i just realized that my eyes are uneven

“Why are you such an asshole?” I angrily glared at Harrison who stood a few feet away from me. “Why are you so annoying?” he said making anger rush through my body. Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, “You know, you’re so cocky and arrogant, thinking you are the only intelligent guy alive on this planet and we all know absolutely nothing! That you are the only sane person here who knows what he’s doing unlike anyone else don’t you?” I said with uneven breaths because of the rage I felt.

Unknowingly I took a step closer to him with every word I spoke. “You’re perfectly right” he said with a cocky expression. “Why can’t you be nice for just once? Why do you always have to be a dick?” I said right in front of him feeling his breath on my face. I looked up daringly in his eyes, just realizing how deep they really were and how beautiful his features looked up close, even when he was frowning. How sharp his eyes were, and his lips forming a thin line due to anger.

“And yo-“ he was starting when, without my consent I felt my body moving and suddenly I felt something soft. My eyes widened as I realized my lips were on his. I was kissing Harrison. He too, was taken aback with my unexpected action as he hesitantly kissed back and slowly pulled away.

We stared deeply into each other’s eyes not daring to utter a word. “It’s because I don’t know how to act around you” he slowly whispered. “What?” I asked completely confused. “Why I’m a dick… I don’t know what to do or say when you are around. My body… It… I- I just want to grab you and kiss the day lights out of you. I have a funny feeling whenever you are around”. I looked at him bewildered and completely flustered.

He closed his eyes in annoyance as he backed away and placed his hands behind his head. “God I don’t even know why I’m saying thi-“ “Shut up and kiss me” I boldly stated. “What?” he looked down at me completely confused. “You heard me” I smirked, making a smile curl his beautiful lips as he took a step closer and placed his lips on mine, pulling me closer. Placing his hands on my lower back, he kissed me deeply. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him as close as I could, making him smile.

Request:  Imagine Dying in Harrison Well’s (E-2) arms or Being so annoyed with Harrison you kiss his to shut him up (E-2 as well

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