i just ordered this shirt

(mod- THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN feat. emiya and cu…. and gil of course, lmao. big thank u to @ilovechocolatelots !!)

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hi i just ordered a shirt from your shop & it's the first thing i've ever bought online. so. my mom's silently judging me and i'm nervous please deliver thank you

the mom answers the door. i’m wearing the shirt like a diaper asking if anon is home.



Here’s a preview…


“Tony what’s wro-”

“Take off your shirt.”

Clay’s eyes widened and his face turned a bright cherry red.


“Strip!” Tony urged, hands lifting up the bottom of Clay’s shirt.

“It’s n-not the time!” Clay stammered out his face turning from cherry red to scarlet, trying to pull his shirt back down.

“Clay, I need to see if yo-”


“JUST STRIP!” Tony ordered, finally getting Clay’s shirt off.

Clay hissed in pain at the movement.

Tony slowly raised Clay’s arm and looked at his upper torso.

Tony’s eyes widened.



Do you remember the last thing I said to you?

I…honestly cannot explain the irrational feeling of pride I have at seeing Newt and Hermann looking more professionally and fashionably dressed in the trailer. But they looked handsome and mature and I’m proud of them. 

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i'm so excited that you started making your art into designs for shirts. i just ordered a couple of tank tops and i can't wait to wear them!!!

hey thanks! I’ve been on a LOT of greyhound buses lately & pulling out my laptop to prepare shirt files while I travel has been oddly relaxing

this one’s from the ride home today - you can grab it here, if you like

so jason manns did a hilarious snapchat of an inebriated rob benedict during karaoke where he is a hot mess and he’s super proud of his dragon

it is

the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. pls go watch the video

there was a…strange demand for shirts made of this scene, so i made one!

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i dnt even watch nathan but i just ordered a good enough shirt in 3 different colors thanks to u shdhfbsj he needs to hire u to promote him

this ask was sent from heaven above… i need to become a pr agent

Two weeks ago I placed an order from LL Bean. It was just one shirt. Normal estimated shipping time is seven to ten days. My item arrived earlier than that. I’ve never been disappointed in the service or merchandise.

Today I received an apology from the company.

Please accept my sincere apologies for letting you down with your recent order.

We recently upgraded our order processing and fulfillment systems. While we anticipated temporary service impacts, delays have been longer than expected. It may not feel like it today, but these upgrades will allow us to serve you better in the future (I promise!).

It goes on to say I’ll get a 20% discount on a future order.

The only problem I see is they have an overly broad segment of customers they think were wronged. I sure wasn’t one of them. However I like the clothes and I especially appreciate discounts.