i just really like her goofy smile so


BTS Date Types

Seokjin - Picnic
Jin likes the girl that’s feminine, a girl who is sweet and caring, who can cook and clean, a girl who would make a good wife and mother. He also can cook. I think ideal date types for Jin would be something sweet and romantic, like a picnic date. You both could bring your home cooked food and also  would talk, get to know each other better, and soon realize just how much you liked one another.

Yoongi - Sleepover
He would like girls who were similar to him. He would want a super hardworking, but still lazy, passionate girls who were artistic and independent. I think Suga’s ideal date types would be simple and casual. He would invite you over to his house to watch a movie, write songs, listen musics, and also a lots of cuddles.

Hoseok - Night Club
J-Hope would want a fun, optimistic girlfriend with an amazing sense of humor, intelligence, bright, kind-hearted girl, always be smiling and cheerful, and one who shared his interests. I think because he is rapper and dancer, his girl would enjoy the music and dance like him. So, it’s ideal to have date in the night club.

Namjoon - Cinema
Rap Monster would like confident and intelligence girls, a girl who was super dedicated to her hobbies, and had a wide variety of interests, someone he can have an intellectual discussion with, someone he could cuddle with in bed as you debated philosophy, and would listen to him whenever he needed someone to talk to. A simple trip to the movies where he could finally talk some, get to know each other with popcorn and coffee would be perfect for his ideal date types.

Jimin - Dinner
Jimin would want to be with a girl who was very open and warm, very friendly and charismatic, a girl with a cuter personality, who despite all of her charisma would still be slightly awkward and clumsy. He often on diet, so a girl who could cook healthy food for him would be perfect. He spent so much time at practice room and would come home tired. I think Jimin would like date types that included candle light dinner, you would realize just how sweet Jimin really was.

Taehyung - Amusement Park
He would want to be able to see his partner as a best friend before a girlfriend, a girl he had fun with, someone who could make him smile no matter what, a dorky, awkward girlfriend who was goofy and charming, a super laid back girl, who can take care of him, someone who could get him to smarten up and act mature when he needed to be. An ideal date types with V would be a trip to something casual and fun, like Amusement Park.

Jungkook - Park
He would prefer more shy girls, someone who like music, art, and reading, a girl who liked staying at home and rainstorms and cuddles with tea as you both talked, a smart girl, someone who would care about him, that would always be there for him, and someone with common sense with him. He likes games, dance, skateboard, and do anything adventurous. An ideal date types with Kookie would be a trip to the park. This way, he could talk to you, get to know you.

Black and blue (Peter Parker x reader)

Name: Black and blue

Requested: I loooovvveeeeddd Pizza Slices! You’re such an amazing writer! Can you do a Peter x reader where y/n’s parents are abusive so she knows how to treat wounds and she notices when Peter starts getting mysterious bruises so she helps him out and they just fall for each other? Thanks love *Cute kissy face*

Warnings: Family problems, abusive parents, bruises, mentions of physical abuse, swearing.

Plot: When her best friend comes to her with strange bruises and cute littered around his body, she takes it upon herself to help him. Meanwhile, Peter is slowly figuring out why she knows so much about tending to wounds in the first place.

(A/N): Another really sweet request! <3, I had to type this out with the screenshot on my phone so I couldn’t put in the sweet emoji. Just thought u should know that the ask had a cute kissy emoji. Ok, enjoy! If this isn’t what you wanted, please feel free to dm me or just shoot another ask my way! This was my last request, so please hmu with more! I don’t bite. Also, sorry if this is really cringy! I was really in a rut when writing this, I went through like 3 different endings! :?

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52 with harry please? I love your writing btw!!

awwh thanks you’re sweet ☺️ this is slightly based off of twilight, kind of like a jacob with renesmee storyline but different, so i hope you like it x

Originally posted by harryesque

52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

When (y/n) was born Harry didn’t expect her to be the one he imprinted on. But it happened, and there was nothing he could do about it. Though it was weird, (y/n) being a baby and all, imprinting it wasn’t just falling in love with someone. It meant protecting them with your life, keeping them out of harms way, and doing whatever it took to make sure they were always okay. It meant caring for them with all of your heart. And that’ how Harry felt about (y/n). It wasn’t in love with her as a baby, but when we imprinted he saw a vision of her and him as she grew up and what type of woman she would become in the near future. And that was what he would eventually fall in love with.

Niall was Harry’s best friend, and Harry and Liz had a past that only they knew about. Back in school, Liz and Harry both had feelings for each other and went out on one date, but Harry knew his friend had feelings for her as well, so it ended there. Liz was still hurt by the fact that Harry ended things abruptly and without explanation other than “I’m not ready for something like this right now.” But she never let it show whenever Harry and Niall hung out, which was a lot.
Liz and Niall had been together for two years, through junior and senior year, and when they first got together Liz found out Niall was a vampire. Shortly after that, she learned Harry was a werewolf. She didn’t believe it at first, until she saw Harry get into an altercation with one of his friends and they both turned into werewolves. But she got slightly used to after a while, realizing that her life would no longer be normal, and she asked Niall to turn her. He wanted to be married to her first, and when she saw that her begging and pleading for him to do it sooner wouldn’t work, she agreed to his terms. They got married shortly after graduation, and on their honeymoon when Niall was hesitant to change her like he promised, they ended up pregnant before he could. It was supposed to be impossible, but it happened. And when the werewolves found out that Liz was pregnant, and could die from it, and that Niall had broken the vampire/werewolf treaty, they decided that they had to kill the child if it did end up killing Liz. And when the day came for her to have (y/n), she did end up dying during labor. Niall tried turning her, but it was too late.

Or so they thought, but when Liz woke up days later as a vampire, things turned around. Niall went from feeling like he no longer had a reason to live, to having two reasons to. And Harry found out that he had one too. But when the wolves tried to come after (y/n) and Harry went against his own tribe to protect her, they realized that something had happened. Niall read Harry’s mind and his thoughts had confirmed Niall’s assumption.

“He’s imprinted on (y/n),” Niall told Liz incredulously. “They can’t harm her.”

Liz’s eyes got wide. “You’re kidding…”

The wolves eventually backed off, retreating into the woods. Harry calmed down, turning human and running inside to change out of his torn clothes. When he came back out of the guest room of Niall and Liz’s place, Liz glared at him.

“Please tell me you didn’t imprint on our daughter.” Liz demanded.

Harry exhaled. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

“She’s a baby, Harry! Your best friend’s child!” Liz raises her voice. “What kind of twisted creature are you?”

“I can’t help it!” Harry tried. “It’s not like I’m in love with her. At least, not yet anyway.”

Niall clenched his fists by his sides. “I know you can’t control it, but my daughter?! Of all people it had to be her?”

“Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.” Harry put his hands up in defense.

Before anyone could say more, they heard (y/n) crying from the nursery. Harry went to go see if she was okay, but Liz pushed him to the side. Harry stumbled, Liz’s vampire strength stronger than he anticipated.

“I’ve got her,” She spat, walking back to tend to her child. As Liz walked away, Niall gave Harry a judging look.

“I really am sorry, Niall. I don’t want this to affect our friendship.” Harry said remorsefully. “I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you.”

After a moment of thought, Niall spoke up. “There is something you can do, actually.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Name it and I’ll do it,”

“Swear to me that you will never pursue a relationship with (y/n).” Niall proposed.

Harry hesitated, but eventually obliged.
“I swear,”


It was (y/n)’s seventh birthday, though she looked as if she was almost twnety. After spending the day with her parents, she couldn’t help but have a thought in the back of her head she couldn’t quite shake. She hadn’t seen Harry all day, and it was very unlike him to not see her at least once, let alone not say happy birthday to her or not answer her calls or texts.

“Dad, have you heard from Harry today?” (y/n) asked.

“No, I haven’t,” Niall frowned. “Maybe he’s super busy today?”

(Y/n) sighed. “He’s never been too busy for me. This isn’t like him. He hasn’t even said happy birthday.”

Liz looked at Niall in confusion.

“This is very unlike him,” She whispered. “Do you know something you’re not telling me?”

Niall looked away, making himself busy as if not to show Liz the guilty look on his face. “No, love, I have no idea what’s going on with him.”

Liz rolled her eyes, knowing Niall’s usual tricks. He could never lie to her face.
“Do you want to break your daughter’s heart and ruin her birthday?” Liz questioned.

“Of course not,” Niall said defensively.

“Then fix this,” Liz insisted, before walking away.

“I’m going into the woods to look for him,” (y/n) said, determined.

Niall looked at her in shock. “Are you crazy? You’re not going alone, you have no idea who could be out there.”

“I can handle myself, Dad.” (y/n) stood up. “I am part vampire, after all.”
And with that she walked out.

Niall sighed, getting his phone and calling Harry. On the third try, he finally answered, and Niall told him of his daughter’s plans. Harry reluctantly agreed to go find her, and their conversation ended there.

(Y/n) ran to where she and Harry usually met to hunt, looking around to see if she could tell if he had been there recently. But when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, she knew he wasn’t far. When he walked up to her, she hit his arm.

“Ow!” He yelled, holding his bicep. “What was that for?”

“For ignoring me all day!” (y/n) said. “If you were busy, the least you could’ve done was called. But you’ve never been too busy for me, so why has that changed all of a sudden?”

Harry looked around, avoiding her gaze. “I’m sorry, love, I–”

“Don’t call me that,” She spat. “If you loved me, or cared at all, you would’ve have shown it by now.”

“Is it too late to say happy birthday?” He tried, a goofy grin on his face.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, it is.”

His smile fell, and he sighed. “Look, (y/n), there’s certain things I can’t tell you. Like why I haven’t spoken to you all day, or why I’m distancing myself. I wish I could tell you, but I just can’t.”

She laughed sadly. “Wow, you really don’t care.”

“I do so,” He looked at her.

“Then prove it!” She raised her voice. “Tell me what I did that made you not want to be around me anymore. Because I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure it out.”

“(Y/n), it’s not like that–”

“Oh don’t try that bullshit on me,” She interrupted. “You know, I thought things were different. But I guess not…”

“They are!” Harry continued. “If I could tell you, would. I promise.”

“I don’t think you realize how much I care, or how much you mean to me.” She accused. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. And I know how crazy that sounds, but I’ve always thought that when i got older you felt the same. But I guess I was wrong.”

She went to walk away, but Harry grabbed her wrist. She turned to face him, tears rolling down her face.

“I’m in love with you too, (y/n).” Harry admitted.

“Then why did you leave me without any kind of explanation?” She questioned.

He exhaled, leaning his forehead onto hers. “When you were little, your father and I had an agreement. The only way we could stay friends and I could stay by your side and protect you was if I swore to him I would never be in a relationship with you. So, in order to keep my word, I distanced myself from you. I had to leave you, I couldn’t hide my feelings any longer and he was starting to notice. I’m so sorry, love.”

(Y/n) grabbed Harry’s face and brought their lips together, kissing him like she had always wished she could. He kissed back, happy that his feelings were finally known and that she felt the same. He didn’t care about how pissed Niall and Liz would be. His only care in the world was that he and (y/n) were together, and we wasn’t going to let anyone tear them apart for as long as he lived.

if you have any other imagine ideas, feel free to request them, requests are always open x

send me a number from this list and a boy from 1d or 5sos

You’re something special ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Heeyy your ims are so deep🌊 I don’t even know how to call em in other interpretation. BTW can I have a G im where he watches her every action imagining how badly he want her to be his girl, and in one day he just tell her all the things he want (And pls don’t forget about kisses u describes em soo f👑 amazing)‘‘

Response: Thank u lovely! That’s so sweet ^.^ Okay guys, so this imagine is honestly one of my favorites I’ve written, I think, (hope that doesn’t sound cocky lol) but yeah, I think this one turned out pretty okay :) so let me know what you think xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Graysons POV

My eyes almost hurt when I look at her. She is so beautiful. She looks like an angel, and she doesn’t even have to try. It may sound cliché, but I admire everything about her. Since I saw her I can’t stop thinking about her. She is so gentle, the way she talks and the way she treats people… I wish I could tell her all these things, but I don’t want to her to think that I’m a desperate stalker, trying to get attention from girls.

It’s a normal day of school and I’m sitting in class. When the bell finally rings, I look at my phone and see that it’s almost three o’clock. Normally around this time on Friday Y/N is in the library, looking for books she can read in the weekend. Or just books to help her studying. Don’t even ask me how I know this, because it’s actually embarrassing. I grab by bag, leave the classroom and rush into the library.

I silently open the door of the library. It’s almost empty. Of course, it was Friday. Not many people went to the library at school when it was almost weekend. I walk through the library that is stuffed with bookcases, peeking my head around every corner to see if she’s here.

And when I see her my heart skips a beat. She’s sitting at a table with a few books around her, reading one of them with the tip of her pen in her mouth and her hair up in a bun. I quickly grab a random book and walk to the table where she’s sitting. I sit down and open the book, glancing down at her. She looks up and her beautiful red lips curl into a sweet smile. It only last like two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I smile back, probably looking really goofy.

When she starts reading her book again I try to look as if I’m reading mine too, but my eyes keep flickering back to her. She looked incredibly pretty today and smelled so nice. Even from where I was sitting I could smell her perfume; vanilla with a touch of something sweet, maybe flowers. She didn’t wear a lot of make up; just a bit of mascara and something on her lips.

Her eyebrows were full and her cheeks were a bit chubby, but I actually thought that that was really cute. And even if she did wore a lot of makeup I’d still adore her. She could even throw on a garbage bag and still look gorgeous.

I look at her rosy cheeks and the freckles on her nose and wonder how her skin would feel like. Probably very soft. And her eyes… they were so friendly and had the most beautiful colour. I could stare into them forever. I wanted to touch her and wrap my arms around her with her head resting on my chest. I wanted to make her feel safe and loved.

I lick my lips at the thought of how her naked body would feel pressed to mine. But not even in a sexual way; we could just lay together, feeling calm and at peace. I would love hearing her heartbeat and her warm breath against my neck. I casually stroke a hand through my hair when I feel my cheeks burning. If she could only read my mind… I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I wanted her to be mine so bad.

Your POV

You couldn’t believe that Grayson Dolan, your crush since freshman year, was sitting in front of you. You always thought he had been a cute guy, but you knew he didn’t read and you found it odd that he was in the library. Sitting in front of you. On a Friday afternoon. With his book upside down. God, he was so adorable. The book he was holding looked so small compared to his large hands. He had such beautiful hands. You wondered how they’d feel holding yours.

‘Enjoying your book?’ you ask with a little smile, while you catch him looking at you. He blinks and immediately looks back into his book. ‘Me? Eh yeah, it’s pretty good,’ he chuckles nervously. ‘It’s upside down, you know?’ you giggle and turn a page in the book you had been reading. His cheeks turn even more red than they already were and he turns the book around, so that he could actually read the thing. A few minutes pass and you feel him looking at you. Whenever you look back at him, he quickly looks away.

After about half an hour you’re done with your studying and as bad as you wanted to stay in the library with this beautiful human being, you really had to go home. You grab your stuff and stand up from your chair. Hesitantly you put your bag around your shoulder, not knowing if you should say goodbye or not. Why not? you thought. ‘Bye, Grayson,’ you say and walk towards the exit of the library. Grayson quickly stands up too.

‘Wait,’ he says and before you know it he grabs your hand and stops you from walking. You look at your hand holding his. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. He lets go of you, looking a little embarrassed. ‘Yeah?’ you encourage him, looking up. ‘I know that we don’t talk that much, which is why I completely understand if you say no, but I think you’re a really nice girl and I was wondering if… if you would maybe want to go on a date sometime? Are you free tonight?’ he asks with a sweet voice.

You inner self starts screaming, but you remain to stay calm. Was this a dream?! ‘Yes… Of course,’ you answer, shrugging your shoulders. You never really had plans for the weekend, except if you counted watching Netflix with a bag of Doritos. He looks relieved and smirks. ‘Nice! Should I pick you up tonight? At seven?’ ‘Sounds great,’ you say happily.               


The date had been perfect so far. He had picked you up at your house and brought you to a chic – but not too chic – restaurant. The food tasted amazing and the whole atmosphere was just so lovely. There were candles burning on the table and the interior was very cute. There was even a live band playing in the background.

You guys got to know each other better and just talked about everything and anything that crossed your minds. It actually felt like you had known each other your whole life, which was a very nice feeling. After dinner you went to go to the cinema. With his hand on your thigh he looked at you during the entire movie. And when you looked back at him you expected him to kiss you, but he didn’t.


He stops the car in front of your house, steps out and walks to the other side of the car to open the door for you. He sure was a true gentleman. You take his outstretched hand and together you walk to the door of your house. You turn around so you faced him, and realise you were actually standing really close.

‘Thank you for tonight,’ you whisper. He smiles and strokes a hair out of your face. ‘Thank you. I had a very nice evening. Maybe we could do it again some time?’ ‘I would love that,’ you say, almost drowning in his brown, husky eyes. ‘I should probably go… Thank you, again. Have a nice weekend, Y/N,’ Grayson says. But you don’t let go of his hand.

‘You could come in for a minute, if you want. My parents aren’t home, so…’ you say, trying to look innocent. ‘Yeah, sure,’ Grayson says, his eyes growing a little wider. You open the door and walk to the living room, with Graysons hand still holding yours.

You sit down on the couch, with Grayson next to you. Again, his face was just a few inches away from yours. You could see his little moustache hairs and smell his minty breath and cologne. It sent shivers down your spine. Slowly he leans closer to you, until his nose is touching yours. And when you think he’s about to kiss you, he pulls back. You stare at him, a little confused. Did you do something wrong?

‘Y/N, I want to say something to you…’ he says, looking down at his shoes. ‘Yeah?’ you say, placing a hand on his thigh. He looks back at you, with the cutest smile on his face. ‘It will probably sound very cheesy, but… I am so happy that I met you, honestly. This evening was just perfect. At least for me it was perfect. I like everything about you, every little thing, and I think you were meant for me,’ Grayson says. Your heart flutters at his words and a big smile appears on your face. ‘Grayson…’ you start, but he stops you. ‘Wait, let me finish this, before I forget what I want to say,’ he chuckles.

‘All I can think about lately is how much I want to kiss you. You’re the only one I want. I love your laugh and I love the way you make me laugh. I want to be the constant in your life, if you let me… you’re something special,’ he says while he cups your face with his large hands. ‘Oh Grayson,’ you whisper while your smile grows bigger. ‘That’s so sweet. I – I’ but he interrupts your stutters by gently pressing his warms lips against yours.

He opens your mouth and slides his tongue between your lips. You let him dominate you however he wants. You gasp for air as his hands slowly trail down your body, from your back to your waist and then to your thighs. You close your eyes while his kisses are getting deeper and rougher and he starts kissing your jawline and neck.

You dig your nails into his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. His fluffy hair strokes against your cheek while he pleases you. He tenderly starts sucking your neck and you feel him smirking while he listens to your soft moans. After a minute or so you slowly start pushing him away, before it got too intense.

You wanted to take things slowly, since this was your first date with Grayson. You never even kissed on a first date, but oh well, Grayson Dolan was an exception. He pulls back and looks with loving eyes down at you. ‘I can’t wait for the days when I get to kiss you every morning and every night,’ he whispers while he entwines his fingers with yours. You giggle and you couldn’t even describe how perfect this moment was.

ultravanityglamme  asked:

Fanfic prompt: (post 4x08) everyone is staying at Eva, because they are quite wasted. The balloon boys went home to have iftar (when they break their fast) sana asks if yousef could walk her home. They talk about what they know. Then they confess to each other. AHHH IDK HOW,but I'm sure you come up with a great end to this! Xxx


Thanks for the prompt!

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind but I hope you like it

I’m sorry it’s short!


“Hey Sana, me and the boys are leaving, are you coming with us or are you staying?” Elias asked her sister as the night was almost there.

Uh…I’m going but…” she looked at the group of boys.

Mikael, Adam, Mutta and Yousef were talking about something while waiting for Elias and Sana.

“Can you maybe get going with Mikael, Adam and Mutta?” she asked biting her lip

“What about…” he started confused by Sana forgetting about Yousef, but then he realized she wasn’t forgetting at all “Oh…”

“Yeah…” she said looking at the floor

“I thought you were over him” Elias said raising his eyebrow at her

She just smiled and shrugged

“But you know that he and…”

“They’re not” she confirmed “I talked to her, it was all a misunderstanding”

“Cool” Elias said nodding

He turned around to look at the boys.

“Yo, Yousef, can you come?” Elias yelled

“Elias what are you doing?” Sana hissed

“Don’t worry sis”

Yousef frowned at them but approached them.

“What?” he asked as he reached them

“Well, see you” Elias said smiling as he left them there

“Elias? What…?” Yousef said frowning but his friend had already left “What is that about?”

“Would you like to walk me home?” Sana asked biting her lip

“But I thought we all were…” he turned around and saw the boys leaving the house “Oh…”

“Would you like to walk me home?” she asked once again

“Yes, of course” he nodded

She smiled at him shyly and led the way.

They had been walking for awhile now and still hadn’t said a word. She tried to look for the right words in her head to break the ice.

“I saw you kissing Noora at SYNG” she almost whispered.

Maybe those weren’t the right words but at least she had caught his attention because he looked at as fast as it was humanly possible

“That’s why I was so cold towards you” she added

“Sana…I…it wasn’t…it didn’t mean anything” he tried to explain

“I know…I know that now”


“I don’t hate you Yousef” she interrupted him “I could never hate you. I wanted you to know that”

“Oh, that’s…good” he stuttered

“And yes, you acted like a 12 years old the other day but you made me smile, it was the first time I smiled in weeks” she said biting her lip

“Wait…how do you…” he frowned but then it hit him “Noora…she told you”

“Not exactly…she showed me the texts”

“All of them?” Yousef asked blushing

“Yes, all of them”

“Fy faen” he whispered scratching the back of his neck nervously “You must think I’m an idiot”

“No…I think the word dork suits you better” she smiled

“Oh, great, great, the girl I have a crush on just found out I like her and the first thing she says is that I’m a dork, cool”

He shook his head in embarrassment and covered his face with his hands.

“Hey” Sana said removing his hands from his face so he would look at her “Hey, I really liked those texts”


“Yes because…” she took a deep breath before continuing “Well because I like you too”


“Are you going to ask me that with everything I say?” she asked rolling her eyes

“I just want to make sure this is real”

“It is” she grinned.

“So you like me?” he asked

“Yes, Yousef, I like you” she rolled her eyes once again

“And I like you…cool” he said with his goofy smile

“It is cool indeed” she nodded

They continued their way in silence, but this time it was a comfortable one. As they almost reached her house she smiled to herself remembering something she had read on the texts.

“I didn’t know you believed in soulmates”

“Of course you had to remember that…” Yousef muttered to himself more than for her to hear

“It was really cute” Sana laughed

He just shook his head and rolled his eyes

“Seriously, it was my favorite text” she said “I don’t want her to hate me, I swear she and I are soulmates” she quoted him

“You memorized them?” Yousef asked raising an eyebrow at her

They had reached Sana’s house by now and were standing outside the front door.

“No.” Sana lied

“Now who’s the dork, huh?” he teased her

“Goodnight Yousef” she said turning around

“Goodnight soulmate” she heard him saying behind her making her smile once again.


This is it!

Hope you’ve liked it

Thank you so much for reading!♥

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Can I request a peter parker x reader where he talks to Karen about the reader and she gets him to confess his feelings to her?

Originally posted by koenigreus

Title: Confession of a Teenage Superhero (Peter Parker x Reader)

Word Count: 1,158

Warnings: nada

AN: L/N=Last name. ALSO, my draft for this disappeared after I went to bed last night for some reason and I almost cried but I just clicked the back button a couple times and I found it. #bless Hope you enjoy!

“Taser webs!” Peter ordered Karen and he overloaded the electricity in the villain’s suit. This caused it to shut down and give him a chance to take him down. Then your face popped into his mind and he hesitated for a moment; only to be hit by the swinging arm he definitely saw coming. He shot a web at nearby debris and launched it at the man in the powersuit, causing him to topple over. “Karen, Taser webs again!” He shot one last burst of electricity through the machine and it was deactivated.

Peter sighed and pulled the unconscious man out of the suit then tied him up to his own suit with his webs. “Karen, how’s he doing?”

“Scans show his heart rate and brain activity is normal for that of a human that is unconscious.”

He pulled out a note card and a pencil from his backpack and wrote a note.

I tied this bad guy down. Shouldn’t be a problem any more.

It was the dead of night, and Peter needed to get home to get at least some sleep.

“Peter, you seem very distracted lately. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Karen.”

“You and I both know that you’re a terrible liar. You also almost got knocked out by the robotic arms back there when you were staring right at him.” Peter shot a couple more webs while swinging above the street before finally answering.

“There’s someone I’ve been thinking about lately…”

“Is it Liz?”

“No no no, I’m over her, trust me. It’s someone else, actually.”

“What’s her name?”

“Karen, can we talk about this while I’m not swinging around?” Peter found a tall building and sat on top of the water tower that rested on the roof.

“Peter, what is her name?”

“Her name is Y/N. Wait–how’d you know it was a girl?”

“Your heart rate was elevated the minute I mentioned Liz and when you said Y/N’s name.”

“That doesn’t mean–Never mind. She’s just some girl from school.”

“Oh really?”

Peter stuffed his face into his hands and closed his eyes. “Yes, Karen. She’s my friend, she probably forgets about me whenever she leaves school everyday.”

“I think you are unforgettable Peter.”

“Thanks, Karen.” He sighed and held his head in his hands.

“What is she like?”

“She’s wonderful, Karen. She’s so goofy and smart and not afraid to take risks. Y/N is just so amazing. She looks so beautiful without even trying. Whenever I see her in the library she’s always got her nose in a book and her face is just so expressive when her eyes fly across all the words… She’s brave enough to go against what the teachers say sometimes and she’s just so bold. I–I really like her.” He smiled underneath his mask.

“You should tell her how you feel!”

“What?! No! I can’t. She’s much cooler than a loser like me. She’s way out of my league.”

“Peter, you can stop a train with your own hands if you wanted to; you can tell Y/N how you like her.”

Peter jumped to his feet, shot a web across from the water tower to a billboard and started pacing while walking on the tightrope of a web. “Karen, I–I can’t.” He exhaled in defeat.

“Yes you can, Peter. Take a risk, it’s what Y/N would do.”

She’s right. Peter stopped pacing and almost lost his balance while he was deep in thought. “Y-You really think I should do it?”

“Yes. Tomorrow at at school.”

“Okay… I’ll do it.” Peter’s newfound confidence sparked an inspiration to talk to you the next day. You had a class or two with him, so he had a couple chances. He jumped from the roof and hurried home so he could sleep and figure out how he was going to tell you how he felt.

That next morning, you were approached by Peter before your first class together. “Oh, hey Peter!” You greeted with a smile and he walked up to you. Your friends had just left you at your locker for their own classes and you needed to grab a few things before heading to the classroom.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“What’s up? Did you need some of the notes from Algebra? You were gone right?”

“No, I mean, yes! But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” He looked away nervously. “I… I lik–” You dropped one of the books that you were grabbing from your locker and Peter caught it with lightning-fast reflexes.

“Nice catch.” You smiled and reached to take the book back from him.

“I like you.” He held tight to the textbook and you blinked in shock.

“Me? I was sure you liked someone a little cooler than me.” An awkward laugh escaped your lips and you avoided his round brown eyes.

“You’re one of the coolest people I know, Y/N!” He handed you the book and you accepted it while still looking away.

“Well, it’s a good thing I had a crush on you, I guess.” You flashed your teeth and played with your hair. The hall was completely empty now, and you were definitely late for class, but this moment seemed more important than class at the moment.

“Wait, you did?”

“I’ve liked you for awhile, Peter. I was just too afraid to do anything about it.” You admitted. Before he could say anything else, you added, “We should probably head to class before–”

“Mr. Parker, Mrs. L/N, what are you two doing not in class?” You turned and one of your teachers had his hands crossed across his chest threateningly.

“Um, we were talking… We were about to head to class though!” You insisted and hoped that would save you a little.

“You know the rules, Y/N. Detention, both of you. After school. I believe you already have to attend detention, Mr. Parker?” He turned his gaze to Peter who gulped audibly. “Now get to class, before I lengthen both of your detention terms.” You both scrambled away and walked as fast as you could to your next class. Without another word, the two of you slipped into class and sat in the desks in the back. Peter passed a note to you and it read:

Guess I’ll see you at detention. :P

You hid the note in your sweater pocket as the teacher turned around to face the class again. “Oh, morning, Peter and Y/N. Glad you could join us.” She gave a little nod and returned to her lecture. You took the note back out and scribbled a reply, handing it back to Peter silently.

It’ll be an interesting first date ;P

Peter’s face turned slightly red and he crumbled the piece of paper into his pocket while turning his attention back to your teacher. You fiddled with your pencil and for the first time in your life, you were excited to go to detention.


Prompt : Jason Todd may have the worst luck ever, but it doesn’t mean it bring bad things to his life. 

A/N : Grammar mistakes of course. || Jason POV

Song: I don’t need a reason

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings:  FLUFF 

Word Count: 2913

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My heart was pounding in my chest, I took big breath as I looked at my surroundings until I saw Roy, he nodded with his head and I closed my eyes. I focused on my heartbeat trying to calm down.

Todd, this isn’t the first time, you have this’ I told myself over and over again but it was impossible to stay calm. IT. WASN’T.

I opened my eyes again and I felt dizzy, I didn’t felt well, everything was in slow motion I didn’t want to keep moving but somehow my legs started moving, I was walking, so the best I could do was try to stay calm, but my shaking hands said otherwise.

I was reaching my target when I slipped on the floor. And now everything was on a speed camera. What happened?

Well, before I started walking, some random dude threw his coffee on the floor, so an employee went from a mop, on those flashing seconds I decided to step on the wet floor, I was shaking before that, so when I reached that point, I slipped. What happened after? 

Well, I tried not to fall, but I made things worst. My hand reached the nearest table so I could hold myself but, of holy fuckers, my weight made the table broke and I heard a scream and crashing dishes.

I looked up and I saw the blonde girl leaving the coffee shop as she looked back at me, with disgust in her face. ’Well Fuck you, I didn’t want your number anyway’ I said to myself. I was still looking at the door where the girl went and I didn’t notice that  someone was trying to catch my attention.

“Dude!” I looked to my right when I felt someone touching my shoulder.

And well, I wasn’t expecting this. I must have been blind all these hours, all these time I was looking at the wrong girl. This one was breathtaking, I could only see her face, but Lord help me, her (Y/E/C) were so bright, her hair looked so soft, her lips, okay, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, okay?! But… something was wrong, she looked down and I saw worry in her face.

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drape me in your warmth

a/n: au after 4x02/ or Hope is having trouble adjusting to her new family members (just a lot of fluff because honestly this season of TO is so lit and I can’t wait for more klope so i wrote some).

It’s not enough that Uncle Kol steals her cereal in the morning, or that Auntie Rebekah braids her hair and dresses her in the most ridiculous outfits everyday. But now, Hope Mikaelson can’t even sleep in her own bed.

She finds her father rolled up in a ball, passed out under her pink unicorn sheets and snoring. 

“Mommy,” she squeaks, as Hayley notices the drama and smiles in the process. “Why is he here? He has his own bed!” Hope goes on to complain.

“He just missed you,” Hayley says, with this big goofy smile plastered on her face. “I’m sure he’ll start sleeping in his own bed soon enough,” she reassures her daughter.

Hope looks annoyed. She watches the strange man in her bed who she’s supposed to call ‘father’. And she finds herself scowling as she hears bickering in the next room, the hair dryer going off in the bathroom, and the stereo blasting loud music in another.

“I don’t really like having all these people here,” Hope mumbles. “It’s so…different,” she tells her mom.

Hayley sighs at her little girl’s fussiness. “I told you honey,” she exhales, placing a hand on her shoulder. “It wasn’t going to be just the two of us forever,” she reminds her.

“You didn’t mention that everyone was an even bigger kid than me,” Hope exclaims. “You know Auntie Freya ate all the chocolate? Again!” her voice squeaks higher as she gets more and more emotional. No one messes with Hope and her chocolate.

“Yes, and your Uncle Elijah went out to get more of it,” her mother attempts to calm her down with that. “Don’t worry so much, they’re our family, they love us,” she says.

Hope looks confused for a moment. It’s not that she’s a fussy child per say, she’s always been nothing but manageable. But so much change all at once would disrupt anyone’s well-being. And all her life, it’s just been her and her mom, on the run. So settling down, with a real family, so full of life and laughter…was strange.

“They don’t even know me yet,” Hope sighs. “And I want my bed back,” she demands.

Hayley laughs at the silliness of it all.

“Well,” she whispers, “Why don’t you go wake him up?” she smirks, pointing to Klaus.

“Fine,” Hope huffs.

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Although certainly not childish, Lloyd looks as playful as he usually is. I like Nya here as well- love that confident smile! Cole looks like he’s hiding something… or maybe he’s just into his music. Jay looks ready for action! Personally, I love this Jay more than the show Jay. Kai… Nothing’s really changed- he’s the most goofy, but also the most serious of the group. I LOVE IT! I don’t even need to explain precious cinnamon roll Zane, do I? Wu and Garmadon actually look like Yin and Yang, lol. Their personalities are SO different! And… I’m still a bit mad they changed Misako- ahem, Koko- to make her look younger, but… I guess that’s okay.
Overall, I’m very pleased with these profiles and I’m HYPED for the movie! What are your thoughts on these characters?

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Hi! Big fan of this blog ;;;; Could you please consider relationship headcanons for the SDR2 girls with a female s/o?

Awww I’m glad you’re enjoying the content here Anon :D Here you areeee~

SDR2 Girls and Fem!S/O Relationship HCs

Chiaki Nanami:

- You will always be her Player 2

- You would often rest your head on her shoulder which would cause her to smile softly at you

- “We make a good team S/O - san… Maybe one day we can enter a gaming tournament together”

- “… I’d like that”

- Nanami gives you another smile before quickly planting a kiss on your face

- “Ah! S/O - san you need to heal me again!”

- “O-On it!”

Peko Pekoyama:

- You would often watch her train

- The way she moved was just so… Hypnotising

- Whenever she noticed you watching she would blush

- “Ah… S/O you’re staring again…”

- …

- “Oh! Sorry sorry! You’re just… You’re so amazing Pekoyama - san!”

- Why are you so cute?! She doesn’t deserve someone as cute as y-

- Before she can finish her thought, your arms are already wrapped around her in a gentle hug

Mahiru Koizumi:

- Her camera is always by her side

- She loves to take pictures of you

- Pictures of you smiling, pictures of you making goofy faces, pictures of you having fun with the others…

- “Koizumi - san! Hey hey take a picture of us now!”

- “Huh? You mean like… A selfie!”

- You nod happily

- “Hm… Well I don’t really do that but… Okay, I’ll do it for you F/n - chan!”

- She turns the camera to face the two of you before murmuring a ‘smile!’

- You instead turn your head and kiss her on the cheek right as you hear the camera ‘click’

- Needless to say, that is the cutest picture Koizumi ever took

Mikan Tsumiki:

- She always insists on taking care of you

- But usually, it’s the other way around

- “Wahhh I tripped again…”

- “Awww Tsumiki - san, you really have to be more careful haha… Hey where does it hurt?”

- She takes a second to think before showing you the palm of her hand

- You gently take her hand in yours and bring it to your lips planting several butterfly kisses all over it

- “Hahahaha… Stop it S/O - san.. Hahaha… T-That tickles hahaha”

- You can’t help but smile, her laugh is just so cute and pure

Ibuki Mioda:

- If you had to describe your relationship in one word it would be…

- Exhausting.

- You love her you really do but…. When she randomly decides that you’re going for a run at 5am you start questioning where she gets all her energy from

- “F/n - chan!~ Ibuki thought up of another bonding activity!”

- You mentally sigh before answering

- “What is it this time?”

- “Ibuki calls it…. Who can kiss the other the most times in a minute!”

- “Hu-”

- “GO!”

- Before you have time to react she has already jumped on you and started attacking you with kisses

Sonia Nevermind:

- She showers you with presents

- You of course try to return the favour but she always declines

- “No no! S/O - san you have given me the greatest present you could possibly get”

- “Huh? I did?”

- “Haha, of course you have silly”

- She gently taps your nose and winks

- It takes you a second to process what she meant

- And then you start blushing

- “Kyaaa! You’re so cuteee!”

- She pulls you into a hug which only makes you go a deeper shade of red

Hiyoko Saionji:

- You used to tease her about her height

- But now… You can’t do that anymore

- She’s all grown up now

- “Hey, S/O let’s go somewhere nice”

- “Awww, I was thinking the same thing! How about the ca-”

- “The gummy aisle in the supermarket.”

- Oh

- “Uh… Right, that’s what I was gonna say too!”

- She wraps an arm around yours and giggles

- “Kyahaha! We are literally perfect for each other! Now let’s go let’s go let’s go!”

- You are then dragged to the supermarket

Akane Owari:

- You found a list of simple to make meals

- So of course, you decided to try them out

- “Owari - san, would you like to be my taster?”

- She basically jumps with excitment

- “OF COURSE! What kinda question is that?!”

- “Hehe, it’s always better to check first!”

- She’s anxiously hovering over your shoulder looking at all the things you’re preparing 

- And she obviously doesn’t take a cheeky nibble whenever you’re not looking

- Once you’re done she grins at you before devouring the whole thing

- “Wow! That was soooo good… So, where are the seconds?”


Credit for gif -> xxx

  • Man Joy as a girlfriend is just a blessing for you and well everyone.
  • She does really cute things for you and makes it super cute as possible and definitely it’ll happen in front of people
  • So whenever she confessed to you it was in front of a shit ton of people
  • That went down in front of a ton of people
  • She’s just loud no matter where
  • But she’s also really soft
  • She’s really open about everything that’s all on her mind
  • And is she cry just wrap her up in a blanket like a burrito and feed her strawberries. It’ll make her feel better.
  • So lots of cuddling where she’s the small little spoon
  • And just looks at you and smiles you all goofy like
  • Just because she smiles at you and loves you so much dines’t mean she’s not going to judge you
  • Makes weird faces at you
  • You said that you didn’t like chocolate candy and she just made a weird face of disgust?? But you should know that she does that constantly
  • Hand holding is a must
  • But she really loves having her arm around your waist
  • Her hand on your thighs
  • She buys you cute little desserts cause they look cute and they remind her of you.
  • Has two photo albums of you on her phone.
  • One that’s filled with cute pictures of you
  • The other has pictures of you looking like a meme that she will use against you
  • She’s an absolute sweetheart to you but expect her to pull surprises to remind you how much she loves you
Sight beyond Sight: Chapter 2

Summary: When Kimberly lost her eye sight, she gained something back in return and entered a world that she never thought existed.

AN: So this one has a bit more violence in this one. It has a scene where there is some blood, (not a lot) but I wanted to add a warning here as well just to be on the safe side. Also I did a little research when it came to Kimberly’s new adjustment but if i missed something, please let me know. Also if you want to give advice concerning the topic at hand it would be much appreciated. 

Also another warning, there are some derogatory terms in this chapter as well. 

Chapter 2: A cacophony of endless sound.

“Love is blind, and therefore not responsible for whoever she bumps into.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Kim took about three weeks off from school after her accident.

At least that’s what Principal Caplan ruled it after “investigating” the situation concerning Kim’s injuries on school ground. Naturally it was Amanda’s father who had tight connections with the schools board of education that convinced them not to make his daughter a person of interest. Even though Trini knew that it was Amanda and Harper that shoved Kim face first into those acidic chemicals, there was no proof to officially punish those two girls.

But Trini knew. Their smug faces, the fact that they would giggle each time they cast glances at Trini, it was all saying the same thing “We’re untouchable and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The fact that they would get away with such a horrible action infuriated the yellow ranger to know end.

She didn’t care about their history. She didn’t care about some leaked picture drama in the past. There was no excuse for blinding her best friend.

She wanted to hurt them, to tear them apart, she wanted to cause the same pain and suffering that Kimberly was going through right now. But if she did that, then she’d be lowering herself to their level.

“Kim wouldn’t want that Trini.” Jason told her one day. Right before she was about to jump them from behind. “Especially after she’s changed so much for the better. This would be letting her down”

And Trini knew Jason was right. Kimberly turned  a complete 360 in her eyes. She was nicer, more open and most importantly she treated people the way that the deserve to be treated. Without judgment. She wasn’t the vein self centered mean girl that she was in the beginning. She wasn’t the bully that would send nude pictures of her friends to her boyfriend anymore.

She wasn’t that person and to do something like that would go against everything that Kim stood for. But that didn’t make Trini’s anguish or guilt go away. It just made it worse.

All she  could do was sob into Jason’s broad chest as he held her trying his best to dissipate Trini’s every growing guilt. If only she never told Kim about what Amanda said and told her that she was still in the science building. Kim might still have her vision today.


Kimberly liked to watch a lot of movies. And she’d like to think that she’s watched quite a few movies when dealing with vision loss. The movies make like to romantacize things when it came to being blind. There would be a montage of someone learning to read braille, they would fly by and pick it up in a heart beat and at the end of the film the blind character would end up becoming a public figure of sorts and end up making a world changing discovery all while saving the planet and getting the guy or girl in the end and living happily ever after.

But what they don’t show is how is the struggle that a blind teenager goes through. The complete overhaul of your school schedule to fit in those important introduction to braille learning, learning how to use a cane (which kimberly hated. It just reminded her of what she lost), learning to use audio books, having an aide following you around, it infuriated her to no end.

Kimberly absolutely despised having an aide with her. She prided herself of her independence and self reliance. Having someone around assisting her felt like having a baby sitter at her age. And apparently these aides weren’t to keen in being around her. She must have scared of four different aides. The last one reduced to tears as she ran off swearing never to work with another blind kid again.

On her first day back, her friends welcomed her with open arms. Naturally everyone in her group asked how was doing. Billy was the most excited as he literally jumped into the pink rangers arms asking how she was holding up and if she’s feeling better. He was always a sweet kid.

Zack was his usually sarcastic and dark humored self. But he meant well, even if he sometimes stuck his foot in his mouth.

“Hello Kimberly! Its good to see you!” he shouted. Which earned him a grimace and laugh from the pink ranger.

“Zack. She’s blind. Not deaf.” Jason reminded the black ranger. All Zack could do was blush at his embarasing mix up and apologize. Trini was uncharacteriscially quiet throughout the greeting. If it wasn’t for Kimberly hearing her familair footsteps and picking up the scent from the lemonade flavored lip gloss she was always wearing she wouldn’t have known that Trini stuck around.

“Hey Kim.” Trini gave her friend a timid response. Still unable to look Kim in her eyes. Not that she could since the pink ranger had on her perscription sun glasses. Her pupils were still sensitive to the lighting.

“Trini…” the former cheerleader placed her hands onto the shorter Latina’s shoulders as she rubbed them gently. She knew that Trini blamed herself. She could sense the girls heartbeat changing ever so slightly whenever she was around them. And it absolutely shattered her.

“You know when I was in the hospital, you guys were the only ones that visited me. That really kept me going you know?” She looked back up to her four team mates. The same team mates that never judged her or turned their backs on her. The same team mates that turned her into a better person.

“We’re just glad you’re back Kim.” She could hear Jason’s comforting and authorative voice. “It wasn’t the same without you.”

“Yo I really dig your shades. You got the whole Agent smith thing going for you.” Zack’s joke managed to get a laugh from everyone in the group. Even the previously wordless Yellow Ranger.

“Actually it’s more like Neo.” Billy began countering Zack’s statement. “ Agent Smith’s glasses aren’t as round as yours, and your rims are thicker so-”

“Oh god…”Kimberly just shook her head and smiled. Sight or no sight they were the same goofy idiots she knew and loved. “I really did miss you guys.”

“We missed you to K.” Their leader would mirror the group’s sentiments as the five of them walked down the halls of Angel Grove High to tackle the rest of their day.


Kimberly prided herself in her ability to do things on her own. She was a quicker learner and very skilled at remembering things after being taught to her only once. Her fellow rangers could attest to that as they’d all agreed she picked up those combat skills a lot quicker than most people. She was by every definition of the term an “independent women.” Yet her first few classes in the morning were those “Special classes” (according to her mom) that would teach her the tools and skills she needed to learn for every day life. And for the first time Kim found herself struggling.

She had to relearn everything from scratch. How to read, how to compose written sentences (she’d have resources available to her for that though) even simple things like math and searching the internet had it’s own system. Something that Kim was oblivious to. It was the first time in her life that she felt alone and frightened.

And it was the first time that she realized how many things in life she took for granted. Going to the movies with her friends, watching Billy’s face light up when talking about whatever sci fi movie that was released this week (It was some kind of new Star Wars film. She wasn’t into that genre), Seeing Zack and Jason’s face light up and laugh at random reasons, and Trini.

God how she’d miss looking into those deep brown eyes of hers. She knew the Latina’s face by heart. She probably studied it so many times that she could remember it even if she was blindfolded. Which ironically isn’t that far off in her current situation. But it was the little things she also missed. Texting with the group, taking photos on her instagram account, using her smart phone, everything that she loved doing she had taken for granted.

The day she was released from the hospital she wanted to use her phone to post an update on her facebook telling everyone that shes happy to be back home only to be met with the realization that she wouldn’t be able to see the keys in order to type out the message. Hell she couldn’t even see the apps that were on her smart phone. She actually broke down in tears at that very moment knowing that her life would change forever. Her own mother could only console her distraught teenager daughter the only way she knew how. Holding her and rocking her back and worth while rubbing her back as Kim clung to her mother’s waist like she used to when she was a little girl. “You’re a Hart. Kimberly. And Hart’s always find a way to keep beating. Even if the rest of the body shuts down.” her mother would say to her whenever she doubted herself. Kimberly would take whatever comforting and encouraging words she could get.

At Lunch though most things remained the same for the most part. Billy would go on about whatever science project he was working on while Jason would warn him not to blow up anything or cause anymore fires, the young science and tech entheusiast would keep saying “it was only that one time!.” Which wasn’t true. It was multiple times. But she was happy for that small twenty minute break of normalcy in her new routine. And like always Trini would be sitting next to Kimberly.

That’s something she’ll never take advantage of again. She was so grateful that the short Latina was there by her side. What was different was that Kimberly was not only able to hear the conversations going on in her table, but she was able to hear other people’s conversations around her. The jock’s at the table laughing at a video where one of them was beating up a smaller student, the cheerleaders at their usual tables making nasty comments and slut shaming comments about other students on facebook, she was able to pick up Amanda’s hateful words about her. About how “kimberly got what was coming to her. That bitch deserved it.” and Kimberly was outside of the lunch room of all places when she heard it!

Was she going crazy or was everything just…louder? The constant noise in her head and the overwhelming of her senses was giving her a headache. She felt Trini’s hand touching her shoulder in concern. The yellow ranger must have seen Kim’s face of discomfort.

“Kim? You ok?” Trini asked. Her voice laced with worry. “Do you need to go to the nurse or something?”

“No, I’m fine.” Kim waved off the other girl’s concern rubbing her own temples. “It’s just a small headache. Really I’m ok”

“You sure kim? You don’t look so good.” It was Jason’s turn to voice his concern for his fellow ranger. “Maybe Trini is right. A trip to the nurses office might be a good thing.”

The pink ranger was about to protest until she lifted her nose towards Jason’s direction. Her sense of smell being attacked overwhelmed by whatever meat or meat like substance Jason was eating for his lunch.

“Jace what the hell are you eating?” Kim asked in disgust. Jason just looked at her in confusion as he took another bite of his lunch.

“Uh…meat loaf?”

“Is that what it smells like?” The pink ranger would inquire, again scrunching up her nose in disgust. “It smells more like spam and greasy bread ugh.” She placed her hands over her own stomach as her sense of smell was attacked with the strong odor from Jason’s lunch. For kim, she never really paid attention to what her friends ate. Before her accident she never even noticed the quality of the food in the school.

But now the blind ranger’s sense of smell was not only bombarded the scent from the cafeteria but all around her. The fresh cut grass they were all sitting on, the salad dressing on Trini’s lunch, the smoke coming from the teacher’s lounge, it was pulling her sense of smell in multiple directions at once.

She never ate the school lunch before, she always brought her own organic and preprepared lunch with her to school. She never trusted the food before but after taking in a whiff of what Jason was eating she sure as hell wasn’t going to be dining down on whatever Angel Grove high was feeding their students.

“That’s because you never ate the school lunch before princess.” Zack smirked taking in a forkful of the mashed…whatever that they were serving today. “Us poor kids? We gotta go with whatever the public schooling system feeds us. Which isn’t so bad. Taco tuesdays are great.”

“I kinda like the deli sandwiches they give us on fridays. The sandwiches are always squared, and it comes with a donut from Krispy Kreme.” Billy chimed in as he took a bite from his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was the least offensive food item on the table. Kim however barely touched her own food. She didn’t have much of an apatite these days.

“Sorry guys. It’s just that everything smells so…strong.” The brunette just squinted her eyes trying her best to block out this new sensation she was feeling. It didn’t help knowing that the sun was shining down on her still sensitive and raw pupils. The sunglasses only could do so much.

“Hey Kim. I was thinking. Maybe we could talk to Zordon about your accident. He might be able to do fix this.” Jason suggested. His tone changing in the slightest.

Kimberly’s head snapped up at her friend’s suggestion. She never thought about it before. Zordon did come from a planet where his technology was more advanced than theirs in terms of discovery and progress.

“Yeah. I mean he’s gone some serious star trek technology going on. It’s worth a shot right?” The other rangers nodded in agreement. For the first time since her accident, Kimberly started to feel some hope. As their lunch period was coming to a close and the group got up from their seated position they were greeted uncerimoniously by a very nasally and annoying laughter. Kimberly knew who that laugh belonged to. She cringed enough times at it’s droll sound from behind her back.

“Well if it isn’t the charity case and it’s group of school Rejects.”

Kimberly flinched at the sound of Amanda’s familiar demeaning voice. The other four people in the group just glared at the resident queen bee and her entourage just surrounding them. Kim could hear Ty and Harper’s malicious laughter in the background as a crowd started to form around them.

“Hey Kim. Welcome back. I see that it’s be kind to the handicap day. And look! You got yourself a seeing eye dog! How sweet.” Amanda cooed as she batted her eyelash towards Trini. The Yellow ranger only narrowed her eyes towards her in anger in response. A mixture of giggles and murmmers surrounded the large forming group as the rest of Kim’s friends stood in defense. Jason was the first to speak out.

“Amanda why don’t you do us all a favor a leave? We’re not looking for trouble.”

“Yeah don’t you have a sugar daddy to annoy and bum pocket change off of or something?” Zack would retort. He was never as nice as their fearless leader of the group. That seem to have riled Amanda’s feathers.

“Hey Chink, why don’t you make yourself useful and take your mommy to her chemotherapy session. I hear she’s coming up towards her expiration date.”

That seemed to have worked on Zack as he looked as if he was about to Lunge towards Amanda. Girl or not nobody was about to make light of his mother’s situation. If it wasn’t for Billy and Jason holding the black ranger back and convincing him not to engage he probably would’ve lost it by now.

“Are you serious Amanda? What the hell is your problem?” Trini was starting to lose her own patience as Ty and Amanda stood directly in front of her. Blocking her path. She just glared up at the two taller bullies leaving Amanda standing face to face with Kim.

“Relax. I just wanted to welcome Kim back. So she can SEE. The warm welcome that she’s getting ” Amanda added a petty jab as she blinked her working eyes in front of the now quivering blind girl. She leaned into Kim’s ears and sneered quietly. “ After all, you know all about sending people visual aid right?”

Kim could only bite her lip at Amanda’s reminder of what she did. It wasn’t one of Kimberly’s proudest moments. And there wasn’t a day that didn’t go back that she wished she could take back what she did. A part of her even wondered if she was a nice person to Amanda, maybe the girl wouldn’t have turned out to be such a callous bitch to everyone.

“By the way. Nice shades Kim! Still managing to stay fashionable even after your blunder I see. What are these Prada?” Amanda snatched the glasses off of Kim’s face. For any normal person they would barely feel anything other than some embarassment, but with kim’s accident being recent it felt like someone was pouring scalding hot water into her eye sockets. Kimberly screamed in pain as the harsh sunlight came in contact with her still weakened pupils.

She clenched her eyes shut covering her scared frontal face with her own hands. The endless noise of disgusted yelps and laughter filling her ears pumling her ear drums mercisly. “amanda did you see her eyes? They’re white as hell! God her scars are so gross” She could hear harper and Ty’s laughing as Trini and the rest of the group was trying to break free.

“That’s enough Amanda!” Jason yelled as he and Zack tried to advanced towards her only to be blocked by a group of his own former peers from the football team. Trini tried to break free of Ty and Amanda’s grasp. Even Billy who was usually the calmest of the group had to be held back by Amanda’s entouage. Amanda just walked up to Kimberly who still had her eyes shut. Tears were already starting to leak from the pink ranger’s defective eyes.

“Don’t think I’m gonna take it easy on you just because you’re handicap Hart.” Amanda sneered one last time before violently shoving Kimberly to the ground. “You gotta watch where your going Kim. You really should try to see what’s in front of you.”

Amanda gave one last spiteful laugh before throwing the ranger’s sunglasses down onto the ground. As Kim fell to the dirt her head came in contact, even in her muddled state of mind, her senses were still in overdrive, Trini yelling Kim’s name as she rushed towards her along with her other friends, the sounds of footsteps rushing towards her, the heat coming from the mass of bodies surrounding her, as she drifted off into the darkness, the blood from the cut on her head spilling out of her wound the only thing running through her mind was the endless echos and vibrating sound that would never cease.

AN: I know I ended this chapter in a bit of a downer. But I wanted to set this up for something much more extraordinary in the upcoming chapters! It’s definitely gonna take a much more intense spin. At least I hope it comes across that way. lol

Hi, Nance.

requested by anon: Nany drops Mike at the Byer’s…

“Mike get your head back inside the window you’ll knock your head off!” Nancy yelled over the wind rushing through the car window and the music blasting over the radio.

Mike reluctantly pulled his head back into the car and rolled the window up with a pout, “Oh come on, Nancy. I was just having fun, mom lets me do it”.

“Well I’m not mom.” Nancy reached over and turned down the music playing. She was really starting to like The Smiths. Jonathan’s mixtapes had expanded her music taste exponentially. The thought made her smile a little as she tapped her finger along with the beat.

Mike eyed her smile with a devious smirk. “What’s that goofy smile for, Nance? Nervous to see Jonathan? Is that why you’re being so snappy?”

Nancy choked on the coffee she had just taken a sip of, then coughed to cover the unfortunate reflex. Mike had recently started asking far too many questions.

“Or maybe I just don’t want to have to explain to mom why I brought her son home without a head”. Mike laughed and sat back on his seat.

“Oh yeah I’m sure, Nancy”.

She rolled her eyes, but there was so hiding the way her stomach seemed to crawl up into her throat when she turned the car into the Byer’s long driveway.

When they came to a stop in front of the house, Mike grabbed the duffle bag and board game box from the back seat, running out of the car door and jumping over the two other bikes already thrown haphazardly onto the lawn. Nancy turned the car off and followed after her brother to the front door step.

He heard her behind him just as he was about to ring the bell. He looked at her questioningly.

“I want to make sure Mrs. Byer’s is home,” she said quickly, trying to supply her brother with the most believable answer as to why she had followed him to the door.

Mike just shrugged and rang the bell. Nancy resisted the urge to laugh at herself. Mrs. Byer’s…yeah…that was the reason she was here.

To her dismay, Joyce was the one who answered the door. She was smiling and had what looked to be flour smudged on her dress. The smell of something baking wafted out the door.

“Oh hi, Mike. They’re l in Will’s room”.

Mike was past Joyce and into the hallway before she could even fully get the sentence out of her mouth. Nancy sighed and looked at the woman apologetically.

“I’m so sorry he’s just”

Joyce laughed and shook her head, “Oh no it’s alright. I understand the importance of a mythical board game to 12 year old boys”.

Nancy laughed “If I had a dollar for every time Mike made a reference to that game I don’t understand I’d-”

Suddenly, from inside the house a sound like a door being thrown open was heard along with a voice. “Mom? Mom, who is that”?

Joyce smiled a little smugly and without taking her eyes off Nancy called back, “It’s Nancy Byer’s, Jonathan”. Nancy’s heart skipped into her throat at the same pace shoes could be heard running down the hallway.

“I’ll go check on the brownies,” said Joyce, disappearing back into the kitchen. Moments later, the face of Jonathan Byers appeared in the doorway.

“Hi, Nance”.

“Hi, Jonathan”.

Breathe Nancy breathe you’re cheeks are getting hot…

A brief, charged moment settled over the two of them as they stood there in the door way, doing what they had not stopped doing for months, since the night with the monster: trying to put words to what the hell was going on in the other mind. Before the silence could get particularly comfortable, Jonathan looked off into the kitchen behind him then back at Nancy. He thought for a moment.

Nancy loved when Jonathan thought. It was like watching a machine turn. It was methodical but impossible to follow. Interesting yet beautifully difficult to understand. 

“Would you like a brownie? My mom just made a fresh batch”.

Nancy smiled. “I would love to, Jonathan”.


A/N: I ate a custard-filled doughnut hole yesterday and it was lovely. Remember to treat yo’self to something sweet every once in a while. Like this fic. Ayyyy. 

Word Count: 2,339

She hates being here but it’s not all that bad. At least that’s what she’s thinking as she bites into her delicate pastry. The crispy outer shell crunches between her teeth and she licks her lips, making sure not to waste any bit of sugar from her doughnut. A moan of absolute pleasure escapes from her lips before she can help it. It’s been a while since she was able to indulge herself in her favorite dessert – they never had any in her hometown and the trainees visits to the civilian districts only came twice a month – but it always tastes as delicious as she remembers it. When she opens her eyes, she’s surprised – and embarrassed as hell – when she sees Eren and his friends standing in front of her.

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starplatinyaa  asked:

it's my birthday on the ninth and i love your writing, so i hope it's okay to ask for headcanons involving a sweet & spacey member of la squadra expressing very obvious affection towards pesci ?? the other members tease her about it but she just smiles and says things like yes, she really like pesci a lot, he's very cute and he is doing his best ♥ and they can't believe she can say such fluffy things like that so openly ?? (bonus points if prosciutto threatens her but it just goes over her head)

Ooooo. Happy birthday, fam!!! I hope you like these headcanons!

-It was obvious, extremely, painfully, incredibly obvious that you were head over heels for a specific member of La Squadra, Pesci.

-You always had loving stares and goofy, wide smiles towards him during the mission briefings, showered him with affection and encouragements and other mushy and cringey stuff when he got back to the base from a mission, and just hung out with him constantly on your guys’ free time.

-Illuso would catch on first, throwing around information casually on where Pesci was and what he likes and so on (you were incredibly thankful for that). Illuso doesn’t really tease, maybe just has a knowing stare whenever Pesci walks into the same room you two were in (you don’t understand the look he’s giving to you).

-Risotto doesn’t care, as long as it doesn’t affect your state during missions, it’s all good.

-Ghiaccio also doesn’t care, he could give less than two shits about romance in the assassination business, but probably gives you a concerned look about why you would ‘like someone as ugly as Pesci’ and from there, you try to defend Pesci’s looks and argue with Ghiaccio that he shouldn’t say something mean like that about someone as adorable as Pesci.

-And then, there’s Melone and Formaggio. Those two are… on a whole other level. There’s a heavy amount of teasing from both (more from Formaggio with him making kissy faces on the sidelines but you don’t think much of it). It couldn’t be more obvious that you liked Pesci with the amount of teasing they both give (well. It’s not like it was a secret in the first place, Prosciutto asked if you liked Pesci, and you just told him with a flat out ‘yes’).

-Melone would compare Pesci’s and your horoscopes to see if you two were a compatible pair, use everything he knows about psuedo science to see if you two were great together (he’s a bit on the extreme side), and then question you about everything on why you like Pesci. More info equals more data.

-Prosciutto… is suspicious. There has to be something more than that ‘kind’ facade you constantly put on when you’re at the base. There has to be some ulterior motive. He finds no evidence of anything. He figures he might as well go for a threat to make sure that you understand that dating Pesci is serious business. If you make one wrong move, if you hurt Pesci in any way, shape, or form, then you’re a goner.

-”Of course I won’t hurt Pesci! Why would I ever do that? We’re partners!” There’s a tilt of the head on your part, and Prosciutto is 100000% sure that you didn’t get the message, but before he could threaten some more, Pesci happens to walk into the room, and now he’s all that you can see and pay attention too. You brighten up, and head over towards the insecure man and begin to talk to him. Prosciutto could only sigh and shake his head.

For you, @beanmaster-pika! I’m working on Lavi, several people have asked for him. But here! Have my favorite pink girl~! (PLEASE TELL ME YOU MEANT MINA ASHIDO BECAUSE OTHERWISE I’LL MAKE ANOTHER FOR THE CORRECT CHARACTER.)

Ashido Mina

Why I like them

She’s got this energy about her that just makes me want to like her, y’know? Her smile is just so goofy and her sense of fashion both conflicts and merges with her unique appearance so well. I mean, look at this?

Also, she’s kinda my favorite color.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Not really an episode yet, but I love her and Kirishima’s backstory together.

Favorite season/movie

Season 2, the Sports Festival Arc

Favorite line

“When you’ve actually overcome yourself deep down, come and tell me, okay?“

-Mina Ashido to Kirishima Eijirou

Favorite outfit

I love her hero costume so much, you have no idea! It’s so gaudy yet it suits her spunky personality perfectly. It reminds me of the 80′s for some reason…




Bakusquad & Mina and Jirou & Mina

Head Canon

Mina may not be book-smart, but she’s a genius when it comes to social interactions. She uses psychology without realizing what exactly she’s doing.

Unpopular opinion

A lot of people focus on Bakugou’s quirk as being one that’s dangerous, and while I kinda agree, I think Mina’s is just as dangerous as Bakugou’s. Let’s not forget this girl produces literal acid, and could easily kill someone if she isn’t careful. A quirk like hers would be perfect for disposing of evidence, sabotage, and if applied to an enemy, could easily leave permanent damage. The fact that she exercises such restraint and control over her Quirk is admirable.

A wish

I want to know more about her personally.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Her dying or accidently hurting someone with her acid.

5 words to best describe them

Spunky Pink Fluffy Alien Queen

My nickname for them

Floofy Girl

Son of Wayne

for the baew ~ ♡


Starfire didn’t wear black often. But he couldn’t help but hope that she wore the color even more. 

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Unexpected Love p.2

Part 1 was super successful so here is part two

(Peter Parker x reader)
Warnings: some swearing here and there other than that pretty fluffy
Summary: What happens when you fall in love with the someone you hate and don’t even know it is them……..
Word Count: 2139
(Y/N) means (your name)
(Y/S/H/N) means (your super hero name)

(gif isn’t mine full credit goes to owner)


Peter’s P.O.V

“Bye Aunt May!”, I yell out to her grabbing my backpack and heading out the door. 

“Have a good day kid!”

I walk out the door and start heading to school. I get to school and check the time. I am really early. I go into the cafeteria to wait till school starts. There isn’t a lot of people here. I look around and see (Y/N) sitting in the corner alone and reading her book. Wow. She really was beautiful. She was always really mysterious to me. All she really ever did was read her book. I walk over and sit down next her. She looks over at me and smiles. I smile back, “Hi.”, I say to her. 

“Hi.”, she says back. I sit down across from her. A small mistake. Neither of us know what to say so we really just sit there in silence. An awkward silence. 

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

Well this is awkward. I wasn’t expecting someone to come sit down with me. I just keep reading my book. “So, what are you reading?”, he asks.

I lift up my book showing him the cover of the book. “The Maze Runner?”, he says, “What is that about?”

“Um there are these people that were put in a maze for some unknown reason and they have to find their way out. The maze was full of all boys but the people that they are assuming made the maze sent a girl days after the last boy, Thomas, was sent. They were told that she was the last one ever. Now that they aren’t being supplied with food and supplies they really need to find a way out.”, I answer.

“Oh, um sounds interesting.”

“It is. This is just the first book in the series so there is a lot more to be read then just getting out of a maze.”

“Oh. You have a favorite character?”, he asks

“Yeah, his name is Newt. I don’t know why I love him so much there is just something about him. Other people that I have talked to love him too. It is almost like he is glue and everyone gets attached to him.”, I say letting out a little giggle. Peter lets out a small laugh. We start to talk and eventually I loose track of time. We were getting into a very heated conversation about algebra when the bell rang. I look down to my clock, “Oh wow, class starts in 5 minutes.”, I say grabbing my backpack to get to class. 

“We should probably get going. I had fun talking to you.”, he says grabbing his backpack.

“I had fun talking to you.” I say walking down the hall “Bye!”

“Bye! See you in physics.” he replies walking down the hall 

I sigh. “Well I’m excited for physics.”

I look over to the clock. Only 3 minutes until this class ends and I get to go to physics. I listen to the teacher blab on and on about some history topic. After what felt like 100 hours the bell finally rang. I grabbed my backpack and started to head to my next class. I make it to my class and walk over to my desk. I wait there for a little bit until I see Peter walk in. I smile at him. He smiles back. He has a really nice smile. “Hey.”, he says.

“Hi.”, I say back. 

“How was your day?”, he asks. 

“It was good. Yours?”

“It was fine.”

The bell rang and class started. About half way through I felt something poking my elbow. I look down. Peter is poking me with a piece of paper. I take the paper and open it. It says:

Okay here is the thing. I really like you. I would love to get to know you better. Since today is Friday would you like to go on a date? Maybe around 7:00? Just say yes or no

________________x write your answer here. 

I look at him and smile. I take my pencil and write down a little three letter word. 

Peter’s P.O.V

I see her writing down something on the note. I hope she says yes. If she doesn’t this would be super awkward. She hands me back the note putting her attention back on the teacher. I take the note and open it. She said yes. Holy shit. I was not expecting to get this far. I look at her and smile. The rest of the class I am way to happy to actually listen

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

The bell rings. I pick up my backpack. “I’ll see you later. Here is my number so you can tell me where to meet.”, I say to him smiling handing him a piece of paper with my number.

“Yeah, thank you.”, he said

“What do you recommend I wear?”, I ask

He thought for a while. “Something casual.”

“Okay.”, I say walking out the room

When I get home I tell my mom that I am going out tonight. I go to my room to decide what i should wear. I look around in my closet. “What does casual even mean? What kind of casual does he mean? Business casual? Just normal casual? Fancy casual? Are any of these even things?” I think to myself “Why am I over reacting it is just a date with a boy that is super cute, smart, funny adorable, awkward……the list goes on.” 

After what felt like 20 hours of looking at my closet. I finally decided on some skinny jeans, my maroon converse, and a maroon and white striped shirt. I go to the bathroom and straighten my hair. I redo my makeup and put on my necklace. I sit down on the couch and check the time. 6:00. What do I do for an hour? I check my phone and see that I have a text from Peter. 

“Hey! I am going to come pick you up. What is your address so I know where to pick you up?”

I send him my address and lay down on my bed. My phone lights up.

“Thank you. I’ll be there in an hour!”

I smile at my phone. I can’t wait. My mom walks into my room. “Hey.”, she says

“Hi mom.”, I say “What do you want?”

“I can’t just come in and say hi to my child?”


“Okay fine. Don’t forget that tomorrow you have to continue the plan.”, she says very seriously

“Mom, I know what I need to do.”, I say rolling my eyes

“Yeah but you are the most powerful of the family lineage so far. You are the one.”, she says. Boy have I heard that so many times. You see my family has a history of powers. Since the beginning of time they have been planning this big thing. It was said that once one born with the power to move without touch and leave with leaving will be the one to commence the plan. Everyone thinks that it is me because my invisibility and telekinesis. I agree with what they say and it might not be what other people think but it truly is the right thing. 

“Mom, calm down. I will continue the plan.”, I say to her calming her down. 

“Okay. Where are you even going?”, she asked

“Um, I am just going out.”, I say. I don’t want to tell my mom that it is a date yet. 

“Okay…..have fun”, she says walking out of the room

I sit in my room reading my book. My phone lights up again. I got a text from Peter.

“I’m here!”

I smile and get up and go get my purse, do a last minute check on my look, and walk down the stairs to get to him. I see him in a car. I knock on the window. He unlocks the door and lets me in. “Hey.”, I say getting in the car and putting on my seat belt. 

“Hey. You look great.”, he says smiling

“You look really good too.”, I said. He was wearing jeans, a button up shirt and his hair is very nicely styled. (Can I just say that at this point I am thinking of Aunt May helping him get ready. Like she would make sure that everything is right and like keep on fixing his hair. Then Peter would be like “Aunt May it is fine. It is all okay can I go now?” Then she would be like “Oh okay. My little baby is growing up”. Then peter would get all blushy and groan. Idk it is just what I thought would happen on Peter’s side. Back to the story)

“Okay we will be there in like 5 minutes so I want you to close your eyes.”, he says.

“Okay….. You aren’t kidnapping me right?”, I say covering my eyes

He lets out a laugh “Of course not!”

I let out a laugh and sit there with my eyes closed. Five minutes later I feel the car park. “Okay open your eyes.”

I slowly take my hands off my eyes and look at the building ahead. It is the laser tag place. I look at Peter. I let out a laugh “YOU ARE GOING DOWN!”

“We’ll see about that.”

I walk around the corner. I look around for Peter. I see him in the distance around a corner. I start to walk behind a pillar and aim at him. I pull the trigger and hit him. He turns around and I wave at him. He starts to run after me and I run away. “Get back here!”, he says running towards me. 

“Never!”, I say running. Then suddenly i am in a pickle. I hit a dead end. I look for a way out

“I got you now.”, he says getting closer

“Fine I surrender.”, I say putting my hands up. I expect him to shoot but he doesn’t. “Why didn’t you shoot?”

“Because that wouldn’t be fair.”, he says with a little smirk. The bell suddenly rings showing that our 30 minute game is over. We go out to put our stuff away. 

“You wanna go get some ice cream?”, he says as we walk out of the building. 

“That sounds nice.” I say getting into the car. 

When we get to the ice cream place I order my favorite ice cream flavor. I go to pay then Peter comes and says “Nope I got it.”

“No, you payed for the laser tag the least I could do is pay for the ice cream.”, I say

“There is nothing you can say that will make me not pay for this.”

I sigh, “Please just let me pay! My treat.”

“Nope.”, he says popping the p.

“Fine.”, I say putting away my wallet. He gives a goofy smile that I just can’t help but smile at.

I go sit down outside and start to eat my ice cream. “So tell me more about yourself.”, he says taking a lick of his ice cream. 

“What do you want to know?”, I ask

“Who is (Y/N)? What is her backstory?”

“Well me and my mom moved here when I was 13. I am really shy so I didn’t really talk to many people. I like to read. I like movies. I love my moms cooking……..”

For the rest of the time we really just sat and talked. He told some awful jokes and it was a really fun time. After awhile we checked the time. We had been there for 45 minutes. We decided it was time to leave. We got up and went to the car for him to drive me home. When we get there we sit there for a little. “I had a great time.”, I say looking at him. 

“Me too.”, he says. I look over at him and looks over at me. We just stare at each other for a little bit.  Suddenly he starts to lean in. “Can I?” 

“Yeah.”, I say smiling. Next thing I know I am kissing him. His lips are really soft and he is really good at kissing. We separate and I smile at him. 

“I should get going.”, I said


“Bye.”, I say unbuckling my seat belt and opening the door “I’ll see you Monday”

“Yeah! Bye.”, he said. I walked of. He didn’t drive off until I reached the door. I walked up the stairs and got to our floor. I unlocked the door and went in.

“I’M HOME!”, I yell out to my mom. I go to my room and lay down. I let out a content sigh and a the biggest smile ever. 


There is it part 2! It is super fluffy. I promise that in the next part there will be some extreme action!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a highschool AU where pietro makes a huge promposal to you with the help of tony, Bruce, Steve, natasha, clint, thor, (maybe convince loki to help as well), and Wanda Please and thank you! :D

Title: I’ve Been Waiting For That

Words: 1,077

Warnings: None (If I’m wrong message me and I’ll fix it)

Notes: I really hope this is okay since it’s the first thing that anyone’s ever requested. Please tell me what you think about it!

Pietro looked around the empty classroom at his friends. His stomach was knotted from anxiety and he was afraid that they’d all shoot down the idea of him asking you to prom. “I know you all have very busy schedules, but this is an emergency and I have no idea wha-“

“You want to ask Y/N to prom, don’t you?” Tony asked nonchalantly, lounging on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk.

“WHAT… I mean…h-how did you know?” Pietro questioned, face growing red when he heard your name.

“It’s obvious,” Tony took his feet off of the desk, stood up, and started to fidget with something in his hands while he spoke. “You’re always running around with your track buddies, you almost never slow down. The other day in the hallway I saw a freshman try to ask you to prom and you just kept walking. Her precious little face was so distraught, it almost brought a tear to my eye. You never seem to slow down for anyone, but whenever you see Y/N, you completely stop. Plus, you do all the lovey dovey stuff like stare at her when she’s not looking and you get this goofy smile. It’s cute, really it is.”

Pietro’s blush grew even more while Tony was talking. “O-okay… but how should I ask her to the Prom?”

“I don’t know how, but it should be something really good because this morning Y/N was talking about how she’s not sure if she even wants to go to prom.” Nat replied, raising an eyebrow and waiting for Pietro’s response.

“I-“ Pietro started but was interrupted.

“It’s probably because the person she wants to ask her to prom hasn’t asked yet.” Bruce started quietly, leaning forward as he became more involved in the discussion.

“This is true.” Wanda confirmed, nodding her head. “Three boys and even one girl has approached Y/N this week. She turned down all of them.”

Pietro’s heart was beating much faster than normal. What if Y/N actually liked him too? What if she was waiting for him to ask her out? “Help me plan the perfect promposal for Y/N.”

Thor stood up and patted Pietro’s shoulder with his large hand. “Of course, brother.” Thor gave him a large smile and Pietro returned a weaker yet very grateful smile.

“All right team,” Steve stood up, put his hands on his hips and looked at everyone. “Let’s start brainstorming!”


You couldn’t help but think about prom. And how the one person who you wanted to ask you hadn’t asked yet. You thought you were making it obvious that you liked him, but maybe not obvious enough. Sighing, you closed your locker and turned to your two friends, Wanda and Nat, who had been waiting for you.

“What are you doing for prom, Nat?” You asked her as you all walked to lunch.

“Fury didn’t let me have the night off, so I’ll just be teaching martial arts down at the rec center.” She sighed, annoyed that her boss was so strict.

“What about you, Wanda?”

“I do not know. No one has asked me.” Her face stayed clear of all emotion, but Nat and I exchanged a worried look since her voice sounded disappointed.  

“Hey, you don’t need anybody to ask you. You can still go and have fun!” You offered, giving her an awkward side hug.

“Maybe…” She looked down sadly.

“I heard Steve doesn’t have a date, he might want to go with you.” Nat was always trying to set Steve up with someone. After a moment of awkward silence Nat nudged you. “Let’s eat lunch in the courtyard today.”

Wanda gave her a confused look before her eyes widened and she nodded her head quickly. “Yes, let’s go.”

“I don’t know guys, the pollen is pretty bad and I don’t want to sneeze on-“You started, not really wanting to go outside.

“Come ooooon, Y/N! Please? Just for today.” Nat pleaded, taking your hand while Wanda took the other and they both started dragging you before you had the chance to respond.

They forced you to sit at a table and sat on your sides. They seemed to have forgotten you were there, since they seemed to be intently searching for something. “You guys looking for something?” As soon as the words left your mouth, your attention was drawn to someone standing on one of the tables across the court yard.  It was Pietro. His usually untidy hair was slicked back and he was wearing a nice button down shirt. What was that loveable idiot up to now?

“Hello, everybody!”  He shouted, making sure to draw everyone’s attention to himself. Some kids threw trash at him, and although his smile faltered, he kept going. You could tell he was nervous since his fingers kept tapping at his sides. “Does anybody know where Y/N is?”

“She’s right here!” Nat and Wanda cheered as they pushed me to stand on the table. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you and you began to second guess your outfit, even though it was fine.

“Ah!” Pietro’s eyes lit up as he saw you and you smiled at his happiness. “Y/N,” As he started to speak, rose petals came from the sky. You looked up to see that Tony, Steve, Clint, Bruce, and Thor were all on the roof, throwing down rose petals. Your heart fluttered at the idea of it all and you wanted to giggle, but you gave your attention back to Pietro. “Y/N, I’m extremely lucky to have a best friend who is beautiful inside and out-“

“He’s talking about me!” Tony yelled from the roof, earning a glare from Pietro.

“Shut up! I’m trying to do something nice for Y/N!” He yelled back before quickly gathering himself and smiling sheepishly at you. “Do you want to go to the prom with me?”

You jumped down from the table you were standing on and ran up to his table, people helping you quickly stand up next to him. You smiled up at him and threw your arms around his neck, trapping him in a tight embrace. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you just as tight. Some people were clapping and some people were laughing at the two dorks hugging each other on top of the table. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask that, Speedy.” You whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek.

New Year Resolutions

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Request: happy new year! could you do a one shot with Peter (in his pov) & the reader on new year eve or new year’s day and they are talking and cuddling about the celebrations/what the new year has on store. & w/in the new year he is going to propose. Thanks 

Author’s Note: Happy New Year everybody! I thought this was really cute and I wanted to get it done right away while it’s still relevant lol It is really, really short and I apologize for that. so, here ya go! Enjoy c:

Warnings: Maybe some language, idk


Peter’s POV

Y/N let out a small sigh, her lips turned up in a grin. I looked down at her, studying her features even though I had them memorized perfectly. Her beautiful eyes were focused on the television as the parade played. I smiled to myself, thinking how lucky I was to have found her.

“Peter?” she asked softly, rolling to her back so her head was in my lap instead of on my chest. I moved my arm to wrap around her frame, playing with her hair.

“Hm?” I hummed in reply, content to just stay in this moment forever.

“What do you think this year is going to bring? Do you have any resolutions or goals?”

“I think it’ll be a great year,” I told her, totally honest. Y/N smiled up at me, teeth and all, making me chuckle. “I have everything I could ever want. An amazing girl, a great place to live, financial security.”

“So, no resolutions?”

“I think my biggest resolution for this year is just to be a better man, for you. Make you the happiest woman on the planet,” I said, letting the love I felt for her be conveyed in my expression.

“Peter,” she whispered, a goofy, loving smile adorning her face. She sat up, kissing me sweetly. I hummed into the kiss, tangling my fingers in her soft hair. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Y/N,” I replied, meaning every word. “So, what about you? What’s in store for my sweetheart this year?”

“I don’t know,” she started, sighing a bit. “I’d like to maybe find a house, get out of this apartment. I wanna travel with you a bit. Just spend time with you really, make memories.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I said softly, nuzzling her neck before she giggled and laid down again, watching the rest of the parade.

I smiled to myself, smirking in my mind. Y/N had no idea what I had planned for this year. I had big ideas for us. She wanted memories, she was getting memories. I thought of the ring I had hidden in the closet, the house options I had bookmarked on my laptop, the honeymoon trip I had all thought out. Who knows, maybe we would even start our family this year.

The new year was going to bring all kinds of new things for us, and I couldn’t wait.