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Darkiplier x Reader... sorta

“I try being nice, I try being polite, and yet,” he paused and huffed, tugging at his coat sleeve. “You refuse everything I offer.” He turned to look at you and slammed his hands onto the table, his suave nature changing drastically. “Why?!”

Your mouth felt dry as you tried to cough out a response. An excuse. Anything to calm him down. You forced a smile onto your face.

“I-I appreciate all you’ve been doing, it’s all very sweet, really,” you put on a sweet voice, trying to calm him down. “But… I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far yet. W-we can just be friends until then!” You watched him, thinking maybe it had worked until he swiped a hand and knocked off the things on the table, making you flinch.

“I don’t want to be just friends.”

You glanced around- when did the restaurant become empty? It was full a second ago… Just a second later, your surroundings glitched and flashed before turning to all black. Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. It occurred to you that the things he hit off the table were nowhere in sight. Oh no.

His eyes stayed on you as he walked over to your side of the table. You tried to stand and run away but realized you couldn’t get up from your chair. You squirmed as you tried to get away from… Whatever he was. A smirk pulled on his lips as he watched you struggle. He looked you up and down in such a way that showed nothing but hunger. What for, you couldn’t tell, and you weren’t sure you wanted to.

He took your chin and tilted your head to look at him. His hands were ice cold, the opposite of how they felt when he brushed your hand earlier while walking you to the restaurant. You tried to move away but your eyes were locked onto his cold, dark ones. They were hypnotic. His expression had become calm again, but you could tell he was a breath away from snapping.

“Oh, love,” he cooed, smiling. “You talk as if you had a choice.” He chuckled- that mocking laugh sent shivers down your spine and made your whole body cold.

“I-I’m sorry,” you whimpered.

Sorry?” He looked amused. “Sorry doesn’t cut it, beautiful…” He chuckled again as a ringing noise pierced the air. You felt woozy and tried to respond before simply falling over. His arms enveloped you as you did and you felt a strange warmth flow through you. You felt oh so tired suddenly… he felt so warm and safe… Maybe… maybe just… a little sleep couldn’t hurt…

Your senses faded until the only thing you could feel and hear was his arms around you, and his deep laughter.

kaospersona  asked:

– how lucky is your muse? Do they believe in luck as a concept, or think it’s a bunch of hooey?

He’s extremely unlucky, but he doesn’t actually believe in luck. Usually. The number of time he’s been thwarted or even injured due to coincidences is unusually high, but he just figures that’s how things go sometimes. He would appreciate it, however, if people would not blame him or think his plans were bad or he’s an idiot for things that are beyond his control. He will claim others are lucky, but doesn’t claim he’s unlucky somehow, at least not when he isn’t wallowing in self pity.

In another way though, he is a bit lucky, or at least strangely blessed. He doesn’t know it, but Primus crafted him with an unusually strong and durable faceplate and helm. The robogod knew his headstrong creation would need some help and a few extra chances before he fulfills his enormous potential. He knew Starscream was likely to get punched in the face. A lot. Some mechs get extra chances like coming back from the dead multiple times, and maybe they are lucky, but at least Starscream can endure what his one life throws at him.

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Teen Wolf Preference – He walks in on you naked

Once again, thank you @pissheadofficial, my source of SHARED filthy ideas.

Warnings: Some of them have SLIGHT sexual content (heh what ya think..)

Scott McCall

Scott had a habit to climb through your window at night. You knew roughly what time he used to come by and you decided to change into something more comfortable to sleep in before he arrived, instead of always having to go into the bathroom to change every time.

You started to undress and search for the shorts you use to sleep in when you heard a gust of wind behind you. “Man, now I REALLY don’t regret arriving earlier.” the familiar voice behind you made you turn around in terror.

The smirking face of Scott met yours and you quickly took your dirty shirt and tried to cover your bare body. “Scott!” you squealed with widened eyes and he just nodded in appreciation.

You cursed under your breath as you bend down to gather the rest of your clothes but kept on drop your clothes and Scott still stood in front of your window, smiling proudly as he eyed you up and down. “Stop staring and get out!”

He shook his head and you roared at him, still panicking over your naked body, deciding to run towards the bathroom with or without clothes. You yanked backwards by an overly strong and warm hand gripping around your forearm.

Your naked back flushed against Scott’s chest as he was able to lean in to whisper in your ear. “No, I’m not going anywhere.” panting as he spoke. “You’re coming over here.”

Stiles Stilinski

“Holy-moly!” you got surprised by the slight numb voice of Stiles behind you. You turned around and flinched, realizing you didn’t wore a shirt, neither pants, or a bra, or panties..

“Stiles!” you gasped as you saw him standing in the door opening. His mouth was slightly open and his mesmerized gaze were focused on your body. “I wasn’t prepared for this-” he began and raised his eyebrows.

“But I like it.” he continued with what you thought was him being seductive and approached you. You furrowed your brows as he took a few step forward, his brown eyes almost piercing you were you stood, face slightly red due to his affection.

“I mean, WOW!” Stiles exclaimed with the most flustered face you’ve seen as he gesture towards your body. You followed the motions of his hands just to freeze when your eyes met his crotch.

You let out a muffled giggle, making Stiles look at you in confusion. “Stiles? Is that a boner?” you asked boldly with a smirk, quirking your eyebrows as you met his eyes again.

His gaze moved towards himself and immediately tried to cover it. His face turned even more red as he stumbled backwards towards the door. “Shit, I-” he began and hit his back in the door frame, letting the door guide him out from your room. “B-bye Y/N.”

Liam Dunbar

It was 10 minutes left until Liam’s arrival. You had invited him over to help him study for his test on Friday. You wrinkled your nose after sniffing your armpit, unbuttoned your shirt with one hand, letting the other one trying to open the buckle of your bra.

“I can’t invite him over and smell like crap.” you mumbled to yourself and decided to undress completely just to find a whole new outfit, all from underwear to your favorite over-sized cardigan.

“So I thought about what you’ve said about the combinations of the amino acids and-” Liam were looking intently down in his folders of papers, not realizing what he walked in on. You froze and your eyes widened as you held your clean underwear in your hand, smiling at him always being so unaware of his surroundings.

He closed the door behind you, still not looking at you as you answered him. “-yes Liam?” you replied him, with the most exaggerated seductive voice you could disguise.

Liam turns around slowly, meeting your eyes. You flash him a smirk as you place your hand on your hip as you pop it, twirling your underwear between your fingers.

In what seem to be in slow motion, he drops all his books, papers flying around him as his eyes Liam’s eyes widen, mouth drops and the mortification immediately covers his face as he tries to talk. 

“I-I, I’m-” he stutter before he quickly turns around, opens the door, hits his nose on the frame, leaving a trail of blood before running out from your room. When he close the door behind him you can’t help but let out a giggle.

Brett Talbot

You didn’t hear anything due to the harsh sound of your nearly broken hairdryer. The sound might resemble a nuclear power plant and you didn’t hear that someone had opened your door and stepped in.

Brett caught you in action just in that time when you had blow dried your hair upside down and were flipping your hair back over your shoulders, making it look quite sensual as Brett had seen it in slow motion. “Save that for tonight Y/N.” he purred and you dropped the hair dryer on the floor, almost hitting your foot but flinched in the right second.

“What the hell! What are you doing here? Get out!” you roared in panic and grabbed the wet towel you had hung on the back of the chair beside you, trying to cover your body as Brett pursed his lips into a smirk before stepping backwards out from the room.

“Woah.” Brett sighed for himself, he felt his heart rate increase in his chest when he realized what he had walked in to. He leaned back against the door and thought about how beautiful your naked body were in the daylight. He’d only seen the dark silhouette of it when you had sex during late nights, when your parents were asleep.

Theo Raeken

You’ve told Theo a thousand times not to come to your place until 8 p.m. since you wanted to get home from practice and shower before his arrival.

The clothes you had decided to wear laid properly on the end of your bed, waiting for you to put them on as you stood in front of your bookshelf, taking your brush out from one of the shelves to start to even out the wet tangles in your hair.

“Nice.” the hiss of Theo’s voice made you freeze, then turning around just to see the door to your room were wide open, having him leaning against the door frame. “THEO!” you quickly dive down the floor to look after something to cover your naked body with.

You felt your heart start to pound in your chest as you saw him lick his bottom lip before taking it between his teeth. “What are you doing?” you tried to sound threatening but your voice betrayed you when you spoke.

With a quirk of his eyebrow, he tugged the hem of his shirt, lifting the fabric over his head to let it fall to the floor. He started to striding towards you, having his dark gaze eyeing you up and down as he approached you and with just that look, he was devouring you.

The List

This is from a request I got AGES ago from @gallifreyansass. I’m sorry it took so long, dear!

Summary: Sam finds your sexy “to do” list, and ends up breaking the bed.

Word Count: 1700

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk

A/N: Hope you enjoy it! Feedback always appreciated! Tagging @saxxxology and @gecko9596 because they asked :)

“Come on, Sam, just…please? I need more.” you whined, squirming beneath him, locking your legs around his waist and pulling him closer.

Sam pushed just a little, just enough to let you feel him, the head of his cock just barely inside you. Teasing. And you were gonna bite that damn smirk right off his face if he didn’t really fuck you right now.

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I hope you get the chance to meet someone at a bar that makes you want to stay out until 3am on a Wednesday.

I hope that same girl laughs at your stupid jokes and will go to sci-fi movies with you.

I hope you one day have coworkers that value your opinions and make you excited to go to work in the morning and leave drawings on your desk.

I hope that one Christmas morning you get to see the look on your daughters face when you surprise her with a puppy.

I hope you have sons that look just like you and appreciate spending time with you because I know you’ll be at every soccer game.

I hope you can go to sleep easily knowing that people love you and your efforts are worth it.

I really just hope that one day you’re genuinely, seriously happy and you forget about everything that ever hurt you, including me.
Don’t Be So Mundane and Predictable

Personality, Character, and your Persona speaks volumes even when the lips on your face are not moving.


POT: Can I get some more pics?

You: I would love to send more pictures, but/unfortunately/however/therefore…(you just lost him) because he stopped at the transitional word that means no without saying no.

Decent Response: (insert his name here) Thanks for messaging me back, I really appreciate it. The weather is going to be great this week. Let’s schedule a meet up for lunch at (insert 4/5 star restaurant, location, and date here) or dinner at ( insert 4/5 star restaurant, location, and date here). I would really like to meet you! We can confirm each other’s identity, enjoy a fantastic meal, discuss the details of an arrangement with one another and move forward! So what do you say, (insert choice 1) or (insert choice 2)?

This allows you to get a feel automatically if he’s worthy of your time, let alone additional photos. You’ve cut to the chase, got right to the point and letting him know that your time is valuable and you won’t waste it taking pictures to send to him or anyone else for that matter.

Make sure you choose 2 different restaurants as a choice of lunch or dinner, but make sure that they are not far from each other. No more coffee or drinks “quick meets”. You are not meeting your classmates to study nor your friends for happy hour.

Know your worth and challenge him by telling him without really telling him the kinds of places you like. It’s [2015] and technology is improving as I type this. Skyping is too risky for recording reasons, “additional” photos could hurt or harm you. If he’s married, he could lie to his wife and tell her you are the aggressor and won’t leave him alone and he’ll have the pics to prove it. If he’s not married he could be using your pictures to lower other girls’ standards or get them to send him more photos too.

Original source: honeebabee.

Alex Summers(Long Hair) Appreciation.

I love his long hair fite me

Originally posted by pietroh

  • The decision to grow out his hair was spontaneous.
    • He just wanted to try it just for ‘shits and giggles’, and it was heavily in style during the time.
      • Alex thinks it makes him look drastically different. The hair really outlines his facial structure/face and he’s gotten compliments from girls about this.
        • Mainly, ‘I wish my hair looked that great”
          • Or “it looks really soft can I touch it?”
  • Imagine brushing your finger through his hair.
    • Imagine the sound he makes when you do it because he really loves it.
    • It’s a sort of squeal, and he shuts his eyes and tilts his head towards your hand, telling you silently that he’s loving the attention.
    • This makes you chuckle.
  • Imagine Alex allowing you to put little flowers in his hair.
    • He secretly likes it.
      • Makes him feel really relaxed.
  • imagine Alex letting you braid his hair.
    • He’s laying on the couch, watching TV, his head in your lap. You’re idly brushing his hair out and all of a sudden, you’re braiding his hair here and there.
  • Imagine Alex using your hair products and then innocently denying that he does when you ask him about it.
    • Mainly your shampoo and conditioner.
      • He really likes the smell.
        • His hair smells like coconut most of the time.
          • Sometimes sweet pea. Depends which scent you buy that week.
  • Imagine taking a bath together, and washing his hair for him. He’s sitting in between your legs, facing forward, and reveling in how good it feels to have your fingers rubbing his scalp down to the ends of his hair.
  • (NSFW) Imagine Alex growling whenever you pull his hair during sex.
    • Stirs him up, and gets him even more rough than he already is.
  • Imagine Alex pulling his hair back into a small ponytail, but not all of it fits so he has bits of hair sticking out and blowing into his face every so often.
    • does this when he’s going out for his morning jog.
    • Imagine Alex puffing hair away from his face with a small bit of annoyance.
  • Imagine his hair when he first wakes up in the morning. It’s tangly and all over the place, and you try to brush it out with your fingers but to no avail.
    • He leaves it like that until breakfast is done and he’s ready to take a shower.
      • It’s really cute.

hey everyone! I’m looking for some more blogs to follow because i want to see some new faces on my dashboard and because my dash has been a little dead lately. i know i make these kinda posts a lot, but i’m always up for following more blogs since I don’t follow that many to begin with! 

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  • Professor Layton (i’ve played all the games and I’m suuper hyped for Lady Layton!!)
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So thank you for checking out my blog if you do and I’ll be sure to check yours out as well! 

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that I adore your Whitebeard Pirates headcanons! Could you please do the commanders reaction to a new sister? You can do as many of them as you want! Thank you!


✨Oh goodness! ✨ Thank you so much!! 💖💖 I really really appreciate it!!!!

I hope you like them!! 💖


  • He’d be super super polite and offer a warm welcome to her
  • Probably would act super chill and relaxed as usual, but in the inside he’s super excited to have a new face around the ship. 
  • He would be the Janis Ian of the commanders and give her a brief introduction of everyone (hoping not to overwhelm her) 
  • Also offering advice on how to get along with the crew just right (though he has no doubt she would on her own)
  • Being Big Bro Marco™ he’d be almost protective of her at first hoping to prevent corruption from Ace and Thatch


  • He can’t wait to recruit another onto his team of pranksters 
  • But he’s kinda nervous bc he doesn’t know how to act around girls 
  • can I just be normal??? or do I gotta act polite??? etc etc
  • So he can be awkward around them at first, 
  • Also kinda adding to that he’ll definitely will tease tf out of them, like giving them weird rules or “traditions” that everyone does to embarrass her
  • If she can get past those first awkward weeks and pranks with him, they’ll probably be best friends


  • EXCITED x2
  • Let’s be honest, he’s the head of the welcoming department
  • So he’ll throw this giant ass party for her. Making sure that most of her favorite meals (etc.) are there for her
  • It’s also a good chance to recruit a member for his prank team
  • (tbh it’s a secret battlefield between Ace and him)
  • But he’s super happy that they decided to join and would want to know all about them
  • Why they joined, possible backstory, etc. etc.
  • He also joins in Ace with teasing her, but gets the two of them yelled at by Izo for embarrassing her  


  • *inhales deeply*
  • He would be super super excited to have a girl on board. He’ll want to get to know them and earn their trust so they can share secrets and “gossip” about the crew
  • Also super excited to come up with more fashion advice™
  • Like Marco he’ll be super protective of her bc Thatch and Ace are trying to corrupt her
  • But Izo or Marco would definitely be keeping an eye on her from a far to make sure she’s alright and such


  • *hopes to be noticed*
  • They’d try super hard to become friends with her
  • If they were successful they’d create a bunch of inside jokes instantly
  • Also a secret handshake because that’s a special bond right there yo 
  • They’d also rant on and on about their hobbies and interests hoping to find some in common
  • They’d probably follow her around at the beginning helping her with everything that needed to be done, explaining how it needed to be done taking Marco’s job

As for the others, they’d be really happy & excited to meet her, they’d love to learn about her and what she’d bring to the crew!!

Kurisu Leon’s 2016 Summary of Art

Hello everyone!

Thanks to you all for watching me, I really appreciate it! I ended up not working as much as I wanted to on drawings but the little things I did helped me to learn a lot, I’m grateful with all of you who have been there watching me grow as an artist.

Let’s keep going! I hope you can keep seeing my next works as I grow as a better artist and person!

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Sorry I look like shit lol; it’s nearly 6am over here, and I can’t sleep, so I’ve been…procrastinating…er…studying for my chem midyear exam.

Since I rarely post selfies, I think I’ll just tag a shitload of people. Hope y'all don’t mind lol: @kissmesatan @hel-crosby @minhyriath @rikirachtman @ddraconian-love @control-is-broken @a-touch-of-tipton @mimmilina @guichelove @withfreyjaonourside @nerdgal-dorkski @pyarthrosis @ohpeth @die-wilde-jagd @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @mathiasismywhore @kawaiichurchburner

Again, don’t feel obligated to post a selfie at all. Likewise, if I already tagged you last time and you don’t want to do it again, it’s totally fine. I have a shit memory when it comes to even attempting to remember what I had for dinner last night. Have fun 😎



Oh dear Lord!! I still can barely believe I’ve reached such a huge milestone in the time span of a month? Because there’s only been a month and just !! wow. I would’ve never guessed my blog would grow like this and people would actually appreciate a really half assed portrayal of the most beautiful Gear Goddess in this world? maaaaan, I have so much to thank you all for and I truly appreciate every daily message and every single one of your little comments about the way I write Cindy and just !! the attention I get. You guys are the absolute everything to me and you make me actually proud of giving tumblr and the rp community a second chance. ♥ tysm everyone!! Bless your precious faces and here’s to more followers to come and moments with y’all. ♥

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Blog rates / URL drawings! (200 followers oh my god??)

Holy moly! 200 followers!! I’m honestly over the moon, thank you all so much for the support. I love this community so much and you’re all so nice and are doing so much to encourage me, i cant thank you enough Anyway enough of that sappy stuff, as a thankyou for 200 followers I’ve decided to do blog rates / URL drawings! If you want either (or even both) then just do the following: 

- follow me 
- reblog this post
- Send me an ask, a nice message plus asking for a blog rate would be really appreciated 😊
- I will rate your:

  •  icon  
  • aesthetic  
  • URL 
  • original and general posts
  • theme 

 - follow me
- reblog this post
 - send me a message asking for a URL drawing.
 - I can only draw faces, so if you’d like me to do one of your actual face then send me a picture that I can use for reference, if not then I’ll just draw how I picture you based on your blog!
 - if you want to suss out my style then just ask (don’t be afraid to change you mind if you don’t like it, and feel free to give advice for me to improve!) 

Thanks again! if this actually kicks off i might do it to celebrate each 100 i reach! :) 
if this gets less than 30 notes it never happened

“My love,” Loki murmured softly, “you’re going to be fine, you’ll get through this, I know you will.”
“How?” You struggled to ask between sobs, tears rolling down your cheeks in droves and nose plugging. You hated being what felt like an ugly crier, but it didn’t matter, you were too upset to stop..
Loki pulled you tight to his chest, holding you close, “because I have infinite faith in you, you have gone through so much and you will continue to do so, because you are so brave and so strong.”
Leaning into his chilly embrace, face against his chest and just trying to breathe deeply, you nodded. You didn’t believe him, not really, but you appreciated his faith in you. Perhaps if Loki believed it, maybe you could grow to believe it as well.

anonymous asked:

Mm.. sorry for asking SO MANY QUESTIONS I JUST LOVE THIS BLOG.. IM SORRY >///< .. what if their girlfriend had her period? What will they dooo? -Lenny face-

don’t worry about it ! i don’t get many asks, so i really appreciate you asking !


Shu : He’s not really into doing anything “naughty” while his S/O is on their period, it’d be too much of a mess for him to handle.

Reiji : Like Shu, he’s not really into it. But, if he were say drunk or you somehow persuaded him, he might be into it !

Ayato : Woah boy he loves your period ! He likes the thought of getting pleasure and blood at the same time.

Laito : He loves it too ! He likes the concept of getting the two things he loves the most, being naughty and drinking your blood !

Kanato : Eh ? It’s really depends on his mood. Sometimes he may be into and sometimes not.

Subaru : Nope nope nope sorry hon ! This kind of thing is way too awkward for him. But he will be there to give you tummy rubs and cuddles.


Ruki : He’d be into it, but not all the time, you know ? He wouldn’t want to really hurt you “too bad”.

Yuuma : Oh my hell yes someone give this boy a girl on her period please. He adores this sort of thing and it is a major turn on for him.

Azusa : He doesn’t really understand the concept of being able to do that whilst on their period. He wouldn’t really be into it.

Kou : I mean, sure ! He’s chill with it, as long as it’s not too messy.


Carla : This boy is so uptight, I don’t think he’d be super into it unless he were super horny.

Shin : Yes yes ! He loves period naughtiness, always ! But he would be super rough.

Here’s some fanart!

You probably won’t see this but if you do, I just want to thank you for everything. Your videos have put a smile on my face when I lost all hope, and I really appreciate how you’re always there for us if we need it. You are such an awesome guy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

(Also i know this drawing is crappy but I tried XD)

anonymous asked:

I love you and your precious blog erwin would be so happy and proud of you! thank you so much for answering all our requests with kindness and blessing us with daily supplies of our beloved commander handsome 💕 That"thank youwin" would be expressing his gratitude to you with that beautiful smile on his face for appreciating him like this 💕

OMG thank you for your kind words! This really keeps me going. 

But I think Erwin would find it weird that someone he doesn’t know would dedicate to post pictures of him lol Just imagine his face :’)

Something like this maybe?

Just ignore the subs