i just pretend hes actually singing it

If You Like Be More Chill...

Here are some more songs you might like by Joe Iconis!

Kevin : This song is sung by Andrew Rannells (a god) about being bored in Brooklyn. Plot twist song with a catchy tune that I sing in all my free time. Features this breathtaking ending and amazing chorus.

Jeff : Jeremy Morse sings about spying on his neighbors. Its funny and awful on the surface, but gets extremely interesting. It has some amazing one liners and moments that really make you think about this character and his life.

Party Hat : MK Lawson and Eric William Morris have this amazing chemistry that is reflected perfectly in a story about a lonely girl and a cat. Its unbelievably charming and well done. The fact alone made me laugh that Eric was playing a cat.

Blue Hair : Jordan Stanley has a young boyish charm that is beautiful and gorgeous and I love this song. Its about a boy who decides he wants to make a statement and just dyes his hair blue because he can. Its actually from one of Joe’s other musicals called The Black Suits. Highly recommend. 

The Goodbye Song : Jason Williams. Deep song. Kinda sad. I sing it and pretend I’m on a stage all the time. This song is gorgeous and I don’t really know how to explain it, but its basically this song about a death and how the person dying wants everyone to be okay when he’s gone. 

Right Place/Wrong Time : Eric William Morris and Katrina Rose Dideriksen both have amazing voices that work so well in presenting the concept of the song. They sing about how they always seem to be missing their chances even when they might have talent. 

Honey : Listen as Jared Weiss tears your heart out as he sings about pining over his best friend. Its an extremely cute piece that is so well sung and portrayed. No jokes, just cuteness.

Lisa : Katrina Rose Dideriksen sings about feeling like you’re not enough to be with a girl. It is actually the best thing. Katrina brings this amazing emotion and power into it that just wow. Honestly, its a gay anthem. (Also from The Black Suits)

Velociraptor : Liz Lark Brown sings about being a velociraptor and its hilarious, but actually a metaphor for societal expectations and where we all belong in the world??? She has an amazing voice and there’s some parts where you laugh and some parts where you have to furrow your eyebrows and really appreciate it.

The Actress : Katrina Rose Dideriksen yet again. It follows the struggle of this girl and what she has to do to become an actress. The meaning behind this song is so impressively portrayed and once more leaves your jaw dropped at Joe Iconis and his writing. Its funny and charming as well. 

These are just my personal favorites! Feel free to message me or send in an ask telling me what you think of these songs, which are your favorites, or even recommend some more! Happy listening!

Road Trip


A/N: Ahhhhh, this is a marvellous idea and lmaoooo I’m actually writing this on the plane ride home. I was only delayed for two hours sitting on the tarmac and then a nine hour flight home!!! Let’s just say, it’s been a long day. And tbh I literally would never write this on a plane (usually) but I got lucky and there’s nobody sitting on either side of me or behind me WOW so here I am, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean (actually I’m probably over France rn) writing about you guys and fucking Peter Parker.

I also decided to try and do this a different way, its one of those Headcanon posts instead

Word Count: 2K

Warnings: nada


  • The lovely Peter Parker and yourself had been best friends for quite sometime and boy were you both pining over each other. Extremely pining.
  • It was a lot of almost but not completely’s. Which annoyed the hell out of you. But I mean, Peter also annoyed the hell out of you.
  • You loved the boy, but he was needy. (Lol you love it).
  • You had just finished your third year of high school when you and Peter decided that you needed to go on a road trip.
  • Meaning that Peter begged you to take a road trip with him. By then, he had passed his driver’s test and was ready to go on the road.
  • In the middle of July, you and Peter climbed into May’s car and began making your way to Niagara Falls.
  • It was seven in the morning and Peter had pulled up in front of your building in May’s car.
  • Peter jumped out and grabbed your bag and threw it into the trunk, rushing back around to open the car door for you. “Good morning, Y/N,” 
  • “Well it looks like someone is in a good mood,” 
  • “Of course I’m in a good mood, i’m excited! Aren’t you excited? We’re finally going on the road trip!” 
  • “Yes, Peter, I’m very excited,” you laughed. 
  • “Ive never been Niagara Falls, what do you think it’s like? And how long until we get there? You know I’m not good on long drives,” 
  • “Oh my god, Peter. Okay, Niagara Falls is very nice, you’ll love it. It’s about six and a half hours but because we’ll get caught in rush hour it’ll probably be closer to eight,” you answered.
  • “Then let’s go,” Peter smiled, putting the car into drive, heading towards the highway.
  • You were not at all surprised how simultaneously prepared and unprepared Peter was for this trip.
  • The boy had multiple road trip playlists and a few sugary treats but that was it. You of course were the one who thought to bring water, healthier snacks, tissues, etc.
  • Ten minutes into the trip he started diving into his snacks
  • “PeTeR ItS sEvEn In ThE mOrNiNg you don’t need a fruit roll up!” 
  • “But Y/N, Spiderman needs his nutrients,” 
  • “A fRuIt RoLl Up Is NoT nUtRiCiOuS,”
  • Peter just looked you right in the eye and took another bite of the fruit roll up causing you to lose your fucking marbles
  • THis boy was going to drive you insane for the next eight hours you just knew it
  • “Peter why don’t you just put on one of the CD’s you made instead of just singing?” 
  • “Are you trying to tell me you don’t like my singing?” 
  • “Peter Parker but put your CD on and sing along to that,”
  • “Will you sing with me?” 
  • “I don’t know? Is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on this playlist of yours?” 
  • “OH NO!”
  • “Peter did you actually forget the ultimate road trip song?” 
  • “Yes. But I can sing it for you,”
  • You acted annoyed with Peter but less than a minute later you were both singing at the top of your lungs
  • You pretended to be annoyed with Peter but you really loved him and you were actually having the time of your life
  • Eventually Peter turned on that playlist of his 
  • Turns out Don’t Stop Believing was on it
  • “Oh my god PEter you idiot,” 
  • “I FoRgOt,”
  • You and Peter were both idiots who were helplessly in love with each other but didn’t know
  • You would spend so much time just staring at the boy while he tried to focus on driving
  • Plot twist he knew you were looking at him
  • You thought it was the cutest  
  • You were still singing along loudly to the music.
  • You would record it and send snaps to Ned saying you missed him  
  • Ned would always respond with “Bullshit you two need this time to figure everything out,”  
  • You tried to ask PEter what Ned meant but before Peter could answer he got distracted by a sign that said ‘Niagara Falls 350 miles’
  • “Peter, that’s still like five hours” 
  • “Whatever you say, hon”
  • You wanting to pull over on the side of the highway to take pictures of all the scenery
  • “Y/N, we’re never going to make it in time if we don’t keep driving,” 
  • “In time for what?” 
  • “But Peter I want to take a picture of you next to that tree,” 
  • “Y/N,” 
  • “Peter Parker If you don’t go stand next to that tree so I can take your picture, no more fruit roll ups,” 
  • “But how will I survive and not starve?” 
  • “I have apples,” 
  • Peter still didn’t move
  • “Peter Benjamin Parker,” 
  • “Fine!” 
  • “Thank you! I love you!” 
  • “Yeah yeah, love you too,” he would mumble,
  • The picture of Peter turned out with him standing next to the tree with his arms crossed and huge pout on his face
  • “Peter can you please smile for me?” 
  • “Why would I smile after you threatened to take away my fruit roll ups?” 
  • “Because I want to remember this trip! Please, can you just smile for me?”
  • You know how Peter’s puppy dog eyes are irresistible? Anything you do is irresistible to him.
  • And boy you knew it too
  • So you frown and Peter loosens his shoulders and lets his arms fall
  • You got another picture of Peter with a big smile on his face, pointing at the tree.
  • “Can we get going now WE HAVE A SCHEDULE” 
  • “Why is this the first I’m hearing about this schedule?” 
  • “BEcuase it’s a surprise now get in the car,”
  • You both climb back In the car and set off again
  • “Peter that still three and a half hours,” 
  • At one point you pull off the highway into a small town to get gas
  • The windows were rolled down and you began sneezing like crazy
  • “Thank you,” 
  • “What?” You asked Peter in between sneezes 
  • You were hunched over in the passenger seat, laughing your ass off in between your wild sneezes
  • “Can you please roll up the window Peter clearly I’m allergic to something” 
  • When you stopped for gas you wanted to get out and take pictures but you knew you would just sneeze and not get any good pictures so you stayed in the car and took pictures of Peter pumping the gas without him noticing
  • This boy is so fucking gorgeous and the pictures turned out rather amazing despite how dirty the windows were
  • When Peter got back in the car you were just staring at him
  • “What?” Peter eventually asked, confused by your staring
  • “Nothing. You’re just pretty is all,”
  • But of course this loser gained some confidence after he received your compliment
  • “Well if we’re talking about who’s pretty, then there’s no contest, hands down you’re the most beautiful,” 
  • “Peterr!” 
  • “I only speak the truth,” 
  • “Well you’re sweet spider-boy but it could just be from all the fruit roll up’s you’ve been eating,”
  • “Also,”
  • “Also?” 
  • “You should pump gas more often,” 
  • “Why….” 
  • “Cause you kinda looked really hot,” 
  • “I mean it is July the temperature are rather warm,” 
  • “Peter Parker you know that’s not what I meant,” 
  • “I know, I just like teasing you,” 
  • Not nice,” 
  • “I mean, I guess my so called hotness while pumping gas would explain why that hot blond was staring at me the entire time,” 
  • “wHOOO?”
  • Peter just laughed and didn’t answer you
  • This fuking boy
  • When you finally made it to Niagara Falls Peter was flipping excited.
  • You checked into your motel and then decided to go exploring
  • “So when do I get to find out what this surprise is?” 
  • “SOON” 
  • “Should I be worried?” 
  • “Shhhh Y/N, it’s a surprise I’m not going to throw you over the falls or anything,”
  • YOU were extremely suspicious as to what the surprise was
  • YOu and Peter went to the falls and you spent so long just taking pictures of Peter’s face when he first saw them
  • He was in absolute awe
  • You were so fucking in love with this boy
  • You kindly asked another Person to take a few pictures of you and Peter in front of the falls
  • They smiled and said you two made a cute couple and they snapped a few photos and gave you back your camera
  • “About that…” 
  • “About what?” 
  • “I also think we make a cute couple,” 
  • You were so confused
  • Did Peter just tell you to stop revealing your feeling cause IT WOUDL ‘RUIN HIS SURPRISE’
  • What was this boy up to  
  • After you spent some more time at the falls Peter dragged you down to the bottom of the falls 
  • “Peter what are we doing here?” 
  • “You did not,” 
  • “I did,” you smiled and gave Peter a hug.
  • You had been to Niagara Falls before but you had never gotten the chance to do a boat tour and Peter knew it was always something you wanted to do since you saw the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam got married on one of the boats
  • You were both given ponchos and you climbed on to the boat
  • You were kinda sad you couldn’t take your camera out cause you didn’t want to get it wet.
  • “So this was only half of the surprise,” Peter said 
  • “What? There’s more?”
  • Peter turned to you and just
  • “I’m in love with you,”
  • “Are you serious Peter cause If you’re just fucking with me thats not very nice and you know I love you so I really hope you’re not messing with me cau-
  • Peter cut you off with a kiss
  • Usually you’d be mad if someone did that but Peter Parker was kissing you on fucking Maid of the Mist of all places and it didn’t seem to matter in that moment
  • “I love you too, you nerd,”
  • Peter had this big goofy grin on his face and you just smiled and went to kiss him again.
  • It was a long ass eight hour drive to Niagara Falls but it was totally worth it.
EXO as Boyfriends Headcanons


  • Loves giving you flowers
  • He just thinks they are a super cheerful thing an you always light up when he gives them to you so he gets you flowers at least like 2 times a month
  • A lot of your dates are in parks
  • He likes laying and cuddling with you in the sunshine
  • He also loves seeing all the dogs, and seeing you pet dogs
  • The first thing he does when he gets home is kiss you
  • If you dance, you two dance together ALL THE TIME
  • If you don’t dance thats ok he likes to teach you
  • Dancing usually turns into make out time
  • And that also soon escalates… ;)
  • Would at some point want to get a dog with you
  • Lots of cuddles and sleepy mornings
  • Tries to watch rom coms with you but falls asleep
  • You cook he cleans up


  • Not super into PDA
  • But loves cuddles behind closed doors
  • Likes watching movies with you
  • Loves when hes acting and you come onto set to surprise him
  • Loves cooking for you
  • Lowkey does everything for you
  • When he gets home from tour, the first thing is like he hugs you for a good 4 minutes
  • When you play with his lips, pretends to hate it but actually loves it
  • Really likes to play with your hair
  • If you’re ever gone for something, he may use your body wash
  • Loves singing with you and loves singing for you


  • Loves buying you things
  • “Suho it’s not my birthday or anything”
  • “It’s just a small present love. I saw it and thought of you”
  • “Babe, its a gold necklace.”
  • “Yeah, small!!”
  • Very affectionate and cuddly
  • Likes when you sit in his lap around the boys so they don’t fuck with you
  • Really likes to show you off
  • Like he loves to take you to award shows and have you on his arm
  • Likes seeing you dressed up
  • Secretly gets jealous super easily
  • Loves when you “mother” EXO
  • Likes watching comedy’s with you cause he likes seeing you laugh
  • You two def have like, matching sweatpants
  • You make really bad jokes together and all of EXO groans


  • Loves taking you to the dog park
  • Takes a ton of pictures with you hugging or cuddling his dogs
  • Loves when you cook
  • Really likes going on night drives with you
  • He loves that you love his laugh
  • Also you make him feel much better about his skin tone
  • Like he gets a lot of crap for his skin tone but the fact that you love it makes him so happy
  • If you don’t dance he would teach you how to dance
  • If you do dance, oh boy
  • You two would spend so much time dancing
  • And it would like 80% of the time lead to sex
  • He loves teasing the rest of EXO about the fact that he has a gf
  • Really really loves those mornings where you two don’t have to do anything and just spend the day in bed with each other
  • Loves taking you on dinner dates in like little mom and pop dinner places that are quiet


  • Really likes helping you pick out your outfits
  • Loves watching you play with vivi
  • He once told you he thought he loved you more than vi and you actually fainted
  • Laughs at you a lot when you make mistakes but will then hug you and kiss your forehead
  • Likes matching fashion
  • So like you have the same beanie
  • He lets you paint his nails when you’re bored
  • But only if he likes the color
  • Likes taking you on adventures
  • Which is basically like, walks in weird places late at night
  • Sassing competitions
  • “Stop being so whiny”
  • “I’ll stop when you stop being annoying”
  • “I think you’re mistaking m for you again”
  • You know neither of you mean it, its just fun
  • The rest of EXO is so confused by this
  • Likes posting super aesthetic pictures of you on insta


  • A relationship with him is so chill
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Both of you being super cute together
  • Both being very good at aeygo and using it to your advantage
  • Suckering Suho into ordering pizza with puffy cheeks
  • You two will sometimes play pranks on members then blame it on the Beagle Line
  • No one has realized it’s you two yet. They suspect nothing
  • Taking bets on the members behavior
  • “Who do you think is gonna trip first”
  • “Baek”
  • “20?”
  • “Sure” Thud “Pay up”
  • Treats you like a princess
  • Brings you back trinkets from travels
  • Likes when you somehow style his clothes into your everyday outfits
  • Got you a necklace with an ‘X’ on it


  • So many pranks
  • You often find yourselves pranking each other during prank wars
  • You and Chen vs, Chan and Baek
  • Chanyeol basically living at your house
  • He also knows like, everything about yours and baek’s relationship
  • “So Y/N I heard you wore that bla…”
  • You throw a pillow at him
  • You two go on like lots of walks together
  • He also really likes taking you to playgrounds at night and playing on them
  • Laughs a lot when you try to learn EXO dances
  • Likes singing with you and having singing battles
  • Lots of playful cuddles and tickle fights
  • Blanket forts and movie nights which result in popcorn everywhere and Baek cleaning it up
  • Likes to do your make up
  • You make breakfast on weekends to wake him up
  • “Baek, I have bacon”
  • He comes running out of your room
  • Likes to play with your hands when you two are sitting together


  • He loves going to pet stores with you for dates
  • He loves spooning you
  • You have at least 6 matching snapbacks
  • Insists he has to be your ultimate bias and won’t accept if its anyone else
  • Likes to have rap battles and when you beat him he just completely ignores that fact
  • “I won!!”
  • “Actually bab-….”
  • “Stop being such a sore loser jagiya”
  • Surprisingly good at cooking
  • Sucks at baking though
  • You tried to back together once….
  • There is still cake batter on the ceiling
  • Whines when you say another member is a good singer or rapper
  • Baekhyun is always over
  • You once walked in on Baek and Chan spooning
  • You took a picture and sent it to all of EXO and made it CHanyeol’s screensaver
  • When he annoys you, you give him the silence treatment and he automatically does anything he can to make it better
  • Fucks with you by putting everything on the top shelves
  • Tells you to bring him snacks at practices a lot
  • Won’t let you get out of bed in the mornings


  • Half of your texts are memes
  • Likes to take cute pictures of you when you aren’t paying attention
  • Tickles you a lot
  • He once put baby powder in your blow dryer
  • The next morning he woke up on his mattress in the middle of a lake
  • He earned his lesson about taking pranks too far
  • You two are really good at pranking the rest of the Beagle Line
  • He tries to play pranks on Suho but you foil them
  • “Ahhhhhh Why’d you ruin it!!??”
  • “Because you need to respect your mother!!”
  • Impresses you with his high notes
  • Also does them to annoy you
  • Usually wakes you up on weekends by bouncing on the bed
  • At least until you offer up more cuddles
  • Then he lays back down
  • Likes to make you breakfast in bed
  • Loves coffee shop dates or like poetry slam dates
  • Tried to write you poetry once but it got naughty real quick
  • It turned into a haiku about your boobs
  • You still have it

Please request!! Thanks for reading kittens!! <3


masterlist || coming soon//recently posted || come say hey?

Requested: Hey love!! How are you? Can i ask you one thing? Alright… I hope you can make an imagine where reader and shawn are all goofy, sassy, bitchy and all those playful relationship. i hope you can make imagine just based on how playful their relationship is. thank you very much.

Note: I thought a lot about how I wanted to write this concept and I finally settled with writing four completely unrelated scenarios or moments to illustrate the type of relationship requested. 

Your name: submit What is this?


“Babe, I love you and that song, but shut up.” You tell Shawn partially joking, but also partially serious because Shawn has been singing the same two lines of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran practically non stop for the past twenty minutes and you’re getting to the point where you really can’t take it any longer.

“In Baaaaaarcelona!!!” Shawn sings very high pitched for a reason you don’t understand obviously ignoring your demand for him to stop. You barely even look up from your phone. Instead, you just reach out your hand and place it over his mouth. But you feel his teeth graze your palm and then he moves and bites down lightly on your fingers.

“Ow!” You say, retracting your hand and pretending it hurt a lot more than it actually did.

“Don’t even lie, y/n, you like when I bite you,” Shawn says, and your eyes widen and you immediately look around to see if anyone heard Shawn’s comment because he didn’t even bother to say it quietly and his band is all in the dressing room with you. Luckily, they’re all busy doing their own thing so no one seems to have heard Shawn’s comment.

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First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space                                                           
Third Part: Plotting                                                                      
 Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                      
Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                                
 Sixth Part: Distraction                                                                            
Seventh Part: Interlude

Part 8 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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Virgil actually surprises himself by managing to make something that looks vaguely pancake-like. It admittedly hadn’t started very promising- Virgil had brought out eggs and flour, and said out loud, “Well, I know I’m supposed to do something, I just don’t know what,” before being rescued by an online recipe. 

Now, though, comes the tricky part. He pours some of the mixture into the pan, and does his best to ignore the part of his mind screaming You’ll burn the place down! 

He hears the door opening, but is far too focused to turn around. It’s only when he hears Roman’s still sleepy voice say, “Hold on. Here,” that he snaps out of it, and realises Roman is guiding his other hand towards the pan. “Use both hands, and tilt it away from you if you’re scared of getting burnt. You won’t be though, looks great.”

And, wonder of wonders, Virgil is relieved to find he can flip pancakes without accidentally killing anyone. He finally turns at Roman saying, “Yeah, you got it,” marveling at how he can still sound so encouraging when he’s stifling a yawn.

Roman is rubbing at his eyes and then, abruptly, his hand falls as he frowns in thought. 

“Virgil. Did I… Did you…?”

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appreciation post for marvin's sweet high notes

- all those phrase endings in “what more can i say” (“sway”, “uncouth”, the way the end of “happiness” is just a little bit higher, etc.)
- when he’s singing “all i want is you” to whizzer in the second raquetball
- when he sings “let’s be scared together, let’s pretend that nothing is awful” and it goes high, and then even higher is his following harmony with whizzer: “there’s nothing to fear” (and that’s really cool too ‘cuz usually he’s the lower harmony and whizzer harmonizes high, and idk if it’s on purpose or not, but you could extend that to marvin’s whole gender role thing as well)
- his really high “i love you"s at the end of "unlikely lovers”, and he’s actually also singing the highest note in the last note of that song, in his falsetto (more musical symbolism?)

anyways, those notes just sound so full of love and vulnerable and precious and sweet and soft and it makes my heart hurt in a good way

Louis’ ACTUAL Internal Dialogue Part II

Part I: http://sexatoxbridge.tumblr.com/post/113910813428/louis-actual-internal-dialogue

“Yes! ‘Little Things’…God I love this song. And Harry. I love Harry. Quick, pretend to film the crowd so you can film Harry. That’s it…Just slooooowww pan across the stage…”

“Looking good. Looking g-oood. Almost there…”

“Oh shit, he’s about to sing ‘it’s you,’ gotta get Har-”

“Quick pan. Yes! NO! Fuckin Liam and your massive dome.”

“Okay just slowly pan back a bit. Get Hazza back in the shot.”

“There he is. Oh God, he’s so beautiful…Stop fucking singing at me Payno. Get out of my shot of sweet, beautiful, perfect Harold…Uhh better pan back. Lingering a bit too long…Maybe just one more second…Fuck, that was like fifteen minutes wasn’t it? Harrehhhh. Look at meeee.”

“Okay, pan back. This is definitely going on Instagram. Thank God I figured out the password they setup. Happy days. Changed it to ‘larry4eva’…try figuring that one out, bitches.”

“Okay, you’re not Harry…Not Hazza…You’re not Harreh either…okay, this is boring. I’m bored now.”


BTS Reaction #26 - They find out that their s/o can sing well

@gotta–b–you asked: bts reaction where they find out you can sing? thank you! (your blog is awesome, my dude)

A/N: Thank you for liking my blog!! You’re awesome!! :D and here~ have a *Bonus Reaction* for today cuz I want to get caught up as much as possible and I had some extra time!!

Seokjin: *please ignore subtitles*

“Jagiya! Your voice is amazing. Sing with me?” -constantly singing with you from now on-

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Yoongi: -when your alone on his birthday and you sing to him, catching him off gaurd-

“Woah! Where did this come from?? Babe your voice is so cute! Why didn’t you sing before? Can you rap too??” -probably then makes you attempt a rap for him-

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Hoseok: “There you go again, tugging at my heartstrings jagiya. I can’t handle you some days, you’re going to give me a heart attack with all your amazing talents!”

-he falls in love with you 10x more basically-

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Namjoon: “Have you ever thought about signing with Bighit? Just a  thought… we could be quite the power couple with our talents combined!”

-he then tries to persuade you with his rare cute/ridiculous side, knowing how much it affects you-

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Jimin: -you sing to him for the first time over facetime when you really miss each other and he’s on tour-

“Damn…I freaking swear baby. You have no idea how badly i just want to interrupt your singing by kissing those beautiful lips of yours. You’re just so full of suprises”

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Taehyung: He’s either turned on and like *gif #1*

“How the hell do you keep getting more and more attractive baby?”

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Or he’s like: -pretend you’re Jimin- “What…? But when did you get a voice like that? You’ve always had that??? Whaaaat??” -confused bby-

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Jungkook: You rarely like to sing (despite Kookie’s constant puppy dog eyes while asking you to do so for him) so when you actually do he’s just… he’s so overcome with happiness and fanboying feels and he just supports you so much that all he can do to express his emotions is what he’s doing in the gif xD

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EXO Reaction when they catch their GF hiding their presents for a special occasion

So I’m posting this one today because I haven’t posted anything this week. Xoxo
I fail so much at this, always end up ruining the surprise xD Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pretends he didn’t see anything* “Oh jagi! What a surprise! You got me all these things… I’m so happy I want to see what they are already” *He actually just wants to open them and use/play with them because he already know what they are*


*Confession time* “I actually saw the presents my baobei-santa got me and I don’t know how to tell her. Maybe I won’t… but it’s like when someone sings you happy birthday… you never know what face to make”


*Stares at you like this* “You got me so many things for Valentine jagi… it’s only natural I want to give you something too.. if you know what I mean ;)))))))))”


*Upset because  he saw the presents and wanted it to be a surprise*


“So I saw that you got me a little surprise over there jagi… but what you don’t know is that Santa has a bigger one for you!” *He kinda likes roleplaying xD*


*Surprises you from behind as you hide them in the closet* “What you got there jagi? Presents? You didn’t have to babe… I only need you for my birthday”


*Goes for something bigger and makes you a surprise party* “Thought only you could prepare surprises jagiya?”


*Feels like the man* “I have such and awesome girlfriend! And she bought me what I wanted… boys are going to be so jealous!”


*Pouting the whole week* “Why did I open that closet… why did I see all those wrapped presents…. now I’m more curious… I want to see what they are…. They are my presents anyways!”


*Doesn’t even know what he’s opening* “This  is… this is the knives set I wanted… is this for me? Jagi is this for me?”


*Really confused* “Baobei I wanted to ask you something… why are there so many presents hidden in the closet? It’s not Christmas yet…”


*Really touched* “No one has ever done this much for me… my jagi is the best”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Okay but a genghis khan musical movie tho think of the possibilities:

  • Dancing henchmen, now with actual personalities
  • Hero having a introduction song thats basically a polished up version of what his life is like: it’s very james bond like and all that stuff
  • Villain having a very typically villainous introduction song and hero interrupting him. 
  • It basically being a running gag that agent always interrupts villains songs
  • Angry duets 
  • Fighting but it basically being dancing
  • Villain debating how to kill hero w/ his henchmen and them being like “Listen dude. It’s blatantly obvious you have a crush on him now go and get ready cause he’ll be there in a minute” and dressing him up in some very nice suit, cologne, maybe polish up his nose lmao, all in a dance number while villain’s protesting
  • Hero shows up and tries very hard not to notice how good villain looks suddenly (not that he doesn’t look good normally)
  • (Ex-)wife and villain having a big dance number where wife says villain has grown soft, villain trying to prove he’s absolutely not gone soft because of some stupid secret agent and is still very menacing (lmao)
  • The henchmen having their whole own song without villain, hero or anyone else. Like in the cafetaria, talking about whatever, then hero storming into the cafetaria with villain following him, fighting each other while the henchmen watch, singing about their thoughts on the whole ‘our boss is in love with his arch nemesis’ thing
  • Cute dancing and singing children!!!! I love them. 
  • Hero seems to almost exclusively take on missions where villain plays some sort of part, according to his boss. They eventually believe him when he says he just hates the dude very much and wants to take him down but he just never seems to succeed, he doesn’t understand how he seems to escape every time either.
  • The agency actually capturing villain in some way, agent helping him escape by providing just the tools he needs
  • Having to pretend he’s upset over villain escaping like ‘Why don’t we have any competent agents around here? Who put the key on a hook right next to the cell door?? Hmm??’ fucking nerd
  • Henchmen with actual personalities I wanna know what the guy who goes ooh in the background is really like
  • The martini glass making an appearance
  • Hero making shitty nose puns and villain getting back at him by making fun of the martini glass
  • Flirting without even noticing it themselves with henchmen rolling their eyes in the background
  • You know that labcoated guy in the background who sits at the computer and also goed ‘ooh’? He needs a part lmao
  • 60s music!!! lots and lots of different 60s music
  • Villain and agent physically fighting over something (a remote, a key, etc.) and them almost kissing
  • Villain deciding this needs to end now because he’ll lose everything he has if it doesn’t
  • Him and a team of scientists constructing the laser, the scientists very carefully asking him whether this is a good idea. Someone says that he could always just shoot him if he wanted hero dead, to which he answers that hero deserves something special. 
  • Hero being heartbroken when he’s placed on the table, discovering that he really can’t get out of it this time, scared for his life.
  • A duet with villain desperately trying to ignore hero trying to interrupt him while he’s singing about him wanting hero to get it on with nobody else but him, and when he’s about to push the button, the buzzer powers down the machine
  • So not only ANGRY duets, also sad duets
  • Wife asking whether he’s killed the agent yet when the children have gone to bed, and giving him an ultimatum when she hears he hasn’t
  • Villain having a reprise of his introduction song: his song was about how evil he was and how he was gonna take over the world yada yada, the reprise is about him hating how he suddenly has goodness in him, and how he hopes he’ll be able to do it the next day so everything can go back to normal. Hero’s part is about how he hoped villain had some goodness in him but apparently he doesn’t, because he’s going to kill him, but he still hopes he won’t.
  • Next day villain’s semi-convinced himself that he’ll be able to do it. He wants to tell hero how he feels but that he knows a relationship between them wouldn’t work out, and he DOES tell him. Hero’s going to die anyway, right?
  • The same events happening as in the video, but with a bigger dance number because come on it’s a musical, the henchmen are gonna do something more than just bopping along in the background
  • Hero reassuring villain that it can work out, and they’ll figure it out together.
  • Wife having observed everything that happened and shooting hero after dramatically appearing from behind a pillar, then escaping
  • Hero lying in villains arms, singing a kind of bittersweet goodbye song and villain being like ‘Shut the fuck up I’m not going to let you die’
  • Hero survives, of course, and is moved to a bed in the hospital wing to rest (not before kissing villain passionately, of course)
  • Wife coming to visit him in the hospital wing to finish the job, him singing about what his life was really like and how he glamorized it to feel better about himself and the image he should uphold as an agent, and how he loves villain and wants him to be happy, doing this to distract wife (but all of it being tru lmao) .Wife singing about how she never had the chance to pursue world domination because villain would amass their empire and she had to take care of the kids, also singing about her tragic backstory and that she worked so much harder for villains love than hero and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Him using the oppurtunity to push a silent alarm button that summons henchmen to the hospital wing. Wife proceeding to fight off the henchmen and escaping through the window
  • A very Serious Conversation about how thinks will work out, about what wife said to hero, etc. 
  • Villain and hero dreaming about their future together, which turns into a nice dance ending number, complete with a scorned ex-wife as a nice cliffhanger at the end.
  • Which means happy duets
  • Henchmen and scientists with bigger parts holy shit give it to me

some highlights of the best concert i have ever attended in my life:

  • aaron made sure to ask if he was saying kutztown correctly (he was)
  • he wore a shirt that made him look like an 80s standup comic
  • almost positive i blacked out during there’s a world
  • at one point the pianist remarked that there was a yellowjacket on the piano and aaron saved him by scaring it away
  • he sang so much disney and i would pay all the money ever to see him in a one man beauty and the beast
    • he said his favorite disney movie is robin hood!
  • he sang drink with me with the pianist and it was lovely
  • he goofed off pretending he was gonna sing bring him home and made fun of himself not being able to sing in that register
  • he proceeded to actually sing bring him home and it was beautiful and i may have cried but you can’t prove anything
  • he invited the audience to sing along to dyhtps and he pretended to wield a giant flag
  • at one point he thought it was 2007 and was very embarrassed when people told him otherwise

Yo legit all day is gonna be me fawning over different mat and Damien scenarios.

So like Dadsona tries really hard to look after both Carmensita and Lucien like his own kids but like Lucien is nice, but really distant from him. He’s basically like “Yeah thanks for being nice to my dad but don’t think you can tell me what to do.” Which Dadsona totally gets because he’s not Lucien’s father but he wishes he can become close with him.

But what if Dadsona was like a rebel+bad kid in high school and college who listened to moody music etc (Whenever i think of my personal Dadsona world, Dadsona was born in the 80′s and the current Dad Universe is actually a few years in the future. (Like 15 to 20 Years)) Anyway he still does on his off time listen to like the newer moody music like Panic at the Disco, MCR, etc, but he PRETENDS he doesn’t because he had a good dad reputation.

And then one day Craig just straight up rats him out because hes like “oh remember when you were in the band that would play and sing other peoples music.” and Dadsona is like “What band” and then hes like “OH NO” Because he remembers and he begs Craig to not show the video because oh my god there’s a VIDEO and Matt and Damien give a kinda weak “No Craig… don’t do it… “ Because they don’t want to make their boyfriend feel uncomfortable but they also NEED TO WITNESS THIS. And Robert(Who is bffs with Dadsona) is straight up like “SHOW THE VID SHOW THE VID SHOW THE VID” And what they see just blows their minds like Dadsona was WILD and the lyrics he sang were definiatly not PG13 and Robert is DECEASED and won’t stop making jokes about how Dadsona is now the bad dad of the cul-de-sac and Dadsona is like “No my reputation is ruined” and Damien comforts him and informs him that he is still good dad and that he understands having two sides and that he also thinks his other ‘punk rock’ side is really cool and he shouldn’t be afraid to show it. Meanwhile Mat is SHOOK. Like Mat just kinda grabs onto Dadsona like “That was amazing like really cool, you use to be so cool- i mean not that your not cool now your still cool just dad cool which is really cool, if I knew you 20 years ago we could have formed a band that would have been really cool- shoot, I’m rambling sorry but thats really cool Your outfit was really really cute your really cute”

And Lucien is also SHOOK. And he just looks at Dadsona accusingly and is just like “I KNEW I HEARD YOU SINGING MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IN THE BATHROOM YOU LIAR!” 

Later Lucien and Dadsona bond over music.

I love guys who can sing. I love guys who can dance. I love guys who can act. I love guys who model occasionally. I love nerdy guys. I love modest guys. I love guys with a sense of humor. I love guys who support the LGBT+ community. I love French guys. I love guys with brown eyes. I love guys who take silly photos with their towel as a cape pretending they’re a superhero. I’m talking about Alexis Loizon. I love Alexis Loizon *cries in French*

“She Hated Me When We First Met” - Niall Horan Imagine


A few months ago, Niall got a phone call from his manager saying that he was booked on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and since he knew that you were pretty much head over heels for Jimmy Fallon, he invited you along, and ever since then, you’ve been counting down the days. It’s not like he hasn’t been on there before, but whenever he was doing press tours with One Direction, you were barely with him, and you were never invited, on account of their PR managers, never wanting them to be seen with girls, unless it was for a promotion.

It was a short drive from Massachusetts, where your parents lived, and since you haven’t seen them in so long, Niall decided it would be a good idea to stay with them for a few days before driving up to New York for the show.

“Ready, love?” he smiled at you, shrugging on a jacket.

“Have fun” your mom said, giving you a hug, your dad standing close by to give you one after, “It was  great to see you” your father said before shifting his eyes at Niall, “Take care of her”

Niall’s face went serious for a second while looking your father in the eyes, saying “Always, sir”. It’s not often then got to see you and Niall together. Even at first when you told them you were dating him, and told them who he was, they didn’t believe you, that is, until you moved out of the house and to LA with him.
Road trips with Niall were always fun, just imagine the time that One Direction did carpool karaoke with James Corden, except it was only Niall singing to songs that came on the radio, and luckily, since he was driving, you were able to pick the music.

“Veto” Niall said, hitting the button on his steering wheel to change the song.
“Niall!” you whined, causing him to give you side eye, “I love that song”

“You said I could change it if I didn’t like it” he chuckled at you.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you actually would, don’t you want me to be happy?” you said dramatically.

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Dating Jack Sparrow Would Include

Requested by anon:

Hi um I was hoping u could write a jack sparrow dating reader would include😅 but maybe the reader has a peg leg and often gets laughed at for it and told it makes her ugly I know this is random but it was just an idea hope u can do it

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A/N: Even though it’s called ‘Dating Jack Sparrow Would Include’, I don’t think Jack would date anyone in the traditional way. But here it is, hope you enjoy!

  • You don’t even know what the two of you are
  • You’re not a couple
  • Yet you spend a lot of time together
  • You’re like Jack’s protegée
  • Or it could be called a fling
  • Whatever it is, it’s not terribly serious
  • Subtly flirting
  • Sneaky glances
  • And smirks all around
  • Jack often gives you jewelry
  • You know he stoles them for you
  • But you don’t mind
  • Because then again, you’re a pirate too
  • Wearing and stealing his hat
  • Drinking rum with him
  • And singing the pirates song out loud
  • Helping him with the Black Pearl
  • You have this thing going on in which you tease each other
  • Mainly when you’re in danger
  • You always pretend like you weren’t worried
  • But you were actually terrified you might lose the other
  • “You can relax now, Jack, I’m okay”
  • “I wasn’t worried, savvy?”
  • “Of course you wasn’t, Cap’n. Just like I wasn’t for you”
  • He’s not that protective, really
  • Or more likely, he is but doesn’t want to show it
  • Jack just keeps an eye on you at all times
  • Even though he knows very well how badass you are
  • In fact, you take control of situations instead of him sometimes
  • “Stop being like a child, Jack”
  • After all, you’ve beat him many times
  • You train sometimes together
  • He knows your ‘I’m mad at you’ face
  • And he hides whenever he sees it
  • “Oh, bugger, here she comes”
  • You’re the only person he blindly trusts

And having a peg leg:

  • Jack doesn’t mind it himself
  • He only thinks it’s the sign of a true pirate
  • Which is why he kinda likes it
  • And enjoys hearing the story behind it
  • And if any of the crew were to make fun of you for it, Jack would intervene
  • Maybe not in a direct and obvious way
  • But he would subtly punish them without no one realizing
  • He would drop a very subtle compliment
  • “Just so you know, love, you’re looking gorgeous”

so i won the lottery and i got to see tbom again ?? im still so emotional so i wrote down all my thoughts, tho i probably missed some anyway (its under a read more because this is long)

(the cast for this was jay james moody, ryan bondy, rowan witt, zahra newman, a rly good swing/us covering mafala, morgan palmer covering todds track and justin lonesome covering gotswana)

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Pack Pawrents 8 🐕❤

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Plot: They go furniture shopping together ^-^ and he bakes cookies

Parts: Masterlist

We drive to the furniture shop together and sing to songs from the radio. It’s actually nice to be alone with him. He’s not that grumpy. He just pretends to be when he’s around other people. “So about the mate thing… is it like…forever?” I look at him. “Yes… that’s what soulmates are…meant to be together forever… right?” I see him blush a little. “I guess… I never thought soulmates actually exist. I mean of course I always wanted a soulmate but I never thought I would have one.” I smile. “Well now you do.” he concentrates on the road. “Aren’t you happy at all?” I ask disappointed. “Of course I am. It’s just… I lost my family and I don’t want to lose you.” I take his hand. “You won’t. We will make this work.”

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We buy some furniture items and decorations for the loft. Derek doesn’t seem to be to happy but just smiles and say he would do anything for me to feel at home in his loft when I ask him what’s wrong. “Oh such a cute young couple.” an old lady smiles at us when we pass her. “Thank you.” I return her smile.

We pay and drive back to the loft. “I’ll cook something. Can you do that alone?” he looks at all the stuff we bought. “Yes. I’ll call when I need help.” I smile and grab the fairy lights and head to Dereks room. I guess Liam can have mine. It was nice sleeping in Dereks arms. I didn’t have nightmares like I usually do. I put the fairy light around his headboard. Hmm… it could use more pillows. And maybe a stuffed animal. A little wolf or something. I get the pillows from the living room and place them on his bed. They are all really fluffy and bright. I get my clothes from the other room and put them next to the closet. Derek needs to build the new one.

“Food is ready.. oh my g-. What happened to my room?!” I look at him with puppy eyes. Trying to look innocent. “I thought it needed some decoration. And it has to be cozy if I need to sleep in here.” he looks at me. Confusion written all over his face. “You what?” I smile. “Liam can have my room. I’ll just sleep here. If you don’t mind.” he blushes. “Of course not. You can sleep here. That would be great. Only if you want to of course.” he rambles. I giggle and hug him.

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“Mommy! I’m home and starving!” I smile at Derek and go into the living room. “How was school?” I hug him and we go into the kitchen. Derek is setting up the table. “It was good. Isaac is talking to some girl. He will be here soon.” he sits down. Derek puts the food on the table. He made steak. “Oh you can have my room Liam.” I smile at him. “But where will you sleep? I can’t take your room.” he shakes his head. “It’s okay. You take my room. I don’t take no for an answer.” I smile and take a bite of the steak. It is really good. “Okay Mommy…but seriously where will you sleep. Wait. I smell cookies!”

Dereks sets a tray on the kitchen counter. Liam wants to grab one but Derek slaps his hand. “These aren’t for you. They are for Y/N. Don’t touch them. If you do I will break your hand.” he looks at him with his grumpy face.

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I chuckle and Liam looks at me with puppy eyes. “Please mommy. Say something to him.” I shake my head. “You heard him Liam. They are mine. And I won’t share.” I smile when Derek sits down next to me. “So you made me cookies?
“Yeah…” he blushes a little. “You’re cute.” I smile and continue eating. “I bought some things for your room. You should go and decorate it.” Liam nods and heads to his new room. “How about you go to our room and start a movie and I bring you the cookies?” Derek runs his hand over my lower back. “Sure. But hurry.” I smile and go to our room. I sit down on the bed and take the laptop. We definitely need a TV in our room. That sounds really nice. Our room. Derek sits down behind me and gives me the bowl of cookies. He starts massaging my back while we watch Finding Nemo. “Wow these are really good. I didn’t know you could cook and bake so good.” I lean against his chest and he wraps his arms around me. “There is a lot you don’t know about me.”


Hope you like part 8 :))))

twenty one pilots are nominated for 17 bbmas this year

i’m proud of them. i am so, so proud of them.

look how far they’ve come.

in 2007, tyler released an album called no phun intended all on his own. he didn’t play concerts. he just played songs with a couple of his buddies.

in 2009, those same buddies became a band called twenty one pilots. they went from singing and dancing in tyler’s mom’s basement for hours, pretending they were playing a concert to actually playing concerts, small concerts.

in 2011, chris salih left the band and they were left without a drummer. a boy quit his job and didn’t sleep one night just to play drums with this band that he listened to. he drove all night long, just to beat the drums like his heart desired. a few weeks later, nick thomas quit too. tyler said “i think we can do it.” now that there were only two people, and they released an album, fans suddenly began to notice them.

in 2013, they released vessel under the label fueled by ramen. their song holding onto you made it to the radio and they became even more popular. tyler ended concerts with “we did it.”

by late 2015, they were selling out arenas and venues because of their album blurryface. tyler got married to the love of his life, jenna joseph.

in 2016, they were still selling out. they played snl. amas. vmas. they got huge. they were asked to cover mcr’s cancer. they wrote and sang a song for suicide squad, one of the biggest superhero movies that year (next to captain america: civil war and batman v superman. oh, and deadpool. can’t forget deadpool).

in 2017, they won a frickin grammy in their underwear. a young man with yellow hair and severe anxiety took off his pants and received a grammy with his best friend. and one of their underrated songs is in a power rangers movie (which is a pretty big franchise). they ended their emotional roadshow world tour, overcoming blurryface. and now they’ve been nominated for SEVENTEEN bbmas.

they made it.

they did it.

we did it.

anonymous asked:

I saw that you received an ask about your dream final lair and was wondering, what about your dream PONR? How would that be?

Well, something like this:

  • No table dancing. Nope, nada, zip. Get off the table and onto the bench; it’s more hygienic.
  • There were a few London Christines, like Leila Benn Harris and Gina Beck, who would sing the “no thoughts within her head” part while leaning against the wall, instead of hopping out and just singing to the audience. I prefer that. See a gif of it here.
  • Italian accent for the Phantom. Obviously. Let’s try and make it a little more believable that nobody would recognize the Phantom. Lots of Phantoms do this, even back to the original, Michael Crawford.
  • Christine would, nevertheless, look briefly confused, the way Jennifer Hope Wills did, but then appear to dismiss it.
  • Some nice apple rubbing - think Celia Graham or Elizabeth Loyacano.
  • I really liked Marni Raab’s teasing the Phantom with her apple while backing away and lying on the bench and kicking her heels up. Elizabeth Welch did the same in Oberhausen.
  • Samantha Hill did really well at looking as if Don Juan’s (or the Phantom’s) touch alone was turning her on. And I would like to see her little stumble as she drinks from the cup and wipes off her mouth - a little hint of drunkenness, basically.
  • I really liked Mary Michael Patterson’s little… backwards lean, I guess, immediately after she sits on the bench, like she’s inviting the Phantom closer. Have another gif.
  • More of Jennifer Hope Will’s reactions, and her little bench slide. See a gif of it here.
  • I also liked how Sarah Lawrence arched her back when leaning against the Phantom. See a gif here.
  • It’s been taken out, but in London they used to have the Phantom stroke Christine’s boobs, which shakes her out of the scene briefly - Gina Beck did it, for one. I kind of like that.
  • On Broadway, Sierra Boggess would also do this thing where she would stare at the Phantom in bewilderment, then suddenly face the audience and visibly shake herself, like she was going, “Oh right, I’m on stage! Stay in-character!” It was a nice detail and I’d like to see it more, as it gives a somewhat compelling reason why Christine would continue on despite her suspicions.
  • I liked Sandra Danyella’s hip stroking; gif here.
  • Hugh Panaro and other US Phantoms would do this thing while Christine was singing where they would desperately clutch their robe around their legs. Really increases the sexual tension.
  • No crotch grabbing, though. (Ahem, Eiji Akutagawa.) I mean, it’s creative and all, but uh… too much.
  • Skirt swish! Like Trista Moldovan did it. Then have her put her leg up and pull her skirt up, taunting the Phantom with her ankle (gif) - or alternatively, do as Elizabeth Welch did and try to poke him (gif).
  • The Phantom really should react to this. I liked how Tim Martin Gleason actually reached out for Christine’s leg, only for her to snatch it back.
  • I’m torn on the next bit - I really love it when Christine gives a little kick and slams her foot down on the bench, a la Teresia Bokor (gif) and several other international Christines. But I’ve also seen Christines come up and kind of shove their knee against the Phantom’s, ahem, backside. That’s cool.
  • I actually have no preference on the, er, chest rubbing part - some Christines slide their hands down to the Phantom’s crotch, others just rub around his chest and head. Whichever works.
  • I really like how Christines like Tabitha Webb or Robyn North sing “when will the sleeping bud burst into bloom” - singing it slightly louder and more forcefully.
  • Loved Earl Carpenter’s reaction during this time, as if he’s genuinely surprised and confused at Christine taking control of the song.
  • All right, I admit it - I like how Emmy Rossum sings “when will the flames at last consume us.”
  • But I doubt many Christines will get to sing that, because I much prefer it when a Christine feels the mask and actually stops, pauses, feels around and confirms it with her hand, and maybe screams and takes off. Like, I’ve seen some give no reaction and just walk off like it’s nothing, and… eeeehh.
  • Brad Little’s reaction to this is great as well - you can see him realize that Christine has figured out who he is, which ups the stakes - he might actually keep Christine there or something.
  • Really struggle when the Phantom grabs them back, like Juan Carlos Barona and Julia Moller did.
  • I really like when Christines physically hurl the Phantom’s hands off of them. And I also liked how Rachel Barrell would rub her wrists as if the Phantom had hurt them dragging her out.
  • After unhooding the Phantom, it’d be nice if Christine would try to run offstage, just to be stopped by the managers.
  • It’s also nice if I can see the Phantom actually, I dunno, sigh and resign himself to not running off - or steel himself to propose to Christine. Just, give me body language and acting that shows me the Phantom’s turmoil.
  • I like the way Kaley Ann Voorhees faces the Phantom when he begins singing, as if his voice still has a compellingly hypnotic quality - or she’s just sad for him. It’s a nice callback to ‘The Mirror’ and ‘Wandering Child’. Gif here.
  • Hugh Panaro actually knelt down when proposing.
  • Joke de Kruijf looking utterly torn as the Phantom proposes her is good. Not that big of fan of Marni Raab’s “pretend to kiss him and unmask him” thing.
  • It’s nice when Christines look shocked at taking off both the mask and the wig. Makes it more believable that they would just freeze up and make it easy for the Phantom to grab them.
  • Oh, and Raoul… having Raoul stop the policeman from shooting and then tearing off the Phantom is awesome (think Tomas Ambt Kofod).

Aaannndd that’s all I can think of for now!