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I just wanna thank you for all the requests and likes I’ve gotten! Especially those of you who follow me I really appreciate it and I’ve never been so welcomed into a fandom before it feels so nice!! So thank you all!!

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Things We Never Say (Karamel)

PROMPT: [anon] Can you write a karamel fic based off the still of Kara and Eve they just released for 2x12. Things look deliciously awkward, making for juicy drama in their human world ( like Mike and Kara not their superhero egos).

SHIPS: Kara/Mon-El

WARNINGS: Angst bruh.

A/N: Okay so I’m sorry it’s kind of short and I’m really nervous and I hope you like it lol it took me a while and I’d love to hear what you think my lovely anon (sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting :/). [takes place just after argument between James and Kara shown in the trailer] Also: GIF ISN’T MINE!

CHAPTERS: One-shot :)


Kara stared, lips parted and brows furrowed at James. She could not believe he was presuming to know her friend. She swallowed and shook her head, standing and turning.

“Kara! Kara, wait–!” He began but she was already out the door.

She kept her eyes trained on the ground. She didn’t know why, but she felt so personally attacked. It was like James didn’t believe in her; like her belief in someone wasn’t enough for him anymore.

She had all these things swirling around inside her; all this fear for his safety and fear for the end of their friendship mixed with everything else in her life she had to deal with. She felt so confused.

“Kara!” A voice called cheerfully, making the Kryptonian stop short.

“I, uh–” Kara blinked, “–Eve.” She said slowly.

The name didn’t seem to have any emotion in it as it left Kara’s lips. But, if the recipient of her tone had known of all the tumultuous emotions raging around inside her, she may have detected a thin hint of disappointment. This was because, as this alien girl stared into the eyes of an effervescent woman with blonde hair and a kind smile, she could feel the organ inside of her chest sinking slowly down into the pit of her stomach.

“Hey!” Eve beamed, completely unaware. “So, I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Uh, okay.” Kara nodded, touching the rim of her glasses.

“So, James asked me to go get a layout from downstairs, right?”

“Mhm,” Kara pursed her lips together.

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3. for Mike’s 75th:

He and Peter invented the high five.  (I have to wonder if we owe them royalties for creating a cultural phenomenon.)

But it was really Mike’s idea.  If you remember, Peter was clapping, and Mike held up his hand to get in on it (starting at 2:05).  I call this “accidental brilliance,” like Mike’s invention of country rock or MTV.  He just had a great idea, and the rest of the world ran with it.

(GIF made on giphy)


This scene… Ginny is hurt, upset, jealous, annoyed because Mike prefers chatting with his ex-wife, his ex-wife who was supposed to be, I quote (from 1x02), :

‘‘ a pain-in-the-ass,
who’s just hellbent on ruining my life
even though we’re no longer married.
She wants me to go through my things,
you know, before she sells them.
What she really wants to do
is get back together with me

to talking to Ginny about what happened last night, so she’s feeling like the “almost-kissing” thing meant nothing to him (even if she said everything was good, I can’t help but notice that she’s really bothered by this)… Ugh, my two stubborn babies…

Cheaters Never Prosper, A Reactionary Post

Major Crimes, S1xE9: Episode Review

What this episode is about:
This guy isn’t all that he seems
Mike Adams
Sharon + Daniel Dunn
Sharon hugs Rusty
Sharon + Andy, a shift in relationship
Favorite Dialog

Why do they keep showing the dead guy with all of the nasty puke around him? 

I love Buzz asking Provenza if he has to film it. Andy’s look on his face when he see’s Buzz’s hair and then looks back at Provenza like…your not going to do a real investigation when Provenza says he doesn’t have to. 

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                  I’ve never really seen you care about something.
                                     Things aren’t usually worth caring about.
                  With some limited, but very important exceptions.
                                      Very limited.


“I’ve learned by watching films that inspired me and people who inspired me like Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I love old school acting. I love subtlety, and I also love being spontaneous, and that’s really what works for me.”

Alex Pettyfer: Filmography

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how would you describe dolenzmith to someone just getting into the fandom & what episodes/fics would you recommend? thanks :)

HELLOOOO!!! Oh my gosh thank you so much for this question!! I read it at like 5am and couldn’t wait to get up and answer it haha :)

Okay, how would I describe Dolenzmith? Well the cool thing about the Monkees/shipping the Monkees is you have two different versions of them to ship - real life and show!Monkees. So let’s start with Dolenzmith on the show.

I’ve said many times I believe that Mike and Micky are partners on the show, and there is this family dynamic which is;

Dad = Mike
Mum = Micky
Child - Peter
Cool uncle (?) = Davy.

Mike and Micky seem to put their heads together more than the other’s, Micky seems to be Mike’s assistant to Mike’s leader role (I wrote about this recently), and there is definitely a very couple-y vibe between the two of them that you certainly do not get with the other’s. They also share a bedroom in the show (the upstairs bedroom (upstairs for more privacy??)) which means you get little nuggets like Mike saying; “Micky, come back to bed.” and just ajdhajjad.

Then there is the simple fact that they invade each other’s personal space on a rather bizarre level. Yeah, all the Monkees get super close to each other often enough but with Mike and Micky it’s on another level, it’s far more frequent, and they get much closer. There is a lot of gazing at each other and unnecessary touching. There is the moment in The Chaperone that literally looks like they’re about to kiss. I mean, their noses are literally touching, and it’s like ?????.

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gif by yoursunnygirlfriend

Like who’s idea was that?? I seriously doubt the director told them to do it?? And Micky looks transfixed on Mike for a moment, and Mike continues talking as if nothing is odd about this at all, which is just amazing.

The thing with me is, I’m not one of these people who can just make up ships. I can’t just see two hot people who interact a bit and be like “OMGZ I THINK THEY’D BE A GREAT COUPLE!!” (which is the case for most ships). I need to see something that makes me think “hang on…what??”. So with Mike and Micky, I saw something there long before I knew there was even a Monkees fandom here and long before I knew about ‘Dolenzmith’ or that anyone shipped the Monkees at all. I saw the obvious spark they had on the show and was like “okay, this is what ships are made of.”

They are also SO FUNNY together. Like they just bounce off each other, they have incredible chemistry and their humour just sort of works and clicks together, and they have some of the most hilarious moments on the show (all while being unnecessarily close to each other) like this…

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gif by bluemauriat

My favourite thing about the Mike and Micky pairing is they are so different (and what I’m about to write is what I believe would be the case in both the show and in real life). It’s true what they say about opposites attracting. Mike is more grown-up, more serious, more responsible. His humour is dry and sarcastic and dead-pan. Mike is level headed and realistic, and I believe Mike is a realist. Micky, on the other hand, is a ball of energy. He is reckless and silly and dramatic and totally bonkers. Micky is a dreamer. I think Mike grounds Micky, while Micky helps Mike see the funner side of life. They balance each other out. Mike worries about Micky; Micky can get carried away, he can be a little irresponsible and doesn’t always know where to draw the line. Mike is the one who steps in and says enoughs enough, Mike isn’t afraid to be cruel to be kind where Micky is concerned - to put his foot down and tell him “no”. And Micky listens, because he looks up to Mike. He admires Mike and respects him like no other. They bring the best out of each other and better the worst.

Mike looks after Micky, and Micky feels safe with Mike. Case in point:

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gif again by yoursunnygirlfriend

The real life Mike and Micky are very similar, and I think if they were in a relationship it would be exactly the same as that. Real life Mike and Micky haven’t had bitch-fights or fallings out like the other’s have. Davy has been really awful about Mike, and Mike and Peter obviously didn’t get along well either. Davy has also been a bitch about Micky too. Actually, I don’t think Peter and Micky have had a beef either, but Mike and Micky remained quite tight even after Mike left the Monkees. They worked together a little bit and spoke of how they stayed in touch. Then there was the moment at the Greek in the 80s (go to about 3:20 onwards) where they literally looked like a middle-aged gay couple. The way they spoke and looked at each other was, well, gay. Like it was amazing. There is NO WAY IN HELL you would see Mike that that with Davy or Peter, like NO. (that’s why shipping Mike with either of the other Monkees literally makes me feel so uncomfortable I can’t handle it). And the way Mike kisses Micky on the cheek, so unabashed, and it’s not just a quick peck either - it has feeling behind it?? It’s like in that moment Mike doesn’t have anything to say, like he can’t express his feelings with anything but a kiss, and it is SO CUTE.

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gif by softfriendwhispers

Micky really, really admires Mike. Like he really looks up to him and his talent - he has spoken about this numourous times. And Mike has said that Micky was “the voice of the Monkees”, and that’s one of the reasons why Micky ended up singing so many of Mike’s songs. Although when they sing together…that is where magic is made. When Mike joined Micky and Peter on tour after Davy passed, they all spoke about how wonderful it was that Mike and Micky got to sing together again. Even Peter loved it - and he was the one who encouraged them to sing Pleasant Valley Sunday together back in the 60s. Like it was his idea, which is awesome. Peter ships it!!!

There’s just so much, and I could go on, but I’ll try to get onto your next question - recommendations!! Well, since the end of last year I’ve been writing episode reviews (I’ve only done like 11 so far because I keep getting distracted haha), but something else I’m doing as I watch these episodes is I’m making note of any significant Dolenzsmith moments, in the hope that, at the end of it all (or at the end of the first season anyway), I will compile some kind of Dolenzmith masterpost of cute couple-y moments within the show. Like I literally have a little list of episode names and times in the episode of these moments LOL, so that’s something I need to crack on with at some point.

But in the meantime, I did compile a mini-list of some of my fave Dolenzmith moments for the Monkees Awards. You can see my post HERE.

As for stories… pretty much all the Dolenzmith stories on nakedpersimmon.com are good, but here are my favourites (NOTE these are NSFW!!)

From NP:

Naughty and Nice

Backstage Passes

What a Life

Then if you want mammoth, multi-chapter fics there is The Beginning and it’s sequel Endlessly (both of these can also be found on The Star Collectors here and here, although when they’re multi-chapter it’s easy to read them on FF.net). Both these stories highlight what I was saying above about the differences between Mike and Micky and the dynamic of their relationship. But they’re LONG and it’s a real journey.

Again, most of the Dolenzmith stories on TSC are great too (you can see a list of all the stories here - the Dolenzmith ones are at the top).

The two most popular fics on TSC are a PG-13 show-verse fic All I Want for Christmas, and a naughty story inspired by Micky’s unique clothing style called The Coat.

Then there are…

Well In Hand and it’s sequel On the Tip of His Toungue

And yeah…most of them are NC-17, so be warned. These are just my personal recommendations, and there’s probably more I’m forgetting, but I haven’t actually read any in a while and if anyone wants to recommend some more then PLEASE DO!

So…I think that’s that?? I am MORE THAN HAPPY to talk about Dolenzmith at any time (duh), whether you want to remain anon or not (though please reveal yourself as it’s always good to have more Dolenzmith pals!!)

At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone loves Mike and Micky as much as Mike and Micky love Mike and Micky.

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Sex You

Request: Hey! Can you do a one shot where Damon asks the reader to dance for him and she performs a little striptease until he can’t take it a any more and they have sex on the couch or the table? Thanks! Your blog is awesome! – Anon

Parings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, stripping, this is pure smut

Word Count: 1673

Good God. 

Title and used song is Sex You - Bando Jonez. The other song mentioned is Anywhere - 112. just watched Magic Mike XXL… so… yeah… I really liked this request very much ;) 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You absolutely loved it when Stefan wasn’t at home.

You and Damon get the whole house to yourselves. You two liked to mess around. Play a little game or two, or maybe chill by the study as you played the piano, sometimes it’s spent with reading classic books by the fireplace, or you two could just be eating pizza and other junk food, either way, you two had something in had, a strong hard drink or a simple beer, maybe a little fancy wine, and you two would absolutely end up naked in bed.

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What is it about Jessica Jones that draws the two of them together? I think broken souls. I think the two of them are a little damaged inside, you know, who isn’t? When you’re looking for love or you’re looking for someone to make you feel whole - I think the two of them have pieces that are missing. They’re kinda opposite, too, and I think opposites attract. I think visually they’re opposite. I think the way they behave is opposite. If you even look at the way their apartments are, it’s a different setup. So I feel like they’re just opposites but, at the same time, there’s something that they can’t quite deny and something innate inside them that draws them together. That’s something that’s really cool about the writing because, you know, we all want to see ourselves represented on screen. And I feel like, in this case, Marvel is taking a big risk and a big leap of faith that in the world we’re in today that people can see these two people together and see them as a couple that makes sense, you know? They don’t have to explain. It just is.Mike Colter

Mike finally asking you out 

Gif source: x

Song: i hate u, i love u by gnash feat. olivia O’Brien

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I really love this song and I wanted to write to this immediately. And since I love Dodds, I picked this for him.

To be fair, he didn’t want to be with her as much as he wanted to be with you.

She was just someone Mike felt like he needed to be with, considering that his father was the one who pushed the relationship. He tried so hard to convince himself that being in the relationship he was currently in was good for him, yet it as the days dragged on it seemed draining to try and keep up with it. Yet Mike tried so hard to convince himself that you and him could never work out; considering that you worked so closely together. You worked for TARU, and with Mike working at SVU he thought that a lot of people, mostly his father, wouldn’t approve. However, she wasn’t the one who spent numerous nights helping Mike file, she wasn’t the one who remembered slight details like Mike’s favorite restaurant a few blocks down or the sport he played when he was younger, and she wasn’t the one who always seemed to be able to calm Mike down whenever shit hit the fan at SVU.

He owed it all to you.

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a-allice  asked:

marvey obv. but can you do them all bc i really want to see your answers :)))))

Yay! I got 3 asks for marvey (which I was of course hoping for, thank you all! :) so I’m gonna do the whole thing haha

(This is really self indulgent tbh, I just love doing these because I have so many FeelingsTM and ThoughtsTM about them)

1. Who is the most affectionate?

Okay, I spent way too much time thinking about this question. Maybe this is a cop-out but I honestly think they both would be, but in different ways. Harvey would do sweet things like kiss Mike’s forehead in the morning at breakfast and run his hands through his hair, while Mike would hug him every time he gets home, put his arms around his waist, and just generally be really clingy. 

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?

Mike would be the big spoon because even though I think he wants to be held, even more than that he’s so used to being alone that he wants to hold onto Harvey and know for sure that he’s there. Also maybe it has something to do with people always leaving him…so snuggling up to Harvey and holding him at night is his subconscious way of making sure he doesn’t leave (which Harvey wouldn’t do, of course) and a reminder that he’s not alone.

3. Most common argument?

I enjoy living in a delusional world where they never fight. 

4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

Walking their rescued dog through the park while holding hands, obviously. 

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

Harvey, because I don’t think Mike could lift him? And Mike falls asleep on the couch a lot so Harvey has to pick him up and carry him to bed. 

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

If we’re talking about physical features, then Harvey loves Mike’s eyes and his cute upturned nose, and Mike loves Harvey’s hair and his strong arms. But as for personality features, obviously Harvey loves Mike’s mind and kindness and Mike loves that Harvey’s inherently a good person but that he’s 100% soft when it comes to how he treats Mike vs. other people. 

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other? 

I’m not sure that much else would change? They already have a solid foundation and I think it would just be a natural progression. I think Mike might take a little longer to admit it, but maybe because he’s just not 100% sure if Harvey feels the same way (because let’s be honest, he’s a little oblivious sometimes) but in the end Harvey would just be like, “You idiot, of course I do, I have for years.”

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate? 

Alright, Harvey already has literally a million nicknames for Mike (rookie, puppy, tiger, kid, etc) so those would definitely stick and we all know how they originated. As for Mike, I really have a thing for him calling Harvey ‘baby.’ It’s simple and common but coming from Mike it’s a big deal because it shows he would be just as protective of Harvey as Harvey is of him (ie: at the end of the day, Harvey’s his baby too.) 

And protective!Mike is my fucking kryptonite 

9. Who worries the most?

It’s more obvious when Mike worries, because he’s more vocal about it, but Harvey definitely worries more (about work and maybe about their relationship because of his issues with his mother.) It’s just that he instinctively tries to keep it all inside, and Mike has to pick up on subtle cues and reassure him everything will be okay. 

10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

This definitely seems like something Harvey would remember and that Mike, ironically, would completely forget.

11. Who tops?

I laugh at this Q every time

12. Who initiates kisses? 

Their pretty equal/in sync on this. 

13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first? 


14. Who kisses the hardest?


15. Who wakes up first?


16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

Mike (it’s totally canon he’s not a morning person.)

17. Who says I love you first? 

Okay, so I have a bunch of unfinished fics that incorporate some kind of storyline where one says ‘I love you’ first and either the other wasn’t ready to say it (cue angst) or was just waiting to hear it because they were afraid to say it (cue fluff) BUT as far as general headcanons go…I think they say it at the exact same time, actually. I mean, it’s canon that they have this habit of saying things in unison so why not this? Like both of them sort of agonize over when to say it because they don’t want to freak the other one out if they aren’t ready, but one morning they both just say it at the same time and realize they were worried for no reason. (At the same time, I’m totally cool with them saying it at the same time and having it be the easiest thing in the world…like neither are surprised they said it simultaneously and they just smile and go on with their day because let’s face it, they both already knew.)

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)


Since they probably wouldn’t be working together anymore, he would leave Mike little notes to get him through the day (especially on days they were apart longer or on days Mike was sick or something) and of course, random movie quotes that would make Mike laugh. 

19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

OUCH. Can I skip this?

Ok, no, I’ll answer it, but…ouch.

Alright, so Harvey would tell Marcus when things got serious (ie when Mike moved in maybe.) And Jessica is his family, technically, but she would’ve already known for months so when he tells her she just smiles at him.

We haven’t met Harvey’s mother (yet?) so I don’t know if she’d ever really even need or want to know, so I’m not sure about her. (Not going to lie, until we meet her and get some kind of resolution/confrontation…I’m always going to be on Harvey’s side with this for the time being, because it clearly really fucked him up and he was just a kid.)

And Mike…Mike has literally no one to tell and this is the saddest thing in the world, this is exactly what I wrote about in the post I made about a fic I wanted where Mike gets really sad about not having a family/parents to call and tell about the milestones in his life (like marrying Harvey or going back to school/graduating, etc., having kids, etc.) FUCK THIS IS SO SAD I HAVE TO MOVE ON

(My only hope is maybe him and Trevor could reunited/Trevor could be his best man at his Harvey’s wedding… On one hand I really wish Mike had friends to share things with, but on the other hand, Harvey is really all he needs. And I know a lot of people hate Trevor but I still quietly mourn their friendship.)

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Marcus is obviously happy for his brother, and I think him and Mike would get a long great (ah, there we go, Mike has a friend now!!) Jessica and Donna and anyone at the firm who knows supports it because they knew they were fucking soulmates from the start, duh.

21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

I actually don’t know? Mike, probably, but Harvey would on a show about how he “doesn’t dance” but secretly he loves it.

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

LOL, Harvey.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

I guess this sounds like something Mike would do?

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear at inappropriate times?


(honestly where’s that season one gif of Harvey whispering into Mike’s ear?)

25. Who needs more assurance?

This would be equal, it’s just that Mike is more likely to ask Harvey for reassurance whereas Harvey wants to be the strong one so he sorta keeps quiet about it and waits for Mike figure out what’s wrong (which does’t take long because Mike can read him so well.)

26. What would be their theme song?

I swear to god I answered this one out loud in my car today lmfao because it really was perplexing me. I mean, there’s the songs I hear and think “this is 100% marvey” but then…there could be a totally random song that would never remind me of them but maybe they heard it at a restaurant on their anniversary or at a smoky bar when they were dancing on Mike’s birthday, or in the back of a cab after they drank too much and couldn’t stop laughing…and it just became Their Song.

(But if we’re going with the former, I have like a million so it’s hard to pick. One in particular that will always make me think of them, from Mike’s POV, is I’ll Be by Edwin McCain)

I’ll be your cryin’ shoulder
I’ll be love suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life

27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

MIKE! Not saying Harvey wouldn’t do this, because he totally would and he’d be an amazing dad, but this just screams Mike honestly. Because of the thing where his parents/grammy used to read him Curious George, it just seems like reading/singing to his kid(s) is something he would make sure he did.

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Harvey thinks of Mike fondly throughout the day and can’t wait to see him again, but Mike is slightly more frantic about it because How Does He Do This Life Thing Without Harvey.

29. One headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.

That Harvey loves Mike more than Mike loves Harvey.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it.

Mike loves him just as fucking much GOODBYE


You made this for me? Put these all over Gusti’s building - you knew I’d see the birds, you knew I’d call the number. You treated me like a mark!” / “Come on, Mike.” / “You preyed on my weakness, man.” / “I did not prey on anything, Mike. Those little pills? Those were your weakness. The birds were your strength. I was trying to help you, man.” / “I don’t want to hear it, man! Every time, Paul. Every time I come at you, you’ve got the right answer. No matter what it is, you’re always doing it for some noble cause. I gotta tell you, I don’t buy it anymore. ‘Cause underneath the bullshit, everything you do, you do it for yourself.”

Very Abridged Gifland 3.10: “Every time, Paul.”

Glad this theory was proven right ‘cos it would’ve been so ridiculous otherwise, but I did think “uh oh” when Mike so trustingly showed Briggs the flyer like a revelation. I like that he feels so played in the context of three seasons (and he doesn’t even know he tried to kill him) of continually broken trust - prettily underlined by the use of “Paul” in anger - but I guess time will tell if Briggs was really just playing the long game. Or maybe it won’t! This is Graceland!


Hai, it’s Dez and some of you MIGHT know me, I own the tumblr blogs: ptv-madhatter and tonyperry-piercetheveil and I wanted to make this blog about Mike ^~^ He’s so adorable, just like Tony so they’re equal. Well I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will one day. xD Anyway, I’ll also do Mike Fuentes one shots/imagine bc I did that on my Tony one and people really seemed to like it and uh, yeah. Enjoy!♥

P.S I have a thing for drummers..♥

Michael Imagine: Friends with Benefits

Author: Rhine


It was supposed to be harmless.

Just nights when you both needed someone; in-between moments where two lonely people needed another body to hold for a few hours; an escape away, a getaway of two bodies entwined with one another for a single night.

It was a need; a desire to be held for more than a second, a craving for skin and burning with lust because love was always just a little too far away for the both of you.

But it was enough, it was nothing, and that’s why the two of you agreed to it.

You were each other’s something when there was nothing, and you were both the nothing when the somethings of reality peeked through the curtains with the first threads of daylight.

You were the in between, the not-quite, the almost.

The more than friends but less than lovers.

You were a balancing act of secrets hidden in the sheets and you were the silence of his pale body shining in the moonlight; you weren’t the public display of love and you weren’t the whispered I love you’s.

You were the purple bruises on his neck that he hid with tall collars; the scratches on his skin for sweater-pawed days; the trace of your scent hidden on his skin and the taste of your secret on the back of his tongue.

And you always said, you promised that you would be nothing but a one night he could forget on the several nights when his mind was working too hard; the poison that would burn his numb lips and ignite something – anything – in his hollow body.

You were there merely to feel, not to love.

That’s what you agreed to.

Someone who wouldn’t ask questions, someone who could be something he got lost in during the dark hours and a clean slate in the morning that he’d leave.

You were an escape, simply put.

An escape from reality, from responsibility, from his mind, from his hollow heart.

You were the temporary something when he felt nothing, the substitute for what he couldn’t find just yet.

But one can only handle being needed only when they’re needed; one can only be temporary for so long.

The thing is that with temporary, you were either thrown away or a permanent fixture in time.

And you couldn’t handle waking up to another empty bed.


You don’t know if what you feel is love.

You know you love the way his body slants over yours; how the slopes of his face is illuminated in the dark; how he leaves marks in all the right places and how he knows you in a way that nobody else does.

But he only knows you in the dark of the night; he knows you but he only knows the shadows of your bones and the dip of your waist and the curve of your legs.

He knows it better than anyone else ever did or ever will; he knows it and he’s mapped it and he’s marked it as his over and over again.

But there’s so much more to you than that.

There’s a whole other side; a whole other universe that Michael hasn’t discovered about you.

That he doesn’t care to discover.

And you know it’s the same for him; you know him and you know his breath on your neck but you don’t know his words in your ears and you don’t know what it’s like to have his words spun out for you only for you and you don’t know what it’s like to have his gentle touch instead of his bruising fingers.

You see, you’ve practically memorized Michael’s silhouette in your bed after a long day; when he wants to disappear in the night with you.

But you have no clue what it’s like to start the day with him, to see his eyes in the sunlight and know the colours that they shine; to have him even smile at you instead of that hungry smirk.

It’s strange, knowing Michael so well but still realizing he’s nothing but a stranger.

And you don’t know if it’s love, but something inside of you grows with the discontent with every morning you wake up alone.

It’s this uncomfortable sensation that settles on your skin, this nagging itch of having someone – just barely – yet being so wholly alone at the same time.

It’s this hollow feeling of having nothing.

Of being nothing to him.

And the only thing you know is that you either want more or you want nothing to do with him at all.

But you can’t seem to let him go.


He says he can’t ever have anything.

And that’s why he has you.

I’ve got tours in a new city every day; thousands of people looking at me from under a microscope and analyzing everything I do. I’m barely in one timezone for an evening before flying somewhere else in the morning and you don’t understand you don’t know but everything I have everything I’ll ever have from this is temporary.

But he has you in the palm of his hand, and you know exactly what that makes you.

Just a sustained good-bye. A prolonged maybe.

And you want to be the hint of a possibility, you want to be that chance, that something in his life that he always saw as impossible for someone like him.

You wanted him.

You didn’t want Michael and his burning lips, you didn’t want his smoldering gaze and his hungry touch; you wanted Michael you wanted him as a whole, but more importantly, you wanted him to want you as a whole.

You were tired of being nothing. Of being temporary.

But maybe you just wanted to be the permanent because you feared being thrown away with the bruises in the shape of his fingertips still on your skin.

You’ve made me yours, but why can’t you be mine?

You want to ask the question, you want to let him know that if he asked you to stay you would’ve.

But you’re afraid to ask him to stay because you already know the answer.

He leaves for tour the next day.


And he’s gone, just like that.

No warning, no message, no call, no goodbye.


But you have to remember, you are nothing to him in the daylight, and you shouldn’t have expected anything more.

And you start to wonder whether or not Michael’s life was made up of scenes as fleeting as he described, or if he was merely fleeing from place to place to avoid the permanent that he said he could never have.

If the permanent was something he could never have because it was something he never wanted.

Because you’re left standing alone and you know what you are to him and you know now what you wanted from him was something you and anyone else would never get out of Michael Clifford, the boy who would always have the ghost of his touch on your skin.

You held him for a night, he noticed you for a moment.

You almost had him, for a fleeting second.

And perhaps it was because of that, he left.

Because you were tipping too close to something the white-haired boy swore he’d never have. Because you were supposed to have only one role for the boy with the stars in his eyes that you’d forever know, the sun in his smile always hidden from you.

You were only ever meant to be one thing to Michael Clifford.



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anonymous asked:

Older Mike is best Mike.

I’m inclined to agree with you for several different reasons. Dangerous is my fave era but to everyone I’ve talked to, I always tell them that the era of MJ’s where I’d want to befriend him and get to know him in the most is the period where he was in his mid to late 40s. I just feel like he was more chill, more mature and less worried about media bullshit. He just seemed more laid back and at ease with everything. Not to mention that he killed the game in those sexy and sophisticated suits and shit he always wore. I love Older Mike and I REALLY love older mike love songs *__*