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Omg omg pls i need to discuss this with someone expert on sherlock. So im rewatching the series for the second time (im.fairly new to the fandom hehe) and i just noticed janine and sherlock never had sex! Ive always thought they did! And second of all, when she was leaving the hospital room she says "you shouldnt have lied to me, i know what kind of man you are, we could of been friends" what does she mean by what kind of man he is? Is she implying she knows hes gay or something? Pls

Im sorry maybe its all common knowledge for everyone who has been a fan longer but i rly rly need to know

Hi Lovely!

Yes, that is a common belief to “sort of paying attention” watch thrus – that Janine and Sherlock had sex – but that scene at the hospital absolutely proved that they did not. And she is ABSOLUTELY implying that Sherlock is gay – she knows he is; this is implied at the end of TSo3 when she says “whatever you are”. I personally think that they are using each other to get what they need – she to get out of Magnussen’s claws and he needs to get into the tower – so it’s a mutual agreement to “be in a relationship”, and what she says at the hospital is for the benefit of whoever may be watching Sherlock (possibly Mary, since she did return to threaten him). 

This isn’t proven canon, but it’s my best explanation for her. I do think she’s somehow involved in the whole Moriarty business (given that Sherlock has placed her with the Furies in his TAB Dream). I do think that Sherlock genuinely liked her though, since she was nice to him, and wanted to help her get out of Magnussen’s grasp. 

There’s also the theory that she and Mary are working together, one that I also support.

On Quartetto Documentary

It’s been a while since we had a documentary and I wanted to see it even more than the concert. However, it wasn’t anything like I’d hoped for. There was little playful banters and fooling around. It was mostly just the inner workings of the tour. They didn’t really film on the road or backstage, just rehearsals and meetings mostly. While it wasn’t what I wanted, watching Quartetto Documentary one more time made me think about a lot of things. 

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Moonlight Audio Commentary by Barry Jenkins: “Chiron doesn’t make many choices or he doesn’t make obvious choices. […] I wanted there to be a moment where the door is there or if he wanted to he could choose to decide “this is enough, I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel right.” And I feel like in my mind Kevin has gone back into that kitchen and he’s standing there and he wants to give him again, that space to make a choice. Depending the surround sound you have, the world starts to swirl a little bit and his ear gets closer to that door because he could choose to go or he could choose to stay. I feel like he chooses to stay.”

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

I was rewatching “Escape from Beta Traz” and like this fucking scene

Pidge is just like “Lance, you’re gonna need to get a scan of his face” like it’s the easiest thing in the world and if it were any other idk SANE person they would’ve at least been like “wtf pidge have you seen this guy like he’s terrifying and also how the fuck am I gonna scan HIS FACE from this distance hidden away without him fucking noticing me”

But Lance, CLASS CLOWN LANCE, just says “Copy that” and gets down to business




But Lance used his fast leggys and hid himself like wtf I’m so proud of him. He is so smart and good and has amazing reflexes and is a quick thinker and doesn’t hesitate when people need him.

And he is like so relieved that he actually did the thing but doesn’t gloat or bask in his moment he just sends Pidge the face like NO PROBLEM “Face on the way Pidge” THAT WASNT RISKY AT ALL. WHATEVER. ALL IN A DAYS WORK.



This is definitely my favourite moment from episode 12 because both Victor and Yuuri are just so precious in this?

Look at this beautiful boy who declares he’ll win just so Victor could kiss his medal. He just wanted to retire but how could he when Victor says he failed as a coach? He’ll skate one more year and he’ll win this time ok.

But then as much as I love Victor’s ridiculous puppy eyes (same Victor, same) his answer is just so perfect because honestly, Victor’s main goal was to make Yuuri confident in his skills and to help him get the best score and the whole time after Yuuri beats his record he’s so proud and happy and Yuuri saying he wants to stay is everything he wanted to hear and yet he demands more. 

Victor, how long have you been thinking about competing with Yuuri while still coaching him? Because it looks like he already calculated all the risk and despite he doesn’t hesitate for a second? He’s so in love I can’t handle it and I also love how he puts Yuuri’s medal around his neck as if he was stating that it’s still valid but at the same time he says he wants Yuuri to win more times as he deserves.

Victor knows this is ridiculous, he was the only person ever to be able to do something like that and he was much younger when he started and he still totally looks like he thinks Yuuri could do this. Even when he does that super sweet thing with his face when he winks (I can’t find the gif but you know which one lol) it doesn’t look like his just teasing Yuuri he really is able to believe that at that moment even if he knows how it sounds. And then Yuuri doesn’t say it’s stupid or he could never do it, he says “okay”?!

He’s moved to tears because of how much Victor believes in him and how much Victor wants to do for him so they could stay together and so they could compete on the same ice because Yuuri always wanted that and promising Victor he’ll win for him is the least he can do in return?

Like this is the moment where most of their dreams come true and instead of just celebrating they sit there declaring absurd things to each other because they believe so much in the power of their love I’m so done with them, bye.

Inspired by #victuuriweek prompt:
->   Day Seven: Endings
Victor: Promises

Okay I know we always go on about Marvel’s uncanny casting ability. 

But if you thought they were the only ones, let me draw your attention to this man:

Viggo Mortensen, aka Aragorn son of Arathorn, aka Sexiest Ranger in Middle Earth

  • would hike, often for more than a day, to remote filming locations, in costume, for the sake of authenticity
  • was the best swordsman Bob Anderson (swordsmaster/instructor for LotR, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc) says he has ever trained
  • occasionally writes poetry (more book!canon than film!canon but um hello)
  • does all his own stunts
  • lived all over and speaks about 23940209384 languages
  • you know that scene at the end of Fellowship when he’s fighting the Uruk-hai? And one throws a dagger at him and he hits it away with his sword? Yeah, the guy who threw it was supposed to miss, but accidentally threw it directly at Viggo. Who just casually Aragorned and hit it away. 

They actually cast Aragorn to play Aragorn


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”

Friendly reminder that Dirk Gently was confronted by a gun-wielding villain in a bathroom and his immediate response to “YOU?” was essentially “HELLO FRIEND YES IT IS INDEED ME” before throwing a handful of business cards and stealing a dog.

As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!


You know what keeps killing me?

Growing up watching Aaron, who he used to be and how difficult his life has been, it was difficult to think he’d want or enjoy being a husband and being married. He was always so dismissive of the idea and obviously we all knew why - his internalised homophobia, his lack of belief in love, the hurt he’d experienced before, seeing his family being terrible at love…

But when he found Robert, it was like that was it. Robert was his person despite all the crap they did to each other. He realised he could fall in love and pretty quickly too but I still didn’t really think he’d ever want to be someone’s husband

Then watching them properly and reasonably stably fall in love and gradually develop into sharing this insane connection and love for each other, making them both better people and so much happier than we’ve ever seen them… well, that changed him and I couldn’t believe that HE clearly was thinking about marriage before Robert!

Then we had the engagement and I still sometimes thought it’d be weird seeing Aaron Dingle as a husband until we started to see him talk about he wedding and his excitement over Vegas. He was clearly keen - they both were - but there was this part of him you could start to see that needed that clarity and commitment.

Then this week happened. At no point did Aaron saying the word “husband” feel weird and it was because the enormous smile is caused every single time, even today during what is possibly one of the hardest days of his life. You can see he cherishes that commitment and the promise they have with each other. It obviously brings him a lot of comfort and happiness and that’s why it hurts so badly.

Aaron never ever felt like someone who would wish for a husband or be into all of that but you can see how much of his actual desires he buried all these years. It took meeting the person he found that connection with to turn it all into something so significant, so comforting and so important to him that the mere presence of his wedding ring and the word ‘husband’ calms him and makes him so happy.

That’s why this all hurts so much because never has Aaron ever EVER seemed more settled and comfortable and at ease with himself.


What’s your name?
Darren, do you by any chance play football?


I just finished rewatching ATLA and absolutely needed to doodle some stuff but my pen pressure died BUT that didn’t stop me! drawing with no pen pressure is absolute hell tho..

Coran and Altean age theory under the cut

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TD12 is glowing.

Yup. I don’t know whether this has been discussed already (I know the link between drugs and the glowing skull has already been found, but I’ve got no idea whether the following has been used as evidence for TD12), but just like the painting of the skull in Sherlock’s living room, TD12 is (unnecessarily!) lit by lamps and thus gives the impression that it’s glowing. 

Why? To give us a clue that Sherlock’s been given TD12 as well? It would explain why we see Culverton Smith in Sherlock’s living room for a mere second in TLD: 

Today I rewatched TST and TLD and I’ve found some other things that I really want to write down (even if it doesn’t make any sense. I just need to delete some information from my mind palace ;-)). But for now: goodnight, I really need to go to bed now ^^

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