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(Ice) Princess, Part 2

Title: (Ice) Princess, Part 2.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Type: Fluff/ Angst

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: I’ve had an amazing response to my last two stories, so thank you so much to everyone who has read and liked! I meant for Ice Princess to be a one-shot, but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the directions it could go in. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback! I will likely update on Tuesdays nights or Wednesdays ❤️

Link to Part 1

Part 2

You weren’t sure if it was your ears or your phone buzzing when you first heard the sound the following morning. You hadn’t had that much, but since you didn’t drink too often, even a little had a strong impact. Soon though, you realized that it was, in fact, your phone. Opening one eye, you glanced at the screen, and saw that you had seven unread messages from Taehyung. He had saved himself as “Tae-oppa 🐶” in your phone. If your eyes weren’t still bleary with sleep, you’d have rolled them.

Annyeong! It’s Kim Taehyung, in case you forgot!!!!

How are you this morning? Thinking about me?

I hope you text me back soon, I’m bored, kekeke.

I’d invite you over to play Overwatch, but I don’t think my managers or hyungs would like that, since they don’t know how cool you are (YET)!!!

Let’s do something fun today! We could go to the park!!!!!!!

Or the aquarium!!!!!!!


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BTS when you send a wrong text message to them

This is the story of my life tbh, you have no idea how often I send the wrong messages to my friends *sigh*

You (the reader) have different relationships with BTS: partner, friend, sibling :*

Thank you for 316 followers! If we make it to 320, I’ll give you two reactions next week :* Lots of love from Al eonni, please support BTS! <333

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Jin: *You - his younger sibling -wanted to complain to your bestie that Jin ate all the pudding in the fridge, but accidentally, you send the message to your older brother instead*

Him: [after reading your text] “Kekeke, ________ is so adorable omg! Complaing about her big brother like that, it reminds me of when I used to complain about the seniors at school~ I feel bad about eating their pudding though. I’ll just text back telling them I’ll go buy new pudding asap”

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Suga: *You intended to send a message to your Mom, complaining about your menstruation pain and the cramps, but accidentally send it to Yoongi because he’s the next person with an ‘M’ in your contact list*

Him: [gets really worried] “Oh my god, I feel so sorry for ______! I never knew getting your period hurts so much. I’ll stop by her house later and bring her some nice take-out food, maybe that’ll make her feel a bit better.”

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Rap Monster: *You immediately realize that you chose the wrong contact for your message and now there’s nothing left to do other than wait for Namjoon’s smooth ass answer*

Him: [texting an answer] “Baby, I don’t really know where I’m supposed to have bought that crop top you were talking about. But it’s nice to know that you cannot stop thinking about me even when you talk to your friends~” 

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J-Hope: *You notice your mistake at the same time as he does, so while Hoseok is still pondering over a response that won’t make you feel like a complete idiot, you’re already typing in your apology*

Him: [after reading how embarressed you feel] “Oh no…I should have reacted sooner :/ Next time, I’ll make it a cute joke. Or I could just fake writing to the wrong person some time in the future so she’ll see that it happens to everyone and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of~”

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Jimin: *You accidentally sent a text intended for your best guy friend to Jimin, your boyfriend*

Him: [gets annoyed] “I really don’t want to put any limits to your relationships, ______, but if I wouldn’t know better, I’d say that your tone towards him is a bit too friendly. Why did you even ask him whether your outfit looked sexy last night when you could have asked me?”

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V: *You accidentally send a message that was supposed to be sent to your friend to Taehyung*

Him: “So I kind of heard that you have a crush on Yoongi hyung? Anyways, I arranged a date for the two of you for tomorrow afternoon~ I’m the greatest friend ever, right? You can thank me later, let’s just prepare everything for the date now, shall we?” 

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Jungkook: *He is clueless what could have happened so he shows your message to his hyungs*

Him: “What do you think my classmate means by this? Why does she want me to buy her bubble tea, and why does she suddenly call me ‘oppa’? I’m younger than her and she knows it! Is that her ways of flirting?”

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