i just put words on them

u know those plaques on school walls?

on my senior year of high school, last week i saw one of them just sitting on a bench. so me being the logical person i am just put it in my backpack and it barely fit.

it was just like the top word part so somewhere in my room is part of a plaque that just says “tennis championship “ i don’t play tennis

part of me saw that and the first thing i thought was “wow it would be really easy to steal this and also i hate this place”

decraziness  asked:

Hi! I have mixed feelings about my exam. Either i did alright or I screwed something up. Not sure lol. Are you still taking prompts? #28 “We are not friends!” if you are please. I haven't seen it yet. Thank you for being so cool.

Anonymous said:28!

Thank you, anon! And decraziness, I’m sure you did fine. I hope this helps a bit! :)                

28. “We are not friends!” (166 words)

It’s their one year anniversary. Even has excitedly planned a romantic date and Isak has let him. He had his own surprise planned this morning, and it made them both late. Even is still not over it.

They’re sitting in a cute restaurant, having just finished their meal and Even loves it. He loves how good Isak looks, he’s clearly put some effort into it tonight, has even done something to his hair, and Even is sure that his boyfriend is the prettiest in this room.

Isak smiles at him in that private way that makes Even melt inside, and he’s so happy he could burst. The only thing missing is them touching, but Isak still hasn’t done anything with Even’s hand on the table.

The waiter comes, takes their plates and asks, “Do you or your friend want anything else?”

Isak looks surprised at her. “We are not friends!” he says and takes Even’s hand.

Thank you universe, Even thinks and smiles even wider.


Prompt me with one of these short sentences to do a short drabble of 100-200 words. 

Television photographed by Dave Tonge in 1992.

In Dave Tonge’s words: “Just a complete nightmare this shoot, my first for Select Magazine , early 90’s.
Tom didn’t want anything to do with the pictures, in fact none of the band did. I eventually persuaded them onto the roof of the hotel as they didn’t want to do the shoot in public, 2 mins I was told. Then Tom put I coat on his head and said I’m not doing it!
I had some infared film that I’d brought for a laugh , so with nothing to loose I loaded it up and got these very sub standard images, imo!
The picture desk got wind of what had happened and the fact I came in with anything at all seemed to earn me enough brownie points for another commission off them!
I didn’t know at the time how much of an influential band these guys were. You run through events like these, kicking yourself hard for your failings, I couldn’t of done any better at the time is the only conclusion I still come to, hey ho….

dave’s instagram has some pretty cool pictures

blogarsay replied to your post “tonight’s mood: dissociating in a college food court while listening…”

I just heard that in Starbucks today and the middle aged ladies next to me were singing along.

for the longest time, literally the only words that I knew were “and put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb,” (and really only because you hear them approximately Nine Hundred times in groundhog day) 

and boy howdy was it disorienting the first time I listened to the song all the way through and realized those weren’t the opening lyrics

Imagine how pleased Professor McGonagall must have been when she saw James Potter making friends with the quiet Pettigrew boy who needed comapny. And the loud Black boy who she could tell was so frightened. And the shy Lupin boy who was desperately pretending not to want friends. 

And imagine how fucking done she was when she realised what James Potter turned them all into whilst handing out their ‘fifth detention in a row just this week Mr Potter for goodness sake.’


make me choose ♡ will herondale or jace herondale

“Herondales.“ Zachariah’s voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. "I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don’t carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It’s too heavy for even a Herondale to bear.

(for @ravencalws​ )

want one?

I crave love,
the purest, deepest and rawest form of it.
The movie love, the book love, the Romeo-Juliet love.

Just someone’s careless kisses on my neck and my yearning lips,
Someone to hold hands with and run into the sunset with,
Someone I can write about endlessly, never getting tired of writing about how they are my sole galaxy in this dark universe, my one nice thing,
About How every word that falls off their lips can put poetry to shame,
Or how his eyes have all my favorite colors in one place, right where I can see them.

How his hands are rough and strong,
And how mine are soft and fragile,
How he would kiss my fingers Every time I would remind him why I love him.

How he and I would make each other mix tapes and pretend we’re in the 90’s.

I wonder if he would write about me too,
That’s the dream, two writers in love.
Exchanging letters and small notes,
Proclaiming our love in ways that haven’t been written about yet,
With two different point of views for the same story.

I want to dance with him, even though I don’t know how to and I am sure he’s a brilliant dancer,
And I want him to sing with me,
Even though he is a terrible singer,
I want to kiss him,
Which is nice cause we’re both great kissers.

I want to hear his far fetched theories about alternate universes and how he reckons
we stumbled across each other, fate or sheer coincidence?

I want to fall in love with the whole person, and not just the idea of them I have constructed in my head.

I want to love them for being shitty, for being sad, for being weird, for crying, for being pathetic,
For being one hundred percent themselves, and being okay with letting me see every side they deemed unlovable.

I want to kiss him lazily like we have all the time in the world and also urgently, like there’s no tomorrow.

I want to cuddle with him, trying to burrow myself deeper into his scent and him,
That’s what I think heaven will smell like,
Leather, cinnamon and him.

I think heaven will sound like his voice,
Every goddamn thing he says sounds like honey and chocolate milkshakes.

Where are you?
When are you planning to show up?

I am exhausted even though I am only seventeen,

But I’ll wait till I am seventy if I have to.


Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?

voltron family as roommates
  • most mornings they watch the news together still in their pjs and messy bedheads, groggily staring at the TV, eating bowls of cereal on the couch
    • except for Shiro who is a morning bird and exercises at like 4 AM on a daily basis
    • because he’s always the first to wake he will also sometimes cook breakfast for everybody if hunk doesn’t
      • they’ve even got aprons to go together with one saying “watch me whip” and the other: “watch me nae nae” 
  • When they go grocery shopping, they usually all go together 
      • [Keith inserts almond milk into cart]
      • [Lance] ha you love nut milk
      • [Keith removes almond milk out of cart]
    • and when they bring back the bags to the apartment, they gather everything
      • [Allura] THIS. IS. A. ONE. WAY. TRIP. LETS HUSTLE !1!!!1!!1!!
      • [meanwhile everyone is groaning and struggling to carry all these bags up 3 flights of stairs to get to their apartment]
  • and ofc the garrison trio + Matt geek out a lot
    • they’ve all got a thing for star wars. Allura will walk in them having a SW marathon, not understanding their obsession
      • *chewbaca says something* 
      • [Hunk] that line. That line. Right there. you never forget that line. That was the best written line. Never forget.
    • they love all video games, but the one thing they don’t understand are dating sims so they buy one to make fun of it
      • they end up becoming too emotionally invested and root for the underdog of the love triangle rather than their character
        • [Lance] you know what you may have stabbed my back in the beginning but if thats what it takes to get the happy ending you deserve i will gladly hand you the knife and face my back towards you again
  • Keith’s usually entering the apartment at the weirdest times
    • one time he hesitated to bc inside he heard yelling and screaming and picked up words like: “finish what you started” “Don’t do this please I’ll do anything” “I love you but this is too much” “put it down don’t do this for the love of super saiyan goku don’t do this-” “this is what’s best for all of us somebody has to do it” “I’m on my knees I’m begging-”
      • and when he hears them start shouting, he bursts into the room to see it’s just Pidge finishing a huge chocolate cake with half of them cheering her on and the rest pleading her to stop
    • another time he found everybody sitting outside the door, having a deep conversation with the pizza delivery guy because they all forgot their keys and were locked out, casually eating pizza as they waited for keith to return and let them in
      • [pizza guy] “…so yeah i guess the moral of the story is that life is too short to be straight kiddos”
      • [lance] oh speaking of gay experiences keith’s back
    • their shoe rack’s also a mess so whenever they go out to take out the trash or get the mail they wear random shoes that seldom ever match
      • he catches pidge wearing his and hunk’s boots
        • [pidge] oh hey keith
        • [matt walks by with the mail in his hands and allura’s heels on his feet] oh welcome back keith

“He was lost, Cas. Our last hunt, he almost didn’t make it back and said he saw Billie.”

“He saw Billie?” Castiel parroted. They were both still in the war room in the bunker, the aftermath of recent events still fresh and new in their minds as Sam recounted what happened while Castiel had been “away.” 

“Yeah, and it wasn’t great.” Sam bit his lip. “Cas, When Mom disappeared…when you died. I think it broke him to a point where he couldn’t come back from it and deal with his grief. More than one night he’s had nightmares where I’d have to get him out and it’s always your name that’d he’d scream.”

“Grief is a complex emotion that is difficult to understand. The both of you have suffered with it greatly, but I have passed before.” Castiel paused, cognizant the statement should make no sense to anyone else except for the three of them. “He had been in grief then but had managed to find a way out. What made this time different?”

“I saw your wings, Cas.” A voice interrupted them from the threshold of the war room.

It clicked in Castiel’s head then. Understandable. "Dean.”

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The Murderous Backpack

Context: Our halfling rogue stitched a portable hole into the lining of our dwarf’s backpack and has converted it into a house, which we sleep in at night, take our meals in, etc.

Dwarf Monk: I climb out of the backpack to sstart the day’s travelling.

Gnome Druid: I follow her.

DM: You both climb out of the backpack and see three elves, who were about to loot the backpack, thinking it had been forgotten here. They’re startled to see you climb out, as the backpack is maaaayyybeee big enough for the dwarf, if she were scrunched up inside, but definitely not big enough for the both of you.

Gnome Druid: Oh…hello….

DM: Suddenly, an owl flies out of the backpack and up into the sky. The elves jump back, startled.

Gnome Druid: Goodbye, Hooty!

DM: The elves, still confused, stare at you for a moment. One of them steps forward and unrolls a scroll. “We’re looking for this man. He’s wanted for theft.” It’s a picture of the gnome druid’s uncle.

Gnome Druid: I whisper “Run, on the count of three” to the dwarf monk.

Dwarf Monk: “What? Why? Who is that man??”

Gnome Druid: “1…2…3!!” I just start running.

DM: The elves are STILL CONFUSED and now they’re startled again, so they draw their bows and take an attack of opportunity, firing at you. …You take…26 damage!! How many hit points do you have left?

Gnome Druid: …8. I turn into an owl to fly away.

DM: The owl form has fewer than 26 hit points!! You turn into an owl, leaping into the air, and then immediately fall back to earth as a gnome again, unconscious.

Gnome Druid: Cool.

DM: The elves now turn to the Dwarf Monk, bows still drawn. “What was that about?”

Dwarf Monk: “I don’t know! I’m so confused! I have no idea!” I put my hands up to

DM: You hear a voice in your head. It’s Lydia the halfling rogue, speaking to you through the Ring of Chatter from inside the backpack. “I can take them all out right now…just say the word.”

Dwarf Monk: *the player is laughing uncontrollably at the turn of events* NO, LYDIA, DON’T KILL THEM!

DM: So the elves just see this dwarf, claiming to know nothing, fall down to her knees and start laughing uncontrollably, and suddenly she shouts “No Lydia, don’t kill them!” They’re very alarmed.

Lydia, through the Ring of Chatter: “Seriously, just say the word, I’ll kill them all right now!”

Dwarf Monk: *still laughing* “LYDIA DON’T DO IT! DON’T KILL THEM!”

DM: The elves are seriously freaked out now. One of them restrains the dwarf, the second picks up the unconscious gnome, and the third picks up the backpack. They start to walk off in different directions.

Dwarf Monk: I try to reach toward the backpack. “LYDIA! NO!”

DM: The elf with the backpack looks at the other two. “The backpack’s name is Lydia.”

Since I’m on a K drawing roll here’s a quick something for brynne-lagaao​ for all the beautiful fics because I love them

✨the signs as i’ve known them ✨

♈️aries- shy at first n has to warm up to ya then they ignite me with their flame like holy shit. they’re rly warm like have them hug u in the winter and you’ll be good to go

♉️taurus- kinda possessive but they bring me back down to earth. always wanna go explorin n eat the good food

♊️gemini- lil firecrackers I tell u what, first they wanna do this then they wanna do that. smart af too and always need to put their word in

♋️cancer- they give the greatest love tbh n will take care of u. I always feel safe around them

♌️leo- soOoO dramatic, like Lana del Rey status. Always down 4 some fun and really bring u outta ur comfort zone

♍️virgo- so stubborn yet crack me tf up. wanna be the best of the best, kinda annoy me with how good they are at things

♎️libra- chill af. they just have a freakin way of charming me and really tell it like it is. vibes r harmonious when they’re around

♏️scorpio- have a lot more to them then meets the eye, every one I can think of has this crazy back story to their life. honestly don’t know a lot of them, prolly cuz they’re so mystical n like hidden treasures

♐️sagittarius- whiny babiez when life isn’t going too well for them but they’re fkn wild otherwise like hoowee let’s get into some shenanigans

♑️capricorn- they just wanna do their diddly darn doodliest n get love for it. Maybe too serious sometimes. I get way too many crushes on them tbh

♒️aquarius- they’re so much fun to talk to?! and have something random that they’re rly talented at doing like mad trix on a fkn scooter or physics??!! amazing

♓️pisces- always a bit absent minded, probably down to do some drugz. soft lil flowers, u gotta be careful with them

Notes I took from my Daddy as advice for ALL Caregivers

I asked my daddy, and he says “the best way to make them feel good is attention. Not too much to oversaturate them, but you don’t want to make them feel like they’re not needed or wanted. Give them as much as you can, but give them space when they want. Every time you can, give them time. But when you need space, you have to tell them too.”

“Find out their interests. See what you can do to help them get into little space, and what works best. Experiment with them to see what makes them feel happiest in little space.”

“Set rules. Make them achievable, but not overwhelming.” (Also punishments, but not all spankings -me)

“Interact with them when they’re little. Get involved. Listen to them talk about their drawings, and tell them how much you love it. Put it on your fridge.”

“If they ask you to name stuff for them, such as a stuffie, do it. It’s a huge honor. It means you’re really important to them and you matter so much to them.”

“Read stories to them (via Skype if you’re ldr). And find a board game, like battleship that you can play ldr, if you are.”

“It all boils down to finding a happy medium for the amount of attention she wants and you want to give.”

“Never expect a relationship to be 50/50. Always be sure to put more in and be ready to get less out, just in case. Once you expect 50/50, you’ll always be disappointed. It doesn’t mean the partner is a bad person, but we’re all only human, and we can only do so much.”

(From me) If they fall asleep early, send them a cute paragraph for them to wake up to. It’s super fun to wake up to something sweet from Daddy.

Not his exact words because I was typing fast and didn’t reread anything until now, but take this stuff to heart. Sorry it’s not extravagant, these are only notes, not his exact words. He sounded much more exhilarating.

J2 NolaCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 jump onstage!
  • Jensen moving the chairs closer together before the panel even starts :)
  • Jensen doing the Who Dat song for the New Orleans Saints. 
  • Jared says the city killed his phone: “I’m trying to navigate to where Jensen is and it won’t work. Saw a lot of the city!” Referring to his adventures last night walking around NOLA. 
  • He was wandering around Bourbon Street trying to get cell service: “Searching…my buddy had already left and gone to the hotel.” 
  • Jared stopped at a bar for WiFi and someone told him, “Oh, so you’re dressed up as Sam Winchester from Supernatural” and they weren’t impressed when they found out he was the real deal. “So, you dress like him, too?” 
  • Since Jared’s phone died on him he got to rediscover what it’s like to walk around a new city without any phone gadgets. 
  • Jared says there’s gonna be Alex in the gag reel, and s13′s reel might be really long. 
  • J2 hopes that Alex will come to conventions soon!
  • Jared says “hazing” and Jensen says “welcome package” on the breaking-in of Alex. 
  • Jensen on Alex: It’s the first time they had to wrap me and him (Jared) first so the other person could work lol. 
  • J2 to Alex, who was worried about laughing in so many takes: “It’s okay, all your bosses know we’re assholes.” 
  • Question about lead roles. Jared: You mean Sam or Dean? You said lead roles. 
  • Jared jokes Misha has the best job in showbiz because he barely works and people think he’s a lead. If he could play anyone else it’d be Cas. 
  • Lead supporting roles? Jensen: I hear those come in briefs, also. 
  • Jensen jokes about Misha’s presence in the black room at the end of 13x03.  
  • Jensen, referring to the end of 13x03, says: Misha filmed that last scene in his bedroom. Jared: They took out all the toys…VFX’d away all the toys. Jensen walks away laughing. 
  • Jensen would be a wendigo ‘cause he’d be taller than Jared :P
  • Jared jokes that he wants to be a shapeshifter so someone else can play their characters but still get paid. 
  • Jared: I’d be a shapeshifter. Oh no, I shift myself… ba dum dum. Jensen tried so hard not to laugh. Couldn’t do it. Instead: “you shifted yourself AGAIN.” 
  • Jensen: Dean is in a turbulent state, lots of anger that’s a stage of grieving. You’ll see a transition in Dean about Jack, between now and ep 10. 
  • In s2 when Jensen saw the script saying he had to take a crowbar to the Impala he was like nooo. 
  • Jensen talks about taking things apart with his hands. J2 are now miming correcting a picture on the wall. 
  • During a scene there was a painting that had to be crooked for continuity and Jensen threw something in the scene and it swung into place lol. 
  • Jared: How funny would it have been if instead you just stopped and casually fixed it? 
  • Trick to emotional scenes? Jared doesn’t lie while acting, he just tells someone else’s truth. 
  • Jared: I love Sam! His hair is so great! Jensen: You say his hair is so gray? *makes face behind him* Jared: Dude I can see you! Jensen feigns innocence. 
  • Jared: I don’t like the word “tricks” when talking about being emotional. Jensen: I like to use tricks. 
  • Jensen: We’ve lived with these characters for so long that we naturally get emotional and no longer have to delve into our own emotions. 
  • Jensen is answering for Jared about how they get prepared and into the character’s heads for emotional scenes. 
  • “I love these characters…so if they’re going through something, I feel that. “
  • Jensen whispered “instinctual” right before Jared did. 
  • Jensen talks about how Jared reads script over and over whereas he goes into it more visceral and Jared builds on Jensen’s answer, links to Sam’s tendency toward research versus Dean being more reactive. 
  • J2 talking about Kim Manners. Jared: “He set the tone.” He wanted to make sure they had fun making the show. 
  • Jensen could talk for a week about how amazing Kim Manners was. 
  • Jensen about KM: “He put us on a path to succeed and we’ve been honoring him ever since.”
  • Jared: Kim truly cared about people. 
  • Jared goes wide-eyed when a baby screams in the audience. 
  • Jensen is excited about Stranger Things. 
  • Therapy question. Jared to a fellow parent: We also take our kids to a therapist because of our situation. Daddy isn’t around a lot. They want to help the kids understand why he’s not around so much. 
  • Gen and Jared go to counseling to learn how to parent the best they can especially with Jared not being around often. 
  • Jensen says acceptance is one of the biggest things we’re teaching in his home. Wants to teach his kids that they are loved and they give love. 
  • Fan. Hi I’m (name) from (St) Jared: Why did you have to read your name off your phone lol? 
  • J2 are fighting again about gif vs jif lol. Jensen: Jif is peanut butter! Gif is on your phone. 
  • Jared says single best part of being a celebrity is sending gifs of yourself to non celebrities. Jensen agrees. He loves text battling their friends with SPN gifs :P Jared’s fav gif of himself is the L’Oreal ones. Has sent it to everyone he knows lol.
  • Jensen: There are a lot of Supernatural gifs. I was like, hey, Jared, we’re popular…
  • Jared deferring to gif because Jensen said so. Jensen: Jared can be taught. 
  • Fan: First of all I wanna know if you have any single friends? Jensen walks over and points at Stephen . 
  • Do you like classic rock? Jensen: I like Big Butts. Jared: He does. 
  • Jensen: I named my kid Zeppelin. 
  • They’ve been trying to get Metallica on the show since day one. Finally got them this season. 
  • Jared: I have put everything I have into Sam. Jensen: makes a surprised/smirky face ;) Jensen laughs and Jared whispers something, Jensen laughs again. 
  • Sam has taught Jared a lot, including how he perseveres. 
  • Jared used the word indubitably while answering. Jensen: Did you just say indubitably? We talked about this, you’re embarrassing me. 
  • Jensen says there was more of a connection between he and Dean in the beginning seasons but now there’s a separation. Jensen: Sometimes I say, what would Dean do? 
  • Jared: Sam’s current position on Jack is how he feels about himself. Sam wants to believe he can be good. So he needs Jack to be good. 
  • Jensen talks about directing and how Bob Singer doesn’t need a bunch of notes like Jensen. While Jensen had a complete road map, Singer just had one note, “the ole switcheroo” to remind him of how he wanted a scene to go lol. 
  • Jared mentions Will and Grace. Jensen: Who will you be in this scenario? 
  • If there was an SPN movie, Jared wouldn’t want to use foul language. Jensen: *horrified face* Jared: I know words longer than four letters :P
  • Fan asks a question about what filming was like for Jensen and Sam Smith when Mary saw Baby for the first time. Jensen is confused, thinking Sam the character. Jensen: The scene took on a different tone in shooting than it had in the script. Jared: for Dean or Jensen? 
  • Last question: The scene where Dean sees Mary remembering what happened in Baby wasn’t scripted. That was Bob Singer. 
  • J2 thank the fans and give a fist bump before heading off stage :)

Info via: Fangasm, Cherie, Eileen, LullysSil’s livetweet list


I just turned 22 and I’ve never had a boyfriend or really dated. I was always focused on school. In high school I was focused on getting into university and when I was in university, the one I went to never really offered any guys worth dating or spending time with. Therefore I focused on school again. After I graduated in June I wanted to spend my summer differently and just enjoy it. So I went on a couple of dates, did things differently than I usually would. Then I met the work in progress. We talked for 2 months. Basically hours on the phone everyday, our longest conversation lasting 4 hours. He was older, 29. I think the idea that I’ve always been an old soul, made me romanticize his age. I thought this meant he was older and wanted things differently.

We discussed how we didn’t understand how people could just rush into relationships within a month, how do you really know someone? We agreed on all of these things. We’d discuss the most random things and started to have inside jokes. He expected me to call him and talk to him on a regular. We would have arguments and then talk about it, and go back to our regular programming. This was all different for me, because he taught me how to communicate with him when I had a problem. It took me awhile because I’ve always hated confrontation. We never slept together because I’m a virgin and he was okay with that. I was an exception to his rule, “I don’t do virgins”. We’d make out, fondle each other, cuddle, but we’d always just stop. I thought he liked me tbh. I was starting to develop feelings quicker than I expected. I never catch feelings for anyone. So i’d start doing that thing, where you get crazy. He told me he could see himself settling down with me. I never believed it, even though he’d reassure me that he didn’t have any other potentials. He never made me feel secure. Based on how he’d talk about other girls in front of me. He’d talk about their beauty as if I were lacking in areas they flourished. He was so different from other guys I had come in contact with before. He was mature in terms of discussing issues and understanding the world, but as someone who had been hurt before, he was a boy in a relationship sense. He’d say he could see himself with me, but he didn’t want to put any title on us, it was too soon. He’d say this, but his effort was lacking.

I understood that. I did. I didn’t want a title, but reassurance he wasn’t meeting any knew girls and talking to them. I’m so used to being pursued, I wasn’t used to the feeling of having to show someone my worth. I was used to someone already seeing it and thats why they were pursuing. I got to the point where i’d try to show my worth sexually by sending him nudes and I never felt like it was good enough to him. So because of that and other external reasons, I decided to end it before he could string me along. I told him if he couldn’t see my worth, I wasn’t going to waste months and months for him to see it.  He was changing for me, I could see that, but I don’t want to change someone. He said “let me make that decision, because I was doing that for you”

I didn’t want to let go and sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed around so I could see where it would go. But I feel like I can do better. Someone who’ll want to take me on dates all the time or want to talk to just me, not entertain options. Someone who is emotionally ready. I do feel like he liked me, but wasn’t ready. Or maybe I was expecting things too soon? I’m old school so I don’t understand this generation of “hooking up and not being with someone, but liking them, but not being ready to be with them, or I’ve been hurt before so I like to take my time”. Everyone is so afraid of being hurt they won’t put effort in or worry they’re putting to much. I know I was worried I was putting in too much after he told me he could see himself settling down with me. I just think if you know your worth, you’re wise not to be fooled by words and watch actions. You also wish not to settle for less than what you deserve. Half ass efforts may be enticing to a girl, but to a WOMAN, you’re just wasting her time. My time.

AFTG Headcanons

Okay okay so. So here are some of the mess of headcanons I sent in response to an ask that wasn’t actually about this mess of headcanons (whoops). But I had wanted to post them anyway soooo here ya go.

(I had to limit it to Andreil and just one per the rest of the monsters because it just got too dang long.)


  • When Neil is upset and Andrew isn’t around he holds the back of his own neck. 
  • They don’t ever really celebrate Valentines day. But the day after Valentines Neil always goes to the store and buys all the candy when it’s half off (he does it after halloween too). 
  • Neil gets chapped lips (it’s all that running around and huffing and puffing). He buys chapstick in the sweetest flavors available. You know, no particular reason :).
  • Neil wouldn’t say he has a favorite song. But when pushed he claims it’s “Runaway Train”. Andrew recognizes it immediately as the song he put as Neil’s ringtone (Andrew gives him a long look Neil pretends not to notice).
  • Andrew can sew (there’s no other way he has jeans that fit okay. And I refuse to believe he would allow his Dangerous Boy aesthetic to be ruined by frayed ragged hems). Cass taught him.
    • It’d meant a lot to him, as a kid, that his foster mother hadn’t just bought him new clothes, but put in the time and effort to fit them just for him.  
    • Maybe she knew why he was staring at her, or maybe she truly believed he was just interested in what she was doing. Either way she invited him to sit by her and quietly and patiently explained what she was doing. He never said a word. But he never looked away from her or her hands either.
  • Andrew also sews the hems of Aaron’s jeans. Aaron assumes it’s because Andrew either mixed up their clothes or just wanted to be able to steal his.
  • Andrew only sews the hems of jeans he buys for Neil. All the pants Neil buys are atrocious and Andrew wants them destroyed as quickly as possible.
    • (I also have too many “Andrew Sewing” Headcanons. I don’t know how this happened.)
  • Andrew never really gets excited about his own exy accomplishments. But if something almost like happiness blooms in his chest at the thought of Neil’s reaction to them? Well that’s his own business.


  • Aaron and Randy Boyd stay in contact. Not hugely or anything, but enough that she gets an invite to his & Katelyn’s wedding and receives a Christmas card from them every year after their twins are born. She still hugs him every time they see each other. 
  • Andrew takes Thea to Colombia. He doesn’t drug her. And Kevin only knew he, Neil, and Andrew were supposed to be the only ones going to Colombia, and didn’t know any different until Andrew and Thea emerged from a back room. They‘re both worse for the wear, and neither of them look at each other (neither of them was look at anyone but Kevin), but they’re both alive and more or less unharmed.
    • No one knows what happened in that room, but when they get to the table Andrew tells him that Andrew and Neil are staying in Colombia and Thea will drive him back. It’s the first time Andrew’s leaves the ex-Raven alone with Kevin.
  • Before Nicky graduates Neil asks him how you let someone know you care about them long distance (not in those exact words but the point came across okay). Andrew is in the room and Nicky has a strong feeling he’s listening so he figures this is they’re way of asking him for long-distance relationship advice since Andrew is about to graduate too. He talks to them for a long time about the importance of communication and staying in touch. He says you should make it a priority to call at least once a week. 
    • Nicky leaves for Germany and it takes him a month and four phone calls to make the connection.
      • He cries.


  • Andrew and Neil are living with Kevin (and I think Nicky?) at the end of their first year. They are too tall and Andrew and Neil are so small (I am 5′0″ I speak from experience here). They both also have impeccable aim. They frequently just throw stuff across the room to knock down whatever they want.
    • Eventually Neil brings old exy racquet into the dorm one day, and everyone assumes its because hes too exy obsessed to throw it away.  They learn the truth when they catch him using it to swipe something off the shelf and catch it in the net.
      • Andrew won’t use it. He says he refuses to touch an exy racquet more than he already does. He continues to throw shit and pointedly leave any destruction for the offender to clean up.
        • Kevin learns his lesson after he made the mistake of thinking putting Andrew’s sugary cereal on a top shelf was a clever idea to make him eat healthier. Kevin found Andrew calmly eating his cereal surrounded by scattered fruit loops and the remains of Kevin’s phone.
I don’t know how

Warning: mentions of childhood abuse (in the past, not graphic), suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. (All ends well though)

Draco’s eyes were burning. Not because he was about to cry or anything, but because he was ridiculously tired. He’d been working on his transfiguration essay for over an hour now, and it had already been way past midnight when he started. 

He figured that if the nightmares would keep him from sleeping, then tossing and turning in his bed wasn’t going to do any good either. That was why his nights were filled with homework, empty bottles of cheap pepper up (he couldn’t afford anything else since his father had disinherited him for his failure to capture Harry during the battle of Hogwarts), spell practice and reading these days. 

All of this hard work was starting to take its toll on his body though. His hands were shaking near constantly, without glasses he couldn’t see shit and he was unable focus for more than half an hour. Other people might think that was still quite a lot, but it wasn’t for someone who used to manage seven hour break-less study sessions. The perks of being one of the world’s best occlumences

“Oh, you’re still up.” Draco didn’t need to look around in order to know who’d just entered the common room. 

“Of course I’m still up, Potter. Are you going to ask that every time you see me here in the dead of night?” Draco sighed. He knew he shouldn’t bitch to Harry, but he also knew that he’d screwed up his relationship with the man bad enough over the past few years in order to be sure they’d never get along. He might be long over their childhood quarrels, but Harry surely wasn’t. Draco had fucked up too many times for that. 

“I think I am, yes.” Harry replied to Draco’s rhetorical question. Idiot. “Maybe then you’ll realise how fucked up it is that you don’t go to bed at all." 

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