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I Can Prove It - Christmas Prompt - Stiles Stilinski

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Christmas Prompt: # 8. Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend. – Requested by Anon

Warnings/Labels: Cuteness

Approx. Word Count: 850

A/N: This was meant to be something super detailed and amazing and I just… I can’t right now. I don’t have the time. Please accept this half assed thing!!

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This things comes from the love I have for the universe in Rita’s fic, the wonderful A little push in the right Direction from the lovely @crossroadswrite.

The whole “the Hales are protectors of Beacon Hills. Everybody knows what they are, but are too polite to mention it. Also the Stilinski/Hale kids are too cute and they want to pinch their cheeks” vibe was the best and I kindly screamed about it in reviews.

So I decided to write a Kate trying to seduce Teenager!Derek in this world, only to face an entire city turning against her.

It was supposed to be a few words of fun, it turned into 5k writen in one night on a tiny phone and I just don’t know. I give up.

(Also @seanconneraille is a gift to mankind)

(also still a picture of a wolf, because it’s a theme now. I write there are wolves. I’m going with the flow)

Children’s Tales

( If you prefer to read on AO3 it’s here! )

 Growing up, Kate’s favorite story was one polished by dozen generations of Argents. It always started the same, with her mother caressing her hair and kissing the middle of her forehead before whispering.

 Be careful, little girl.

 Don’t go causing troubles in Beacon Hills, because the Hales live there, little girl.


 Be careful of their fangs and claws, little girl.

 They are of the oldest blood, little girl, wild things roaming the forest on four legs.


 Be careful of wild magic, little girl, of a land alive and untamable by men.

 Be careful, little girl, because their power comes from the bones of hundreds protectors and thousands beaten foes buried in the ground.

 Keep away from Beacon Hills, little girl, or the Hales will destroy you.

 And Kate, still a little girl, listened and dreamed of being the one turning legends to ashes.

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The Right Thing

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski & Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: No
Warnings: Not really. The word whore is used a couple times and I paint Lydia as a botch in this
A/N: When I wrote this I pictured it in the 50′s but that’s just me. And I wrote this in like an hour so it’s not the best. I’d like to hear what y’all thought about it.

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In a small town where everybody knows everybody there is nothing to do other than talk about other people’s lives; who’s going to marry who, who’s husband is screwing their secretary, who got arrested, who’s pregnant, even if you think you no one knows it’s most likely that everyone knows. 

It was like that when Y/N started dating the sheriff’s son. They were the talk of the town for months. Now three years later they were the talk of the town again only this time no one saw it coming. Everyone thought the Y/N and Stiles where going to get married, have a house full of kids, and live happily ever after; but one petty argument and some choice words had Stiles starring at the bottom of a bottle and falling into bed with the town princess, Lydia Martin.

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ti-re-elintes  asked:

Your post about a nonsexualized Erica just made me so emotional. SO EMOTIONAL😭


But can you imagine it? Like everyone just sort of assumes she’s a highly sexual person (I mean she wears corsets and leather pants and high heels almost daily since she got the bite). It isn’t as if it bothers them or that they really talk about it all the time but Erica KNOWS what they think of her now. it’s nice in a way that they think she could even get that many people to have sex with her but something about it bothers her too.

But Boyd. Well he knows she’s been wearing the purity ring since she turned 14. He’s an observer–he notices a lot of things about a lot of people. And you know maybe she didn’t really see him before this whole thing went down but he definitely saw her. And he sees the ring gone after the bite. It isn’t really the right time to say anything with the whole kanima situation going down but after things settle, after they’ve started to become a more cohesive pack (because Boyd and Erica would not leave what are you talking about), after he and Erica have gotten closer–maybe he says something one night when it’s just the two of them.

He doesn’t make it a big deal because he knows Erica doesn’t want to make it a big deal. But he just casually mentions that she isn’t wearing her ring anymore. Erica goes quiet for a long time, just frowning down at her hand and Boyd lets her. When she finally speaks, she doesn’t really have an answer to his unspoken question. She only says, “yeah.”

And he notices her staring thoughtfully at her ring finger the next few days. She continues wearing her sexy clothes, continues styling her hair and putting on make up. Because it makes her feel good. She likes knowing people want her. She just…doesn’t really want them back. Not yet at least.

It’s almost a week after Boyd asked her that he spots the ring back on her finger. He doesn’t say anything about it but it’s the first time he holds her hand simply for the hell of it, his thumb gently caressing the metal band.

Our Thing (Prompt #12)

Requested by anon:  #12 with Scott? Maybe you had a tradition with him as a kid and he just ditched you?

#12: When you said let’s do something fun, I had no idea you meant something so stupid!

A/N: So, I really hope I got this right! I decided to work with a flashback + the current situation. Hope you like it :) 

You are back in Beacon Hills since two weeks now and you still don’t know if it was a good idea. The reason for your doubts is your former kindergarten friend Scott Mccall. When he saw you on your first day of school, he greeted you in absolute joy. It seemed like he was sincerely happy that you were back. You on the other hand were mostly stunned at first. He changed. He still had those shiny brown eyes and the big smile but other than that he became a man. And you’re not sure if you are ready to like this man, if you even want that friendship back regarding how it broke apart in the first place.

You and Scott had had this tradition. Every night before Halloween, you’d wander up to this haunted house on the hill a few blocks from your home. Secretly, of course, because your parents would’ve killed you if they knew. You would just explore the abandoned manor, being creeped out and having the fun of your life at the same time. It was always something you looked forward to. Something that strengthened the bond between the two of you. Until that night after you had both turned thirteen. You remember it like it was yesterday.

You were pulling Scott through the streets on his shirt, giggling the whole way in excited anticipation. He didn’t laugh with you. Which was odd because usually Scott was laughing and smiling the whole time. He had seemed odd the whole day. Almost indifferent, even grumpy. You had asked him about it but he had waved it off, so you were trying hard to ignore it.

“Y/N, where are you taking me?”, he asked you with a sigh.

You turned around and rolled your eyes at him without slowing down. “I can’t believe you didn’t get it already!”

He did as you pushed him around the last corner and reached the bottom of the hill. The house up there looked shabbier than ever and was covered in a soft, swirling fog. Perfect conditions!

But Scott didn’t follow you. He just stopped right there, wearing an incredulous and annoyed expression that was entirely new to you.

“What’s wrong?”, you asked him concerned.

When you said let’s do something fun, I had no idea you meant something so stupid”, he retorted cooly.

You were taken aback to say the least. Not only by his words but also by the sudden glare in his brown eyes.

“What are you talking about? We have been doing this for years now. That’s our thing, remember?”, you reminded him.

He pursed his lips and the look he shot you felt dismissive. “Maybe we don’t have a thing? We are getting too old for this, Y/N. I’m outta here to have some real fun.”

Then he turned around and walked off. Ditched you without thinking twice. You couldn’t believe it. You felt your heart ache horribly as you looked after him and saw him vanish behind the corner. You could almost hear something shatter between the two of you.

That’s how it went. And you have never forgiven him. It is stupid and you know that, but you just can’t. As you moved a few weeks after that, he still hadn’t apologized and you never got the chance to repair your friendship.

That’s why you only give him short and indifferent answers as soon as he speaks to you. That’s why you rather sit with that horrible former friend Haley who turned into a total bimbo at lunch than with him, Stiles and his other friends. You don’t necessarily make yourself feel better but you are stubborn. Very stubborn.

He approaches you again Friday after school as you are about to put your books back into your locker. You discover him from afar. He is fiddling with the straps of his backpack and a big smile is plastered on his face. However, you turn away and focus on placing the books very accurate into the locker. One by one. It’s a lot harder to act cool if you look at him since he became so cute.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?”, he asks you as soon as he reaches you.

“Nothing, really”, you mumble repellent.

He gulps down this impolite answer along with all the others he got in the last few days. His smile also doesn’t fade a bit.

“So, are you free tonight?”

“I don’t know. Why?”, you retort hesitantly.

“I have something planned for you. Something fun!”, he claims.

You are still sceptical. Highly sceptical. His excitement doesn’t pass on to you. You finally close your locker with a sigh and say: “It’s not a date, right?”

“Oh no! Just two people hanging out, having fun. No date.”, he clarifies quickly. It’s almost amusing.

“I don’t know, Scott. It’s Friday night. I’d probably find something better to do.”

That’s a lie. You’ll totally sit at home, watch a TV show and be alone but he doesn’t need to know that. And you don’t intend to make this easy for him.

“Yeah, of course, I get that!”, he agrees. “But it won’t take long. I promise. You’ll have plenty of time left afterwards.”

He’s absolutely determined. You can see it in his eyes. And this new Scott seems to be a fighter, someone who doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants. This is not really in your comfort zone but you better get it over with quick.

“Alright. You’ll pick me up?”

His smile grows a little wider. “At nine.”

“I hope it’s worth my time”, you grumble before you turn on your heels and walk off.

He is perfectly on time, picking you up with his motorbike. You are very thankful that your parents are having their date night, otherwise they would’ve freaked if they saw you taking on the helmet and climbing onto this vehicle of death behind him. Now he even has a motorbike. This cool Scott really irritates you.

The good thing is that you have no chance to talk due to the loud noise of the engine. You just wrap your arms around his waist and enjoy the cool night air for a moment that’s blown into your face as he drives off. But as soon as you realize where he’s taking you, you tense up again. You know this way perfectly well. It’s the way to the manor.

He stops with squeaking tires at the bottom off the hill. You jump off of the motorbike as fast as you can and pull the helmet from your head before you glare at him in disbelief.

“Seriously?!”, you ask him. Well, it’s actually more an angry growl.

He bites his lower lip, obviously not feeling very comfortable. Good!

“I know you’re angry…and you have every right to be! I just…I really screwed up. I was an incredible jerk back then, believe me. Stiles is still mocking me about that time”, he admits unhappily. “And I’m so sorry! You have no idea how sorry I am! I missed this. I know I said that we don’t have a thing but that was a colossal lie. Please, Y/N…just give me a chance to make it up to you.”

He gives you this horrible puppy look that works so well on him since he’s been five. You don’t know what to do or say for a moment. You’re indecisive. On the other hand, you really missed him too. And you are so keen on entering this creepy house again.

“You know, when you said we’d do something fun, I had no idea you meant something so stupid”, you reply with a little smile.

He gets it. A hopeful glance appears behind his eyes. “Does that mean…?”

“That we’ll go up there now? I definitely will.”

You turn around to start the climb and this time he follows.

As you enter the manor the old wood squeaks under your feet and Scott switches his flashlight on to enlighten the room. You take a curious look around. It’s empty and really dirty. The windows are barred with wood and there are tons and tons of cobwebs everywhere. It also looks like it could break down every minute. Dangerous, yeah. Scary: not so much.

“You know, I remembered this a lot more terrifying”, you mutter as you walk through the hallway and shoot a look into the former dining room. The oppressive feeling just doesn’t set in anymore.

“I’ve definitely seen worse in the last few years”, Scott agrees.

As you turn to face him again, you discover the beam on his features while he observes you. His happiness is quite contagious. You remember that. You also remember how much fun you had on all those nights. And how often you wished for those days to return.

“Maybe we are too old for it after all”, you state but not unkind. You finally admit defeat. “What do you think about driving back home and…I don’t know… catching up or something?”

This is a peace offer from you and he’s eager to accept it.

“I would love that”, he says.

You both exchange a small, somewhat shy grin. Then he puts his arm around your shoulder and you leave the haunted house for good.

Teen Wolf Thoughts: Condition Terminal
  • Parrish sees Lydia as the queen
  • Parrish and fire - can’t control it yet
  • oh the sexual chemistry here, you can last longer than that ;)
  • FUCKING A yes…just do it already.  Just kiss, sex, I don’t care Marrish go for it! 
  • Ok Parrish is totally the phoenix in my mind right now.  Rebirth, fire, rise from the ashes, etc, etc…make sense to me.

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the right 


Stiles needs derek now more than ever

God, I feel like Stiles really needs Derek right now. He feels like he can’t go to his best friend because Scott has the “savior” personality, but he can’t go to Malia either because she would just jump to side and say there’s nothing wrong with what he did and that it’s not a big deal. But I feel like Derek would actually understand what he’s going through, killing someone because you had to, because the other option wasn’t an option.

Derek killed Paige and then everything with Kate went down and however you chose to headcanon what happened between those two Derek felt guilty for what happened to his family and from there took a darker road tan what his 16 year old persona expected and then… everything that happened on the show. He did questionable thing during the first few seasons but he also got to meet this group of teenagers that cared about people and that had the right amount of survival instinct and he grew internally, he realised that he couldn’t be scott but that didn’t mean he had to be peter, and I feel he could show Stiles there’s a middle ground, that even when it feels shitty and it’s wrong, killing someone doesn’t make you inherently bad.