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A/N: "Maybe a reader insert where she gets flirted with at RT with some boys and (it could be Gavin or Ray uvu) starts getting protective a bit but they really like her. So Michael decides to hardcore flirt with her then they snap.“ You guys should know what I’m going to say by now. It’s close. Really close. 

Pairing: Gavin x Reader

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,487

Warnings: swears

Summary: You’ve been at RT for a while now, and you and Gavin have shown interest in each other, but really haven’t done anything about it. Someone in the office decides to take the matter into his own hands to get you guys together.

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Supernatural 5sos - Michael Part 2

Read part one here: http://sparklesmikey.tumblr.com/post/100160501563/supernatural-5sos-au-michael-vampire

No soundtrack for this one, sorry. :(


You awoke to a dull pounding in your head, causing a small groan to escape your lips. You must have overslept again; You were probably going to miss school. Your mom was supposed to wake you up in the mornings, but she was probably sleeping off a late night hunt–

Hunt. Memories from last night flooded your mind. Your mother, the vampire landing on your car, Michael… and then nothing. What had they done to you? Where were you?

You opened your eyes and sat up too fast, clutching your forehead as a wave of dizziness came over you. Once your head had cleared you glanced around, assessing your surroundings. You were in what was obviously a bedroom, although it was the exact opposite of what you had expected a vampire’s place of solitude to look like. You had expected a meticulously neat room with dark-painted walls and antique furniture, candles providing the only source of light, perhaps a framed oil painting or two. You were not prepared for the plain white walls, light hardwood floor littered with crumpled laundry, decided lack of furniture, the impressively large CD collection, or the expensive TV set up in one corner with several gaming consoles plugged into it and a couple of beanbag chairs positioned around it. Someone had carefully tucked you into the bed which, rather than an old four poster with a heavy canopy, was a simple twin-sized frame with a memory foam mattress and plain blue sheets. The room looked more like it belonged to a fourteen year old boy then an ancient creature of the night.

You immediately threw back the covers, noting that someone had removed your shoes and socks and set them on the floor by the bed. You strode to the nearest window, yanking back the thick, dark curtains and opening the blinds. You took a deep breath before shoving your arm into the small patch of sunlight, letting out a sigh of relief when you felt a pleasant warmth instead of the intense pain of your skin burning. So they hadn’t turned you. You had heard two versions of the lore: one said that just the act of being bitten transformed you into a vampire, the other said that you actually had to consume the blood of one of the undead creatures. You supposed that you now knew which was the truth.

You tiptoed cautiously to the door, taking care not to step on the clutter that littered your path. You expected the door to be locked, but the knob turned easily in your hand. You eased it open, trying to be as silent as possible as you peeked out into the rest of the house.

You found yourself looking out onto a half-story, jutting out over the first floor of the building before ending in a simple metal railing. There were two other doors on this floor, and a metal staircase leading down to the first floor. You tiptoed to the railing, leaning over to look down at the bottom floor.

The first floor of the house (or what you could see of it) was divided into a kitchen/dining area and a living room. Both rooms were decorated in a simple, modern style, with the kitchen done in blue and grey and the living room I’m classic black and white.. It looked like a perfectly normal house, except that all the windows were shut up to avoid any sunlight entering. You recognized Michael’s form spread out on the black leather couch, eyes closed in sleep You decided to go back to the room you woke up in, not wanting to risk waking him up.

You jumped when you heard the voice behind you. “You’re awake. Good.”

You whirled around, taking in Michael’s bed head and amused smirk. You glared at him, crossing your arms defensively over your chest. “Where am I? Where did you bring me?”

“This is our vacation home, I guess. We had to retreat here since someone,” he glared accusingly at you, “crashed our house and ruined everything.” His face took on a more nostalgic look. “I haven’t been here in years.”

“You didn’t kill me. Or turn me. Why?” You felt suddenly self conscious after asking.

“Because I… Because you…” He sighed. “Because I can. I was bored. Got a problem with it?”

You knew he was lying, but before you could call him out on it you heard a new voice behind you. “Must you be so loud?”

You turned to find a girl who looked nothing like Michael except for her pale skin. She had long light blonde hair, which was currently tangled from sleep. Her blue eyes were rimmed with yesterday’s smudged black eyeliner, and she wore nothing but an oversized Misfits shirt, which covered most of her slim thighs. Even so, she looked gorgeous. She looked a bit older than Michael, but you wouldn’t have believed she was any older than twenty five. She ran a hand through her hair, eying you up and down. “Glad you’re awake. We thought for a while there that you might die from blood loss. Mikey was totally freaked about it.”

Michael, obviously annoyed, shot her a glare. “(Y/n), this is my sister, Taylor.”

“Um, hi.” You were surprised by the awkward introductions and how normal the situation felt. You had to remind yourself that these were the creatures your mother had dedicated her life to hunting.

“Nice to have you around. It’ll be fun not being the only girl for a change.” Taylor smiled, revealing a momentary flash of fangs.

Before she had even finished her sentence, you felt Michael’s hand on your waist. “You’re not allowed anywhere near her.” He growled protectively.

“Just try and stop me, Little Brother.” Taylor offered a sly grin and a mocking salute in your direction before slinking downstairs, leaving you alone with this boy that you didn’t understand at all, despite your efforts.

“Ignore her. She hit her second midlife crisis when she turned one hundred. Do you want to play a game or something?” Michael relaxed his grip on you, eying you with a kind of carefulness that bordered on nervous.

You shrugged, more confused and taken aback by the situation than ever before. “Um, sure. I guess.”

You spent the rest of the day in the room where you woke up (which you soon learned was Michael’s bedroom), trying (and failing) to play various video games. Michael made a few attempts at conversation, but quickly realized that you weren’t in a sharing mood. Occasionally he would offer you a snack or a bottle of water, all of which he had apparently bought just for you the night before, since he and Taylor didn’t eat. You were beginning to suspect that you were something like a pet to him, although “research subject” might have been a more accurate term.

As soon as the sun had gone down outside and Michael had drawn the curtains to let the moonlight in, Taylor burst into the room and moved to stand in front of the TV, hands on her hips. “I’m going to borrow your human for a few hours.”

“No you’re not.” Michael pulled you into his lap and wrapped his arms around you in a childish gesture, startling you into a blush. “I told you, you aren’t allowed around her.”

Taylor rolled her eyes. “So she’s just supposed to sit in your room alone while you go out to the bar or club or wherever it is you disappear to every night? The poor thing will die of boredom.” Her pale lips spread into a devilish smile. “Let me play with her while you’re gone. I’ll keep her busy.”

“I said no.” Michael stood up, setting you gently on the beanbag he had previously been occupying. He straightened up and glared at his sister. “I told you, this one isn’t like the others. Leave her alone, Taylor.”

You shivered at the word “others,” biting your lip nervously. You wondered what had happened to them. If they had survived. You wanted to ask what made you different, but you didn’t dare question anything until you learned how far Michael would allow you to push him.

Taylor sighed, sticking her lips out in am exaggerated pout. “You’re no fun, Mikey.”

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Go away. I’m not leaving until I know you’re going to leave (y/n) alone.”


Two hours later, Michael stood at the bar in a dingy pub, sipping his drink. A normal human would probably be blacked out or unconscious by now, but he had yet to feel a buzz. For some reason, he felt like staying sober tonight. His eyes scanned the room, but his next target didn’t jump out at him like they usually did. None of them felt quite… right. He finally settled on a scantily clad college student who was drinking with her friends in a corner booth. And it totally wasn’t because she had the same hair color as you and kind of looked like you from behind. That would be ridiculous.

Even as he smooth talked and flirted, easily convincing the girl to come home with him, he felt like something was wrong. As he lead her away, receiving jealous looks from several of her friends, he couldn’t focus no matter how hard he tried. Even as they were sitting in the backseat of her car, the inviting scent of her blood nearly overwhelming him, his thoughts were on another matter entirely. You. Why did he feel so drawn to you? How had you slipped so easily into his mind, reading thoughts no one was meant to see? Why couldn’t he stop thinking about you, even for the short time it took to feed?

He began to feel a growing urge go return home as soon as possible. For some odd reason, his instincts told him you were in danger. You needed him. The thought terrified him even as he realized it, because he had never felt so responsible for the welfare of another person. But what scared him even more was the thought that, as he was beginning to realize, he needed you even more.

“Stop.” He commanded, pushing the girl away from him. He didn’t like to use his psychic abilities to manipulate the minds of others, but he needed to get her out of hi way as soon as possible. “Go back inside to your friends. None of you remember meeting me tonight. You decide to leave the bar early and call it a night. Now get out of here.”

She obeyed his commands as he knew she would, running back into the bar as fast as she could in wobbling heels. He immediately began his journey home. He needed to see you, to know that you were okay.


You had managed to fall into a restless sleep on Michael’s bed, your dreams filled with vicious creatures of the night and green eyes that shouldn’t look so caring when they gazed at you. Your uncomfortable slumber was interrupted by the sound of a door opening, followed by footsteps much too light to be his.

You opened your eyes as Taylor sat down on the mattress next to you, eyes flashing red in the moonlight. You shivered as she ran a hand over your hair, beginning to speak. “You know (y/n), you’re much too pretty for my idiot brother. He doesn’t do well with anything small and delicate.” Her fingers moved to your neck, ghosting over the bite mark. “It’s only a matter of time before he breaks you.”

You remained silent, squeezing your eyes shut as your heart pounded in your chest as her words continued. “If he turned you, would you stay? Or would you hate him so much for it that you’d run away and break his little heart? He can pretend he doesn’t know what’s happening, but I’ve seen it before.” She leaned down so that her voice was a hiss in your ear. “Nothing good ever comes of vampires who fall in love with humans.”

She had dragged you out of bed and practically carried you out of the room before you could even open your mouth to protest. She pushed you down on the floor outside, kneeling next to you and taking a handful of your hair in her fist. “I’m going to do all of us a favor, little slayer. I’m going to cut the drama and kill you right now.”

Your screams were cut off when she buried her fangs in your neck, biting down hard enough to make you flinch. She drank greedily, making no effort to be gentle as she drained your life away. You tried to fight her, beating her with your fists and struggling to get away from her, but it was no use. She had superhuman strength, and you were fading fast.

You had slipped into a dizzy, dreamlike state when Taylor was ripped away from your neck with a shriek. Michael towered over her, his red eyes furious. His voice was a calm, quiet monotone that was somehow worse than if he had been yelling. “I told you not to touch her. I told you, (y/n) is different. She’s off limits.” Taylor tried to whimper out a reply, but he quickly cut her off. “Get out. I want you out of this house. You should probably stay gone for a few days, because if I see you again before I calm down, I will kill you.” It wasn’t a threat so much as a warning promise.

As soon as Taylor was gone Michael turned to you, his eyes turning back to green and filling with concern. You were crying, hands pressed against your neck in an effort to stop the bleeding. He dropped down to his knees beside you, gathering you into his arms. “(Y/n),” he whispered, gently pulling your fingers away from the bite, “I’m so, so sorry. I promise I’ll fix this. I’m never going to leave you alone again.”

He bit into his own palm, rubbing his tainted blood into your wound until it had closed up and healed a bit. He pressed a kiss the the area before lifting his gaze to your face. “Please don’t cry. It’s okay now. I’m here.”

Although still cautious and a bit afraid of him, you allowed yourself to take comfort in his words and in his embrace, burying your face in his chest as he rubbed your back. He murmured gentle reassurances in your ear, promising to take care of you and never to let anything like this happen again. For the moment, you let yourself believe him.

It felt strange to Michael to be comforting someone, especially when he had just saved their life for the second time in two nights. He had never wanted to take care of someone like he did when he was around you, had never felt so protective over a human being. He found himself pressing little kisses to your face and neck, promising that it would be okay, because he was here now and you wouldn’t be alone anymore. He was starting to realize that when you linked with his mind, you took a piece of him that he would never get back. Not that he really wanted to. He was perfectly content to sit here like this forever, holding you and promising to care for you. You reminded him what it felt like to be human.

“You’ll be okay. I’m here, and I’ll always be here for you, if you want me.” He took your hand in his, lacing his cool fingers between yours. “I swear, no one is ever going to hurt you again.”


here is part 2 to four men and a baby :) soozzz it took like 7 years, it always takes a while for me to get inspired… anyway, i decided after this chapter the rest are not necessarily going to be in chronological order, just a bunch of related one shots so if you have any requests for this series let me know :)

When Michael was five, all he wanted for his birthday was a Tamagotchi.

He could still remember his sixth birthday party; how he had spent the better half of it starring longingly at the growing pile of presents on the picnic table, how none of the gifts looked quite the right shape, and how his mom had ruffled his dirty blond hair, uttering a phrase she used all too often in his childhood: “Patience, baby bear.”

Michael has always been a lot of things: loud, tactless, impulsive, and determined but never patient. Thankfully, his mom has always known him better than anyone else, and only made him wait long enough to secure a Spiderman party hat over his messy hair before gathering everyone so the birthday boy could finally open his presents.

Carelessly tearing the wrapping paper off of gift after gift, he was disappointed again and again when what was unwrapped was not what he had been pleading for. He was grateful, of course, for all the gifts he received, saying “thank you” with a toothy grin (even when his grandma gave him that dumb ugly sweater), but he couldn’t help but be extra grateful when his dad placed one last tiny package in his lap, joking “I think you forgot one Mikey.”

He spent the next two weeks with the egg-shaped game clutched tightly in his tiny palm; feeding, cleaning, and training his little electronic pet with a dedication that rivaled any true parent. He was probably on track to be the most responsible six-year-old Tamagotchi owner ever… and then he met Calum.

He didn’t mean to start spending more time playing with his new best friend rather than tending to his responsibilities as a virtual pet owner. He didn’t mean to lose the key-chain in the mountains of clothes and toys that comprised his bedroom. He certainly didn’t mean to forget it there until his mom made him clean his room so Calum could come over for their first official sleepover.

When he found it moments before Calum’s mom dropped him off, his poor pet Todd was dead. The first order of business for “Mikey and Cal’s First Sleepover” was holding a funeral for the forgotten Tamagotchi, with Calum holding Michael’s hand as he said goodbye to his first pet, and decided that maybe parenthood just wasn’t for him.

Now he was twenty and not much has changed: Calum was still his best friend, his mom still knew him better than anyone, and he still wasn’t sure if he was the most qualified to take of a election pet, let alone an actual human baby.

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Fire angel Michael was born from a family of water angels.  He was unusual and considered an abomination considering the rivalry between the two elements.  His parents had tried accepting him for who he was although it was tough.  They’d found that a strand of his hair was blue laced within his charcoal black hair, signifying that there was in fact some water within him.  It was mostly overcome by flames though.  No one would want to even associate with them anymore simply because they gave life to “a curse”.  They begged until they were allowed to keep him in this world and not send him to where he belongs.  

No one understood how it was possible for such a thing to happen, neither his mother or father were in any way related to anyone of fire blood.  They called him “the child from hell.”  But he was so much more than that.

Growing up, Michael had difficulties getting along with the other children.  It was a miracle that they even let him into the school but somehow his parents convinced everyone that it’d be a good thing.  The children were all terrified of his red and golden wings, they were taught never to communicate with anyone of such colors.  Michael was a loner and for some reason, he was alright with that.  

Kids would make fun of him for being different, they told him that he didn’t belong in their world.  In return, Michael would set fire to nearby objects such as the crayon sitting on a child’s desk.  He had a temper and it often got him into trouble.  But along with that temper, he held a soul filled with kindness.  He just never was able to show that side, no one ever cared enough to bring that side out in him.  

Once he reached his teenage years, he became rebellious and dark.  If no one was going to accept him then he’d do his own thing, despite his parents’ pleas not to.  At school the same kids still made fun of him but more on the down low now that Michael learned to do more than he could before with his powers.  He was powerful but he was also in control. 

School was pointless to him.  Some of the classes were never going to help him considering they only taught about water power.  He often ditched class to roam off campus and overlook the layer of clouds that supposedly lead to a world of mortals.  That’s where he wanted to go.  He didn’t want any of this angel bullshit that was forced upon him, he wanted to discover other things.  He wanted for once to go somewhere where things could be different from him, where someone might love him for who he is.  That’s all he ever wanted.

He couldn’t see anything below the heavy white clouds but he sure as hell knew that he was going to leave someday soon.  He was ready to leave behind everyone who ever made him feel worthless.  

Curious greens eyes scanned along the sky searching for an escape route.  He was planning everything out in his mind.  He learned from overheard conversations that if someone were to ever go to the mortal world, they had to use a certain kind of magic to hide their wings.  The magic wasn’t hard to obtain, it was common for angels to travel to and from other worlds but it was his parents he was worried about.  They would never approve of him leaving which was why he was just gonna do it.  He knew he wanted this for himself and he wasn’t going to let all the people who taunted him for years hold him back.  

Days went by and his plan came into action.  It was late at night, the stars and the moon gave off a natural light as he snuck out of his window, a bag full of his things in hand.  With one final glance at the town he never came to love, he ran toward the edge of the world he knew.  

He dove head first into the clouds, his wings fanning out against the wind as his eyes closed in anticipation.  This is what freedom felt like.  This is the feeling he’d been searching for all his life.  As he reached near the ground of an open field, he landed with a slight tumble, not used to flying around.  He became familiar with his surroundings and realized that it wasn’t much different from where he came from but somehow it felt…better.  There was a road in the distance which he began to follow, leading him straight to a city, nothing like he was used to.  He grew up in a quiet and small town area.  Now for the first time, he was experiencing millions of lights and buildings, a city just as alive as he was.  He was mesmerized by the many sights in front of him.  There were shops lined up and down the street without a space in between, there were large street lights and pay phones, there were even planes.  He heard of planes but he had never seen one.  It fascinated him how there was a type of car able to take flight.  The city was glowing in comparison to the night sky and he had never seen anything like it.  

Finally snapping out of his trance, he began walking along the sidewalk, still staring up at the unusually tall buildings that shot up into the sky.  Everything was new and no one knew who he was or what kind of monster he used to be.  Yes he still had his wings but he had a lifetime of magic in his bag to keep them hidden.  This was his new start and no one was going to take it away from him.

Moments passed by as he admired the scenery of everything he’d never seen before.  He eventually found himself behind some type of building, chasing a cat that ran near the dumpster.  The dim light from nearby street lights led him to the strange creature.  They didn’t have these kinds of creatures where he came from and he was intrigued.  

Its fur was orange and striped and although it had showed some teeth toward him an annoyed manor, Michael was persistent.  He always loved to learn by touching and right now, he was in a completely different world, curious about this little being.  Once he was finally close enough, he let his hand gently pet the fur on its back, gaining trust from the creature.  Just as he was becoming more familiar with his new friend, his magic wore off and his wings sprang out from his back, making his eyes go wide.  Quickly, he reached in his bag for the bottle of magic, hoping that no one had seen a thing.

Your jaw dropped as you watched from your balcony, wings grew from that boys back.  You knew it happened, you weren’t just seeing things, you weren’t.  He was deeply infatuated with that cat and suddenly two big golden and red colored wings emerged from his back.  You were just doing your laundry, collecting your clothes from drying when this strange boy appeared in the back alley.  And strange he was.  

He drank down a substance and the wings had shortly disappeared and you were in more shock than ever.  He stood up, looking as if he was about to run away but he tumbled backwards, the cat scampering away while he lost his balance and fell to the concrete.  “Are you okay?!”  you instinctively called down, mentally kicking yourself for drawing attention.  His eyes grew large once he realized someone saw him as he struggled to stand back up.  “Y-yeah.”  he mutters as you make your way down the stairway.  “Are you sure, it looked like you fell back pretty hard?”  you question, approaching him as he stumbles to his feet.  “I-I’m fine, really.”  he seems nervous.  He’s avoiding eye contact and struggling to form sentences.  “It’s kinda late what are you doing out?  I’ve never seen you around here.”  you inquire.  His eyes stay looking at the ground, knowing he could’ve blown his cover so early.  “I-I’m new here and uh, I dunno I guess I got lost.”  he says, his face tinting pink out of embarrassment.  “Well do you know where your going?  You can come in and I can help you figure it out.”  you offer.  He looks as if he’s contemplating his options as his emerald eyes take a moment to glance up at you.  “I don’t… I don’t know.”  he mumbles, his face showing stress.  He can’t tell if you know about his wings or not and he can’t seem to pass up your offer.  “Here, c’mon I’ll help you figure out where you need to go.”  you tell him with a friendly smile, gesturing for him to follow.  He’s hesitant as he steps behind you, following you to your apartment.  

He awkwardly walks in, standing by the door.  “My name’s Y/N by the way.”  you stick your hand out for him to shake.  “I um, Michael.”  he shakes your hand, his palms sweaty.  “You can make yourself at home.”  you tell him, sitting on the couch.  Shyly, he sets his bag down next to the door, taking a seat a comfortable distance away from you.  “So um, I don’t know if I sound crazy or not but…”  you trail off.  He squints his eyes as he awaits to hear the rest of your sentence, knowing very well what you’re going to say.  “I-I saw something… like-”  “Did it happen to be something related to wings?”  he rushes out, his eyes still shut.  “Yes!  So I’m not crazy!  What was that!?  How!?”  you ask, sitting up straight, wanting answers.  “Guess I’ve already ruined my cover.”  he mumbles under his breath.  “I just… you can’t tell anyone okay?”  he pleads tugging at the ends of his hair.  “I promise.  I don’t have friends anyway so who would I tell?”  you assure him.  “Okay, alright.”  he begins, taking a deep breath.  “I’m an angel and I left my home to get a new start but honestly it’s probably gone to shit now.”  he confesses.  “An angel!?”  you gasp.  “Hey wait angels aren’t supposed to swear are they?”  you question with a smirk.  He rolls his eyes at your comment.  “Don’t believe everything you hear.”  he sighs.  “So why’d you leave?”  you ask.  “I don’t really wanna talk about it right now.  But to sum it up, I didn’t belong.”  he replies.  “I respect that.”  you nod.  “Hey let me ask you something, since you saw what happened, what was that little creature that kept running away from me?”  he questions.  You laugh thinking it was a joke but his face shows curiosity.  “Wait really?”  you ask as he tilts his head out of confusion.  “You don’t have cats where you come from?”  you raise your eyebrow at him.  “A cat.”  he says to himself, a small smile tugging at his lips.  “Are you for real?”  you ask.  “No we don’t have anything like a cat.  When I saw it I just wanted it, I’ve never seen something like that before.”  his eyes sparkle just thinking about it.  “Wow.  You’re something special aren’t you?”  you giggle.  “Is that sarcasm?”  he questions, eyebrows furrowed.  “No, no you’re actually something special like, your an angel and I’m still in shock.”  you tell him.  “Oh.”  he responds.  

“Well I should probably leave now.”  he begins to stand up.  “Wait!”  you say loudly, blushing as he looks at you surprised.  “You don’t have anywhere to go do you?”  you ask.  “Well… no but-”  “You can stay here if you want.  I don’t mind, I’ve got no one else around and you don’t seem so bad.”  you laugh.  He thinks for a moment before speaking again.  “I just really don’t think you’d want me around.”  he admits.  “Would you rather someone else find you in a back alley falling in love with a cat?”  you giggle.  He laughs along, shuffling his feet on the floor.  “Alright you got me.”  he smiles.  

“Is this really all you brought with you?”  you ask as he lays his things out along the floor of the guest room.  “I mean yeah, it’s all I really need.”  he says, taking a seat next to you on the floor.  He’d brought his clothes, some necessities and a couple photos.  The photos contained some of him when he was a child and a few with what you assumed were his parents.  You began helping him settle his clothes into one of the drawers when suddenly you glanced over and your eyes were met with a pair of flame and sun colored wings coming out of Michael’s back.  “Wow.”  you breathe out as he looks at you with confusion.  Before you can say anything he realizes that his magic wore off again.  “Dammit.”  he huffs out.  “They’re beautiful.”  you whisper, staring at them in awe.  “What?”  he asks in disbelief.  “Your wings.  They’re beautiful.”  you repeat.  He seems conflicted as you return to glance at his face.  “Whats wrong?”  you ask.  “It’s just…I’ve always been told they were ugly.”  he shrugs.  You can’t believe his words.  His wings were a gorgeous shade of golden that faded into a rainbow of oranges and reds.  You’d never seen anything like them before.  “They aren’t ugly at all, I don’t understand why anyone would consider them ugly.”  you tell him.  He slightly grins, his cheeks tinting pink.  “Thanks.”  he says, his voice small.  You continue admiring the soft feathers emerging from below his shoulder blades, baffled by how amazing they are, how each feather is like its own design.  “C-can I touch them?”  you quietly ask.  He nods, his eyes watching you as you reach your hand out, running your fingertips gently over the delicate feathers.  His heart flutters at the feeling, not quite understanding his own emotions.  All he knew was that you were the first one to ever say that his wings were beautiful.  The first one to ever accept him the way he was.  

Drunk/high Calum:

Okay, so first of all I have to say I don’t see Calum as one who gets drunk but as one who gets high. I don’t think he’s much into alcohol, but more into weed.

You and Calum would know each other from university. You’d take some of the same classes and would have some friends in common but never really spoke more than a few words here and there.

It’d be the last weekend before summer break started and everyone went home, and there’d be this big house party which you obviously had to attend.

The house would be huge and in each room there’d be something different going on. You’d split ways with your group of friends as soon as you got there, each one wanting to do something different. You’d check out the living room, being used as a dance floor in which girls and boys around the same age as you were dancing to the beat of some pop song you didn’t know the name of and holding red cups in their hands.

You’d make your way through them and look around the house a bit, nothing special, same old house party like every other weekend. There’d be a pool in the backyard and a bunch of people dancing naked in the water, throwing alcohol on the others’ body. ‘’What a waste,’’ you thought.

You’d make your way back inside and go upstairs in search of something interesting and you’d find it. You’d open a few doors and you’d find a bedroom that was obviously used as a sort of living room. It’d be small and there’d only be a couch, a coffee table and a huge TV on the wall. That’d be it. You’d smile at the sight of a familiar face and after taking a look at the bottles of vodka and champagne and a small bag filled with marijuana, you’d decide to join the party.

You’d be sitting on a long dark brown couch in the middle of Calum and some random guy. His eyes would already be red and puffy and he’d already be out of it, resting his head on your shoulder as soon as you sat down by his side. You’d be wearing a tight and short black dress and your head would be laid back, resting on the top of the sofa, a bit high and drunk yourself after almost an hour of passing around the joint and glasses of vodka mixed with orange juice.

I think that Calum is one who when high gets a lot kinder, like, he’d just give out hugs and kisses and just in general be nicer than he already is. Everything would be okay and nice and perfect to him in that state. He’d be a really happy person and everything would seem like a good and fun idea.

His eyes would be focused straight ahead and his hand would be resting on your bare thigh. He’d just talk about random stuff, stuff that makes him happy and always maintaining that position. You’d listen and laugh and he’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. It would be as if he were talking to himself.

‘’You know…’’ he’d begin, ‘’this stuff should be legal.’’ He’d put up his cigar in order for you to see it and you’d laugh in return agreeing with him on the subject.

‘’Yeah, it should,’’ you’d answer taking it from his hand and taking a puff of weed.

He’d keep talking and asking stupid questions like ‘’why are trees green?’’ and he’d talk to you about wanting to buy a dog but not having any money. You’d make comments here and there when necessary but the truth was you were concentrated on how weird the lighting in the room was and how the background music seemed to be coming from further away with each minute. You wouldn’t be paying much attention to what he was saying at that moment.

‘’Man, I really like you,’’ he’d say out of the blue and still in a talking-to-himself kind of way.

Only then you’d pull away from your daydream and smile to yourself. You’d bite your lip unsure of what to do next but you’d finally make a decision and you’d place a light kiss on his lips. He’d lift his head up a bit and look at you, offering a little smile before going back to his thinking.

He’d keep talking about anything that crossed his mind but this time you’d pay attention to everything he said, in fact, you’d start talking as well. You’d tell him about the pets you’d had throughout the years and how each of them had died because you’d always forgotten to feed them. You’d open your heart to him and tell him about your family and friends. You’d tell him about the first time you got drunk and the first time you smoked weed, all in an attempt to just get out of your normal and boring life. You’d both go silent after a while and your heart would race in expectation of what was going to happen next. After a couple of minutes of silence in which he was clearly coming up with something to say, he’d speak up:

‘’Can I kiss you?’’ he’d ask nonchalantly.

He’d look up at you and you’d grab his face, placing yet another light kiss on his lips. It was only there and in spite of how out of it you both were, that you realized how hot and interesting he actually was, making a note to yourself to remember all of this in the morning.


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