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I'm a trans guy and there's this really cute guy in my class that I like. The problem is, apparently he thinks I'm a butch lesbian (which I learned from a mutual friend). How do I bring this up and correct him without calling too much attention to it?

Charlie says:

if you’re talking to him, you can casually mention either being a boy or liking boys really easily if you see an opportunity. “Oh, my ex-boyfriend used to….” “I was peeing in the mens restroom and…” (okay maybe don’t use that second one. but still.)

 It may be hard to just straight up say you’re not a butch lesbian because your denial of this may come across as homophobic if you don’t deny it in a tasteful manner (”I’m not a lesbian, god no!” not that you’d say that but it’s very possible to create a misunderstanding.) But I would focus on either telling him casually or having your friend do it for you!! 

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Love your videos and snap stories, Ivan. I'm a huge fan of your video style and how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Also, you're just extra cute, so there's that too.

thanks for all your kind messages ❤️ I really appreciate them.

I didn’t have a chance to tell you, but you guys are so wonderful! I watch your snap stories and see how different, unique and awesome you are. each of you has your own style, hobbies, interests and things you like. this is so inspiring! 🌈

I’m sad last time. tumblr, gay bear community and people here make me so anxious and depressed. I feel out of sorts and even wanted to delete my blog. 😞 but all the messages I got from you made me feel much better!

so thank you so so much for all your support and nice things you say! I love you 💕

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nny i just think you should try finding the moth man you guys would really get along he shoots lasers and hes the moth man

The Mothman?
Huh, from what I’ve heard about Mothman, he’s supposed to be…
Quiet, doesn’t talk, so I would be doing all of that… big and fluffy, which means instantly cute, like a big dog… Apparently knows how to make himself scarce, so he wouldn’t be overbearing… Only comes out at night… Likes… the stars……
Did you say lasers?

…Oh. Oh no.
He’s meeting all my standards.

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i wonder who sansa will end up with... for some reason i hope its gendry that may just be because he's a good guy

Yeah true I mean she 100% deserves a good guy. That’d be cute but I’m so for Arya x Gendry that I really hope they don’t make Sansa and Gendry happen like it would just feel like they’re giving Arya’s only love interest to Sansa and that would make me sad as hell lmao. Don’t get me wrong though, I love Gendry so much. But…

I think that in the books Sansa will end up with Sandor. His existence itself tears down everything she thinks to be true about who she’ll end up with and the pretty, courteous knights of the songs and stories she adores. He refuses to be called a knight because his views are skewed in the other direction–-seeing them as bad and almost evil and nothing like what Sansa envisions. He’s conflicted with himself and the knight he wanted to be in his childhood but it’s been muddied by the horror he has seen and endured. And he tries to protect her from the terror she’s being dealt but also wake her up to the real world. 

They are beauty and the beast come to “life” and tear down the trope that Sansa is built on in the beginning and the one she counts on coming true (early on, at least): that the fair maiden ends up with the handsome prince. But as she learns, that isn’t exactly real life and happily ever afters are very difficult to come by, as Sandor knows too well. But they sort of meet in the middle between optimism and cynicism and are fascinated by each other, especially in the other’s absence. 

However, I personally am not really sure at this point who they’ll have show!Sansa end up with. I think it’ll be Sandor (even if it’s just alluded to) or no one. Actually possibly Tyrion in the show but yeah.

I’ve written more on this here, here, and here.

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I always headcanoned Robert as being really short and so he adopted the tough guy persona to balance it out but I like your hc too! :D

Tbh tbh, that fits. Him being 5′08″ is cute as hell! 5′11″ just seems so much more universally common and I like the idea of him getting all blushy and “nuh-uh” when the MC is like “uhm actually I’M six foot and you’re like at least an inch shorter than me”

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i made a little self-deprecating joke today in a gc and everyone laughed except for one guy who got really concerned and told me how stunning i was and it was so sweet honestly it made my day! obviously i just meant for it to be like a #relatable joke but idk it was just super nice of him to react that way. hope you had a great day! <33

Omg that’s rly cute!! I love making rel8able jokes ,, I’m down with the kids

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You seem like such a chill cute guy (with awesome taste in music). Is it weird that I just want to give you a giant hug? 😶 I really hope you get help and find what you're looking for or need.

I need a big hug and someone presents since I’m going to attempt to stop using meth and heroin after today.

And thank you!

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Could I have headcanons of the Yuris and Victor going to an aquarium with their s/o?

Victor Nikiforov 

► He is that type of guy that gushes about everything, but it just makes him look more attractive. And no one understands why.

► He is going to see everything and I mean everything! He is going to drag his lover all over the aquarium, but they get to hold his hand the whole time, so it’s win-win situation.

► Definitely buys some matching keychains with cute fishes and brag about it. 

Yuuri Katsuki 

► He gets really excited about the whole thing, he feels like a little kid and blushes hard when his lover playfully teases him. 

► Yuuri is that type of person that just gets completely mystified by all the colorful fishes. He just stands there watching them and he feels calm and relaxed.

► Also holds his partner’s hand the whole time, mostly because he really wants to feel them close and he is kind of an air-head so he might get separated.

Yuri Plisetsky

► Same as Yuuri he is super excited, but damn is he never going to admit it. That would be such a blow to his ego.

► Doesn’t like that it’s very crowdy and mostly just looks at the fishes for a minute and then goes to the next one, thanks to that he gets separated with his lover a lot and once he gets irked off he grasps their hand and holds onto them for dear life, not saying word about it. It’s pretty cute.

► Really wants to buy some keychains or plushie, but again his ego is in the way. So the best thing would be to buy something that you see him look at and then give it to him. He will be like “I’m not kid. I don’t need it.” but he will get it and he will be very happy.

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

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lol crush story that ends badly *WARNING U NOW* I liked this guy since 6th grade and then my junior year we started flirting and it was really cute and it wasn't just one sided and everyone shipped us NGL and he asked me to prom and then he ends up friend-zoning me after basically because I wasn't friends with the right people anyway, not salty at alllllllllllll how do I managed to move past this because I struggle to open up to people already and this just makes me hate everyone?? xxx

SEND ME HIS ADRESS AND ILL FIGHT HIM PROBLEM SOLVED~rly I’m sorry u had to go thru that + I know it’s hard but time is the best way to move past. u could also try letting it go (not forgiving him bc that was a rly dickish move) but moving on for u and realizing that that was only a part of your life and he wins if u let him control any more

join us for my sleepover!!




I know, hearing he’s a CEO of a billion dollar company immediately makes you think he’s greedy, but he actually DONATED 76000 DOLLARS TO DEMOCRATS. 





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He also supports the affordable health care act.

You know, OBAMACARE?


And people will say, what? He’s still a rich old white guy. How is he any different from, say, Trump? 

Well I say, he’s completely different from trump.

He’s not racist, homophobic, aphobic, OR a terf. 

He’s just a cute bean trying to make his way in the world. He worked HARD for all his money, and works harder than any of his employees. 

And he has three kids, so we know he’s also a super sweet dad.

Plus…he’s super hecking cute. 

Move over markiplier, i think i just found my newest celeb crush. 

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I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!


after taking me over thREE HECKIN WEEKS TO MAKE my first animation meme is finally done!! :0 chose to do Posin’ with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. This was lots of fun to make (albeit really challenging too) and I’m really happy with the way this came out!! you can totally expect to see more of these from me in the future!!

*all proper credit/links to originals are given in the video’s description


Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi // Owari no Seraph

He’s everything I want He’s everything I need (insp.)

Voltron Quotes Inspired by Shit My Friends Have Said

Lance: I’m garbage but like ~Gucci~ garbage. Like I’m dead and disgusting inside, but I’m still beautiful as fuck. Try me bitch, I can and will steal your man.

Hunk: I’m sad so I’m eating my feelings, but eating so much makes me more sad which just causes me to eat more DO YOU SEE MY DILEMMA?!

Allura: I’m growing out my hair in hopes that one day I can use it to strangle my enemies

Keith: Do you think anyone has ever tried to fuck a knife? Hey don’t give me that look just hear me out!!

Shiro: Stop calling me the dad of the group! I just want the sweet release of death, I can’t take care of you children!! I mean it, stop-alright yeah okay, I’m the dad. Sure whatever. Daddy needs a drink.

Pidge: You know what I wanna hear? Stephen Hawking talking dirty. What?! Technology is sexy, don’t kink shame me!

Coran: Have you ever been attracted to facial hair? Like sure that guy is cute, but his beard? …damn.


Slav: There’s a 47% probability that I’m pissing you off.

Zarkon: Oh god I hate them. Well, I don’t really hate them. I just want their cat. Do you think they’ll be pissed if I just stole it?

Lotor: If my hair gets messed up, I’m killing all of you and taking over the world. I spent three hours getting ready, and I will not hesitate to stab a bitch if they come too close.

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Now a question... If you could create the story of the real reveal episode of ml how would it be??? Love your art :D

So, I don’t really think the reveal would be like this, because I want something dramatic and action-y but I figured i’d give you something cute. 

Jamie Hewlett. Reblog if you agree