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Luke Likes You || Luke Hemmings

hehe, a luke request is also sorta rare. also THANK YOU, IM GLAD YOU LIKE MY WRITING <3

Summary: You were a singer. After your performance, 5SOS and their families walk by and hint that Luke liked you. 

I M A G I N E 

“Alright Y/N, let’s rehearse from the top,” the soundcheck manager said, adjusting your mic a bit before fleeing to the rest of the crew to start the music. You were in an empty stadium with just you, the crew, and your management. You agreed to do a music festival with a series of other bands, including your close friends, also known as 5 Seconds of Summer. “Your queue, Y/N.”

“Okay, ready,” you say before pre-recorded music begins to play and you begin to sing along with the song. As you did, you noticed the 5SOS boys walk through the seats with their families. You beamed at them, as you loved their mothers with a passion. As Calum, Ashton, and Michael cheered you on with their parents, you noticed Luke just staring at you with a very strong focus. His mother just gave you a small smile, paying attention to your performance. 

After the practice, you put the mic down and hop off the stage. The boys and their families were making their way over, giving you claps and cheers. The gap between you guys finally ended and Calum, Ashton, and Michael gave you guys as well as their mothers. You noticed Luke blushing and looking away with his mother whispering a few words at him. 

“That was super rad, Y/N!” Michael said as you two high fived. “Holy fuck, I felt the vibe completely. It was so chill but so uplifting.”

“Be a poet, why don’t you?” Calum joked before giving you a fist pump. “But that was sick, Y/N. Your performances as well as your music are always so eye-grabbing.”

“Thanks, I try,” you say, sticking your tongue out. Ashton also fist pumps you and gives you a small nudge. 

“Maybe you can join us someday and be the 5th Second of Summer,” Ashton comments, making you guys laugh. You bid farewell to their mothers as they walk towards the stage to help the boys set up. “Want to watch us do some soundcheck, too?” Ashton offered. 

“Of course!” You accepted gladly as the 3 boys skipped over to the stage. You watch the workers go to them and prepare them with their earpieces and designated instruments. Turning around, you find Mrs. Hemmings happily opening her arms for you. “Mrs. Hemmings, how are you?”

“Please Y/N, call me Liz,” she says as she gives you a soft embrace. “You are quite talented, my dear. I can’t wait to see the real thing and take plenty of photos.”

“I’m ecstatic that you’ll be watching,” you say happily. You see Luke quietly leave his mothers behind to go to the stage with the rest of the boys. It’s like he was avoiding you, which made you just a bit sad. You didn’t admit it to anybody, but you sorta have a crush on Luke Hemmings. Of course, considering the Arzaylea deal, you didn’t bother. But a scratch of hope still kept its mark in your heart. “Is he alright?” You asked Lukes mom. 

“He is, he’s just shy,” Liz responds, shrugging a bit. “He’s always like that when he’s around a girl he likes.” You froze. He’s shy when he’s around a girl he likes?

“Pardon?” You ask, wanting her to repeat what you don’t believe. 

“Luke likes you, honey,” Liz says in an audible whisper. And with that, she swiftly walks passed you and over to the front to sit with the rest of the mothers. You look down and think to yourself as your face turns a light shade of red. Luke likes me? You thought, rubbing your cheeks in disbelief. You then turned around quickly to find Luke staring at you. But once you noticed, he instantly looked away as they began their soundcheck. 

Once they finished, you watched them leave the stage full of sweat but huge smiles. Ashton threw his drumsticks at Michael, causing him to laugh. Michael picked them up to hit Ashton and Calum, but missed. But, you watch Luke quietly walk over to you, his face completely red. He looked tense even. 

“Hey, you did pretty great,” you said encouragingly, smiling at the shy Australian. “I can’t wait to here you guys live tomorrow. It’s gonna be amazing!”

“Th-thanks, Y/N, you’re really sweet…” Luke said quietly as he scratched the back of his neck. You smiled sweetly at him, making him blush even more. You were amused at how shy Luke really was, especially around you. Considering you guys have hung out a fair lot, you didn’t expect this from Luke at all. “Y/N, I was wondering something…”

“What do you wonder?” You playfully mocked with a smirk. Lukes eyes sparkled up at you, those blue eyes overwhelming you with its beauty. 

“If we can go out in a few hours…” Luke says quietly, cautiously looking into your eyes. You smiled at how adorably shy he was. “S-so we can clean ourselves up and go for a walk and some ice cream. Or something…”

“Sounds like a date,” you said confidently, winking at Luke. He looked at you with disbelief, his lips slightly apart with those ice eyes staring at you astonishingly. “All the performers are staying in the same hotel, right? I’m in 6B, ‘kay?” You inform him as he whips out a pen and begins to scribble on his arm. “Oh, and one more thing!” 

“Hm?” He asks before you pull his arm over and take the pen from his hand. You scribble your number down on his arm before handing back the pen and giving him a sweet smile. 

“Can’t wait for tonight,” you said quietly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to your management. Luke was left standing there, completely flushed as his hand felt the cheek you kissed. 

After showering and getting ready, you waited a few minutes for Luke to come around. It was 7 p.m., which was a fair time to go out and do a lot of things before getting plenty of rest before the show. You practically shot up from your seat when you heard the door ring. Opening it, you revealed a very cute Luke Hemmings with a daisy in his hand. 

“Hey Y/N,” Luke greeted, smiling softly. He hands over the daisy and you take it, feeling like school girl again. “I also brought ya this.” Luke offered one of his black hoodie, which looked pretty much identical to the one he was wearing. 

“Good idea,” you agree, taking the large hoodie and putting it on. Covering your head with the hoodie, you smiled at Luke due to the amusement of how big the hoodie was. “Alright, let’s go!” Looping your arm around Luke, he guides you down and out the hotel. 

The two of you saw almost everything. From street performers to sky lanterns. All the sights were gorgeous and you adored them so much. Luke kept you in his sight at all times, holding your hand often to make sure he didn’t lose you. It was cute to see him protective. 

“Here’s the ice cream place I wanted to grab a scoop or two from!” Luke pointed as he dragged you out the crowd of people. You looked up to see a bright ice cream sign. It was on top of an ice cream parlor, that was fairly empty to you and Lukes luck. 

“I want mint chocolate chip!” You exclaim, following Luke to the cashier to order. 

“Welcome to the Ice Cream Clique, how may I help you?” A woman at the cashier, seemingly young, asked with a wide smile. Luke lifting up his hoodie a little so he didn’t look so suspicious. He looked up at the flavors real quick before choosing. 

“Can I get 2 scoops in a cone?” Luke asked politely. “One scoop vanilla and the other chocolate.” The cashier nodded, writing down the order before looking over to you. 

“I’d like a big cup of mint chocolate chip, please,” you asked, also lifting up your hoodie a bit. You didn’t want to seem like a hoodlum or anything. The cashier nodded before escaping to the back of the store. Luke led you over to one of the tables and the two of you sat down, staring at each other. 

“I’m really glad I could take you out, Y/N,” Luke said quietly, blushing a bit. “You’re really cool and sweet. I don’t get to meet many girls so laid back as well.” 

“Well, I always try to have a chill vibe,” you mused, giggling with Luke a bit. “But I’m happy you asked me. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to go out with you. Just us, you know?”

“R-really?” Luke said, stuttering as his face flushed completely. You poke his nose before nodding. 

“Yeah, you seem pretty sweet and gentle and relaxed,” you say, smiling a bit. “Don’t get me wrong– the other boys are super rad. But they’re so energetic, I don’t know how you can contain them all the time!” 

“Years of practice,” Luke said with a chuckle. You giggled as well before feeling an itchy sensation on your nose. You begin to crinkle it, hoping the bothersome feeling would go away. “Holy fuck.”

“Hm?” You asked at Lukes abrupt reaction. “What’s wrong?”

“That was too fucking cute, Y/N,” Luke comments, smiling adoringly at you. You blushed, waving him away. You even covered your face with your hands. 

“Stooop,” you playfully complained, sounding somewhat like a child. 

“Nooooo,” Luke mocked, grabbing your hands with his large ones to reveal your face. He smiled at your face, practically beaming to see you blushing and embarrassed. “Don’t ever cover your face, okay? You’re too beautiful not to show off to the world.”

“Shush,” you groaned quietly as Luke laughed at you. It was like the both of you switched personalities immediately. Now Luke was the confident and you were the shy. You couldn’t help but love that irony and plot twist. The cashier then called the both of you over with both of your orders available. 

“Cheers,” Luke says as the both of you go to the cashier. Luke grabs your ice cream and hands it to you. He as well hands you a spoon. As you happily begin to eat. Luke starts to take out a bit of money. But as he offers it to the worker, she was stunned. She stared at Luke with a shocked face, as though she has seen a ghost. 

“Y-you’re L-Luke Hemmings, aren’t you?” The cashier stuttered, her voice completely surprised. Luke smiled and nodded, taking the cone from her now shaky hand. “I-I love you and your band s-so much! I’m actually going to the festival tomorrow– I can’t believe I actually met you before it, oh my god!” 

“Aw Lukey, you’ve got a fan,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at Luke as he begins to sign a tissue for the cashier. You take Lukes ice cream to help, but when you look up at the cashier, she looks completely pale. “I know, the excitement is pretty insane.” 

“N-no, you’re Y/F/N Y/L/N…” the cashier breathed, her eyes completely fixed and set on your face. “I am your biggest fan, holy fuck! Ask anyone around, they know how much I adore you so!” 

“Why thank you,” you say with a blush. Once Luke was done, the cashier quickly pushes the napkin and the pen to you. Luke takes the ice cream and chuckles as you sign the napkin. 

“I c-can’t even believe it, this is my absolute lucky day!” The cashier began to cry. “C-can I have hugs, please” Luke and you instantly entered a group hug with the crying fan, feeling joy to bring happiness to her. And then the two of you left, eating your ice cream while waving goodbye at the starstruck cashier. 

“I had a really good night,” you say quietly as you drink the last bit of your melted ice cream. Luke was chewing on the cone, close to the tip. “I’m glad you took me out, Luke. I had a really good time.”

“I’m glad,” Luke responds, taking your hand in his as the two of you saw the bright lights of the hotel you guys were staying at. “I hope we can do this again very soon, Y/N. I had a really great time as well.”

“Well, we are gonna be hanging out after the festival so,” you commented, smiling a bit. “I’ll be seeing you quite soon.” Luke nods before eating the last remains of the cone. 

The two of you entered the hotel quickly with the help of the guards. There was a large crowd of mixed fans in the lobby, and you two couldn’t afford getting in that limbo. So you two snuck it and scurried up the stairs. Because you lived on the floor below Luke, your stop was first. Making it to the 6th floor, Luke opens the door and leads you to your room. 

“Well, here we are,” you breathe, looking at your door. You fished out your key card from your pocket. “Thank you for the incredible time.” You put your empty ice cream cup down to hug Luke. He wraps his arms around you, with the overwhelming sensation of safety swarming you. He held you tightly, making the embrace last longer than you expected. And honestly, you loved it. 

“Have a good night, Y/N,” Luke whispered as he detached from you. 

“You, too, Luke,” you tell him, giving him a small smile and a gentle expression before unlocking your door and slightly opening it to only reveal a sliver. 

“Oh, and Y/N?” Luke said, causing you to stop with the door halfway open.

“Yes, Luke?”

“I forgot something.” Before you knew it, Lukes lips were smashed on yours and you melted in the kiss. The two of you have been wanting to do this for a while now. And finally, it was happening. 

“Alright, goodnight now, Y/N,” Luke said, giving you a very happy and successful smile. You looked at him, surprised, with your face completely red. Once he disappeared behind the staircase door, you hopped with joy and quickly entered your room. You leaned your back against the door and slowly slid down, smiling a smile immensely wide. You quickly put your hand on your lips, still in beautiful shock from what just happened. 

Your hand couldn’t stop feeling your lips. 

Prompt:  “I like watching you. When you laugh, when you smile, when you’re passionately engaged in something you enjoy” for Masamune (c/o @suzunesays ♡)
Length: 604 words

A/N: This was based off the most recent SE because I couldn’t think of any other scenario hehe. I hope you like it. And thank you to anyone who will read this. :D

(I feel like I’m going overboard with these posts, but I want to finish everything so that I can slowly wean myself off Tumblr before classes resume ; u ; )

“Hey, has Lord Masamune really forgotten about that page of his?” The words were still ringing in her ears, the gossip she was never meant to hear. Despite Kojuro and Shigezane reassuring her that such empty words shouldn’t worry her, they still felt like a slap in the face.

“Lord Masamune, I’ve brought your tea and mochi,” MC said, holding the tray outside Masamune’s door. It had been a week since the unfortunate incident that caused Masamune to lose his memories. Doctor Douzan did all that he could and advised everyone that the most they could do at this point is wait.

“Hmm… just leave it there,” Masamune replied. The tone of his voice made MC’s heart sink. Did she honestly expect him to say anything else? Just as she was about to leave, she heard Masamune call out to her. “On second thought, please bring it here.”

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10 Days - Part 8 - AU Series

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,913

I don’t own any of the gifs seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

Still Day 6.

Thank God for ice-cream! Y/N was devouring it as if there was no tomorrow or no wedding dress to fit in. For a second the thought of the dress had got into her mind, literally a second; who cares about a dress where there are more important things in life, like ice-cream and cookies? Yes, she was actually considering to have cookies after. Who could blame her, really? She needed to keep herself busy somehow and some food was the best option. Her niece was sharing the same thoughts: ice-cream and cookies. It is refreshing when people share your ideas, right?

Suddenly her phone, that was still on the couch, rang and she stood up immediately, like if she had been electrocuted with a teaser or something. She wanted to say to her niece not to move but, honestly, it was quite unnecessary. Mickey was intent on eating and definitely nothing could make her change her location. So Y/N ran in the living room and without even glancing at the screen she answered the call, “Dean?”

“No… this is the guy who is in love with you,” The man on the other end stated, chuckling.

Yeah, if only he knew…

“Mark, hey. Sorry, I called Dean earlier and I thought he was calling me back,” she replied, a little disappointed in that phone call. She honestly cared for Mark, she felt safe with him and this was a huge thing for her. She didn’t know the reason why but she felt sure that he wasn’t going to hurt her. At the moment, though, she just wanted to know where the hell was Dean.

“Yeah, I’m calling about him actually,” Mark responded and her eyes went wide. The first idea that she had was that Dean had done something stupid like going at Mark’s to punch him in the face, “And why is that?” She questioned hesitantly.

“Well, today I have to confirm the number of the guests for the wedding reception. Did you decide what to do with him?” He asked, knowing deep down that she hadn’t.

“Right!” She exclaimed relieved, “Uh, no I haven’t yet… Can you confirm that tomorrow maybe?” For 5 days she had been carrying Dean’s invitation with her and she honestly didn’t know what to do. At first she was sure he hated her, so what was the point in inviting him? Then she found out he actually loved her, so inviting him made even less sense. And now, who knew? He had disappeared again so she really didn’t have a clue.

“What if I confirm for the rest of the guests and I call them again tomorrow in case you want to add Dean? Sounds good?” He offered.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea…” She admitted. “I have the folder with the number in my bedroom… Wait a sec,” She continued moving to her room.

Literally five seconds later Dean opened the front door, got into the apartment and walked into the kitchen to start breakfast, except his niece was already sitting at the table, enjoying her favorite meal. “Hey, peanut… Ice-cream for breakfast?” He questioned frowning. Of course Y/N didn’t have maternal instinct but this was strange even for her.

“We’re eating auntie Y/N’s feelings,” the kid replied, not really sure of the meaning of what she had just said. But hey, whenever her aunt wanted to eat her feelings that meant food for her as well; so whatever the meaning was, it had to be something good.

Dean frowned and then nodded, “Okay… is it vanilla?”

“asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl” His niece answered with her mouth filled with ice-cream.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he stated, sitting at the table and grabbing Y/N’s ice-cream, “Let’s keep this between us, huh?” He winked. Mickey didn’t even glance at him; she was lost in her thoughts of cookies, ice-cream, and white ponies again.

When Y/N moved back towards the kitchen, relief washed over her as she saw Dean at the table.

This vision brought her more than just relief, though; he was sitting there eating her ice-cream and just by glancing at him something changed. That sentence in capital letters she kept repeating in her mind, the sentence that had kept her stable so far, the sentence that was her anchor, turned into glass. It just needed a little push to get smashed and set her heart free. 

But that day Dean didn’t push her anymore. The night before he had set some things straight in his mind: he wasn’t in love with her, period.

“Where were you?” She asked getting into the kitchen.

He got a little spooked by her; not by her sentence but by her presence since he was eating her food and that was like one of the biggest crime you could commit in front of her. He looked up at her and, convinced of not being noticed, he started to slowly move the ice-cream away from him, “There was no more coffee and you get cranky without it so I went to get it…” He shrugged.

“You know I can see what you’re doing right now, right?” She asked serious, pointing a finger at her ice-cream.

“Hehe…” He swallowed, preparing himself for something bad to come. His face was exactly the one a Hogwarts’s student would get when he had to open a Howler.

“You can have it… I want coffee,” she stated, starting the coffeemaker.

He looked around at first, maybe it was a dream. Might as well enjoy the food!

After breakfast, Michelle had one other goal: Frozen. So Dean played the movie as usual as she was getting comfortable on the couch. The little thing had been great for 5 days, not asking for her parents, not crying, not bringing any trouble at all. It was only normal that now she was missing her mom, “Uncle Dean, I want my mommy…” She pleaded with sad eyes.

That look in her eyes was the worst thing he could see. He just wanted that adorable human being to be happy, “I know you do, peanut…” He admitted, crouching in front of her, “But you know what? Tomorrow you mom is going to be here… huh?” He offered, knowing deep down that it wasn’t enough to make her happy again, “Plus…” He started again, when an idea popped into his mind, “you can have anything you want today. What do you say?” 

“Like cookies and potato chips?” She replied expectantly.

“That’s right.” He nodded, really glad that his plan had worked.

“Okay…” She smiled sweetly.

“Okay,” he repeated, leaving a kiss on her forehead. He was going to be a great dad in the future, “And you know what? I’m gonna bring you the potato chips right now,” He sad and kept his promise.

When he got into the kitchen for the third time that day, Y/N was starting the dishwasher. “Hey, can I talk to you about something?” He asked, feeling like it was time to clear their situation.

“That depends… If it’s going to involve crying again, I’m gonna need food in the meantime,” she answered, really tired of their confessions. She was really tired in general, to tell you the truth.

“No-no, I just wanted to apologize, you know? Uh, I think - I was a little wrong about my feelings,” he confessed and then stopped, maybe rechecking again in his thoughts if he really meant that; his brain, though, was working greatly that morning, covering all his deep pain with some fake ideas.

“What you mean?” She questioned, confused. The day before he was about to go insane, trying to find new plans to get her back and now he seemed… different, changed.

“I think that I mistook guilt for love all these years and. I don’t know, I guess I just realized it,” he concluded, shrugging.

That sentence in her mind, the always a cheater one, turned again from glass to stone. She didn’t admit it, not even to herself, but while her mind was nothing but relieved, her heart was actually hurting inside of her chest, “You… sure?” She asked, not knowing what to really hope for.

“Yeah…” He nodded.

It was like something was missing, like something that should have been there wasn’t but he put that thought away. 

What was missing was a feeling, something that proved his words. If he, actually, after ten years had realized that he didn’t love her, a feeling of emptiness would have been there or a feeling of relief or a feeling of joy. But there was nothing there, nothing at all. He didn’t feel a thing.

“Oh okay,” She replied, with a little smile, that expressed more sadness than other things. She didn’t want him to suffer waiting for her, while she was going to marry someone else but, at the same time, she felt emptiness. Her brain was relieved of risking a heartbreak again but, at the same time, it wasn’t covering all her feelings for him, just a few of them.

“So I was thinking,” He started again, “Since I’m kinda tired of our fights, why don’t we start over, from now on? What you think?” He proposed with a smile.

“Yeah, we can do that.” The constant quarrels were extenuating, not to mention all those hidden feelings. Starting new sounded like a decent idea and her mind was absolutely ready to welcome it, “Oh about that… I have something for you,” she continued, remembering Mark’s phone call, “Just - can you promise not to run away again? I’m not really up for that today.”

He chuckled and shook his head, “No running.”

“Okay,” She continued moving to the living room. She grabbed the invitation from her purse and handed it to him, “It’s an invitation to the wedding, if you want to be there…”

It was a white envelope, with his name written on the back of it. He was a little surprised by the gesture,though, “You… had an invitation for me?” He wondered.

“Yeah… I just didn’t know what to do with it,” she admitted, pensively. She had spent hours trying to come up with a way to give it to him, without finding an answer. But looking at the whole thing from a more recent perspective, those hours could have been avoided. He actually took the entire thing almost too well. 

No, definitely too well.

“I’ll be there,” he stated, nodding, still feeling like something was missing. What the hell was it, though?

Her niece pulled him out of his thoughts. She was seated there, talking to the potato chips. A vision that was funny and sweet at the same time. “Hey, potato chips, come out. I want to eat you.”

He couldn’t help but to smile at that, feeling love into his heart. So he was still capable of feelings; just not of all of them. A few of those were trapped in his mind, behind a high rock wall, without a single slit.

So they were both standing there, smiling at their niece, really convinced of being okay. One of them with a sentence made of stone and the other one with a high rock wall; both of them keeping their feelings away. Both of them too hurt and too brokenhearted to admit the truth even to themselves. Both of them feeling like something was missing, without realizing what it actually was.

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achibikitsune  asked:

So a LOT of people are exited for Haloween and the holiday season... I got to thinking... who would Lucio and Hana be? I don't know about you, but a fic where they go to a costume party as Asgore and Toriel (or any other vido game couple) would be cute! (Their kids could be Asriel and Chara, if they have any.)

First I really want to apologize to the @justexpecteverything​, because I didn’t know who Asgore and Toriel were until 2 minutes ago. So I’m kinda half doing your prompt: D.Va and Lucio go to a Halloween costume party!


Lucio arrived at Dr. Zieglers’ costume party just a little bit after 11:30 pm. 

“Lucio! I vas hoping you vere going to come!” The Overwatch doctor embraced the DJ into a fierce hug, which knocked her witch’s hat off. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Dr. Z! Sorry about the tardiness, my Halloween charity concert went on a little longer than usual.” After finishing the hug Lucio picked up the fallen hat and gave it back to her. 

“Oh it’s fine…” Mercy replied adjusting her witch’s costume “… to tell zee truth you’ve come just in time. I think I’ve run out of all the music I have zhat’s y’know, ‘hip with zee kids’ and well…”

“Lemme guess, Reinhardt is threatening to put on Hassoholf?” 

“I VILL SHOW YOU VHAT REAL MUSIC IS!” bellowed Reinhardt from across the room in his Cowardly Lion costume complete with the red bow tied at the ear.

“Dang, he’s got some really good hearing for an old man.” murmured Lucio.

“I VONDER WHY, HMMMM?” Lucio and Mercy both shared a laugh. Of course Lucio being Lucio, always had a portable DJ table with him on hand for emergencies such as these. As he began to unpack, he noticed Mercy was hanging around with a playful smirk.

“Do you know vhen zee lovely D.va will be accompanying us?” Lucio felt his face get a little hot. He and D.va weren’t necessarily together, but he could tell the rest of the Overwatch group were beginning to notice a pattern.

“To uh tell the truth, I’ve got no clue Dr. Z. She actually has been avoiding me lately. She been super wrapped up in making her Halloween costume.”

“Oh vell zhat’s new! Usually you and Hana are attached to zee hip. Perhaps a couple’s costume to ummm, forgive me Lucio. I don’t know who you’re dressed as.”  Lucio jumped up from his half finished DJ set.

“I’m Static Shock! Y’know from the comics and tv show?” Mercy gave him an apologetic smile.

Entschuldigung, but I don’t know who zhat is. A Brazilian hero?”

“S’okay! But nah, I think he’s most popular in America…” replied Lucio as he went back to finishing the DJ kit, “…my dad found the whole Static Shock show on Blue-ray for, like, 10 Brazilian Reals* and -”

“ Verzeihung for zee interruption, but Blue-ray? I thought those were all but extinct!”

“I know ancient, right!?”


“As do I…” chimes Ana in her Dorthy costume calming sipping cider next to Reinhardt on the huge couch. 

“Anyway…” Lucio continued “…I watched the Hell out of those things as a kid, so I basically grew up on him.” Suddenly a door slammed open.

“Alright listen up you amateur cosplay plebs, I have arrived!” The whole party basically stopped and looked at front door. There stood D.va in full body and detailed costume of Star Craft Sarah Kerrigan’s Infested Form. There wasn’t a tendril or scale out of place as she stood proudly letting the party soak her costume in.

Mien Gott…” muttered Mercy, “…D.va must’ve really taken the my best costume contest to heart.” Lucio turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

“You have met D.va, right?”  Mercy gave a small giggle,

“I know, but zee prize is just a $50 gift-card and bragging rights.” 

“You see, the key word in that sentence is bragging rights, Dr. Z.” quipped Lucio.

“Hey Lucio, I love your Static Shock costume! ” D.va said as she walked over. Lucio couldn’t help but beam, someone recognized his costume! 

“For real? I mean, it was kinda last minute…” Lucio was telling a little bit of fib. He actually worked really hard on his costume, but the fact that D.va thought he did a good job made his heartbeat quicken. “…I’m just more surprised that you recognize this super old character, Hana.”

“Are you kidding? Vintage western Saturday morning cartoons are huge in Korea and Static Shock was def my fav.” D.va said as she gave the DJ a playful punch in the arm. Mercy had another silent giggle as she gave the two young people some privacy.

“…and then there’s your costume, Hana! Like dang, how long you been workin’ on this? And what did you make the scales out of?” Lucio asked.

“Ah, ah, ah, a great cosplayer never reveals her secrets.” Hana replied with a smirk.

“Okay, okay, okay but I just gotta ask this though. You look covered from head to toe. How the hell you gonna use the bathroom in that.”

“Hehe, funny you should say that…” Hana said with a nervous laugh, “…because  if Mercy doesn’t  judge for the contest in the next 10 minutes, I’m screwed.”

*$4 in US currency 

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood ~Kou Mukami After Story~

Hello, cuties! ヾ(・ω・o) I don’t know if someone has translated this yet, but I needed it in my blog, soooo… here it is! It might be a bit tiring to read cause it’s a bit long, but… Here you have it in case someone is interested! I found it adorable, but lately I find anything Kou-related way too cute sob

On with the translation! (and I haven’t checked anything so beware, mistakes might eat you)

Kou: Yui, come here!

Yui: Coming!

Kou: This lake is so beautiful… The water is superclear!

Kou: And look! The sky is being reflected in the surface so you can see a really beautiful blue!

Kou: Let’s take a picture!

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I missed You (Michael Clifford)

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A/N:  hi you lovelies! This is my first official smut on this blog (and that i have ever written hehe) so I really hope you guys like it cause i loved writing it! As Cel and Erin said I am going to start taking requests now so you can start sending them in! xoxo -Gabby <3

anonymous: Hey! Could you write a thing (I don’t know what thing, any thing will do) of you and your daughter waiting for Michael at the airport for him to get back from tour and then he like runs up to you both and hugs you and stuff (and the rest of the guys are there too ofc) but yeah.. Thanks if you do it or not, I don’t want you to feel like you have to. It’s okay if you don’t want to :)


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Wings (Soulmate!Michael) PART 6

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Requested - Yes, sorry it took forever, I probably shouldn’t promise when I’m gonna post the next part bc I obviously can’t keep my promises very well hehe

Y/n = your name
Y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name
Y/h/c = your hair color
Y/e/c = your eye color

You sat on a couch next to crying Calum, rubbing his back soothingly (which Michael wasn’t too happy about).
“I-I really didn’t want to become between your relationship”, Calum whispered and buried his face to his hands, “I’m so sorry…”
“I’m pretty sorry too”, Michael scoffed, crossing his arms.
“Michael!” you scolded at him.
“What?! Calum is basically taking you away from me and I should act like it’s nothing?!” he yelled throwing his hands in the air, “Well you know what Calum? She’s all yours, I don’t want her anymore. It’s not like I wouldn’t find easily someone else to replace her.”
He stormed out of the room, leaving you there in shock. He didn’t want you? It was all over now? A tear rolled down you cheek. How could he say so easily all those horrible things? You though you were soulmates?
“I don’t want her anymore”, you whispered, repeating Michael’s words.
“I’ll be upstairs if you need me”, you mumbled to Calum and went to your room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 PM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Michael’s P.O.V)

I came back to her house after I had calmed down a little by talking to Luke. Normally I would turn to Calum in these situations but now when I can’t… Luke was the one I could talk to.
I knocked her front door, waiting her to come open it; but instead of y/n it was Calum. I felt like kicking his ass right there and then but I knew I had to go to talk to her. So I just walked past him silently and went upstairs, where I knew her room was. I was surprised she wasn’t in the living room, but in the other hand, it was pretty late so it would make sense if she was in her room.

When I was about knock her door, something stopped me. Quiet sobs. Her sobs. Sobs, that I knew I had caused. My chest tightened and I finally decided to knock.
“Go away”, she said weakly but I went in anyway. I could see every emotion disappear from her face.
“You”, she said coldly.
“Me”, I whispered and stepped closer to her but she flinched back. It felt like someone had stabbed me right to my chest.
“Don’t come any closer”, y/n laughed humorlessly, holding up a hand.
“Please”, I begged her but she just shook her head, smiling.
“Nope, you said you don’t want me anymore. It’s all over now. I will never EVER be with someone like you anymore. Because you know why?” she asked and I shook my head.
“Because YOU DON’T DESERVE ME”, she said and laughed. I felt my heart breaking to million pieces.
“Now go away”, she said and pulled her bed’s covers over her, probabaly aiming to go to sleep.

You woke up the next morning, your head hurting like a bitch.
“Fuck”, you cursed and sat up, rubbing your temples. You froze when you saw someone curled up to a ball in the corner of your room.
Michael? His figure was in an uncomfortable postition. You felt bad for him until you remembered what had happened yesterday.

“I don’t want her anymore.”
“It’s not like I wouldn’t find easily someone else to replace her.”

Tears started to burn your eyes as you stood up to go to the bathroom.

You went to the bathroom (where was also a shower and stuff) and took your clothes off and stepped to the shower, letting the cold water wash over your exhausted body.
After you were done with the shower you wrapped a fluffy towel around yourself when suddlenly Michael bursted through the door.
He saw you and sank to his knees, crying.
“I-I was so a-afraid you had done some to y-yourself when you weren’t in your b-bed”, he sobbed. You felt really bad seeing him like that.
“Michael”, you said softly, “Please look at me.”
He did what you told him to. His eyes were puffy and red and he had huge circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep.
“Michael I-”, you sighed, “I know we have to talk at some point but can’t deal with you right now, I’m sorry.”
“Please let me fix this”, he whispered and you shook your head.
“How are you gonna undo all the pain? There’s simply no way. Is it even worth it?”, you asked him.
“Okay, listen, last night when I tried to close my eyes and tried to sleep, I just couldn’t. Hearing you cry was the most painful thing ever, it felt like every little piece of myself was falling apart. You are the reason, the only reason, and the only person I would never give up on. So I won’t give up on you, on us. It’s never too late to fix things. It is worth it. Please”, he begged, trying to stop crying.
“I don’t know… I have to think about it” you sighed, “Right now I need to go check if Calum is still here”.
“No!” he cried, grabbing your arm as you were about to leave, “Don’t leave me alone.”
“Then come with me”, you said softly and pecked his cheek. He nodded and stood up as you threw on some random sweatpants and a shirt.


He smiled shyly at you after you had changed.
“Your body is perfect”, he mumbled playing with his hand, his cheeks slightly pink.
You scoffed.
“Are you blind, Clifford? I don’t have a model’s body, scratch that, it’s not even near that.”
“It doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect”, he whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist. You rolled your eyes.
“I’m trying to be mad at you, you know”, you giggled and slapped his chest and he chuckled.
“You know you love me!”
“Yea I do”, you smiled at him until you realised what you had said.
“You love me?” he asked you, a bit surprised.
“No!! Yes! GOD I DON’T KNOW”, you yelled fustrated and buried your face to his chest.
“I love you too”, he said quietly and made you blush. No one had never said that to you before.
He lifted your chin with his index finger and kissed you softly.
“I love you”, he said again.

“Oh”, Calum said blankly from the door, “Did I interrupt something?”


(A/N) Sorry this was kinda a boring chapter :s


MORE OF MY WRITING - http://5sos-fake-text.tumblr.com/post/126429300845/masterlist
Be Okay

Summary: Nozomi will do anything to dry Eli’s tears, even if it means denying her own feelings in the process. 

Pairing: Nozoeli. Also Rinpana and Nicomaki if you squint. 

Words: ~3881

Notes: ANGST.ANGST.ANGST. I actually started this quite awhile ago when I wasn’t feeling all too great, and picked it up again recently and decided to finish it. Maybe I’ll write a second part? :/ This is also my contribution for @nozomistiddies Nozomi week! 

Eli Ayase was perfection itself. She walked as light as air, carried herself as bright as the sun.  She excelled at nearly everything she tried, and moved and spoke with the elegance of a celestial being only briefly crossing the earthly plain. At least, that’s what Nozomi thought, until she saw Eli unspool in front of her, the golden thread she had fought so hard to keep together unwinding and collapsing all at once.

AO3 | FF.Net

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Family Game Night

Prompt: could you do a one-shot of the reader and TFW playing it and Charlie running the game? If not then maybe the 5 of them playing family board games instead

Requester: Anon

Warnings: None

Words: 1,210

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Arrow 4x17 “Beacon of Hope” Review: A Light Before The Darkness

I’m going to take a page of Brie Larvan’s book and get

This was a fantastic TERRIFIC episode. (See what I did there?) Omg. Echo Kellum slayed everything. I have said from the first moment he babbled his way onto my screen: MORE OF CURTIS HOLT. Give me more. He was a delight—he was a shot in the arm to an experience that feels rote.

In many ways this episode felt reminiscent of season 2 Arrow. One such way was the newness to everything—we were seeing everything through Curtis’ eyes and it reminded us of the fantastical of it all. Remember how breathtaking it was to see the Foundry 2.0 when Felicity switched on the breaker in 2x01? It was an entirely new experience. It was ushering in a new era for Team Arrow. Curtis’ introduction into the Arrow Cave Bunker was much the same thing. There will be a huge change coming to Team Arrow next week; it is not the absence of Felicity Smoak. Because Felicity is not really gone and she never will be. So don’t worry that Curtis is replacing her. He’s not.

I have admittedly never been a fan of when the writers suddenly have Felicity incapable of doing something we know she’s done in the past just so someone new/else can suddenly do the same thing. She fell prey to that a few times this season in regards to Curtis. However, I don’t believe the Team can only use one tech-savvy person. In essence, I think that Felicity and Curtis’ skills are not identical, no matter how much they tried to make it seem like he could do all the same things as her. Curtis is an inventor; I feel like that’ll be his niche. Besides the Team has Oliver and Thea, and previously Roy, which makes for a total of two archers on the Team and the world didn’t end. Felicity will always be Overwatch. Also I think that Curtis will find his way more in the field as time goes on. (Which will suck because we might not get many Olicity stunts and those are just everything aren’t they? But we can’t have everything.)

But Curtis’ journey to Mr. Terrific has just begun. I think that’ll be a season 5 exploration—and I think it’ll likely be kicked off by tragedy. The writers drew a big target on Paul’s head last night when Curtis chose his life with Paul over the adventure of the Arrow Cave. Every hero’s journey is rooted in pain. Curtis’s will be no different. I’m not happy about it because I like their relationship and I’d like to see it explored more. I still want that dinner party between them and Olicity I’ve been talking about all season long.

(Insert: Is anyone else now fantasizing about Inventor Curtis having a scene with Inventor Cisco? Can you even imagine how brilliant those scenes would be?! The feels. Right now. I’m already giddy.)

Olicity/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak

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