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I’m Cold!

Summary: Dean and Reader are home alone watching a movie. Soon the reader needs to use the bathroom but Dean won’t pause the movie for her or let her go. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader (Reader’s Point of View)

Warnings: Mentions of some sexual acts. The rest is fluffy

Word Count: 520

A/N: I was watching Supernatural (I mean what else would I do) and remembered that I wrote this, so enjoy cold Dean wanting to cuddle with his girlfriend. Thank you for reading! 

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Tonight Dean and I had the bunker to ourselves, well that was slightly unintentional. Sam got annoyed after he walked in on us making out in the kitchen and to be fair it was the fifth time that day. He told us to have all the fun we wanted and he’d be back tomorrow night. And of course, Dean and I didn’t try to stop him. An hour later of just doing random things, we decided to watch an action packed movie, we both agreed on Batman: The Dark Night. Dean got the beer and snacks, while I got some pillows and a couple of blankets. We got situated with Dean’s back was against the couch, while my head laid on his warm chest. Half way into the movie, I was rudely interrupted by my bladder and its need for release. I kept on pushing the thought out of my mind not wanting to move from this comfortable position, also not wanting to miss my favourite part. I kept shaking my foot, what I always do to release some pressure. A little while later, Dean could see the shadow of my blanket shaking so of course, his mind went straight to the gutter.

“Are you fingering yourself?” Dean asked with a smug smile on his face

“What? No! I swear.” I said defensively, not sure why he would even think that.

“Sweetheart, I’m not judging you. Believe me, anything you do is hot no matter what.” Never mind, I do know why he would think that. He’s Dean.

“Dean, I am not playing with myself. I just need to pee so can you please pause the movie.”

“Mmmmm, no.”

“No? Dean this isn’t a question or an opinion, it’s a fact. I need to pee so pause the movie.” I reached for the remote, but Dean grabbed it before me. I let out a huff, and Dean mocked me with that signature smirk of his.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I gave up. “Fine. Don’t pause it, jackass.” I was about to get up, but that is when Dean grabbed my wrist, not too tight but tight enough to keep me in place. “Dean,” I whined, “I need to pee.”

“Y/N,” Dean whined the same way I did “If you leave I’m going to get cold.”

“First of all, that’s my line. And second, of all, you can warm yourself up with the blankets until I get back. I won’t take long, I promise.” I said with a sigh, annoyed with Dean. A little while later, and I was still stuck having a staring contest with Dean. 

“Please,” I said with my puppy eyes that I learned from Sam. 

“Fine,” Dean said giving into my trick. “Go to the bathroom.” I got up right when Dean let my wrist go and raced down the hall before he could change his mind. As I finished up and went to wash my hands I could hear Dean yelling, “It’s too cold! Come back!” Smiling to myself, I finished washing my hands and walked back out to cuddle with my “cold” boyfriend.

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