i just realized how bad the quality of that screenshot is

Reasons why I think people ship Syndisparklez part 2:

Part 1 here

1. Reactions to the first kiss:

- Jordan’s reaction included noises that sound like he didn’t think he’d like it and then it was surprisingly pleasing (at 15:05, the link already has the time built in): https://youtu.be/4MooEz_scbU?t=15m5s

Also here’s the excerpt: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/141797412040/were-you-sober-when-you-kissed-tom

Another important thing is that Jordan said he wasn’t drunk, which made us realize that it was a lot more consensual then we thought in the first place (yes, there were posts talking about how the whole thing was problematic and people wrote fics about how Jordan was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up. So knowing he was fairly sober made me and a lot of people feel much better about the whole situation). Also Tom said he didn’t have a hangover, which made us believe he wasn’t really drunk either (https://youtu.be/B4Dm6pqd5Kc?t=3m46s - at 3:46).

- Tom’s reaction was that he really liked it: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/142711271111/did-i-enjoy-kissing-jordan

2. New York:

- Unfortunately those who missed the livestream probably won’t ever see all the Syndisparklez moments that happened that night. The audio was terrible (I mean seriously, the organizers of the event were really unprofessional) so Jordan decided not to upload his stream even though he had better audio than Tom. 

Tom did upload his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MqO_NHAN4c (there’s also a part 1 that’s only 24 minutes long cause his stream crashed, I don’t remember if there are Syndisparklez moments in there, you’re welcome to check), but just beware of really bad audio quality, you can barely hear him and Jordan even less. The bummer is that on Jordan’s stream you could hear both of them but he didn’t upload it. If anyone recorded the stream that night, could you please let us know?

- But there’s one screenshot I took at the end (which isn’t on Tom’s stream but was on Jordan’s) where Tom couldn’t hold back any longer and tickled Jordan’s shoulder:

Screenshots of the tickle that smorescake took (at least I think so; it was posted on their blog): http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143027807783/smorescake-i-dont-know-what-to-say

- Tom’s vlog of the day they spent together at New York is full of Syndisparklez stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZexIlKh5RZs&t=382s

Video highlights of the vlog:

Look at his pants, they’re ridiculous: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143069785835/look-at-his-pants-theyre-ridiculous

This is the most romantic walk to the toilet: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143069962394/this-is-the-most-romantic-walk-to-the-toilet

Other highlights: 

  •  I love you to pieces:
    Tom: Jordan listen, listen, listen alright? I love you to pieces…
    Jordan: By the way…
    Tom: No green shorts, but… *zooms in on Jordan’s ‘shoes’*
    Jordan: What are thoooose?
    Tom: *What* *are* those*? I’m not even doing the ‘what are those’. I’m genuinely asking. Are they loafers?
    Jordan: I don’t know what you call them.
    Tom: Loafers. You’re a loaf of bread.
  • Tom searching desperately for Jordan cause he loses sight of him for a second.
  • Tom zooming in way too close on Jordan’s face quite a few times.

3. Conventions in June 2016:

- Tom texted Jordan while drunk asking him to loan his house for a party (2:27): https://youtu.be/V7YsgJKkT1Y?t=2m27s

  • Tom: Hey, if I did ever do it I’d give you buttery nipples all night long.
    Jordan: Mmmmm, oh that’s…
    Tom: In a sexual term.
    Jordan: That’s more tempting.

- He asked Jordan to give him a return kiss and looked really bummed out when Jordan backed out and walked away (6:14): https://youtu.be/xuuvBLRwg6Q?t=6m14s

Excerpt instead of whole video: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/146461823225/do-i-get-a-kiss-now-you-gotta-return-the-favour

  • Tom: sneaks up behind Jordan with his phone recording so Jordan sees the phone right in front of his face before he sees Tom
    Jordan: Oh! Hi!
    Tom: laughs
    Jordan: That was abrupt.
    Tom: Do I get a kiss now? turns his cheek to Jordan You gotta return the favor. taps his cheek
    Jordan: stares at the camera awkwardly
    Tom: Jor… looking dejected
    Person behind camera: Ooh, ooh…
    Jordan: opens mouth as if to say something, still looking really awkward, then closes his mouth and backs right out of the frame and walks away
    Tom: walks forward looking really sad

4. Pokemon GO:

- Highlights from the Pokemon GO adventures that Jordan and Tom had with their friends:


Tom comes back to Los Angeles and Jordan stars in two of his vlogs. In them they both act like boyfriends.

Highlights from the first video (https://youtu.be/Ri59_jeVwNo):

  • Tom: (sees Mclaren) Oh my gosh Jordan you fucking sexual man!
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: Um if you want…
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: I know a lot of…
    Tom: Dude we’ve already been shipped. We’ve already been shipped!
    Jordan: A lot of people on tumblr would love that.
    Tom: Yeah, can we have babies then? (Jordan: ye, yeah) Can I have your babies (Jordan: yeah) and can this (points at Mclaren) be my, be my present to be your husband? (Jordan grins and nods: yeah)
    Miniladd: Can I be in the background to make weird faces again?
    Tom: God you shit! (I think? I didn’t hear it well)

    (conversation copied from my post on my main blog: https://ineharnia.tumblr.com/post/156368985946/from-toms-video-happy-birthday-surprise)

  • They act soft around each other.
  • Jordan grinning when Tom points the camera at him and then laughing in happiness at the grin: https://ineharnia.tumblr.com/post/156550993956/this-is-my-first-gif
  • Tom has visible hickeys at the end of the video:

Highlights from the second video (https://youtu.be/36U_dqRgQj0?t=9m49s - 9:49, before that he goes iceskating with other people):

Bonus stuff:

- Twitter since December:

‘Get a cleaner side shave and I’d fuck you (no homo)’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/809852523481706497

‘You look like Dwayne Johnson’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/810164150294970368

‘I’d love to skeet with you’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/816402931666731008

‘Will gladly compare dick sizes’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/819390353547534337

‘Thanks bae’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/821625510493061121

‘Date night *smirk*’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/823792024159600640

*kisses pp better* - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/829502423945277440

pp kissing ship support - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/829549890736762880

‘Will you be my valentine?’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/831562841639444480

- Tom feeling Jordan’s abs: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/139819733580/tom-feeling-jordans-abs-enough-said

- Tom kissing other men (plus being extremely flirty and making gay jokes - not the homophobic kind - throughout the videos):



Also here’s a playlist I made of all the Syndisparklez vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLefkFsq32NceWkxW_efhhyzOHcemOU1nd

silverglimse-productions  asked:

I generally don't think Keith would make a good leader, since I find him way to brash, and quick to blow a fuse around others (especially Lance) and I do kind of think that Shiro was biased in the decision, since he (presumably) has know Keith a lot longer than the other three...

This is so freaking interesting for me, actually???? Because I never thought much about which paladin would make a good replacement leader before season 2. And I was already very involved in the fandom when season 2 came out, so when Shiro chose Keith as a leader I - like most people here - actually shared your opinion. 

But then I started following more Keith-centric blogs instead of just Lance-centric ones and watched Voltron again - and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. Yeah, Shiro knows Keith better than the others, but that’s exactly why he sees the sides of him that make a good leader. Keith might blow a fuse rather quickly when someone attacks him with no convincing arguments to back it up (!!) but he is aware of his temper and has succeeded in holding himself back more than once:

(and Lance is just as quick to react to Keith’s insults as Keith is to react to Lances :P)

Keith has an aura that makes everyone around him instinctively listen to him. Right in the very first episode he has demonstrated this, Hunk, Lance and Pidge followed him without complaint: 

And of course they weren’t all that happy about driving off a cliff but it’s a fact that Keith had everything control. It continues with Keith showing them his board about the blue lion (where he actually proves that he is very analytical - he pierced the majority of the story together on his own and immediately knew that the Fraunhofer line that Hunk had drawn a diagram of fit to the caves he had discovered) (apart from that he also convinced the entire team to follow him to the caves…). 

Keith, out of all the paladins (including Shiro who struggles with his self-image), is the most self-aware. He knows what he can and can’t do, even if he sometimes gets overwhelmed by his temper/miscalculates other factors in his plan that lead to him falling down a cliff instead of catapulting him across it. He listens when someone presents a plan that is better than his own-

-and when he sees something that needs to be investigated (be it because his instincts tell him that or because situation calls for it) he is ready to spring to action:

In the first screenshot he really wanted that quintessence. It was never explained why so we can only assume that his instincts told him it was important (and if that’s true, it’s probably gonna play a major role in the future again because his instincts are almost never wrong). As soon as he realized that he couldn’t handle the situation anymore, he called for an extraction. 

In the second screenshot the Arusians saw fire and sentries in their villages. Keith’s solution was to jump down into the fire. Their spacesuits are most likely heat resistant - they can, after all, survive the absolute 0 of space. He did what the situation required, even if it looked a little rash from the outside, and figured out that it was a trap.

^When Allura and him got locked out of the castle, he turned towards her - but not because he was seeking guidance. It was because he acknowledged that she knew the castle better than him and he was looking for solutions. Keith doesn’t need to depend on other people in stressful situations. He might be an emotional person, but he virtually never panics, which is a very important quality for a leader that the other paladins don’t possess. 

Keith is also a lot less selfish than Hunk, Lance or Pidge. He isn’t quite on Shiro’s level yet but he always places the lives of everyone else above his own. “Everyone in the universe has families!” (S1E4) and “It’s not about the glory, Lance.” (S1E7) are some examples of that. 

[another example of that is the BOM episode: Keith survives and thrives of knowing who he is. So when him being Galra suddenly got thrown into the picture, he had to question everything he thought he knew about himself. He tried everything in his might to regain his footing and that’s when Shiro called him “selfish”. But behold: he gave up on “being selfish” when he was forced to decide between defending the universe or finding out about his past. The moment he decided that yes, the lives of everyone else still are more important to him than knowing about his own, like how it’s always been for him, he snapped out of his low. He knew again who he was and awakened the Blade. Keith is selfless, another quality that the leader of the defenders of the entire universe desperately needs.]

What else… oh, he’s actually a really good team player, both with people he has never met before and people he has trained with for a long time:

(The last pic is actually another example of people instinctively following him - Pidge understood what he wanted and nodded at him, agreeing to his plan. He didn’t need to voice it but she looked at him searchingly and from the way the scene was framed it was pretty obvious that she followed him.)

Keith is an amazing team player and can learn from his mistakes. Take the Balmera episode for example, after Lance had shown him that less direct solutions might be better plans sometimes. He did not understand Lance’s second plan via hand signs, but he came up with the same one all on his own. 

And then!! He has also shown that he is aware of support/space his friends might need!!! 

In the Belly of the Weblum episode he effectively calmed Hunk down. When Lance convinced Hunk to go mermaid searching with him, he pretty much just scared him into it - not Keith though. He might not be the best with words but he tries and it works.

He also understood that Allura couldn’t be forced to accept him. She needed time and he respected that. He wasn’t happy about it, but he respected it and was ready to accept any words she might throw at him when she came to apologize (and that was after the BoM episode where he had more or less made peace with who he was).

Oh and forget structure lmao in the Belly of the Weblum episode there was also this gem:

Keith!!!!!! Is not afraid to give compliments when they’re due!!!!! And Hunk was so proud of himself afterwards - these words meant a lot to him. Apart from Shiro, none of the other paladins have shown to have that effect on other people. 

Listen, I’m not saying Keith would be a perfect leader. Far from it, he still needs to work on his temper (example: when he freaking attacked Zarkon!!!) and on explaining his thoughts to the team. The whole “wandering off on his own because this thing here feels important for the future” is another thing that he needs to work on. But the way I see it, he has more leader-like qualities than the other paladins… uh, excluding Shiro of course :’D

See, Keith isn’t Shiro and will never be him: Shiro leads with example and Keith leads with action and instinct. But that does not make him a bad leader. He’s not afraid of the responsibility that comes with the position, he always takes care of the greater good, he doesn’t panic, he can work in a team, he always listens to everything the others say and accepts their words as facts, he can encourage and compliment people, he is analytical…….. he’s just not experienced in leading more than just himself. But that’s what the team is there for: they have shown to be supportive of him but are aware of his mistakes at the same time and it’s honestly the perfect combination to help him grow in the right direction. I do not agree with those who say that Shiro has made the wrong decision with making him the interim leader^^ He isn’t perfect, but he is the best choice for now (ALSO excluding Allura, she’s an awesome leader).

A Conversation With Tyler Mitchell

On a warm February Saturday, I took the bus into the city.  Seeing it would be a couple hours until I met up with Tyler:  I grabbed a slice of pizza, bought a few fashion magazines, and dropped off my film.  I immediately realized I had forgotten to bring my third role of film with me.  And while I was planning to shoot Tyler, at that point it seemed unlikely.  I began rushing around Union Square, running into a random CVS and a couple Walgreens along the way.  

When I got his text that he could meet up for coffee, I quickly walked from Union Square to Soho as a way to save money.  I met Tyler at Saturday Surf NYC where he was chatting with Jonah Levine.  As I sat down, Tyler introduced me to Jonah and shortly after, he left.  Tyler and I chatted for a little before I turned on the iPhone recording app and we started the interview.  Luckily, later on he was able to lend me a roll of film.

Tyler Mitchell is not only one of the most talented photographers I know, he is also one of the most genuine.  After spending the afternoon with him, having him show me his favorite art book store, Dashwood Books, and giving me a small heart attack after casually mentioning hanging out with Amandla Stenberg, it was clear that art meant a little more to him than fame.  He even snuck in some low-key useful life advice for the rest of us, “Sometimes meeting your idols is dangerous.  I used to really wanted to be apart of an artist’s circle for so long and once I got to know them, I didn’t want it as much.  You know, it’s always refreshing to do your own thing.”

While Dazed 100 has given him a huge amount of recognition, it is only the start for him.  With a few secret projects coming soon and a book already out, he is definitely an artist to watch in 2016.

We talked about everything from high school to Dazed 100, check it out.

Has art always been a part of your life?

Yeah, basically.  Since day one?  I don’t know.  But, you can’t really avoid wanting to produce stuff for other people, if you think the way I do.  That’s what I realized when I was talking to my friend the other day, he is an artist, too.  And we were saying how in this world, we aren’t consumers.  The way we think is always driven to produce and create.  So I guess in that way, art has always been a part of my life.  That’s probably the best way I can give it to you.

When did you start photography?

I started, actually, when I was fourteen.  But seriously, a year ago.  I started when I was fourteen, just through skateboarding.  I really didn’t like the school I was going to in Atlanta.  And I didn’t like what the group of people were doing.  If you are a black kid in my school, you are either an athlete or a nerd who dwells in the basement of this high school.  And I thought, ‘why can’t I pick a third option?’  So I started skateboarding and taught myself skating on youtube and my computer.  I got really into skating, I made a group of friends.  We would all go to parks and we would build parks.  Then my friend got a DSLR and taught me.  He said, ‘Yo, you should learn.’  We would watch skate videos all the time and I thought, ‘wow, shit, someone can create really high quality videos with this little camera.’  

I really like those; My friend actually has one of those really big cameras.

Which one?

I forgot what it’s called.  It’s tape, it’s not digital.  But they look so cool and I wanted to get one.  So I looked it up and they are over a thousand dollars.  So I was like, ‘nah’, I can’t do this.

Yeah, they can get quite expensive but I just remember using my friends and wanting to take pictures.

So you go to NYU right?


And what are you studying?

Film.  Film and TV is my major but this semester I’m taking all photo classes.  It’s weird because I don’t know what I want to do right now.  I want to do film and photo and in my brain, they are the same thing but people always want to ask me what I like better.  You know when people give you that question, ‘What do you want to do? Or which do you want to be?’ , and they try to make you chose?  That is where people are with me right now.  And I just think they are kind of the same.

For me at least, I always like to imagine myself, in the future, writing, taking photos, making movies, well maybe not movies but short films with my friends.

And that’s why you have a magazine.  You want to cross platforms or cross mediums, I guess.

Yeah and I feel like there are so many people who are successful with doing that.  But people think of them as a single entity, instead of what the norm can be for people.

Because you end up becoming famous for one thing or you end up being known for one specific project.  So they immediately say to you, oh I really like that thing.  But you are like, ‘well thank you, but there are also all these other things that exist’.  And that happens to anyone because people want to categorize.

Did you meet Grace Miceli before the Art Baby show, The Daydreamers?

Yeah! I met her because- well first she followed me on Instagram which is how people meet now, I guess.  She did that and I didn’t really know anything about her or her circle.  And it’s weird because both of our circles are joining in a way.  I would say, I wasn’t really involved in what she was doing, but I respected it.  And someone from Oyster emailed me saying, ‘Grace specifically wanted to name you as one of the five artists that are doing something important on the internet’ and I was like yah of course.  That is when I wasn’t really doing much press at all and things were way more low-key.  And it was like Grace named you specifically, I thought that was so cool because I was in a list of four other girls and I was so down for that.  I was so excited about that because I wasn’t being categorized either as a male making art or someone involved in street style making art.  Grace was just like you are doing cool things.  So then I made sure to keep in touch with her.  We kept in touch and then started doing shows together.

Where were the photos from The Daydreamers show from?

So, those were all stills from a short film.  They were, I don’t know if you remember the two diptychs, but those were stills from the short film.  And then the one in the middle was just a photo I took of my friend, Sam, and the name of the short film was, ‘Wish This Was Real’, and it all came from me thinking about what I wanted to represent.  I was thinking about how originally I took a lot of portraits of people who were my friends.  And I wasn’t thinking much about what that could mean or how those people are an extension of myself as a photographer.  So, I was taking pictures of my friend Ellis, who you know, and my friend Nicki, and most of these people were girls who were white.  Not that that’s bad, but that’s where I started in portraiture.  And people started to align that image with me.  I was like wait a minute, I want to be a bit more autobiographical and talk about being a black man.  Kind of going back to that thing in high school, where you are either an athlete or a nerd, and I wanted to pick a third option.  With this, I wanted to make a third world of black men with color and water guns.  Which is how I photographed them.

What video was shown in the second Art Baby show?

It was the resulting film.  In Daydreamers, it was the screenshots from the film and I was working on the film the whole time.  And then [Grace] asked me if I wanted to do the video, and I thought, ‘perfect’.

That is so great, you got to show both forms.

Yeah and Grace was like I fully support what you are doing.  And it was weird because I always feel like I don’t fit.  I don’t even know if you can say this but I always felt like, ‘Wow, Grace why are you always calling on me’.  I don’t really fit in this weird way.  Everyone else’s video was very art-y, very home video, DIY, a voice over.  And mine was very hi-fi, color, sound, no voice over.  It was just different.  I’m just honored that she did that.  

Did you know about the Dazed 100 before it came out?

Yeah, they email everyone.  But the crazy thing was they emailed me and said they wanted to put me in it and I just didn’t think it was going to happen.  So I asked them when it was coming out and they didn’t tell me that.  I just woke up one morning and I thought, ‘holy shit, it’s out’.

I think, last time I checked you were number two.  That’s wild.

It’s crazy, I don’t know how it happened.

How was the Dazed 100 party?

Insane.  I mean, did you see anything about it?

I saw some of the photos and it looked like so much fun.

So basically, I was thinking- I honestly don’t know what I was thinking because I still can’t believe I’m on the list.  But then they told me about the party and I was like, ‘okay I’m gonna go out to Brooklyn and it’s gonna be this low-key thing,’ because it was during Fashion Week.  So I figured all these people would have way more important things to do.  But, everyone was at Dazed.

Yeah because it’s kind of a New York Fashion Week Party.

Yeah kinda.  It was just scary seeing Frank Ocean there.  Seeing Dev Hynes, who I look up to so much, I almost cried a little bit when I saw him.  I mean, you see all the people you look up to and you see all the people who influence you but also you were just having a good time with them.  It was in this big warehouse and Arca dj-ed and my friend started crying when he saw Arca.  He went up to him and gave him a hug.

Okay, so your book, you took those photos last summer?

Yeah, half a year ago.  I was in Cuba for a month and I went with my school.  And I didn’t really know what I was going to get up into.  But as soon as I got there I knew I had to shoot everyday.  NYC isn’t what my mind would create.  I would create a city much more colorful.  So when I got to Havana, I thought, ‘why is this exactly how my brain functions’.  I got there and I basically shot three things; I started photographing my friends wearing interesting colors so I would purely play with form.  I would photograph my friend wearing a nice colored shirt and we would go to a basketball court to had these arches and I would make sure to get the arches.  I was playing with composition.  Or I would just shoot the composition, I would look at the cars, the buildings, and how those interact and try to convey an emotion with them.  And then the third thing I started shooting were these skaters and that was kind of the last component.  Then I sort of lumped those all together, started playing with page arrangements, and was like I can make this into a book.  The skaters came last, I bet them the night before the first GoSkate Day in Cuba and that first GoSkate Day was kind of historic.  It was crazy to be there and see all of the events, meet all these kids who were donated skating equipment.  So I was able to photograph them in more of a documentary way and mix that with my super composed, colorful stuff.

That’s kind of interesting because you said the reason you got into photography was skateboarding and then you made a book that included skate photography.

It weirdly came full circle.  But I don’t think I could ever say to someone that I skate at this moment.  Because I just don’t do it everyday.  And it’s weird because I did do it everyday in Atlanta but as soon as I moved to NY, I let go of it.  I think that’s because NY is not my ideal city for skating.  It’s too much.  There are too many things pulling you in different directions.  And also, Atlanta was just a better place to skate for me.  I can’t put my finger on it but I was a skater then and I’m not a skater now.  But that full transition allowed me to shoot these skaters in Cuba in a much different way than I would of back then.

After you graduate from NYU, do you want to stay in NYC?

I don’t know.  It’s expensive first off, if I can afford to live here than maybe.  But then let’s assume that I can, I might want to be traveling other places.  I always go to LA and love it.  I basically go to any other place and like it more.  I always say that NY is a place with tons of doors but also tons of gates if that makes sense.  There are all these opportunities but then there are also all these gates that want to keep you out of people’s resources.  And as a photographer, you need to surround yourself with resources.  If you need to wake up and shoot someone in your house ,you can.  If you need to wake up in the morning and shoot someone in the ocean, you can.  A photographer needs to be surrounded with resources to fully let their mind work and I think NY has a lot of gates.

And how do you think the internet and social media has influenced your work?

Fully.  I mean, there is no avoiding it and people kind of know that and can see that by how I operate.  And I’m sure that’s true but the reason I create is not because of the internet, it’s because of emotion and human emotion.  But, I am influenced by all of that stuff.  But, I’m getting older, I’m 20, and I’m getting away from that.

Check Tyler out on Instagram @tylersphotos

Interview and Photos by Remi Riordan ( insta: @ghostgirlly )

okAY I’ve literally had this in my inbox for months i’m so sorry (it’s from my old blog lmao that’s how old it is hence the screenshot) buT if it’s any consolation this is actually massively long (just under 5k lmao whoops whats a short fic i’ve never heard of that). also, while i’m pretty satisfied with the job i’ve done, i would like to disclaim that i literally know NOTHIGN about porn like i don’t think anyone expects me to be a porn expert but literally if there’s ANY accurate knowledge about filming porn in here whatsoever that’s entirely a coincidence. i made this shit up. all of it. okay. on with the fic.

           Zayn doesn’t think he’s been this nervous since his A levels. Maybe not even then. This may actually be the most nerve-wracking moment of his life, excluding the time he went on a plane for the first time and fucking Louis told him it was going to do loops in the air. Come to think of it, Louis’ been involved in all his worst moments in one way or another. It’s certainly his fault that Zayn’s here now. Well, his and Harry’s fault, if Zayn’s being completely fair, but he prefers to blame Louis for everything because he knows that if the positions were reversed, Louis would do the same.

           Anyway, today is Zayn’s first day on a new job.

           He’s going to be doing porn.

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fallout 4 retrospective

(This was written after 110 hours in-game.)

As time goes on, and I think about the game more, I start to like Fallout 4 less. I think the actual moment I stopped decreasing in my enjoyment of it was when I set upon giving it a 6.5/10, but I think what really killed the game for me is being a hardcore Fallout fan.

The thing about the original games and New Vegas that I loved was the solid writing and the black comedy. It was both cartoony and fatalistic, but those traits don’t appear to have transitioned over to the Bethesda Fallouts. Fallout 3 doesn’t ever really crack jokes, and when Fallout 4 does it, it’s in the form of just straight up bland sarcasm. 

Sarcasm is something present in Fallout, for sure, but it was the blend of dark, horrific realities of the wastes coupled with three tiny women beating you with rolling pins that made me laugh my ass off. 

For example, The Silver Shroud quest is funny, and dark, but it never hits that intense juxtaposition of cartoony (literally) humor and tragedy. It mostly comes off as silly, straight-faced, and far less creative.

I’m not sure why, but I think that Fallout 3 would have worked better as something dramatically over-the-top, like a gore porn post-apocalyptic thing. I truly think that removing the Fallout label and having Bethesda just make their own post-apocalyptic stuff would work better.

Of course, this is also shrugging off the obvious technique problems Bethesda has. Fallout 4 may look beautiful in screenshots and from a distance, but as you get closer and closer, the character animations look so stiff and bad. The moment where you meet Cait, and she kicks the ass of the other raider, is the best example. Have you seen her celebratory animation up close? She looks like a wind-up doll, spinning about with her fists raised.

The reason I was able to shrug off the twisty animations in New Vegas was because the quality of the dialog that the characters were delivering enabled me to accept it. It was similar to Life is Strange, where I criticized the lip-syncing, but was able to enjoy it anyways, because of the strength of the voice acting and characterization.

Fallout 4 doesn’t do that. With nothing else to really chew on for several hours, I’m forced to look at the gameplay and visuals more and more, and focus on the dialog less and less. And that’s a problem. Fallout 4 is using the same, outdated combat outline that was used 8 years ago by Fallout 3. In a game from 2008 and 2010, that’s fine, but now it’s clear that Bethesda has been working on this game for too long, building a game that would have been immersive and incredible had it been released in 2012. It’s old, rickety systems from 2008 being plugged full of genuine care and love, but nothing can really convince me that the system just needed to be started from scratch.

I could go on for hours, like how the main story is clearly written for a male character, the opening Sanctuary Hills is a complete destruction of all Fallout canon stands for, but then I think I realize that this game isn’t really for me.

All of these lore issues and tonal inconsistencies with the previous game in the series make me think that this game was created for a new generation of Fallout fans. And that kind of makes me sad. We have Underrail and Wasteland 2, but none of them are quite at the level of Fallout 2′s fatalistic missing-tooth grin, or New Vegas’ anarchic political rollercoaster.

Fact is, Fallout 4 is alright, but even when I shrug the personal problems I have, I cannot understand this critical obsession. This game is not and never will be a 10/10 masterpiece of the media, seeing Todd Howard become our new God after Hideo Kojima. There are serious criticisms that need to be made, and discussion to be had.

Sailor Moon Crystal... Take 3!

New Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3!

Alright I know some of you asked about what I think of the new season since I was a pretty big anti-crystal person thus far…I should do a proper review with proper screenshots but I’m a bit lazy but overall…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Season 3! Everything is just SO MUCH BETTER. I know that’s not saying a lot considering the really shitty quality of season 1 and 2 on all fronts–story, characterization, art and animation. But so far, Cryastal 3 quality holds up to the better animated shows today. It’s the show we should have gotten FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of this whole entire reboot.

So let’s begin with all the things that they fixed!

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