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Some of my fave pics from my friend Sarah’s 50’s themed birthday party yesterday 💕 dinner consisted of diner type food like veggie burgers, fries, and scotch, wrapped up with milkshakes and coffee and then me pretending to smoke a cigar for the aesthetic 💖 we enjoyed talking about Eisenhower and housewives over dinner bc thats what people did in the 50s! a quality night imo

*Spoilers for South Park: The Fractured But Whole*

So I just barely finished the new South Park game (it took me about a day & I have not slept). I wanna start by saying that I did have fun playing the game. There were some laugh out loud moments, Mysterion was a treasure, and every interaction between Craig and Tweek was fantastic. There were some things that really bummed me out about it though, probably because my expectations for it were based on Stick of Truth:

1. Despite what the ads had lead me to believe, you don’t actually get to choose which superhero team you’re a part of, unlike Stick of Truth where you could pick between either Kyle’s team or Cartman’s. In TFBW, you’re automatically a member of Coon and Friends & you don’t get the option of switching later on. You do get to pretend to join the Freedom Pals, under Cartman’s orders to spy on them, but when it ultimately comes down to it, your character betrays their trust whether you want to or not. I kept waiting for that moment that was in SoT, where you could come clean to the Freedom Pals and prove your loyalty to them, but no, your character is team Cartman the whole time and you’re portrayed as the bad guy because of it (if there is actually a way to join Freedom Pals for real, let me know, because I have yet to figure out how).

2. In this game, you get to pick your character’s gender (along with a whole bunch of other characteristics), which is awesome. For my main save file (I made a few different ones), my character was cis female. The boys all still thought I was a boy though, which was fine, funny even based on some of the comments they made, including an adorable remark from Kenny that you remind him of his sister for some reason, like he just wants to protect you–and anyway, Wendy knows the truth, and she was pretty awesome in the game. What disappointed me was that there was no “Wait, what? You’re a [instert gender here]??” moment. The game just ends and everyone’s still like, hey, you pull off the feminine look pretty well for a boy.

3. Your character also doesn’t have that moment in the end where they finally talk, that ‘fuck you guys, I’m going home’ moment that was so hilarious in SoT. You are forever Silent Bob.

4. The game just feels a lot shorter, and the plot isn’t as intricate as it was in SoT. For that matter, the ending felt kind of rushed and all over the place.

I probably would have enjoyed the game more thoroughly had I known that all at the start. Anyway, I hear they’re going to be adding onto the game in 2018, a new adventure for you to go on. It’d be cool if they addressed the gender thing in a cutscene customized for whatever you chose for your character, or letting your character have at least one line, buuut I’ll keep my expectations low for the update.

Playing LiS: Before the Storm and, just the first ep feels hella gayer than the prev game already??? And (not really a spoiler cuz it’s heavily hinted at the whole time) and the wildfire??? That is a very weirdly specific coincidence since we had huge wildfires here in OR this year…. (the game was announced before the fires)

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Hyun Ryu, aka Zen, deserves so much better? A lot of people talk about how good looking he is or that he’s a narcissist, but they forget that it’s a crucial point in his route is how self conscious he really is? And don’t even get me started on how people ignore that his mother emotionally abused him during his childhood. Who the hell calls their child ugly? To protect them? Instead of just teaching them that people might take advantage of them because of how they look so they should keep their guard up? Suuure. I, for one, am proud that he still manages to be so confident after all that. And he’s still going after his dreams despite the fact that he was told he wasn’t going to make it anywhere. He joined a gang and got out of it to make his life better. And he’s doing it on his own, too, wow. People also give him crap for hating on Jumin, which is understandable, but making up with Jumin is also a crucial part of his route. He lets go of projecting his the image of his brother on Jumin and they actually become friends who just have banter? There is no reason to hate this boy? He’s such a sweetheart that gives really useful advice when it comes to handling life and tough situations. He’s very comforting and willing to go above and beyond for the people close to him. He’s willing to drop everything to run over to MC or take in Yoosung. He cares about Jaehee’s health and really just wants her to take a break? He a Mom Friend and a big brother but he’s also such a cute dork? Especially when it comes to things like technology and romantic gestures? The boy even wants to let MC meet his parents before they get married and they won’t let him in the door? And the fandom portrays him as this salty, kind of violent, self-absorbed, character? And don’t even get me started on The Beast™ because? He doesn’t even bring it up that often? And when he does bring it up, it’s after he meets MC in person and even then, it’s only briefly before he changes the subject. Cause this boy would literally wait as long as MC wants him to. I could literally go on, but the main point is that Zen deserves so much better and I will love him enough for the whole fandom if I have to.

You think dan ever played his keyboard for phil over skype and phil would just stare and listen and think about how lucky he was? And dan would stop after a song or two, afraid he was boring phil, but phil would ask him to keep playing? And dan would blush and ask what song but phil would just tell him to play anything and dan would be so happy to have an audience, even if it was an audience of one, because phil was the most important person to him anyway?