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My interest in HIGH SCHOOL AUs used to register in the negative and I’m still not really entirely sure how that changed! I think it’s a combination of admittedly being hungry for anything with these characters and that thing where… frankly, Loki screams of a teenager going through a rebellious phase to me, so of course seeing him as an actual teenager makes all the sense in the world to me.

Tom Hiddleston has even compared Thor to the popular football player type to Loki’s artistic quieter type, further making it just so easy for me to see them in a high school au setting!  But, well, honestly. A lot of it is also that teenage boys are obnoxious assholes and that is why I love them. (I can’t properly recommend my own work, but I’m slowly getting my own high school AU fics up on AO3.)

shifting your shape to my shells by hannibalisms, thor/loki + other mcu characters, NSFW, college au, abuse issues, 55k

Loki would like to think that a random roommate is better than being alone again, but since he can’t really get a word in edgewise, he doesn’t know for sure.

Dubious Intent by mintea, thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, 8.9k

When Loki imagined how he would eventually be expelled from his prissy private school, he did not envision it being such a dull event.

untitled by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, high school au, ~1k

Loki barely swallows a groan as he pushes himself from the wall. Thor, on the other hand, is not even trying to hide the grin on his face as he strides up beside Loki, a broad shoulder bumping into his. Loki’s annoyance spikes up with it.

The Glorious Conclusion of the Marvelous Story of the Time-Traveling Wolf Cadaver by MonstrousRegiment, thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, 3.4k

One time, Loki and Thor were crammed together in the belly of a huge, bear-sized, stuffed wolf, and talked about their dicks. This is exactly as disturbing as it sounds.

The Fundamental Theorem of Shakespeare by Canute, thor/loki + other mcu characters, NSFW, high school au, teacher/student relationship, 48k wip

Thanks to a prank gone wrong, Loki gets kicked out of a class and must sign up for a new one in order to earn enough credits to graduate. The problem? He may or may not have implied wanting sexual relations with his teacher. Fortunately, it seems as if his feelings might not be so unrequited after all. Thor/Loki, with Steve/Tony on the side

Hearts in Great Demand by loki_god_of_sexiness, thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, fluff, 3.6k 

Prompt: ”What about an AU teen Thor and Loki are on Earth where it’s autumn and they’re just having the time of their lives like going to the park and other cutesy stuff and it’s all romantic then later it’s all like wow hot damn. *failed wink*”

Deuces Are Wild by CalamityCain, thor/loki, somewhat nsfw, human au, college au, 1.5k

When Thor found him, Loki was a battered survivor on a long lonely road. Tying your heart to such a troubled creature can only bring trouble. But Thor is willing to risk it, even if it means changing his ordinary world forever.

A Little More Than Mammals by RazzleDazzle, thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, 4.4k


untitled by takemetothedungeons [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, high school au, ~1k

Love letters and roses and small gifts in his locker. He walks away, trailing the remaining chunks of paper after him and inwardly compiles a list of good pranks to calm himself.

Untitled by insouciant, thor/loki, high school au, 1k

Thor stumbles upon his best friend Loki’s final senior project for his photography class.

doctrinam by Shinkirou, thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, 2.8k

Loki finds it somewhat hard to help when Thor’s focused more on getting in his pants.

All in Good Fun (Really) by Canute, thor/loki + other mcu characters, high school au, 6.6k

Loki Laufeyson is currently living by himself in an apartment, works at a convenience store that sells pretty convincing models of doombots, and spends practically every afternoon at the diner situated conveniently in front of the Avengers tower. Somehow, a superhero takes an interest in him.

Blind by mrhiddles, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, human au, college au, light bondage, 11k

Thor’s in a frat and Loki’s not. It’s close to finals and a year to graduation and Loki finally accepts one of Thor’s badgering attempts at getting him to attend one of Thor’s parties. But Thor back peddles when he realizes Loki is more interested in some of the darker aspects these parties can offer.

SHIELD Academy: Loki Hates People by blueberry01120, thor/loki + steve/tony + avengers + greater marvel universe characters, nsfw, high school au, 441k

Loki never asked his mother for a new life, to move to America, to start at a new school, or for a step-brother. He certainly didn’t ask for said step-brother to be built like the Norse god he’s named for, and he didn’t ask for his body to react anytime said step-brother touched him. Well, it doesn’t matter that Loki didn’t ask for any of it because that is his new life, and he better learn to deal with it.

SHIELD Academy is one of the top schools in the nation, but the students are even more colorful. Loki makes “friends"—using that term flexibly—fast, and that’s all great except for he’s falling faster.

Loki hates people, has always hated people, for a reason. It looks like those reasons are his life now.

Go, Thor, Go! by blueberry01120, thor/loki, nsfw, high school au, crossdressing, 11.2k

Loki is a cheerleader. His not-brother Thor is a football player. Thor likes cheerleaders and may or may not have a weakness for Loki (read: definitely has a weakness for Loki which Loki knows all about). Very sticky pompoms follow.

Day 3: Gaming/watching a movie by norsebackriding [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, high school au, human au, 1.3k

Loki finished his homework and studying early tonight. He had no idea what to do with himself. He got out a book, but he was too restless to read. He considered going for a walk, but that seemed uninteresting. Still, he had so much energy to burn off…and he knew exactly how he wanted to do that.

high-school reunion super-short au by lambscreams [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, high school au, ~1k

Contrary to what the entire high school thought, Thor and Loki rather got on at home.

Loki the Teenage Witch by Miss Synph (Synph), thor/loki, high school au, ~1k

Loki could magick the polish onto his toenails, but where would the fun be in that?

hold me a little closer by DailyDrabble (EliraWinter), thor/loki, high school au, ~1k

Loki has a bad day at school and Thor’s there afterwards to make him smile.

Untitled High School AU (WIP) by lokilaufeyson, thor/loki, nsfw, high school au, 1.3k

Thor’s a jock, Loki’s a quiet studious loner who happens to have a crush on Thor. Thor would never be caught dead with Loki, not romantically, but things happen.

Three Weeks Before Hell by smileybagel, thor/loki eventually + odin/laufey, high schook au, 11.7k wip

Odin and Laufey are set to wed in New York. Their sons are not so happy about this arrangement. In fact, they already hate each other. They have hated each other since they were toddlers. And now, they must become brothers.

Hogwartvengers ‘Verse , thor/loki + multiple mcu pairings (read the tags for invidual pairings in a given fic), 200k for the entire fic, probably about ~30-50k for the parts I’m recommending?

A Hogwarts AU in which the Avengers are Hogwarts students.

Loki Odinson and the Hogwarts Housemates by Coneycat, thor & loki + being human cast + frigga/odin, HP crossover, school au, fluff (fluffy angst), kidfic, some bullying, 116.8k

Loki Odinson, younger son of a high official in the Ministry for Magic, has never had a real friend and hopes that will change when he starts his first year at Hogwarts. Then he learns something that makes even that hope seem impossible.

full details + recs inside!

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Do you have any Rory/Jess fic recs?

oh my god totally! 

i’ve already written up two lists from awhile ago: here and here. some of them do overlap, but the second one is just a more extensive list. all of my favourites are on those lists and they’re separated by “incomplete” and “complete” with a full summary and rating and some of my individual thoughts. i hope you enjoy! :D

a few more that i’m reading recently (hence they are incomplete) that haven’t been put on there are below:

3:47 AM by Eutony: Post-series Literati. “Take a breath,” he intoned. His heart clenched again. He heard the deep, unsteady, broken breath she took, and the watery exhale, too. “Are you alright?” … “No, I’m…I’m not.”

(i know, not a lot to go of of in the summary, but trust me, it’s really good. it’s a more broken much darker Rory than we’ve seen on the series and Jess is the one there taking care of her and it’s kind of a beautiful set up.)

Celestial Cove by oywiththepoodles22: AU. Lorelai raised Rory in California instead – Rory Gilmore is looking forward to one last summer in her hometown before heading off to Yale, but her plans are derailed when her mother offers Jess, a young runaway, shelter and a job. As she grows closer to Jess, her relationship with her boyfriend and her certainty about her future wavers.

(no her boyfriend isn’t Dean. and also, from what i can remember, Jimmy still does show up, but it doesn’t work out and he makes his way across CA. there’s a detailed summary in the first chapter. it’s definitely different, but not out of character imo.)

Eight and a Half by ImagineBackstory: Set in present day, eight and a half years after the Truncheon kiss, Rory and Jess unexpectedly reunited in Stars Hollow after Rory impulsively sends Jess an invitation to her wedding. When the wedding is suddenly postponed and Rory moves to New York, they are left with eight and a half years of suppressed feelings and one one outlet: each-other.

(this one legit hurts me to read. haha. like it’s super drama and angst ridden, but Rory and Jess are both with different people in the beginning. and it just ugh it hurts but so far, in chapter 22, it’s getting back to Literati territory. the only thing i’d say be wary of is that she tends to write Jess very hipstery, so if you don’t like that, don’t read. but overall it’s not a bad story.) 

Shout outs

I don’t normally do these; I have a pathological fear of coming off as ridiculous. 

But I wanted to give a little New Year’s love to some of my favorite authors (and I hope I have the Tumblr names right) 

@i-am-thornqueen : writer of A Werecat in London. I know you’ve had a rough go of it later in 2016. I hope 2017 improves for you. Thanks for that most recent update, it was a wonderful surprise. Love the original characters and your posts about your headcannons for them. I should just re-read from the start again. Long live “I am so done with your shit” long suffering John Moon. 

@sadrien : writer of Tangled Ribbons. I re-read that thing from the start recently and fell in love with it all over again. Ugh. Love it. Looove it. (Also, many many years ago I was in ballet and tap. Ha ha ha!) 

@whitebear-ofthe-watertribe : writer of A Brand New Dawn. If I thought getting an update on AWIL was a surprise, getting the final chapter of this one was even more so. I always loved your ability to describe settings and colors in this story. I could just picture Marinette looking at the sunrise for dress inspiration so vividly. And the market when they went shopping! 

@ashesandhoney : writer of Sealed Away. I still think about our little chat about tarot cards a while back (under my non fandom blog). Sealed Away is one of my all time favorites. Based on posts you’ve made, I know that one sometimes gives you trouble for a couple of reasons. A virtual hug to you. Honestly, I really do think your writing is wonderful, even the “unplanned” parts! 

@freedom-shamrock : writer of Chat as Chat Can. The fluff. Oh the fluff, it was so very much needed of late with how crap the world has been. For that alone, thank you. 

@insanitysscribblings : writer of Back to Us. Omg. I didn’t think I would really like the “enemies” start to this fic and boy was I wrong. I’ve been reading this since maybe around the time chapter 6 came out? The whole story line keeps me on my toes and I love the character additions you’ve made. Always a treat to get an update notice. 

@geek-fashionista : writer of Lucky Us. This non magical version of our oblivious love catbugs is delightful. Also love the different take on Chloe and Adrien’s interactions. I find myself wanting to know more about why Chloe is the way she is. 

@xiueryn (not tagging properly?) : writer of Découvrir . Kinda got a Twelfth Night vibe to it. Can’t wait for the next chapter now that they finally know who’s who! 

@metawohoo : writer of A Witch’s Familiar . Man, I binge-read that thing when it was around 40 chapters. I was so tired the next - er - later that morning for work. Worth it. This is like THE Natalie-centric fic for me. 

@siderealscribblings : writer of Satisfaction Brought It Back . Wow. I knew about this one for a long while, but I resisted reading it. I blame the horror that is 50 Shades of Bullshit for making me resist this for so long. You involved a topic that has been written so, so poorly and abusively by others, but you did it so damn well AND made it clear that the sexiest thing of all is enthusiastic informed consent and communication. 

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YES PUNCH THAT IDIOT, BUCKY! He deserves so much more than just a simple punch and I really hope we get to see (Y/N) tear him a new one someday!

Bucky knooooows of Steve’ s crush!!! And come on, Rogers, not past tense! AS IF! Why do these idiots always have to be in denial about their feelings?! I love that Bucky is playing matchmaker. He’s such a good big (8 minutes older) bro!

For some reason, I didn’t make the connection to Brock Rumlow when I read the last chapter! I can be a bit dense sometimes! 😂 But ugh! He is a disgusting pig and I am so glad she’s leaving him and that she’s got Steve and Bucky to help her with the situation!

I love this, Mimi!

This was awesome! Thank you!

Three’s Company

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I am here to rant, why are you so cruel author-nim, i have just read your latest chapter of You will never walk alone... Wel thank you, i mean i hate you, but seriously thank you, all i want is to sing that old song for ya, which goes: UN-BREAK MY HEART... T T P.s. still thank you, i love gang!aus and i like your masterpiece T T

Fleurie’s Love And War goes absolutely perfectly with the new chapter. You should listen to it Laura!!!

Jimin saves the day please say Jimin saves the day

i just finished crying and now my eyes are swollen AHAHA LAURA WHY.

cried when i saw ALL of them were rlly dead. cried when i realized jimin ded. cried bc of jk. cried bc jk could be ded. cried bc v could be ded. thanks L.

The number of times you’ve made me cry bc of ynwa is a lot. I’m just-ugh. I also binge read it in 30 minutes so I had to deal with a lot. I’ve also never been so scared of a fanfic before like wow.

thank you all so much you’re all so soft omggg! i will definitely listen to that song and i apologise but jimin won’t be saving the day ))): i’m sorry for upsetting so many people! i hope you like the finale! x 

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on your fanfic recs page, you have a lot of drarry fics (which is just what im looking for!) but since there are so many I was wondering which ones are your favourites? maybe, top 3 favourites?

Oh gosh. Picking my favourite was easy. Narrowing down the others, not so much. Though the list on my fic recs page is not entirely in any particular order, I will order these for you. (ps I basically only read mature or NC-17 stories but I usually only like smut with plot so??? I hope that’s ok)

1. Secrets by Vorabiza is probably my favourite Drarry fic of all time, ever written, ever. It is 62 chapters long (yikes) and is better, in my opinion, than the Deathly Hallows. It’s is fantastically written and I have reread it probably about 5 times. It usually takes me a day or two to finish it since I can never seem to drag my eyes away from the screen long enough to realize i should be doing things like eating or sleeping. It is rated NC-17, there is smuttiness in later chapters. Severus/Remus is also a side pairing so if you’re totally against that then you might not want to read it. Though honestly, you should anyway cause it’s that good. Brief summary, Draco shows up on Harry’s doorstep only a couple weeks after Dumbledore’s death with a baby. It’s a horcrux hunting fic and it’s amazing. Go read it now, you will not regret it.

2. Burning Day by ConstantComment is a very long one shot and a story that I read once, about three years ago and then had to go on a mad search for through the archives because I hadn’t forgotten about it. It literally plagued me for years because all I could remember about it was Unicorns, a treehouse and an obliviated Draco. And how very, very good it was. It’s literally heart wrenching. It’s NC-17. I cry about this fic a lot, honestly. Brief summary, Harry goes on a vacation in the middle of winter to get away from it all, three years after the war and stays in a treehouse in the middle of the forest only to be interrupted in the middle of the night by Draco and a Unicorn. Except Draco has no memory. It is very well written and you will never forget it.

3. Safe House by Professor McKitten. There seems to be a trend in my favourites, that they are stories that I could not seem to forget. This is another story that I forgot to bookmark when I read it three years ago. I also had to go searching for this one. Luckily, I remembered the name and didn’t have as hard a time finding it as I did with my second favourite. It’s 9 chapters long and very well rounded. Again, NC-17 (I read a lot of smut ok) and again, it will likely make you cry. At least it made me cry. Brief Summary, Draco and Harry get locked in a safe house for a couple months for their own protection and ~interesting things happen~ If you have a major love for Ginny, I have to warn you that she’s a little bit of a nasty bitch in this fic. I didn’t really care since I’m not super fond of her anyways, but if you are, just a little heads up. It is very, very sad. Fred and George are a blessing, though. 

3 ½. Catch 22 by JaD. Okay, okay, so I couldn’t quite narrow it down to 3, but I got close, right? This fic is adorable and hilarious and it makes me sad, as most Drarry does because angsty boys ugh. You might not cry at all when you read any of these, honestly, but I certainly did. It’s 9 Chapters and NC-17. Brief summary, Dumbledore makes a new rule that the students basically have to have pen palls with other students in other houses and guess who’s Harry’s is? They have no idea who these people are unless they are told specifically by the person they are writing to. It gets a little out of hand when Harry starts to fall in love a bit. Freaking amazing. A really great fic idea too, very creative and very cute. Stupid boys are stupid.

So those are my favourite Drarry fics and I doubt they’ll change. And if I happen upon a magnificent fic it might knock one of these out of their place but I doubt any fic will ever touch Secrets.

this is really long, sorry, but I hope it helps!

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tbh i feel you on the fanfiction thing like... rick is very good at writing one specific kind of pov (the original percy one) but when he just kept using that same style (but 3rd person) during hoo it felt forced preeeetty quickly. i honestly can already feel in my bones how apollo's narration's gonna be

i’ve already decided i’m not gonna read it because i just read magnus chase and…..i honestly couldn’t finish it i read the first 13 chapters and gave up because rick has clearly just run out of ideas and has nothing new to offer at this point and i’m sick of it tbh 

so yeah i’m not reading anymore books by rick now cause his writing is clearly still aimed for a young audience and i just can’t relate to it anymore :/

Then a chill runs through me.  Because, I know him too.  Not from the Capitol but from years of having easy conversations in the Hob, joking over Greasy Sae’s soup, and that last day watching him lie unconscious in the square while the life bled out of Gale.  Our new Avox is Darius.

Catching Fire, Chapter 15

Am I the only one who nearly died the first time they read this?  I mean, I truly didn’t see that one coming.  Just one more reason why Suzanne is a plot twisting genius because Darius certainly through a wrench in the Everlark machine.  It had stalled a little after the elevator ride with Joanna but the appearance of Darius brought it all to a grinding halt.  Katniss won’t even open her door or respond when “someone” knocks later and we know it was Peeta!  Ugh!!!