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Hermione makes a group chat for homework purposes, but as it turns out just having teenage banter with each other is a lot more fun


Pansy Parkinson: What use is nailing someone to a tree? If you’re going with human sacrifice at least do it properly and pickle his balls

Hermione Granger: What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Harry Potter: I would love to pickle your balls @DracoMalfoy

Ronald Weasley: MY EYES! MY EYES!

Seamus Finnigan: OMG @HarryPotter TMI

Draco Malfoy: I find it very offensive that @HarryPotter wants to use me as human sacrifice and the only thing you people notice is the slight innuendo

Blaise Zabini: Slight innuendo my arse, @HarryPotter wants to hide your faggots

Draco Malfoy: What on earth is that supposed to mean?

Blaise Zabini is typing…


I meant faggots as innuendo, since there is a meat ball type/brand called faggot in Great Brittain and I use that a lot. Please don’t murder me

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mariturient and dogs, shallura

Mariturient: eager to marry


So, will you marry me?

“Shiro, I swear on my Altean forefathers, if you ask me that again today I will quiznaking lose it— Ah, hello Senator!” Allura smiled with gritted teeth, her voice jumping from a hiss to a welcoming call as they swept across the atrium floor. 

Shiro tried for her hand, missing and tugging on the side of her flowing robes. “Think about it- wouldn’t you rather be introduced to this guy as Queen Allura?”

Allura gave him a sidelong glance, biting the inside of her lip to keep from smiling back at his smirk. “As I’ve told you many times, Altean royal titles do not depend on matrimony. I keep it as a sign of respect for my father.” 

That was enough to shame him out of the conversation they had already had twice that day. Shiro entwined his fingers with hers, kissing the back of her hand in acquiescence. “Of course, Princess.”

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it makes me sad that dnp ONLY interact on their twitters. like, we're here tooo? i feel like they don't exactly appreciate their followers on any other platform, or really in general? like, we spend hours drawing and animating and making gifs, and they mostly only rb maddox's phanart, and that's only sometimes. (no hate i love her). they don't exactly appreciate us & i feel like they take us for granted. opinions?

i think that a lot of the content made in the tumblr phandom is for us (as in the phandom). i know i get annoyed at notices and the lack of on tumblr but i think dan and phil just… don’t get it. i’m sure, no matter how down to earth you are, there will be a point where a “famous” person will stop spending their time meticulously liking every art piece and gif. so just make stuff for yourself ya know? make things you enjoy and are proud of. that’s what i do to comfort myself in the lonely void of this site

Okay, now that the Dreamworks company has sent me rocketing off the edge with that cliffhangar of a season, let’s talk Voltron theories. 

Now, I know everyone is talking ‘Clone Shiro’ as the most popular theory now, but I however, would like to present my own theory. 

Given what we saw in episode 5, The Journey, we see Shiro escape the ship unhindered (for the most part) and that his hair had grown out massively. We see that he retains his memories of the battle with Zarkon, and that his time aboard the battle cruiser was muddled, just as it was before Shiro came to earth. 

Then, as Shiro is floating in space near death, the Black Lion senses him, and immediately goes to rescue him. However, when Shiro tries to board the Black Lion, the lion rejects him, not responding to his calls. 

Now, here’s where things get weird. 

Through out the season, I noticed a lot of inconsistences that kind of punch a hole in the Shiro’s a clone theory. 

Shiro’s memories. As far as the series is concerned, only Alteans seem to have the capabilities to take and restore memories. The Galra seem to only use torture and Haggar’s magic to gain information, rather than extracting memories and personalities. The fact that Shiro remembers and acts (mostly) like himself is something to be noted throughout the show. 

For one, Lotor and Haggar were both unaware of Shiro being captured after the battle with Zarkon. For example, Lotor tries to bring out the Black Lion while Keith is bonding to it, after realizing that the Black Lion had not made an appearance since Zarkon’s defeat. But if Shiro had been captured to be cloned, wouldn’t he have known from the beginning that Shiro was the black paladin, and that the black lion was without its pilot.  Not to mention the Galra commander looking on as Shiro escapes all but says “The Galra Command Center has approved this. Project Kuron is a go.” So, there is a project Kuron, that neither Lotor nor Haggar know about or have spoken of, that involves the black paladin’s clone in a catch and release project? 

Then, there is the arm. If Shiro was truly a clone, why does he have the Galra tech arm? Wouldn’t he have been fully formed if he were to be cloned? Wouldn’t they have had to cut off the clone’s arm to install the prosthetic? Not to mention Shiro’s arm is a one of a kind piece made by Haggar and her druids. It’s not a spare prosthetic handed out to just anyone. If so, why hasn’t Haggar mentioned this, and where would she have found the time, having been at Zarkon’s bedside? 

The next, and (in my opinion) the biggest clincher, is the experiment. Shiro wakes up, unstrapped to a table. He makes his way out, and seeing a surgical room, looks in, he remembers them injecting him, placing him in a capsule, and filing it with water. After striking the guards who atttack him, Shiro clutches his head, as if in pain. Later on, after reuniting with the Paladins, Shiro comments that he has a lingering headache after being rescued. 

Not to mention, the Black Lion recognizes him immediately, and I don’t think a clone would be enough for the Black Lion to mistake their bond. They have a mental/spiritual bond, and I think that the Black Lion realized that although it was in fact Shiro, there’s something wrong.  

What I believe, is that we have a Winter Soldier situation going on here. Or to put it simply, I think that Shiro’s a sleeper agent. 

Shiro was found/captured after the battle with Zarkon, he is experimented on, and then released. Shiro, none the wiser, returns to the paladins, unaware that he has become a mole within the group. The Black Lion, while coming to her pilot’s aid, is able to sense the traps laying in wait within Shiro’s mind, and refuses to let him pilot (or at least, until his mind has been cleared). All the while, Shiro may be silently waiting for a trigger word to set off Project Kuron, and unknowingly destroy Voltron’s mission from within. 

Now, you must all realize that this a theory, and feel free to disagree with it. 

After all, we only have until October to see if this theory holds true. 

What do you think?

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #30

Something Happening Out On My Farm

I use the term “farm” loosely. It’s a house on a chunk of land, with a pond and some ducks and chickens. I work outside a lot so I know the lay of the land, so to speak. Lately I’ve been noticing a weird humming noise that seems to be coming from the earth itself, like literally coming from the air just above the ground. I was out over the weekend building a chicken coop. I decided to walk down the hill to get some firewood. I turned around, took two steps and was at the bottom of the hill.

The concerning thing is that this is a distance of over 100 yards. I literally blinked and was there. I walked back very slowly and tried to focus on what happened. That’s when the humming noise was most noticeable. It’s almost like I walked through it and lost all sense of time and direction. A methane leak? Magnets? I legit freaked out. My dog doesn’t like walking through the area, nor do the chickens.

Credits to: royboyblue

I Predicted The Future

This happened about 10+ years ago while I was in high school. I had a party at my house and invited all my friends. That night I barely drank because I had to watch the party and make sure people didn’t get too rowdy.

As the night progressed, a buddy of mine asked me if I wanted to smoke a blunt with him. I turned him down, as it would require me to leave the party unattended and go outside for a bit. So he went outside to smoke with some friends. The party ended around 1AM. After everyone left, I cleaned up and went to sleep. The entire night I maybe had 1-2 drinks, so I wasn’t drunk. Here’s where it gets odd.

That night I had a dream. And in that dream, I walked outside and into my mother’s garden. In the garden there is a flower pot. I knelt down and picked up a half-smoked blunt next to the flower pot. As I picked up the blunt, I woke up to my phone ringing. It was my friend who smoked that night. He told me that he had lost the half-smoked blunt (he thought he lost it inside the house) and warned me that it might be lying around somewhere. He was concerned that my mom might find it.

I hung up the phone and went to the garden. Next to the flower pot was the half-smoked blunt, just like in my dream. Keep in mind I hadn’t been drinking, nor did I accompany my friend outside when he invited me to smoke. That dream was frighting and amazing. I’ve never had another one like it.

Credits to: Digreth

Dimensional Elevator

So. Sunday morning, chilly in Rio de Janeiro. I woke up, there’s nothing to eat. I washed my face, changed, put a cap on so I don’t have to brush my hair and headed to a bakery to buy bread. I buy and headed back home.

I live in this condo complex that has three buildings. I headed into what I believe to be my building, got into the elevator. As the elevator door opened, all I see are white doors. My floor’s doors are all wooden-colored.

Did I get off on the wrong floor?” I thought as I headed back into the elevator. There’s a “6th Floor” sign, the right sign, on the door. “Did I get the wrong BUILDING?” I thought, as I went back to the ground floor to check.

I went out of the building and saw the sign “Building 2”, which is the right building. I headed back, puzzled, wondering what the hell had just happened. I got into the second elevator this time and I was able to get back into my apartment.

The following week, I saw the very same dimensional elevator with its floor indicator blinking between ground floor and 11th floor. The cables weren’t moving but there were whirring sounds. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Credits to: Jodanzuki

Universe Repeating Itself

This happened last year during the school year. My mom came up woke me up at 6:30 and I got ready for school, just like any other day. I went through my daily routine, got my clothes ready and got dressed. Then I left and walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. It felt just like any other day. The bus came over the hill and didn’t even slow down. It completely passed me. Everything went black, and I woke up in a cold sweat to the sound of my mom waking me up for school.

I remember everything from before, but I went right back to when I woke up. Everything was the same from when I woke up the first time. Even the time was the same- 6:30. I was spooked, but I dismissed it as just being a dream. 

I went and got dressed a little faster this time as I wanted to sit at the bus stop and think about what the hell just happened. This time, I got to the bus stop about 10 minutes earlier. But the weird thing was the bus got there earlier as well. I would have missed the bus if I didn’t get there earlier. To this day I haven’t told anyone about this for fear of being called insane.

Credits to: delete54321

Hello everyone! Hope everybody is as okay as can be!

Just wanted to make a quick but important announcement– I have added more pages to my blog that will take you to Generation specific Pokemon redesigns! You can reach them on my main blog page and clicking the links on the side bar. 

They are each ordered chronologically, so now it should be a lot easier to catch up on Pokemon you may have missed, or if you want to have a retrospective, or just wanna see a bunch of my content! There is also a search bar under the side bar if you wanna use # to find specific Pokemon. C: There are a few hiccups but nothing earth shattering, hopefully.

Also if you’ve been to my main page, you may have noticed I have a Ko-Fi link in my side bar. I was meaning to do a bigger announcement about that but… I forgot to… anywee, if you wanna drop me a tip you can, and if you don’t that’s fine, I love you all the same. UvU

Thanks again for the awesome support and all the best! n_n

Bad Decisions

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Changki Month Day 9 {no prompt used}

Kihyun had never really understood why his life was like this; why his life amounted to a mass of bad decisions and embarrassing moments. Of all the awkward encounters and unfortunate circumstances, this was the worst.

He lay on his back in a state of crisis. What the hell is the protocol for this?

It wasn’t like Kihyun hadn’t had one night stands before. Hell, it wasn’t like he hadn’t had drunken one night stands before. But drunken one night stands with a bandmate? Yeah, this was new.

He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to get out of this situation. It wasn’t like he could turn back for one last time and never see Changkyun ever again. No, Changkyun’s face was going to remain and haunt him for the rest of his life, remind him of the sins he has made and can never take back.

Images flashed back in his head of the previous night; it reminded him of the warmth of his cheeks, the way his head spun, the way he submitted- wait, he, Kihyun, had submitted. Fuck, this wasn’t just awkward, this was embarrassing.

He slowly shifted in a sitting up position on the cold, hard floor and took in the surroundings of their dance practice room. Wow, he thought bitterly the fucking dance practice room, how romantic. He tried not to think about how he would be brought back with Changkyun’s lust filled eyes every time he walked in here, which, unfortunately for him, was pretty much every day of his goddamn life.

He picked up his shirt and his trousers off the floor that had been shamelessly discarded on the floor from the night before. At least he had kept the basic human decency of putting his underwear back on. He struggled for a long moment in attempt to quietly rush back into his clothes, hopping on one foot as he attempted to balance while he put his socks on. You’d have thought someone that danced for a living ought to have a little more elegance.

Fuck the shoes, I don’t need shoes. He thought before making his way over to the door. He opened the door handle and- smack.

He rammed himself straight into the door after it unkindly refused to open for him.

Pain shot through his arm, making him groan as he nursed the spot he’d bumped. “Fuck” he hissed.

He didn’t have time to let any more obscenity fall from his mouth, because Changkyun was shuffling, clearly roused by the amount of noise Kihyun had emitted in attempt to escape like a thief in the night. Kihyun squeezed his eyes tight shut, trying to convince himself Changkyun was merely shuffling in his sleep and that he’d drop straight back off to sleep.

Of course Kihyun’s luck didn’t stretch that far.

“What the actual fuck?”

Kihyun carefully opened his eyes, looking over at Changkyun. He’d stood up in the time Kihyun had closed his eyes, and was staring at the reflection of himself in the mirror with utmost confusion. He, like Kihyun had been, was only in his underwear. He looked around in disarray at his discarded clothing. Then, Kihyun.

“Kihyun hyung.” He stated, swallowing.

“Changkyun.” Kihyun responded stiffly, his eyes looking anywhere but the other man’s.

Changkyun appeared like a deer in headlights, somewhat distressed. Kihyun couldn’t bare to watch it. He pulled at the door again, then again. Then, he mentally slapped himself. The door was locked.

He turned the lock and made his escape finally without another word.


A million and one things rushed through his head like a whirlwind of confusion. Changkyun’s lustful, drunken eyes, and now his wide, confused ones. It gave Kihyun a deep, internal pain he couldn’t shake. It had all been a mistake, he should have known getting drunk around the man he could barely keep his hands off sober was a terrible idea.

It wasn’t like Changkyun was particularly unwilling, in fact, he had lead the majority of the night. He couldn’t have not wanted it, right? It couldn’t have simply been a drunken mistake. He was desperate to convince himself.

He shoved open his shared bedroom door and stormed through to the en suit, ignoring Minhyuk’s sudden shock and hopeless call after him. He could deal with everyone else later. For now, a shower is what he needed; he needed an attempt at washing away his sins.

When Kihyun saw Changkyun next, it was at breakfast.

Kihyun wasn’t sure what he was expecting to happen. But he didn’t expect everything to be so normal. Minhyuk and Shownu were having a discussion about the dance practice plans for the day, Wonho nagged at Hyungwon, who was still half asleep. And Changkyun, well Changkyun was joking on the other side with Jooheon.

Kihyun sat in silence, wondering how Changkyun could digest this all so easily.

“Do you know what the worst thing about being famous is?” Jooheon stated, “The women.”

“The women?” Changkyun laughed, “What’s wrong with the women?”

“There isn’t any of them!” Jooheon stated as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “If we go so close as to look at a woman’s door, paparazzi will be all over it. It’s frustrating.” Jooheon sulked.

“Ah, but this life isn’t so bad, right Kihyun?” Changkyun flicked his eyes across the table at Kihyun, his lips turning up in the corners to smirk.

That little brat.

“Speak for yourself.” Kihyun resorted.

“Oh, I am.” He responded, winking, it somehow escaped Jooheon, but it was so close to being caught.


Seven bodies moved in motion, each dance gesture timed to perfection. The room sweltered with heat, humidity and sweat. Muscles ached, pants filled the quiet spaces between songs.

Kihyun felt sore, he had been from the moment he woke up, but this exercise wasn’t helping him in the slightest. He bent forwards when Hyunwoo finally granted them a breather. He inhaled, then exhaled, trying to control his breathing until someone approached him, handing him a bottle of water.


Kihyun didn’t have to look to know who was speaking to him, he didn’t want to look up, but he did; he pushed away the dark twist in his thoughts on the reality that stood before him: Changkyun, sweaty, panting.

“Thanks.” He responded shortly, taking the bottle and letting the cool liquid coat his tongue. It felt good. Today was not one of those days that he had a lot of tolerance. Minhyuk had teased him earlier, stating that he must have got up on the wrong side of the bed. (Changkyun had muttered about how he didn’t even get out of his bed that morning.)

“You know, you’re more obedient than I thought.” Changkyun stated, smirking.

“What?” Kihyun snapped suddenly, his cheeks reddening further than the crimson they already were.

“In the routine,” Changkyun clarified, though it was obvious that he’d meant to imply other meaning. “I didn’t think you’d let Shownu make you do a solo part.”

Kihyun shook his head, trying to brush off his nervousness. “Why wouldn’t I do it?”

Changkyun shrugged, “You always seem so set in your ways. But when it comes to it, actually, you’re rather submissive, aren’t you?”

Changkyun smirked at him again, and Kihyun would have punched him if Wonho didn’t come over.

“Hello! Earth to Changki! We’re starting again.”

“What the hell is Changki?” Kihyun grumbled, noticing how everyone was already getting into position.

“Your names combined.” Wonho stated.

“I think they fit pretty well. A lot of you fits pretty well with me, doesn’t it?” Changkyun laughed.

Kihyun did punch him that time.


By the time dinner had just finished, Kihyun had just about had enough.

All day. All goddamn day, Changkyun had teased him.

Kihyun had got it wrong, Changkyun wasn’t regretful of the previous night. No, he’s using it as an excuse to make Kihyun afluster at any given moment.

Somehow, none of the other members have noticed a thing. He’s unsure how all of these comments have gone by unnoticed, or how they completely missed Changkyun attempting to play footsie under the table. And the worst, how the hell they managed not to notice Changkyun’s hand tapped against Kihyun’s ass as he stood to leave.

Kihyun hated how his cheeks reddened from the mere memory.

“Kihyun, why are you in here alone with a face of a slapped ass?” Changkyun’s adventurous smile made Kihyun feel blind as he looked at it. Why did he have to follow him here?

“I’m tired.” He stated shortly.

Changkyun sat on his bed beside him and hummed, “Me too, I guess we didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Kihyun wanted to punch him. He didn’t. He refrained himself from all contact at all costs.

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Funny Prompts? Not my forte, but.... RFA + V & Unknown reacting to a hilariously clumsy MC? An MC who walks into doors, drops things on their toes, breaks windows, and oh goodness, never ever let them behind the wheel of a car.

I’m fairly clumsy myself but it’s mostly just running into things. I hope you like it! thanks for the request I had a fun time writing this!! - Mod MC


  • I bet he bubble wrapped the corners of the countertops and tables 
  • Wants to wrap you up in bubble wrap too
  • After he saw the huge bruise on your hipbone from running into the counter he’s been super cautious of sharp corners 
  • He’s a tripper but mostly cuz his shoelaces are untied. 
  • You just trip for no good reason 
  • He should know 
  • He always makes sure your shoes are tied tbh


  • Probably catches you every time you trip
  • “Zen the knight has come to rescue the princess" 
  • He thinks it’s hilarious 
  • You, not so much 
  • He cracks jokes about carrying you around so you won’t fall 
  • Lots of piggy back rides 
  • You could get used to being carried around tho let’s be honest


  • She noticed the red spot on your hand immediately 
  • “MC, what on earth?" 
  • You blushed big time and admitted what happened 
  • "I um, I spilled" 
  • Mama jaehee mode activated 
  • Once she knew you spilled hot coffee on your hand she was moving 
  • She rinsed your hand with Cold water 
  • And put aloe on it 
  • She managed to keep your mind off of it by telling you about a funny customer that had come into the shop earlier.
  • These accidents, unfortunately, became a common occurrence in the shop 


  • Neither of you should be allowed to drive
  • If you drive the passengers better buckle up 
  • They probably need helmets tbh. 
  • He worries about you being safe and not getting hurt constantly
  • Other than driving Jumin isn’t clumsy at all
  • He just doesn’t get how someone (you) could hit a parked car in an almost empty parking lot
  • Jumin is a graceful motherfucking giraffe 
  • You, however, are not 
  • But he still thinks you’re great tbh 


  • You walked straight into the side of the door
  • You smacked your forehead pretty hard
  • Seven was sitting at his computer and heard you grumbling
  • You were trying to bring him a phd pepper
  • But now you just needed to get an ice pack
  • He immediately knew what happened and jumped up
  • This was a pretty common thing but still
  • Seven Zero Seven to the rescue
  • He picks your clumsy ass up and throws you over his shoulder
  • drops you onto the couch
  • then runs and gets you an ice pack
  • And a piece of your favorite candy


  • Can’t fucking see 
  • He just hears you cursing 
  • And he knows you’ve stubbed your toe 
  • "MC is that the fifth time today" 
  • You know you have no excuse for running into it because V’s furniture doesn’t get moved around 
  • It’s easier for him to get around like that
  • You try anyways 
  • "Well if the fucking coffee table wasn’t moved an inch to the left magically it wouldn’t have happened" 
  • V just chuckled and grabbed an ice pack out of the fridge. 


  • High key worried
  • Would never let you out of the house if he could
  • Holds your hand always with the excuse that it will keep you from tripping
  • But no, you still trip and often take him down with you
  • He always manages to cushion your fall
  • Even if he does get the breath knocked out of him
  • He just loves you so much
  • And it kills him to see you hurt in any way
  • Even if it is because you’re clumsy 


  • Probably laughs every time you bump into something
  • Low key worried when he sees bruises tho
  • Probably tries to carry you around like a football
  • If he thinks he can get away with it
  • He’s always there with a first aid kit
  • Carries band-aids in his pockets
  • Kisses every bruise and cut

Random thoughts while watching zuka, part 4; a collection of random thoughts about zuka vampires.

Sometimes, when people post about stuff they like in Tumblr, they make these weird posts where they just state a small trivial thing that makes their heart go all aflutter and explain no further. Like, a post that just reads “Women in suits with the cravat undone.” and then they wait for likes and reblogs to see who is into the same small details as they are, I guess. *shrug* It’s a kinda weird post trend.

I admit I was tempted to make a post that just reads: “Zuka vampires doing the hand thing after blood drinking.” and leave it at that. But since when can I write about vampires and be that brief? So I will explain. But I was tempted to do that kind of post.

The hand thing is this, when they bring their hand to their mouth as if to wipe away blood stains. I can’t explain why I love it. I just do.

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What do spirits look like?

Oh, boy!  Where do I even start?   I think I’ll have to divide it into different Categories.  


Spirits that have crossed over to the Other Side generally look like us.  Not because our physical bodies match their form, but because they want to match the bodies we have here on Earth.  It’s just popular is all– they’ve grown accustom to it, and it’s just grown on them.  (We, too, on the Other Side, do the same for the most part).  Spirits, in General, don’t have a Gender at all– not a physical one (as we don’t have physical forms), but we, and Spirits on the Other Side, actually appear in a spectrum somewhere from Masculine to Feminine— some are at the extreme ends, some are somewhere in the middle.  Some identify similarly with the pronouns we created here on Earth, some stick with gender neutral ones, or some just go with, “I’m Feminine/Masculine/Androgynous, but call me whatever.”  I’ve seen spirits from the Other Side who look like men or women, who I call “Brother and Sister,” but I still refer to them in the general “they” (they don’t mind).  They just pick a form that is their “ideal” appearance— whatever it may be (petite, stout, tall and lanky, red hair, freckles, skin black as soil, ect).  Technically they can change their form at any time, but we all have our “preferred” form on the Other Side that we just generally stick with as most spirits do.  There’s one thing in common though— most of us for some reason, ideally, like to look like we’re exactly 30 years old, no older or younger.  (The only exceptions are the “older” spirits, who stay and help Manage on the Other Side, not born if ever, and they look to be about 40).    We also don’t need anything to sustain our forms either— no hunger or drink or sleep (but you can actually still eat and sleep or whatnot if you simply want to).

Growing up, However, when Spirits from the Other Side used to visit me when I was a kid, they’d make themselves look like my age so I’d be more comfortable, or they’d make themselves elderly or take on a form I’d recognize (like, my grandfather might look different on the Other Side, but when he appears in front of me, he takes on the form of what he was in this life).  But that’s only when they come to visit Earth, and they just want to make things easier for those who they appear to.  (After all– we’ve lived a thousands+ lives, so we’ve had that many human forms to work with) 

There’s Spirits that actually don’t take on a Form that looks like our Human Bodies on Earth— and instead they’re just Balls of Light and Energy, and nothing more, that’s it.  Since we can all sense who they are by their essence, we can tell everyone apart— so no confusion if there’s three balls of light hanging around each other.  Father God does this— he refuses to take a form other than a ball of light just because he’s just like, “Nah, don’t feel like it.”  The ball of light and energy is our “natural” form.  We all started like that before taking a Human for became trendy.   

One thing, however:  Human spirits stay human, Animal spirits stay animal spirits.  The forms they take sort of stick with that criteria.  (No human into turtle or flower, or lion or tree into Human).  That’s just how we were made.

A Theory I have, too, we don’t naturally have wings like that’s often depicted.  I’m not sure where that came from— but I have a theory it was meant to be symbolic or maybe it was another “trend” at the time that just stopped.  (I’m guessing more symbolic rather than literal).

You may have noticed I’ve used “We” a lot.  That’s because, technically, every living creature on earth—humans and animals and bugs and such— are all Spirits that Came from the Other Side.  Most of us just came and are born into this world— but when we pass on, cross over, and return to the Other Side, we are still “Other Side” Spirits.  Other Side is our home an origin, so—that’s technically what we’re like when we’re not on Earth.  (I hope this all made sense?)


I’m referring to spirits who were born into this world, died, but haven’t crossed over to the Other Side— who haven’t returned Home yet.  Generally, they take on the form of their physical body they were last in.  If I were to die this instant, until I cross over, I would still look like how I do now.  

An additional thing that might be added to this sometimes, depending on the Spirits Emotions, they’ll take on the EXACT look when they had died— which can get creepy.  A drowned little girl once visited me at 3am, waking me up, looking all wet and like a drowned corpse (THAT was fun)— she wasn’t dark or mean or anything, and she wasn’t just trying to scary me either, she was just still sad on the fact of what happened to her.

That’s why I say sometimes you can’t let Spirits scary you– sometimes that’s not their intention at all, and it’s just their feelings being revealed in that manner.  

By the way— if you see a Spirit that obviously haven’t crossed them over, comfort them and convince them to do so.  For some reason, since we do get “Amnesia” and on’t remember the Other Side or have become so Disconnected from it, Spirits get nervous of crossing over, or sometimes they think that there’s still unfinished business left over for them to do and they’re not ready— you just have to tell them everything will work themselves out and they need to cross over so everything will be okay.  


These are Spirits who absolutely refuse to cross over to the Other Side out of Bitterness.  Sometimes, they’re even the spirits that get born into this world to do bad things, die, and get reborn again, or they’re spirits that stay in their spirit form (without reincarnation) and try to “scare” and make other people here on earth miserable by use of their energy. 

I’m not sure if this is how it is with everyone— but I noticed a trend with spirits both with and without a physical form:  I notice they have dark dark circles under and around their eyes.  The darker the circles, the more negative they are— the more anger, bitterness, greed, jealousy they have.  (I don’t know if I should talk about this, and I’m not sure how many people know about this— but the infamous “Casey Anthony Case,” the woman had such dark circles around her eyes that I knew I could see that others couldn’t.  It wasn’t from lack of sleep either).  There’s a difference between circles from lack of sleep, and circles that show a dark spirit— it’s as though they took ash, charcoal, and/or black paint and just smeared it around their eyes.  They look so mean, too.  

But all in all—- they generally also follow the trend of taking on the Physical Human form— spirit or non-spirit.  (Note: Animals cannot be Dark Spirits.  Animals, legit, are too pure and good.  I’m not even joking about that).  


I hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any more questions or need clarification! 

So I notice a lot of starseeds or maybe people who just really like aliens will say a lot of things like “earth sucks” or say negative things about being human. I know earth can be ugly sometimes but it is also very beautiful here. I think we are here on a mission. Some of us are here to help earth and humans through rough times. So why are you begging the aliens to take you away? Where are the starseeds saying “I love earth” ?? I know you are missing home but I think this place needs our love right now…


Wherein Editorial Manager Kristen Welch discusses Jane Austen and Social Media Specialist Marya E. Gates discusses David Bowie and why you should join us for Austen vs. Bowie this Saturday June 18th, starting at 8PM ET

Welcome back #AustenOnTCM! While Jane Austen herself did not write any sequels to her work (nor do I think she would want to) audiences and writers have continuously revisited/reimagined her work—making this hashtag return in keeping with pop culture’s fascination with her and her work. In fact, there is just so much to say about Austen and her legacy that revisiting the subject again proved to be something I was only too ready to do. Especially when you look at the programming this time around: we’ll be viewing and discussing the movie adaptations of both my favorite novel, Persuasion, and the novel that I have read the most, Pride and Prejudice.

First up on our schedule is the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice, starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier as our Lizzie and Mr. Darcy. As the first major motion picture adaptation of one of her novels, the film is a great one to revisit now (given how many versions of P&P have been filmed in the last twenty years). Plus, I always love reconsidering Lizzie and Mr. Darcy in various media, as it is one of those books that I like to re-read every year. While not my favorite, there is something about it that is so easy to pick up and revisit—Austen herself described the novel as “rather too light and bright and sparkling,” but it is exactly this sparkling tone of the book that brings me back again and again—it always helps lighten up a rainy afternoon or a stressful time in my life. From that iconic first line “It is a truth universally acknowledged…” I’m hooked again and again.

Of course, the book and movie will also give me a chance to discuss my feelings toward Mr. Darcy with you. As I mentioned in my last Austen post, I have never really understood the modern obsession with Darcy. This is not to say that I don’t understand his appeal to Lizzie—they are, in fact, perfect together—but Darcy for me? No way, we wouldn’t get along at all! If I had to choose an Austen hero (or two), I would have to go with Mr. Tilney or Captain Wentworth. Which brings us to the second film of the night, Persuasion (’95). In that film, Ciaran Hinds plays the aforementioned captain—a man rejected by the heroine, Anne Eliot (Amanda Root) years before the story takes place.

The book is my personal favorite because it focuses on themes of regret and second chances. A much more introspective (and some say autobiographical) story, it was published posthumously along with Northanger Abbey. I’ve always related to Anne Eliot the most of Austen’s heroines, I would even say that she is a true Hufflepuff—hardworking and fiercely loyal. Watching Anne struggle to express herself and her longing when the man she loves (and regretfully declined marriage from at 19) returns into her life, this time courting a much younger woman, is heartbreaking. As Anne says in what is my favorite Austen quote: “All the privilege I claim for my own sex (it is not a very enviable one: you need not covet it), is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone.” This sentence, so stunningly beautiful and tragic (if you prefer, tragically beautiful, to quote Wicked), only serves to make Anne and Wentworth’s reconciliation all the more sweeter.

I can’t wait to discuss both with you on Saturday night, and hope you’ll join me starting at 8pm ET at #AustenOnTCM!

And now for something completely different, to quote another British cultural icon: Monty Python. Saturday, you’ll not only get 18th-century British culture, but the films of David Bowie, and a live tweet by our own Marya E. Gates….

Thank you, Kristen! Part of the great joy of working for TCM is I get to indulge in my love of classic films, but also cult films as well! #TCMUnderground has long been a favorite part of TCM’s programming for me and getting to live tweet David Lynch shorts a few weeks back was one of the highlights of my life - personally and professionally.

So when I noticed our amazing TCM Underground programmer Millie De Chirico had scheduled a double night of David Bowie this month, I just *had* to live tweet it! We’ve lost a lot of icons this year, but none of these losses has hit me as hard as David Bowie, who left us to become a real star in the night sky on January 10th.

Bowie was more than just an amazing musical performer; his filmography is full of cult classics from The Man Who Fell To Earth (’76) to Labyrinth (’86) to Basquiat (’96) to The Prestige (’06). (Did you see what I did there?). For this week’s underground selection we’ll be showing one Bowie movie that I’ve seen many times and love and one Bowie movie that’s been on my must-watch list for far too long: The Hunger (’83) and Absolute Beginners (’86).

The Hunger was the late Tony Scott’s feature debut and it really is everything. Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie are sexy post-punk vampires - the band Bauhaus has a cameo! - who’s relationship is, well, dying. There’s one really hot/bittersweet shower scene that will probably have you in tears. Susan Sarandon gets thrown into the mix and things get super gay. It’s delightful. Unfortunately, the film’s ending is not what anyone had envisioned - studios imposed endings even in the 80s! - and it’s probably best to just image it ending a few minutes earlier than it actually does.

Directed by Julien Temple, Absolute Beginners is a rock musical based on the incredibly popular British novel of the same name by Colin MacInnes, which also stars Sade and Patsy Kensit. Although set in the 1950s, the film is apparently full of anachronisms that are totally 80s, which led to it being critically panned. Honestly, it sounds like it has a lot in common with Streets Of Fire (’84), another misunderstood 50s-meets-80s rock n’ roll fable that bombed on initial release, only to become a cult classic (and an absolute favorite of mine). If you haven’t seen (or maybe even heard of) Absolute Beginners, you’ve probably heard its theme song - one of Bowie’s biggest hits in the 80s.

In keeping with my live tweet last time, I promise at least on Halloween picture of me dressed as David Bowie (I was dressed as Serious Moonlight era Bowie, which corresponds perfectly with The Hunger).

We hope we’ve piqued your interest and you’ll join us for this British invasion! Kristen will be live tweeting during Pride and Prejudice (’40) at 8PM ET and Persuasion (’95) at 10:15PM ET and I will hop on at 2:45AM ET for The Hunger (’83) and continue on into the wee hours for Absolute Beginners (’86) at 4:30AM ET. 

Get some tea ready, and #LetsMovie!

Okay here’s part one of my Chasefield fic. I had to break it up into two parts because it was getting a bit long. It’s based off this prompt I posted a while ago

Max and Victoria play a naughty game in the library

The first part isn’t nsfw, but expect the second part to be. It won’t be too graphic but it’s still going to be very mature.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Feedback is welcomed!

Max was heading toward the library with a heavy load of school books clutched under her arm. She dragged her feet lazily through the hall leading to the library, thinking of better ways she could be spending a late Friday afternoon. Mr. Jefferson had announced that he was giving a test on Monday’s class and was only giving his students the weekend to study, but that’s not why Max was bothered. She didn’t mind cramming for a class she actually enjoyed. No not at all. The more she knew, the better she felt. It was who she was meeting in the library that bothered her and made herself question her own actions.

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spaceprincesses  asked:

I dare u to write a shiro/allura fic where they're both pining over each other and circumstances force them to pretend that they're dating/married which inevitably forces them to share a bed later on 😊😊😊


(this takes place somewhere between ep 6 and ep 10)


In retrospect, maybe it’s understandable that an outsider looking in would get confused about their group. Lance and Keith live to antagonize each other, and when they’re not squabbling they’re all over each other anyway; Hunk dishes out hugs like he was made for them; Pidge’s tiny frame fits perfectly next to anyone she stands next to. And Shiro and Allura lead the pack, as the leader and the best negotiator, respectively.

But if you’re not privy to the genuine dynamics of team Voltron, well, it kind of makes sense that they’d assume Shiro and Allura are parents of a very weird family.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame? Because though soul mate relationships are beautiful, there is a true difference between that and a twin flame. There can be many soul mates, but just one twin flame. :)

Hello, :-)

I have a feeling you’re new to this blog, because I’ve posted tons of information about the twin flame connection, which we’re all not meant to experience. Twin flames don’t always incarnate during the same time on earth. I feel we should let go of the labels and focus on the connection itself for what it is. I am noticing that when lots of us experience extremely intense emotions/connections, we automatically assume that person is our twin flame, and that is not always the case. We also experience balancing partners and other forms of good and bad karmic ties with some souls that can create profound feelings. Realize all spiritual connections are substantial and we experience/manifest them for a reason.

* I have some other things to work on today, so I don’t think I’ll be able to make a new comic, however I got three wonderful fan arts yesterday, one that I just reblogged, and I’ll post the other two throughout the day, not all together, so that all the artists get properly noticed and not just be thrown here all at once <:

* In the other news, this is the 100th post on this blog (Yeah I used it for… a fairly unimportant text announcement. Hah.) and the last comic I uploaded was the 38th comic in the series! This means both that I’ve made a LOT of comics, and that I might talk WAY too much ‘cause what on Earth does that make the the other 62 posts on this blog??? What are they??

* As a celebration to this 100 post mark, I think I will try to finish up at least a very rough script for my backstory comic, so that I’ll be able to start working on it as soon as possible. I was playing around with the comic’s name the other day and ended up with this dual-titled mess that sounds like it is about to drop you into a child’s book about the human psyche;

* As always feel free to chat et cetera,

* Nyehfully yours,

* -Jim

Jensen and Danneel

I will just start by saying that I really like these two a lot i really do they are so sweet and down to earth.I really appreciate all the pics that they share with us as they don’t have to.I have noticed that we never really get any pics of Arrow by herself with J or D or just by herself at all.We always seem to get pics of Zeppelin with J.D and even JJ .We only seem to get pics of Arrow with Zeppelin as well.I know they love all there kids and probably don’t have a fav but I just think it’s strange and kind of sad that we don’t get pics of Arrow like we do JJ and Zeppelin.Am i the only one who has noticed this what are other people’s thoughts.Anyway like I dsaid I really appreciate what they do post as I know that they are a privete couple.

anonymous asked:

Miss Sparkle, have any other drastic changes in your body taken place since receiving your wings? Metabolism, perhaps?

Well, alicorns are a combination of all three types of ponies, in a way, so I have the abilities and traits of all of them. Which means some major changes beyond just wings.

From the pegasi, there’s the flight, of course, and the ability to walk on clouds. I can also manipulate the weather. Though I could do that before, via spells, but now I can do it without spell casting. In theory, at least. I’m not particularly good at it in practice (unicorn magic is much more effective for me).

From the earth ponies, I have noticed increased stamina, fortitude and faster healing, so I don’t get hurt as much. I used to get a lot of paper cuts, but I’ve noted they’ve gotten increasingly rare, and heal faster than they did before. Then again, as a unicorn it was many years ago I last had a paper cut that I didn’t use magic to heal, so it’s not a very reliable comparison.

My unicorn magic has improved, but I’m not certain that’s related to my new status as an alicorn. It was always improving before, as I keep studying and practicing. However, given my rate of progress, I suspect becoming an alicorn is a factor.

Interesting that you should mention metabolism, specifically. I did mention increased appetite in a previous letter, perhaps you read at one point and forgot most of it yet that specific part remained, vaguely? Or you might have seen me eat, I suppose.

In any case, yes, my metabolism has changed. I used to not eat that much; I always kept busy studying, but since the transformation I’ve had a huge increase in appetite, and I can eat more per meal. It’s not surprising given the different physiology of alicorns; our bodies do more and thus require more energy.

I’ve spoken to Celestia about it, and she said it’s quite normal, that it happens to us all. Apparently one tends to have cravings for certain things. Her preference, as well as her sister’s, is cake. However, I on the other hoof have instead found myself desiring hayburgers. Those are delicious!