i just realized i never posted this up on tumblr

Iris from Lolirock!

I drew this close to two years ago, and never posted it up here, for some reason. I drew it without realizing that just a year after, I would end up working on the second season of Lolirock when I got my first job after graduating, hahah. Life is funny.

(Actually, I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr for quite a long time now… Am I back now? I don’t know, we’ll see.)

Heeeeey, so...

I’m not even sure how to start this except to say

I’m sorry.

Mod Neko here

I’m typing this up because I recently visited tumblr and realized that what was suppose to be just a holiday break turned into a hiatus which turned into …well.

(Ahem) I’m sorry to say that I’m leaving this blog. It was a great project and I have learned a lot from doing it, I had never run a blog before, but with the way my life is going and HAS been going for the past few months (I won’t bore you with the details) and the fact that I’ve been so remiss in updating this it’s safe to say that I’m done with it. Or at least mostly done. I keep telling myself maybe I’ll come back to it, when I have more time off or when the next game comes out and my interest is fired up again, but I haven’t been able to keep up with it even at it’s lowest (and not even for a full year) I think it’s safe to say I’m not very cut out for it. Even when I had plans for the blog (like using February for confessions about Dragon Age POC characters) I ended up forgetting and doing nothing about it.

I should have said something sooner or at least made updates of my own to tell followers I was still paying attention but I didn’t do that and I am sorry.

Mostly I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to keep this up for AT LEAST a year. A full year just would have been nice y’know?

I also apologize to Mod Orsino (or Mod Jo I believe is the name now. Damn I’ve missed a lot) for kinda roping you into and then abandoning you to a blog that you didn’t even start. You’ve been a great and educational partner and very interactive with the fandom and I wish I could have met the standard. But mostly, thank you, for everything. I understand if you leave this blog be too since you have your own life and projects before and after all of this.

To the follower, a big thank you. If it wasn’t for you all this blog wouldn’t have lasted a month. You came together in a shared spirit of wellness and fun and healing and proved that this sort of project, that this part of the fandom is wanted and does exist. You proved that the Dragon age fandom isn’t as all bad as it seems.

Maybe I’ll come back and… maybe I won’t. But thank you all for sharing this experience with me. I’ve never learned so much from a fandom before and I plan to take what I’ve learned and shared here in the real world for myself.

Before I go, I’m gonna finish up the Inquisition confessions (that I’ve let sit since Christmas, forgive me) and then that will be it.

So long.

-Mod Neko

i just realized i never post updates on tumblr!! So i should let everyone know what’s going on. Since I graduated I’ve been mostly working on 3D work, a lot of which is on projects that are either NDA or unfinished. I interned at Nicalis for a bit working on a game there, then I worked very shortly on Avengers Academy, and most recently I wrapped up freelance on a short film while I’ve been doing textures for another! And on top of that I’ve been taking weekly night classes that are really challening for me. So I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any art aside from reblogging the social media art I do for potionomics, I’ve just been up to a lot lately and don’t have time/energy to draw! TT-TT

I’ll probably be busy until around mid-may and then I’m going on a trip to visit my extended family in china for a month, and then after that I’ll probably take a break from work for a little bit since I’ve been burned out from working non-stop since school. I might start drawing again, I might not.. I am honestly thinking of stepping away from art for a little bit just to refresh myself.

Thanks for your patience and sticking with me!

It was when you hung up, upset, that I realized I didn’t mean it when I said I cared for you. I felt fine with the idea that you may never call again. I was lying to you. And it wasn’t just one lie, I was lying by letting you be a part of my life. I knew I would cut you loose eventually. I just wanted to have something happening. You were a person, and I was treating you like nothing more than a story. An anecdote I would soon be telling to the people I move on to next. And I couldn’t help wondering if everyone I cared for, everyone I loved, was just a story I was writing. Wondering if I couldn’t connect to people any deeper than the memories I would make with them, the stories I would tell about them. But they aren’t the ones who are stories. They have permanent people to share their worlds with. I am the impermanent one. I am the passerby. I am the story.
—  this might be the most honest thing I’ve ever written ( @pillpoet )

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Hi! I just discovered your tumblr today and i'm in love with your lookbooks - please never stop doing them! lol btw, i was wondering, where can i find this jacket (probably accessory)? Gonna let the post link here. Thank you so much and keep up with your amazing work! xx -- link: post/154593551737/hair-hallowsimss-hat-toksik-necklace

Oops, i just realized i forgot to tag it. you can find the jacket here by @savage-sims , sorry <3  

I’m never on tumblr anymore, but occasionally check in. 

This is probably a post you will pass, but it’s nice to know that maybe someone will read it ..

I’m worried .. I’m literally straight up worried for my life. And no, not in a suicidal way .. anymore that is. But, its just that .. what if I wasted my life? Realization kicked in when it became one month before I turn 20. I wasted my teenage years .. All that bullshit highschool drama, all that stress I’ve had physically and mentally, those days where I would stay in bed, all those times I was alone, .. what if I were to be alone until I die? Will I find someone who will love me til death do us part? Could I even make friends again? .. I’ve lost all my friends .. you see, this is a long ass bullshit story about my 2 of my friends who fought (there were 8 of us to be exact) about jealously or whatever, I can’t even remember why it was such a big deal because IT WASNT .. anyways, to sum up this story: My friends separated into a group of 3 and 4, but I was so neutral in this so called “argument” that I became friendless after highschool. It wasn’t what I wanted, they were all just.. more closer to each other than I was with any of them in the end .. I hate admitting this, but I was quite depressed/lonely. It took some time to adjust for me, in fact I’m still trying to adjust. I’m still this introverted person .. it was always hard for me to carry a conversation .. or continue a friendship. Not only was I lonely, but my career path was non-existent too at the same time my friendships were over. I was uncertain to which program to take. I’ve spent 4 useless semesters in college with random classes just to pass time. I wanted accounting or pharmacy, but I knew pharmacy was competitive and I wouldn’t survive that journey. Although I always set my mind to accounting in the end, I’ve always wanted to be a pharmacist .. It kills me to think I can’t do it, but some part of me always thinks anything is possible. GREAT. I’m about to cry .. 

I’m only crying because it’s true. I give up easily, I don’t try my hardest, I put myself down. This is only half my worries, but this post is useless, so what’s the point of mentioning EVERYTHING ..

I literally don’t know what to do with my life.. My past fucked me up. It’s a confusing mess and I have no clue where its leading to ..

Sometimes to feel happy, I’d like to imagine traveling places, like korea (I’m all about that kpop life lately) or anywhere in europe. I also like the thought that MAYBE someone out there was destined to meet me and we’d be happy and start a family. I craft a bit in my spare time to kill time which numbs my feelings for a bit .. these are just a few things that give me a bit of hope/a glimpse of happiness at times ..

i don’t know now .. it’s been 2 years of hell, and I’m kind of tired of misfortune. I’m exhausted from always being the last option or the short end of the stick. I’m sick of being unappreciated. 

I’m quite the piece of work .. I’m quite the failure you never want to experience.

anyways .. continue on.

Hey, guys! 

I wanted to do an update!

So a few weeks ago I hit 2000 followers.

Let that sink in.

Yes, 2000 followers.  

I don’t even care if people scoff at me when they’ve got tens of thousands of followers, because to me, this is beyond what I thought would occur on Tumblr. 

FOR ME, of all people. 

When I first started Tumblr, I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings onto some thing.  I needed to vent because well, doesn’t everyone? 

Anyways, another factor that made me start Tumblr was the fact that I could never find any account where there was images I’d awe over. 

I guess this upset me- frustrated me, so I decided to create an account where I could pile up all the pictures I’ve found and completely fell in love with. 

I didn’t expect people to like my post, or nonetheless start following me.  So when numbers increased, I realized that people actually paid attention to my posts, and let me tell you, I was beyond ecstatic.  

I just want to thank the people who’ve been with me for the past months and endured my posts.  


On another note, I’d love to thank thisplaceisshelter for taking the time to message me and even offer to help with some of my posts.  :) Thank you.  It isn’t an easy task but to have someone that wants to help makes me happy. Thanks again. 


Guys! I added music to my blog! I’m so excited about it, please go check it out and message me what you think of it? 

Thank you,


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Stiles Stilinski wearing only Derek Hale's leather jacket & a pair of red lace panties ..

Hi nonnie!! First: sorry this is literally eight months old :/ if only life didn’t get in the way of Stereking, it would be a perfect world. Second… I just don’t write smut. It’s not my thing. I’ve tried, and I’ve failed, and I’ve realized that I just prefer to focus my talents on other areas of the relationship (I say this because this is a WONDERFUL and EVOCATIVE prompt but also one that makes me think that you’re maybe expecting some sexytimes). BUT NEVER FEAR!! I shall write this prompt anyway (but it shall be sex-less). ONWARDS:

OH! And this is a continuation of that Actor!Stiles, Photographer!Derek verse from way back when: http://iddayidnight.tumblr.com/post/127255072323/sterek-au-model-stiles-photographer-derek

By the time Derek stumbles up the front steps of their too-extravagant home, he can barely keep his eyes open. He fumbles the key in the front lock blearily, and the house is dark and silent when he manages to swing the door open and drag his overnight bag in after him. Not surprising, considering that it’s two a.m. 

But then, he’s only in so late because the small one propeller plane that picked him up from his five day arctic shoot was delayed for weather reasons, and he can hardly complain that he didn’t get to eat dinner with his fiance because his amazing job photographing arctic foxes and polar bears keeps him from his cushy L.A. home.

Well, he can. Did, earlier, on the phone with Stiles, who had assured him that he understood and not to feel bad about it. But he feels a little guilty whining that his life is too good.

Kicking off his shoes to deal with later and leaving his duffle near the laundry room–he knows that all his clothes stink, and that Stiles will throw a fit if he brings them into the bedroom–he takes a moment to pause at their photo wall, smiling softly as he always does when he catches sight of the framed portrait of Stiles that was the first picture Derek ever took of him, from the first day they met. Next to it is a candid shot of Stiles grinning at Derek’s niece, the two of them cuddled up on the couch at Laura’s house reading. Even the shot of Derek and Stiles together inspires a chuckle–it’s a paparazzi photo of the two of them on their first public date, and Derek had objected to it on principle, but Stiles had insisted on having it framed, both as a momento, and because “Derek, you spend so much time behind the camera that I can never convince you to actually be in the picture with me!”

A slight rustling from the bedroom breaks his reverie; he’s been pining for his own bed and his own lover for days, and he’s been caught up in old memories instead of in the man himself.

Stiles is asleep across their bed, but it’s apparently unintentional, considering that he’s not under the covers. Or in pajamas. And that he’s wearing… Oh God.

Derek swallows.

Apparently nothing more than Derek’s old leather jacket… and a pair of red panties.

Lacy ones.

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Cherry cola refreshing till the last drop

I didn’t even realize until I was lighting it with different colors and in random places that it started looking like @/hisuiii coloring style (which i adore and wasn’t actually intentional I was just messing with some of my brushes i never used.)

But look em up when you have the chance their art is fanominal.

But anyway this was a doodle that ended up being finished.

I want cherry cola now.

EDIT:fixed the soda it was bothering me when I realized it wasn’t real physics 

Do NOT repost on any other website. Thank you!

If you see any of my work posted that is not under my username gummiesharkz on instagram, tumblr, deviantart or youtube please ask them to take it down. I am not on any other site besides these!

07/12 Goodmorning guys! I just set up my study things so I can get started! It’s been a while since I posted pictures for the #100daysofproductivity challenge. I never stopped though, but it was just a technical problem with my Tumblr app. So I had to put the pictures on my laptop and everything and then I realized I was just losing so much study time! 
I’ve worked very hard the past two weeks. I needed things to be done, I worked on it and I can finish these things today. So I’m veeeeery happy and I wanted to share this milestone with you guys. :) 
In theory my productivity challenge failed because of the technical problem, but I do this for me, for my motivation. So I decided I can count the days I’ve studied and get on from there. So then this will be #day 30 of my study journey. :) 

Help a brother out?!

I’ve recently started rewatching Teen Wolf with a classmate of mine who’s never seen it before, and he’s so damn ready to get aboard the Sterek ship, and I just don’t wanna fuck this up though I’ve probably given him really high expectations for this ship XD And I realize the biggest and most amazing part of it is in fact what we do in fanon, on top of what goes down in canon…


Please please please bomb my inbox (use submit for links) with old tumblr posts/fics/gifsets/headcanons/videos/literally anything relevant to the first two seasons. The beginning of Sterek. You guys know what I’m talking about!! The good year of 2012. The things that made you ship Sterek. Please help me turn my friend into a puddle of Sterek feels, just like the rest of us.

Pretty please?! <3