i just really like her goofy smile so

All the feels at 1:39AM

alright so tonight I got really fried with a bunch of different friends and we were passing the bong around and one of my friends said, “so dude what’s up with the girl you’ve been posting pictures with?” And I just got really fuckin happy, I mean like the type of happy that your heart starts beating faster and you get that goofy ass smile on your face without even realizing it. so all my friends gave me shit because my eyes were so red and I was smiling like an idiot. As I sat there thinking about her beautiful soul and kind heart, that’s when the alluring words poured out of my mouth like a flood rushing in. I went on and on about how intelligent she is and how charming she is. I went on about the way her smile lights up the whole room and how her laugh makes my heart race. I went on about the way she cares about everyone and the way she speaks to people as if she’s speaking to her mother with the most inviting, softest, words. She’s the type of girl that you keep around for more than a million reasons. She’s the rarest form of pure beauty all wrapped up into one soul. So find yourself a girl like mine, the girl who makes you happy to be alive and doesn’t try to fix you, but holds your hand as you fix yourself.

Hi, Nance.

requested by anon: Nany drops Mike at the Byer’s…

“Mike get your head back inside the window you’ll knock your head off!” Nancy yelled over the wind rushing through the car window and the music blasting over the radio.

Mike reluctantly pulled his head back into the car and rolled the window up with a pout, “Oh come on, Nancy. I was just having fun, mom lets me do it”.

“Well I’m not mom.” Nancy reached over and turned down the music playing. She was really starting to like The Smiths. Jonathan’s mixtapes had expanded her music taste exponentially. The thought made her smile a little as she tapped her finger along with the beat.

Mike eyed her smile with a devious smirk. “What’s that goofy smile for, Nance? Nervous to see Jonathan? Is that why you’re being so snappy?”

Nancy choked on the coffee she had just taken a sip of, then coughed to cover the unfortunate reflex. Mike had recently started asking far too many questions.

“Or maybe I just don’t want to have to explain to mom why I brought her son home without a head”. Mike laughed and sat back on his seat.

“Oh yeah I’m sure, Nancy”.

She rolled her eyes, but there was so hiding the way her stomach seemed to crawl up into her throat when she turned the car into the Byer’s long driveway.

When they came to a stop in front of the house, Mike grabbed the duffle bag and board game box from the back seat, running out of the car door and jumping over the two other bikes already thrown haphazardly onto the lawn. Nancy turned the car off and followed after her brother to the front door step.

He heard her behind him just as he was about to ring the bell. He looked at her questioningly.

“I want to make sure Mrs. Byer’s is home,” she said quickly, trying to supply her brother with the most believable answer as to why she had followed him to the door.

Mike just shrugged and rang the bell. Nancy resisted the urge to laugh at herself. Mrs. Byer’s…yeah…that was the reason she was here.

To her dismay, Joyce was the one who answered the door. She was smiling and had what looked to be flour smudged on her dress. The smell of something baking wafted out the door.

“Oh hi, Mike. They’re l in Will’s room”.

Mike was past Joyce and into the hallway before she could even fully get the sentence out of her mouth. Nancy sighed and looked at the woman apologetically.

“I’m so sorry he’s just”

Joyce laughed and shook her head, “Oh no it’s alright. I understand the importance of a mythical board game to 12 year old boys”.

Nancy laughed “If I had a dollar for every time Mike made a reference to that game I don’t understand I’d-”

Suddenly, from inside the house a sound like a door being thrown open was heard along with a voice. “Mom? Mom, who is that”?

Joyce smiled a little smugly and without taking her eyes off Nancy called back, “It’s Nancy Byer’s, Jonathan”. Nancy’s heart skipped into her throat at the same pace shoes could be heard running down the hallway.

“I’ll go check on the brownies,” said Joyce, disappearing back into the kitchen. Moments later, the face of Jonathan Byers appeared in the doorway.

“Hi, Nance”.

“Hi, Jonathan”.

Breathe Nancy breathe you’re cheeks are getting hot…

A brief, charged moment settled over the two of them as they stood there in the door way, doing what they had not stopped doing for months, since the night with the monster: trying to put words to what the hell was going on in the other mind. Before the silence could get particularly comfortable, Jonathan looked off into the kitchen behind him then back at Nancy. He thought for a moment.

Nancy loved when Jonathan thought. It was like watching a machine turn. It was methodical but impossible to follow. Interesting yet beautifully difficult to understand. 

“Would you like a brownie? My mom just made a fresh batch”.

Nancy smiled. “I would love to, Jonathan”.

I really wish for like club 1989 or whatever theyll have a photobooth so you get a photostrip with taylor

i know a lot of pictures w/ her are just her smiling but i just really love her goofy side too??

or like a polaroid that would be cool too! like the secret sessions.