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Part Three of a collaboration series with @emetoprincess .This time: concussed!Nico (because we have no shame). Again, we are not doctors, so any mistakes we make in regards to diagnoses or treatments are ours alone.
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Will was literally counting the minutes until he could go home. Wednesdays had always been pretty terrible, and now that he actually had something to look forward to outside of work, he was even more eager for the week to end. He didn’t have plans with Nico until Friday, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t text him or call him or anything.

They’d been dating for just over a month now, and despite the fact that they’d only been on a handful of dates since then, that didn’t change the fact that Will was falling, hard.

The ER was the most interesting place in the building, and since he didn’t have anything scheduled for the rest of the day, he’d spent most of his time bothering his coworkers and picking up cardiology patients amidst the bustle. It was two hours until he was allowed to go home, and he was itching for something to do to pass the time. He’d been considering just going to take a nap in his office for a bit or to call Nico while he pretended to do paperwork, but just as soon as he’d decided to make his way up to the cardiology ward, he was stopped in his tracks by the hushed whisper of his nurse, Kayla.

“Isn’t that Will’s boyfriend?”

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