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Hi:) I love your blog (freaking wonderful!!) and I just realized that I have never read any dark!Merlin or dark!Arthur Merthur stories... Do you know if they ever exist??


I Will Be Your Safety
Merlin takes Arthur and locks him up somewhere in order to keep him safe from danger. He goes to visit Arthur and they naturally have lots of kinky sex but as time goes by Merlin finds he doesn’t want to let Arthur go. He doesn’t want to share him with the world. He wants to keep him locked away where he can have him all to himself.

The Spoils of War by Clea2011
It had been nearly a year, and still Merlin couldn’t quite get used to living in the grandeur of Camelot. After the small settlement where he had grown up it still seemed far too much, more than anyone could need.

The Devil at the gate by skellerbvvt
Wherein Merlin ends the world, because the world won’t stop hurting him.

The Skeleton Boy by asilentherald
Hunith’s death breaks Merlin, cutting a gaping hole in his body and leaving him vulnerable to the crows. Not even Arthur’s golden presence can stop Camelot turning on Merlin – or Merlin turning his back on Camelot, not with the hole in his chest and a desperate need to fix it consuming him.

Nothing Left To Lose by bethfekete
Morgana is dead. The war is over. Something inside Merlin snaps.

Liar Liar by DesdemonaSigh
In the end, Arthur gets Merlin. It’s been five years, and Merlin is The Devil, but the war is over and Arthur still thinks he is beautiful.


Let my people go by Julie290
At what point does destiny break, or rather at what point do we realise it is broken? How do we know when it is about to go astray? What do we do when we understand that what is happening isn’t meant to be? What Merlin did, was walk away…

Caged Little Bird by Deminos
Arthur Pendragon has almost everything he could ever want; he’s smart, handsome, charismatic, and rich. However, he longs for the same kind of perfect, loving relationship his own parents had enjoyed…the kind of relationship that generations of the Pendragon family have enjoyed. But in all his searching, Arthur has never found the right person to love, the other half of his soul…until now.

Body Soul And Magic by dante-s-hell
To save Camelot, Arthur sacrifices himself and walks through the veil. But he is the Once and Future King and destiny is still waiting to be fulfilled. It is just not how Merlin thought it would be. But Merlin is okay–more than okay–with how things turn out. Or, Arthur enters the veil and comes back a little different.

I’d suggest to track the dark!merlin and the dark!arthur tags over A03 if you enjoy the genre (I’ve only listed some canon ones here in the post); there are some really great wips that might interest you over there ;)

Folie à Deux - an Adlock ficlet

For @sorrowsflower

Mary had once got ahold of Sherlock’s phone - his personal one as he had dozens – and for weeks after she’d teased him about the obscure and inane apps he had, although at the time she’d seemed most delighted by the Snapchat app.

“A little old for that, aren’t we?” she had crowed.

He’d had a cover story ready, had in fact already concocted one for this exact scenario.

“It was for a case,” he’d said in a bored drawl. “I needed to masquerade as a teenaged girl in order to entrap a Gumtree predator last month – took an evening. I’d delete it but the persona has become useful. I didn’t have an adolescent in circulation before and it’s amazing how responsive and careless a certain sort of man will be with her.”

John had made a disgusted face but Mary’s gaze had sharpened and become sardonic, and she’d opened her mouth to call him out on the lie, but then closed it again and turned away, changing the subject. She must have seen the sudden tensing of his face and had let the matter drop; her discretion was one of the many reasons he adored John’s choice in spouse.

Mary, of course, had been correct. Unlike the ever-cycling series of apps consuming memory on his phone, this one was… recreational.

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