i just react like this when faced with confrontation

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Could I request a reaction for NCT 127 where you and him are dating, and a girl keeps trying to get in-between you two? Like, she's mean to you, and whenever you and him try to talk she gets in-between you two and speaks over you? How would NCT 127 adress her for being mean to you and trying to get between you two because she has a crush on him too?

A/N: I’m not going to gifs for this one, because I think it’d be nearly impossible to find the right expressions for each of the members-

He’d be irked by it, but he’s such a sweet guy I don’t think he’d be outright blunt to her because he wouldn’t want to seem like an ass.
He’d get that awkward smile and divert his gaze from her, running a hand through his hair. He’d convey with his actions he wasn’t interested and would probably make up and excuse to get out of the conversation and tug you away with him.

Man, Taeil would get the stone-like expression he sometimes gets. He’d be annoyed, not wanting to encourage the girl.
He’d try to stay courteous, even though his tone and expression would be flat. He’d recall that he was speaking to you and now was not the time.

Mark’s really courteous and polite, so even though a grimace of disdain would wash over his features at the sound of her shrill voice, he’d remain composed and carry on a little chit-chat with her.
He’d know you felt uncomfortable though and would also make up an excuse to excuse the two of you.

Johnny would really not tolerate someone being rude to you. He’d almost be in disbelief at how oblivious and rude she was, curtly leading you away and ignoring her.

I feel like he’d mostly remain silent. He wouldn’t quite be sure what the best course of action was. He didn’t want to tell her off and make a scene, but he didn’t want to have to look at her face either.
Honestly, you’d probably have to be the one to make up the bullshit excuse and when she quipped a snarky retort then he’d speak up, confirming your lie.

Watch out.
Doyoung hates this bitch about as much as you do. He’d tell her off right to her face, saying he was talking to you and not her.

Fuck, Yuta would be so annoyed, he hated people getting between the two of you.
However, I think he’d react similarly to Jaehyun and be slightly courteous.

He’d probably duck the fuck out as soon as he saw her, hissing at you to follow him before she saw the two of you.
He’d just avoid because he doesn’t like confrontation like this.

Pretty much the same as Taeil I think. He’d give really curt replies and a blank stare, letting her know he couldn’t care less about what she was spouting about.

Spoilers for 2x8

So here’s what I don’t get. There was zero follow up with Alec and Magnus after last week. And it’s been clearly started that they went to the next level.

But something seems really off? Izzy asks Alec, and though I wouldn’t expect him to give every detail, all he offers is “nothing to talk about” and it doesn’t even seem like he’s just trying to keep a straight face, more like he’s uncomfortable. But not the same uncomfortable we have seen him be.

When Jace confronts Magnus, his “he told you” is all sorts of unsettling. Once again he seems uncomfortable.

I mean it’s not how I’d expect either to react to something like a first time. And it’s not even that it seems they are being discrete about it, they just both seemed a little upset??

Is this just me? I really wish they would go more into this. After last week’s “your not the only one who feels vulnerable” and then just carrying on anyways, now these weird uncomfortable reactions, I’d really like to know more.

No Arguing

Fandom: Marvel Avengers

Word count: 1475

Characters: Steve x reader, Natasha x sister!reader.

Warnings: excessive fluff, one tiny mention of cheating.

Summary: Your sister, Natasha, decides that she has found you the perfect boyfriend. Part 2

Your sister was running late as usual.

You fidgeted, running your fingers along the edge of the table and through your hair as you waited for her. You loved Natasha, really you did, but would it kill her to buy a watch?

“Sorry I’m late!” She finally burst through the door, a flurry of red hair and raindrops. You hadn’t noticed the rain starting outside. It must have started after you arrived.

“Hey, Nat,” you grinned, unfolding yourself from the chair to greet her. “Punctual as ever.”

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Who will react PJ if he were using a Dry Wetsuit for diving and could swim in the Water without dead??

Hmmm… how would he react… um…

He would still be internally terrified o-o

He’s at that point surrounded by the death liquid. 

Honestly I think that’s a pretty bad idea cause I know from first hand experience what “Facing your phobia head on” is like.
People do not think rationally when nearby the thing that is their phobia - they can panic, only go on one track in their head, or just freeze. 

It’s really bad - I know o-o

But for PJ he would just freeze. Like for him, he is confronting death and while he has thought of figuring out ways to get rid of the mistake (himself), the determined part of his soul still makes him wary around water. So yeah. You would have to pull him around he would not move. And then he would probably need some hugs once he is dry and out of that suit cause dang, he would not talk for hours and even days after that - just stay frozen in the spot he was put at. 

Bpd problems #1327

I try really hard to present myself as a fun, approachable, friendly person but when confronted with unfair negativity (ie hate) I split in seconds

and like I react impulsively and instinctively with my unstable anger and I’ll smugly wreck their shit

but I Know that a nice friendly person would react much more calmly or just block them but it’s so Hard like I HAVE to say something !!

And it goes against this face that I try to show people …I Want to be the personality I’ve created ?? but deep down I’m an incredibly bitter saltlord just full of rage lol
I’m a total bitch