i just needed to see this again


You: (in tears) “You didn’t have to do this, Liam.”
Liam: “I couldn’t hold it in any longer. They’re hurting you, (Y/N). And it’s breaking you. I know you don’t want to tell me that you’re hurting, but I can see it and I don’t want that any longer.”
You: “So you did all this just for me?”
Liam: “You don’t see it do you?” (he takes a deep breath) “I will do anything to protect you, because you’re important to me and again, I hate to see you hurt. They need to stop.”

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fluffy Julian/Finn waking up together 😭

I jumped on this one so quick. Thanks anon, just what I needed.

Julian hadn’t slept again. He did, however, have every crack on the ceiling memorised, along with exactly how many circles there were on the wallpaper pattern.

He smiled as Finn shifted against him, that deliciously familiar warmth pressed tight to his side, his head fitting perfectly upon his shoulder.

He looked down just in time to see those long, ridiculously thick lashes fluttering open, sleepy golden eyes meeting his gaze. “Julian,” he sighed, lips quirking into a smile.

Julian’s heart skipped a beat, his name always the first word out of Finn’s mouth each morning, yet it still caught him by surprise. He always said it as if he were surprised to see him, yet so happy he was there.

“Morning,” he said, long fingers attempting to put the mess of raven hair back in its rightful place; an impossible task. He gave up, accepting that no one could tame this particular bedhead but Finn himself. He probably used magic.

Finn threw a possessive arm over Julian’s waist, fingers digging into his side, tugging him tighter. He tilted his head up, the perfect angle to press a kiss to Julian’s jaw.

It wouldn’t be long until this lazy morning turned into something needy, heated. It always did, neither of them able to resist each other when there was this much bare skin and tangled limbs involved.

Julian chuckled as Finn trailed soft kisses down the line of his throat, shifting his position to press his lips to his clavicle, then his chest. Finn hummed, content as Julian ghosted those long fingers down his spine, then clasping his hands at the base.

“I love you,” he whispered, Finn’s chin pressed to his chest, those big eyes gazing up at him. He lay flat upon Julian now, every hard line of him warm upon his skin.

Finn smiled, so painfully handsome and his that Julian couldn’t help but smile back.

“I love you too.”


Now the summer’s over
And I find myself alone
With only memories of you
I was so in love I couldn’t see
‘cos I was living in a world of make believe
But now you’re gone I’m just a daydreamer

I’m walking in the rain
Chasing after rainbows I may never find again

Life is much too beautiful to live it all alone
Oh how much I need someone to call my very own

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GG: You want me to just keep awkwardly kissing your eye socket? L: Yea that looks good. Lemme make sure they can see my Cracker Jack ring once again. 😂🤣😂🤣💀💀

You know what i’m tired of y’all and these names!!!
at this point we need a dictionary specifically made for us

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Hey it’s me again!! (I now I have a girlfriend ((I STILL CANT BELIEVE SHE SAID YES)) ) but can you give me some Alana fluff??? Idc what it’s about, I just need happy stuff-🧐

You and Alana often got busy, with her extra credit activities and you picking up extra shifts at work you two often struggled to find time to see each other. After almost a month of missing each other you two decided to make a change. Friday became date night, both of you made time to spend the night together, this was usually a movie night. On these dates you two were all over each other, snuggles, light kisses and lots of I love you’s filled time


Today, I would like to give an appreciation post to a few partners and long time followers who make it fun and worth staying here to pretend to be a lovable acrobatic li’l dick.

@birdouttahell / @perfectedrobin (my turkey and gravy)- both of you bring a unique flavor to your portrayals, and every time I see you two on my dash I have even just slight Grayson muse bc lbr here, Dick will never not feel obligated to be a helpful and, if need be, behavior correcting big brother. I like to believe a major part of Rebirth Dick Grayson, much like how important to most people a cooked poultry and fatty liquid drippings are, is the relationship he has with Damian, even with all their disagreements and squabbles.

@meddlingheels (the sweetest potato)- let me begin by saying hi, I miss you, and let’s write again like right now! Without you, there’d be days that I couldn’t bear to be on here. Some days I come and complain to you about tumblr, or other things that unnerve me, but come to think of it, I’m made more comfortable having you here to talk myself out of such feelings. And this I feel is some much needed credit for you, that you are indeed the best Daphne Blake on tumblr. you’re obnoxiously adorable, and should definitely hmu very soon, or just hit me up with random rp stuff.

@ofbabs / @cowlfound (the dressings)- honestly, I couldn’t ask for better Barbs to write and ship with. Your choice of muse is a critical part of mine’s life, and sometimes DC just doesn’t care about that. You are both in my thoughts everyday. And even on the days I try to write and get nothing or little done, they’re spent looking forward to either of you being on the dash and available to play with.

@pcindre (cranberry sauce)- not calling you that cuz you’re bitter, lol. xD sometimes tho, I think people deserve to know what makes you bitter. You’ve been through a lot on this hell site alone, and you’re still here, and in between bouts of ooc posting, your muse is still shining. You have shown your true colors, and they’re as gorgeous as they are fierce. And I love your being an advocate for those who’ve been through your pain before, who’ve felt like their voices haven’t been heard.

@theamazondiana (the dessert ensemble)- You are an in immensely sweet individual with nothing but a shower of compliments to give for a lot of your followers, and I admire that about you. Glad your muse is a practical mother figure to Dick, bc he does kinda need one tbh.

Advice for girls: buy skinny jeans in the boy’s section

They’re more comfortable, still form fitting, and best of all: THE POCKETS. THEY HAVE ACTUAL POCKETS.

don’t believe me? look:

these are boys pants, and they look just as good on me as any other skinny jeans I own

See that phone? I’m going to put it in the pocket. Must be so small right??

Ah yes, girl pants length. Probably can’t fit any further than that-

what? what’s this?

Good god. Oh good lord in heaven. This is blasphemous.

Look at how much room is still there. There’s chaos in the streets. Babies are crying. Fashion designers are screaming out of fear of the unknown.

Buy your pants in the boys section, girls. Live in the beautiful world you deserve where you can fit shit in your pocket.

Do not take, share or search for photos of BTS wherever they are.

Please, let them enjoy this small break they have. Do not let Bon Voyage happen again.

If you see photos - do not share them. If you see the members - do not share their location, take their photo or follow them.

Please. Do not be a part of the reason as to why they feel they always have to stay in their hotel.

If they wanted to share their location with the fan base, they would have. Right now, I do not feel they want this information to be known. Thus, whatever the reasons are, I feel we can respect that.


Kelley’s End of 2017 moodboard… tag yourself 😂

counting stars

art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

until next stream ;)

Guys we need to remember Crystal Kingdom Kravitz like sure he can be a polite gentleman and kind and suave but also he’s a fucking nerd with a work accent who takes SERIOUS PLEASURE in fucking up a bountys day and makes jokes about performance anxiety and gets super sarcastic and spiteful

Like just imagine Taako seeing Krav in action again and his sweet “I love you Taako and everyone should love you” gentleman of a boyfriend has slipped right back into “WOT THE FOCK IS WRONG WITH YOU” And Taako is just so in love

- Cas has said that Dean and him have a more “profound bond” than Sam and Cas do

- Dean is always significantly impacted by Cas dying/leaving/etc, and Sam, although also hurt by it, not NEARLY as much as Dean always is

- Dean and Cas have movie nights, (presumably) without Sam

- Dean wanted to actually die after Cas died, not wanting to live without him

- Cas has an issue with personal space but only with Dean ??

- Eye sex

- Cas never watches Sam while he sleeps, but you bet your ass he watches Dean

- Cas (presumably) usually always makes Dean coffee in the morning

- Dean made Cas a mixtape

- How Dean hates Jack, but suddenly Cas comes back and Dean wants Jack to stay

- “I need you”

- 13x05 NEVER shows Sam’s reaction to seeing Cas again, as if only Dean and Cas are reuniting

- How Dean always welcomes Cas home, because home is where the Dean is

- Dean not believing in anything after Cas’ death

- “I just need a win” *Cas comes back*

- Cas says “I love you.” *Camera cuts to Dean*

But yeah no —‘brotherly love’

I really miss Lena, is she doing okay?

Last time we saw her: 

Edge blamed her for poisoning children.

Everyone believed him and blamed her too, including herself.

Had to step down from her two companies.

She was shot at and she didn’t get physically hurt but someone did, because of her.

Had to stay at Sam’s.

Got drunk and had an emotional meltdown.

Her self-loathing and guilt increased. 

Got pushed to her limits and almost killed someone who deserved it

Got hit in the head, for the third time in less than a year and got put on an plane destined to crash. Let’s remember she’s afraid of flying.

Almost dies again.

And yeah, her last scene was super cute. Her two friends showered her with love for a second…

But after that:

One of her friends became a villain. And the other got her ex back just to get her heart broken again

And we haven’t seen Lena since then…

I just want to know! How is she doing after all of that? What happened after that hellish nightmare? Is she doing okay now? Is she back at Catco and L-Corp? Is she eating well? Is she staying hydrated? Does she know what’s going on with Kara and Sam? Is she sleeping okay? Is she having nightmares? Is she finally seeing a therapist? Is she still homeless? Has someone apologized to her for judging her once again?

It’s been two weeks and we probably won’t see her next week and I just need to know that she’s okay and hear her voice and see her beautiful face in my screen at least just once. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny scene of Lena taking on the phone I just miss her

that part in rntm when harry is carrying two tequila shots through a crowd of people and screams into the void “LOOUUIS??… WHERES MY LOUIS??”…. thats every louie right now

| | > For some reason I keep seeing Hanzo described as ‘slender’ and ‘leanly built’ and I’m just like???? How????

idk about you but he looks like he could snap someone’s neck with one arm. He’s pretty gosh darn buff. Sure he isn’t a body builder but he definitely isn’t built like a sprinter in the 100 yard dash. Hanzo’s built to be repeatedly pulling back a bowstring. 

Guys, you gotta understand how taxing pulling back arrows over and over again actually is. It takes a lot even if the string isn’t incredibly tense, because you are essentially stopping forward momentum with your own strength. Sure someone that isn’t very strong could shoot a few arrows but it’s important to realize that it requires a lot of stamina and endurance. The amount of bodily strength one has determines how taunt you can make the arrow and thus how far you can shoot it. 

Hanzo’s upper body is extremely defined. He’s ripped. He has to be if his primary weapon is going to be a bow. If he was built like a sprinter he’d have thinner in the upper body and more consistently muscular. Hanzo has a strong upper body and a weaker lower body - his legs aren’t as strong as his arms. 

At this rate, Mon-el’s return will probably happen just so he can give Kara her mom’s necklace back. haha

Kara (saying goodbye to Mon-El before he leaves with the Legion once the storyline is over): 
It was really nice seeing you again.

Mon-el: Oh, I almost forgot. (takes necklace out of his pocket) 

Mon-el: Here, you’ll need this back.

Kara: But this was a present.

Mon-el: I know, and I’m thankful. It helped me a lot during that isolation period. But with my understanding of the future, there’s someone you’ll want to give this to in a few years. 

Kara makes a puzzled face.

Lena enters.

Lena to Kara: Are we still on for dinner?

Kara to Lena: Of course!

Cue to Mon-el’s face like he’s in The Office.

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#this just kills me because at this point #bellamy sees himself as completely worthless #and clarke #without hesitation #tells him how much she and the rest of the camp needs him #how they wouldn’t be where they are now without him #she does everything she can to show him he’s not a monster #and then the look he gives her after #omg