i just realized this was a shakespeare reference


Okay so I’m sure we’ve all pretty much figured out at this point that anybody with a name in Team Skull is named after a different type of flower (Guzmania, Plumeria, Gladiolus, possibly etc., if there turn out to be any more). In Shakespeare’s Hamlet all morally good characters were likened to as flowers in a garden.

Team Skull has for the past month been theorized to be a scapegoat or not be the real Big Bad of the games.

In this GameFreak’s so-in-your-face-obvious-you-won’t-see-it Shakespeare reference that really points out Team Skull as possibly being good guys, or at least not the real Big Bads?

my mom’s borrowing one of my scarfs and she looked really concerned when i spoke up and just “i killed macbeth in that scarf” before realizing macbeth was a shakespeare character and i was referring to the time that i played macduff for a project and the scarf was part of my costume

But listen guys... The ship is called THE TEMPEST

The Shakespeare nerd in me is drawing SO many conclusions. Crash landing on a strange and foreign land with unpredictable locals, possibly cut off from the outside world, wise but ignorant magic (biotic) users with potentially nefarious purposes and unjust justice, “taming” the savages when you (man) are the real monster?, chess! (which has already been in the ME world! Traynor, you dork), throne usurpers, so many things that could be in place in this game! 

I realize it’s just a name and has multiple meanings (including the literal “violent storm”), but please please please let there be some Shakespeare reference in this! I could be nerding out exponentially.