i just put all of my teas into clear glass jars

Witch Tips for City Witches

City Witch Tips for all of my fellow witches stuck in apartments, dorms or other city areas.

  • If you can’t burn incense you can make your own sprayable incense by mixing alcohol (usually vodka or rubbing) with essential oils and a bit of oil, spray in the air to act like incense
  • If you are unable to go outside for whatever reason to get rain water (in my case just no where to collect it safely), fill a jar or glass with regular water and keep it near a cracked window to charge it with the wind, sound and scent of the rain outside. Same goes for storm water
  • Trapped in city and unable to get ocean water? Sea salt mixed with rain/storm water can be an excellent substitute
  • To continue on with water substitutes, if you can’t collect snow crushed ice from your fridge will suffice
  • Low key warding/protection you can use: spray moon water, salt water or sprayable incense about your apartment or dorm, place sigils under doormats, furniture, inside cupboards, etc; place crystals about hidden or out in the open, sweep and dust out the door or towards windows
  • If you need melted wax to seal a jar or for any other magical purpose, but can’t burn candles, by a wax melter and melt that wax and imagine the light from the burner acting like a flame (plus they are rather cheap, I got mine for 25 bucks)
  • Need stars in your craft but too much light pollution? Glow in the dark stars on your ceiling or wall can work just as well for visualization. Print out pictures of your favorite constellations or planets and place them up on your walls or on your altar. Live video feed of the night sky can also be easily found on the internet
  • Bath magic is amazing for low-key ‘in the woods’ witches. Use teas, milk, oils, herbs, bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, etc that relate to your intent. It is also a good place to meditate if you have roommates or family around that would disturb you otherwise
  • If you do for whatever reason need to burn a candle, birthday candles are small, melt fast, and don’t create a lot of smoke or smokey scent
  • Sigils are another great low-key form of magic. To boost them up, use color magic related to the color you draw them in, write them using quills made of feathers related to your intent, use colored paper, rub a drop of essential oil on them, charge them with crystals or in your windowsill
  • You don’t have to burn sigils to activate them, which is hardly an option when you are in a dorm or apartment. Other options are: Shredding them, erasing them, soaking them in a bath or shower, using body heat or your own pulse, etc
  • Miss having the outdoors and plants around? Windowsill gardens can really help. Small plants you can consider keeping in your windowsill or counter-tops: succulents, cacti, bamboo, lemongrass, basic, rosemary, mint, rosemary, mosses, aloe, snake plant, pothos (and other vines), carrots, beets, shallots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, and marigold
  • Open your window to let the wind and air from outside to help energize you and clear out negative energies inside
  • Fun places to put sigils: under furniture, carved into soap, onto shampoo/conditioner bottles, on your make up, inside phone cases, in shoes, under bandages, sewn into pillow cases and blankets, behind pictures in frames, underside of nail polish, carved into wax squares for your wax melter, keys and keychains, behind mirrors or in medicine cabinets, on bookmarks, on or in binders and pencil cases, on medicine bottles, and water bottles/travel mugs
  • Easy to make and dispose of poppets: carrot sticks (one of my personal favorites), apples or other fruit, clothe, paper, popsicle sticks, paper towels/napkins, toilet paper rolls, eggs, celery stocks, and cotton balls
  • The internet is an amazing thing. Need some sounds to help you focus or meditate? Easily look up the sounds of rain, storms, wind, ocean waves, jungles, forests, etc
  • Christmas lights are fun and great way to use discrete witchcraft. Select ones in the colors you wish for them to bring ie green for growth, yellow for inspiration, white for protection, purple for psychic abilities, etc. 
  • Some everyday things you can use for discrete witchcraft that don’t cost much at all or that you most likely already have: water, table salt, black pepper, paper, crayons/pencils/pens/markers, vinegar, milk, tea, highlighters, make up and beauty supplies, shampoo and conditioner, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, computer/phone/tablet, music/music player, playing cards, dice, air freshener, perfumes, toothpaste, rice, flour, sugar, honey, and all kitchen herbs and seasonings.
  • Can’t afford gemstones or crystals on college budget? Crackle and dyed quartz you can find super cheap at craftstores and online. I bought a whole bag for 4 bucks. Use them based on their colors and shapes. Can’t afford that but still want to use rocks in your craft? Find some rocks you like outside, again use their colors and shapes to determine their correspondences. Want to use them for a specific purpose? Paint sigils on them in the color that corresponds with what you want! Charge them in your windowsill or with your own energy and intent. There you go!
  • Pocket mirrors are cheap, easy to carry around and great for glamours and on the go magic. 
  • Seriously though, glamour spells are going to be a good option for you. use your make up, skin products, hair care products, brushes/combs, perfume, mirrors, toothbrush/toothepaste and intent. Good to do while you are getting ready for your day
  • Dream magic is another friend of the city witch! Use crystals, sigils, herbs, etc near your bed before you go to sleep, drink some chamomile, get yourself a dream journal (mine is literally a notebook with construction paper on it), keep it and a pen near you. In the morning write down your dreams, your thoughts, how you feel (tired, refreshed, groggy, etc), and interpret them. 
  • Can’t afford tarot cards? Print out some, you can usually find them online and they won’t last as long as a real deck but it is a good temporary solution. Want a Ouija board but can’t keep one or need it to be easily hidden? Print one out, draw on one on paper or cardboard, fold it up and store it once you are done. Want a pendulum but can’t afford one? Use your favorite necklace, bracelet or keychain!
  • Tea and coffee magic is great, make your own tea blends with the herbs you like. Or just buy simple green or black tea and add sugar, milk, etc depending on your intentions
  • As I said before, crock pot magic. The Modern Cauldron: brew and cook all day with it, fill your apartment with the scent of the herbs and food to fill it with the energies they correspond with and you get a delicious meal to come home to! Most dorms allow them. Rice cookers also work well.
  • Can’t afford fresh food? Have to survive on ramen, canned soup, and microwaved meals? That is okay! They even correspond with things! Tomato soup for love, beauty and passion. Beef ramen noodles for strength, courage and longevity. Microwave mac n cheese for beauty and feminity. Look at their ingredients and what they correspond with. Sure its not as glamorous as a making a huge made by scratch traditional meal but its kitchen magic none the less. Stir it with your intent while you cook. It isn’t fancy but it works just as well!
  • Use a notebook or binder for a nice grimoire, decorate it as much as you want on the inside. Print out pictures of nature, animals, planets, stars, places, crystals, etc that you cant’ access/afford and use them in your craft. Spell books and grimoires are powerful tools
  • Don’t have a wand? Use a wooden spoon. Tie a colored string or ribbon to it to correspond with what energy you want it to have and move and flick it as you would a wand. 
  • Knitting, crocheting, and knot magic is very apartment friendly. As well as sewing and embroidering plus it is super calming.
  • Glitter, sequins, and beads are great in witchcraft! Use their colors to determine their correspondences. Put them in spell jars, sachets, bottles, etc. Glitter tip: if you spill any don’t fret, get some packing tape, wrap it around your hand with the sticky part outwards and dab at that glitter spill. You will literally pick up all of the glitter in seconds!
  • Enchant and charge your pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware to make every meal magical
  • Make moonwater in your windowsills. Use it for cleansing, beauty, divination, clarity, protection and purification
  • Take walks. Even if it is a city there is still nature about. Pigeons flying about, potted flowers outside of stores, grass growing in front lawns, etc. Enjoy yourself, even if it is not some wild, vast forest you can still connect with your local nature.
  • Pick up litter or garbage you see outside, being in the city we all see it. The natural world around you will appreciate you helping out. Bring a bag with you when you take your walks or travel and fill it with wrappers you see on the ground.

I hope this was helpful to all of my fellow city and dorm witches!

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Yo could you share some of your headcanons for the deh kiddos :O ?! I'm really curious!!

*cracks knuckles* HEADCANONS UNDER THE CUT (these are generally feel-good and going off of a Connor Lived And Everything Gets Better AU set of ten [+ one extra] headcanons for the kids where they’re all friends)

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Creepypasta #1231: The Price of Sugar

Length: Long

When I was a little girl, if you’d asked me what I wanted to be, ‘starving artist’ wouldn’t have even been on the list.

Most likely I would have told you ‘a dinosaur’ or ‘an astronaut’ – and later, when I realised that children couldn’t become dinosaurs and brown girls from New Zealand couldn’t become astronauts, I would have said ‘a teacher’ or ‘a nurse’.
At school I got worse at every subject but English and Art, but in my teens my aunty got me a part-time job as a cleaner at the local hospital. I thought at the time that the money wasn’t too awful, and I was good at it. I enjoyed cleaning; even if sometimes what I was cleaning was explosive diarrhoea or blood-laced vomit.

After a while you got used to most of the smells. Well, except for Clostridium difficile – otherwise known as ‘C. Diff’. But thankfully I rarely had to clean up after one of those patients.

Eventually my minimum wage salary let me quit school and rent a tiny, grimy, one-bedroom place in a block of concrete flats. When I wasn’t working or sleeping, I made art, to sell down at the markets on Saturday morning.

And so I became a poor, part-time artist.


There are certain staples every poor person needs in their cupboards. Potatoes and rice were mine; both were dirt cheap and could be made into a variety of dishes. Growing up with equally poor parents and strictly enforced gender roles meant that mum had taught me early on how to cook dishes that would stretch for several meals.

“Rice is great,” she had said, “You can have it sweet for breakfast and you can have it plain for lunch and dinner.” 

And cabbage. Everything seemed to have cabbage in it.

But I still had my little luxuries in my tiny flat; a jar of peanut butter, some wild Manuka honey comb from my uncle up north and a big jar of raw sugar for my cups of tea.

You’ll understand then, why I was upset when ants started coming inside.

They were really small things, some of the smallest ants I’d ever seen. When I got up in the morning, they would be swarmed around the tiniest crumb of dropped food, dividing it up and carrying it back to their nest in a steady brown-black pilgrimage of little bodies.

I didn’t begrudge them at first – I knew what it was like to be hungry. And I could appreciate more than most people that they were cleaning up my mess, doing me a service.

But when they ate a hole clean through the paper of my spare bag of raw sugar, I decided I’d had enough.


Borax and sugar, I discovered, was a good home-made ant killer.

We had plenty of borax-based cleaning products at work, for clearing drains and dissolving really stubborn filth. So I mixed up a solution as the internet instructed me, then left it in a saucer on the kitchen bench.

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career, income, and passion spell jar

this is a customized/modified money honey spell jar. i made this spell with my budding career and the passion I have for my work in mind. rootwork, as the name suggests, tries to get at the true “root” of the problem or what you need. I know that even though I am focused on becoming financially secure, that I will not be successful if I am not also passionately connected to what I am doing. overall I made this with ingredients that are money drawing (so i will get paid what I am worth), luck drawing (to help push me onto a clear path to success), for attraction (make opportunities im open to find me easier) and love/passion (for a career that runs parallel with my devotion to the Divine Mother, the Universe itself). 

I’m a baby witch and this is my first spell, here goes!

What I used:

small recycled glass jar (cleaned in hot water and cleansed with palo santo)

raw clover honey - luck, attracting happiness and purification 

nutmeg (powdered) - monetary luck, money drawing, clear sight

allspice (powdered) - money and luck drawing, energy and determination

cinnamon (powdered) - attraction, happiness, money drawing 

cloves (whole) - luck and prosperity, protection from jealous rivals 

rose water - healing through love, protection

oil of oregano  - financial protection, luck

peppermint oil - money, passion, purification and release 

bay leaves (whole) - money drawing, wish fulfillment

red roses - passion, love, protection 

honeysuckle - money, luck, intuition 

money (i just used change because I never have cash) 

found raw agate, blessed by the light of the full moon - victory, luck, mental clarity

intention on a piece of paper (written in green, gold and red ink) crossed with a verse about Mahalakshmi 

blue, red, and yellow candles - intuition, strength/passion, and luck/prosperity, respectively 

piece of own hair as a taglock 

After praying to the ancestors, Lord Ganesha, Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, I began to layer a mixture of all the wet ingredients with the spices. when the jar was ¾ full, I began adding the solid ingredients such as agate, roses, honeysuckle, cloves, hair, and money. I then added the bay leaves, putting them around the perimeter of the jar for protection. finally I added a strip of paper with my specific intention crossed with several verses about the Goddess’ power to manifest abundance. I then put the metal lid on the jar and stuck a lit tea candle to the top to start sealing. as it burned, I tied honeysuckle vines around the neck of the jar and sealed them with wax. having had the red, blue, and yellow candles lit, I slowly poured some of the accumulated wax over the jar. blue first for intuition to show me my path, then red for the passion and the strength to work hard and finally yellow for luck as a recognition that help will come from outside of myself.  while the tea light continued burning, I placed crystals corresponding with security, creativity, passion, and intuition around the jar. I meditated on how all of these things are necessary for me to have a successful future. i visualized this future in great detail. finally, when the candle stopped burning, I placed one bay leaf in top of the jar as the wax cooled. 

Since completing this spell, I have tried to push whatever desires I have for the spell to “work” out of my mind. I placed it on my ancestral altar with two citrine crystals and a clear quartz geode for creativity and a spiritual boost. i shake the jar occasionally and just take extra care to make regular offerings to my devas and my ancestors. if im not nourishing them, how can they nourish me? 

A Thousand Winter Mornings

Fenris/f!Hawke, 3143 words, nsfw-ish? A discussion of his past and family in the wake of Fenris’s Alone quest, with a wee bit of headcanon that I’m not at all confident about.

Read here on AO3

“I think—I remember my mother.”

The words rumble into her ear as she lies nestled against his chest, half-draped over him. Either he’ll say more or he won’t; she knows him well enough by now to know that, so she tucks an arm under her chin and waits. In the grey-white of morn, the lines of his profile are bold and sharp, the lyrium filigreed into his skin stark against it, but the diffuse light that filters through the rain-battered panes does little to clear the clouds that linger in his gaze.

The last time he remembered something of his past he left her—but now his hand is steady on the small of her back, as is the ebb and flow of his breathing, the even flutter of his heartbeat under her palm, where it lies splayed on his chest.

For a long time it’s all she hears over the pitter-patter of the rain, padding the velvety silence and muffling the Hightown bustle outside his window. The quiet of his mansion is unsettling after the constant activity of her own estate: the rattle of Sandal’s enchantment apparatus, Bodahn’s Veil-rending snores, the clatter of Orana’s cooking or the pounding of her carpet beater, the dog barking at shadows, a visitor come to say hello or request the Champion’s help. So whenever Fenris lets her spend the night at the old mansion? Hawke startles at its every squeak and creak despite herself—yet there’s something to be said for the hush of mornings spent like this one, in a tangle of limbs and bedsheets.

“She had green eyes, and red hair like Varania. Not a mage, though, at least not that I can tell from what little I remember. She taught me how to hold a sword. Her hands smelled of cinnamon,” he adds in an undertone.

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This is for Taz’s Crack Fic Challenge. My prompt was ‘Turning Hotch’s office into a sex shop’. Enjoy my attempt at humor and also note I have never actually been to a sex shop so I just used my imagination to come up with the setting. 

Title : The DMV

Pairing: Lowkey Ralvez but for the most part none.

POV: Third Person

Word Count : 1315

Warning : Mentions of sex and sexual things but no actual smut. 

A/N : The gif has nothing to do with the fic I just thought it was cute look at his little face I cry.

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

It was a typical day in Quantico. The sky was cloudy, the trees swayed in the cool breeze and people hustled and bustled through the streets. 6 out 7 people of the BAU strolled into the elevator, crowding in desperately not trying to spill their coffee.

“I’m telling you, my idea of heaven is a white picket fence house. The boys playing around while me and Will sit on the porch drinking sweet tea” JJ laughed.

“That is the most American thing ever. “ Tara chuckled, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Well then Miss Lewis, what do think heaven is like?” Rossi asked, nudging her.

“I don’t know, never thought about it. Heaven has always been a religious thing for me. I guess it’s really white and there are a lot of good people drinking tea or booze and talking.” she shrugged.

“You make Heaven sound like a retirement home in Florida” Luke laughed.

“Oh hush up” Tara snorted.

“What about you Rossi? What’s you idea of heaven?” Tara asked, as the elevator shook to a halt

“Very big production movie  style. I float up to the gates of heaven, the doors open and a choir of angels sing….”

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mince pies and mistletoe

length: 3.4k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

simon’s up late baking on christmas eve when baz shows up at his door

written for @carryonsecretsanta :D

moodboard (and second part of your gift) here ^__^

also on ao3


I’m rolling out pie crust when there’s a knock on the door. I decide to ignore it, because we’re closed and if they can’t read the sign, well that’s not my fault. The knocking becomes more insistent, and I begin to wonder if I should go see what’s wrong. What if it’s an emergency? Why else would someone be here at–I look at the clock about the stove–11 pm on Christmas Eve?

Brushing the flour from my hands onto my jeans (Penny hates when I do that), I move from the kitchen to the front of the bakery to get the door. I open it and first thing I notice is that it’s snowing outside. Hard. The second thing I notice is that there’s a boy at the door. No, not a boy, a man. He’s covered in snow and shivering slightly, and I open the door further. He nods at me and steps inside.

“Thanks.” He says, and all I can do is nod dumbly.

Penny will definitely kill me for this. (If he doesn’t beat her to it.) (Not that I’m actually afraid of him, he’s just taller and more built, that’s all.)

“I promise not to murder you,” he says like he read my mind. “Scouts honor.”

“You were a scout?”

He smirks, and it does something funny to my stomach. “No.”

We settle into an awkward silence, just staring each other down, waiting for the other one to make the first move.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” I ask, and for a moment I think he’s going to say no, but he doesn’t.

“Please,” He says instead, and I stand up to fetch him some.

I’ve just put the kettle on when he appears in the doorway.

“I’ll only be a minute.” I say. He doesn’t move. Thinking he hasn’t heard me I repeat “I’ll only be a minute,” and he smirks again.

“You already said that.”

“Well,” I retort, “you didn’t answer.”

“Didn’t think I needed to.”

I bite back a remark, and he looks away. I use this time to fully check him out. (Not like that.) He’s taller than I am, which I’d noticed earlier, and more muscular, which I’d also noticed. He must work out, or play some kind of sport. His dark hair is in what Agatha’d call a “man bun”, and for a minute I picture him letting it down and me running my hands through it. 

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UPDATED Massive Spring Cleanout SALE/TRADE

I have a MASSIVE Sale/Exchange, mainly in credit to my Spring Cleaning Skills.

I also just want people out there in the community to know that I can get so many things that most seem to have a difficult time with <3

I’m here to help! I am also in a great deal of pain financially, so everything is for sale primarily. I will have a small list at the end of my Exchange Posts of the few things I am willing to trade for.

I have never traded on the Exchange, but I have a small online business and sell consignment in my town at 2 stores. I have a PayPal account that is linked to my Etsy for convenience <3

Happy to meet you all, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Xoxo, Ginger


-Black & White & Clear Glass beads, various sizes/shapes (New, never used) $5

-Pin Blanks (10 count) (New) $2

-Hamsa Charms (10 count) (New) *These have a whole on either side with a circle cut out in the middle so you can thread through them, or have a small stone in the palm! $2

-Buddha Head Charms (10 count) (New) $3

-Crackle Quartz Beads-Various, Tumbled-Green, Yellow, Clear, Blue (New) $3

-Beveled Cast Plastic Silver Bead Spacers-Various (2 packs, 80 count total) (New) $4

-Lead Free Pewter, Antique Silver Finish, Horse Charms (3 count) (New) $6

-Turquoise and Silver Tassel Charm (Faceted Turquoise) (New) $2

-Silver Filigree Charm (New) $1

-White Waxed Cord/String (1 Pack) (New) $4

-Small Metal Canisters with clear lids (11 count) (New) $1/each plus shipping OR $11 for all

-Bead Design Board (New) $5

-Wolf Totem Stone-Green Aventurine, wolf engraving painted black $6

-Snakeskin (Ethically Harvested) $10

-Clear Quartz Point (Medium) (almost on matrix completely) $3

-Raw Sodalite (Small) $2

-Tumbled Sodalite (Medium) $3

-Raw Flourite Chunk $35

-Personalized Home Protective Rune Chains $30

-Scrying Mirrors Mini & Small: $12 / Medium: $24 / Large: $32

-Sugar Scrubs $10 a jar

-Potions $6 a bottle

-Oil Blends (For Diffusers, Oil Burners, & Anointing/Massage, all Blended by me!) $7/bottle

   ^(*Positive Thinking, and Full Moon 1, Full Moon 2 Left*)^

-Spell Bags/Sachets (All kinds of intents! Luck, Prosperity/$$$, Protection, Car/Travel Protection, Job, esc! ) $10 each

-Agate Slices with Antiqued Silver Leaf Edges (5 total, 4 purple & 1 blue, great coasters, altar tiles, décor, esc!) $12 each

-Huge solid Agate chunk Tea Candle Holder (Holds 2 tea candles) $21

-Ceramic Wax Melter (Light Blue Color, comes with 9 Pine Wax Cubes) $15

-Clock Tower Engraved Wooden Tea Box $21

///Wooden Rune Sets: (Small, Medium, and Large wood slices, wood burned)

   –Rune Sets WITH Storage Box. These come in a Pine Box or a Paper Mache Box with handpainted protection staves on them-I usually favor Aegishjalmr or Gennir, but am open to which staves are on them. Boxes can be left blank if desired. Small: $22 / Medium: $25 / Large: $28

   –Rune Sets WITHOUT Storage Box (Comes in see through mesh bag). Small: $12 / Medium: $15 / Large $18</b>


   Fulfillment Sticks, Into the Night Sticks, The Moon Sticks, Handmade in the Monastery Tibetan Healing Incense Sticks, Frankincense Sticks, Myrrh Sticks, Patchouli Sticks, Dragons Blood Sticks and Cones

**.10/stick & .05/cone**


   –Chicken $2

   –Macaw $6

   –Seagull $4

   (Ethically harvested, cleaned)

   –1 Dark Blue, 1 Med. Blue, 1 Light Blue, and 1 Black Artificial Feather free with another/pay shipping

   **Can get Pheasant feathers, Peacock Eyes/Feathers, Ostrich and goose upon request**

///Jewelry: (Mainly Necklaces, I have a problem xD)

   –Chevron Amethyst necklace $16

   –Silver Plated Tip Quartz Point Necklace $13

   –Flourite Point Wire Wrapped Necklace $33

   –Tangerine Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace $16

   –Unakite and Aventurine Necklace $25

   –Turquoise Necklace $20

   –Om Necklace $10

   –Hummingbird Skull Necklace $10

   –Coral Jasper Necklace $12

   –Aventurine and Swarovski Necklace $25

   –Om Necklace with 7 Chakras $25

   –Crescent Moon Necklace $12

   –Agate Necklace $20

   –Winged Scarab Necklace $12

   –Moonstone Sun Necklace $20

   –Hamsa Necklace $12

   –Fire Agate Wire Wrapped Necklace $25

   –Garnet Necklace $15

   –Quartz Choker Necklace (Adjustable) $15

   –Resin Starfish & Ocean Aesthetic Necklace $10

   –Flower Centerpiece Necklace $10

   –Antique Oil Diffusing Pendant (Wooden, pendant had to be put on another chain, but still vintage) $15

   –Dreamcatcher Earrings with Turquoise and Quartz Crystal $16


   –Dark Red Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Red Votive Candles (5 Count) $6

   –Pink/Red Candles (2 Count) (These are larger than a Votive but not quite a small pillar) $6

   –Light Blue Small Round “Bubble” Candles (9 Count) $10

[^^^All these are handmade^^^]

   –White Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Tea Candles (However many your heart desires) .10/each



-Red Pepper Flakes


-Black Peppercorns

-White Pepper-Ground

-Mediterranean Sea Salt

-Himalayan Pink Salt

-Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

-Tobacco (NOT for smoking use!)

-Clove-Whole and Ground


-Yellow Mustard-Ground

-Brown Mustard Seeds


-Spearmint & Mint



-Star Anise

-Mediterranean Basil & Basil

-Cinnamon-Bark & Ground



-Dragon’s Blood Resin


-Orange Peel-Crushed


-Nutmeg-Whole and Ground

-White Sage-Rubbed/Crushed, also have Bundles/Smudge Sticks

-Sweetgrass Braids*

-Lavender Flowers

-Bay Leaves

-Oak Leaves/Bark

-Acorn Caps

-Walnut Leaves/Bark

-Maple Leaves/Bark

-So many trees, flowers, bushes, esc, omg just ask 8D

**Herbs are $2.50 a bag. Sweetgrass Braids are $12.**

— — — — — — — — — — — —

***Can obtain (Candles)-I can obtain most any candle size, color, scent! I ask that you pay the price and the shipping, and I can apprehend them for you <3 Most are handmade, others are bought outright.

***Can obtain (Stones/Crystals)-I only ask that you pay the price of the crystal/stone, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend a stone (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: ~Other than the more common stones (quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, esc of all types and sizes) and the more common tumbled stones (Jaspers, Garnets, Aventurine, esc, esc) If you can name it, I can probably find it :D I, personally, have received some beautiful specimens of Honey & Orange Calcite-Raw &Tumbled, Green Calcite-Tumbled, Garnet-Tumbled, Snowflake Obsidian, Angelite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Jet & Onyx, Flourite, Moonstone, Kyanite, Agates (Moss, Banded, esc), Labradorite (Raw & Tumbled), Bloodstone, Fire Agate-Raw with a polished face, primarily, Carnelian-Tumbled, Jaspers (Leopard, Picasso, red/brown, there are even Orbichular Jasper cuts at one shop nearby!), Unakite, Numite, Serpentine, Tiger Eye (Brown, Red-Tumbled), Pyrite, Peacock Ore, Amazonite, Aquamarines, there are Lithium in Aquamarine specimens too! Ruby in Fuschite-Tumbled, Desert Rose, Flourite Palm Stones, Bismuth crystals of all sizes, and so so so much more! Just poke me (:

***Can obtain (Herbs/Spices/Flowers)-I only ask that you pay the price of the  herb/spice/flower, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend an herb, flower, or spice (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: I also have a ridiculous plant access as well, so things like Fern, Ivy, esc, grow in way too plenty here! Just ask and I’ll probably be able to find it/obtain it!

***I have unlimited access to the Atlantic Ocean, connected rivers, and the wildlife. We have Seagulls, oysters, mussels, scallops, I have access to Abalone shells, Conch shells, starfish, urchins, misc ocean/river wildlife, ocean and river water/sand, and much more. Just ask!

///Only Trades I Can Accept

-Encyclopedia of Spirits, Judika Illes

-Fox parts-Pelt, Skull, Teeth, claws, Tail

-*Certain* Dragon, Norse related Items

-Small Vulture Culture pieces (Small skulls, teeth, certain pelts, claws, esc.)


-Certain Raw/*Very Certain* Tumbled Stones/Crystals (I love Clusters and crystals on matrix, generators and standing points, Smokey Quartz, Fire stones are a plus, unique formations, Opals, Aquamarine, Topaz, Jet and Onyx, Let me know what you have and I’ll see if anything catches my fancy!)

-Athame or Sword

-Statuary: Deities (Norse, Celtic, Green Man/Cernunnos), Dragon, Suns, Stags, Tree/Treefolk

-Jewelry/Crafting Supplies *Certain things only* Please send me pics of what you have (:


-Crystal spheres/stands, other shaped crystals

-Herb cupboards

-Oriental items

-Tree Aesthetic

-Elvish Aesthetic

///End Notes:

Currency is in USD, some things I will wave shipping, some require shipping only, and of course I will do a Bulk price for more than a few items! <3

Don’t be afraid to send me a poke regardless, though, I’d rather see everything go somewhere desired or needed other than in the garbage or sitting in my trunk /:

If you are interested in an item(s) and would like pictures, please message me, there are too many pictures to even be able to post them here!

@theegoldenndragonn or email me darnswelllifehere@gmail.com


A/N- The final installment of my summer of fire frenzy! I decided to finish on something cute and not so kinky for you guys, with a little bit of fat appreciation and smol fire demon things that I simply loved imagining playing with Sans’ chubby little belly. ≥3≤
Anyway, this is an UNDERTUM fic, for those who either like the fetish or are fans of cringe worthy things.

(Let’s hope the cut works this time, heheh.)

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Characters: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 3,096

Genre: Angst

Warning: This was written at 3AM on a rainy night. That should say it all.

It was time.

Your hands fiddled with the video recorder as you proceeded to attach it to the tripod you had set up next to your seat. The lens was pointed towards the chair on the other side of the table, and the main focus shown on the LED display of the device was a man sitting comfortably upon it.

Once you were certain that the invaluable piece of equipment wasn’t going to topple over, you lined up the shot, making sure you were getting the angle of both the camera and the swivel screen just right.

It was a bit later in the morning than usual, but the atmosphere of the room was immaculate. The blinds were drawn open to let the dreamy sunlight into the area, bathing your surroundings in a soft, ethereal glow. The apartment was quiet, save for the fidgeting you had been doing while trying to prepare everything. Your hands were clammy from the nervousness building up within you, but you really had no reason as to why.

This was your best friend.

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“What Is This Mysterious Feeling?” Xiumin/You

an alice and wonderland + sports au insp. by the Love Me Right video. Literally I watched it and then wrote most of this like a madwoman. 

“My name’s not Alice,” is what finally slides past her pretty lips and Oh, Xiumin deflates. Disappointing.

“Silly girl,” he tsks as he reaches past her to snatch a jar of jam. “I knew that.”

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The Price of Sugar

by Cymoril_Melnibone

When I was a little girl, if you’d asked me what I wanted to be, ‘starving artist’ wouldn’t have even been on the list.
Most likely I would have told you ‘a dinosaur’ or ‘an astronaut’ – and later, when I realised that children couldn’t become dinosaurs and brown girls from New Zealand couldn’t become astronauts, I would have said ‘a teacher’ or ‘a nurse’.
At school I got progressively worse at every subject but English and Art, but in my teens my aunty got me a part-time job as a cleaner at the local hospital. I thought at the time that the money wasn’t too awful, and I was good at it. I enjoyed cleaning; even if sometimes what I was cleaning was explosive diarrhoea or blood-laced vomit.
After a while you got used to most of the smells. Well, except for Clostridium difficile – otherwise known as ‘C. Diff’. But thankfully I rarely had to clean up after one of those patients.
Eventually my minimum wage salary let me quit school and rent a tiny, grimy, one-bedroom place in a block of concrete flats. When I wasn’t working or sleeping, I made art, to sell down at the markets on Saturday morning.
And so I became a poor, part-time artist.

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Cry Baby Lane

In 1999, I was 22. I had just graduated from Emerson university in downtown Boston, majoring in screenwriting - specifically in cartoons and children’s programming. My debt was pretty bad, so when Nickelodeon Studios offered me an internship at the studio in California, I accepted immediately. I jumped at the chance to get away from my dead-end job as a Benjamin Franklin tour guide.

Many of you ask to see Cry Baby Lane. Even if you want to see the original film, you never will - yes, even if Nickelodeon somehow consents to releasing it to you. You won’t be seeing what was shown on TV and you sure as fuck won’t be seeing the unaltered original.

I don’t even think Nickelodeon HAS the original cut of the movie anymore. If they do, it’s only in back-up copies. If those even exist, they must be locked away in some vault, along with all the deleted episodes of Ren and Stimpy and the never-before-mentioned episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. I’m pretty sure the director, Peter Lauer, has the original copy, though. It’s probably on his mantle next to his snuff films, the creepy-ass fuck.

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Quick and Dirty Tips for People who Cannot Practice Freely

Part 1

I’m not sure how many parts there are going to be in this series, but I will try to add more on a regular basis.

Today’s quick and dirty tips are for deity-specific altars.

 This is something I have a lot of personal struggle with, because I have always had an altar (and I am currently in a situation where I can’t have one.) I’m working to put one together that won’t seem too out of place in my room and I thought I would share these tips and ideas for all of you who are in a similar situation. I’ve actually started putting mine together, and I’ve started plans for a second one by my desk.

Placement – it doesn’t matter. I recommend clearing off a bit of shelf space to put some new “knick knacks” or using the top of a dresser, but honestly, depending on who you’re working with, you can put things on a bulletin board. An altar doesn’t have to be on a flat surface you know.

 Images – okay, this is going to sound completely banana pants insane, but I promise that unless you’re really on the outs (as in you’ve either pissed off your deity in some way or you haven’t made an official contact with them) or you’re working with someone who is extremely fussy, this is the best way to go about it: Pop culture images. I’m not kidding. Pop culture is RIFE with gods, or at least with people who can pass off as the earthly avatar of almost any deity. Working with the Greek pantheon? Start loving Disney’s Hercules. Or The Rock’s new Hercules. Norse? Hey look, the internet is full of pictures of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Green Man? Try the Ents from Lord of the Rings, or Groot. Bast? Well, there’s Sandman, or the cat nuns from Doctor Who. Twist it to fit your fandoms, most of the gods won’t be upset, as it’s all about your intent. (Plus, who doesn’t want to look at Chris Hemsworth while they’re chanting to Thor, right?) I’ve been using this trick for a very long time (pretty much since I was a teenager and just decided that this was the right path for me) and no one has complained about it, yet. 

Offering bowls – use a candleholder in a pleasing shape that you find at Wal-mart or a dollar store. Clear glass is good, but you can really use pretty much anything. This is tricky, I know, to do an offering, but the flame of a candle lit to your deity is a standard offering in most rituals and most practices. You can put some water in the candleholder, too, if you’re not really a fan of fire, and let it evaporate. Whisper the intent as you pour your water or light your candle. No one is going to question why you have tea light holders in your room.

Natural items – this is probably the one that has evaded me the most. I know most altars have some sort of nature… thing on them. Mine typically doesn’t. Not because I don’t feel connected to nature, just that I haven’t found anything that works for me yet. Therefore, my best recommendation to keep that connection is to get a pressed flower, or a dried leaf, or an evergreen sprig. If that’s not possible, even an artificial flower can do to get the representation, it’s just not quite the same, magically. I do have a piece of old, dried wood that I found years ago, I thought it was a bone when I found it, but it’s not. There’s literally no use for it but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, so I assume there’s some sort of significant meaning to the thing that I haven’t been made aware of yet. You can also use a stone, or a crystal or even a feather, just something to get that natural connection. Another really great trick is to find some potpourri that you like the smell of and to put that in another candleholder on your altar. Potpourri is also really helpful in casting circles when you need a representation of the elements. The bits inside are typically made of plant matter (representing earth) and some have shells inside (representing water) a feather for air and the scent of cinnamon or cloves to represent fire and you have a jar full of elements ready to use symbolically.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be working more on this sort of stuff to share with you all. Okay, I hope that this helps you find inspiration to build an altar for yourself. If you have any more ideas, please let me know! Let’s share our ideas and knowledge to help our brothers and sisters walk the pagan path even in the less than ideal living situations! 



Original Short: Kunihiko

-I was haunting Tumblr with my presence one day, and I came across this little post that basically said something along the lines about how the fandom gets extremely hyped for certain characters, and those that don’t happen to appreciate those same characters often feel a tad left out-
-I don’t know if you will find this (didn’t want to tag you cause that might be awks). I don’t know if you will read it. But this is for you. I hope you feel a little better-
-I tried to write something for you. It’s not much, but I tried-

Based on Kunihiko’s section of this one:

You had driven out to pick Kunihiko up from the airport. He was driving now, luggage thrown in the back trunk. He grinned merrily as he handled the wheel, and you admire him as he drives.
“How was the trip?”
“It was just a business trip.” Kunihiko answered. “Pretty normal, meetings and discussions and lots of men’s drinking.” He chuckled. “Why, worried that the ladies were all over me?”
“Jealous?” He grinned wider and you pout.
“Don’t worry, ____________.” He glances at you when the car comes to a stop at the red light. “You’re the only one for me.”
The soft look on his face was warm and sweet, chasing away the loneliness that you had felt in his two week absence. It was so great to have him back.
“You’re totally jealous. You have that silly smile on your face.” Kunihiko chuckles as he turns back to the road.
“You’ve always been so easy to read, ever since when you were a kid.”
“No I’m not!” You blush and press your hands to your cheeks quickly.
“Sure, sure.” He replies with a casual air, one you loved and missed so dearly, and the two of you drive home.
“It’s so good to be home.”
He throws open the door and drags in the suitcase.
“I’m so worn out from that business stuff. I think I need a month long break and some sashimi hand rolls a la __________.” He smiles at you. “Don’t you agree?”
“I’ll get them out of the fridge.” The contagious, pleasant expression appears upon your face too as you start for the kitchen. “I thought you might want them when you get back. I’ll make some tea too.”
“Oh, you’re my favourite!” He pats your head lovingly, touching a light kiss to your forehead. “Always so thoughtful!”
You blushed a little.
“It’s nothing. It’s my job to be thoughtful.”
Kunihiko follows you into the kitchen, sitting down happily on a barstool at the counter, propping his chin on his hands and gazing at you.
“Why are you staring?” You ask quietly, slightly shy at the way he was watching you.
“Don’t mind me.” He chuckled.
Kunihiko just smiled.
You turn to the fridge and take out the sashimi you had already sliced up. Then you gathered the seaweed from the cabinet and the rice from the cooker, getting ready to make them fresh for your fiancé.
“I missed you.”
You almost dropped the rice at his words. Heat rushed up to your cheeks.
Kunihiko gave another blissful sigh.
“I missed you, __________.” His violet eyes met yours sincerely, lovingly, boring into your heart. “It’s nice to be back.”
“I missed you too.” Your cheeks felt even warmer as you reply, a giggly feeling bubbling in your chest. So you weren’t the only one who was lonely!
You lay out the food and start wrapping it up, handing the first one to him. Your fingers brush against his for a moment and your heart leaps at the contact that you hadn’t felt for a while. He didn’t seem to react any differently though, and thanked you, taking the sushi.
“It’s delicious, as always.” Kunihiko lays on the praise, and you snap out of the little moment of dreamy thought. “__________? Are you thinking of something?”
“Oh, yes! I mean… No! Um… Could you um…”
“Could I…?”
He swallowed the bite of sushi and looked at you curiously.
“Could you teach me to make that- that cocktail today?” You quickly say, trying desperately to hide your flustered expression. “The one I emailed you about?”
“Oh, your colour blind drink incident?” Kunihiko laughed. “Of course. You just gotta say so!” He takes a large bite of the sushi in his hand and chews quickly. “When?”
“There’s no rush!” You hurriedly add. “Chew carefully!”
Kunihiko smiled at you with a mouthful of food.
“Mmm know, Mmm know.”
An array of liqueurs were set up on the countertop, along with silver shakers and cocktail glasses. A jar of red cherries in syrup sat beside the glass, along with a plump lemon. Kunihiko takes the silver shaker and casually adds an amount from the bottle of clear alcohol.
“What’s the matter?” He asks patiently.
“How much did you add?” You shake your head helplessly. “I didn’t quite catch that.”
“Oh sorry.” He scratches the back of his head with his spare hand with a laugh and a shabby smile. “Right right, it’s kinda hard for a newbie. Just pour, I’ll tell you to stop.”
You manage to pour some of the clear liqueur into your shaker, and wait for his next step with bright eyes.
“Ok, now it’s the light blue one.”
Kunihiko pours another amount - carelessly, as if it took no effort at all measuring in his mind - and closes the shaker.
“Pour, _________…. Yup that’s about right!”
You close your shaker, and turn your gaze back to him.
“Hey, __________, take a look at this.” Kunihiko suddenly flashes you a grin, and starts shaking the drink up with some fluid, mesmerizing motion that you couldn’t help but stare at. He suddenly threw the container up, and it twirled thrice in the air before landing in his hand, and he chuckled at your faint gasp.
“Okay, okay, you’re not going to do it like that. You’re just going to shake it normally.” Kunihiko tried to demonstrate, and you struggle to try and mirror his motions. “No, not like that! You’ll make a mess like last time.” He skirts around the counter and goes up behind you, moving your hands to specific spots on the shaker. He puts his hands over yours and start moving slowly, shaking up the liquid inside. “Like that.”
You didn’t quite know if he could pick up on the acceleration of your heartbeat, or the warmth that was rising rapidly inside your body. He was just so close! The familiar scent of his body made you feel a little dizzy, and you find yourself leaning deeper against him.
“Are you tired?” Kunihiko asked gently, easing the shaker out of your hands. You snap to your senses and grab onto the container tightly.
“You’re leaning into me.” His lavender eyes darken as they pierce into your face. “Are you that drunk already?”
“Well, I might be.” The tender smile neared, and you felt it press against your lips lightly.
“I missed you, ____________.”
“I missed you too.” You whisper as the shaker was placed onto the counter and your arms slowly wrapped around his neck. Soft kisses fluttered against your face, trailing to your jaw and neck.
“I could get intoxicated by you any day.” Kunihiko murmured against your skin. “You are so perfect for me it’s addicting to be around you.”
Your fingers teased at his hair, tugging the hair tie loose and letting the ponytail down into the wavy purple locks of your fiancé. Your fiancé, not the CEO. His smile widened and you were clutched tighter in the strong arms, cuddled closer to the firm chest that constructed your personal castle. His face nuzzled against your neck. 
“I love you.” His voice was soft and gentle, sweet upon your ear as a summer breeze. “Thank you for everything.”
“I didn’t do anything for you though.” You blink up at him. “You always take care of me.”
“You keep me motivated,” He kissed your forehead. “sane,” His lips touched the tip of your nose. “and calm.” The kiss went to your cheek this time, and Kunihiko smiled adoringly down at you. “I can never thank you enough.” He pressed his lips to yours. “I can never love you enough.”


Thanks for the read!
This took me FOREVER to write ugh
I’m really not good with Kuni…

Over You

A/N Inspired by the song “Over You” by Ingrid Michaelson, featuring A Great Big World.

Henry mindlessly reached out and set all the weights on the scale to zero as he passed it. Half the lights in the clinic were already out as he headed down the hall to his office, only to be stopped when a nurse called to him.

“Sorry, doctor. One last patient.”

Henry looked at his watch. He had already been here an hour later than he had planned.

“I know, but I promise this is the last one. The doors are locked.”

“Not a problem, Clara.” It wasn’t her fault people waited until the last possible moment to get seen. He took the patient file from her and headed back down the hall.

“Exam room two,” she called after him.

Henry knocked on the door and then stepped inside. “Hello, I’m Dr. Cavill,” he said as he glanced at the name on the top of the file. He stopped with his hand on the door as he read the name again. Adelaide Harbridge. There could be two Adelaide Harbridges, right? He lifted his eyes and sighed. Not two Adelaides with those big brown eyes, though.

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gnrlantiope  asked:

can you write something on Wanda dealing with her grief? I felt like the movie skipped over her loss of her brother and the results of her failure

Her cheek is pressed against the hardwood floor. Dust stings her eyes and she’s given up trying to hide the fact that she is crying. His arms are tight around her shoulders, his back facing the shell. She is hungry and thirsty and he must be all those things as well but he does his best to keep her from seeing it.

But she does. She sees the angry, red letters that are stamped out on its side. She traces them with her mind, one at a time. The name burns as she hears slabs of concrete and wood shift above them.


“Twelve more minutes, yes?” Her brother whispers into her ear. He is crying too. “Twelve more minutes, that’s it.”

“Twelve more minutes,” she repeats.

His arms hold her tighter, closer. She doesn’t want to tell him that she doesn’t think it will matter– that the bomb will tear them both apart anyway. Pietro’s lips press against her forehead.

“That’s hardly anything,” he says.

She squeezes her eyes. “Shorter than laundry.”

“Shorter than dishes.”

Her fingers dig into his coat. Breathe, she thinks. His heart thuds in her ear. She counts the beats up to twelve and starts over again.

It’s hardly anything.

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