i just realized i never posted this up on tumblr

Hi guys!! Long time, no post, I know, I’ve been super busy, but I’ve been planning on writing this post for a while, so I’m glad I finally have the time! 

Which brings me to the topic of this post. It’s so hard to find time for our hobbies, like reading, blogging, writing, etc. But honestly, we have more time than we think we do. It’s just a matter of finding it. And as someone who managed to finish all seven seasons of “Parks and Recreation” in a month and a half while also finishing all of her homework and getting a halfway decent amount of sleep, I’m here to give you some tips that have helped me find some time in my day, and hopefully they’ll help you find some time in yours.

Bus rides will become your best friends •
Seriously. They will. I take the bus to and from school every day, and I use that time to read, add stuff to my tumblr queues, and occasionally watch shows on Netflix. It may feel like it’s only a little bit and that it’s not worth it, but I promise, every little bit adds up. Even ten pages every time you’re on the bus adds up to a whole book before you know it! And a few episodes may not feel like much of a binge-watching session, but they’ll fly by before you know it. Use that time. It makes so much of a difference when you do. Bonus: it makes your bus ride feel so much shorter, and it gives you something to get you out of bed.

And even if you drive, you can still use that time
Obviously, you can’t read or watch Netflix while you’re driving, but you can listen to an audiobook, or catch up on that podcast that you’ve been meaning to listen to. BUT do not let it distract you from driving. Nothing is worth that. Don’t put it on too loud and make sure you can still concentrate on the road. But if you’re the type of person that focuses just as well or better with stuff playing in the car, then by all means, make the most of your time.

• Bring stuff with you wherever you go in case you have a free moment •
I always carry a book and my journals with me in case I have a random, unexpected bit of free time that I can use. Sometimes I’ll have a substitute teacher and I’ll finish the assigned work early, or I’ll be waiting to be picked up from somewhere, or I’ll get somewhere early and have to wait around for a while. Those moments are the perfect opportunity for me to read another chapter or write a few hundred more words. You never know when those moments are going to happen, so it’s good to be prepared just in case they do.

• Sometimes, you have to put your phone down •
I know, I know, I love my phone too. I’m on Tumblr and Twitter all the time. But sometimes, you have to put your phone on Do Not Disturb and focus on what you love. Social media takes up more time than we realize, and that time could be better used working on something that you love. Work on a new blog post, write a poem, take out a sketchbook and draw something. Leave the internet behind for a while and dedicate yourself to something else, something wonderful that you’re proud of.

• Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later •
I can’t even tell you how many more blog posts I finished, words I wrote, books I read because I used all of those small windows of time. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot, every little bit of progress matters. You’ll start to notice it after a while, and it’ll all feel so great. You’ll be so proud of yourself, and I’ll be proud of you, too.

Hope this helps someone out there!! :1

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Iris from Lolirock!

I drew this close to two years ago, and never posted it up here, for some reason. I drew it without realizing that just a year after, I would end up working on the second season of Lolirock when I got my first job after graduating, hahah. Life is funny.

(Actually, I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr for quite a long time now… Am I back now? I don’t know, we’ll see.)

I wish the happiest of birthdays to my main squeeze, the person who keeps me sane throughout the day @jpadjackles

*editing this cuz i didn’t fracking realize that my scheduled post didn’t go off*

Seriously she has become one of my best friends in such a short period of time! I’m not gonna go all sappy on here but just know she is one of the best peoples I know!

Have some Sammy covered in glitter ;)


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i literally just realized i never made a post about who exactly i am and what i do on this tumblr 😅

{ 📍HI📍 } i am svnnystvdent, and i’m a langblr + occasionally a studyblr

{📍WHO📍} my name is beatrice, although i go by beatris occasionally because i was brought up bilingual and my two different languages pronounce my name differently ;; i am 16 years old, although i’m turning 17 this year (i’m from late 2000). i’m currently finishing my 10th year of school (sophomore for y'all americans i guess).

{📍WHERE📍} i’m from moldova, which is in eastern europe. i’ve lived in beijing, china before, except that i literally know 0 mandarin - i went to an indian school for 1 year and a russian one for the rest of my time spent there. i did make a lot of foreign friends though so i’m interested in a lot of languages. i will be spending my next school year as an exchange student in the united states of america.

{📍WHAT📍} i speak romanian and russian as my native languages - romanian because i’m from moldova (yes, a romanian speaker, whaat… i love helping people who are learning romanian!!! i’ve made one big masterpost about it and am planning to do more… if you need a native romanian speaker please feel free to contact me). i also speak russian because my grandpa’s russian. i would definitely say it’s quite rusty (i need time to think of some of the verb conjugations) but, i mean, if you want someone to practice russian with, i would be an option? i am definitely fluent and i’ve also done russian school (as in, fully russian middle-school, not russian courses). i’ve taken russian since kindergarten and even went to an indian school (in english) for a year. for the past year i’ve been taking turkish at school, which i definitely haven’t been appreciating enough. i’ve been self-studying korean for just over a year, although i did go to some courses in autumn last year. korean is my main focus rn, so please hit me up if you wanna be learning buddies with me!! i’m interested in italian, swahili, zulu, greek, latin and mongol.

📍main tumblr is littlemurderers
📍insta is beatriceirinap

that’s all 🌸


OC Week!

New blog, new start! I realized recently that I’ve never posted art of my OCs to tumblr before. Here’s two of them now, Alistaire and Pinstripe! Just a quick summary, Pinstripe is a crossroads demon, and Alistaire is his rookie apprentice! Their hours are long and they don’t get paid enough to deal with half the things they see on the job. They get up to all sorts of shenanigans while trying to pay off a looming debt, but they just might make it in time! Their first anniversary is actually just around the corner. I first drew them on June 18, 2016, and they’re almost a year old! (I’m glad I’ve improved since then!) It’s hard to believe that they’re so young, it feels like I’ve been drawing them forever!

(Character notes: [Tragic backstory time!] Alistaire used to be a stray cat, until a tragic car accident at the crossroads injured his sister. Pinstripe, a demon with a noticeable New York accent, showed up to make a deal. Alistaire offered up his soul in exchange for his sister’s life. Surprised by the selfless act, Pinstripe took pity on the tabby, and offered him a partnership, and the rest of the story starts there. Alistaire’s current design is a bit outdated, so his look jumps around a bit; he’s probably going to get a redesign soon. Pinstripe is mostly up-to-date (except for the one in green!))

So, on to the rest of this post. I’d like to celebrate their birthday anniversary by starting an OC week where I will be doing a bunch of OC-themed art trades, So if you’re interested, please message me! I’d like to post and share some of their art to my new Tumblr. Starting June 13, I will be doing art exchanges, so If you’d like me to draw your characters, don’t be shy! I love to see my characters drawn in different styles, so all artists welcome regardless of skill level!

I understand that creating a finished piece may be a bit tedious, and I can’t draw more than 3 full finished art pieces in under a week, so instead I’ll be doing 3 different levels of completion which are:

  • Rough Sketch
  • Lineart
  • Full Finished Piece

Full Piece slots are limited. Digital and Traditional trades are welcome! *disclaimer* I am a self-taught artist; I’m not a professional. (yet :^D) I know my blog is brand new, so I won’t get many asks right away, so every artist helps! The deadline is June 18 to request, and all art should be posted by June 20th. Thanks for participating!

My Ace Story

I was on tumblr for quite some time before I really had my ah ha moment with me being ace. Before that I didn’t really consider how I wasn’t attracted to people. I’ve read many stories where before learning of asexuality, ace people felt broken, like something was wrong with them, and they didn’t know what to do.

I never really felt that way. I grew up in a strict religious culture and I just figured I was normal because sex was a no no. And since I thought certain people looked good aesthetically, I just assumed that’s what other people meant when they called someone hot. I didn’t even realize I had a different perspective than others, really.

The moment I actually put asexuality and me together was when a tumblr post came up on my dash by someone who grew up in my same religious community that basically stated, “shout out to all my fellow aces who grew up very conservative and religious and didn’t think abstaining from sex was odd or difficult, and think the idea of marriage is actually weird or repulsive.” That’s when my brain was like, ‘wait a minute. There might be something here worth looking into.’

But even then, I only googled it a bit to find out what the asexuality was, and then ignored it. I didn’t really care. Plus, where I lived anything other than straight was ugly and odd. Not okay. So I ignored it. With my culture, as long as I wasn’t participating in sex, I was good. Even my absence of dating at that age was seen as really good avoidance of anything that might become sexual. I was peachy keen.

Then I served a mission. I was gone for about a year and a half in a foreign country, learning the language and teaching this gospel. Only emails to correspond with my family. It was hard. It was everything opposite of my personality and it really broke my spirit a few times. But I loved it too. I still look back at that time with both pain and love in my heart.

I came home and tried staying true. But I had doubts, and I didn’t even realize I had them for a while. After the extreme rules and restrictions in the mission I wanted more freedom. I wanted to do what made me happy. And once I realized that, and started living that way, my depression I had had for 4 years left.

It was in this state of renewal I re explored the term asexual in regards to myself. And I found the label still fitting, as I do today.

So that was it. I’m ace. Done, right?

Of course not.

First of all, coming out to my best friend didn’t bring negative or positive responses. They didn’t really say anything at all, actually. Which didn’t hurt, but the lack of expressive support was disheartening.

Coming out to my family hasn’t even happened yet cause they don’t even really know I’m not in the same religious sphere as them anymore, and they’d probably just think I’m confused and ignore it all together, like I originally did.

Also, I know of no other aces. I know of gay people, but where I’m at no one really expresses it if they’re questioning their sexuality. They just hide it.

And just to make it harder on myself, a part of me has a hard time accepting it. If I’m ace, then where does that put me in finding a significant other? If I find a fellow ace to be in a relationship with, will it be romantically fulfilling? Or turn out to be just another friendship? What if I find someone who’s not ace and wants to date me? What then? If I say yes and we work well together, what then? What if I die lonely? What if my family won’t believe me and always question why I’m not married? Or if they shun me entirely. What if what if what if.

I label myself as ace. But in my brain I’m worried I’m ace because of what that means for my future. So part of me doesn’t want to accept it.

But I get the feeling once I learn to accept it, future trials and all, I’ll feel much happier with myself. I know until then I won’t be able to come out to my fam, and that’s something I need to do. And maybe I’ll never be ready. Maybe I just have to jump.

Theory About The Healing Tears

Since the Wanted episodes are fairly new, my theory will be under the cut. I’ve never posted anything at length about Steven Universe (actually, I mostly just reblog stuff in general), so I really hope you, SU fan scrolling through tumblr tags, will take a moment to read this. 

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I dont understand people who go to tumblr to beg for someone to pay their vet bills. I’m a glorified dishwasher and I have enough sense to realize I could never afford a pet if something bad happened. (Believe me…I really want a cat more than anything in the world). Do people not realize that vet bills are expensive? If you cant take care of your pet, in sunshine or rain, don’t buy/adopt one. You are doing both you and the animal a disservice. This is pet parenting 101. Maybe I’m just drunk and cranky but I see these posts popping up on tumblr and it’s like…you clearly didnt plan to be a pet parent if you didnt expect an outrageous bill for your pets medical bills. Is it fair? No, it isnt. But you need to work with realities. Pets cost money. Dont have one if you cant take care of one, in ideal and unideal situations.

This isnt rent. This isnt a necessity. This isnt a grocery bill or even a service animal. Those I understand. Take responsibility for the fact that a pet is an expense. These animals depend on you. Realize that!

I was binging on some BtVS on Netflix this evening and couldn’t help but watch ‘Seeing Red’ (S6E19) this evening. I’ve seen this episode many times… First when it aired (back when we taped shows on VHS), then later when the series box set came out. Around the time Tara and Willow got together, I was figuring out my sexuality. To say the character of Tara Maclay and the Willow/Tara relationship was important to girls like me is an understatement.

At the beginning of this episode, Willow and Tara spend entire *minutes* onscreen wrapped up in bedsheets and each other and basically talk about how they spent the entire night having make-up sex. (I’m resisting going off on a tangent about Tara’s “Can we just skip it; can you just be kissing me now?” speech from the previous episode)

Anyway, we received the gift of the girls in bed with extra kisses. Keep in mind, back in that year we could all count the girl-on-girl kisses we had seen on TV on both hands so this was a big deal…

Then we saw the captain of the Willow/Tara ship, Dawn Summers, fan girl all over the couple in the hallway once she realized Tara had stayed over and the two had been sexing it up. I never fully appreciated that scene until now, years later. I could totally see Dawn posting on tumblr about it all.

But the thing that killed me all over again about this episode was remembering that Joss added Amber Benson to the opening credits. For this single episode. The episode her character is killed in.

If I recall correctly, Joss said he meant it as a tribute of sorts. A tip of the hat to Amber for the 40+ eps she guest starred in. But, I also recall that people speculated that it was meant to throw fans off from the fact the episode had accidentally been released to affiliates a week too soon and the storyline had gotten leaked. So, how does a show runner try to cover up a huge spoiler like a popular character’s death? Well, speed up the opening credits music a little and add a name in! Sigh… The sad thing is that I’m glad he did it regardless. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met Amber several times over the years and she is so sweet and kind and respectful of her work on BtVS. Her character didn’t deserve that shitty ending but she sure deserved to be in those credits (although arguably waaaay before that episode!)

Anyway, I’m rambling on about this because I’ve seen a lot of people on here criticizing the Clexa shippers for still being bitter about Lexa being killed off (Tara Maclay style no less). But Clexa is to teens and 20-somethings like Willow/Tara was to my generation and I’m still irked about it 14 years later, so, four freaking months is nothing.

Alright, enough sad shit. Time to watch Once More, with Feeling.


Amber Benson only got added to the opening credits of the show in the episode her character was killed off in by a stray bullet through the window and I still have feelings about it. Also, I want to hug the Clexakru.


soooo..im alex, i dont really have much to say haha. i havent really come out yet in real life, except to a close friend and my boyfriend. ive always felt like something other than just a person with a vagina, but never decided to dwell on it growing up. i was always confused about if liking all genders was something normal or acceptable, and if someone would love me for the way i felt about my gender. when i found tumblr i learned about being genderfluid, and the community love and support kept me around long enough to realize there’s nothing wrong with how i felt, and now here i am!! keep posting pictures of yourselves, and please dont ever be afraid to be who you truly are

((they/them pronouns please))

This blog will no longer be active after this week. I meant to write a post about this last week but things came up. This blog will remain open for a while so people can look at receipts. I will no longer be posting. I’m sure the abuse crew and their supporters will rejoice but I just don’t care.

I know for some of the victims this blog has been cathartic but I can no longer run this blog. I started to write a post trying to explain why I started this blog but honestly I shouldn’t have even bothered. I saw people being harassed, stalked, and lied by that group. I watched an innocent kid get dox for daring to speak up to them because she “talked back”. I had victims coming to me tell me all kinds of things. I couldn’t take it. I thought that maybe if I posting evidence that people would see how abusive that group is. Some people did and really that’s all that matters. 

I am sorry for lying about who I was but it was to protect myself. Some of you might understand, others won’t. I don’t expect any of you to forgive me for lying about being behind this blog, and I understand. And I do regret lying to you. That group had to harass and stalk someone, threaten them and their family, until that person broke down and gave me up as being the mod on this blog. That alone should show you how much they don’t care about anyone. 

Any of the other things they accused me of doing isn’t true. They’ll never provided a single piece of evidence because they know their lying. I just don’t have the time nor energy to go back and forth. Everything I posted on this blog is the truth. This blog is mostly made up of screenshots and the rest linked to the person’s blog so I’m not sure how I can “systemically lie” or “make up things”. I’m tired of being lied on, now I understand why a few of the victims just left tumblr. They probably realized that there was no point. 

I don’t own any Reddits or 4chans. I only own this blog and my personal one. I’m not anti-sj or “pro injustice”. I’m not a white supremacist. I’m not jealous of any of these people. They’re sick and the people that support them are sick. 

I do hope that the victims don’t back down and will file complaints and press charges. That group won’t stop slandering you and they’re going to keep harassing other people. 

I hope you all stay safe. 


Sometimes I just can’t decide whom I adore more BANGTAN or ARMYS!!

I came to know about bts after a week they released the run mv.
I was really bored one fine day and decided to check some FBE videos and clicked on “YouTuber’s react to kpop#3(? )” and instantly fell in love with bangtan’s dance in dope mv when it came up!! As I was so impressed my the upbeat song and their awesome dancing skill (and also seokjins faceu) I searched them up…..
From that moment onwards…. my lifeue… changed (I guess its relatable for all the other ARMYs too?)
Ofc that was a life changing moment but then learning more about them and becoming so obsessed just started haunting me (true story I tell u) I wasn’t able to concentrate in my studies at all (and I’m applying for med)
I tried to leave the fandom so many times but I couldn’t(bc they are so freaking cute and awesome and talented and pure and beautiful and adorable and everything!! )
Anyways that’s a completely diff scene….

Ofc they’re the most beautiful thing on earth and I can go on forever (but this post and my feelings are for sth else apparently)

After sometime when I realized I just can’t keep up with bts I decided to finally join tumblr. And let me tell you that was the second best thing that ever happened to me!! MEETING ARMYS

I never knew that a whole fandom could so cute and sweet and adorable same as bts (I was never really a fangirl kind of person but I’ve heard from some friends that it’s hard sometimes to tolerate the fandom)….. doesn’t matter where you from as long as you are ARMY!
Knowing all the awesome ppl in this fandom
-who are so easily willing to share their bought merchs by giveaways and uploading the dvds on the net for all the other broke ARMYs (like me…. and also the fancafe stuff… hehe c: )
-who upload trans asap so that the one’s who don’t understand the Korean language do not suffer
-who donate and spread love in behalf of bangtan to all the less privileged and send such expensive gifts to bangtan each time, provide us such beautiful and he pics that make me feel that I’m right beside bts(all the awesome fansites)
-who are equally as talented as bts: uploading dance covers, song covers, such BEAUTIFUL fanarts, hd gifs, creative writings, making memes that shows bangtan even more dorky then ever,who have such sharp eyes that spot literally EVERYTHING and coming up with such out of the world theories I could’ve nerve thought of(all the writer’s are just awesome) making such hilarious crack vids, sexy vids, vines, and everything to fulfill each other’s thirst (lol)
-who share their opinions openly, post some heart touching stuff sometimes
-who support bangtan no matter how much hard times they’re going through themselves
-who are strangers but still no strangers …
Who fangirl together… to whom I talk to everyday just like a friend I can rely on…
-who share each other’s problems and are there for each other even though technically they don’t know the other personally
-who are one of the sweetest and cutest ppl on earth
-who actually helped me through my problems
-who are freaking awesome and the coolest ppl

(Ahh I can go on forever… there is so much more but forgive me if I forgot sth… I’m not able organise my thoughts rn… just writing what pops up first in my mind)
Just makes my heart go swoosh~~~
But I feel like I’m just not able to give anything enough in return!!! I basically just wanted to let out my feelings if it makes any difference. I love all of u guys so much. I always want everyone to be happy. All I can do is maybe get a smile on ur face?

I’m so glad to be a part of this family with bts the thread who bind us❤❤❤

Thanks Supernatural

A/N: this is my first time in a while since i have written anything, so please be kind, i am fragile, haha.

Summary: you and jared became internet friends after a tweet you posted. you invite him to your show and you two meet for the first time as your friendship grows into something more.

Match: single!jared x reader

Warning: fluff

Words: 1441

Originally posted by thewayinbetween

Your heart was racing after performing the last song of the set. The audience screams as you motion to your band and applaud them for playing with you. You smile as you step closer to the front of the stage and notice Jared dancing to the band’s music as they kept vamping until you ended the show. You laugh as you bow to the crowd and stand up straight. “Thank you for being such a great audience tonight, Austin!” The crowd roars even louder and you can’t help, but smile at them. This was your happy place, performing on a stage to your fans. “Goodnight and have a safe trip home!” You wave them goodbye as you jog offstage.

Several members of the stage crew and your management team applaud you and give you pats on the back for a show well done. You smile and thank them for their kind words, but your mind was elsewhere. You were in a rush to meet Jared in the green room, as he would be ushered to meet you there by security. You’ve been waiting for months for this very moment and you wouldn’t let anything stop you.

“Y/N!” Except for your best friend and manager, Y/F/N. You sigh and turn on your heel to face her. “Someone’s in a hurry. Why don’t you go relax in your dressing room?”

You shake your head. “I can’t. I’m meeting-”

“Meeting your one true love, Jared Padalecki, I know,” she cuts you off. “But, have some common sense. You should really go to your dressing room and freshen up. Have you looked in the mirror since you got off the stage?”

You open your mouth to protest, but close it at a second thought. You knew deep down that Jared wouldn’t mind seeing you sweaty and a mess from the performance, but you two were meeting for the first time in person. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,”.

“I’ll even keep him company for you so he won’t feel like he’s waiting,” You bite your lip in thought. “Oh, c’mon, we both know I’m the best wing-woman,” Y/F/N pouts as she pleads with you.

You roll your eyes with a smile. “Fine, but play nice,” you warn. She nods and walks past you towards the green room.

You begin your jog back the way you came towards your dressing room. You enter your dressing room and begin to wipe off all the sweat on your exposed skin. You move on to reapply your makeup and brush through your hair a few times, seeing how crazy it got after the show. Your phone dings and causes you to stop for a second and check the notification.

@jarpad: Warching @Y/U/N kill it in Austin!!!

You chuckle at the typo and click on the photo attached to his tweet. It was of you, smiling out to the crowd as you held your guitar with all the lights behind you. The picture sends flutters through your body as you remember how you two became friends.

For months, you tweeted about your new obsession with the TV show Supernatural. You binge-watched all the seasons on Netflix in order to catch up and watch the newest episodes premiere live on TV. One night, you decided to live-tweet and noticed that some of the actors, including Jared were live-tweeting as well.

@jarpad: Don’t be alarmed #supernatural fans, @JensenAckles drools all the time!!!

@Y/U/N: @jarpad Only natural when working with such talented and handsome actors.

@jarpad: @Y/U/N Are you flirting with me?

@Y/U/N: @jarpad Don’t flatter yourself too much, Padalecki.

@jarpad: @Y/U/N Glad to make your acquaintance?

@Y/U/N: @jarpad That’s more like it!

Soon enough, Jared followed you back and you two dmed each other nonstop. The few times you guys weren’t busy with your jobs or dming back and forth, was when you were skyping for hours on end. You two grew close almost instantly and both fandoms went to work to create ship names and write fanfictions about the two of you.

A dm notification from Jared brings you out of your flashback:

Waiting for you in the green room with Y/F/N. She’s pretty interesting…

You smile and begin to rush around the dressing room to find an outfit to wear. After much contemplation, you decide on a pair of black leggings with Jared’s “always keep fighting” campaign sweatshirt. You knew Jared would love the fact you were wearing his merch and supporting him and you honestly couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

You run out of the dressing room and start to the green room, seeing your bodyguard waiting for you outside of the door. He grins at your excitement and asks you “Are you ready?”.

You take a deep breath in and then let it out. “As I’ll ever be,” you say. You think back to all the pictures and videos your fans sent you of them meeting each other, most of them being from opposite parts of the country or world. “This beating in my chest is normal, right?” He chuckles and opens the door as you follow him into the green room.

You stare at your hands as you fumble with them. You look up to see Y/F/N and Jared on the couch, his back to you. Y/F/N makes eye contact with you and stops talking to Jared, signaling for him to turn around and see you.

Jared recognizes you and stands up immediately, a smile spreading across his face. “Y/N?”

You smile and nod. “Hey, Jared,” you reply. It was silent between you both for a few moments, before you jumped onto Jared’s waist and wrapped your arms and legs around him. Jared’s chest vibrates with laughter as he hugs you back and spins you around.

You get down and feel the heat rise to your cheeks as you reflect on your instinctive actions. You look to Y/F/N and catch her with her phone pointed at the two of you. “Hey!”

She laughs and puts her phone away before raising her hands in the air, defensively. “I guess that‘s my cue to leave!” she pats you on the shoulder and heads to the door. “Let’s go and seem like we have some important work to do in this very moment,” she says to your bodyguard.

Jared chuckles as they close the door behind them. “So, I see you’re a supporter of AKF,” he says, pointing to your sweatshirt.

You instantly look down, forgetting what you were wearing, and look up at him with a beaming smile. “It’s a trait of mine, to support my friends and those in need,”.

“I like that about you,” Jared compliments, sending your heart flutters.

You glance down at his shirt and smile. “Hey, that’s my merch!”

Jared chuckles and glances down at the t-shit over his button-up. “Yeah, I thought I should join your fandom and show my support for you,”.

“That’s cute, Padalecki. Can’t wait to see your fan accounts on twitter and tumblr,” you joke. “You could start by posting a video of you dancing to the last song of the set from tonight,”. You get up and reenact how cute and awkward Jared’s dancing was from the audience.

Jared laughs and claps his hands. “I am not that bad of a dancer,” he counters, getting up to stand in front of you.

“I’m just glad you realized your talent for acting and never went for the life of a dancer,” you step closer to him.

Jared smirks. “I do have a few tricks up my sleeve,” he admits, taking your hand and spinning you in a circle.

“Ooh, nice. A move that every person knows how to do,” you giggle.

Jared nods. “Touché. How about this?” he says, dipping you.

“A bit uncomfortable to hold, but-” You’re cut off by Jared placing his lips onto yours. It was short and sweet, Jared giving you no time to react. He pulls away and keeps you in the dipping position. “Wow, um, that was-”

“Unexpected?” Jared questions, raising an eyebrow. “It’s a trait of mine, being unpredictable,” you smile and stare into his hazel eyes. “Not blowing my own horn or-”

You pulls his face to yours and kiss Jared this time, cutting his sentence off. This time, the kiss was longer and more passionate. When you both pull away, Jared pulls you back up. “Two can play that game,” you wink.

“I’m grateful for the day you tweeted that pick up line to me,” Jared admits.

You take one of his large hands and interlock your fingers. “Thank you, twitter,”.

“No, thanks Supernatural,” Jared says, kissing your forehead.

things i learned on my road trip across america

from the perspective of a canadian

- miles are really long
- dennys, ihops and waffle houses are like the holy trinity of the interstates
- you guys are really good drivers on the interstates most of the time and A+++ hov lanes but you don’t signal!!! (looking at you florida)
- the further south you go, the more religious billboards with bible passages?? (never thought i’d see a garage called “tires for jesus”)
- (also lots of billboards for adult porn shops)
- in the south, cashiers/waitresses are MUCH nicer than i’ve ever experienced up north and seem to love their jobs and actually like helping people (i’ve never been called honeychild before bless)
- sweet tea is NOT the same as typical canadian iced tea and it was an experience let me tell you
- i still don’t know how to spell faranenteiht
- road trips are overrated tbh

Please. There have only been a handful of things in my life that I’ve ever been so desperate about (and these include family and personal events), and this Kris situation is one of them. Yes, the law system in Korea and Canada may be different and the actual situation may differ from what is revealed to the public but one thing for sure is that we need to give them time and space.

Hovering around the SM ent building can put pressure on the company and show just how much love there is for Kris but it can also make Kris feel even more uncomfortable with the stardom life. 

Please, like I said, there has only been a handful of things that I’ve been so desperate for that my heart shivers uncontrollably, and this is one of them.
I hope for Kris to be happy, even if it meant him leaving but I really, really, want him to stay. #WeBelieveInKris. 

EXO has pulled me through tough times these past years. Through simple things like exams, friendship, breakups and constant bombshells of bad news and just the mere acknowledgment of EXO had achieved to form a smile on my slightly crooked lips.

Without them, I don’t think I would’ve been able to wake up every morning with a grin on my face, ready to face the day with a calm heart. #WeBelieveInKris  

To be honest, I’m really angry at SM. DB5K, Suju, Shinhwa, SNSD, F(x), H.O.T etc. They have so many great artists and even if it’s just money they’re looking for, they need to take care of the artists as they are: humans with feelings and rights.

If you frequently look at my Tumblr/posts, you'd realize I never right any long description in these boxes. Normally I’d write the artists’ name and/or group with a simple “Hwaiting” or envious message but never something like this. But I just had to, this time. I hope you’ve read and considered this. #WeBelieveInKris. 

Hey, guys! 

I wanted to do an update!

So a few weeks ago I hit 2000 followers.

Let that sink in.

Yes, 2000 followers.  

I don’t even care if people scoff at me when they’ve got tens of thousands of followers, because to me, this is beyond what I thought would occur on Tumblr. 

FOR ME, of all people. 

When I first started Tumblr, I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings onto some thing.  I needed to vent because well, doesn’t everyone? 

Anyways, another factor that made me start Tumblr was the fact that I could never find any account where there was images I’d awe over. 

I guess this upset me- frustrated me, so I decided to create an account where I could pile up all the pictures I’ve found and completely fell in love with. 

I didn’t expect people to like my post, or nonetheless start following me.  So when numbers increased, I realized that people actually paid attention to my posts, and let me tell you, I was beyond ecstatic.  

I just want to thank the people who’ve been with me for the past months and endured my posts.  


On another note, I’d love to thank thisplaceisshelter for taking the time to message me and even offer to help with some of my posts.  :) Thank you.  It isn’t an easy task but to have someone that wants to help makes me happy. Thanks again. 


Guys! I added music to my blog! I’m so excited about it, please go check it out and message me what you think of it? 

Thank you,