i just passed 2k followers thank you all so much

Guys I'm so happy right now

So it’s technically Monday here already which means I’ve had my blog exactly seven weeks and I can honestly say the decision to start it was so wonderful, it’s been so amazing to talk to you all and just be a part of this brilliant fandom, it’s been such a nice comfort while I finished uni. For some reason tumblr has decided to stop notifying me when I get new followers but I just noticed I passed 2k!! I love each and every one of you and you’re all the sweetest and kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to engage with. I want to do something to mark this incredible milestone but I have so many prompts already waiting that I feel a writing prompt would be unfair, but I’m hoping to start a multi chapter project soon! Thank you all so much again, I can’t believe how amazing this little piece of the internet is 💙💛

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i just passed 2k yesterday so here is my third ever follow forever! i had my first at 100, second at 1k so now here is the next step! i still can’t believe i reached 2k, i really never thought that i would get anywhere close to this amount of followers. it’s really nice to see that our fandom is growing, over the past 9 months that i’ve been here i’ve seen the amount of pristin accounts and fans explode in number and i love seeing our girls get more and more love! i’m really not good at expressing myself but thank you so much to all of my friends and wonderful people on here and everyone who is supporting pristin with me! i love you all to the moon and back <333

anyways, here are some of the incredible blogs that i follow and recommend! i’m sorry, i know i follow very few people but i adore every one of these <33

| @dahyun | @dinomite | @eunwuoo | @honeyvernon | @ilovepristin | @junhan | @kangrena | @kittywoozi | @k-kyungwon | @lovelypristin | @pris-10 | @pristin-pg
| @pristin-or-out | @puriseutin | @roakims | @roaringroa | @roseyscoups | @siyeon | @softkyla | @softnayoung | @sonuyhshidae | @snake-siyeon | @supersuperroa | @taeyeeons | @tookorean | @winnietheboo | @yerinsinb

thank you all again and i can’t wait to see where our girls can go in the future with all of us behind them!

much love,


(Almost) 2K Followers!

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support in my art! It especially means a lot to me when I’m having downtimes like now.

I couldn’t believe when I hit 500, and to already be at 2k is just..astonishing to me. 1k passed by really fast, so I want to do something special for 2k! I’m thinking of scheduling an all day livestream to make art and hang out if people would be interested? I’m open to other ideas if people have them!

I’d really like some feedback so if you could please respond to this and tell me what you’d like to see at the livestream I’d appreciate it! (So stuff like you wanna see me draw Villainous, more of my ocs, stuff like that!). I’ll probably take break times to play games or voice chat if I’m feeling up to it that day.


guys! i just passed 2k! thank you so much to everyone who saw enough worth in me to decide to hit that follow button. you have no idea how much this means. i love you all so much; you’re truly my family xx

sleep in heavenly peace - mazberrypie - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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sleep in heavenly peace- a follow up to my Akumaized!Marinette fic, ‘all is calm’

Summary and notes: 

“Everyone finally just sits down and talks.”

I never expected one of my fics to pass 1k kudos, let alone 2k, and I am so grateful to everyone who read ‘all is calm’. Whether you were with me through all the breaks, read it as it was finishing, or are going to go read it for the first time, thank you so much for your support!

That being said, this fic doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you read 'all is calm’, so I would recommend you go read that first and then come back.

It’s been over a year since I finished 'all is calm’. I haven’t really had the motivation to write in a long time, my personal life has become very hectic and kind of a mess. BUT! Season 2 of Miraculous came out and made me remember how much I missed these kids. It also reminded me that I was sitting on a half-baked idea for a follow up to 'all is calm’, and so here we are! 

I just recently passed the 2K followers! WOAH! How on earth did this happen? :) Thank you all so so much for following me and your lovely messages. Since studyblr has grown increasingly this year, I would love to discover new accounts. That’s why I decided to do studyblr awards, to know more of you :D

Please keep in my that if you don’t win, i don’t love your blog! This is just my opinion. Every person who is commited to their academics should be awared from time to time :), i think. Thanks to everyone who even made the effort to enter and follow!


  • must be following me, sorry :)
  • studyblrs / appblrs / langblrs / medblrs /lawblrs etc.blrs only
  • only reblogs will count!!
  • ends in september


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Good luck! :)