i just really like hermione okay

Have you ever been in love ...

Hii! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Hermione X reader where the reader is really confused and she gets detention with Snape for zoning out and they like talk about it cause the reader is visibly upset and he’s still a bit of an asshole about it but he’s cute and comforts her that’s it okay to like girls and then she takes his advice and kisses Hermione or something?? So sorry for the long request, I just love Snape and being gay, there aren’t all that many Hermione fics :)) thank you <3

Ever since Y/N fell in love with a certain brown haired girl, she had been zoning out during classes or lunch or just when she’s wandering through the castle. And most of the times she could find an excuse for not paying attention, but this time she couldn’t.

“Miss Y/L/N, could you repeat what I just said?”, Snape’s cold and harsh voice sounded through the room. His voice bouncing of the stone walls. Y/N’s cheeks turned a deep red shade as she mumbled a small no. Snape scoffed, glaring in her direction. “I thought so, have you ever thought of paying attention in this class? I highly recommend it, since potions isn’t your best subject now, is it?”, Snape said, walking to the front of the class, “this earns you detention for tonight”. Y/N groaned, laying her head on her desk. She could hear the snickers coming from behind her. She turned around, giving Draco and his friends a glare and then turned her attention towards Snape again, before he could give her even more detention.

“What’s wrong with you lately, Y/N/N? You’ve been acting weird”, Harry said as he, Y/N, Hermione and Ron walked out the common room. They had spend the rest of their evening in the cosy room. The trio had offered to walk with Y/N to Snape’s classroom, where she would spend the rest of the evening doing whatever Snape tells her to. Y/N sighed, running her hand through her slightly messy hair. “it’s complicated, I can’t tell you guys, at least not now, maybe … maybe another time”, she explained, looking at the trio, who were all eyeing her curiously. “well, whenever you’re ready, we’re here”, Ron said, knowing the his best friend didn’t want to talk about it now. Y/N smiled at him, thanking him silently.

Y/N stood in front of the dark brown wooden door, only now realizing how hard her heart was beating, how fast. She laid her hand on her chest, hoping it would somehow calm the beating down. After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door, waiting for Snape to let her in. The door flew open, revealing the dim, cold classroom where she sat earlier. “come in”, Snape’s voice said. Y/N’s steps sounded like a gun that fired bullet after bullet. Snape pointed at the chair that stood right in front of him. “if Dumbledore wasn’t so concerned over one his favourite students, I’d let you clean every single thing that stood in this very room without using even an inch of magic, but since Dumbledore is Dumbledore, I’m here to talk to you, about your recent behaviour”, Snape stated calmly, yet irritated. Y/N shuffled awkwardly on the chair, she had hoped that if a teacher ever wanted to talk to her about her feelings or general behaviour, that it was McGonagall.

Snape saw how awkward Y/N was and sighed. “it’s as much fun for me as it is for you, miss Y/L/N. so let’s be quick, so we can all leave this behind us”, Snape looked at Y/N who was now playing with her skirt, that looked suddenly so much more interesting. “so?”, Snape said, waiting for Y/N to say what was on her mind. “Sir, have you ever been in love with someone .. that’s just out of your league, or that you know that would never feel the same for you as you do for that person?”, Y/N asked. She could see Snape tense up. His body language suddenly a lot less intimidating than when she walked in the room. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”, Snape said after another second. “is this the problem? Love?”, Snape asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked at Y/N’s pink cheeks. She nodded, her hair bouncing up and down. “Who is it?”, Snape said, sounding like he didn’t even care, “who is the boy?” “well sir, that’s the problem, it’s not a boy”, Y/N said, feeling even more uncomfortable. Snape his eyes went wide for a second, before turning to the same cold glare. “a girl? Well-“ “do you think people will have a problem with it? What will they say? What if my parents kick me out? I don’t know what to do!”, Y/N said, tears filling her eyes as she started thinking about all the possible scenarios that could happen. Snape took a deep breath, carefully thinking about what he would say to Y/N.

“listen to me miss Y/L/N, why would you care what people say about you? Why do you want to hide the real you for people that won’t even remember you in a few years from now on?”, Snape said. Y/N looked at the man, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I-I don’t know”, She confessed. “That’s because you’re confused, because you’ve never really loved anybody like you love this girl now, you might have thought so, but deep down you knew it wasn’t who you really are”, Snape went on.

Y/N looked at her feet, realizing that Snape might be right. “so why listen to hate? Why wait with saying how you feel. There will be obstacles on your way to happiness, but the important thing is that you pick yourself up again when you fall, don’t let love be an obstacle, let love guide you”, Snape said. “wow sir, I’ve never thought I’d ever have this conversation with you and actually learning something”, Y/N murmured. She could see a faint grin on Snape’s face. He stood up, turning with his back to Y/N. “You can go now, but only if you tell the girl how you feel, before it is too late”, Snape said. Y/N stood up from the chair, looking at Snape one more time. “thank you sir, really, thank you”, Y/N said before running out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

The corridor was empty, expect from Peeves, who was hiding behind an armour, waiting for Filch to pass him. Y/N ran as fast as she could, up the stairs to go to the Gryffindor common room. “password?” “Baubles”, Y/N said, trying to catch her breath before entering the warm and crowded room. Her eyes searched for the person that she needed to see now. She stood on her toes, hoping to see above the sea of students. “Y/N?”, a soft voice from behind her said. She turned around, facing Hermione, her hair was a mess and she was holding a book in her left hand. “back already? We’ve thought you’d be gone till-“, Hermione stated before a pair of lips cut her off.

Hermione was shocked, not knowing what to do, but eventually she gave in and kissed back. Her hand roamed Y/N’s back, the other one dropping the book on the floor. The common room fell silent, and the two of them pulled back. Only now Y/N realized that all eyes were on her and Hermione. “I’ve wanted you to do that for ages now”, Hermione was the first one to speak. “I was scared, I didn’t know what to do, how people would react”, Y/N said in a silent tone, almost a whisper, “but I realized that I don’t care, that I only need you and all the others can piss off”. Hermione giggled and kissed Y/N once more. “I’m glad you finally realized that, took you long enough”.

A/N: Hello loves, I’m sorry it took me so long to write, I’m super busy, I have lots of work and lots of internships, I’m so sorry! I’ll try to write whenever I can.

I’m imagining the Triwizard tournament coming back with Ilvermorny house going to Hogwarts and anytime their champion comes on they all start doing the ‘stomp stomp clap’ for We Will Rock You and just start singing it as their headmaster tries to stop them.

I love the dramione world, because it’s so creative. Like its completely non-canon, so you can do anything. And there are all these things that everyone just accepts within the dramione universe. Like, Crabbe and Goyle basically don’t exist even though they were there all the time. Blaise and Theo are Draco’s best friends even though in the books they had like, maybe a page between them. I absolutely LOVE it. Ginny thinks theyre cute, and that Draco’s super hot. Harry’s eventually kind of okay with it, but Ron never really comes around. Theo’s probably gay. Pansy loves muggle fashion magazines. Blaise and Luna 4eva. Daphne’s super sassy and pretty chill. The fandom has developed this whole universe surrounding Hermione and Draco. Amazing.

Zoning Out

(Hermione x Reader)

Request:  Hii! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Hermione X reader where the reader is really confused and she gets detention with Snape for zoning out and they like talk about it cause the reader is visibly upset and he’s still a bit of an asshole about it but he’s cute and comforts her that’s it okay to like girls and then she takes his advice and kisses Hermione or something?? So sorry for the long request, I just love Snape and being gay, there aren’t all that many Hermione fics :)) thank you <3

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

Zoning out in class was never a good idea but it was an exceptional bad one to do it in Snape’s class. You just couldn’t help but stare at Hermione the whole time, your thoughts anywhere but potions. Of course Snape had noticed, he always did. As a consequence you found yourself in detention, Snape glaring angrily at you for not paying attention, before he set down on his desk and left you to your work.  

You tried to concentrate but it just wouldn’t work. You had never liked anyone before and suddenly you found yourself head over heels for Hermione, which confused you to say the least.  

“You’re spacing out again Miss Y/L/N, surely there’s nothing more important than your detention right now.”  

“Yes Sir.”  

“What’s on your mind?” Snape puts down his quill, raising his eyebrow as he looks at you. He wasn’t particularly interested in the problems of his students but he didn’t like unconcentrated students either. Not that it was likely anyone would spill his feelings in front of him but asking couldn’t hurt.  

“Hermione.” You say honestly, a bit embarrassed. Snape always knew when someone was lying and you didn’t think you were good enough to even try so you stuck to the truth.  

“Hermione?” He looks confused before he continues, “Why?”  

“I…like her.” He couldn’t help the small smirk that spread across his face, making you blush in embarrassment.  

“Is that so?” He says in a smug voice, drumming his fingers on the table as he stares at you.  

“I’ll just go back to my writing.” You mumble while looking back down to your paper.  

“Why are you so embarrassed about it?” Snape asks after a few moments.

“Wha…?” You start confused and look up again, “She’s a girl like me and…”


“So I don’t know what to do…” From all the teachers to talk to about this you had gotten Snape. Like this whole thing wasn’t complicated enough, now you had to put up with his intense stare on you.  

“Detention is over.” Suddenly standing up from his chair, he closes his books and heads for the door, “You have someone to talk to young Lady.”

Your mouth almost drops open as you watch him leave. Was he actually…being nice for once? Either way you decided to take his advice and just talk to her.  

“H-hey uhm…” You stutter after finally finding Hermione alone in the library.  

“Is something wrong?” Her expression changes, worry written all over it as she sees your bright red face and the nervous look.  

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry.” She tilts her head, looking at you, “Do you need something from me?”  

“Yes…” You draw out the word slowly before your brain turns itself off and you lean in, pressing your lips against hers. Both of you don’t move for a second, not sure what’s happening. After a moment you feel her hands on your shirt, tugging you closer and you begin to kiss her again. You part your lips as she kisses back and smile into the kiss, pulling her closer towards you.

  • Draco: look Granger, I dlnt get all mushy, its against my whole character... but I gotta say something.
  • Hermione: what is it?
  • Draco: Okay here it is. Your choice. It’ s simple. Him or me. And I’m sure he’ s really great for you... I mean I dont see it... I mean whatever....
  • Hermione: I don't--
  • Draco: Just! Okay... Hermione.... I love you, in a really, really big – pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window – unfortunate way that makes me hate you... but love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.

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I don't know how the notes work. So, as a failsafe. here's the prompt for modern AU again. Dramione. The world is either black or white for many. But most people forget the greys. The Malfoys are old money that is stained by blood of many. When the Malfoy heir starts fancying the innocent and pure, academic genius Hermione Granger, would the world accept this forming grey? :D

Okay, I dunno if this really fulfills your prompt but I hope you like it! It was difficult to put into a Modern AU, haha!


The first time that his new daughter-in-law asked to join the board meeting for Malfoy Industries, Lucius couldn’t deny the request. She was just as much a Malfoy as Narcissa was, though not cut from the same cloth. Narcissa, after all, would never dream of coming to join a board meeting where they discussed business.

He was incredibly wary of her purpose for being there, seeing as she was one of those bleeding heart doctors who cared about people. Not like the doctors in his employ who were determined to come up with all sorts of pharmaceuticals that they could charge top dollar for.

Hermione sat next to his son, hair done up to show off a delicate neck. At least she dressed better now that she was a Malfoy.

“I would like us to fund the study of this new drug.” Hermione said, completely taking over the research and development discussion. “It has been shown to dramatically decrease death in drug-resistant malaria and is proven safe in humans. We can put out a small trial in Senegal, where I have a contact, and if it does well, we can expand further into sub-Saharan Africa.”

“Next you’ll be wanting us to send nets.” Lucius said with a smirk, shared with the rest of the board.

“Well, some charitable endeavors wouldn’t hurt.” Hermione said crossing his arms.

“If I may, Miss Granger-” Lucius could finish his words before she cut him off.

“Mrs. Malfoy.” She said triumphantly.

“Mrs. Malfoy.” He said exasperated. “The price point you are suggesting would put us firmly in the red.”

“Father,” Draco said, placing his hand on Hermione’s hand. “What’s the point of good R&D if we don’t lose a little money. We will never further the company if we don’t take chances.”

Hermione gave Draco a small smile. “If I may, Lucius, I thought you might say that. I thought you might like to know that this drug has shown to increase blood flow in male genitals, improving issues with erectile dysfunction. Market it under a different name and charge whatever you want for it.”

“That sounds much more reasonable.” Lucius said with a shark like grin.

“But only if I get funding for my study.” Hermione said with a smirk, knowing she’d won her first battle as a part of Malfoy Industries.

“You have a deal.” Lucius said with a smile. “Mrs. Malfoy.”

When his son had first started dating Hermione Granger, he’d worried that she was far too good for his dark family. Draco was more likely to mock someone like Hermione when they met at University. But she’d sunk her claws into him deeply and he’d fallen harder than Lucius had thought possible. He’d worried that Draco would turn into a bleeding heart too.

But maybe he’d underestimated his daughter in law. Maybe everything wasn’t so black and white.

  • Harry Potter gang being placed in different houses (while of course still being the most lovely of friends) 
  • Like Harry can still be Gryffindor, but Hermione be in Ravenclaw, and Ron take his rightful place as the ULTIMATE HUFFLEPUFF. 
  • And dunno maybe Draco is dissuaded from his awful upbringing (and self serving drarry reasons) and joins the group as their Slytherin because he needs love and affection (and drarry) and to be shown he is cared for by peOPLE. 
  • Main motivation for all this is transparency of houses like the Hogwarts layout would be opened up to showcase the inner workings of all houses functioning/shenanigans? 
  • Everyone coming up with ridiculous call signs to summon each other after infiltrating their common rooms (with poor stealth skills of course)
  • Harry Ron and Draco up at night sneaking around trying to get into Ravenclaw so she can be a part of the (put title adventure here) but they can’t figure out the stupid riddle so Ron and Harry are just whisper-screaming gibberish/the names of candy at the eagle because hey that usually works at Hogwarts while Draco just punches the door repeatedly until Hermione whose already outside calls out the answer from behind them because she totally figured out the mystery five minuets ago but there’re bound to be more cause this school is trying to kill them
  • Ron and Harry aggressively (but playfully) being all competitive over Quidditch matches chanting at each other in full house attire
  • Ron purposefully teaching everyone the wrong knock for Hufflepuff’s room so they’re doused by vinegar. 
  • Draco literally hissing at being exposed to the overwhelming amount of yellow and brightness and overall pEPPY HUFFLEPUFF INTENSITY until Ron hands over some sunglasses that everyone in Hufflepuff just happens to have on standby saying “you get used to it after a few years,,,sometimes.”
  • Draco acting as a double agent acting to continue his mission in Half-Blood prince but is aided by Harry because “VOLEDEMORT IS IN MY HOME HARRY WHAT THE FUCK AM I SPOSE TO DO WITH THAT” so he helps a disguised Harry sneak into Slytherin to investigate and spy on which classmates Draco knows are interested in becoming Death Eaters to try and find a link, but Harry of course is all Gryffindor and keeps screwing with everything in the common room much to Draco’s dismay because first and foremost he’s “still a Slytherin bruh could you like not. C’mon I’m breaking a seven centuries “No Outsider Has Ever Been In Here” rule—be nice to the squid don’t taunt the squid the squid did nothing to you we live in a dungeon don’t make this any worse—OH MY MERLIN NO DON’T CHANGE THE LIGHTS FROM GREEN TO YELLOW HARRY IT’S LIKE A SUN (dissolves into hissing fit) we aRE tryING TO Be DiSCreT”
  • Draco being harassed by some of the Death Eater Slytherins and despite his housemate friends trying to defend him it’s still a lot to deal with especially exposed during sleep so Harry Hermione and Ron all work together to hide him in their house rooms on alternating nights (using magic okay just some magic) until someone discovers him in the Gryffindor common room and get like super Gryffindor vs. Slytherin antagonistic about him being there but before they can kick him out Harry’s ‘nah-uh’ and stands in front of Draco protectively explaining how he’s helping Hogwarts as a whole and honestly “why should we be so uptight about house entrances? Let’s not separate alliances by where we’re from we’re all fighting for the same reasons here” and the Gryffindor’s agree to let Draco stay with them due to the circumstances 
  • but after all that the house communities become more free flowing as the war approaches with people of differing houses being allowed into common rooms to discuss plans and precautions, more people being comfortable sitting at any table in the great hall, rivalries being more like friendly competition than angry battles about which house is the most important 
  • the first time the sorting hat calls out “SLYTHERPUFF” 
  • everyone genuinely applauding whoever wins the house cup 
  • all houses getting love
  • Mixed house slumber parties
  • all houses being friends
  • all houses
  • just

|| I’m honestly so disappointed in like 90% of the Tom x Hermione fics, like they go so well.

And then Hermione and Tom butt heads

and Hermione goes from fierce lioness to quaking leaf


but baby Dark Lord isn’t going to make her piss her pants after facing down Voldemort himself okay? 

That’s just 100% not Hermione

so stahp

I understand you’re all really obsessed with the whole damsel thing but like… fucking no. Just. no. Just go smash ur head in a door plz kthnx ||

Drarry ‘Selection’ AU

Okay but seriously this is basically every prince/princess falls in love with servant AU ever, but better. Also, I just really enjoyed reading the book.

  • So Draco’s the prince because why not! The whole idea of Draco actually liking boys is not necessarily disgusting to Lucius but neither a thing he enjoys. Either way, Narcissa is able to convince Lucius to let boys join as there are quite some boys who are twos and would be an amazing addition to the royal family. 
  • Before the Selection starts Lucius forces Draco to learn something new, some sort of skill or something that would be considered a talent or such like playing an instrument or poetry.
  • Draco has had some music teachers before but they were all absolute rubbish but poetry was everything he didn’t want. So one day he decided to go to the music room because he heard someone playing and it sounded so amazing, quickly played yet slowly, it captured all the sound there was and it was just something Draco hadn’t heard from Ilea’s best musicians. 
  • Once he walked inside there was this really skinny boy sitting behind it. His hair wilder than a nest of some bird, his round glasses on the verge of falling off, green eyes completely focused onto the piano, hunched over and his fingers moving so gracefully. 
  • Anyone else in the palace would publically do something, whether it be hurt or humiliate but Draco decided against what he should do, instead asked for the boy’s name.
  • “It’s Harry… Er, sir.’’
  • “Oh, please don’t call me that. It’s been a thing that has started since I was, what? Eight, please it’s just Draco.’’
  • Draco being a smooth prince makes Harry teach him how to play, Draco makes sure every person in the castle knows about this so no one would send Harry out of the music room.
  • So after a week of practice, Draco’s a bit better but more importantly, the selection is there. Harry was amazing help for Draco to complain to about how he hated the thought of the Selection and explained how very often what actually happened was just the king, at the moment, choosing the person the prince ends up marrying because they’d look the best.
  • Draco convinces Harry to join, which he does with much protest, and Draco makes sure he fills out Harry’s form perfectly and might make up some false information because after all the fact is still that he is a servant yet he should’ve been a Two, as he should have gone to his godfather’s custody who is a two very much like his parents were.
  • Harry get’s selected alongside a few boys but mostly it is still girls.

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My Hp next gen headcannons

Sorry this is so long I have a lot of details in my head about the next gen and yeah :

- S C O R B U S
- Albus fucking Potter is a Slytherin
- Scorpius and Louis are also in Slytherin
- Albus and Louis are bros™
- Rose is gay af
- Rose is Ravenclaw and she’s a boss as bitch , also she’s POC cause I’m 100% for black Hermione okay
- Charlie is the gay uncle end of.
- Lily is a sweet little hufflepuff who will fucking wreck u if u get too close
- James is the typical obnoxious and far to loud Gryffindor but *sometimes* Albus loves his older brother
- Albus , Rose and Scorpius are the trio I mean +++++ straight bro™ Louis
- Hugo loves animals , like the basically has a jungle in his bedroom kind of loving animals
- Teddy is like an older brother to Albus , James and Lily.
- Albus literally refusing to tell people his full name cause his father is literally useless at baby names
- Scorpius and Albus having a “who has the shittiest and most embarrassing name comp”
- I really love straight bro™ Louis cause I just think it’s a really funny addition and I read a fanfic once with him being the straight bro™ and its my fave thing.
- I’m kinda a sucker for like Albus who struggled with depression and anxiety and like him leaning to love himself properly with help from his cute ass boyfriend Scorpius , but plz like happy ending for my smol gay child
- Rose being 100% done with people’s bullshit 800% of the time
- James who ‘hates Albus’ defending his brother when people shout gay slurs at him
- Albus who is actually really shit a Quidditch and he doesn’t give a flying fuck (see what I did there …. flying …. I’ll leave now)
- Scorpius being like the Slytherin Quidditch captain like :
- Albus: “Why tf would you want to fly around a field and chuck muddy balls at people I don’t know , so fuck off no I’m not coming to practice with you”
- Albus who HATES Quidditch coming to every single Slytherin Quidditch match because :
- 1. he really loves Scorp
- “Albus your gay is showing”
- Rose being protective caring mum af™ : Albus having a bad day and not wanting to get out of bed and Rose charging into the Slytherin common room into the boys dorm and pulling Albus’ sheets off him and opening the blinds like
- And Albus just being like “fuck you Rose Weasley” and the rest of the boys in the dorm like …….. Is she real???? Also why is she in our fucking dorm
- But like none of them ask her to get out cause she looks like she’s about to cut a bitch
- Rose fucking Weasley legit organising Albus and Scorpius’ dates cause they are useless af
- Albus constantly making gay jokes like “Albus hold your arm straight when casting that spell” “sorry I don’t think that’s possible professor , I’m not very good at being being straight”
- “Albus fucking potter you useless piece of shit hold your arm straight I do not care how bloody gay you are , you will not pass your NEWTs by flaunting your homosexuality”
- Basically little shit Albus
- Like LITTLE shit Albus , like 5ft little shit Albus who constantly yells “fight me” but no one is in the least bit intimidated.
- Scorpius being like so fucking tall an making jokes about how smol™ his boyfriend is
- Albus just yelling fuck you at him on a daily basis
- Like : “Hi Albus”
- “fuck you”

Don't Cry, Don't Scream, Open Your Eyes, It's Just A Dream [Harry James Potter]

Title: Don’t Cry, Don’t Scream, Open Your Eyes, It’s Just A Dream
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry James Potter x reader, Hermione Jean Granger, mentions of Ronald Billius Weasley, mentions of Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort
Warnings: A little bit of angst (is that even a warning)
Word Count: 1,017
Requested: Yes indeed!
Short Description: (by @ly-canthr0pe) Do you think you could please write a Harry Potter x reader one shot where he/or she is having nightmares/feeling terrible and the other comforts them. Like they pull the other into their lap and play with their hair and massage their shoulders etc. Just something really cute if that’s okay? 😘  A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long! My askbox has been really messed up for some reason and I can’t access everything that people have asked, so requests keep getting lost. Also my wifi has been down so that sucked.

[Y/H/N] = Your House Name

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Tell us about 3 of your lowkey ships and then pass this on to 5 people!

LOWKEY? None of my things are LOWKEY I blast them like a foghorn for everyone to hear LMAO

Okay, I’ll list the ships I really enjoy as background relationships for my fics! People I don’t care to focus on for a whole fic for whatever reason (I think they’re not interesting to write about exclusively etc).

1. Hermione’s Parents: I name them David and Rose in all my fics and they have like very little canon characterization, so I’ve totally just gone nuts with them and fleshed them out like my little puppets. That said, I love them.

Rose is emotionally calm but can get very nervous/agitated in an unknown (and potentially scary) situation. She’s also very stubborn and knows her path in life; she likes to fill her time with her various hobbies and whatnot.

David is also generally even-keeled but he can have a bit of a temper, especially when he feels like he’s being condescended to or someone is keeping something from him (like being part of a conversation where he doesn’t know all the background). He’s equally stubborn, although less so than his wife, but he’s got a bit of a sneaky and mischievous side to him as well.

I just really like them a lot.

2. Draco’s Parents: I mean, what’s not to like? Both of them are stone cold foxes, they’re snarky and restrained and utterly obsessed with appearances – but no one can argue that they’re shallow in the least. And most importantly, through thick or thin they stick together, and they’ve been through some VERY thin patches in life, so I find that very admirable.

3. Harry and Ginny: When I’m not pairing them off with my main character, that is, I love their relationship. I can definitely see their relationship fizzling out (when it suits my purposes), but as a background marriage, I love them. Ginny is larger-than-life in my head, striking and with a personality/charisma that demands attention. Harry, on the opposite end, tends to shrink away from attention and likes his alone time. I think being together, they bring out the best in each other – Ginny forcing Harry out of his comfort zone when he needs it, and Harry tempering Ginny’s wildness/outspoken nature when SHE needs it. I think they’re a relationship with lots of humor and good times and I just like them together a lot.

Okay Romione AU where everything is the same, but muggle. And Ron decides to take up Youtube.

And being the dork he is, he can NOT stop talking about Hermione, like “… I took my girlfriend a while back…” “My girlfriend really liked it…” “…I read it because my girlfriend wanted me too…” and his subscribers start to notice. So the fandom starts eventually coming to know Hermione as ‘Girlfriend’, and a good percent of the comments are like “Are we ever gonna see girlfriend?” “Has girlfriend ever been in a video?” and one day he slips and says, “My girlfriend, Hermione…” and like half the comments are “HER NAME’S HERMIONE” “WE FINALLY KNOW GIRLFRIEND’S NAME” and people just generally hardcore shipping otp: girlfriend

And then slowly after he gets more famous and all of a sudden he says “My fiance…” and everybody FREAKS OUT like “GIRLFRIEND IS FIANCE NOW??!!!” and “WHEN DID GIRLFRIEND BECOME FIANCE?!?!?!” and his next video starts like “YES GIRLFRIEND IS FIANCE STOP SPAMMING THE COMMENTS” but he can’t stop blushing and grinning like an idiot and I have been thinking about this for almost 24 hours someone help

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Okay imma ask you the same: top 5 Harry Potter characters!

Tbf I actually like a good percentage of the characters quite a lot (even some of the mean/nasty ones), so this is really quite difficult aha. (And I’m trying to not let A Very Potter Musical/Sequel influence the list pff) 

  1. Ron Weasley (the films didn’t really do Ron justice tbh…) 
  2. Luna Lovegood
  3. Hermione Granger
  4. Sirius Black
  5. Rubeus Hagrid

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Hey ! 💫 + 🥀 (okay I can't see the blograte emoji on my computer so I just copied the empty space haha hope that worked) please <3 Hope you'll have a nice day <3 For a book rec: Mhh did you read the book thief ? I really loved it !

haha the emoji showed up! (smart lol i never would’ve thought of that). ive only read part of the book thief and i feel like i want to finish it but idk maybe i will?


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Best Friend/s: Teddy Lupin

REALLY IMPORTANT: Ronald Weasley would be an incredible stay at home dad? Just a Top Of The Line stay at home dad. Like definitely at first Romione would both take maternity/paternity leave and they’d have a happy little nest together but Hermione would 100% miss her job and one of them would have to go back to work for money stuff? And Ron would be like ‘hey you know like, I can take the kids. It’s ok. Like it’s really okay’ because he likes being an auror but being a family is so much more important to him? Like I feel like Ron would be a Dream with little kids because he would be so game for whatever weird shit they wanted to do and he wouldn’t condescend to them and he’d take them over to Molly’s and make sure his parents weren’t getting too lonely with all their kids moved out. Ron doing all the grocery shopping with one kid standing up in the cart and the other strapped to his back like “ok u little monsters lets buy some cereal.” And Molly teaching Ron how to make all of his favorite meals and Ron taking the kids to the park and then all of them like going to the aquarium when Hermione is off work I just??? Suddenly??? 

Okay… Okay listen…

I’m probably going to get hate for this, but I REALLY hate the Scorbus ship.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good homosexual OTP.

But I think it is SO MUCH more important for them to be friends than boyfriends. Like why can’t our fandom ever just look at two people who are friends and not assume that they have some kind of sexual feelings towards one another.

Harry and Hermione? That’s laughable honestly. Hinny is golden.

Even Draco and Harry. I’ll admit Harry was a bit obsessed with finding out what he was up to in HBP, but that wasn’t because he had romantic or sexual feelings for him. He’s just Harry James Potter and he likes to solve mysteries and shit. Also if CC has taught us ANYTHING it’s that Hinny is life and Draco loves Astoria so much it makes me want to vomit in a good way.

Also Wolfstar. Now I’m not gonna say that there might not have been some kind of hanky panky going on with Sirius and Remus when they were teenagers. But Remus married Tonks. And he truly, TRULY did love her.

I just feel like people are basing Scorbus on the fact that they hug or they have meaningful looks or that at one point Scorpius sees Albus with Delphi and he’s happy and sad for him. That’s just friendship stuff!! Guess what? I hug and give meaningful looks to my best friend and we have absolutely no romantic or sexual feelings towards one another. Because that’s what best friends do. And they talk about their problems and their relationships with their parents. And Scorpius was happy for Albus when he saw him talking to Delphi because he was like “You go Albus. Look at you getting a girlfriend.” And yes he was sad, but it wasn’t because he wants to be with Albus. It’s because Albus is literally the only friend he has and I’m sure he’s scared that if Albus and Delphi were to date then Albus would have less and less time for Scorpius and eventually shut him out.

I just… To me none of this points at all to them having romantic feelings for each other. They’re just trying to be friends. Friends hug. Friends talk. Friends share intimate details with one another. And neither one of them have any other friends so of course they’re going to be closer than your average bros but this does not mean that they have any non-platonic feelings towards one another.

And trust me, I am not writing this because I ship Scorose because based on CC I HATE Rose Granger-Weasley. I think she is an even ruder, more hard headed version of Hermione who is very rude to her sweet cupcake of a father. Honestly I was probably just as disappointed as Scorbus shippers when she and Scorpius start to hit it off at the end of the script.

So just ship whoever you like but in my heart and soul I feel that it is much more important for these two characters to be best friends than boyfriends.

If Hermione's Your Favorite...

Okay, hear me out. If people are asked who they love most in Harry Potter, majority of them say Hermione. But really, why do they love her? Is their favorite character Hermione just because she’s the female protagonist? Because that’s what I think. I’m on Wattpad, and there’s a whole lot of Hermione profiles. Like, a shit ton more than there is needed. But why? Why do they like her, aspire to be her? They’ve all watched the movies, who hasn’t? But Movie Hermione is a hell ton more different then true Book Hermione. Insecure Hermione, who doesn’t know if people will like her because she’s so bossy. With her bushy hair and buck teeth. Hermione, who is always getting on Ron and Harry to do their work, but almost always does it for them anyways. Hermione, who hates the way Viktor was trying to get her attention and disturbing the peaceful library. Hermione, who tried so hard to be smart, but sometimes broke down under pressure. Hermione, who’s horrible at riding brooms (and somewhat terrified of them). Hermione, who’s Boggart was failing and getting kicked out of Hogwarts. Hermione, who had to Obliviate her loving doting parents just so she could go keep her two best friends out of trouble. Hermione, who cared so much about house elves. Hermione, who socked Draco Malfoy like a badass bitch. If you really do love Hermione Granger, I hope it’s for all the right reasons, and not just because she’s a pretty girl. She’s got faults too.

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Breathe pt. 1::.Draco x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of Language…

Okay, I know this will be kind of ooc, but so are most Draco one shots/imagines. I don’t know, I just feel like Draco wouldn’t really be nice to anyone… I guess that’s why it’s an imagine-you have to imagine it…

Also, this is pretty bad. idk. Give me feedback please.

Y/N was a top student. But of course that would be expected from a Ravenclaw. It was her fourth year and she was excited for everything-including the school work… In her third year, she had signed up to tutor students in other houses in Charms which was her best subject. Y/N had a great time and enjoyed the satisfaction that came with watching people learn and understand. She decided to do it again this year, so she wrote her name on the long list of names under the Charms column. There were so many people signing up to tutor charms, Y/N figured that unfortunately, she’d only get one pupil. She sighed, disappointed, but headed up for bed after being told that she would get her pupil(s) in 1 week.

——————— 1 week later ———————

*beep beep beep* Y/N shot up in bed and slapped at her muggle alarm clock, a gift from her friend, until it turned off. She wearily rubbed her eyes before remembering that she would be getting her student- or hopefully students- today. The list would be up in the common room. She was excited, but forced herself to get dressed, comb through her H/L H/C hair, and throw on some lite makeup before hurdling down the stairs. It didn’t take long for Y/N to find the list because of the mob of students surrounding it. She approached it and wormed her way to the front of the crowd. She skimmed the list for the Charms section and saw some familiar names.

Cho Chang…………………………………..Elizabeth Meyers
Marietta Edgecombe………………………Lauren Sobieski
y/b/f/n (your best friend’s name)………….Colin Creevey

Y/N smirks at her friend’s horrible luck. She’d only seen Colin Creevey between classes a few times, but she could tell that he’d be a pain to tutor. She studies the list again and this time notices her name at the very bottom.

Y/N Y/L/N……………………..See Professor Flitwick for details

Confused, Y/N pulls herself away from the crowd planning to visit her professor in her first free period. She grabs her books and heads to her first class. The news snakes its way into her thoughts, distracting her all morning. At lunch, she gobbles down her food and practically runs all the way to Professor Flitwick’s office. When Y/N arrives, she opens the door to see Professor Flitwick already talking to another student with blonde hair. Very blonde hair. Draco Malfoy? She frowned in confusion, but began to back out of the room, deciding to come back later. However, before she could leave, Professor Flitwick noticed her, despite her quiet entrance.
“Oh, Y/N! Good good good, I thought you’d come now.” says her little teacher as cheerfully as ever. The white-blonde head turns around and Y/N thoughts from earlier are confirmed. It is Draco. She expects Draco to leave as she nears Flitwick’s desk, but he stays where he is. A small thought, an explanation for this, slips into Y/N’s head but she ignores it, assuring herself that it’s unreasonable.
“Yes, I was hoping to find out the “details” about tutoring.“ She responds nodding slightly. Draco still makes no sign that he will be leaving soon.
"Please, sit down.” Flitwick gestures at a chair next to Draco and across from him. Y/N takes a seat, more than ready for some answers.
“You will be tutoring Draco in Charms and Transfiguration this year.,” He gives her a moment to process before continuing, “Because of reasons that I can not tell you, Draco’s name couldn’t be on the list. Also, there will certain times and locations that you may and may not meet. Here is a list of them.,” he says handing her a sheet of paper, “And again, I can not tell you why, but this must remain secret, at least for now.” Y/N smirks as the Professor begins speaking to Draco. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Draco just didn’t want people finding out that the “Prince of Slytherin” needed help with two classes. She tunes in again to hear Professor Flitwick finish.
“You two both understand then?,” She nods along with Draco. “Better get back to studying then.” she forces a smile and thanks her professor before heading out the door with Draco tailing her. Outside the room, Y/N turns left to go to the Ravenclaw common room but doesn’t get far before someone calls her name. She turns arounds.
“Hey, Y/L/N! Where are you going?”
“Well, I was going to my common room to study.” Y/N says, a little more rudely than intended.
“Did you even listen to Flitwick? Or maybe your just a little…slow. But that would make me wonder how you got into snooty ol’ Ravenclaw.” she tries to keep her cool and manages after a few deep breathes. When she found out that she would be tutoring Draco in two classes, she decided that she’d try to keep an open mind and get to know him before judging him despite the things she heard about him, but he was making it pretty damn hard to remain neutral so far.
“You going to answer me, or are you just going to stand there?”
“Fine, what did he say?” She blushes, mentally scolding herself for not paying attention. Draco smirks at her.
“We’re meeting to study for Charms in 5 minutes in the library’s private study room.”
“The library has a private study room?”
“I thought you Ravenclaws knew everything,” he says smirking yet again, “but yeah, it’s the door in the very back labeled ‘broom closet’”
“I’m not studying in a broom closet.” She says defiantly while crossing her arms.
“Merlin Y/L/N, are you sure your in Ravenclaw? It’s not actually a broom closet!” Y/N blushes, scolding herself again but maintains a stubborn look on her face.
“Whatever… I have to grab my book anyway.” She mumbles before escaping to the common room for a few blissful minutes before being forced to grab her books and help the little git learn how to use a locomotion charm. Once she has her books, she heads to the library to find the private study room. Y/N walks to the very back of the library without drawing any attention to herself which she thought was good. Looking up, she can see, as promised, a door labeled ‘broom closet’. Before entering, Y/N looks around and sees no one, so she enters the room. When the door closes behind her, and she studies the room, she gasps.

She is on the top level of a two story study. The walls are completely lined with book-filled book shelves. There are beautiful, large windows on one end and a staircase near them. Draco is not on the top floor, so Y/N descends the stairs to the lower level. It is similar to the top floor in that it is lined with book cases and has big windows, but it also is bigger than the upper level. The extra space is filled with a couch, chairs, tables, a big desk, and a grand piano. The place is so beautiful it makes her beam with happiness. She wants to examine each and every book, but she knows she has a responsibility, and she’ll have time for that later. Y/N doesn’t notice Draco at all until he stands up from the huge chair he was sitting in that faced away from her.
“It’s about time you got here.” She just rolls her eyes. Draco moves to the sofa, so she sits in a chair facing it. There is a table between the pieces of furniture with a pile of books on it.
“Okay, so you need help with the locomotion charm, right?” Draco just nods in return. She raises an eyebrow, expecting another rude comment. “So it’s pretty easy once you learn how to correctly focus your energy. Ummm, and if you look in the book-”
“I didn’t bring my book.” Y/N heaves an exasperated sigh. That means she’d have to sit by Draco and share her book with him. Not that she thought he had cooties or anything, just… she didn’t like the idea of sitting next to the little git. She’d prefer to stay as far away as possible. Despite all instincts saying 'get away’, Y/N sat by him and continued tutoring him. By the end of the lesson, he had performed the locomotion charm successfully several times. She smiled happily, knowing she could teach even the most difficult students. Then she quickly grabbed her Charms book, shoved it into her bag, and sped towards the staircase hoping she could make it to Ancient Runes on time.
“Hey, Y/L/N,” she hears Draco call,“Make sure you’re on time next time.”
“You’re welcome Malfoy.” Y/N calls back over her shoulder.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

After two weeks, things weren’t much better with tutoring Draco. She decided she was done making an effort to be nice, so a lot of time was wasted each session arguing and insulting each other. However, he was progressing in both subjects quite a bit. It was 11:00 p.m. and Y/N was getting ready for bed when she was snapped out of her thoughts by a tapping on her dorm window. Some of the girls in her room were already sleeping so she quickly let it in, not bothering to see who it was for. She knew it wouldn’t be for her because she never got mail, especially not at night. The owl would find whoever the recipient was on its own. As Y/N tied her hair up in a loose bun, the owl hopped onto her bed. She was surprised but untied the letter.

Y/L/N- Meet me after your last class in the usual room. I have something more important during break. -Draco Malfoy

She groaned and flopped down on her bed as the owl flew away, realizing it wasn’t getting anything. Who did he think he was? He can’t just order her around and expect her to form her schedule around him. Him and his light hair. His grey eyes. His perfect build… Y/N sighed letting her mind wander momentarily before realizing who she was thinking about. No no no no no no no. NO. Draco was a stuck up little git that she would never like. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a billion years. Not ever. Y/N shook her head as if to rid her head of those thoughts. Hopefully, going to sleep would rid her head of those disturbing thoughts. She was probably just tired. Too tired for her head to function properly.
However, when Y/N woke up, her mind was still clouded with thoughts of Draco. And when she looked back upon her dream, it seems as though she’d been thinking about him all night. She pounded on her bed annoyed and worried. At least, she thought, I won’t have to see him until after my classes, so I can dedicate my break period to getting him out of my head. Classes were hard for Y/N that day because she couldn’t concentrate well on anything. When break period finally arrived, she ran to her dorm and flopped down on her bed repeatedly smacking her pillow against her face. q “I can’t like him. I can’t like him. I can’t like him.” She repeated it over and over again so many times she was sure that later that day when she had to meet with Draco, she’d be over him and everything would continue as usual.

Unfortunately, Y/N was sorely mistaken. As she neared the study room, she could feel the butterflies start fluttering in her stomach. She did her best to shove them down and hoped it would be good enough. When she walked through the door though, she discovered that it was not nearly good enough for she heard the most beautiful piano music being played from downstairs. Recognizing the piece almost instantly, Y/N began softly singing along without even thinking about it.

“Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world
Bury me alive
Cause I won’t give up without a fight…”

Then she got to the refrain and forgot to keep her voice quiet.

“If you love me, let me gooooo
If you love me, let me gooooo
Cause these words are knives and often leave scars
The fear of falling apart
Truth be told, I never was yours
The fear, the fear of falling apart”

Suddenly, the music stopped and startled Y/N out of her trance. Holy crap. No. She never sang in front of people. ever. And she was pretty sure she knew exactly who was down there playing the piano. Great. But she had to go down there to face him. Blushing, Y/N shuffled down the stairs to find a slightly embarrassed looking Draco. She decided to break the awkward tension filled silence.
“I didn’t know you played.”
“I didn’t know you sang.”
“Well, I don’t really. I just sing for myself usually.”
“You should!,” Draco said earnestly before trying to cover up the compliment, “You should, that is, if it’s a contest for who can cause someone to go deaf the quickest.” Y/N just smirked in return, but beamed inwardly.
“Whatever. Let’s just study. Oh, and I didn’t bring my book today.” Says Draco. Y/N sighs not sure if she should be happy or annoyed. Regardless, she sits by him and shares her book. He has a paper due in Transfiguration, so after Y/N helped him practice turning a candle into a rabbit, she helps start off his paper. Once he gets going, Y/N sits at a table and pulls out her notes. As she works, she absentmindedly hums 'This is Gospel’ again. She can’t concentrate very well though. Her mind keeps drifting back to Draco. When she was sitting by him, her heart wouldn’t stop racing. So, rather than going over her notes from History of Magic, she doodle little hearts and other cute stuff in her notebook.

—– —– —– —– —— —– —- —– —— —– —– —— ——

Draco looks up at Y/N. Her H/C hair frames her face perfectly and she hums beautifully. She really is an amazing singer. And she is cute. Really cute. He had hoped that using his break period to clear his head of her would work, but now he has no hope of finishing this paper. He can’t seem to get her out of his head. He checks the time and realizes that it’s getting late.
“Are you staying here all night, Y/L/N?”
“What? Oh! No, no I just- lost track of time, I guess…” Draco watches as she hurriedly gathers her belongings while tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. He sighed thinking that he’d give just about anything to run his hands through her soft mane.
“You coming Malfoy?” Draco jumps a little bit, momentarily startled.
“Yeah- yeah, I’ll be up in a minute.,” and then after a moment adds, “Good night, Y/N.” Y/N was halfway up the stairs when she he added the 'good night’. She smiled shyly.
“Good night, Draco.”

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

When Y/N reached her dorm, she squealed as she hopped onto her bed. He said good night, and more importantly, Y/N. She and Draco never called each other by their first names before, and suddenly, he just throws a 'good night’ AND a 'Y/N’ at her at the same time. But this meant that they were JUST friends. FRIENDS. Nothing more. Right? Y/N sighed before going to sleep, still in her school robes.

—- Afternoon after Yule Ball is announced—-

The school was buzzing from excitement. Y/N knew who she wanted to go with, but also knew it was nearly impossible. She’d probably have to settle with going with her friend Conor. As friends of course. However, that didn’t stop the hopeful thoughts that crept into her mind as she walked to the private study to help Draco with his Charms work. Throughout the session, things went pretty much as usual. Draco was a little nicer though, and Y/N sat by him the entire time. He didn’t ask her, but that was okay. That’s what she expected. And he didn’t ask her the next day. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or any time after that.

Finally, there were two days left before the Yule ball. Y/N’s parents had sent her a new set of dress robes. It was a gorgeous royal blue gown. The bodice was encrusted with jewels, and it flowed out at the bottom. She had the entire ensemble ready for the big night… all she needed now was a date.

Y/N made up her mind. She was going to ask Draco. She knew she might get turned down, but she figured they were pretty good friends by now. Besides, she thought she’d sheen Draco looking at her sometimes and even noticed him flirting with her. Maybe he would say yes… Y/N threw on some makeup and some semi-nice looking clothes and decided to hunt down Draco. Since it was winter break, she had a break tutoring him, so she’d have to ask him somewhere less private. After searching throughout the castle, she found him in the Great Hall talking with some other Slytherins. Mustering all the confidence she could, Y/N marched up to Draco.
“Hey, Draco.” Draco just looks up at her, so she continues. “I was wondering if I could talk to you.”
“Well you are right now, aren’t you?” She rolls her eyes and blushes simultaneously.
“I meant alone.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not moving, and neither are my friends.” The Slytherins around him smirk. All of them. Right at Y/N. She feels some pressure build up inside, but it gives her confidence.
“Fine. Then they can listen too.” She can tell they weren’t expecting that, and now it’s her turn to smirk. Before realizing she was about to ask out Draco in front of all of them. Something in her told her not to back down though.
“Ummm- Draco, I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go to the Yule Ball with me?…” Y/N’s face is bright red. She hears some of the Slytherins snicker around her, but for the most part, the crowd remain silent. But so does Draco. Y/N looks at him and sees his eyes are happy. That’s why his answer surprises her so much.
“Definitely not.” The Slytherins break into loud laughs and jeers. Some of them even imitate her. Draco scowls and turns back around to face the crowd. As he turns, Y/N catches his eye and spots something. Something strong. Guilt. But no. It couldn’t be. She turns on her heel and runs to her bed bursting into tears. She thought it could be simple. easy. But it couldn’t. It wasn’t. Y/N sobs so hard she can’t even breathe. All she can picture is Draco rejecting her. Hours go by, and she hears a tapping at the window. It’s Draco’s owl. She contemplates whether or not she should see what the note says. Eventually, her curiosity overtakes her depression. She opens it, and finds an apology. But not a very good one. Something about how he felt bad, but he couldn’t ever go with her. He had to uphold his family name and be a true Slytherin, and some other crap like that. Y/N doesn’t even make it halfway through the letter before shredding it up and throwing it out. She’s done. Glancing at the clock, she notices it’s 1:59 am. No one has tried to come in the dorm. She guesses they heard what happened and decided t ogive her some space. She’d have to thank them later. With another glance at the clock, Y/N sees that it’s 2:00 a.m. She lays down to sleep, exhausted. She’s lost a friend and she doesn’t want him back.


A/N - I was feeling pretty depressed these past few days so It’s kind of sad I guess. Also, I realize that what tense I’m writing in keeps changing. Sometimes I just do that and I don’t notice, and I don’t really feel like fixing it right now soooo… Anyway, tell me if guys want me to continue it so it has a happy ending. I kind of based parts of this off Breathe by Taylor Swift which is not usually the music I listen to, but idk, I just felt like it. Also, there’s no real significance for them playing/singing This is Gospel, I just was listening to it while writing that part.

Whipped 1/?

Part 1  /  Part 2  /  Part 3

Notes: The coffee shop trope was just too delicious to resist!  I cheated and this is not nonmagical!AU, mostly because I wanted to say things like Gryffinberry Frappuccino.  It also has references to Whore (which I wrote in like middle school, okay?) if you squint.

Check out: The Hogwarts Houses-Inspired Blended Drinks Aesthetics for this story!

Inspiration: This piece of delightfulness by provocative-envy.  Also, written in awe of this and this.

I can’t explain Lotus.  Really, I can’t.  I just love the idea of Pansy having a little sister with a rebellious streak.

Find this story on fanfiction.net!

Silly, un-betaed nonsense.  You’ve been warned.


com·pul·sion - a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, especially one that is irrational or contrary to one’s will.

Celestina Warbeck’s sleep-inducing tones importuned his eardrums with yet another song about young love as Draco impatiently queued at The Dauphin for his morning drink.  For all that the establishment’s owner was the squib son of the so-called Singer Sorceress herself, Draco felt that the non-stop advertisement of the witch’s latest albums had to be some sort of sublimated Oedipus complex.

Never mind that a 78-year-old, thrice-married woman singing about “the youthful stirrings” of her “nether magicks” was downright disturbing.

A twitchy-looking fellow who did not the triple-shot ristretto he was ordering paid up and Draco inched closer to the front of the line at last.

It was unseemly for a Malfoy to be wasting his valuable time in such an establishment, but there was nothing to be done.  Warbeck had somehow gotten away with lacing his products with a powerful Compulsion Potion, which had reduced Malfoy heir to purchasing a daily fix like a common Knockturn Alley junkie.  

Fortunately, his mother had to despair at her only son’s frequenting a plebeian coffee shop from the confines of house arrest.

The bell chimed behind him, and a brunette swept past him at a decisive pace, making her way to the cashier while stuffing a sleek, rectangular contraption into her briefcase.  To his unmitigated horror, the barista seemed to be expecting this and placed a steaming drink in the witch’s carefully manicured hand almost instantly.

Draco was already three-fourths of the way to the front of the line to give this uppity woman a piece of his mind when something about her posture made the back of his skull itch with recognition.

Salazar, not her.  Please not her.

“Thanks a bunch, Lottie,” Hermione Granger was saying when she turned around, her smile freezing on her face like a poorly nailed painting the second she caught sight of him.  “Malfoy.”

The wizard blinked, his brain momentarily out of order.  

“I—What are you doing here?” He finally spit out with an incoherence no one ever wants to display in front of a childhood rival who had grown up to rob a bank, defeat a Dark Lord, and save one from a cursed fire.

She also looked unfairly fit in her dove gray Muggle dress and Gryffindor red lipstick.  Unwelcome memories of the war heroine in her school uniform, writhing under him in their Heads’ common room flashed through his head.

Granger tilted her curly head. She was raising an eyebrow at the blond with the same disparaging scrutiny with which she’d retaliated by claiming he was her whore after he tried to humiliate her in front of their Potions class in their eighth year.

“I work next door, Malfoy.”  Her tone was not without humor as she shared a look with the girl behind the counter.

“Miss Granger is the Assistant Head of Magical Law Enforcement,” the younger girl chirped in, the snake tattoo on her collarbone slithering up her neck as she turned to Granger.  “Draco visits us every day too, but never before noon.”

The man in question could feel his cheeks warming up at that and glared at Lotus Bletchley’s amused smirk.  The girl’s family ties to his former girlfriend had never been more obvious.  For all that Pansy disapproved of her half-sister’s profession, sense of style, and cohabitation with the older Warbeck squib, the two girls shared their delight in torturing Draco.

“Ah,” Granger seemed to hesitate.  “Well, it’s nice to see you supporting our local entrepreneurs, Malfoy, but I have a meeting with Kingsley.  Harry is reporting to us about the new Auror recruits.”  She stole a glance at her delicate wristwatch.  “In twenty minutes.  Shit.”

Draco shifted his weight uncomfortably.  He disliked that she was on first name basis with the Minister of Magic.  He realized that shaking the man’s hand at networking events would not engender the same familiarity as fighting off Death Eaters on the back of a Thestral, but Draco couldn’t help but resent his former classmate.

“I’m surprised you didn’t follow Potty and the Weasel and became an Auror yourself,” said Draco in a derisive tone that had the witch rolling her eyes.

“Please, Malfoy.  I did not spend all that time studying to become a policewoman.  You Slytherins are not the only ones with ambitions, you know.” 

She waved his late Aunt Bellatrix’s wand at her drink, which now hovered obediently at her side.  He shivered at the Muggleborn’s casual use of the instrument that had been used to torture her in his very sitting room.

“Well?”  Granger’s dark eyes were flashing with impatience.  “What do you want?”

He noticed Lottie was still eying them with interest as she charmed a foam badger on a teenaged girl’s Hazelpuff Crème Latte “with extra chocolate frog crumbles.”  Some of the other patron’s were also following the exchange with unveiled curiosity.  

Draco could feel his temper rising fast.  

“You can’t just walk in here and skip the line, Granger!” He protested at last.  “We all want our Compulsion Potion drinks served quickly, just like you.”

The brunette sneaked another look at Lotus as though Draco were mentally unbalanced.  Pansy’s wayward sister sighed as though she had to apologize for the blond.  “He means the sugar.”  She frowned  “I think?”

He was not fooled.  Lotus had been in his House and he knew a Compulsion Potion’s effects when he drank one.

“Malfoy, it’s too early for me to appreciate the irony of that statement coming from the boy whose father bought his spot on the Quidditch team.” Granger sighed and tightened her hold on her briefcase.  She opened her mouth to argue some more, but looked at her watch again and thought better of it.

“See you tomorrow, Lottie,” she called out and made her way out of The Dauphin without sparing him a second look, her steaming drink trailing behind her and evading a bleary-eyed man by the door.

Proud and self-possessed, Draco let her go.

Also, because her heels matched her lipstick and made her calves look delicious, which was admittedly very distracting.

He was comforted by the fact that she was still an insufferable know-it-all with an abrasive personality and subpar hair.  He resolved to show up early tomorrow and beat her to the front of the line.  

Lottie Bletchley’s gleeful voice cut his reverie short.

 “Gryffinberry Frappuccino with whipped cream for Draco Malfoy!”


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