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The Devil’s Subordinates.
  1. Gordon RAMsey 
  • This be Envi, AKA the newest addition to the horrible people club.
  • Good with any child that isn’t Satanick’s.
  • Only capable of laughing when he’s drunk.(Same tbh….)
  • Has the personality that of a twelve year old boy ranting on YouTube.
  • Has a keris but murdering people with umbrellas is a lot more fun, amirite?

2. Shingen Kishitani

  • This strange man is Yagi.
  • His name means “goat.” In other words he’s a moose.
  • Likes smoking cigars, drinking alcohol, and doing everything else he can to forget the responsibilities that come with being a father and husband.
  • Has the doki-doki for Sullivan.
  • He wears a gas mask constantly and taking a look at the man in charge, I can’t blame him.

3. Back alley Doctor

  • This not suspicious figure is Lec Hijohshiki.
  • He’s really good at curing illnesses and injuries!
  • But that’s for noobs, so it’s back to spreading the plague and pushing old ladies down stairs.
  • Has a brother (We’ll get to him later…) He’s the better of the two, actually.
  • Like any normal pair of siblings, he’s either calming his brother down or eating his internal organs.


  • I don’t want to say his name…but I kind of have to so this everyone, is Roc Hijohshiki.
  • Trash.
  • His hobbies include: lynching angels, starting shit with random people, and the most notorious…abusing innocent, adorable lobsters.
  • He actually has these really weird mouths on his hands. Fuckin Deidara wannabe.

5. He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, If you Ain’t Wearing Gucci GTFO His Face.

  • This is Benihotaru!
  • A derivation of his name is “lipstick” Wonderful.
  • Amongst all his fellow comrades he appears fairly stable, probably why he gets no screen time.
  • A hysterical clean freak who looks oddly serene.

6. Invader Zim

  • This is Edabane (feat. Zigzag’s hand)
  • Move over Licorice, this guy is a literal man baby. 
  • Deeply committed to his wife, Zigzag. (See hand for more info)
  • Not much of a talker, apparently.
  • I like his hat.

7. ‘Film’ Producer

  • This is Hidou….yeeeah.
  • He enjoys watching movies. I’m not talking Lion King though, 
  • He has great footage of Karma biting Roc in the ass.
  • Despite this please do not approach this man.
  • Look what happened to the angel nurse, she didn’t even make it long enough to get a name.

8. Aconita’s Husbando

  • Tis be Kyou.
  • Don’t be afraid of him, guys. He just wants your heart~
  • Nah but he likes collecting angel hearts.
  • A pervert with headsweat issues.
  • Faithful to his wife. (Presumably Aconita.)

9. Sinnamon Roll

  • Is his name Kan or Hitoki? Whatever he’s a tiny sinner.
  • Enjoys feigning innocence (because we know how innocent the Pitch Black World is.)
  • Will attack you in your sleep and then make you wonder how he got into your home.
  • Has some crazy fucking morals. 
  • Depraved and weird.


  • This creepy dude is Dokugai.
  • He (as you can see) has lots of piercings but if you thought his no-no bits were clean then boy have I got news for you.
  • He loves little boys.
  • Probably isn’t allowed within 500 feet of a school.
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband.
Sick (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Word Count: 474

Genre: A fluffy

Request/Summary: Alexander is sick and won’t go to bed and FLUFF (I have sucky summary skills. Deal with it.)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

AU: Hamiltime

Warnings: None… probably…?

A/N- This is probably the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Whatever. Also I couldn’t find a hammy gif that matched the fic so I just picked this one. Burr doesn’t even like exist in this fic.

Originally posted by entertainmentweekly

“Alexander, are you alright?” You asked, noticing your husband hunched over his desk, sweaty and pale.

“I’m fine.” He waved you off.

“Perhaps you should get a good night’s rest.” You proposed, stroking his hair.

“I need to finish this.” He replied, still not looking at you.

“Alex, you’re burning up.” You said, touching his face. He pushed your hand away gently.

“It’ll be gone by morning. You go to bed, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He squeezed your hand and you left for bed with a sigh. You crawled into bed, familiar with the cold emptiness that welcomed you from the other side.

You woke again much later in the night, the bed still empty. You got up and left the room.

“Alex?” You asked, yawning. You turned the corner to find him asleep at his desk. You brought a blanket over from the living room and wrapped it around his shoulders, shaking him awake.

“I gotta finish.” He mumbled, sitting up.

“Alex honey, I think you should go to bed.” You encouraged tiredly. “You can finish up in the morning,”

“I- Okay.” He said, finally giving in. He stood and you walked him to bed where he promptly fell asleep.

When you awoke, the other side of the bed was empty yet again. You got up and found his desk empty as well. After searching for a few minutes you found Alexander sitting criss-cross on the kitchen floor with a bucket in his lap.

“I’m sick.” He groaned.

“You think?” You giggled in response. He nodded. “Do you want me to go get the doctor?”

“No.” He shook his head. “I gotta go to work.” He stood up, wobbling. You balanced him with a hand on his chest.

“Go back to bed and I’ll go tell president Washington you can’t make it to work today.” You ordered.

“But-” He began.

“No buts.” You interrupted. “Back to bed.”

“Mrs. Hamilton. Good morning, what brings you here today?” George asked, opening the door.

“Mr. President, I’m afraid I’ve come to inform you that my husband can not be arriving at work today, he’s contracted a virus.” You informed. You could see that the former general was disappointed at the absence of his right hand man but he nodded politely.

“Of course. Thank you Mrs. Hamilton for informing me of this. I hope Alexander feels better soon.” He said.

“I’ll pass on your regards.” You added before leaving his doorstep.

You came home to find Alex in bed reading, his spectacles resting on his nose.

“Any improvements?” You asked.

“I stopped throwing up.” He answered.

“That’s good news.” You joined him on the bed.

“I suppose so.”

“The president sends his regards.” You peppered his face with quick soft kisses.

“Don’t get yourself sick.” He replied with a sheepish smile, kissing your cheek.