i just ordered this shirt

so jason manns did a hilarious snapchat of an inebriated rob benedict during karaoke where he is a hot mess and he’s super proud of his dragon

it is

the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. pls go watch the video

there was a…strange demand for shirts made of this scene, so i made one!

i bought my nephews some shirts today. i got a st patrick’s shirt for my 2 yr old nephew and a cookie monster onesie for the 4 month old and idk what i was thinking bc the 2 yr old is OBSESSED with sesame street right now and he grabbed the onesie and wouldn’t let go for the longest time and kept saying his weird baby talk version of “cookie monster” over and over

i felt so terrible like wtf i’m the worst right??

so i was like “you know what!” and grabbed my phone and started looking at elmo shirts for him on amazon

then my brother started looking for stuff on his phone

then my sister in law joined in a little while later

so between the three of us he went from having ZERO elmo/sesame street clothing to like maybe four things now


HOhoo it’s like one entire day late but here’s my thing for freerarepairs day 3: confession/firsts 

*I kind of forgot to put the movemnt line things in the second panel so maybe it’s unclear but Haru’s not turning away from kisumi like he’s sad or something he’s just leaving his true love is mackerel

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there needs to be a visual cue to signal your gayness to other lesbians

well i just ordered a shirt that says hella gay on it so maybe we should all just wear shirts that say GAY on them

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i just ordered a shirt w your vrisrezi design on it!!!! its gonna be awesome wearing it since im kin w terezi and theres nothing better than having a shirt with your MCFUCKIGN GIRLFRIOND on it

nice! send me a pic~


Felt pretty androg. today 👌 (she/they)

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HEY you big gay, I just ordered one of your shirts and I'm super pumped to get it. I own like no hs merch and I thought your design was great AND vrisrezi is life so I didn't think twice about getting it!! ((I know you've got a lot of IRL stuff going on what with the 30 hours of riding, so I totally understand if it takes forever))

IM NOT ACTUALLY DOING THAT i just want to fhdgs

but yeah i hope you get it soon and send me a picture!!

someone: so who’s your ultimate bias?

me: *has seungri url. seungri icon. description: “seungri, are you listening? i love you.“ phone and computer wallpapers are seungri. my non-kpop blog’s sidebar is seungri. there is a picture of seungri on my fridge. the two physical albums i own are both seungri’s. just placed order for a seungri shirt and poster and am currently listening to ‘what can i do.’*
me: lol gd.

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I just ordered one of Zack's Valentine's shirts (the black one) even though my funds are minimal right now bc I'm Trash but oh man I'm so excited! Idk I just had to come and tell you/someone who loves Zack as much as I do 😅💕 also Rian & Cass!! I haven't stopped screaming since I saw the post tbh 😍


I’ve been waiting for someone to say something. I’ve never shipped anything but Riassadee?? I do ship that. I’m glad I do. It has been #confirmed because did the Thing™ and it only took what, 3-4 years of us telling him to do the thing™. I love Cassadee, she’s so sweet and nice and perfect for Rian who I also swear is her #1 fan and a walking colgate ad.


(about the shirt: dude i’d love an Amerrickan T-shirt. They’re so stellar! And yes, I am a Zack™ Girl. And btw I am always open to talking about Z like its my occupation, son!)