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Jumps on this Megane!Prompto train—-because I really love him in glasses as well! Albeit thicker frames are always gonna have a place in my heart, I’m gonna take a gander and say he looks good in just about anything as well lol 

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Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.

The Hufflepuff

Newt Scamander x Slytherin! Reader 

Request:  @godessofdeath- Sorry, I changed a little bit of it, but I still hope you like it <3 Ten un buen día! 

*Have a nice day :)

Words: 1, 853

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one!


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“I didn´t punch him, he just happened to be too close to my fist. That´s all.” You tried to defend yourself, even if it was obvious you were lying about it. It´s not like it was really your fault, the Gryffindor idiot decided it was okay to mess around with you because he was taller.

Dumbledore sighed tiredly, rubbing his fingers through his face. “You must know that you will receive more than just a scold. Stop being harsh, I can´t follow you around to get you out of trouble.” Albus Dumbledore was always the same towards you. Kind, gentle and a father figure. “You will have to help this afternoon in the potions classroom, I have one Hufflepuff that needs some assistance.” He mumbled coldly when you didn’t apologize for punching the prick.

“At six o´clock. Don’t you dare to assume I will not notice your tardiness.”

“I´ll be there, professor.” Adverting his gaze you waited till he sighed again. Why was he sighing so much? You weren’t doing anything more than defending yourself!

Well… maybe you laughed along with your friends when the Gryffindor –coward- ran towards the infirmary threating you. His exclamations were going along the lines: I promise you will cry next time!  And: You filthy snake!

When you remembered that Mr. Dumbledore was still there, you fought the need of grinning. But you were sure he noticed the way your mouth twitched to the sides.

“I will see you soon.”


“So you aren’t going to the practice?” Damian said, already getting himself in a bad mood.

“Stop being such a narcissist, our poor babe is going to spend her time with a useless Hufflepuff.” Now you rolled your eyes in disagreement, Andro had a short temper when other houses were the issue.

“Don’t be so rude, I don’t even know this person.” Your friends were idiots most of the time, but going to the point of attacking a Hufflepuff was plainly sad.

“If Dumbledore likes the brat so much is probably because he´s a weird bug that stays all his nights on the library. And yes, I must say it´s obvious that the person is a man.” Andro stated harshly, making you feel a little concerned. Andro bit her lip when you observed her with an annoyed glare. “Just don’t let the badger get to your soft spot. I don’t want you to pass me the fleas.”

“Whatever you say, crazy woman.”

Damian chuckled for a moment, before encircling Andro’s waist. “Wasn’t their animal a skunk?”

“It’s a badger.” You defended with a frown.

“Nah, I assure you it´s a smelly skunk.”


You found yourself three steps away from Professor Dumbledore and a freckled shivering guy. Was he cold? Maybe you could lend him your scarf…but having to scarfs would probably be too uncomfortable to him.

“This is Newt Scamander, he´s the student I wanted you to help out.” You nodded slightly, eyeing him with disappointment. It would have been awesome if he were a girl.

“Nice to meet you.” The tall thin guy said with shyness, gazing to his shoes while he talked. “A-as Professor Dumbledore said, I´m going to need a little bit of assistance…” He repeated, obviously rambling because he didn’t know what to say. You were oddly intrigued by his quirky expressions. That just made things a ten percent more acceptable.

After presenting yourself and earning another lecture from the old man -that made Newt almost faint- you both entered the classroom. Everything was in place except one of the tables, the one in the right corner of the room.

“Are we going to prepare a potion?” You asked groggily, there were few things that you hated. And one of them was to stir a dangerous thing in a cauldron till it made your arms hurt. You thought Dumbledore was going to make you clean or something…

“Yes. I must confess is pretty hard to do, but Mr. Dumbledore said you were a capable student.” Capable? You snorted.

“Yeah, I´m an expert.” Whispering, you followed him to the table and leaned to see what kind of potion you were about to do. “Wolfsbane?!” You exclaimed, making Newt jump and look at you in disapproval. “Why?” You asked a second later.

“Because Dumbledore told us to. Don’t question his decisions too much.” He said calmly, everything on him seemed calm and shy. “Isn´t it awesome? We´re obviously preparing this for a werewolf!” Newt inhaled with sparkly eyes. “They are mysterious creatures, I´m sure they could use their abilities in so much ways…” He finished dreamily, letting you with an almost excited feeling fluttering on your chest. The way he said it was just so full of passion that you knew he loved talking about beasts. “Oh! Sorry, I just got caught on something you probably not care about…”

“Care about? I obviously do, I´m a Slytherin. I would have told you the second you began to talk that I wasn’t interested. Tell me more about them.” You grinned mischievously when he raised his gaze to meet yours, beautiful green mottled eyes dragged you into his enthusiasm. “I will be flattered!” He squealed like a love-struck teenager, making you chuckle and lean even more to him.

At that exact moment, the acceptance of the punishment went from ten percent to one hundred percent.


“So…how was it?” Andro´s voice asked, but you didn’t gave a response. You were more interested in looking for Newt´s presence in the dining hall. Where did the freckled sweetheart passed all of his lunches? You couldn’t see him sitting on the Hufflepuff table so you decided it was a normal reaction to go look for him.

“Sorry, gotta go. I need something from the library.” Damian raised an eyebrow and when you rapidly stood up from your seat, he grabbed your cloak.

“Why do you need to go again? You went yesterday.” Andro snatched his boyfriend´s hand off you and gave a court nod towards the exit.

“She´s seems eager to go, just let her be.”


Six months later, you passed all your time alone –without the Slytherins- with Newt. He sometimes talked too much about some Leta Lestrange girl, but it wasn’t a problem, because two seconds later he would compare her to you…even saying that you were more fun

The only problem were your house mates, they didn’t like him at all. Andro patiently scolded you more than once for talking to him publicly but now you didn’t give a damn about what she had to say. Hufflepuffs were way more fun than the Slytherins.

Or maybe that was the platonic love talking in your name. Because trying to spend every single minute with him was totally platonic.

“You always say I am the dreamer, but today you´re stealing away my title.” A blush crept to your face. It wasn’t a good time to receive a friendly arm over your shoulders. “For a second I thought you were avoiding me for being late yesteday.”

“Ha. Not even a snake could make me ignore you, do you thought a badger could?”

“Maybe a bowtruckle would.”

“A what?” A grin came to his face and he stepped in front of you. His hands went to his left pocket and a little human looking thing bowed at you. It was green and tiny, like really, really tiny. “This smol´baby is so precious!”

Newts ruffled hair covered his eyes when he observed his small friend, but you were sure they were filled with adoration. “Yes. I truly believe he is. I found him…outside…”He muttered the last part in such a quiet voice that you were the only one in the corridor that actually distinguished what he said. When you raised both of your eyebrow and pouted, he passed one of his hands through the locks of his brownish hair.

“Let´s not talk here.”

He dragged you all the way out to the lake while refusing to say anything before arriving to a secure place.


“And when were you going to tell me all of this…?”

“I promised Mr. Dumbledore that I wouldn’t say a thing. At the end, the werewolf is just another student, the others may get him expelled…” At least he was saying it you. He trusted you enough to twist Dumbledore´s trust. “I will just ignore the fact that you entered a dangerous forest with a werewolf. But remember, you freak, next time I promise I will punch you.”

Newt gulped loudly and you began to laugh with him. “Earlier, you were talking about our new friend.” He nodded rapidly and showed you the green man, again. “I named him Pickett.”

“Hey there Pickett, I´m pleased to meet you.” He bowed like the last time. “Can I touch you?” When he didn’t made a sound you looked over to your friend. “Can I touch him?”

“Yes, come on Pickett, don’t be so rude with a lady.” The green thing crossed his lanky arms and you chuckled. Even when he was mean he was still adorable. “I´m sorry, he was attachment issues. Pickett doesn’t like to be touched by anyone else. This is his first time going out.”

Being the teasing brat you always were, you smooched the bowtruckle, fast enough to get him confused. “Ow, look at that flushed face!” Pickett screamed angrily, making you smirk.

“Hey, why-why does he gets the kisses?!” Newt stuttered, more shocked than the bowtruckle in his hands.

“Oh, so that means that my sweetheart, wants a kiss?” His face got flushed with embarrassment. Newt thought he didn’t say that aloud, but apparently he did.

“Sweet-, Sweetheart?” He tried to get you to say more and you were kind enough to continue.

“What else should I call you? Love? Darling? Handsome?” Newt´s bowtruckle began to squeak with the same embarrassment that his owner –mum- was experiencing. And then you abruptly stopped. “Mmm, there´s still one thing I can´t be able to name you.”

“There is?”

“Yep. Boyfriend.” Pickett threw himself to your hands in excitement. Something told you that the tiny creature knew a lot about you, and it certainly was because of your friend.

When he realized what exactly did your word meant he gasped. “So you want to call me…your boyfriend? Me?”

“There is no other wizard here, Newt.” His heart stopped for more than a second and a lot of thoughts filled his mind. How could he get so lucky? Was he dreaming?

Just to check he was still alive or awake, he leaned to press his lips against yours. And for Merlin´s beard, he was there. It wasn’t his imagination. He really kissed you. He really felt you shiver and take a hold of his hair just to kiss him deeper.

“Stay with me forever.” He suddenly said, a second after his mouth left yours, not really thinking straight.  “Or just for now, I mean I—I don’t like forcin- I will shut up.”

“You´re so adorable, Scamander.”

(Picket observed you both suck each other’s faces, without amusement. He was –somehow- expecting it.)

Is It Love? / Barry Allen x Reader

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Request: Hi there! Can I please have a Barry imagine where the reader works at Star Labs and has a love-hate relationship with Barry, then one day they admit their love to each other and Caitlin and Cisco caught them kissing and being sweet to each other in the Cortex.

Pairings: Barry Allen & Reader (Dating); Team Flash & Reader (Friends)

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 636

A/N: “Yay! My first request! Thank you. I enjoyed writing this. I hope you like it! P.S. I made their relationship more like just disagreeing about things and not talking to each other that much. I hope it’s still okay, though. And it’s kind of short. Sorry.”

“Woohoo!” shouted Cisco while spinning his chair around.

Barry then sped back to Star Labs and caused a gust of wind that made your fresh morning coffee spill and your hair blow into your face.

“Really… again? I need to stop doing my hair in the morning,“ you say feeling annoyed.

“Sorry (Y/N),” says Barry before using his superspeed to clean up the mess.

“Why can’t you two get along?” asked Caitlin.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” you said tired and annoyed from your lack of sleep and caffeine.

“Okay… so um, who wants to get some Big Belly Burger?” asked Cisco awkwardly trying to break the silence.

“That would be great,” says Caitlin trying to help.

“I’m all right,” you tell her sounding tired.

“Yeah,” replied Barry before walking into another room.

Caitlin went to grab her jacket, while Cisco got his phone. Then, they both just left the cortex. You just sat down and started researching things online. And Barry, he just got on his modified treadmill and began to run with his super speed like usual. You then looked in your history book to try to find some information about someone. Then, suddenly you hear a crashing noise! Barry just passed out.

“Barry?!?!” you say while your heart pounded faster.

You run up to him and check his pulse. He was perfectly fine. It was weird, he was breathing, and his pulse was fine. So, you decided to get something smelly and put it on his nose to see if he would react. You ran out and got one of Cisco’s smelly socks. He leaves them at Star Labs just in case his shoes get super dirty. You made him do it because he dragged a trail of dirt when he came back from getting some samples with Caitlin.

You also might have made him clean it all up while dressing up as a bumble bee. It was unbelievable. Anyway, you got one of his smelly socks that you picked up with a pen. Well, it was Cisco’s, so it’s whatever. You ran up to Barry and put it near his nose.

“(Y/N)!!! That’s gross!!!” he shouted.

“I know. So, you weren’t unconscious. Why would you do that, though?” you asked curiously.

You had sort of a crush on Barry but acted like you didn’t. You didn’t mean to be cold, but you just stuck with it anyway.

“Uh well, I didn’t think you liked me… you always acted so cold to me. So, I tried to act cold to you too… The truth is, I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time.” he says while a little pink blush rises to his cheeks.

“To be honest, I’ve liked you since I met you. I didn’t mean to sound or act cold. But, I just kind of stuck with it.” you say feeling embarrassed.

“Really…?” he says starting to form a smile.

“Yeah,” you reply starting to feel a blush on your cheeks.

You both lean in and kiss for a second. Then you kiss again and again.

“Big Belly Burger will always taste amazing,” says Caitlin.

“Yeah, di- woah…” Cisco says trailing off.

You both pull away quickly, blushes starting to form on everyone’s cheeks.

“Well, this is getting awkward…” says Cisco.

Then, suddenly the emergency ding went off. Cisco and Caitlin rush over to the monitor. “A bank robbery in progress at 5th Street by the Central City Park,” Cisco says. Barry speeds into his suit and goes off to save the day, like usual. “We are going to talk about this, (Y/N).” says Caitlin with a smirk.

“Definitely.” agreed Cisco.

Another red blush starts to form on your cheeks. But, it was worth it.

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Daddy Issues/Part 2

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Warnings: Abusive relationship, beating, tears(a lot of them), hospitals, and yeah.

Notes: Okay, thank you all for the love, i really hope you like it!! Please tell me what did you think of it. And just to remember: If you are going throught something related or know somebody who are, you can talk to me, but please search for help. 

I think that’s it, enjoy <3

Part 1

Jensen forced a laugh when Rob told a joke. They were all in a big table at the restaurant, eating dinner and talking. Danneel was by his right side, and Jared by his left. He tried to forget your feared face earlier, and how bad your dad had treated him, but he couldn’t, he knew something was wrong. Really wrong. 

The kids, his daughter and Jared’s son, were with their grandparents this weekend, and he really appreciated it. Not that he didn’t want to be around his babygirl, but with so much stress, he was thankful that she didn’t see her father like that. 

“Hello guys!” Mark Sheppard said, finally arriving, and everybody said ‘Hey’ back. He went to take a shower before dinner, and came back with his wife. They both sat in front of Jensen and Danneel. 

“I know it’s not a good subject to bring to the table, but I have to say it.” Mark said and they all raised an eyebrown.

“What’s up man?” Jared asked curious. 

“I just saw (Y/N)’s father at the hotel bar, completely drunk.” Mark said and Jensen’s eyes widened. 

“But he said he was taking (Y/N) out for dinner in the city.” Jensen said confused, starting to get really worried. 

“Apparently he didn’t.” Mark said struggling. “And this is not the worst part. You all know I had my bad days, and I’m pretty sure he is an alcoholic.” 

“What?” Jared said shocked, grabbing the chair’s arms. He was pretty worried and nervous too. 

“Oh my god… and (Y/N) was with him?” Danneel asked, surprised and worried.  

“No….” Mark said sighing. “At least, I don’t think so.”

“That’s terrible…” Misha said.

“Wow… I always thought something was really wrong with that guy.” Gen said, still a little bit shocked with the information. 

“Don’t even tell me about it.” Jensen said taking a deep breath and looking at his plate. He started to imagine how hard this probably was for you, he knew that your mother had you when she was just a teenager, and giving birth to you… well, her body couldn’t handle it. She died, and her parents, your grandparents, blamed you for her death. That’s why you always said that the only family you had was your father. The only family before you entered the Supernatural Family. He made sure to always remind you of that.
He got his phone in his pocket and sent you a message.

“Hey, where are you? Are you alright?”
“(Y/N) sweetheart, you never leave your phone, are you okay?” 
“Answer me :p”

He continued to talk to everyone, but kept looking at the phone expecting an answer from you.

“Nothing?” Danneel asked looking at her husband in worry. He gave her a sad smile, shaking with his head. She squeezed his hand, trying to comfort him. 

“Why don’t you take her something to eat? You said that her father was supposed to do it, but…” She said leaving the phrase in the air. 

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” He said giving her a small smile. Danneel really liked and cared for you too, but she knew that you and Jensen were very close, and at this moment, it was better for him to be alone with you. 

He asked the waiter for something you could eat, and when it finally arrived, some people had already gone to their rooms. 

“See you later.” Jensen said to Danneel, squeezing her hand.

“Are you going to check on (Y/N)?” Jared asked and Jensen nooded. “I’m coming with you.” 

“Did she answer your messages?” Jared asked while they were in the elevator. 

“No… I’m guessing she didn’t answer yours either.” Jensen said and his friend denyied. They both sighed.

“Do you think it’s because of her father, that (Y/N) is acting weird?” Jared asked when they were at the 7 floor, the floor that was reserved only to the cast.

“It could be. I mean… she is probably lost, she doesn’t know what to do. He is her only family.” Jensen said knocking on your door, when they finally arrived. No answer. They looked at each other, raising their eyebrows. 

“(Y/N)? It’s us, Jensen and Jared.” Jensen tried knocking again. Nothing. “Well, I guess she isn’t here.” 

“No J, listen” Jared said with a strange face poiting at the door. If they listened very carefully, they were able to listen deep breaths and low groans of pain.

 “What the heck…?“

Jensen felt his heart beat faster and every part of his body fill with worry. He quickly got his phone, calling you, and immediately they heard your phone ringing on the other side of the door. 

“She never forgets her phone.” Jensen said seriously, forcing the knob and hopelessly knocking on the door. “(Y/N)!” 

Jared took the hint and started running to Cliff’s room. He was the only one in the production who had the keys to every room.

“Here” Cliff said running with Jared, immediately putting the key on the door, making the knob turn to green. Jensen was the first one to enter running in the room, and he definitely wasn’t prepared for it. His face turned into shock when he saw you lying on the ground all hurt, trying hard to breathe, and a trail of blood on the carpet. This was something he was only supposed to see on the series. His eyes were already watering when he kneeld by your side, carefuly putting his hand on your cheek. In that moment, everything felt like slow motion to him. 

“Oh god.” He said looking at you not knowing what to do. “Call an ambulance! She’s not breathing!” 

“Already called.” Jared said kneeling on the other side. 

“Move!” Cliff said to the boys so he could carry you, but changed his mind when he approached.  “She broke a rib, maybe two, don’t touch her. Don’t let her sleep.” He said running to the corridor to find the hotel emergency until the ambulance arrived. 

“(Y/N), listen to me.” Jensen said looking at your weak body. You could barely keep your eyes open. “You’re okay now, but you have to keep your eyes open for me, can you do that?”

“How did this happen, oh my god.” Jared said alternating the look from you to the door, and Jensen didn’t look at him, but just from his voice, he noticed Jared was crying too, or was really close to it.

“D-dad.”  You said lowly and with difficulty, and Jared’s wrists closed as his nostrils inflated from anger. But Jensen… he thought for a moment, a very small moment, that you were calling him ‘Dad’, and it felt completely right to him.  

“Did your dad do this? He beat you?” Jared asked raising his voice becoming angrier. 

“Don’t speak sweetheart, we’re gonna solve this later okay?” Jensen said seeing your difficulty to speak, and he look at Jared, silently asking him to stop making you talk, and he understood.

The last thing you remembered was the nurses and Cliff arriving to your room, and them carefully putting you on a stretcher. And then… you blacked out.


You slowly started to open your eyes, feeling like your eyelashes were glued. The white light above you was incredibly strong and it was hurting to look at it. 

“(Y/N)?” You heard a voice, and slowly turned your head to the sound. You saw Jensen with red eyes, sitting on a chair beside where you were, holding your hand. Oh great. You were on a hospital. You saw him stand up, “Hey…” He said with a small smile.

“Hey” You said with a low and rough voice, trying to sit up.

“No, no, no. You can’t sit up right now. Here.” He said holding a remote and moving the bed until it was a little higher, “Done.”  

“What happened?” You said confused looking around, noticing that there were threads on your nose and needles in your arm. 

“You don’t remember anything?” He asked raising his eyebrowns, but before you could say anything a nurse entered the room.

“Hello dear, are you feeling any pain?” She asked and you denyied with your head. “Great then, tomorrow we’ll talk more okay? It’s pretty late, get all the rest you need.” She said sweetly and left the room. You looked at Jensen expecting answers and he sighed, standing up, going to the bathroom and coming back with a mirror. He reached to you, and you saw your face all hurt. 

“It was my father, wasn’t it?” You asked already feeling your eyes watering. And he nodded. 

“Why didn’t you tell me anything (Y/N)?” He said looking guilty. “I could have helped it.” And you let the tears fall, denying.

“You really couldn’t, J.” You said sighing, and when he hugged you, you finally broke in tears, sobbing in his shirt. 

“It’s okay babygirl….shh…it’s okay.” He said rubbing your back carefuly and kissing your forehead. “You’re safe now.”

“Wh-why don’t I remember anything?” You said slightly backing away, and he wiped your tears.

“You had a concussion.” He said slowly, putting a strand of your hair behind your ear. “And broke two ribs…” You looked at your hands feeling embarrassed. Jensen was never supposed to find out about this. “Hey…” He said lifting your chin, looking straight into your eyes. “You know that nothing of this is your fault right?” 

“Well…” You said giving a hurmoless laugh. “I killed my mother after all.” 

“Look at me (Y/N)” He said serious, and you saw a single tear fall of his eye. “You didn’t kill anyone. Her death was a sad accident. And nothing could justify him doing this to you. Nothing” He said hugging you again.

“Thank you J.” You said and felt more tears falling. “I…I love you.”

“I love you too (Y/N)” He said kissing your forehead once again. But suddenly you remembered the con. Oh no… you couldn’t disappoint more people.

“J! The-the con. I have to go. What time is it? Oh no I-…” You started talking and he interrupted you.

“Calm down. Is three in the morning and you won’t go to the con tomorrow.” He started and before you could say ‘But’ he continued. “The money will be returned for those who paid for you and me and don’t want to exchange for someone else tomorrow.” 

“What do you mean by you?” You said confused but a little more relaxed. You really didn’t want to disappoint any of your fans, but surely didn’t want any of them to see you like this. “You are not hurt, you can go.” 

“And leave you alone? No way…” He said like it was obvious. 

“Jensen.” You said surprised and guilty. “I will be okay… you are already spending the night with me and…”

“Look… it’s pretty late sweetheart, why don’t you sleep a little bit? We will talk about this tomorrow, I will be here when you wake up.” He said sweetly and you slowly agreed. You were feeling very tired.

“Thank you…” You said already closing your eyes, and you felt him kissing your hand. You didn’t know where your father was, and you simply didn’t care.
Jensen was there with you, you felt safe, and this was all that mattered.


“I guess the purple I saw in her neck a few days ago wasn’t a hickey.” You heard voices and people sighing after a few minutes of silencie.

“When are you gonna tell her?” Someone asked and you slowly opened your eyes once again. But this time, with Jensen you saw Dannel, Jared, Gen and Misha. 

“Hey everyone…” You said low and they all looked at you, giving small smiles.  

“How are you feeling?” Jensen asked before anyone could say anything.

“I’m ok.” You said, taking the bed remote and moving to a sitting position. You saw a giant bear in a chair next to you and balloons in the ceiling, some of them with phrases like 'Get well soon.’ “What is all of this?” You asked allowing yourself to laugh a little. 

“Just a little something for our favorite girl.” Misha said smilling and you smiled back to him, feeling loved. He gave you a chaste kiss on the cheek, squeezing your good hand. 

You looked at them giving sad smiles at you, looking at you with pitty. You sighed, looking down to your hands, playing with your thumbs. You felt ashamed. They weren’t supposed to find out about this, and now everybody knew that your father beat you. You saw Jensen giving everybody a look and motioning to the door with his head. 

Jared gave you a kiss in the forehead and Gen squeezed your hand, leaving the room behind Misha. Danneel sat at the end of the bed, and Jensen sat on the chair next to your bed.

“You don’t need to be ashamed of us, we’re family.” Jensen said and you shook your head, feeling the tears coming back. 

“Where is my father anyways?” You asked and they looked at each other making you raise your eyebrows. “What…?” You asked, but was afraid of the answer. 

“(Y/N), after the boys found you, Jensen came with you to the hospital, but Jared… well he was so angry.” Danneel started and you tried to understand where she was going with those words. 

“I don’t think that part is very important…” Jensen said exchanging weird looks with his wife. 

“I want to know everything that happened.” You said looking at him and he sighed giving up. 

“He found your father drinking in the hotel bar, and he punched him… A lot.” She said and you gasped, putting your hand in your mouth.

“Oh my god, he will make me quit the series.” You said lowly, looking at your hands, feeling the panic fill your body. You couldn’t quit.

“No, he won’t.” Jensen said seriously and you looked at him desperately. “Let Dee continue.” 

“Your father had to come to the hospital too, and officers came here to talk to Jared.” Danneel said. “He explained everything but we hadn’t any proves of the abuse towards you, so they couldn’t arrest your father.” 

“I’m sorry (Y/N)” Jensen said quietly and Danneel explained before you could ask.

“We were talking to the cops and there was no one was here with you, so your father came in when nobody was watching and… he tried to choke you.” She said slowly, afraid of your reaction, and you started to sob, putting your hand in your neck, feeling pain assuming that your neck was totally purple. Jensen hugged you carefuly as not to hurt you. Jensen and Danneel’s eyes watered and they both let some tears fall while watching you.

“But we all arrived in the right time, and the cops arrested your father.” Danneel said after a while when you calmed down, still leaning into Jensen’s chest.
“But that means…” You said restlessly after hearing so many things. “I don’t have anyone to live with…. Oh god, am I going to an orphanage?” You asked feeling your chest tighneting, having trouble to breathe, and Jensen slowly turned your head to look straight in your eyes. 

“We won’t let this happen.” He said in a serious tone and despite everything, you believed him. “(Y/N), we love you. Danneel and I talked and if you agree…. We want to… adopt you.” He said slowly and your eyes widened. You opened your mouth but nothing came out. 

“We are already working on that, now it’s just your call to make this happen.” Danneel said smiling sweetly and Jensen held her hand, looking hopefully at you. 

“Guys, this is too much, I don’t think…” You said still shocked, but they denied with their heads. 

“If this was too much for us to take, believe me, we wouldn’t be asking.” Jensen said and you looked at your hands.

“Money ins’t really the problem. JJ loves you as much we do, and we have many empty rooms in our house.” Danneel said and you slowly nodded thinking about it. 

“And the most important thing is that we would never let anything happen to you. You know that.” Jensen said and you raised your eyes to look to them again. 

“I…” You said taking a deep breath. “Yeah… I… God, yes.” You said emotionally and they looked at each other, smiling as if they couldn’t believe the answer. They started to laugh and hugged you, and you let a single tear fall, feeling loved.  


You sighed looking at the picture in your hands. It was the first picture you took in the set, when you were only ten years old. Jensen and Jared were holding your tiny hands smiling down at you, and you were smiling at the camera, missing the front tooth, because Jared had just helped you take it off. You were sitting on your bed, in the room Jensen had given to you in his house when he and Danneel decided to adopt you. This was months ago. All the fans had understood what happened, and why you didn’t go to that con. Unfortunately everybody knew about the incident when photos of you entering an ambulance with Jensen, Jared beating your dad and your dad being arrested appeared on Twitter. 

“(Y/N)? Are you ready?” Jensen asked sticking his head inside the room, and you looked up giving him a small smile. “Hey…” He said softly, entering your room and sitting next to you on your bed. “Oh, I remember this like it was yesterday.” He said looking at the picture in your hands, and you both smiled. "You were so scared, crying and running around the set refusing to let us help you.” He said smiling at the memory and you laughed.

“Yeah, I was…” You said sighing after some time of silence.

“What is it?” He asked looking at you, squeezing your hand, and you sighed again.

“I just… It’s my first holiday without him.” You said still looking at your hands, talking about your father, and Jensen immediately understood. 

“Do you miss him?” Jensen asked and his heart dropped. During those months you moved to his house, you barely spoke of your father and of what happened. Sometimes you had nightmares and you always shrank when the boys made a sudden movement. But Jensen did everything that he could for you to be comfortable in this new life, show you how much he cared for you. But he also knew that this moment eventually would come: you missing your father. Yeah, he was an abusive bastard, but he was your father after all.  

“No.” You breathed out, surprising Jensen. “Not at all.” You said giving a humorless laugh. “It’s just that… I had to spend every thanksgiving with him, and it was a nightmare.” You said feeling a knot in your throat. “He’d always make me serve him all night, and he’d always say that I was supposed to the thankful that he was taking care of me, because nobody else would ever want to do such a filthy job” You said and you felt a tear running down your face. Jensen squeezed your hand harder, to remind you that he would. He would do this ‘filfthy’ job a hundred times. “And I’d go to my room and cry, and… I wanted to kill myself.” Jensen shut his eyes, taking a deep breath and feeling tears in his own eyes just from hear those words. “I used to think that I had nothing in the world I could be grateful for.” You said sighing after revealing all those thoughts, and you looked up at him. Now, you squeezed his hand. "But I did.” You said giving him a small smile, and he copied your action. “I had the Supernatural Family by my side all along, and I didn’t even realize it.”  You said looking grateful to him, letting one more tear escape. You hugged him. “But this year I know I have a lot of things that I’m grateful for.” You said lowly and felt his grip tighten around your waist, hearing his sobbing. You both stayed hugging each other for a minute, crying quietly. 

“Okay.” He said breaking the hug and giving a small laugh, wiping his tears. “Not more tears. Let’s go, there is a turkey waiting for us downstairs.” He said smiling and you laughed, both of you getting up. He patted your shoulder when you got out of the room, and when you got to the first floor, JJ came running and jumped in your arms.

“(Y/N)!” She screamed hugging you, and Jensen smiled at his two little girls. 

“Mommy let me do a cupcake, and I made one especially for you, c'mon.” She said excited and you laughed, putting her in the ground and letting her guide you. The Padalecki’s arrived not long after that, making your first thanksgiving as an Ackles absolutely perfect.

You were all in the living room, laughing and talking in front of the fireplace. Jared was messing with you and the kids, while Gen was laughing and scolding Jared for it. Jensen sat in one armchair looking so amazed at the scene that he didn’t even notice Danneel coming with two glasses of whine. She sat by his side extending one glass, and he smiled. 

“Is everything okay?” She asked tightening her grip on his hand, and he smiled more.

“Is fine.” He said. “Everything is just fine.”

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Speechless - Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Prompt: Can you write a Sebastian Smythe one shot he’s one of grant gustins character he played where the reader gets jealous because girls are all over him

A/N: Okay so this is my first Character imagine and I was never really a big Glee fan, so if I don’t get his character quite right I apologise… however I HAVE seen all of the clips of Grant singing, from what I gathered the character was a bit of an arse! Just a little short one, enjoy, thanks for requesting! (Sidenote: I kept this one Gender neutral for the reader’s part.) 

Originally posted by thepeoplesayfuckyou

You put your hands to your face and sighed, rubbing your temples before whispering to yourself “at it again, for goodness sake!” In front of you, stood the one and only Sebastian Smythe aka every girl’s Prince Charming and for that matter, every guy’s Prince Charming too. He began to walk over to you and panic set in. After all, he was your Prince Charming too.

“Hey Y/N,” he smiled, “how are you?”
“Better now” you grinned, immediately cursing yourself; what a stupid thing to say “so what was going on over there?” you quickly questioned him, pointing to the giggling group of girls behind him, hoping he hadn’t taken any note of your previous stupidity.
He turned around, flashing them a smile and causing them to giggle even more. “Oh they were just flirting with me, no big deal” he shrugged it off.
“No big deal?” sighing and under your breath whispering “egomaniac much.”
“No, it’s not, happens all the time” he bragged.
“Well I mean it kind of is a big deal isn’t it”
“What do you mean Y/N? It’s really not.” He pressed.

You sighed and decided to change the subject, “So, what – “
Sebastian cut you off. “Oh no, you’re not getting out of this conversation so quickly, why is it such a big deal? It’s not like there’s anyone special in my life at the moment, who am I hurting?”
Your face must have been a picture as he spoke those words, no one special in his life; you felt your face drop and your heart break.
“Oh, I’ve hit a nerve there haven’t I.” a smirk appeared on his face.
“No, you haven’t, I just realised what an asshole you are.” You turned to walk away from him when you felt his hand on your shoulder. “What are you doing? Get your hand off me.”
“No” he whispered, tugging on your shoulder slightly so that you would turn back to face him. “Damn it Y/N,” he glared at you. You glared back in confusion. He sighed before dropping his head and saying “you, it’s always you.”
“What are you talking about?” You were even more confused now.
“Whenever I’m with anyone, kissing anyone,” he paused, scanning your face with his gorgeous eyes; “I always wish it was you.”
Your jaw dropped. “Wh-… but-… I,” your inability to form a sentence made him laugh.
“Hm” he breathed “It’s not often you’re speechless.”

anonymous asked:

Oh gosh yes! I'd love to see gladio dealing with his grown up baby from the latest prompt you posted! Oh my I would be so smitten *^*

First, allow me to apologize for how over-do this is. I struggled big time with this one as I couldn’t place the scenario in an appropriate timeline for the life of me. I eventually got it together— it just took me a while.

Okay. Also. HUGE angst warning. It’s real in this one, guys. It’s really real. Ow. It hurts thinking about it.


(Prompto will be up tomorrow, I heard you guys!! All 10 of you! XD)

Read Noctis and Ignis

{2,118 words}



Resting his elbows on the counter top, Gladio runs his hands over his face with a groan.

“You don’t understand,” he says, “when I went up against the high commander, I got my ass handed to me.” He lets his hands fall as he sighs.

He watches the open sign flicker red in the window, a steady stream of rain washing the light in scarlet streaks.

“I didn’t stand a chance— and I never will unless I get more power.”

Cor Leonis nods, his lips pursed as he stares back. A cup of coffee sits steaming next to him, untouched.

“What good is a shield that cannot protect?” he inquires, mostly to himself, flexing his fingers against the granite.

“Very well,” Cor states, glancing down before meeting Gladio’s gaze head on, his jaw set. “The blade master, Gligamesh, he awaits challengers in the ruins underneath Lestallum. It’s there, you may find what you’re looking for— if you’re prepared to face death.”

Gladio clenches his jaw. “I am.”

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Shut Up Weirdo

It was a stressful night. You had lots of test coming up in your classes and you weren’t ready for anyone of them. So you were spending your evening on the bedroom floor surrounded by textbooks. You were so immersed in your studies that you didn’t hear you boyfriend come through the front door of the apartment you shared. You were made aware of his presence when he whistled at you drawing you out of you haze.

“Evan! I didn’t hear you come in”

“That’s okay [Y/N] I’m just enjoying the view.” He said smirk plastered on his face

“Oh really? You’re enjoying me laying on the floor in sweats and a t shirt?”

“I’m enjoying you laying on the floor in MY sweats and MY t shirt.” You blushed looking back down at your work.

“How was work?” You ask. He’d been gone filming the current season of American Horror Story but he had the weekend off so he was able to come home.

“Good.” He said laying down next to you.

“What are you working on?”

“Finals prep. It’s killing me. I’m pretty sure my brain is turning to mush.” You grumbled resting your face on your textbooks. Evan leaned in, kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear “I think I could take your mind off it” You lifted your head turning to look at him mimicking the smirk on his face “Oh you do?” You leaned in close “Prove it.”

With those simple words you suddenly felt yourself being flipped on your back. A breathless laugh escaped your mouth but was quickly silence as Evan’s lips claimed yours.

After a moment Evan started kissing your jawline and neck “You’re so beautiful” he whispered into your skin. You laughed “I’m pretty sure you’d think I was beautiful in a trash bag” He stopped kissing and propped himself up hovering over you “personally I think you look the best naked but…” You kissed him. “Shut up weirdo”




onliafaze  asked:

The UK, Haizaki, and Imayoshi are walking through the park and passing by a tree when suddenly their s/o comes tumbling and hanging upside down from a branch (from getting a ball/ kite/ fruit/ flower/ helping baby bird/ whatever). No serious injuries and no clothes hanging down. Just something silly,fluffy and cute ♥

This is really cute, thanks for the request! Enjoy! :3 -Admin Red

Kiyoshi Teppei:

Kiyoshi jumps back in surprise but breaks into a smile when he sees his S/O’s face. “Why, hello there, ________. What are you up to, now? It’s not good to play in trees, you know.” He calmly listens to his S/O’s explanation that they were trying to retrieve a child’s kite, and laughs as he comes forward to help. “Just tell me next time, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Hanamiya Makoto:

He’s so startled by his S/O’s sudden appearance that his immediate response is (unsurprisingly) just: “What the fuck?!” Upon realising who it actually is, Hanamiya squints at them suspiciously. “What the hell? Are you messing with me? Come down before you hurt yourself, idiot.” He doesn’t offer a hand and just stands with his arms folded and an amused grin on his face as his S/O flails helplessly at him.

Mibuchi Reo:

Poor Mibuchi actually falls to the ground in surprise, to the extent that it’s his S/O, hanging upside down from a tree branch, who’s laughing, and not him. He only regains his senses when his S/O nearly whacks him on the head with waving arms. “What on earth are you doing?! You’re going to get hurt, silly, get down at once!” Typical big sis Reo.

Hayama Koutarou:

Unsurprisingly, Hayama’s first reaction is to burst into uncontrolled laughter, drawing glares from passersby as he clutches at his stomach. “________-chan, why didn’t you tell me you were climbing trees? I would’ve joined you!” He skips playfully around his hapless S/O and bops them on the nose, to their annoyance. “Ne, ne, are you getting dizzy yet? Are you? Are you?”

Nebuya Eikichi:

It’s strange hearing Nebuya shriek (like a girl) when his S/O comes hanging down from a tree right in front of him, although he gains his composure pretty quickly and stares at his S/O. “W-what are you doing up there?” he stammers, and when he hears his S/O’s explanation of wanting to help a cat, he lets out a booming laugh and reaches to help his S/O down. “Let me know next time, I’m strong enough to do it for you!”

Haizaki Shougo:

Haizaki seems unbothered by the actual action of his S/O falling from a tree and hanging by a leg in front of him, and rather asks (what he thinks is) the important questions. “How the hell did you get up there? How the hell did you fall down? How the hell are you gonna get down? How—” “DAMNIT, SHOUGO, I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE I’LL TELL YOU IF YOU HELP ME!”

Imayoshi Shouichi:

“Oh?” Imayoshi doesn’t seem fazed at all by his S/O’s sudden appearance and simply grins at them. “What a surprise to see you here, ________-chan. Do you need some help?” His S/O just growls frustratedly at him and Imayoshi chuckles a little, tapping them on the nose. “I’m just messing with ya. Stay still, I’ll get you down in no time.”


This is a request for boxer Harry combined with a one night stand. I hope it’s not too terrible, I’m sorry I’m so inactive these days. I’m pretty inactive in life too, fyi so I’m just really lazy af. I hope this is okay and you enjoy.

Carefully combing his messy, sweaty hair away from his face, you kissed his cheek gently. His hair was a mess and half of it wasn’t even your fault. “Goodnight, Harry,” you said softly before slipping out his door.

Heading down the hall, you left him a note to thank him for bringing you home safely to his house and that you caught a cab back to your place.

In the thrill of Harry’s win, you almost got trampled in the excitement, but somehow Harry had seen you. “What on earth are you doing here, kitten?” He whispered when he caught your hips before you tumbled to the floor in the midst of the people rushing to Harry and out the door.

You knew you looked out of place, but the fact that the boxer that just won saw you out of perhaps a hundred and fifty other people took you by surprise. His hand didn’t let go of yours but he couldn’t stop moving because people were swarming so he guided you out of the room.

Harry underestimated how long his legs were in comparison to your legs. Getting to his car, out of breath, he nudged you inside and then hurried to his side while you caught your breath.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yeah, m’fine,” you said shyly to the lean but muscular boy. He had tattoos all over his arm and they were all so strange.

What kind of boy in their early twenties gets a naked mermaid tattooed on his arm?

“Did someone hurt you? You’re really out of breath,” he said worriedly. His teeth dipped into his lower lip as he looked on. He would get out and kill whoever hurt you. It didn’t matter that he knew you all of ten seconds. He felt as if it wasn’t just you…but only you.

“Erm…no…I just couldn’t walk as fast as you,” you said softly. He sighed with relief and smiled shyly.

“Oh, sorry, kitten. You should have stopped me.”

“It’s okay, it’s better than being trampled,” you giggled sweetly. Harry’s ears seemed to warm to the sound of your sweet laugh. Pulling away from the curb his teeth took hold of his lip again and he wondered how on earth a beautiful, sweet girl was in a grimy, underground boxing ring to watch it. “Not my scene, hmm?” You wrinkled your nose at him.

“Not really, no…you’re too cute.”

“Excuse me, I’m twenty-one, Harry, I am not cute,” you said.

“You’re really pretty cute, actually, kitten,” he said as he drove along. “Can…would it be alright to invite you back to my apartment. You can say, no. I know it’s odd since I just met you.”

But who were you to say no to someone as pretty as Harry? “No, I’d like that,” you said softly.

And now you were sneaking out of Harry’s apartment. It was odd because it was only him that lived here but it looked so homey and modern. There were contemporary paintings in the hallway with weird still-lifes and other abstract pictures.

The furniture was all light gray—almost a blue in the right light. He had throw-pillows and blankets across the sitting area and there were a few plants in the window.

But you couldn’t stay. You were just a girl that saw him in the middle of the boxing ring and yeah, he was a gentleman and sweet but you had to leave. He was too…just too different and lovely. You enjoyed yourself there was no denying that and you liked being with him. But this was a one-time thing and you were okay with it.

Leaving your note on the counter you slid out the door and headed to grab a cab.


You worked at an athletic store so you should have known that sooner or later you would run into the boxer that took you home for the night.

Instead here, you found another boxer and you were helping him find the things he needed. He was a bit flirty, nothing you couldn’t handle.

But you hadn’t expected Harry to show up on the very same day at the very same time.

Here he was, though. His eyes were trained on the other person you were helping. Like he was scoping out his prey, as if this was an actual fighting ring. He was ready to attack. The flutter in your heart increased at the sight of Harry.

Fuck… You thought. You blushed looking at Harry and you bit your lip as you explained more to the customer you were helping. Harry didn’t like it. His muscles seemed to ripple in his biceps each time the man you were helping noticed Harry was eyeing you—and he would gently brush his hand on your arm or give you a compliment.

But when the man lewdly pinched your butt while you reached for a pair of shoes for him, Harry finally lost it.

Boxes of sneakers went flying, the sound of fist colliding with jaws was loud and you forgot to breathe a bit as you took in what was actually happening. “You. Can’t. Touch. Her. Like. That,” Harry said in between each punch. His opponent flung Harry back and you tried to get in between them because you were drawing attention from the other customers. People rushed out—not that you blamed them.

You wanted to leave to but you were so shocked that there were two grown men fighting in your store.

“Stop!” You shouted and then you were flat on your back.

Fuck!” He hissed and Harry lost it. Harry pushed him to the ground as you reached up to your cheek as you realized how dazed you were. Your cheek throbbed and you felt like you were going to have a headache for three weeks.

“You fucking hit her,” he growled and he grabbed him by the collar and shoved him toward the door. Harry spoke to his friend and then he turned back to you kneeling in front of you. “Are you alright, kitten?” He asked quickly. “I’m so sorry.”

You blinked at him in surprise. “Harry, I—”

He shook his head and wiped his thumb against your cheek. “We need to get you some ice,” he said suddenly and scooped you up and brought you to the back room.

“You’re not allowed—”

“I worked here a while ago,” he said simply. “I can handle it,” he said.

Flashes of him carrying you to his bedroom filled your mind and you felt so stupid. Fuck. “Erm…I can do it,” you said simply.

He shook his head settling you on the counter and he went to the fridge in the breakroom so he could give you the proper treatment. Pressing a bag of ice to your cheek he kissed you softly on the forehead. “I’m really sorry gorgeous.” You blushed. You were dangerously close to exploding. “I know this is weird, but it doesn’t have to be. I wish you hadn’t left, I would have made you breakfast. I’m sorry you felt you had to run,” he smiled shyly as he rubbed your other cheek gently.

“It was just a night—”

“Yeah, but it could be more, kitten,” he said softly. “I’d be happy to make you breakfast sometime,” he mumbled.

You didn’t answer him at first trying to figure out how on earth you ended up here. “I was there because my friend wanted me to meet a blind date there…but it wasn’t my scene and my date was a bit of a dick…” you said. “I planned on leaving but…I don’t know, you were doing really well and it was kind of nice to watch,” you explained. “Except, for the whole part where I was almost trampled to death,” you smiled softly. “I just thought it was…odd that you wanted to bring me home…” you mumbled as you readjusted his hand against the ice on your cheek. “And then I freaked out a little and I just…I left, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I get why you did it,” he repeated softly. “I didn’t want you to, but I understand,” he whispered and he watched as the water from the ice pack roll down your cheek. “I’m so sorry you got hurt, kitten…he’s so stupid.”

“It’s okay,” you shrugged.

“No, it’s not. I should have protected you better. I’m sorry…he made me really mad,” he muttered. “Touching you like that…” he shook his head. “He didn’t deserve to touch you…not that I deserve it—but—”

“Harry, I’m pretty happy you came to my rescue,” you nodded as you silenced his short speech.

He tucked his lip between his teeth and looked longingly into your eyes. You could see it. His dark green irises seemed too intense and were very clear. He wanted something from you. It was being drawn out of you, just by his look. The smile that played on the edges of his lips was just as beautiful as his eyes. Everything about Harry was beautiful and wonderful. “Do you wanna come to my next fight?” He asked.

You blushed and nodded. “I would like that,” you agreed.


Your cheek was healed as you were asked to stand near the edge of the ring so Harry could keep an eye on you during his fight and then get you out of here as quickly as possible.

Cheering you watched as his muscles glistened with sweat, his hair tied back in a bun, his tattoos shining in the dimly lit room.

You kept your arms crossed in front of you as you watched Harry nervously. His body falling and hitting in places you never wanted to see him get hurt. It was like watching the guy at the sports store beat him up again. You wanted to jump between them and stop them.

But Harry was good and he knew what he was doing. He dodged punches only letting a few fall on his body at a select time.

Glancing over, his eyes caught yours and a smirk seemed to find itself on his lips. He grinned excitedly and started to fight back a lot harder. You would be lying if you said you weren’t turned on because it was actually really hot to see Harry working so hard to win this fight. His muscles looked so lean and warm and you wanted to just about throw yourself at him anyway.

He kept looking over at you, practically winking as he fought his opponent. And then something inside Harry changed. His eyes darkened and he seemed a lot more vicious. You wondered what was said but you were actually scared that Harry was going to kill this man. Eventually, he was stopped, he was pulled away, breathing heavily, and sweat rolling down his chest. His arm was raised in victory and you looked at him nervously as his eyes narrowed at you.

He hopped out of the ring, grabbing your hand and tugging you away as quickly as he did that very first fight. “Harry!” You said. “Slow down,” you hissed softly at him as you tripped over your feet.

Harry wasn’t having it so he literally put you over his shoulder and carried you back to his car. You hit his back and butt repeatedly because this was ridiculous. He smacked your bum playfully as he stood you upright at his car. “You’re so stupid,” you said. He grinned impishly and nudged you inside the vehicle. “What was that about?” You asked softly.

“He said you were hot,” he grumbled as his hands tightened around the steering wheel.


“You’re mine, I don’t want anyone to look at you. It makes me crazy you’re so gorgeous and people are going to steal you from me.”

You wondered how a pacifist like Harry could actually be such a dangerous boxer. Swallowing you shook your head at him. “Harry, no one will ever steal me from you.”

He glanced over at you and then put a hand on your knee. “Good.”

You smirked and kissed his hand before sighing. “Nice fight,” you told him.

“My lucky charm was there,” he squeezed your hand in his.

Giggling you shook your head. “So…are we going to celebrate your win like we did last time?” You asked.

Smirking and cheeks pinking, Harry snickered. “If you want, kitten,” he chuckled.

“Did you have something else in mind?” You wondered.

Shaking his head shyly, his sweet little face looked so innocent and kind. “No…just wanna make you breakfast in the morning,” he said softly.

Smiling you squeezed his hand again. “Whatever your heart wants, Harry,” you promised him.

Harry loved the sound of that.

anonymous asked:

How would the F.A.C.E family react to their s/o being a Potterhead? (Harry Potter super-fan)

Alfred (America)- He’s never read the books, but he’s seen all the movies and he really enjoyed those. Although he wouldn’t get super excited when his s/o talked about HP, he’d still understand most of what they were saying, so he would be happy to listen to them talk about it. He’s definitely more into it nowadays since all the Ilvermorny stuff has been coming out recently. 

Matthew (Canada)- He’s not really into HP that much, so chances are if his s/o started talking about it he really wouldn’t get most of what they were saying. That being said, he wouldn’t really mind though, because he’d just be happy to see his s/o being passionate about something they enjoy. He might secretly do some research into the series to see if he could randomly impress his s/o one day by suddenly gaining a bunch of knowledge about the franchise. 

Arthur (England)- Arthur is probably one of the biggest HP fans ever, so if his s/o was super into it too he’d adore them even more. Sometimes if he’d randomly see merchandise of the series while he was out he’d totally buy it and give it to his s/o later as a present. He’d also be more than happy to discuss parts of the books/movies, as well as what the upcoming movie might be like as well. 

Francis (France)- He’s never really understood all the hype that comes with HP, so he never really tried to get into the series. If his s/o super into it he wouldn’t really understand why at first. But with enough coaxing they’d be able to get him to start reading the series, and he’d end up loving it and completely turning his opinion around. He’d wouldn’t be as into it as Arthur, but it’d be pretty close. He’d be super grateful his s/o got him into the series, and would geek out with them over all the new HP stuff coming out. 

‘Happy birthday Sammy! From Dean’.

Sam grins as he reads the tiny card that’s attached to the box containing the shiny iPad that he’d been meaning to purchase for a while now, because right next there to Dean’s name, in elegant letters, are the words 'and Castiel’.

His brother seems to notice his reaction, because Dean’s face immediately turns a vibrant red, and he blurts out a defense.

“It’s- it’s not like that, Sam. We’re not giving it as a couple, we just… We picked it out together.”

Nodding knowingly, Sam clasps his older brother’s shoulder, then smirks, probably enjoying this a bit too much. “Dean? I heard you two the other night, it was kinda loud. But thanks for this, guys. I really wanted one of these.”

“Oh…” Dean’s jaw drops so fast it’s almost comical, and he stumbles over his reply. “I- we- you… Yeah, okay… Right.”

In the background, Cas remains unfazed. He even smiles at Sam like he’s relieved that the cat is finally out of the bag.

Dean grumbles something that resembles unintelligible word vomit, but it quickly dies down when Cas shuffles closer and puts a reassuring hand on Dean’s shoulder. The faded scarlet on Dean’s cheeks returns full force.

Sam chuckles. The real gift will be mercilessly teasing his brother for the rest of this day, and handing out some well deserved 'I told you sos’. Awesome.


“I know it’s stupid to be so angry about it but I-” You had been ranting to Harry for the last little bit as he was doing some work. You knew he wasn’t listening but that didn’t bother you. Just having him there usually helped.

But today he was on edge and he cut you off, “No offense, but I really don’t care,” He snapped at you. Your hand dropped from his, a look of guilt appearing on your face. You never enjoyed making Harry deal with your problems. He had enough of his own anyway. But he had always made you feel better, made you feel as though it was okay. Until now.

“I’m sorry,” You sighed, “I should go.”

“No, no ________, I’m sorry,” Harry breathed, trying to get you to stay as his hand moved to grasp yours. You didn’t pull your hand away but you didn’t grasp his either.

“I’m fragile, I’m sorry,” You frowned, taking your hand from his before leaving.

Give Me Hope- A Lay Wolf!AU (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4,Part 5 , Part 7

Yixing exited Aiden’s room with utmost care, walking on his tip toes so he wouldn’t make any noise that could potentially wake up your sleeping son. He smiled at you shyly as he closed the door slightly, so the light of the hallway would still seep into your son’s room through a very thin crack.

“I’m sorry you had to do that.” You told him, an apologetic smile making its way across your face. Yixing smiled back at you, with his precious little dimple making an appearance on his cheek. You loved that dimple, something about you really just wanted to touch it with your own fingertips, it was both adorable, and sexy. You had always believed dimples gave an air of innocence, and youth, but were also incredibly hot, and looked sort of cheeky.

“It’s okay, I actually enjoyed that. It must be so beautiful to be a parent and get to do that every day. You really raised him well.” Yixing brushed your concerns away with a simple hand gesture, as he spoke honestly.

What he wasn’t telling you was that he wanted to do that every day, with you by his side, and Aiden there, and possibly, in the near future, a whole bunch of little wolf children too.

“Thank you… He really is such a good boy, never gave me trouble really. He is a bit too alert for his age though.” You spoke, trying not to brag about your son too much, although it was difficult, because you were immensely proud of how smart and kind hearted your child was.

“Yeah, he surprised me earlier, during dinner.” Yixing replied to you with a laugh. You melted at the sound, for his laugh was so beautiful and precious you could swear you heard bells chiming, and the angels singing, and everything was beautiful in your world.

You shook your head, so you would come out of the trance his precious laughter had left you in, and blushed profusely.

“Yeah… I’m sorry about that too. “ you told him, pulling a peculiar expression. You were embarrassed, Yixing probably thought you were weird, or stupid, I mean this was your first date, and he was already having such great pressures placed on his shoulders. To her surprise, Yixing smiled once again.

“Don’t be. It was adorable… And well… I… Ah… I don’t know how to word this.” He said, a rosy tint rising to his cheeks, as he awkwardly touched his neck.

“Say what Yixing?” you asked him curiously, but cautiously at the same time. What could he possibly have in store?

Yixing looked at you nervously, his eyes flickering back and forth from your face to his feet. He was scared, he was eager, he could feel his blood pulsating in his ears. He wanted to tell you everything, he wanted to tell you about bonding, and shape shifters, and his pack, and the others. Damn, he hadn’t thought about the others. You lived too far away for him to be able to protect you easily if they ever found out about you, or decided to take a trip into town for a snack.

“Ah… Y/N… I like you. I really do like you. I know I probably sound weird and stupid, and this is only our first date, and people don’t usually do this on the first date, but I really would like to be in a relationship with you… and help you with Aiden? Ah… I sound so awkward and needy… I’m sorry…” he finished speaking, turning away from you in embarrassment. He felt like he had just made a fool of himself right in front of you, admitting his feelings like that, when you barely knew each other. But it worked with Suho and Kris, so why couldn’t it possibly work with him? Probably because you were different.

You wanted to reply to his confession with words of your own, your heart beat against your ribcage so hard you thought it would rip right through it, screaming at you to confess yourself. You wanted to tell him how much you had been thinking about him, how you could just picture him perfectly in your life, in Aiden’s life, and how if it was up to you, you’d give him a million other children too.

But you couldn’t find the right words, his own confession had made you lose your voice temporarily. You knew he was hurt, especially now that you weren’t replying, so instead of speaking, you grabbed his arm, and turned him around so he was facing you. You looked up into his precious soft brown eyes, and smiled, before cupping his face with your hands, and smashing your lips onto his.

He wrapped his arms around you immediately, bringing you closer to him, as your lips continued to move against his heatedly. Yixing melted into the kiss, your lips tasted exactly how he had imagined, and they felt softer than he thought they would. His heart began racing, and he could feel the hormones coursing through his body, but he couldn’t allow himself to disrespect you like that because his wolf instincts couldn’t handle themselves. He tried to control his own body, although part of him wanted to pick you up, wrap your legs around his waist, and push you against a wall.

“Yixing…” You breathed out his name softly, as your hands travelled to his hair, intertwining your fingers with it. He felt his whole body seize up, he loved the way his name sounded as it rolled off his tongue. He wanted to hear it again, and again, and again, and his hormones were becoming impossible to take care of.

He deepened the kiss, grabbing the back of your head, and pressing you against him, his tongue grazing your bottom lip. You parted your lips and let him in, savoring the way he tasted, as his soft, plump lips ravaged yours. It felt like your lips were going to become worn out from the intensity of the kiss, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care in the slightest. Being with Yixing felt so right, and it had been so long since you had felt the touch of a man, you could barely control your body, but it was the first date, and you had to.

Yixing pulled away from you, feeling you tense up in his arms, gasping for air. He looked into your now dark, glimmering eyes with such love and longing, you thought you were either dreaming, or in a romantic movie. He caressed your cheek softly, as he pecked your lips once again.

“I think I love you Y/N…” He whispered, pressing his forehead lightly against yours. You felt your heart flutter at the words, the corners of your lips tugging upwards into a smile.

“Well, I think I love you too Yixing.” You replied, your cheeks flushing red.

The moment was perfect, blissful, and Yixing wanted nothing more than to stay in it forever, but he knew, at some point, he was going to have to tell you about his true nature, and he feared for your reaction.

Keep You Warm

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1137

Summary: It’s snowing badly, and the reader decides to show dean how much fun snow can really be.

Yay for snow!! :) I love winter, so you can all expect a Sam snow story later this winter as well. :) Enjoy!

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

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BTS’ Reaction to You Wanting to Sleep Together, but Changing Your Mind Suddenly

Thank you for requesting, my precious Anon~! This is an adorable idea, and I hope you enjoy it. Also, this is my first time writing for BTS, so I do hope it’s okay~♥

~Admin Shelby

Namjoon: might be a little disappointed because this boy’s going to get seriously excited when you mention that you want to step up your relationship game with him and he’d be really terrible at hiding his disappointment. But if you got upset, believing that it was your fault, he’d just have to chuckle. “I’m sorry, baby, you’re just too cute. Seriously, it’s nothing to worry about, okay?” But let’s face it, this kid’s gonna have to escape for a short while so he can relieve his own tension, because I feel like once Namjoon’s riled up, things have to be finished.

Suga: is forever the chillest guy and, while he may try to give you a hard time about it just for the hell of it, he honestly wouldn’t be too disappointed, not wanting you to go through with it and then regret it afterwards. After a few sarcastic “Huh, way to get my hopes up,” and “You sure you don’t want this?,”Yoongi’d sit back and relax, doing simple things to comfort you like stroking your hair, or even just giving you a comforting smile. He’s not one filled with many words, but he’d try to use his actions to make sure you knew he was kidding and that he was fine with your choice.

Jin: will honestly be the most supportive guy ever in this situation. Like, sure, he has his needs and he would’ve been more than a little excited at the thought of sleeping with you. But the last thing he’d want to do is push you out of your comfort zone, ‘cause he’d honestly be all about your happiness, knowing that it wouldn’t be the same if your heart wasn’t totally in it, anyway. “It’s okay, I’m more than willing to wait until you’re comfortable. Just take your time, you don’t want to rush these things~”

J-Hope: is definitely the type to use cuddles and cuteness to distract from the potentially-upsetting situation. He would never want you to feel like you had to go further with him than you were ready for, so he wouldn’t even give it a second thought after you had expressed your reservations about it. He’d really just want to ensure that your smile stayed on your face, and that you didn’t feel any regret for making your decision, even at the last minute. “C'monnn, Jagi-yah, keep that smile beaming. It kills me to see you down, so don’t let this bring you down!”

Jimin: Outwardly, Jimin’s going to be all smiles, making sure that you know he’s supportive of your choice to hold off. But, let’s be real, he is still a man, so he’d secretly be going through recent events in his mind, wondering what exactly it was that had made you decide to take the next step so he can maybe use it to his advantage in the future, when you’re sure that you’re ready.

Taehyung: You’d best be ready for some serious snuggling, even in this situation, because despite the fact that you’d have changed your mind, Tae’s still going to absolutely crave your touch. Quite innocently, of course. He’d be totally okay with your decision, and would just be all about making sure that you’re comfortable and happy. “What’s that? You feel bad about changing your mind? Noooo, don’t let it bother you, Y/N! It’s fine, I promise. Beyond fine, even!”

Jungkook: As much as I feel Jungkook has matured lately, he’d still probably be a shy, little bean in this kind of scenario. Like, even when you first brought up the idea of taking your relationship a step further, he’d be a nervous wreck, constantly asking “Are you sure?” and “Do you think this is the right move for us?”. Hell, it’d probably be his own anxiousness that’d force you to question your decision. That being said, he’d be so supportive of holding off until you were both sure that you were 100% ready to take such a large step, not wanting to rush into things too quickly. “It’s okay, Y/N, we don’t have to push ourselves too hard.”

Drowned Rat

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 919

Request from limelightsummer: “Could you do a one shot of Dean helping the reader out when she slips in the shower and dislocates her shoulder? Fluffy stuff is always what I love most.”

Do not be fooled by the title, this is a fluffy one shot! I just really couldn’t find another good title for it. Anyways, enjoy!

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