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Eclipse Glasses

summary: just some jealous dad shawn inspired by the eclipse and some tweets i saw yesterday.

“Daddy! Daddy! The moon’s comin’!”

Shawn looked up from the computer in front of him, and raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

“Mommy told me! The moon’s comin’!”

You laughed, walking into the room with Matt behind you. “The eclipse. We’re going to be in Philadelphia whenever it happens.”

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forbidden love chapter seven {demi lovato fanfiction}

“welcome to US history!!” the teacher shouts scratching her name on the white board. making sure to press extra hard so the marker makes that annoying squeaking sound. she passes papers down each row most likely questions to get to know us like every class will be doing today. “when your done please bring them to me!” she smiles walking towards her colorful desk. “this is going to be an interesting year.” jace comments passing papers to the girl behind him. i nod agreeing grabbing the papers from the boy in front of me. “what do you think demi is up to?” he asks beginning to write his name on the top of the page. “probably pulling her hair out.” i smile thinking about how she is right across the hall from me. “your probably right.” he laughs. 

a hour and a half passes when we fill into the halls. i rush towards the demis class but when i get there all the students including demi are already gone. its not like we planned to meet but it wouldve been nice to see her to get me though this hellish day. “do you want me to show you your next class?” jace asks standing on the opposite side of the hall. students for second period have already started piling in. i nod following him towards my physics class. 

physics passes in a blur i dont even remember what the name of the teacher was or when our first lesson in the book was due. oops. lunch is next finally. i head towards the crowd meeting in the main hall going into the cafeteria. the school in general is huge. but the cafeteria is just too big to be in a school. i skim the large room as much as i can before pulling out my phone and texting her.i wait a few minutes … no answer. is she ignoring me on purpose? is our fling just a fling for the summer? what if she…. “do you want to go outside?” jace asks from behind me shaking me from my overthinking thoughts. looking over the peoples faces and checking my phone i nod. “how do you like the school?” he asks while he holds the door for me going into the garden type lunch area. “its different from what iam used to.” i say finding a table in front of a couple rose bushes. “what are you used to?” he asks finding a place in front of me. “teachers not really giving a shit, just giving us worksheets, not bothering with homework because they know the majority of the class wont bring it back.” i say watching students gather sitting together on the grass. “physics is a pain.” i go on trying to lighten the mood from my old crappy school. “i could come over later and help if you want…” “who takes care of the flowers?” i ask before jace could say anything else. “gardening club.” he says taking a sip of his soup. “of course.” i smirk, “this school has a club for everything.” i laugh. he nods laughing. 

after lunch jace points me in the direction of my english class. hoping to have at least one class with demi iam disappointed as he calls out names from the roaster. demis names is no where to be found. the last class is gym, which is a good thing because i dont have to be sweaty all day long. for the first time all day i dont see jace so finding the gym is going to be hard. heading back inside the school i see my history teacher. “hey miss…” i begin then soon realize i forgot her name. “hey ! how are you?” she smiles looking down to my schedule in my hand. “good i just … umm iam lost.”  i reply . “ what class do you have next?” she asks smiling showing both rows of teeth. “gym.”  “oh thats an easy one!” she kind of shouts and grabs me by my wrist. after going down many halls and a large staircase we make it to the gym although iam already late. stepping in the coach pointing me to the bleachers where everyone is sitting waiting to be assigned a locker. i scan the girls hoping to see demi but again no demi. the coach hands out locker numbers along with school tees and shorts to switch into. i make it to my assigned locker first before anyone. i wait until the girls change out and leave the room before i even think about stripping. my shirt is off and jeans. i place them into my locker then go for the tee and shorts. i feel hands on my bare stomach i jump swinging around to see demi smiling at me. “you look sexy baby.” she smiles. i hug her as if i hadnt seen her in years. “miss me?” she smiles. i playfully hit her on her shoulder. “where were you!?” i say keeping my hands around her waist. “the first period was a joke, they fucked up my schedule it was a freshman class, then my actual first period the bitch took my phone for texting.” she pulls me closer. “i was trying to text you to meet me in the restrooms.” she whispers. i laugh. “then i got lost in the maze trying to look for you during lunch and yeah here we are.”  her hands slide on my ass underneath my undies. “not here.” i smile looking around. “why not?” she teases squeezes my ass. “we can take a shower.” she says pulling me towards the shower area. “what about class?” i say, not actually caring. “okay fine lets go run a mile in the heat outside.” she says pulling away from me. i let her get near the door before running after her. “fine.” i give in. “ my baby.”  she smiles. every time she is near i cant help but smile. she makes me happy. i follow her into the showers. demi is naked in a record time as usual. i unclip my bra hanging them on the hook they give us inside the shower. i begin to pull my undies off until she stops me. “let me.” she says getting on her knees she hooks her fingers on each side of my hips. she kisses down my stomach. she sucks at my skin leaving small marks down. my hand runs through her hair. pulling my undies down to my thigh she exposes my pussy. red marks stop just above my lips. her tongue dips into me playing with my clit. at this point my knees are weak i just want to be back at home so i can be as loud as i want. “fuckk.” i whimper reaching for the water knob. a colder water comes out first which neither of us seem to mind then it turns warmer. “i love this pussy y/n.” she smiles sliding two fingers into me. “i love your tongue.” i moan pushing her face back into me. she hums digging her face into my pussy. “shit!!” i moan covering my mouth. the bell ringings scares us both. girl voices come echoing in from the locker area. we reach for our clothes hurrying as much as we can. we hold both side of the curtain as the girls pass going into neighboring showers. the showers are completely private so the curtain is our main blanket to hide us. we wait 15 minutes for everyone to rush out then we make a run for my things.  

nearly a hour passes before we get home. “stupid buses dont they know i have to finish eating out my baby.” she smiles as we walk into the house. “mom!” i shout. no answer. “dad!?” demi shouts louder. no answer. “all ours.” she smiles grabbing my hand. i head towards her bed shutting the door behind us. “you know what to do with these.” she whispers tugging at my shirt. she walks towards her closet getting our favorite toy. my clothes are thrown in different spots on her floor including my bra and undies. i sit up on the bed spreading my legs wide. my fingers rub my pussy lips, dipping in only fingertips. “demiiii” i moan rocking my hips on my own hand. my juice already leaking out of me ready to be fucked. “please hurryyyy!!” i moan laying back rubbing my clit. demi pokes her head out with her wide smile. she is in the door way with the fake cock standing high from her hips. she slower makes her way towards me focusing on me only me. “rub yourself faster.” she whispers looking down at my pussy. i do as told starting to feel my build up. “harder slide your fingers inside.” she says dragging my hand down slipping three fingers inside myself. “make yourself cum baby.” she whimpers as she moves the toy that is inside her around. “fuckkkk your so hot!!!” she moans grabbing my thighs. “i f-feel it!” i nearly scream. she pulls my hand away pushing the toy inside. “baby!!” i scream wrapping myself around her. “faster!!” i moan. the bed frame knocks against the wall multiple times. she grabs my breast as they match her pounding. “you like it so fucking deep!!” she whimpers closing my legs pushing the toy deep inside me. “yesss fuckkkk!!!! please keep going baby keep fucking me demi!!!!” i moan begging for my high. demi looks towards the door for a second then focuses back on me. iam too focused on cumming to ask. her fingers play with my clit making this feeling so much more amazing. “ride me.” she whispers flipping up over i bounce off the toy nearly sliding off of it from how my juice are all over it. she pushes upward meeting me sending me over. “demii fuckkkk yesssss baby!!” i moan out sliding back and forth on the toy. demi pulls the toy off laying it beside us laying me down. “i need to clean my mess up.” she says licking around my lips then diving into me. “just like that.” i whimper grabbing her hair. “mmmmm.” she hums, while i rock onto her tongue. she looks up to me smiling. “demi you are the sexiest.” i smile letting her finish. we keep our eye contact as i watch her go to work. “you like that?” she asks making small circles inside me. i nod laying back onto the bed. “yess.” i reply looking back down to her to see jace standing in the door way in front of us. 

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HOW HAVE YALL BEEN!?!?! iam soooo sorry its been such a long time!! please forgive me!! alot as happened. iam not sure how many times a wk i will post but iam going to try at least once a wk. !! love you guys !! missed you!! let me know if you want to see a chapter 8!!!! thanks for reading!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It’ll Hurt To Move Forward

A/N: Well… I read a real angsty imagine from @tyranttortoise… You can read it here. And I couldn’t help but write something about it. So… what can I saaay except~! You’re welcome~! *cries*

Characters: Swap Papyrus, Reader, Swap Muffet, Swap Sans, OC (techinically)

The constant truth weighed heavier in on your heart every time you went to Muffet’s. Most of the time you visited there by yourself without your boyfriend’s presence for a quick snack to pick up before getting to work, knowing that he’ll be there later that night to linger for a bit before coming back home after the end of Happy Hour, the faint smell of alcohol making your nose twitch and the murmur of “hun” making your eyes sting as he pulls you in a hug as if to assure you.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I had a question and wondered if you could help me. I've identified as bi for a while but I've been wondering if my attraction to guys/male-aligned people is just compulsory heterosexuality. Because I can relate to a lot of the comphet posts, especially the ones that say things like "you'd hypothetically date a guy who meets Specific Standards". I have such high standards for guys even looks wise and I don't find 99% of guys attractive but I do find 99% of girls attractive. Any advice?

It really is such a hard thing to figure out! My biggest advice at this point would be to just focus on the attraction that you know is real and you know is wanted–the way you feel about other women. Not only is there something really healing about the way it feels to love another woman, to be loved by another woman, but it also gives you a chance to work through your feelings without worrying about it hurting this person you care about. Which is something that happens super often, people beginning to realize they might be lesbians whild dating a man, but deciding on one level or another not to think about it too hard because they’re already with this guy and they don’t want to hurt them.

Another thing that I think really helps is to think about how you feel about how you feel (I know that sounds so confusing omg!) Like, sometimes it’s not possible to meaningfully sort out ‘real’ authentic attraction from attraction that you feel simply because it’s what has been taught to you. And honestly, how meaningful is it in the end? For a lot of us, not very. What difference is there between a lesbian who is pretty certain that their attraction to men is just because of comp het versus a lesbian who’s not sure at all but knows they don’t -want- to be with men?

A good baby step starting place for this is to think about how y ou feel about being with a woman vs being with a man. Like, long term day to day. For example, when I imagined waking up next to a woman, being annoyed that she forgot to do some random chore, waiting for her to be done in the bathroom so I could brush my teeth, talking about what we should do for dinner… boring mundane every day stuff! it felt perfectly fine. When I thought about the same kinda situation with a man, there was like, this low level dread, almost a feeling of being trapped or imprisoned by this future (and its seeming inevibility at the time!)

(And it still took me like. Four years after I realized that to realize I didn’t just hate the idea of long term relationships or getting married! That I just hated the idea of being with a man like that! Clueless lesbian who?)Of course, your individual feelings and experiences might be really different and that’s fine too, this is only meant for a 'how to dip your toe in’ kind of idea!

Good luck, and please know we love you and value you  no matter what, and no matter how you feel about men, it doens’t change how you feel about women or make you any less welcome in the gay girl community! There’s a lot of this idea that there’s one right way to love women, and that having feelings for men in addition to women is somehow lesser, but there isn’t and it isn’t! You belong here just as much as anyone else :)

Play the Game - Ethan Dolan Mini Series

(A/N)- there will be a part 2 to this because it ended up being so long and I really wanted to make this super cute so…. enjoy :)

It was another horribly boring Thursday afternoon spent in 4th period Advanced English. It wasnt boring because you didnt like the class, it was boring because you were incredibly bright and far ahead of the rest of your peers. Being a genius had it’s ups and downs-although you struggled to see anything but the downs. You were always sought out by teachers to tutor struggling students- seeing as you were the smartest boy in school, in fact it was safe to say you were the smartest person in the entire school.

Grabbing your typical teenage boy backpack (a basic black jansport) you packed your English notebook and highlighters into their respective pouches. It was just as you reached the threshold of the orange metal door that your teacher, Ms. Watters, had called your name and motioned at you to walk over to her desk.

“Hey Ms. Watters. I know I’m not supposed to keep reading ahead but it’s just that the class is so slow for me sometimes and-” you babbled on only to be interrupted by the white-haired woman. She laughed lightly before replying, “Oh no honey it’s not that, trust me. I wish I had kids who even began to read the assignments!”

“Oh, ok. Um, then what did you need me to stay behind for?”

“I need you to tutor a student of mine. Hes in this upcoming 5th period class. So maybe I can introduce you two when the class is over. He really needs some help, Im just not getting through to him so I figured maybe someone his age would.”

“Um, I don’t really know, I’m kind of already swamped with ya know, stuff…” wow great lie. She gave you a knowing look, considering she- like every other teacher in the school, knew you were miles ahead of everyone else on the work.

“I figured you might not want to do this so I went ahead and talked to Principal Gordon and we agreed to pay you 15$ an hour for sessions twice a week at a duration of two hours each.” She beamed at you hopeful you would take on a new kid to tutor. You sighed heavily before rolling your eyes, “ Alright I suppose I could do that. Ill be back after lunch to meet the kid I guess.“ She squealed out a ‘thank you’ as you placed the straps of your backpack onto your broad shoulders and headed to the cafeteria.

Thirty minutes later lunch had ended and you headed to Ms. Watters classroom once again for the day. Being a teachers aid was cool because you basically had a free period aside from grading a few papers here and there. The class lolled on as you played around on your phone clicking in and out of different social media apps. The bell had finally rung and you sat at the desk adjacent from the English teachers, waiting to be introduced to your newest academic project. And this is when the one and only Ethan Dolan approaches the desk your body is stiffly planted at.

Ethan walks up to you with a little smirk on a his face “so listen, I need you to not fuck this up for me. If I don’t pass this class I don’t play football. Make it happen okay? Good. See ya tomorrow at my house.” He hands me the piece of paper and walks off briskly- probably headed to football practice.

“Um Ms. Watters I don’t think I can tutor him he seems a little stubborn.” To say your worried is an understatement. Again, she smiles her perfect smile and says, “I’m sure you’ll be fine sweetheart” and then she’s off and on her way to the teachers lounge.

As you head to your old Chevy truck you soon realize Ethan forgot to tell you a specific time to meet at his place. Sprinting to the football field you try and seek out the Dolan boy amongst the sea of numbered jerseys. Soon you notice he’s talking to his coach and he seems to be pretty heated about something. Ethan spots you and strides over grabbing you by your arm to drag you away from his teammates. “What in the hell are you doing here!?” He grits his teeth. “I um, I just came to ask what time to meet at your house for tutoring dude. Damn calm down.” “Oh, uh ok. Like 5. Now leave!” Wow. What a nice guy….


Yeon didn’t think as she drove home that night, she sat in her car an extra ten minutes before getting out, going back into her apartment. She stayed up longer than she planned because honestly she thought that Jay would come and knock on her door any minute. He never did. 

She awoke the next day and no texts. She didn’t speak to him, and he didn’t speak to her. No show that night either. On the third day, she was itching to text him and tell him off. Ask him if she had a man or not, because if not, she could be going to clubs and at least getting some action. No, that would piss him off more. Maybe, he was waiting on some sort of sign from her. He did say she was to come back, when she knew what she wanted. 

Thing was Yeon had already told him. She went to dinner at her parents that night and her mother inquired about Jay. Yeon tried to smile, and answered that he was busy with his artists, and he was working on a new song. She went home, alone, and stared at her phone from her position in her bathtub. The rest of week passed uneventfully, and finally she went out with a small group of girls from her class, that weekend to a cafe. 

She didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, but then a variety show came on one of the Tv’s and Jay was the special guest. She tried not to look too interested as, one of her friends asked the waitress to turn it up. 

“So Jay Park, tell me what’s dating like for you?”

“It’s crazy. Women don’t really seem to know what they want so when you do, it just makes it harder.” 

“They like to be chased? That’s life it seems.”

“Not the life for me. Women are difficult, I think I should focus on music for now.” 

He started talking about his new album, but Yeon was seeing red. She gripped her coffee cup a little too tight as she, stood up and made an excuse about having to meet her parents. As she entered in her apartment, she slammed her door, fishing around in her purse for her phone, pulling it out. 

“So, I guess you think it’s funny to throw shade at me on TV! You’re disrespectful.” 

She didn’t get an answer until 15 minutes later, which just pissed her off further, as she paced around her apartment. 

Disrespectful is when your fuckin man tells you not to see some dude and you do it anyway, honey.”

Yeon, yelled at her phone, sitting down and texting him back faster. 

“I’m so tired of you. I told you nothing happened, I owed him to tell him why I wouldn’t see him again.” 

She could practically see his smug smile as he typed back. 

“You don’t owe him shit. Unless, there’s something you want to tell me. We are still together, so yea…I deserve to know.” 

Did he know more than he let on? Yeon knew what she could say, but she also knew that whatever happened with Jun Seo was before she got official with Jay. She ignored his statement. 

“You are so frustrating. You say I’m immature. I don’t know what I want? You haven’t said shit to me in a week, but we’re dating? Fuck you. I could go solo, and not look back.” 

She didn’t get anything back. Not for awhile, and after 20 minutes she went to shower, and wash her hair. Her doorbell ringing madly brought her running with a towel on her head, and one wrapped her to the video screen near her door. It was Jay, he was standing in the video screen, waving madly. He was not happy. Yeon felt her heart drop to her stomach, she couldn’t open the door like this. Ready to fight with him. She heard him pound again. 

“I heard you running to the door Yeon. open it!” 

She winced, at his words, turning the lock and opening the door. “What do you want, cause apparently, you forgot where I lived for a week.” 

Jay pushed his way inside, looking around her apartment as he quickly took off his shoes. “I didn’t forget, I just wasn’t coming over here.” 

Yeon locked her door back, grinding her teeth, as she followed after him. “Then don’t come up in here, all in my shit.” 

“What do you mean, youre going solo?” He turned around to face her, chewing on the inside of his mouth, as she stared hard at her body. 

Yeon realized how naked she was under towel, and shifted it around her body. “You don’t have to be with me, and I don’t have to be with you. I have options.” 

Jay snorted. “Baby, there’s no one in Seoul who can do what I do.” He walked slowly towards her, his eyes on her breasts. “And trust me, I do what I do well.” 

“I’m sure, the ladies pump your ego into thinking that.” She took a step back, away from him. 

Jay smiled at her, standing his ground. “So, we are gonna act like, you don’t moan my name? Scratch my back all up? Ask me for it harder?” His expression softened as he looked at her. “I’ve missed you, but you don’t miss me, that’s what kills me, Yeon.” 

“You don’t know what I feel. You never take the time to ask me anything, or hear my side. That’s your problem.” She walked away from him and towards her room. 

Inside, her heart swelled to see him again. Be near him, hear his voice. She wanted to kiss his face, and tell him he was right she wanted him too much to be petty. Feel his arms around her body, and smell his skin. She was too prideful for that though, and she would continue to hold her high and think that way. 

Jay followed her, and Yeon raised an eyebrow at him, as she sat down at her vanity, clothes on her bed for sleeping. 

“You aren’t allowed to see me naked anymore.” She lifted a leg and began to lotion her skin. 

“Why? Who is now?” He sat down on her bed, watching her, with hungry eyes. 

Yeon just stared at him, before continuing her process. She finished and stood up dropping her towel, to hear him hiss. He could look all he wanted, btu he wasn’t getting anything. 

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to see you naked anymore?” The need in Jay’s voice was strong, and he bit his lower lip, hands on his knees willing himself to stay put on the bed. 

“You can see what you’ll be missing.” Yeon teased, as she slipped a sleeping shirt over her head. 

She said nothing else, sitting down at her vanity, putting olive oil into the strands of her hair, working a detangling brush through it. She could hear Jay behind her breathing deeply, moving around. Their eyes met several times in her mirror as she twisted her hair, securing the ends. 

It was silent in her room, and then he spoke again. His voice rough. “You hurt me Yeon. Don’t you know that? You act like you don’t even care. I pride myself at not getting caught up on females, and playing those games but this is real with you. I understand what this love is. I love you. I can say it all day because it’s true. I love you. I just feel like you don’t love me. At least not like that. You’ve always had everything. So, what’s one person?” 

She stared at his reflection. He was telling the truth baring his soul to her like this, and now she felt like shit. Now she felt like, she was wrong. Like, she didn’t have much to live for. He was right. She never needed anything, never wanted for much else. She had her pick of men, and threw them away as she wished, but deep inside she knew what was up. She always had someone fawning over her, and she never paid too much attention. Here was Jay, and he was everything to her. She thought about him too much, wanted to be under him, and yet she was still subconsciously trying to hold him at arms length. Why? 

“I do love you.” She said turning around to face him. Her hands dropped from her head, as she secured the last twist to her scalp. “I love you, and I need you, I’ve never wanted anything like I want you but…I’m scared. I don’t know anything like this.”

“Then why don’t you say that? You have to tell me how you feel and show me these emotions, you like to keep so hidden, Yeon. Why are you afraid to fall?” Jay stood up, he knelt in front of her, his hands on her thighs, her over sized t-shirt hanging off her frame. 

Yeon wouldn’t look at him. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and she felt her bottom lip wobble. She knew she couldn’t speak without the tears falling. Jay saw this too, and he rubbed the skin on her thighs, his lips kissing gently at her knee. 

“Talk to me. You wanted to spend so much having sex, that you never talked about what you wanted. Or was I something different? Something daddy didn’t want so you clung to me?” He turned her face towards him.

Yeon let a tear fall as she blinked. “Don’t say that. You aren’t some toy to me.” 

“Then tell me.” Jay insisted. 

“I don’t know. I want to be happy, I want to be with someone, who gets me, and meshes with me and makes me happy. I want to feel free, and I want to be caged with love but; I’m just afraid that if I give up too much, I’ll just…” She stopped talking, wiping her eyes. 

“You’ll lose yourself?” He asked, and she nodded in response. 

Jay stood up bringing her with him. He wiped her eyes with his thumb. “Yeon. You’re too much of a woman for all that shit. You know that, and so do I. Stop thinking about how you need to be you, and just do it.” 

He hugged her body close to him, feeling himself react with her so close. Her arms snaking around his waist, Jay put his cheek on top of her head, smelling her shampoo and the smell of olive oil. He loved her smell, the warmth of her body. 

Yeon sniffled. “Is this us making up?” 

Jay smiled, rubbing her back. “I mean we aren’t naked in your bed. So not really.” 

Yeon pinched his arm and he laughed. “Ouch, woman!” 

He slapped her bare ass, squeezing it. “I should trust you, yes, I’m sorry for rude shit I said. However;” He lifted her face to look at him, squeezing her jaw a little as he did so. “I mean what I say. If I tell you that I don’t feel comfortable with someone, or I don’t want you to be alone with someone, like this right here…I mean it. Are we clear?” 

“We’re clear.” She answered, standing on her tip-toes to brush her lips across his. 

Jay put his mouth close to hers, savoring the moment of their kiss. He took a deep breath as she came near, his mouth on hers. He felt her tongue leap across his lips, and the flame within him grew. It never died, just needed to be stoked a little. Yeon’s arms went under his shirt and he lifted his hands above his head, helping her remove it. 

Back they fell onto the bed, she sat on top of him, his hands on her ass, she covered his chest in kisses, moving her way back up to his neck. Jay’s hands found the hem of her night shirt removing it, his hands rubbing the soft orbs under her shirt. He could get used to this, he wanted to settle down anyway. Having someone to come home to every night. Jay watched as she stood up turning off the light in her room. 

“Ohh lights off, it’s about to go down.” Jay joked with her, as Yeon helped him out his pants. 

“You know what you’ve never done for me?” She asked, as she got on her knees in front of him. 

“I’ve done most things you’ve asked me. Unless you wanna role play or something.” Jay, pulled down his boxers, his length springing free. 

Yeon smiled, the dim light from the bathroom, pooling into the room. She licked her lips, her hand rubbing his member, as she stood up to kiss him once more, before  getting back into position. “You’ve never sang for me.” 

Jay chuckled. “I actually wrote you a song.” He sucked in a breath as he felt her tongue. 

“Called?” Yeon said, in between kisses and licks. 

“Dilemma.” He answered, as she devoured him. “I’ll…I’ll sing it…uh fuck it let’s just finish this first.” 

She laughed as he pulled her onto the bed. The next sound that came from the room, was her soft groans, and Jay’s quiet whispers. 

That was the end of Dilemma! In all honesty, I want to do JB next, but I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Maybe I should set up a poll so y’all can vote. Do some BigBang, or EXO or BTS…I think I’ll do a poll. Thanks for reading guys! 

HERE’S LIKE THE OFFICIAL DESIGN OF BLEACH (I realize I keep changing her design anddddd I forgot her stick form.)

More info:

-She ran away from her home (its not because of financial problems)

-She has at least 2 missing teeth 

-Secretly eats all the doritos and pringles the skelebros have

-Bedhair 24/7

-And yes she’ll get along with butler-kun 

(I’m drawin something big that includes ALL the maids/butlers and nyeh-chans for halloween)

- teebiints

HECK boi I could cosplay as Bleach because no joke my hair does that thing I just need to knock out two of my teeth to do it also I love her so much she’s so relatable and I want her masters to be flipping out over all the doritos and pringles that keep going missing



Billie Piper

-As alwaysI do have a step by step for this one so if anyone’s interested just ask:)

Careful - C.H.


Summary: You break one of Calum’s most prized possessions, and it lead to something you didn’t expect. 

Requested: Yes

A/N: It’s not very long, but I’ve been trying to get this done for the longest and I didn’t have a specific way to go(or any) but now I do. 

“Calum, I said I’m sorry. It was an accident, I didn’t mean to do it on purpose!” You sat down in front of the coffee table where your boyfriends favorite bass guitar laid in broken pieces.

“HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ACCIDENTALLY RUN INTO MY GUITAR, THAT WAS GUARDED BY A GLASS BOX AND ON THE WALL MIGHT I HAD, AND BREAK BOTH THE GLASS AND MY GUITAR.” He yelled at you, pulling at the roots of his hair in frustration. “I mean, I’d understand if you had tripped, but you were running towards my guitar. How do you accidently run towards my guitar.” He gritted out through his teeth.

You looked down at your hands, the bandage wrapping your hands hiding the many tiny cuts that you had gotten when you tried to stop yourself from bumping into the wall. “I told you, I wasn’t intentionally running towards your guitar. I was just running into the music room to get something I forgot, and when I realized I was going to run into something, it didn’t register in my mind that it was your guitar before it was too late.”

“Bullshit.” Was all he said before he walked out of the living room, walking towards the fridge. It took a couple of minutes for you to respond, you couldn’t believe he was acting like this.

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BTS reacting to you having toothache and not being able to eat, speak and sleep

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“Hey, sweetie! I cooked us some nice steaks and potatoes…What?” He asks confused as you hold up a note which says ‘I have toothache and cannot eat nor speak properly’.

“Oh I see…okay I could make you some mashed potatoes then with mashed vegetables if you like to? I won’t eat the steak today so you don’t feel bad…we can eat it some other day, now sit down on the couch I will get everything ready.”

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Comes home at 3am, only to see you sitting straight in bed with a cool pack on your cheek, having a sleepy expression on your face.

“Can’t sleep because of the pain…oh my poor baby, let’s get you comfortable. I will get you another cool pack and a pain killer, maybe? And then you will try to sleep? If you can’t I will stay awake with you the whole night until you just fall asleep.”

As soon as you want to try to protest by whining because you want him to sleep because of his exhausting day, he raises his hand assuring and takes your hand in his:

“Don’t worry I am fine with that. Now lay down, I get you the cool pack, this one is already warm.”

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“Oh no how am I supposed to survive without hearing your beautiful voice…what could we do the whole day which doesn’t involve exhaustion, talking and lots of eating? We could watch one of your favourite movies and relax a bit? If you want to? (Y/N)?” Hoseok turns around to see you, having fallen asleep on the couch due to a sleepless night before.

“Or just sleep, my beautiful princess.” He smiles while covering you with a blanket, making sure you are comfortable.

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“(Y/N)? Do you need anything else?” Namjoon asks as he enters the room with a hot tea for you, seeing you on the couch reading a book.

“Baby, I know you have nothing on the eyes but it is still to exhausting for you to focus on a book after having slept for only 4 hours…you should close your eyes and not exhaust yourself even more, you know that won’t help your toothache at all…give me the book, I will read out loud for you.”

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“I bet this is the last thing you want to hear now but…” He begins, already being given a suspicious look by you sitting on the couch.

“But I know your teeth hurt but your legs don’t and I think a bit of fresh air won’t be too bad for you. Sitting in the apartement all day isn’t too good for you, you need some fresh air and some sun, maybe? I mean we don’t have to go for a one hour walk, how about 20 minutes around the park near your apartment?” He suggests.

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“(Y/N), we have to talk.” He starts and lets himself fall on the sofa next to you, causing you to whimper slightly at the impact of his fall which made your teeth even hurt more. You give him a questioning look.

“You have been giving me the silent treatment all day long now, not having said one word…what is wrong, what did I do to deserve that?”

You give him the ‘are you serious’-look, scribbling something onto the paper in front of you, explaining that you still had toothache.

As he read the note, realization hit him and he turned reddish:

“Ooops, I already forgot your teeth hurt…I am so sorry, sweetie, forget what I just said.” He says as he hugs you tightly.

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“Okay we need to find something which will distract you from your toothache for the rest of the day.” Jungkook smiles cheekily which never was good in the first place. You know what your boyfriend’s plans were-chaotic and childish but also effective.

“That’s why I bought a new video game we can play all afternoon now. Good distraction, you focus on playing, you rage and forget about your pain and it increases your concentration skills…it is a win-win-situation, obviously.” He says excitedly which makes you chuckle silently.

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Following up on my previous headcanon that elves hatch from eggs… got me thinking of different incubating practices in different elven cultures….

They were at it again.

By this point in his life, Hawke had mostly just learned to stay out of it when his companions began to argue. It was almost impossible to have any kind of truly peaceful excursion, he’d learned, without at least two of his friends picking fights with each other. Especially if he was bringing along Anders – and it was dangerous to not bring along Anders, as talented a healer as he was – and Fenris. Those two seemed incapable of speaking more than ten words to each other without getting into an argument, and Maker help him if he tried to make peace; if he took one man’s side, the other would grow upset, and if he tried to conciliate, they’d both turn on him. Secretly, Hawke had come to suspect that they both just really liked to argue.

The only thing that Anders and Fenris could agree on for more than a few sentences was Merrill, so on a day like today – making camp among the rocky foothills of Sundermount with two elves and a feathered mage in tow – the raised tones behind him were as inevitable as the first patters of rain.

For a change, it was actually Merrill who introduced the topic. “I’ve always wondered something, Fenris,” she began, her tone bright and chipper as always. “About the elves who live in Tevinter. Where do they nest?”

“What?” Fenris sounded incredulous.

“You know,” Merrill said, “nest. Where do they keep their eggs during incubation? Us Dalish usually nest in the trees, of course; it’s safer that way, and easier to keep out of sight from the ground. And in the alienage they usually keep them safe and warm in the back rooms. But I guess in Tevinter you don’t have many trees, do you? And maybe not so many safe and private spaces. I guess I just wondered how the elves in Tevinter handled it.”

“Eggs?” Fenris sounded confused. “What are you blathering about, witch? Do you imagine slaves in Tevinter have free leave to raise chickens in our back yards?”

Merrill sighed, with that particular note in her voice when her feelings were hurt and she was trying not to show it. “Chickens,  really? That’s very hurtful, Fenris,” she said. “I know you don’t really identify as an elf, but you must know what I’m talking about. Where do the elven women of Tevinter lay their eggs? How do they keep them warm and safe until the elfling pips? I’m just curious…”

“Pips?” Fenris echoed incredulously. “Are – what – are you trying to imply that elves hatch from eggs?”

“Well, yes…” Merrill blinked at Fenris. “Where did you think baby elflings came from? Surely you didn’t think we just drop out, like the humans do? With no shells at all?” She seemed to come to a sudden realization, and her eyes widened. “Oh Creators, I completely forgot. You don’t have any memories of that time at all? The first fledging of hair? Losing your egg-teeth? You must not remember your mother’s nest at all. How sad!”

“I… I…” Fenris stuttered for his composure. “I know nothing of such things. And I wish to know nothing of such things! I do not remember… that… and I never intend to…” He stood up, scrubbing his hands over his scalp intently. “Excuse me. I am going to find a mountain stream and bathe.”

He hastened away, a flash of silver through the trees. Anders, who had been listening to the whole conversation without comment, shook his head and turned to Merrill. “That was evil,” he said, but it sounded more like a compliment.

Merrill just giggled.

Oliver on Vacation (Olicity AU Fanfiction) Chapter 17/18

Rating: Mature

Summary:  Olicity AU. When Oliver Queen’s best friend, renowned psychiatrist Dr. John Diggle, encourages the stressed-out CEO to go on vacation, Oliver can’t believe Digg’s “vacation” choice is actually a psychiatric retreat nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Oliver simply doesn’t think he needs this kind of intensive therapy. And he definitely doesn’t think he needs the attentions of Felicity – the frivolous, frolicking forest fairy who flits her way into his life and challenges all his assumptions.  What Oliver doesn’t know is that he’ll never be so happy to be proven wrong.

Tags: AU, smut, fluff, angst, birds, squirrels, mountains, secrets & lies, psychiatric therapy, light bondage, lemonade, & more smut

Links:  AO3 and FF.net

Disclaimer:  I do not own Arrow :(

Utter Praises: As always, to the lovely Lisa ( @quiveringbunny ) for making my cover art and reading for me and just being generally awesome!

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