i just really can't with your everything

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them

It’s really sad whenever someone says they don’t know how to deal with you, because then you just feel like everything about you is wrong. Maybe you try your hardest and you think you’re better but still no one knows how to deal with you.

Okay just a quick rant cause I’m really mad

Please Please Please tag your posts, ESPECIALLY if one of your followers has asked you to. Even if it seems stupid or time consuming, tagging something as simple as #food can prevent a major panic attack for one of your followers. If you really don’t understand the need for tags, certain things can act as a trigger for a traumatic experience or bring back really really horrible memories and send someone into a panic attack that could last for HOURS. Can you imagine that? Feeling scared and short of breath with this overwhelming fear for hours because some asshole couldn’t be bothered to tag a triggering post so you could block it. If you actively ignore someone’s request for you to do something as simple as tag a traumatic post to prevent them major trauma then you are literally the biggest piece of shit. You’re choosing to make someone’s life 20x worse just because you “can’t be bothered.” Maybe that person really loves your blog but can’t follow you because of that risk factor and you end up losing out. In the end tagging something is so beyond simple and helps someone so much, and you benefit by keeping your loyal followers and if you don’t care about your followers then frankly, you don’t deserve them. If you can’t be considerate enough to even help one of your followers avoid reliving a terrible experience or having a panic attack that can last for hours on end then you really are a horribly inconsiderate and selfish person. Sorry to break it to you but you’re not cool for not tagging triggers, you’re just an asshole.


Happy 28th Birthday, Jiyong! #Happy28GDay

You’ve been working so hard past year, completing BIGBANG’s album, doing sub-units with Seunghyun hyung and Youngbae, now we’re here celebrating your 28th birthday!

Time has flown so fast, last year you were celebrating with so many solo achievements and now BIGBANG keeps topping the charts every month since May. I’m really happy that BIGBANG is doing really well, and all your hard work this past year is paying off.

With tours and endless schedule for BIGBANG until next year, you seem really tired, after recording you need to get to the airport and then do a concert in another country. I worry a lot about your health, but I believe in you, I know you know your limit, and I know that this is what you’re working hard for.

I just want you to be happy, no matter what. I’ll always emphasize this because you being happy is the most important thing to me.

Watching you working hard for years, I’m always so proud of you, and you deserve so much happiness. You make people happy with the music you made, the laughter you shared, the moments you made us experience. I hope we bring joy to you and you’ll feel our love. Even when they’re not enough, I hope at least they’re not bringing any negative feeling instead.

You’re such a lovely and beautiful person, Jiyong. I hope you know that and I wish you all the good things in the world. Happy birthday once again. Let’s go through your 28th and make it a wonderful one. I love you, we all love you!♥


I love that she watches stupid dance shows even though she can’t dance. I love that she’s pretty and funny and smart -pretty much the most incredible girl that I’ve ever dated. The only thing that’s wrong with her is that she’s not you.
and I apologize if I heard any of this dialog wrong.

I really can’t with all the whining to Adam over the SQ-centric episode.




I especially love the multiple remarks about Emma’s wanting to be friends with Regina being “OOC”.

Because absolutely NOTHING has been OOC about Emma’s current canon relationship, right? Nothing at all.

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I need your help

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to do this.

So it looks like my financial aid for the semester isn’t going to be enough to cover everything.  I’ll need another $1,723…and I don’t know how to cover it.  I can’t apply for private loans because I need a cosigner with good credit.  None of my family has it, and we’ve tried asking family friends before.  They’re all unwilling to cosign.  We can’t pay for it out of pocket because we are literally living paycheck to paycheck.  I could probably cover about $100 out of my account, but that’s it.  There’s no way we can come up with enough money in time.

So I’m basically asking you all to please please please donate to my PayPal before January 16.  If I don’t pay this off, I’m gonna have to withdraw from the university.  They won’t let me schedule until I have it paid.

Any amount is appreciated, but if you cannot donate, please reblog.  This is so important.

so why does tumblr not really talk about Colin Firth?

I mean we obviously already have a middle-aged-men fetish

or at least an above-30-years-old one

so seriously just look at the guy

like hello, man who should’ve been the next James Bond

gorgeous and talented

he’s been in everything from Nanny McPhee

to Pride & Prejudice

to Mamma Mia

and of course The King’s Speech

I mean come on tumblr he’s got the cheekbones

he pulls off a scarf

he was lovely when he was younger too

and he’s British!

really where is the Colin Firth fandom

First impressions of Venice/Italy:

- Everyone here is very tan, very good looking, and quite short.

- Sometimes the Italians will spontaneously burst into song and dance, and I don’t really know why. I think they’re just happy.

- The pigeons are savage. They’ll fly right at your face. Like they won’t stop. They’re demons.

- Everything is incredibly beautiful, and incredibly hot.

- Everyone at the train station walks around eating huge pieces of pizza on paper plates.

- The Italians are all extremely friendly and smiley. They definitely have that happy rhythm when they talk. Oh my gosh they are just so nice and the language makes me melt (the heat too).

- The hotel clerk guy looks exactly like @langsandlit. I wonder if he’s single.

- This place and language is DOING THINGS TO ME.

No but seriously, the Doctor yelling at Clara to get back in the TARDIS. She’s the most precious thing to him and he’s willing to risk her anger if it saves her life.

when you hack a facebook and suddenly become privy to a detailed conversation between two friends, you would expect that at least some new information would be revealed, not everything that the fandom is already aware of. just saying. 

  • Me:*tries to write*
  • Me:*writes two paragraphs*
  • Me:fRICK
  • Me:*goes back to watching cartoons*
I’m A Multishipper Really.

I just realized i ship everything of Voltron, litteraly/almost everything.

Klance? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sheith? I swear the first episode KEITH FRICKIN SAVED HIM

ShiroPidge?? O M G OTP 10/10 (I do not care about those age differences, or whatever, you can shut your mouth already, besides, they aren’t even confirmed, until then, i’ll be shipping it)

Kidge/Keidge???? Wait is that even a ship? *sees ship, doesn’t have much shipper tho) HEY YOU CAN TAKE ME TOO I SHIP IT TOO NOW

Lance/Pidge????? I think it’s a ship, oh wait i’m on it.

Hunk/Shay huh? *claps*

Pidge/Hunk??????????? Hell. Yes.

Shallura? PREACH


Coran/Alfor???? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Allura/Keith??? It’s a ship, yes, although i’m probably the only one on it ;-;

Lance/Shiro? I’m SO IN

ShiroMatt?? I. SHIP. IT

(almost) E V E R Y T H I N G

  • He’d be that really sassy professor that was done with all of your shizzle pizzle 200% but also really helpful when you think about it
  • if he didn’t teach music, he would be teaching english/ history
  • He’d be super chill about everythiNG and he’d be that one professor that you could always go to for help/ advice
  • But he also wouldn’t refrain from cursing in front of his class because “we are all fucking adults here, you should be ready to here adult language”
  • He would be arguably the best professor in his department
  • low-key everybody crushes on him, but nobody will ever admit to it
  • one day he would walk in with silver/mint/pink hair and everybody would just roll with it because he works it

And here are some golden professor!yoongi quotes

  • “Look you literal six year old, as much as I would like to argue about that .5 point that you got off on my test on FUCKING GRAMMAR, I’ve had a really shitty day and unless you want me to take off 5 more points because truthfully, .5 was generous, you best get your ass out of my sight”
  • “if you fucking quote Shakespeare one last time, i will drag your ass to the counselor to have your schedule changed.”
  • “I am so glad to learn that the one thing that you are taking away from my lesson is that ‘jimmy is so frick-fracking hot’, sandra. Next time I see you on your phone, please just walk out”
  • “s—sir, are naps really necessary at this point—”“huuuuuush. yes yes it is. now read page 23 till i wake up. go.”
  • “y'know teachers are legally allowed to set your phone on fire? you didn’t? well, we can, and i suggest you put the device away before it becomes my next marshmallow.”
  • “Well class, I read your essays the other day. And I have got to say, this is the first time that I’ve ever seen so much bullshittery in one assignment. And no, Jason, there will be no do-overs. This isn’t fucking preschool.”
  • “so that’s why Columbus sailed the— FOR FUCKS SAKES AMY. No one gives a damn about how you gave Trevor a hickey last period, get over it. You should be giving him study notes, not body marks.”
  • “That better not be the sound of porn on your computer Bart because I REFUSE to deal with this bullshittery today.”
  • “If I hear the words 'mitochondria’ and 'powerhouse of the cell’ one more time, I’m assigning 20 chapters of readings. For gods sakes, I don’t even teach fucking bio”
  • “If I find one piece of gum underneath my desks, I’ll use your faces to scrub it off, am I clear?”
  • “for the sweet love of god, Jessica get your hands out of Philip’s pants, and you, wipe the drool from your face. Ugh. Disgusting little shits”
  • “Timmy, if you’d pull your head out your ass, maybe you’d get the answer to question 7.”
  • “Please tell me everybody got this question right or I’m just going to go quit my job.”
  • “Anymore questions? No? Good, because I wasn’t planning on answering any.”
  • “Tommy, I know those nachos are in your mouth. No, I literally SEE them. Why’re are you even trying to deny it? Would you just—STOP SPEAKING, YOU’RE GETTING CHEESE ALL OVER MY TABLES.”
  • “just….. just…. stop talking… God, at times like these I wish I just took that job offer in Japan”
  • “Oh god, I can practically feel the IQ dropping in this room. Jimmy, son, please take a 5 minute break outside. You need to have some time to yourself and reflect on what you have done.”
  • “Yeah, uh, I didn’t bother grading all your papers because by the time I got to the 16th F, I kinda threw your papers in the shredder and ate myself a cake.”
  • “Henry please tell me that face you are making is because you are thoroughly enjoying the magic of the Charles Dickens, not because you are jerking off underneath the desk to Cece.”
  • “are… are you… are you wearing a Trump hat? Jade, no, just get out of my class. now. NOW”
  • “Honestly, class is supposed to end in 30 minutes, but because I am hung over as FUCK today and because I don’t have the necessary energy to deal with your bullshittery without throwing up, I am letting you out early. If any of you fuckers send me an email in the next 24 hours, expect underworld.”
  • “So then I told him, suck your balls? You should suck—” “Uh…..Mr. Min? Where’s the point to this story that involves our lesson?” “Hush up, Meghan, I’m getting there!”

This was a lot longer than I thought it would be… should I do more?

When Dean wakes up, he knows immediately something is wrong. The weight on the mattress is wrong, his front is cold, and he cannot hear Alfie’s obnoxious snoring.

His eyes fly open: there is no one in front of him; a sliver of light illuminates the wall, but otherwise it is dark. Turning his head over his shoulder, he sees Cas is still sound asleep, and beyond him the door is open a crack.


He disentangles himself from Cas’ octopus limbs, wrenches off the blankets, and rushes out the door. Worst-case scenarios run through his mind at lightning speed. What is Alfie is sick. What if he’s hurt or dying or there’s something wrong with the baby? What if something took Alfie? What if -


Dean spins around, and charges toward the sound.

Adrenaline pumping, heart racing, Dean skids to a stop in the kitchen doorway - only to find Alfie standing in front of the refrigerator, holding a bowl of dinner’s leftovers.

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do you guys get that feeling where you’re just reading a fanfiction

and it’s a really nice one, grammar and spelling and everything is on point, fleek, whatever

and it fits all your tags, like wolfstar war au or johnlock wingfic or whatever the hell

and then you read it all the way through

but it’s not finished

its not finISHED



so, after a bit of a mess up with a job today, i decided to spend 8 hours starting to (kinda) learn photoshop. i’m pretty good at editing photos and stuff but this sort of thing’s completely new to me. i’m just starting with like, really simple backgrounds and stuff, plus i had a go at removing a few backgrounds which turned out… ok :’3 there were a few more that were so bad i didn’t save though~

so yeah i guess this can be considered my head start for the monty oum project, on monday i think i’ll start writing again for the first time in nearly a year :3

also i’d kinda like @angie-collective to see these since she kinda sorta maybe inspired me to even try


Hey guys! I just reached 8k followers and as a thank you for following me I wanted to give you guys something. Here is a psd I made for all of you! I really hope you enjoy it! (✿ ♥‿♥)

  • Adjust to your liking if necessary (if it’s too orange lower vibrance)
  • Contains black and white option 
  • Like/reblog this post if you download.
  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.

Download here