i just realized that my eyes are uneven

“Why are you such an asshole?” I angrily glared at Harrison who stood a few feet away from me. “Why are you so annoying?” he said making anger rush through my body. Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, “You know, you’re so cocky and arrogant, thinking you are the only intelligent guy alive on this planet and we all know absolutely nothing! That you are the only sane person here who knows what he’s doing unlike anyone else don’t you?” I said with uneven breaths because of the rage I felt.

Unknowingly I took a step closer to him with every word I spoke. “You’re perfectly right” he said with a cocky expression. “Why can’t you be nice for just once? Why do you always have to be a dick?” I said right in front of him feeling his breath on my face. I looked up daringly in his eyes, just realizing how deep they really were and how beautiful his features looked up close, even when he was frowning. How sharp his eyes were, and his lips forming a thin line due to anger.

“And yo-“ he was starting when, without my consent I felt my body moving and suddenly I felt something soft. My eyes widened as I realized my lips were on his. I was kissing Harrison. He too, was taken aback with my unexpected action as he hesitantly kissed back and slowly pulled away.

We stared deeply into each other’s eyes not daring to utter a word. “It’s because I don’t know how to act around you” he slowly whispered. “What?” I asked completely confused. “Why I’m a dick… I don’t know what to do or say when you are around. My body… It… I- I just want to grab you and kiss the day lights out of you. I have a funny feeling whenever you are around”. I looked at him bewildered and completely flustered.

He closed his eyes in annoyance as he backed away and placed his hands behind his head. “God I don’t even know why I’m saying thi-“ “Shut up and kiss me” I boldly stated. “What?” he looked down at me completely confused. “You heard me” I smirked, making a smile curl his beautiful lips as he took a step closer and placed his lips on mine, pulling me closer. Placing his hands on my lower back, he kissed me deeply. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him as close as I could, making him smile.

Request:  Imagine Dying in Harrison Well’s (E-2) arms or Being so annoyed with Harrison you kiss his to shut him up (E-2 as well

Sorry it took time! i’ve been really busy these days. Well! I hope you like it!

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo shamelessly stolen Prompt Request: “me and your roommate share a class together and help each other study weekly and you’re an annoying twat who thinks its funny to keep interrupting us and wait what do you mean they’re running late? no im not waiting here alone with you for two hours are you insane” au 

@theflowergirl: I’m so bad at titles sometimes, so this one doesn’t have one. unless you can come up with something lol <3

EDIT: Now posted on AO3

The water fell with a splat on her carefully written notes. The ink bled into the paper and the words blended together, making it indecipherable. Soo looked up to glare at the man leaning over her shoulder, Wang So. He held his drink high over her, his eyes perusing over her work, and she watched as the condensation drip, drip, dripped onto her papers, onto her hand, and onto her shoulder. The cup tipped perilously in his hand and more water threatened to descend upon her notebooks. “Are you serious right now? You’re getting my notes all wet.”

He looked down at her notebook, saw where the pages wrinkled with moisture. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize,” he said. He took his shirt and wiped the sides of the glass, leaving uneven and dark wet spots across it.

She rolled her eyes, trying to push him away as he came over to dry the table with the hem of his shirt. “Obviously you didn’t realize or my notes wouldn’t be soaked right now. Can you just leave me and Baek Ah to study in peace? We have an exam coming up.”

He chuckled. “Right, Baek Ah is studying peacefully alright.”

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Baby Come Home (14/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/N: You were apart of The Avengers, in love with Captain America and suddenly everything is different. Two years later, you’re engaged to a man named Ryan and telling yourself you’re over Steve Rogers and The Avengers, but that might not be the truth. When your secrets start coming to the surface, you have to face the reality that you’ve been trying to bury for two years. Will you say I Do picturing Steve’s face or will you come to your senses and face what’s staring back at you?

(Steve POV in some places, italics are flashbacks)

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“You need medical (Y/N).” Steve pushes you back down on the gurney.

“Steve, I’m fine!” You fight back. “I’ve been shot before.” You shake your head.

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To all the girls who struggle to accept their self-beauty...

I want you to do this girl a favor.  It’s something I’ve been doing for the last few days now, and I’ve noticed that it really works.

Go find yourself a mirror.  Preferably the bathroom mirror, so you can close the door and not worry about anyone staring at you, but any mirror that lets you see your whole face easily will do.

Now, look at your reflection.  Lean in real close, so you can see every detail.  Look at your eyes–their shape and color, the length of your eyelashes, all of it.  Look at your nose–the shape, size, all of it (even that little pimple that everyone gets at least once that sits right on the middle).  Look at your lips–the corners, the color, the size, all of it.

Now, give your reflection a great big smile.  Smile at your reflection like you mean it–your reflection will smile back no matter what.

Look at that smile.  The way your eyes crinkle, the way your cheeks get all round and pudgy and cute, the way your dimples show, the way you look happy.

Now, tell your reflection that it’s beautiful, gorgeous, cute, anything you need to hear.  Imagine you’re meeting someone with a bright smile that looks exactly like you.  Tell them how beautiful they are.  Tell them how cute they are.  Say it as much as you have to.


Because it’s true.

You’re beautiful.  You’re gorgeous.  You’re cute.  But most of all, you’re you.  The way your eyes crinkle when you smile, the way your nose might have that cute little bubble on the tip, the way you smile, the shape of your face, everything–that’s all you and no one else.  There’s no comparison to be made–you’re the cutest damn thing on this side of the planet, you’re your own world.

Why am I asking you to do this?  Well, let me tell you a little story.  It’s brief, I promise.

My boyfriend always calls me cute.  Gorgeous.  Beautiful.  Everything.  And I could never bring myself to believe it.  I’ve always thought I was dumpy, lopsided, ugly.  I’m covered in zit-scars and I have a hunched back, so much that I was always called the Hunchback of Baltimore in school.  And I felt horrible, because I believed my boyfriend to be blind and not see how hideous I thought I was.

And one day, I wanted to know just what makes me so cute in his eyes.  I stared at my reflection for an hour.  I smiled.  I made cute faces.  I laughed.  I looked at every detail that I thought made me ugly–my uneven skin complexion, my pudgy cheeks and chin, my bubble-shaped nose.  And I realized something–I really am cute.  I have a cute smile that makes my cheeks even pudgier, I have a cute little bubble-nose that runs in my family, and I have beautiful hazel eyes.

So what if you don’t look like the models in the magazines or the stars in the movies?  There’s no comparing apples to oranges–you’re you, not the models or stars, and they’re not you.  You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you’re cute, you are your own goddess.

So smile and mean it, girls–you’re beautiful no matter what.

PriPara Idol Time 9

The plot this week: Yui and Laala find a tsundere to do hair and makeup. 

Oh. So that’s how folks change their eye color sometimes when they come to PriPara. Drawers full of eyes…

And… I really have little else to say about this episode. About a quarter of the way through I was already just walking around my room packing things while the episode played in the background. Not that it was terrible, it was just… clearly filler. 

It also took me over half the episode to realize her name was Chiako? (I thought they were literally calling her “Cheer Girl”. (Kinda like how it took me forever to realize Mimiko’s name really was Jigoku Mimi.)

It looks so uneven to see Yume in a CR and Laala in a SCR performing side-by-side. It really highlights the difference between them… (It’s only for now though.)

I only have one thing worth putting under a spoiler cut, and it is:

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I Am Not Afraid- Chapter 1

Summary: Dan was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, and eventually pulls through and is able to go back home. He isn’t used to having friends, but when he meets Phil it changes everything.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, and AU

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of cancer/illness, possible smut in later chapters

AN: So basically this whole fic was inspired by the black parade album from my chemical romance… hope you enjoy :P

I’ve spent way too much time in this fucking hospital. I didn’t even remember the names of half the TV shows I used to watch or the music I used to listen to while I was in here. I was way to ill to enjoy anything. Cancer is possibly one of the worst things I could ever think of. Not only do you constantly have to go through treatment that makes your hair fall out, you also constantly feel the need to do nothing. Not that you can do anything in this stupid place.

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au where sakura dies protecting sarada from shin 

when their enemy finally falls, she sees boruto collapse in her periphery, while mitsuki moves to check their teammate’s injury. sarada, however, is drawn to the figure that their enemy had summoned to stop them. she hasn’t seen this woman in nearly seven years, she realizes when she’s less than a meter away.

sarada squeezes her eyes shut, feeling her mother’s fingers graze her forehead. it’s not the affectionate poke of her childhood – rather her mother sweeps the messy, uneven line of her bangs. 

“now what happened here, little one?” 

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Real-Ass Makeup Problems

-bottom-lashes, you basic assholes. Getting mascara on them is like eating glass because it makes your smile look beautiful.

-almost putting on your dark red, long-last, rub-this-shit-off-with-gasoline on perfectly and then you smear it at the last minute.

-buying expensive foundation (that looks great in the store) and then realizing it makes you look like the freakin’ Yellow King

-contour? More like let me smear brownie mix on my face so I can look like a lunatic, because these ladies on Youtube are wizards? Have a different kind of bronzer? Am I doing this right?

-I’m sorry, I should be putting WHAT...WHERE?!

-I don’t get highligher! I just don’t get it!

-My makeup looks fantastic! Guess I’ll just forget and rub my eye now.

-oh man, this eyeliner on my right eye looks great. Good thing the other eye looks like somebody stabbed Taylor Momsen in the eye with a collection of Sharpies

-oh man, this eyeliner line looks really uneven, maybe if I just make it GIANT it will look better

-I give up on life, and it is because of my catastrophically horrible application of this eyeliner

-this foundation really looks great until I step into the light and realize I look like I am wearing a blemish-free SKIN MASK

-You mean to tell me we’ve been talking for 20 minutes about the fuckin weather and you left out how my teeth have more lipstick on them than the collar of a guy in a drama on ABC that is cheating on his wife?!?!

-This blush will make me look very flushed, if flushed means stuck in a sauna desert while slowly becoming an old lady.

-This powder will mattify my face, if mattify meant to look like a corpse, but definitely not in the fun Helena Bonham Carter way!

-This concealer makes me look not pimple-less, but rather like I have large flesh colored bumps on my face.

-This concealer does absolutely fucking nothing!

-Oh, I’m sorry, do you have spider legs glued to your eyelashes or is your mascara just happy to see me/is also total bullshit?

-OK is pink eyeshadow fashion forward or does it make me LOOK LIKE A DRUG MONSTER

-Yeah, I’d love to eat or do anything with my lips but sorry, I’m wearing lipstick, can’t

-Great, I love it, so glad it’s a million dollars

-Great, natural makeup looks so easy, glad I only need 32 products

-Great, I’m glad you made that smoky eye look so easy, now watch me do it and look like I am a child’s drawing of Kim Kardashian

-I am so tired and so drunk please don’t make me take this makeup off it takes eleven years

-I’m aware that I look great without makeup, but I LIKE wearing makeup you judgey fuck.

I wanted to join all my cool friends who have been posting selfies lately, then felt discouraged because I’m actually just five mental illnesses in a trench coat and it’s been what feels like years since I looked presentable, then realized that this was no reason not to feel cute, so here I am, making the best of bruises under the eyes, uncombed hair and uneven bangs that haven’t seen a pair of scissors since this summer

I look like I’ve been through hell and came back out still wearing a lil flower in my hair somehow and that is actually not at all a bad aesthetic imo

That Kiss Was Mine {Christmas Series}

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Pairing: You x Chanyeol

Summary: When you get kissed by another guy.


I started awake, my forehead creasing as I frowned in confusion. Darkness filled my bedroom, the warmth of my bed threatening to lull me straight back to sleep when the sound of something striking my window alerted me again.


Okay, I definitely didn’t imagine that.

I begrudgingly pushed the covers off my body, yawning in exhaustion as I pulled a hoodie over my t-shirt and sweatpants. I shuffled over to the window a little apprehensively, my fingers reaching out for the curtain to pull it aside.

Another snowball exploded against the glass just as I was greeted by the view of the snow covered street outside. I jumped, startled, before I gasped quietly in realization.


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