitch him up with a pout on your face.
  • “I’m just saying. When you go on patrol, try to be a little more careful. You cheated death once, I don’t think he’ll give you a third chance.”
  • “Yes my royal pain in the ass.”
  • You love giving him hugs. 
  • No matter what you always hug him everyday.
  • But he really doesn’t know why you are hugging him. 
  • “Why are you hugging me Y/N?”
  • “Don’t question it. Just roll with it.”
  • He pretends like he hates them, but he can’t help but love it. 
  • Him being your stubborn little love.
  • You being his one and only light in this dark world.
imagine #1

character - Newt

words - 762

warnings - n/a

description - Newt saves you from overly flirtatious Gladers.

Originally posted by lostgirl14480

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Request: Could you please do an imagine where the reader is Sirius’ twin sister and James has a crush on her but Sirius doesn’t like the idea of them together??❤

There was a huge smile on her face as she stepped into the Great Hall, waving to her friend around different house tables, stopping and chatting a bit here and there. James watched her, a cup of pumpkin juice forgotten in his hand, because there she was, leaning above the Ravenclaw table and talking with another girl, smiling, putting a strand of hair behind her ear, which made to take a sharp breath in. Y/N straightened and reached the Gryffindor table quickly – so quickly James didn’t really have time to pull himself together, the girl was already sitting next to him.

“Morning, boys.” -  She looked at Remus, Peter, and her brother, Sirius, all of them saying their good mornings before she smiled at James next to her.

“Hi.” – He said with a high-pitched voice, suddenly raising his hand up for some reason, splitting half of the drink on Y/N’s skirt. She almost jumped up, but stayed in her seat, looking down on herself, smiling. – “Oh, Merlin… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” – He tried to save himself, which was rather amusing. Peter and Remus exchanged a look, grinning, but Sirius let out a not so quiet growl.

“It’s okay.” – She chuckled, but James still looked extremely embarrassed.

“Just… er… let me help.” – He took a napkin from the table, but before he could’ve done anything, Sirius spoke up; his voice not friendly at all.

“Prongs, with all my love… if you touch my sister I’ll cut off your balls.”

“But she’s all wet because of me!” – James cried almost desperately, only making the situation worse, as always when he was nervous. Peter tried to choke back a laugh, unsuccessfully, while Y/N had to hide her mouth behind his palm to suppress his own chuckle. – “I mean…”

“Just shut up.” – Sirius said finally, but still looked at him warningly.

Y/N smiled at James while he gave her the napkin, so she cleaned up herself. After she finished, she shot an angry glance at Sirius, and couldn’t stop herself to say something – even if that conversation had already done between them thousand times before. “Will you ever stop acting like this? I’m not a child, you know.”

Sirius snapped his fork down. “I’m still older than you. Of course I need to protect you.”

“With two minutes!” – She shouted across the table. – “And I can protect myself, thanks.”

She quickly sat up and left the Great Hall, not even looking back. Sirius was a good brother and a great friend to her all in her life, but he was way too overprotective if it comes to boys. No wonder why I’ve never had a normal relationship, she thought, as every time when a guy started to like her, Sirius either embarrassed her or she found the guy, mysteriously, at the hospital wing after a couple of days. As Sirius was popular amongst girls, Y/N was popular amongst boys – but with a bother like him there weren’t much of them who have got enough nerve to ask her out anymore.

But he never behaved like this with his friends. They could gave her piggyback rides or hug her or even fall asleep in one bed with her after a long night with a lots of firewhisky; Sirius never made a scene. It James’ case, it started after they left the Grimmauld Place, going to the first place they could think about – James’ parents. She couldn’t tell now when it exactly started, neither the reasons, but Sirius never let a single minute the two of them to stay alone from that summer.

Even if she told him almost everything, she didn’t talk about with him about her feelings for James. The first reason was because she didn’t wanted to tell James, and the second, his behavior lately.

It was just getting harder, because she noticed maybe James likes her too – his nervous actions gave it away.

But after every little argument with Sirius, she became keener about reveal her feelings – who cares what he says? It isn’t his decision, after all. And this morning was the last straw, she decided; today, after quidditch practice when she could be alone with James, she will tell him.

She knew James always spend more time in the changing room than any other of her teammates – boys or girls. Standing in front of the pitch, she was waiting for the others left the room, watching the giggling girls, all staring at the boys, but most of them were still waiting for the captain. Y/N rolled her eyes, knowing very well though James enjoyed the attention he got, he never truly cared about girls like them.

The keeper left, which meant only James was in there now. Y/N walked in, finding him in front of a mirror, trying to fix – or, better say – mess his hair. She smiled at the sight as he turned around, looking at her with raised eyebrows. “Y/N! What are you doing here?”

She opened her mouth, but suddenly, she was aware of that they haven’t spent a time in private for months. – “I just… just wanted to say that it was a great practice. We’ll totally win the cup.”

But it wasn’t true at all – today’s practice was a disaster. They were a good team, but today, nothing really worked. It was a surprise James was still somehow in a good mood. “I like this optimism. This is exactly what we need.”

He sat down and took on his shoes, and Y/N followed, sitting down next to him. He looked up and smiled at her, but even if Sirius wasn’t there, he could almost hear his voice as he heard so many times in the last months. “Stop staring my sister.” “Don’t touch my sister.” “Mate… she’s my sister.”

Because Sirius found out that James has a crush on her earlier than even he was aware of it; when they left the Grimmauld Place and they were in James room, who comforted the crying Y/N, though he still doesn’t know what he saw. James just hugged her and stroked her back and said calming words to her, but that was all, still Sirius knew.

Y/N’s closeness woke him up from his thoughts, because suddenly, she leaned closer; she was so close he could smell the mild, sweet scent in her hair which stayed there even after the quidditch practice. He could feel her hot breath on his own lips, almost touched with hers, but she stopped. She waited for him, but he was motionless.

“Your brother will kill me.”

“I don’t think so.” – She whispered. – “He’ll just cut off your balls.”

He laughed. “Now I feel myself much better.”

And as she giggled, his lips touched his, which caused James quickly leaning back. “We really shouldn’t…”

She took a deep breath then slowly released it. All that excitement that she felt few seconds ago, when she almost kissed James, just disappeared. “James… you really like me. I know you do.”

Well, that’s an understatement, James thought, avoiding her eyes. – “Sirius wouldn’t be happy.” – He jumped up and left the changing room, leaving the angry Y/N there.

She was standing still for a few seconds, but then shook her head and ran after him. She wanted to say something, but decided on that she won’t. If he’d really like her, he’d do something about it, wouldn’t he? Even if Sirius’ opinion was so bloody important to him, which she still couldn’t understand.

By the time she arrived back to the castle, she was more than angry; at both Sirius and James. Remus was near to the fireplace, reading, so she plopped down next to him, warming up herself next to the fire.

“What’s wrong?” – He asked, peering up from his book. She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. – “Oh…what Sirius has done this time?”

She crossed her arms, opened her mouth to answer, but then just sighed. – “Forget it. It isn’t just him right now.” – Feeling as tears gathered in her eyes, she bit her lower lip and looked up at the ceiling. She heard as Remus closed his book, but before he could’ve started to talk, James appeared in front of them.

James froze for a second, as he couldn’t see Y/N from behind the couch, only now. “Er… Sirius?”

“Still on detention with Peter.” – Remus answered to him before Y/N spoke up.

“Why, do you want to ask his permission to sit down next to me?”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “Y/N, please, I don’t want to…”

But she didn’t wait for him to finish; she jumped and rushed upstairs to her dormitory. It was Sunday; most of the students were either inside around the castle or outside, so thankfully, her dorm was empty too. No one could see her falling in her bed and hear her sobbing into her pillow – at least for a few minutes, before the door opened. She didn’t turn around, but buried her face deeper in the soft pillow.

Until someone sat down next to her, and she felt a hand on her shoulder. He frowned worriedly when Y/N turned, wiping away the last drop of tears from her cheeks. “What are you doing here? And how did you even get in there? The charms…”

He huffed. “It hurts, you know. You really think some thousand years old charms could stop me?”

“Sorry.” – She said, sitting up. – “I almost forget the great James Potter has no boundaries.

He smiled, moving his palm from her shoulder to her cheek. “Are you okay?”

“What is it between you and my brother?” – She asked, ignoring his question.

James’ hand fell off, staring at the ground before he looked up finally, deciding there’s no point to keep secrets anymore. – “He figured out I have feelings for you. And wasn’t really happy about it. I think he’s under the impression my feelings aren’t serious at all, or I’d just using you or something.” – And she knew, he do have boundaries after all, he’d kissed her ages ago.

“You aren’t like that.” – She intertwined her fingers with his, and James looked down at their hands with a sad expression on his face. Her previous low voice  was loud now, speaking angrily and desperately. “He’s a git! I don’t understand how you couldn’t see what he’s doing is so stupid!”

“I know, Y/N, but I can’t just disregard him! He’s my best friend, and completely ignore what he says and wants wouldn’t be really nice of me.” – He cupped her cheeks again, rubbing them with his thumb as he leaned closer. – “I want to be with you. I really, really do. But please, just try to understand it isn’t so easy for me.”

She was gazing deeply in his hazel eyes, and couldn’t help but smile. One part of her was furious for taking Sirius’ words as some kind of law, but the other part of her was amazed by his loyalty. “Have you tried to talk to him? I mean, other than that you blush and tells him you won’t do anything with me.”

“Well… no.”

Y/N sighed. “Listen, I don’t want you to ruin your friendship… I just… it isn’t fair, and he should see it.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her on his chest and started to draw small circles on her back. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you cry.”

She just nodded slightly, and they stayed like this for a couple minutes before James stood up to leave, but stopped at the door. “Talk to him. Please.” – She said, and James said yes, which made her grinning and giving him a hug. He leaned back slowly, pressing a kiss on her cheek, which she returned – on his lips. He closed his eyes and smiled, and the smile remained on his lips while he left.

Because James couldn’t really just forget how Y/N’s soft lips felt on his, even if it was just two seconds. And maybe that was all the determination he needed for finally talking with Sirius, who already returned from detention, and was now talking with Remus, who was still reading – or at least, he was trying.

“What have you done in the girls’ dorm?” – He asked instantly with an amused face.

James took a deep breath. “I was with Y/N. We were just talking!” – He added quickly, seeing his suddenly angry face, but continued. His voice wasn’t apologetically at all anymore. – “Because, you know, she was crying because of you!”

“Because of me?” – He asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. You’re trying to keep her safe so hard from me you haven’t realized you’re the one who hurt her. You don’t care about what I want, and what she wants… because she wants to be with me.” – James voice was loud, almost a shout.

Sirius stood up, but didn’t look at James; he looked over his shoulder, where Y/N was, who just came down a second ago. “Do you really wanna be with him?” – He asked, still in disbelief, whilst James turned around to see her.

“Yes, you idiot. He just can’t even dare to tell me anything properly because he promised you he will leave me alone.”

A light pink colour flooded on James’ cheeks. He really didn’t confess his feelings, he just didn’t deny them. Sirius looked at Remus for help, but he just shrugged. Looking back at her sister and James, he growled. “You know what, do what you want. Just don’t snog in front of me.”

James’ mouth fell open, trying to ask that he was heard it right, but Y/N was faster. “Is that some kind of yes, my dear sister, I’m really happy for the both of you?

“Some kind of.” – He replied, and Y/N ran closer to him, wrapping her arms around him, grinning.

“Thank you.” – And he couldn’t help, but smiling wildly, seeing her sister being so happy.

“Where are you going now?” – Sirius asked after Y/N turned around, grabbed James’ hand and started to drag him out from the common room

“You said no snogging in front of you.”



~Here’s the second part!!! @ilikechocolatemilkh Thank you for your help and dealing with me and thank you to @mackenzie301 for inspiring the story!~

Chapter 2

Happy’s POV

You had been avoiding me for a week now and I was starting to get pissed. I tried a couple of crow eaters after you but none of them fit right. They didn’t moan or move the right way, not like you had and it left me completely frustrated. At least, I wasn’t the only one that you were avoiding. You had pretty much been avoiding all the others boys since they kept hounding you over who it was that fucked you. Since you had missed the party friday night, the boys had been discussing your new guy a lot.

“Why would she ditch us for some new guy?” Juice pouted.

“How d’ye know i’s th’ same guy?” Chibs asked Juice. “Could be more’n one.”

“You think?” Tig perks up. “Like at one time?” The boys all laugh.

“Perv.” Juice shakes his head with a smile.

“What? Come on! I can’t be the only one to have thought about her like that.” Tig said.

“I mean she is really pretty.” Juice blushed.

“Aye,” Chibs nodded in agreement with Juice.

“Even Chibs agrees! See!” Tig smirked.

“I agreed th’ lass is beau’iful, Tiggy, no’ tha’ I’ve had debouched thoughts o’ ‘er. Tha’s you, ye bloody pervert.” Chibs told him.

“Fine but fuck! Just imagine bending her over that desk in the office.” Tig groaned and I froze in my spot.

“I gotta admit, Tiggy’s got a point on that one. Especially if she’s wearing that tight pencil skirt.” Jax piped up and all the boys’ eyes got glazed over looks. I nearly let a growl escape as they all thought about fucking you.

“Bitch doesn’t know her place, can’t keep her mouth shut, and doesn’t respect the kutte or the men wearing them.” I rumbled and everyone looked at me surprised. It was the first time I had participated in the conversation and it hadn’t exactly been in the same direction. And then Juice started to laugh which caused some of the others to chuckle.

“You mean she doesn’t respect you?” He asked with a smirk and that sentence had everyone laughing. I growled and got off the couch. I stomped out of the clubhouse with the boys all yelling “Sorrys!” and “Come back!” behind me as I left. I jumped on my bike and very quickly made my way to your house, I parked around the block. I had been to your house once before when Chibs had made me drop some stuff off. I made my way up your sidewalk and to your front door. I began to pound on the door hard and I almost ended up hitting you in the face as you opened the door. Shock was written all over your face as you took in the fist in front of it. I put it down and you looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“What the hell!? You just about fucking hit me in the face!” You said angrily.

“Almost, I didn’t though.” I pointed out with a smirk.

“Oh, I know you didn’t because if you had, I would be going to visit one of those famous little hiding spots of yours to get rid of your corpse tonight. ” You put your hands on your hips and that’s when I took in the sight of you. All you were wearing was a long SAMCRO shirt obviously one of the guys at the clubhouse. I let out a growl and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Who’s shirt is that?” I demanded. You looked down at the shirt and let out a giggle as you looked back up at me.

“Why? You jealous?” You asked with a smirk.

“Hell no, little girl.” I growled and took a step towards you.

“Then you don’t need to know who’s shirt it is.” You replied with a fake sweet smile and a wink.

“The fuck I don’t; I don’t much care for crossing swords with my brothers and not knowing it. For fucks sake, have you MET Tig?” I snarled before grabbing your hips and pulling you close. You started laughing hard and I had to grip your chin hard and force you to look at me before you stopped laughing but still had a bright smile on your face.

“Well he is the reason I have the shirt.” You said with a cheerful voice. My grip tightened and I let out a growl. I was about to say something when you cut me off with, “He spilled his beer on me.”

“What?” I asked, surprised.

“Tig was drunk and in his drunk mind he thought that spilling his beer on me would be the perfect way to see me without a shirt on. So after he spilled the beer on me, I smacked him upside the head and went to a random room. Which was where I picked up the shirt.” You explained slowly like you were talking to a child. I smirked and pushed you into the wall while kicking the door shut behind me.

“Naughty, little girl. Stealing shirts, avoiding me, and giving my brothers naughty thoughts about you.” I growled and I felt you shiver underneath my hands. “Maybe I should punish you.” I leaned down and started kissing your neck, which caused you to moan.

“Happy…” You moaned as you grabbed my kutte, pulling me closer. I grabbed your ass and lifted you up. I pulled back and looked you in the eyes.

“You want me to punish you little girl?” I asked with a smirk. You bit your lip before nodding slowly.

“Bedroom though.” You demanded and I chuckled.

“Where is it?” I asked. You pointed to a hallway.

“Last one on the right.” You told me and I nodded before carrying you to it. I sat down on the bed with you straddling my waist. My hands slowly lifted up your shirt and I noticed your black lace panties.

“Fuck… Stand up.” I demanded and you actually listened. “Shirt off.” You slowly took it off with a little smirk on your face. I leaned back on my elbows as I took in the sight of you in those lace panties and nothing else. “Off now.”

“Demanding much?” You asked in a sassy voice.

“Do it now, little girl, and I’ll make your punishment enjoyable.” I told you. You rolled your eyes but took them off. I motioned for you to come closer and sat up straighter. You came and stood between my legs. I grabbed your legs slightly and ran my hands upwards to your stomach then up to your breasts. You let out a moan as I squeezed them. I smirked and moved my hands around to your back and then down to grab your ass. I moved my hands to your hips and turned you around. Even though they were mostly healed you still had my handprints on your ass and I felt pride while looking at them. I turned you back around and made a hum noise as I thought of all the things I could do to you.

“Are you going to do anything or you just going to stare at me all night?” You asked.

“Watch your mouth, little girl, or I’ll stuff my boxers into it.” I said with a wink.You made a noise of disgust and glared down at me. What I wasn’t expecting was the hard punch that you landed to my shoulder.  I chuckled and pulled you on top of my lap. “That was very naughty.”

“What ya going to do about it?” You challenged.  I rolled us over so you were pressed into the bed and I was above you. I leaned down and kissed you hard. You moaned and kissed me back just as hard. I pulled back and looked down at you.

“Do you trust me, little girl?” I asked.

“Honestly? No, not really?” You answered and I chuckled.

“Just close your eyes.” I told you. You sighed and did as I asked. I softly took each of your hands in mine and moved them above your head. You squirmed slightly and I smirked as I looked down at your body. I hadn’t had much time to look at it last time. I leaned down and took your nipple in my mouth, sucking hard on it. You moaned and your back arched, it made me smirk at how responsive you were. I took both of your hands in one of mine and moved my one hand down to my side. I bit down on your nipple and you grabbed my shoulders hard. I chuckled and sucked on it harder while I reached inside the pocket on the inside of my kutte. I switched nipples and did the same thing while making sure you were thoroughly distracted before pulling the handcuffs out of the pocket. I reached back up and slowly began to handcuff you to the headboard waiting to click them till the very end.

“What the fuck?” You asked angrily.

“What? I told you to trust me.” I smirked.

“Where did you even get these?” You asked while looking up and tugging lightly.

“You never know when you’ll need cuffs.” I chuckled and winked at you.

“This isn’t funny, Happy. Get me out of these things.” You told me.

“Nope, you are going to get your punishment.” I smirked before getting up and you whined at the lack of contact. I chuckled and took my kutte off and placed it on your dresser. I started to strip and once I was finished, I stepped back so you could get a nice long look. Your eyes darkened and you bit your lip as you took me in. “See something you like?”

“Eh, I’ve seen better.” You smirked.

“Liar.” I growled and climbed over top of her. I leaned down and swirled my tongue around your nipple. You gasped and your back arched into my touch. I ground down against you and your legs wrapped around me, I growled loudly and bit your nipple playfully. I reached down and grabbed your ass as I continued my assault on your nipples. I rubbed my cock against your folds and that made you moan my name loudly. “What do you want, little girl?” I asked as I rubbed harder against you.

“Happy…” You whined.

“That’s not an answer.” I chuckled and grabbed my cock. I rubbed the head over your pussy. “Now tell me, what do you want?”

“Fuck! Fine! I want you! I want you to fuck me!” You practically yelled.

“As you wish, little girl.” I slammed into you hard and I moved the hand that was on my cock, back to your ass. I squeezed it and started thrusting in and out of you fast. I moved from your breasts to your neck, marking and sucking on it as I thrusted. I moved faster and our moans filled the room, mine were slightly muffled by your neck. You pulled against your restraints as I lifted your ass up to get a better angle.

“Happy! There! Yes!” You yelled out and I felt you starting to clench around me. I smirked against your neck and quickly pulled completely out of you. “No! Happy! Please, I was so close.”

“I know.” I smirked and looked down at you. You glared up at me and struggled against your restraints.

“You bastard!” You growled up at me.

“You said you wanted a punishment, little girl.” I reached down and circled your clit softly and slowly.

“Happy….” You whimpered as your hips went up to try and push my fingers against you more. I kept the light pressure on your clit though and it made you whimper more. I smirked and added a little bit more pressure which caused you to make the hottest sound that I’ve ever heard. I groaned and kissed up your stomach as I moved faster and harder against your clit. You moaned and I pinched and twisted your clit. Your hips bucked up hard and you moaned out loudly. “Fuck! I’m….. Fuck!” I started rubbing on it hard for three more seconds before pulling away again.

“Sorry, little girl.” I smirked and you pulled against your restraints more.

“Fuck…. Happy! Please! I… I need this. I need you!” You begged. You looked at me with pleading eyes as they filled with tears. “Please…” Some tears escaped and you whimpered softly. I cupped your cheek and wiped the tears away then I kissed you softly. You kissed back, managing to deepen it somehow. I pulled back with a growl and reached down to grab my cock. I teased your pussy for one second before entering you again. I tangled my fingers in your hair and pulled back slightly as I thrusted in and out of you. I couldn’t stop myself from taking you roughly and leaned down to kiss you hard.

“Fuck! You feel so good…” I growled out.

“Y…You…. Too…” You let out between gasps. I moved in faster and hard as I tightened my hold on your hair. It didn’t take long for you to cum and once you did I followed. I thrusted in and out as I rode our orgasms out. I collapsed against you, keeping most of my weight on my elbows. Once my breathing and heart rate were back to normal, I undid the handcuffs and rubbed your wrists softly.

“These are going to bruise.” I told you. You smiled sleepily.

“It was worth it.” You mumbled softly and I chuckled.

“Time to sleep.” I told you gently as I let your wrists go. You nodded and then curled up on your side. I smiled and pulled your blanket over you before getting up and putting my clothes on. I left your house as quietly as possible and rode back to the clubhouse.

~I hope you enjoy~

everything comes back to you

@imlouisaf told me to do a big bang about narry being in love with each other all through 1d but not getting it right and i remembered that i actually had the start of a fic like that. so here you go:

~1k of angsty canon harry being sad over niall

when harry gets the notification, he’s standing in line at the supermarket with a bundle of bananas, a packet of frozen berries, and all the ingredients for chocolate cake. he’s turned on notifications for niall’s tweets–of course he has, just him and grimmy–and he glances at it as he puts the milk on the conveyor belt.

it takes a moment for it to sink in.

they’d known niall was going to release a song. he’d emailed them about it nearly every step of the way, to get their opinion and to make sure it was alright with all of them. they’d all said yes, that’s what the hiatus was for, after all– doing their own projects.

harry still hadn’t listened to it, felt the tiny sting of irrational rejection he tried to put out. it’s now or never, he guesses.

he pays and gathers his things, dumping them in the back seat of his car as he navigates his phone trying to buy niall’s song. finally, it downloads. he plugs it into his stereo, turns it up and presses play.

he gets as far as the first verse and has to stop. he puts his head down on the wheel and breathes deeply, absentmindedly hoping there’s not any paps around that’re capturing this moment. it’s be great for the tabloids; former member of one direction has meltdown in car after other member releases a single. no, thank you.

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Don’t walk away

Pairing: merlin x reader

Word count: 589

Warnings: angst, some swearing

The argument that you and Merlin were having started off stupid but as it carried on, it got worse and worse; the two of you weren’t shouting at each other but the stuff you said was deep. Merlin said hurtful stuff, you said hurtful stuff but deep down you both knew none of you meant it.

“God, do you not listen y/n?” Merlin snapped, glaring at you causing your heart to hurt even more. “Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall!” You watched as Merlin gave out a loud sigh of anger and went to walk out the front door.

“If you walk away now, there will be no us” you said to Merlin, trying to hold back the tears, “I give you everything, merlin, everything and all you do is just ignore me. Do you know how lonely it feels? Do you know how lonely is it when I need you to be there for me but you just act like I’m not even alive? We’re married Merlin, we’re married. But nowadays I just feel like you’d be better off if i wasn’t even here” You let out a sob as you’re bottled up feelings had finally been let go. Everything you said was true; you knew Merlin had a stressful job but what is really too much to ask for a little attention now and then?

Merlin’s hand lingered on the door handle as your words sunk in; he absolutely hated you being upset or angry with him, he hated the fact that you believed what you said. He did care about you. He cared so bloody much about you, after all you were his wife and he loved you so so much.

“Merlin, all I ask for is you to just say you at least love me” you said quietly, feeling tears drop from your eyes and roll down your cheek, “that’s it. That’s all I ask. It’s not much”

Merlin let go of the door handle, knowing that you were hurting.

You hand clasped your mouth as you tried to compress the sob that wanted to leave your lips but you couldn’t stop it. Merlin turned around, frowning deeply as he saw you crying and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you as you cried in his chest. He stroked your hair lovingly, kissing it a few times as he held you close to him, feeling himself well up.

Merlin pulled back after a few minutes and held your face in his hand, stroking your cheeks with his thumbs as he studied your face; even when you were at your worst he still thought you were beautiful.

“Y/n, look at me, darling” Merlin begged as you avoided eye contact with you, “please”

You looked up from the floor and to Merlin’s eyes, holding back a sigh.

“You know I love you, y/n” Merlin whispered, wiping away your tears, “You know I love you so bloody much”

“I’m sorry” you whispered, “I didn’t mean to lash out at you I-”

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to be sorry. I should be the one apologising, I’m the one who’s been a shit husband lately” Merlin said softly as he held your hand to his lips, kissing your wedding ring which brought a small smile to your lips. “I promised I would never leave you and I’m not going to”

Smiling, you wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly; Merlin smiled, resting his head in your neck, holding you.

Request: Hello! Can you do a Jack Lowden x female reader? You can write about anything I just need more of this beautiful man in my life 😍 Thank you!

A/N: I can’t get enough of this Scottish beaut.


Every Thursday night was the weekly Y/N-Jack movie night. You had been having them for so long, you barely remembered how they started. All you remember was telling Jack you had never seen Jaws, and the rest was history. Every week you took turns hosting the movie night, trying to pick a film the other hadn’t seen.

You had been friends for 3 years now. When you moved to Oxton, Jack had been the one who found you in your moment of need. You had been totally lost, not knowing north from south. He had helped you find your way to your apartment, offering to introduce you to the city the next day.

An instant friendship had been born that day.

Now the two of you were inseparable. Everyone thought you were a couple, even your families. But unfortunately for you, you were just friends. No mattered how much you wished it were otherwise.

Jack: be there in 10

You shook your head when Jack finally texted you. He was already 15 minutes late, not that it really mattered. No matter what Jack did, he was always late. You were surprised he ever got a job. His time management was almost non-existent.

15 minutes later there was a knock on the door. You rushed over to get it, pulling Jack into a big hug once you opened the door.

“Hello darlin’.” Jack greeted, pressing a kiss to your cheek before pulling away. Jack then took his jacket off and hung it on the coat rack.

“Made it just in time. Look at it come down out there.” You told him, gesturing towards the window. Needless to say, it was now pouring outside. “Can I get you a bevvy?” You asked him, heading towards the kitchen.

“I’ll just take whatever yer havin’.” He shouted, heading towards the living room. Moments later you walked into the room with two beers and popcorn. “Thanks Y/N.” He spoke when you handed him a beer. “What are we watchin’ tonigh’?”

“A horror film!” You exclaimed, making Jack wince.

“Aye! You know I hate those stupid films!” Jack complained, slumping into his seat. You just laughed at his dismay, popping in the movie.

You were about halfway through when you had enough of Jack’s constant comments. He was always talking to the characters; ‘no don’ do that!’ or ‘I told ye he was an idiot.’ It was funny at first, but now you were getting annoyed.

“O’ shut up.” You complained, throwing a piece of popcorn at him. He gasped, looking at you in mock anger. No longer were either of you paying attention to the movie, you were now in an all out popcorn war.

Popcorn was flying everywhere as you both let out battle cries, completely forgetting that the two of you were grown adults. You were having too much fun.

“Ahhhhhh!” Jack yelled, tackling you onto the couch when he ran out of ammo. He shook his hair out over you, making popcorn fall into your face.

“Jack!” You complained, trying to breathe through your laughs. Jack was laughing too, trying to pick some popcorn out of your hair.

When your eyes met, the laughter stopped abruptly. Your eyes widened when you took in your position; laying flat underneath a blushing Jack while he just stared dazedly down at you.

Suddenly Jack was leaning towards you, effectively knocking the breath from your lungs. When his lips finally met yours, you completely froze.

All rational thought went out the window as your best friend kissed you. Warning bells were going off that you should be kissing him back, but you were too stunned to move.

Jack jumped away from you abruptly as if he had been electrocuted. You quickly gasped in air, not realizing you had been holding your breath the whole time.

“I should go.” Jack spoke briskly, all but jumping out of his seat as he made his way towards the door.

“Jack, wait!” You exclaimed, snapping out of your shock. You rushed after him, throwing open the door after he had slammed it shut. “Jack!”

He completely ignored you, halfway towards his car as the rain drenched him. You groaned in annoyance, pushing yourself to follow him into the rain.

“Jack, stop.” You shouted, grabbing his arm to pull him back.

“What?!” He yelled, turning on you with a glare. You stumbled back slightly, a bit frightful of him. Jack immediately saw this and forced himself to calm down. “Look, I know what yer gonna say, alrigh’? And I really don’ feel like hearin’ it righ’ now.” He sighed, rubbing his temples.

“But Jack-”

“I know ye don’ feel the same way. I never wanted to make things awkward between us, and I’m really sorry.” Jack continued, ignoring you once again.

“I wasn’-”

“I’m sorry if I ruined everythin’, I didn’ mean to, really. It’s just that I’ve liked ye for a while now. And I just couldn’ help it.”

“Jack, I-”

“I’m sorry. Maybe we can pretend this never happened? I want ye in my life, I really can’ lose ye. Not over these bloody feelin’s.”

“SHUT UP YE ABSOLUTE GALOOT!” You shouted, frustration coloring your tone. Jack froze, eyes wide in shock. You had never raised your voice at him, he found himself kind of liking it. “If ye would listen to me for one damn minute!”

“Alrigh’, alrigh’. Sorry, what were ye tryin’ to say?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

“I like ye too Jack.” You said quickly, before he could interrupt you again. “I was just shocked that ye felt the same way, that’s all.”

“You, er, like me? Really?” He asked, eyes looking doubtful.

“Oh for bloody sake!” You exclaimed in exasperation, pulling the man down by his collar and crashing your lips with his. Suddenly neither of you cared that you were dripping wet in the freezing cold air. The only thing that mattered was that the two of you were finally giving into your feelings. There were no more secrets between the two of you.

“Feel free to shut me up like tha anytime.” Jack spoke as the two of you broke apart, both breathing heavily. You couldn’t help but laugh. “So does this mean tha I can finally tell my mum that we’re together? She asks every time she calls.”

“Yes, i’d say that’s alrigh’.” You joked, a warm smile on your face.

“Great! I also think my brothers had a bet goin’. I wonder who won.” He mumbled, a curious look on his face. You just rolled your eyes, shivering slightly as your wet clothes clung to your skin.

“Come on ye complete numptie, let’s get inside before ye catch a cold.” You told him fondly, taking his hand and walking back into your apartment.

“Quit callin’ me names woman!”

Jackson Kenner - Forbidden Love - Part 2

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Series Summary: You are the eldest daughter of the infamous hybrid Klaus Mikaelson. When you move to New Orleans with your father and your family, you meet and catch feelings for the werewolf, Jackson Kenner. You know your father would hate you being with Jackson, so the two of you do that cliché movie thing of sneaking around like teenagers. It all works until you get caught.

Part Summary: A couple of months have passed since you and Jackson fled your father’s home. You haven’t heard from him or the other members of your family ever since. Well, you’ve heard from Freya, Hayley, and Marcel. Surprisingly, your father contacts you and invites both you and Jackson over. At first, you and Jackson are reluctant to go, but you eventually decide to go. Will your family accept Jackson? Jackson makes a decision about something.

Pairings: Jackson x Fem!Reader, Klaus x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Jackson Kenner, Klaus Mikaelson, Mary Dumas, Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Hayley Marshall, Hope Mikaelson, Crescent wolf pack 

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!!

Part 1

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What does the doc do when the Host has a really bad vision? Like the kind where he just freezes for a second and then kind of just folds up and collapses (for some reason I picture his eyes starting to bleed really badly when this happens but I dunno why)

It’s become rare, the Host having visions so bad he loses all composure. Back when they where more common he had been alone, had nobody to look after him in the aftermath and changed his bloody bandages on his own. 

The first time it happens in front of Dr. Iplier, he has no idea what he’s supposed to do. He’s terrified because one moment the Host is excitedly talking about his cat and the next he’s crumpled on the floor, curled into a ball with his face tucked into his knees and his hands buried in his hair. 

And there’s so much blood, soaking into his new bandage, staining his coat and leaking onto the floor. Dr. Iplier’s heart nearly stops when he hears the sharp and painful exhails that the Host muffles into his coat, intermingled with whimpers and soft cries. He tries to place a reassuring hand on his shoulder but that only seems to make things worse because the Host wails and Dr. Iplier can’t make it stop. 

Afterwards, the Host is mortified and slightly ashamed because he’s never had a vision this bad in front of anybody and he tries to apologize for the blood on Dr. Iplier’s coat (and is quickly shushed for it because that’s not what matters). They’re both shaken and Dr. Iplier wonders what on earth the Host had seen to react the way he did. 

But eventually, they develop a system though the fact that it happens and often enough for the doctor to have found a method to help cope with it is… disconcerting. Especially since it only ever seems to happen around him. (Dr. Iplier doesn’t tell the Host that he prefers it this way because he’d rather be there to help than imagine the Host going through it on his own).

The Host explains that the sound of static helps, that turning off the light is for the best. Usually, he gets some sort of warning that he’s going to have a bad vision (a shiver up his spine, goosebumps along his arms, the charge of static in the air) and he suspects the reason he doesn’t feel those warning around Dr. Iplier is that he’s too relaxed. So Dr. Iplier plays a blank record, turns the light off. He hands the Host a book because then the Host can be distracted by something other than what’s going on his head. He can’t read it, but his powers allow him play it in his head, almost like a movie, a flurry of words and images. Afterwards, the Host is stuck in third person for a while, a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety the visions leave behind. 

If he’s lucky, he’ll have his violin on hand so he doesn’t have to narrate at all. Often, Dr. Iplier stays in the room while he plays, if only to know he’s alright.