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You Me Her

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Chapter Twelve: White Knight

Word Count: 3972

↠ ♥ ↞

Riley takes the winter break to focus on herself. She works on extra college admissions, preparing for her winter musical audition and she spends time with her family and friends. All the while, Riley pushes the Lucas issue to the back of her mind. 

Riley returns to school in the new year ready to face the music. Well, rather than ‘face the music’ Riley was ready to mute it. She had decided that she didn’t need answers because answers weren’t going to change her mind. 

Riley had done a pretty decent job avoiding Lucas all day. That changed after second last period when Riley exits her History class. Lucas waits until he sees Kai wave Riley off before he approaches her.

“Where are you headed?” Lucas asks as he now walks beside her. 

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HERE IS A PROMPT FOR YOU...ShieldShock - “They can’t prove anything, if we stick to the story.”

Why are you so intent on making me use my brain? This was hard! Thank you for the wonderful prompt, Holly. It kickstarted my muse.

It was just his luck to walk by the science labs when Jane Foster was going on a break. The astrophysicist grabbed his shirt and pulled him in, giving him big sad eyes that she knew Steve would be unable to resist.

“Look after my machine for me while I get coffee?” she asked hopefully.

The machine in question was small, considerably smaller than those in Tony’s lab, and it whirred and beeped quietly in the middle of the room, looking for all the world like a cheap, old age coffee machine. On the other side of that metal contraption sat Jane’s assistant, Darcy, ears plugged and working on her laptop, her head bopping away to some godawful loud music that Steve could hear all the way to where he was standing. He raised an eyebrow at Jane.

“Isn’t that her job?” he asked, nodding toward the assistant.

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Lmao I feel like ur YN would legit cry and whimper of Harry ever asks for a threesome with another girl

She really would.

She really doesn’t mean to because she knows it isn’t that big of a deal— Harry mentioned it casually as they snuggled on the sofa in between episodes of Friends.

Y/N’s head had snapped up at him, eyebrows knitting into a frown with her lips instinctively dropping into a pout.

“Another girl?”

Harry didn’t mean any trouble by it. He honest to goodness didn’t think she would care that much considering they’d had a threesome with another guy before, so a girl wouldn’t be much different, right? Just an extra hole, is all.

“Yeah!” He cuddles her closer, the arm around her shoulders bringing her deeper into his chest, where he can reach down and press fluttery kisses to the worry-lines creasing her forehead. “S’nothing astronomical, darling. I just thought I’d throw it out there.”

“I…” She murmurs softly, trailing off for a moment to gather her bearings. “I guess not but, like…It’s just…”

Y/N can’t seem to find the right words to describe how she feels. Doesn’t want to describe how she feels. They’d fooled around with another boy before and Harry had been fine with it, so what right does she have to go and make a fuss about this?

Harry scoops up the remote sitting between his thick thighs, pausing the episode in the middle of Chandler and Joey fighting about their pet duck.

He cranes his neck to fully look at her, thumb reaching up from its resting place over her shoulder and rubbing across her jaw softly in comfort. “What is it, angel? Y’know you can tell me— isn’t even a question.”

“It’s probably nothing,” She’s trying to assure herself more than him, “but…am I not enough?”

This comment causes Harry to sit up abruptly.

“What? Of course you are!” He’s eyeing her with a type of hurt shock. “Why would you think that?!”

“Well, you’re asking for another girl in the mix and it makes me think that what I have just doesn’t suffice…” It comes out as a wary whimper, her eyes dropping to her lap, right where her fingers are picking at the nails of the opposite hand.

A familiar pin-pricking pokes at the back of her eyes, her tear ducts pulsing in foreshadowing. She can already feel the tears starting to well up along her waterline.

“Baby, no! Here— c’mere.” Harry throws a lean arm across her thighs, bringing her into his lap and kissing all over her cheeks until her face scrunches up and she lets out a tiny giggle. “You’re more than enough, alright? I just threw it out there to see what you thought. You don’t wanna? Fine by me.”

“Are you…sure? Because, like,” she motions with her hands, turning her palms upwards, “if you really wanna, I guess we could give it a go. I don’t want to take that chance away from you, y’know?”

Harry shakes his head, eyebrows and nose scrunching into a silly face. “BS. If you’re not comfortable with it, we’re not doing it. One for all and all for one, sweetheart.”

She sniffles lightly, smiling all watery and shy. “Okay.”

“Okay.” He bops his nose against her supple cheek, smiling gently. “You’re alright then, yeah?”

She sighs lightly, shrugging sightly to show she’s let the subject go. “Yeah! ‘M all good.”


Harry grabs her hips with his huge hands, flipping her over onto her back and tumbling on top of her as she releases a small squeak. He sponges his lips down the slope of her neck, humming giddily as one of his palms goes to cup her chest, thumb swiping over her clothed nipple.

“I’m perfectly happy with just one pair of these. They’re the cutest ones I know— after my own, of course.”

For @spookypokey because I started to tell her about an MSR headcanon I had last night and then promptly passed out xx

Mulder is not someone who looks forward to sleeping. Because he doesn’t usually sleep well. But recently, Scully has spent a good three or four nights a week with him and he’s found that it’s amazingly easy to shut his eyes when she holds him close, to fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of her breathing next to him. Mulder dreams have also been brighter than ever, sometimes continuations of what the two of them have been doing before falling into the peace of sleep…sometimes he is kissing her shoulder blade again, her neck, and she is moaning in response, god that sound. 

He’s staying over her place tonight. They’d been winding down from a long day, sitting together on the couch, shoulders touching, just breathing and being there and loving it, and then she had touched his thigh and asked him to stay. So, of course he is staying. 

But he’d forgotten about the goddamn dog. Just as Mulder is lifting up the sheets to get in, the fur ball jumps onto the bed as well, and settles himself there. Buddy is a mutt that Scully was supposed to foster for a few days, but ended up completely melting over, and keeping for good. He is part yellow lab and who knows what else, not quite as big as a lab, but big enough. And needy, oh man, is this dog needy. He’s always butting his head into Scully’s hand, into her legs, when she isn’t paying attention. Also, what kind of a dumbass name is Buddy

The worst thing that Buddy does by far is sleep in Scully’s bed. The dog is currently laying the bottom of the bed, stretching out as much as possible and taking up a good quarter of the mattress. What the hell

Mulder tries to get under the covers and finds he can’t lay on his back and stretch his legs out because the dog is in the way. He has to fold into himself to fit onto the damn bed. 

“Scully,” he whines as she comes in from the bathroom, all ready for bed in her cute matching pjs. 

Mulder still gets a kick out of the way all of Scully’s bedtime attire has to match. 

“What?” she says, as she easily slides into the bed, faces him. 

Buddy wags his tail at her arrival, but then quiets down. 

“I can’t fit in this bed, the dog is taking up all the space!” 

Scully laughs a little, then reaches for the lamp to shut it off. “You can fit fine, Mulder. Buddy is not that big.” 

“I can’t spread out though! I need more room!” 

Mulder pouts and Scully is pressing her lips together, trying hard not to laugh at him. He knows he’s being ridiculous, but this stupid dog is really annoying him and he can’t help it! 

He groans a little in frustration, presses his forehead against her shoulder. She runs her fingers through his hair and her chest rumbles in laughter. 

“Scully, you don’t understand. ‘Cause you’re like fun size.”

He earns a swift bop on the head for that. “Ow! I mean, I’m a little taller than you! My legs are longer.” 

“Mulder, shut up,” Scully says, as she pulls him close.

Mulder falls against her, breathes her in, and instantly calms. After a minute or so, Scully moves so that she is behind him, wrapping her arms around Mulder’s waist and tucking her knees behind his. 

And just like that, he fits. 

“Okay?” Scully whispers. 



Ok So first I needed to share hoe bloody cute this cat is because I just CAN’T HANDLE IT! 

Second yes she has her own pillows. I used to have to share mine with her because she likes to get all tucked up and then she’ll bop her forehead against mine and rest her head on my pillow while I cuddle her. She is really bad at telling when she’s over heating so in the summer I gave her, her own pillows so she could sleep how she normally would cuddled up but next to me instead of in my arms under the covers. 

Sometimes I wake up to her sleeping on her pillows and she’s watching me. Sometimes it’s in like a creepy way. She also likes to wake me up sometimes and she like taps my arm with her paw until I pet her or help her (Yes she pretends to be scared of the dark lol) She also likes she give me little nose kisses before she goes to sleep.

Mr. Fizzles Strikes Again.

Pairing: Dean x reader w/ Garth and Sammy 

Titled: ‘Mr. Fizzles Strikes Again’ 

Word Count” 

Warnings: FLUFF, daddy!dean feels, Dean feels, etc. 

A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean ‘Do It Like Dean’ Writing challenge! I had so much fun writing this piece!! And for the sake of this fic Garth did not become a werewolf. 

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Saturday mornings with Dean and Sam home at the bunker from any sort of hunt were hands down your favorite days. Especially after you started popping out babies one by one. You would make a nice and big breakfast, and you would all gather around the table and act like a normal family.  

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I ship tyren so much but now hearing abt the news that ty and yg beat up some athlete in a club qnd seeing the video where ty goes and joins the fight , i feel anxious fr lauren not bcz of ty i think hes a really nice guy but bcz of the people he hangs out with and his fast life of partying etc, i see tyren alone so less they usually r surrounded by his crew or friends whom i dont trust, also lauren js already a little wild i dont want her to get into that lifestyle

That was back in 2015, Ty has voiced his disinterest in clubbing now. He has said he doesn’t like it as much now, and that’s why whenever you see him in a club he’s just standing and bopping his head. And when Lauren goes clubbing it’s never with Ty’s people, it’s with her friends. So I don’t think there is any reason to worry tbh

In certain situations

Originally posted by deadhoodn7z

(y/n) sat in the jet, on the ground, right next to Diablo, who laid, still unconscious after the fight with Enchantress and the monster she called her brother.

The (h/c) girl was zoning out, exhausted after almost the nonstop use of her power in the fight. She looked up, startled when she herd someone sitting on the bench behind her. Looking behind she sighed seeing Diggher, who sat with closed eyes leaning his head on the metal wall behind him. With great effort (y/n) stood up from the ground and sat beside him, putting head on his shoulder. He sighed slightly and opened one eye looking at the top of her head.

“You look like shit.” She snored at him but said nothing, closing her eyes. “Hey, you OK?”

“My head hurts and I’m exhausted.” She murmured with still closed eyes. Digger chuckled and hugged her head to his chest.

“You did pretty good today.”
“Yeah, thanks.” She titled her head slightly and smiled at him. He bowed his head just enough and kissed her, finally after the whole day of them flirting and teasing each other. She purred in his mouth, smiling slightly. He smiled at her, backing slightly.

“I knew you had hots for me.”

“Shut up, you kissed me first, you lost.” She bopped him in the nose. He caught her wrist and lowered it, bowing his head, to kiss her again, but stopped and furrowed his brow when she turned her face away.

“What’s up?”

“I… We…” He furrowed more.

“What? You changed your mind?”

“No, it’s just… I’m getting out of Belle Reve in like three days.”

“You what?”

“You heard me. I counted and if Waller is really going to keep her word, then I’m going to got out in three days.” He took his hands from her and leaned forward, looking at the ground. “Listen, I just want to know…”

“That if you get out, I won’t try to contact or bother you?” The poison in his voice brought cold in her chest.

“No. I want to be in touch with you. You are like literally the only guy I ever had “hots”, as you call it, for. And… I want to know if you want to stay in touch and wont be… mad at me.”

“Mad? For what?”
“That you have to stay there.” He looked in her eyes. Even tired, she still looked at him with concern in them, worried about his feelings, while she should be happy that she is getting out of that freaking prison. He sighed.

“I can’t be mat at you. Come here.” He hugged her to his side and sighed. He wasn’t sure what is going on with him. From the very first moment he saw her, he was sure that this girl was meant for him. And even though that there was Katana, or Harley with her breath taking body and clothes, he weren’t able to tear his eyes of (y/n).

“We will think of something, right?” She looked at him with hope in her eyes.

“Well, I can’t just let you go, did I?” She chuckled, blushing slightly, at which he smiled, showing his golden tooth. He caught her by her chin and made her look him right in the eyes, just starring at her. (y/n) felt her heart beating like crazy in her chest when he touched her lower lip with his thumb.

“Oh god, just kiss already, you make me sick.” They separated quickly, looking at Chato who apparently have woke up.

“Diablo! Don’t move I have to check on you!”


Just as (y/n) said, three days later she was leaving Belle Reve. Waller allowed her to say her last goodbyes with the squad, and now, after almost being crushed by Harley, who was hugging her with much more force than anyone could have imagine, she was standing awkwardly in front of Digger.

“So… stay out of trouble, you hear me? Don’t you dare to get back here as a resident. You understand?” She nodded, smiling at him.

“On one condition. You…” She bopped him in the hose. “Have to be as good as humanly possible, and don’t cause any trouble, then who knows, maybe they will let me come here and visit you.”

“That sounds good. I have one more request for you.” The (h/c) girl raised her eyebrow. Digger pulled his stuffed unicorn from his jacket and handed it to her. “Take care of Pinky for me?”

“Oh, Digger.” She hugged him, crushing her lips to his in quick kiss. “Of course.”

“Good, it will remind you of me, while you are out there.” She stood at her toes and whispered in his ear.
“In certain situations, definitely.” He chocked at his saliva and looked at her in shock as she turned around and walked away, swaying her hips on her way out of the prison. Chato and Floyd get to his sides and looked at him.

“Dude, you live?”

“I… I…” Digger blinked, still looking in the direction that (y/n) went. “I think I love her.” He finally said which made his friends laugh at him.

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can you write marco telling his parents he's in a relationship with tom and his parents are just really super supportive

Here you go! This was so much fun to write! I seriously love Angie and Raphael so much! Enjoy!


“Marco we shouldn’t do this.” Tom took his hand away.

“What? Are we just going to date in secret for longer, Tom?” Marco asked. “I really like you, and I want you to be able to come over and hang out with me… not sneak me out in the middle of the night.” Marco explained.

“I thought you liked our late night adventures?” Tom pouted. Marco smiled sympathetically.

“I like anything as long as it’s with you.” Marco promised. “That’s why we have to tell my parents. They’re not stupid, Tom. They’re starting to get suspicious.” He explained. Tom sighed and scratched the back of his head.

“I don’t want to mess this up for you.” Tom told him. Marco looked at him confused.

“Mess what up?” Marco asked.

“Family! You have a family that loves you… and I don’t want to be the reason for them to hate you.” Tom admitted. Marco shook his head.

“Tom… my family isn’t going to hate me.” Marco assured. “Is that what you’re afraid of?” Marco asked. He knew Tom’s family life was a little rocky. He didn’t understand the idea of having unconditional love. He always felt like he was doing something wrong and Marco would stop liking him at the drop of a dime. “Tom… love is worth forgiving for, and even if you make mistakes, somebody will stick with you if they really love you.” Marco assured. “It will be okay, just you watch.” Marco led Tom into the kitchen where his parents were sitting together.

“Marco, your home.” Angie looked up. “And you brought your friend!” Angie got up and gave Tom a big hug.

“Mom, dad… we actually want to tell you guys something.” Marco started. Tom looked like he was about to throw up, he was so nervous about ruining something for Marco.

“What’s on your mind son?” Raphael asked. Marco reached out and held Tom’s hand.

“We’re dating! We have been actually… for a while…” Marco admitted. His parents were quiet for a moment.

“Marco, how could you date somebody for so long without telling us!” Angie demanded. She got back up and hugged Tom again. Raphael got up and hugged his wife, who was hugging Tom, and picked the two of them up.

“Angie! Our son has found love!” He cried. Marco smiled and looked at Tom’s confused face. Angie was practically jumping up and down. She took Tom’s face.

“Just let me look at you, oh my goodness! You’re perfect! You two are perfect for eachother!” Angie cried. She pushed Tom toward Marco. “You two get together so I can take a picture!” Angie instructed. “Raphael! Get the camera!”

Raphael ran into the basement and came back upstairs with the camera. “Okay, you two get close together like you’re in love!” He said happily. Tom looked so confused. Marco laughed.

“Tom, your face right now.” He laughed.

“What the hap is fuckening?” Tom looked so lost. Marco laughed again.

“I told you it would be okay.” Marco assured. “They’re just being really nice about it… that’s how my parents are.” Marco explained. Tom shook his head and looked at Angie.

“I’m sorry but… are you making fun of us?” Tom asked. Angie shook her head.

“No… sweetheart of course not.” She assured.

“Are you like… mocking us? Are you going to say we can date and then rip it away from us? Is this some sick game!?” Tom demanded. Angie and Raphael looked at each other and started laughing hysterically.

“Oh Marco, he’s so funny! I love that dark sense of humor.” Angie smiled and bopped his head. “It’s so modern! You’re adorable Tom.” She said. She motioned for her husband to follower her. “You two stay put, and we’re going to go make you some snacks so you can share like a cute happy couple!” The married couple ran into the kitchen and Tom looked over at Marco.

“Okay I’m confused.” Tom admitted. “They seemed sincere.”

“They were, Tom.” Marco assured. “They’re just really nice. That’s my parents. They may be a little emotionally… distant.” Marco admitted. He didn’t like to admit that much. But they tended to not be so attentive from time to time. “But they’re always supportive and open to things that make me happy.” Marco assured. Tom looked astounded.

“Wow… I am just like blown away right now… they seemed to really… like me?” Tom was still confused. Marco smiled and reached up to pet his hair.

“Who wouldn’t like you, Tommy?” Marco asked. Tom blushed, he could list a few… lot. But Marco continued. “You’re incredible.”

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It'd be cool if you wrote about Amanda confronting Sam concerning her and Lara's growing relationship (wrong dorm au) :)

You can find the other stories to the wrong dorm au here.

Amanda’s been over a lot lately.

You know, not that I have a problem with that. Why should I have a problem with that? It’s nice to see Lara wind down more often than usual, and Amanda seems to have that affect on her. Wind down, as in, cuddling on the couch and watching movies and cuddling and laughing at jokes I wasn’t in on and cuddling and touching and kissing when they thought I wasn’t paying attention.

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anonymous asked:

For the Clexa prompt: The next time that Clarke wears the Commander's Circle :)

Clarke’s head jerks a bit with every skillful pull of Algor’s fingers as he works with her hair, weaving it into the proper design. “You could be a little gentler, you know,” she teases, unsurprised when Algor responds by bopping her on the top of her head.

He works quickly, leaving Clarke little time to pick at her custom clothing, a uniform created for her by the capital’s most renowned tailor. The material is dark, an earthy green, and rests on her body like a gown despite being two separate pieces. Symbols and bits of Trigedasleng have been painted onto her forearms and hands, and she is careful not to smear the designs as she plays with the wooden tree ring on her finger that she has worn since her first trip to Polis.

When Algor taps her shoulder to indicate that he is finished, Clarke turns in her seat and smiles at him. “Done?”

He nods and reaches for her hand, careful to avoid the still-drying paint, and lifts it to place Clarke’s own fingers at the back of her head. She dusts over the rare, intricate design, following along the curve of the precious circle she has worn only once before, what now feels like ages ago.

She laughs when Algor raises his hands a bit and shakes them to sign, Nervous?

On one of their many scavenging trips, Raven and Monty had come across an old dilapidated library, and Raven had practically beamed when she returned to Polis with an old book on American Sign Language. She and Clarke had immediately begun learning and teaching Algor so that they could more easily communicate with him. Several people had chosen to learn with them, Lexa included, and it had taken a while, but they eventually got the hang of it.

“I’m not, actually,” Clarke tells him. “I thought I would be, but I’m not. Lexa and I have been living together for so long now that it doesn’t really feel like a big step. It just feels right. I feel happy.”

A large grin tugs up the corners of Algor’s mouth. He holds up his hands to sign the word, Family, before pulling Clarke into a one-armed hug. His bulky arm wraps around her shoulders and squeezes, and Clarke laughs as she pats his chest.

“Family,” she says with a nod, and Algor bops her on the head again before leading her to the flap of his tent.

When he pulls back the canvas to let her pass through, Clarke finds Lexa waiting on the other side. She is dressed in a uniform similar to Clarke’s, though more elaborate and adorned in various pieces of custom jewelry. Her face paint isn’t her typical combat design but is still rather dynamic–almost like wings taking flight around her green eyes–and she, too, is painted with symbols. Two ceremonial daggers are clipped to her waist and her ceremonial sword is already in place at her back. Her hair, though, is down and wild.

“Oh,” Clarke says, surprised. “I thought I wouldn’t see you for a while.”

“Clarke,” Lexa murmurs, her lips pulling up at one corner and her eyes soft and bright. “You wear my circle well.”

Clarke smiles and reaches out to tug on Lexa’s hair. “What do you wear for me?” she teases. “A square? The Sky-Heda’s Square?”

A quiet rasp of a laugh slips through Lexa’s lips as she shakes her head and leans forward. She presses her lips to Clarke’s forehead in a quick kiss before tilting her head to motion Clarke away. “Go,” she says, slipping by her to enter Algor’s tent and have her hair braided.

Clarke feels the tilt of Lexa’s smile and the press of her lips for long, lingering moments after. 

fic: The Anatomy of You and Me. (1/?)

title: the anatomy of you and me

rating: nc-17 | warnings: swearing, sexual references

description: phil lester knew he hated dan howell as soon as slapped his ass and winked at him on their first day as surgical interns. he didn’t want a romance, he just wanted to get through the year in peace, no matter how pretty the guy’s face might be. AU.

word count: 2500

a/n: if you’re thinking you’ve seen me post this before, you’re half right. i’m re-doing a chaptered fic i completely abandoned (you can read more about that here) but so much better than it was before. if you’ve never seen me write this fic before, i swear you will love it, i am really excited for this story, it was incredibly popular last time, and i hope you like it just as much this time around. it’s going to be a wild ride. enjoy!

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New Student. (Luke Hemmings.)

Requested - Yes. 

Prompt - Luke is a new student and you are too shy to talk to him.

Warning - Terrible pick up lines are used. 

Words - 879.


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5SOS Preference : Cute Things Your Baby Does

Ashton: “What is she doing?” Calum’s girlfriend asked you as you bounced your ten month old daughter, Naomi, on your lap. “Huh?” you asked and looked down to catch a glimpse of whatever it was your little girl was doing and then you looked up to see Calum across from her blowing her kisses and she blew them back to him. “Awww, Ashton, look at Naomi, blowing her uncle Calum some kisses back.” Ashton laughed. “Look out Calum, keep it up she’s gonna want you to take her home with you.”

Luke: “How is Declan handling the new puppy with him only being a couple months?” Liz asked and you smiled. “He loves the puppy and the puppy loves him, come, i’ll prove it to you.” The two of you got up and she followed you to your son’s nursery where your son laid in his crib fast asleep and the new puppy you guys had gotten laid next to him, softly snoring in sync with the newborn baby. “They’re the best of friends.” You explained and Liz smiled. “That is so cute!”

Calum: “Watch what she does when we put on your guys’ music.” you instruct Luke, Michael and Ashton and they all sit back and wait as you turn on some 5 Seconds of Summer and little Violet perked up immediately and began to dance her little butt off. Everyone was laughing and she just giggled along and bounced around. “Dances like her mother.” Calum says and you grin. “I’m so proud to say that that fact is 100% true.” Calum shook his head. “My two girls are crazy, but i love them.”

Michael: “It’s so weird when we ask Jasper where anything is, he immediately bops his nose and says ‘nose’ and we’re just like no Jasper and we laugh but yeah.” you tell the other boys and their significant others. “Really?” Ashton asked and you told him one second, you’d show him. You got Jasper and brought him back to where everyone one. “Jasper, where’s daddy?” Michael was right next to you but Jasper once again bopped his nose and laughed. “Nose.” You look at Ashton. “See? I told you.” “It’s cute though.” you hear and smile at your baby boy. “Yeah, it is.”