i just randomly made this

Will: Nico, do you know you’re the cutest ball of sunshine and everyone on this planet loves you and deserves you-

Nico: -ShHHHH


Nico *whispers* Do you hear that?

Will *whispers* What?


Nico: Peace and quiet.

Sasuke's The Last + Adult designs | second cap credit: (x)

Carmilla Thought:

What if Carmilla occasionally transforms into her panther form at night because it helps her fall asleep?

All I imagine is that on occasion Carmilla gets restless and can’t go to sleep. So, she gets up and walks to find somewhere else to rest (since transforming into a panther while Laura is sleeping next to her would surely wake her up- plus her panther would take up most of the room).

So she goes out into the living room and curls up on a chaise lounge. And Laura, feeling the absence of Carmilla, wakes up and notices her gone. So she groggily pulls herself out of bed and goes down to the living room to notice a giant panther napping.

Laura then walks over to grab a blanket off the couch and goes over to lay it on Carmilla before slowly snuggling into the side of her on the lounge (just barely fitting). And the cat’s eyes barely open when she feels this before closing them again and going back to sleep.

And this entire thing has become an occasional routine for them but something they never really speak about. It just happens.

Anyway, just a thought…

Egotober Day #1! It’s really simple, but here’s a happy lil Sam and his bud Gerald :D Technically there isn’t an ego in this one (unless Gerald somehow counts, idk) but since today’s theme was pumpkin carving, I decided “Hey, why not!”

Also I drew this last year and never did anything with it oops

my pen pressure is completely off so i reinstalled the tablet driver, but now i’m too lazy to restart the computer because i have too many Important Tabs™ open..

so here, have a nostalgic (but only for me, hah) draw of my [drumroll] FIRST EVER OC

i can’t believe made this OC, look at her she was an alcoholic bunny can you believe that i made this when i was so young i was like an embryo when i made this adult af bunny OC, i’m so damaged??? what is this

and now i’m gonna post it like i have no shame

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the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness


Happy Birthday @samcaarter