i just put the font on them

Better Man is sad. It isn’t a love song. It’s a song about losing the one person that you thought you’d never lose. It’s about being pushed away even though you’re holding on so tight. It’s about knowing when it’s time to walk away and not hold on any longer. 

Below, I’ve highlighted parts of the song that stick out to me. I’ve kinda just put context behind certain lines – for the people that either don’t understand them or may be reading them a different way than I am. 

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Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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So I’ve jumped on the Gaster band wagon.

Frisk decided to show Uncle Gaster a few episodes of Inspector Gadget and now Gaster just runs about in the costume, trying to solve “mysteries”.

If he were to come back, I don’t think Sans would really want to trust Gaster. I don’t really know their relationship but I have a feeling it might not have turned out too great in the end- but Sans would put up with Gaster living with them because Frisk would want everyone to be together so he’d deal with goofy Gaster just for them.


So, this is for @sushinfood and @abadtime (as always, you should totally go check out their work, because they are amazingly talented, and none of my work would even be here without them). But this is also for @mithvelous for being the first person apart from sushinfood and abadtime to like my first work “My Burden To Bear” (and I do know I spelled “bear” wrong and it’s supposed to be “bare” and it haunts me daily). So a big thank you to them! 

As usual, if you have something you’d like to see, or you’d like to use my work, please go right ahead! Just tag me so that I can see what you do!

I tried to use the windings font, but it didn’t work out. So I put it in italics and strikethrough instead.

EDIT: I freakin KNEW that I had seen the changing eye color when sick idea somewhere else. Originally from @bedsafely and this art. Sorry! I didn’t mean to not credit you. This was bothering me and I have been searching for that pic for AGES! Check out their stuff, too!


           “I got you, brother!” shouted eight-year-old Papyrus, breathlessly.

           Sans fell dramatically, the snow crunching beneath him, “Oh, no~! The Great Papyrus has struck me down…”

           “Nyeh-heh-heh!” Papyrus ran over to Sans, stumbling as he did so.

           “He’s coming to finish me off…I’m so boned.”


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Weekend Sketchbook Challenges #10

This weekend’s challenge is a bit similar to one we’ve done before, in that it involves lettering. But instead of just any old lettering, this week we’re doing song lyrics! 

At least 4 lyrics, all from bands that you love, and only lyrics that you love. Try not to just scribble them in, but pay attention to the font you’re using, the lines that are forming the letters. Make conscious decisions about how you want the letters to look. 

My four are below, two from The Wombats, two from Bring Me the Horizon. All of mine are on post-its because I was at work when I was doing them and hadn’t put my sketchbook in my bag that morning, but you can do yours on whatever paper you like, straight into your sketchbook or stuck in afterwards, and in whatever medium you like - pen, pencil, paint, ink, whatever you like!

As always, feel free to submit your pages, I’d love to see which song lyrics you all choose :)

fergalicious definition make them boys go loco they want my treasures so they get their pleasures from my photo you could see me you can't squeeze i aint easy i aint sleazy i got reasons why i tease 'em boys just come and go like seasons fergalicious (so delicious) but i aint promiscuous and if you were suspicious all that shit is fictitious i blow kisses(mwahh) that puts them boys on rock rock and they be lining down the block just to watch what i got


My concert will be on June 19th in Cologne - Seats: Section 716

Maybe a few facts about it:

Shirt: I decided to to chose a normal white crop top. On the front I painted the 1989 Tour poster with fabric paint. On the back I put light sticks  - during the concert they will be pink and blue.

Skirt: When I saw that one in the store I just had to buy it. I have to admit I am so in love with it. I added a white ribbon  which will hold the light sticks in various colours.

Shoes: It took me quiet a while to find a pair that had enough space at the front so I could paint on them . For the font I used the same colours and paint as I did on the shirt. Before applying the fabric paint I sketched the design otherwise  I would have ruined it.

taylorswift  LESS THAN A WEEK - I am so excited!!!

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I see a lot of people using 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔣𝔬𝔫𝔱 for their tags, and I just wanted to put it out there that this font breaks your tags. Not all of them, some are going to function, but the majority of them will not work if you wanna search them, it will tell you there are no posts in that tag on your blog. I had this issue when I retagged my blog and then I had to use the search function on my blog to retag everything by hand to a tag that wasn’t broken, and I wasn’t even capable of getting it all because the search function eventually refused to continue searching for tags with this font. I thankfully caught this before I completely finished retagging my blog.

I just wanted to throw it out there tbh because if you haven’t noticed and actually care about being able to search your tags, you miiight want to know about this, haha. Check several of your tags if you don’t believe me. Some will work, some won’t.

uuuuuugh tumbl did the thing where it deleted most of my theme specs?? so my bg and font and text and stuff were brought back to default, but everything else was the same

the links to my art tags and shops are no longer displaying though?? i put them back in and everything but they won’t show up and it’s a major bummer

i’ve seen a couple other people having theme issues but i edited mine right away–it didn’t delete the whole thing, but i saw some had experienced this problem and didn’t touch their theme and it went back to normal so i’m guessing i may have fudged it a bit

i might do an art trade for someone to make me a new theme for a piece in exchange? it could be said i am due for a new one;;;