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What If I Kissed You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Y/L/N, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Brianna Buckmaster  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: A few adultish thoughts, Drunkish!Jensen, tipsy!reader, not much. Mostly fluff.      

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: So I have been writing a lot of angst lately for my series and for and for angst day (yep I am gonna make y’all cry that day). So I kinda needed a change of pace. When I heard Temecula Road’s What if I Kissed You this one shot popped into my mind.

Thanks a billion to the bestest little sister in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me

Note hate against Danneel - I love her. For the purpose of this fic Jensen is single. 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Being around Y/N on set was bad enough, but tonight it was down right impossible for Jensen to focus on anything else but her. It was a beautiful night in Rome. All his friends, well work friends, were there. Misha and Jared were laughing and talking about something right next to him, but Jensen didn’t pay attention to them at all.

His eyes were solely fixated on Y/N and the way she was laughing and dancing with Brianna. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the music over the sound of her bell like laughter ringing in his ears. He was drunk and not only on the “apple juice”  he had been drinking all day, but on her. She filled his senses and Jensen allowed his mind to wander as he watched how the short summer dress she was wearing clung to her curves in all the right places. Her tanned skin was almost shining in the lights of the club and her hair was swaying with her every movement. She looked happy and free.

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In a heartbeat headcanons

(GUYS WE HAVE REACHED 200 FOLLOWERS WOOP!!! Love all of you thank-you so so much! I will write what we are doing in celebration in another post, but since it is a little special occasion (it is a special occasion now!!) I am gonna write down stuff for “in a heartbeat” a short film that you have probably heard of and is so cute in so many ways oh my gosh. Me and Kae love it to death so here are some headcanons!! And later on might write a little one-shot thing. They are actually around my age so this should be really easy and fun to write for!!! Enjoy)

-Since they are around 13-14 I am gonna keep them in character for that in particular. (Should be easy as I relate a lot)
-I am going to say one thing an done thing only that will make your heart melt.
-picnic dates Yo.
-Doesn’t even have to be with a picnic basket or anything just eating food together on the grass and blushing and laughing together.
-Jonathon also blushing quite a bit to Sherwin’s surprise.
-But both are still young, and are experiencing new things, so of course they are both nervous.
-However now it is a more comfortable sweet nervous then before, it is more exciting and interesting.
-soft relationship my dude.
-You bet on the like, third picnic Jonathon asked if he could ruffle or play with Sherwin’s hair.
-Sherwin was kinda surprised….but happy.
-The feeling of someone playing with your hair is so nice though.
-And he Sherwin is content as ever.
-(Jonathon is so surprised because it is so curly and so soft!!!!)
-Both blushing more than ever.
-But sweet.
-They are both still trying to discover who they are, after all age and stuff, emotions are getting more complicated and a larger understanding of the world around them makes them unsure.
-I believe they are supportive of each other though.
-They let each other vent, relax and they try to help as best as they can.
-They care so much about each other, as the longer they date, the more they love about eachother.
-I can see Sherwin stressing a lot over school work or family issues.
-And Jonathon is right there for him, ready to help.
-While it is an innocent, sweet relationship, and they are young, it doesn’t mean that it cannot mean a lot and be comforting to both sides.
-Of course it is not going to be as mature as adult ones, however they can still care and help each other.
-after all, like it was mentioned earlier, during this time of your life you are trying to figure out who you are and where you belong.
-Things start becoming more real in terms of judgement, so to have someone to talk to an help you through this is a beautiful do important thing.
-Now back to the headcanons…
-Kisses on the cheek are kinda frequent.
-They are short and cute and sweet.
-Everything is quite slow in the relationship which is quite good for them.
-I mean by this is that they don’t jump straight in, they hesitate and take things step by step.
-I don’t think they would be big on pda at the start at all.
-However after a bit of time (and when classmates may mature a bit….hopefully) just kisses on the cheek, hugging a bunch, etc.
-OK can I just say.
-One running joke with the whole floor is lava thing is that Sherwin knows the exact right times to say to make it the most inconvenient.
-One time he said it in a park and Jonathon just scrambles up a tree as Sherwin quietly laughs.
-I feel like Sherwin would need quite a lot of validation to know that Jonathon really does care about him.
-And Jonathon notices this, and always make sure that Sherwin knows that hey, he does care for him and is there for him (apparently I am now Dr Seuss)
-Everything is going to be ok.
-On terms on Jonathon and his struggles I think eh may overwork himself.
-Which is when Sherwin tells him that it is ok to have a break.
-(followed by a mall date)
-(treat Yo'self)
-They grow really comfortable around each other and it is so cute.
-Sherwin discovering that Jonathon is kind of a giant nerd and just is really passionate of so many things.
-Jonathon realising that while Sherwin can basically learn any song by hearing to it once.
-(It is like a damn talent he swears…)
-Sitting under and on the tree in the film a bunch.
-Like just imagine them sitting on it together, calm as ever.
-Jonathon nearly falls asleep one time and Sherwin has to wake him up like.
-Pls don’t sleep you are on a tree you will die
-Them both getting extremely flustered yet loving it when the other kisses them.
-They kinda get used to it but it is still new to them so I mean…
-They are one of those couples that do the hand rubbing thing.
-you know where they hold hands and one of them rubs the back of the other person’s hand with their thumb.
-They are the definition of that.
-When birthdays come around they both give the sweetest gifts it is uncanny.
-Jonathon gives a bunch of homemade stuff like cookies and little crafts and stuff.
-Sherwin in amazing at remembering little details of conversations so everytime Jonathon said that he liked or wanted something absentmindedly…
-Sherwin remembers and gets every last thing.
-Both such sweethearts.
-By the way, piggy backs are a thing with them.
-So sweet and so much fun!!
-also laying one’s head on the others stomach is another thing with them.
-napping together is a thing with them.
-It is just so calming, and they love each other so much.
-They take the cutest pictures.
-I think that they might both be interested in photography and it is something they love talking about to each other.
-Oh, also to end on a light note one time in winter Jonathon lent Sherwin his jumper as Sherwin was cold.
-(to be fair Jonathon was also cold but he wanted to help his boyfriend so…)
-Sherwin was bright red and just melted in it…
-So soft!!!
-Smell so nice!!!
-Jonathon didn’t get the Jumper back for quite a while after that….

(To anyone who has not seen in a heartbeat, seriously I definitely recommend watching it!!! It is such a beautiful short film that is so sweet and emotional, that shows what it is like to have a first crush in this world we live in. It is beautiful and is only four minutes!!! Seriously please watch it, you will not regret it!)


I Knew I Would See You Again (”Why Now?” Part 2) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Part 1 | Part 3


Hello again, I noticed that you liked my first imagine „Why Now?” and I decided to do a part two of it! Some people also asked me to. I am very happy that you liked part one, you guys amazed me! I really didn’t expect that, thank you for reading it! If you didn’t read „Why Now?” and just came across this imagine, please click above on Part 1 to read, although you will not understand anything. I also made a special page where I will post all of my Imagines. It’s down here:




About this part I still don’t have any warnings to do because it’s too innocent, haha. I don’t own any of the TV series’s rights and the persons I’m mentioning here aren’t like that in the real life. This is just a story made up by me, meaning that the descriptions of the characters that I’m writing about are based on how the Riverdale’s cast is portraying them. It’s a work of fiction. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: You stayed in Houston for a year. During all this time, you’ve managed to get in touch with your friends who have made you aware of everything that has happened in Riverdale so far. Even so, you missed them a lot and as soon as summer came, you informed your parents that you are going back to your hometown to celebrate your  18th birthday. You are about to find things that will make you regret you have not been with your friends, but most importantly, you will see him again.

You didn’t even feel how time had passed. It’s been a year, a whole year since you left Riverdale for a fresh start and for a better life. It wasn’t like that for you, you had no idea how you got through it. You only wanted the things to be good between you and your parents, but you couldn’t lie to yourself. You’ve suffered and if you’re gonna remember the day you left … The way things went off, you would probably feel sorry. You were absolutely convinced that you weren’t going to disappoint Veronica, Archie, Betty … Jughead, they knew that too. Every one of them kept their word: Archie called you every single day, you would talk to him for hours and he would finally sing something short just to cheer you up. You wouldn’t forget to ask him if Jughead was alright and he would say that he would never lie to you about anything. Archie and Jughead were best friends, you knew he would never abandon Jughead. You and Veronica would facetime everytime you were free. You always told her that Houston is a nice place and that you feel very good here, but you wouldn’t be convincing. It wasn’t the fact that you hated that place, it was just the fact that you knew anyone around here. You were the new girl, the new neighbor … It was tiring for you. Eventually Veronica would make you laugh even if you couldn’t even smile and you would almost fall asleep while talking to her. The blonde one – Betty, was the most worried about you.  She would ask you thousands of times if you are okay and send you a lot of pictures with her and the others so you can watch them whenever the longing became too intense. They made you forget, somehow. For a while, it wasn’t enough.

Then, everything started to get easier. You were accommodating with your new school’s schedule, studying most of the time and getting ready for exams. Sometimes you would think of how you used to eat lunch with Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead outside and how anyone could make you feel as they did. There was no fun. There weren’t delicious chocolate milkshakes as the ones at Pop’s were. There was no one named Jughead who would wear his crown-shaped beanie even if he was inside of a house. It was incredibly hard for you not to think about him all this time. You remembered how you cried the first night away from Riverdale and how lonely you felt. Jughead called you that night, you could barely talk. He tried to calm you down, but it wasn’t possible. You simply left him alone after he confessed he liked you. After he tried to show his true feelings towards you. You always knew how odd he felt doing it, and you could imagine how hard it was for him. And you did what? You were miles away. You would have understood him if he was mad at you, though he said he wasn’t. You almost wanted him too. What if everytime you hung up the phone, he will not talk to anyone else for a long time? What if he wasn’t himself anymore? What if he was stuck? You’re still asking this and you are afraid of a real answer. You felt him so close to you than he have ever been before and you couldn’t show him the same feelings. Sometimes you would want to feel his body pressed to yours, to cuddle him because you never had the chance to do that. Your mother was the first one to fiind out how it was with this Jughead guy, you didn’t need to explain anything to her. She saw you being affected and tried to make you feel better. You didn’t let her. Neither your dad. It was their fault. It took you long enough to get used to the idea, still, you haven’t looked for any other boy’s affection.

When summer came, you knew you had a chance. You talked with Veronica in time, telling her you plan to come back to Riverdale for your birthday. She almost started to scream from happiness when you told her that, but you mentioned her not to tell Archie, Betty or Jughead about that. You wanted to be a surprise. She told you you’d spend the night at her when you got there and assured you she’d keep her mouth shut. Both of you were so excited. You couldn’t help but think about everyone’s faces when they’ll see you. You couldn’t wait to see them too, it was like you were already feeling their giant tight hug against your body. You asked your parents to let you go back, you could not forget this important detail. They couldn’t believe it when they heard you. Your father was red from anger. „No way!” they both would tell you. Of course you couldn’t accept that, so you continued to beg for their approval. They did not want you to leave because they wanted you to be with them on your birthday, not in that town. They seemed so disgusted, as if they had not lived there once. You did everything in your power until you were able to convince them. You promised a short term, after which you would come back home. You needed your friends and some more familiar surroundings for a while. They understood it hard, but you were glad that they did. You were excited to see even Cheryl who was never incredibly excited about your presence. You heard a lot of shocking news about her brother’s death and you wanted to find out more. Veronica didn’t give you too many details, she wanted to play with you. You wanted Cheryl and her family to be okay after all the rumblings they’ve been through since the tragedy.

So the days have passed quite fast with you trying to fullfill your time as much as possible so you wouldn’t need to wait that long. You suddenly saw yourself with all the luggage done, almost as if you wanted to live faster than you should’ve. Jughead noticed how changed you were every time he called you and you felt him quite surprised. He got used to make you feel better, and to smile sweetly and cheeky everytime you two would facetime. It was funny to lie him ’cause it wasn’t anything serious, you couldn’t wait to meet his mesmerizing green eyes again.

This time you’ll tell him too. You’ll tell him everything.


You couldn’t stand the place. The taxi driver seemed to drive too slow for your patience. The night was still young. You were so close to your hometown again, you couldn’t believe it. You thought it was a dream, wanting someone to pinch you.  You blinked many times, looking out the window and admiring the landscape. You missed the strange appearance of Riverdale because you still were used to it. You’d have preferred this silence than all that noise in Houston.  Before you leave home, your mom and dad have warned you: you were not allowed to break your promise. You asked them to come with you so that you will be together on your birthday, it wouldn’t bother you. But your father had his job and wouldn’t let just your mother to come with you. You kinda felt that once you’ll see your friends, you couldn’t leave anymore. But nobody had to know that yet.

You took your phone out of your pocket and checked to see if Veronica texted you. Until now she constantly did that, she couldn’t wait to see you, God. You wondered if she was still the same as you knew her. You wondered if her family was okay, you wanted to know if her love life was up and you wished she didn’t suffer because of your departure. You felt like you couldn’t resist much more, it’s been so long

You asked the taxi driver to leave you a little farther from Veronica’s house because you didn’t wanted her to see you or wait for you. You just walked a little, and you never imagined it could be so hard with all the luggage and emotions that were not going to leave you too soon. You immediately recognized the huge building and increased your peace. A little more.

A man opened the door for you when he saw you wearing so much weight. You mumbled a „thank you” and then entered, leading directly to Veronica’s apartment. Standing in front of the door you felt your knees weak. You took a deep breath and the knocked at the door.

Almost immediately you heard Veronica’s voice from the inside:

„Y/N should be there in a few moments.” You couldn’t help but smile when you heard the sound of the door opening.

After that, you just felt like your strength was gone.

A tall girl dressed in a red top and some skinny black jeans looked at you from head to toe. Her dark hair was left free and hang just above her shoulders, as you were used with her wearing it like that. You whined and you covered you mouth with your hand, slipping the suitcasses on the floor.

„Oh my God.” You heard Veronica exhaling. It could’ve happen literally everything in this moment and you would notice nothing but one of your dearest friends who was looking at you extremly shocked. „Oh my God!” You heard her again. „Y/N!” She wrapped her hands around your neck and squealed. You felt like your heartbeats stopped.

„Hello to you too, Veronica” You tried to say even if you felt like she was strangling you.

„Jessus Christ, are you kidding me, Y/N?! Why didn’t you tell me that- …”

„I guess I wanted to surprise you?” She faced you when she heard your voice. Her eyes were full of life. It practically screamed: „This is the real home you need!

„Hell, I missed you so much!” She yelled, hugging you again. You started to laugh, but you were too excited, so it came out more like a trembling moan. You weren’t allowed to cry.

„I missed you too!” You stroked her back until you heard her mother’s voice from inside the apartment. The door was wide open. „Wha-What have you been doing lately?” You swallowed a lump in your throat trying to stay still on you own two feets.

She tried to answer you but Hermione interrupted her from behind.

„Veronica hun’, what was that- …” She stopped when she saw you. „Wait, is this …” Veronica turned her head to her, nodding quickly.

„It’s Y/N mom! Look at her!”

Hermione smiled warmly.

„What are you doing here, dear? It’s so unexpected, I can’t believe you’re back.”

„I needed to come back here. You have no idea how hard it was for me in the last months …” Veronica held her arm on your upper back. Now you only needed a few minutes. Your friend had to tell you everything that happened while you were away.

„Come in. Don’t stay there, we have pretentious neighbours.” Hermione said. You missed the way she treated you, sometimes she would have been better than your own mother. You entered the luxurious apartment, looking around. Nothing was changed. You’ve noticed all the things in their place, the couch on which you and Veronica used to fall asleep while watching movies, the glass coffee table, the plants … Too familiar.

The two women helped you to carry your luggage and immediately afterwards you sat down on the couch. You felt that Veronica and Hermione were fighting about who will be the one to ask you the first question. There had been nothing special in the city where you stayed, nothing to tell about.

„Everyone will freak out when they’ll see you. Tell me, how is it? How’s Houston?” Veronica asked, coming closer to you.

„Horrendous without you guys. I’m so glad I made my parents let me come.” You sighed.

„Ronnie told me about this. How did they agree?” Veronica’s mother asked.

„I think it was a miracle. I begged them like a dog.” You joked. „Only once I can reach my eighteens. If they did not want to accompany me I had nothing to do.”

„Don’t think about it, you’re here now. That’s what matters the most.” Mumbled Veronica. Her mother was agreeing. ”We really missed you, Y/N, all of us.” You knew it and couldn’t think about anything else. Your heart was empty without them, you imagined that this place was empty too without you all. After all, your group was the soul of Riverdale.

You turned your head to the dark-haired girl.

„I need to know everything. What happened here?” Although you were worried about the answers you were going to receive, nothing will be the same if you didn’t fiind out. You saw Hermione standing up and telling you she will leave you two alone so you can talk. Curious, you looked straight into your friend’s eyes. She started with the beginning. You found out that just a few months after you moved away, Jughead’s father was the main suspect in Jason Blossom’s death. When Jughead had told you about him he believed he couldn’t be guilty of anything. He trusted his father after all, because if he wouldn’t, he would have no one to support him. Veronica’s words scared you because yeah, mr. Jones seemed dangerous but he wasn’t a killer. Plus, when Jason was shot, Jughead’s father worked with Fred Andrews. So it couldn’t be true.

Then, Ronnie started to tell you about the relationship between Jughead and his dad which began to tense when the police was after him. They fought often and Jughead slept for a few days inside the school because he didn’t want to bother Archie anymore. He was destroyed during that time, Archie hardly persuaded him to come back. You imagined a scared, teary Jughead who walked alone on the same streets he was once walking you home on. Your heart skipped a beat.

„Please tell me you took care of him.” You said slowly. Veronica nodded.

„Betty was there for him.” As soon as you heard that sentence, your eyebrows furrowed. You felt shivers on your back. Although you knew that wasn’t her intention, you felt Veronica blaming you, somehow. She didn’t say that it was your fault, it was just the fact that Betty comforted the boy you left behind instead of you. And you weren’t jelous or something, it just … Didn’t feel right. The brunette looked at you cautiously before continuing. Maybe you weren’t prepared to hear her next words. Jughead and Betty were together at some point. You just blinked. Betty was the person who managed to be by his side when you couldn’t.

But you were okay with that.

„It didn’t last long. They broke up after two months.” Continued Veronica. „He thought he could see her the way he saw you.”

„How do you - …” How did Veronica know about Jughead’s feelings towards you? He would not tell anyone, he waited until the last moment to tell you.

„He told us but Archie figured out first.” You remembered the way they would tease you about how you and Jughead were acting in each other’s company. You would’ve smiled if you weren’t worried. „’You alright?” Ronnie asked you.

„I think so. It’s nothing.” You said. As long as you were concerned, things got a bit out of control, you understood that when you realized it was still not sure who Jason’s killer was. Even without you, your friends were trying to find out. Someone was lying and the Blossom family didn’t know what to do.

„I mean, how, Veronica? It’s been a year!” You exclaimed trying to find an appropriate answer in your head.

„It’s complicated. Everyone tell us that.”

Everything was complicated. When you wanted to come back, you were expecting that. You felt that overwhelming sensation again. The negative energy ruled every corner of your body but you welcomed it back with pleasure. If your mom and dad would fiind out what you have found out tonight, they would probably be here within an hour to take you back to Houston. Were you happy feeling so uncertain?

„Tomorrow’s the day. Betty, Archie and Jughead need to know you are back.” After a few minutes when the atmosphere was quiet, your friend’s voice was heard. You did not have the strength to retaliate after all you just heard. Your birthday was in two days and you still had things to do. You were supposed to get ready for seeing him again.

That night, after you talked a bit with Hermione too, you slept with Veronica in her king-size bed. The Blossom’s red hair appeared in front of your eyes everytime you closed them. You almost felt everything Jughead felt when he was alone, barely able to fall asleep.

„Don’t worry, Y/N. You have to feel good. Don’t ruin your time here.” Veronica also told you.

„I’m fine. I know it’ll be fine.”

The next morning Veronica woke you up early so you could dress. She had spoken with Archie and he had invited her to take breakfast at his place. You felt tired but it couldn’t compare to the butterflies you felt in your stomach knowing what yo were about to do. Jughead’s face popped up inside your head. You couldn’t wait to open your arms and let him hug you. Or you would be the one to hug him? It didn’t really matter as long as you were about to feel him that close again. 

„C’mon.” Veronica said, opening the door for you. You said goodbye to Hermione, the you stepped out of the apartment, following your friend. 

„I am so nervous.” You said, as the road shortened and you were getting closer to Archie’s home.

„Well, I’m excited.” Ronnie clapped. You tried to calm down your emotions but it wasn’t possible. You imagined Jughead and Archie, you imaged how Archie’s house looked like and before you knew it, Veronica tried to make sure if she could knock on the door or just enter the house without any announcement.

„Breathe.” She whispered to you once you two stepped in. Before you could say something more, she screamed. „Archie, I’m here!” You tried to stop her but you couldn’t. Then, you heard footsteps approaching. 

„You’re right in time.” Your redhead’s voice was thicker than usual. „The pancakes are- …” But when he saw you, it seemed like his voice vanished.”Y/N?!” You tried to smile as innocently as you could.

„Surprise!” His mouth was already wide open. He slowly approached you as if he was afraid you would disappear.

„No freaking way.” You heard him say. You felt his strong arms wrapped around your waist immediately. You tried to look at Veronica and meeting her gaze, you saw her mouthing an „I told you.” 

„Oh my God, Archie.” You murmured. You felt he was beyond surprised. 

„Are you real? I thought you would never come back …”

„I’m here. One hundred percent real.” You assured him, patting his back. „It’s my birthday tomorrow. I wanted to be here.” He looked at you and for a second, you really thought he was about to start crying. You couldn’t imagine a crying Archie, instead, you wanted to cry so bad. „I miss- …” You tried to speak but he suddenly grabbed your hand. You got through the hallway to the kitchen where you smelled the old delicious pancakes with maple syrup. Then, as if it was a dream, you saw one well-known figure.

You started shaking. Your chest was tightening.

„Hey, Jug?” Archie called him. He turned his head to him but he didn’t notice you at first. Just a minute later, he froze.

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

„Jughead.” You breathed. If Archie and Veronica would not watch you now, you probably would have gone to him and attacked his lips in a well-deserved kiss. You were as speechless as he was.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, you saw him approaching you. He looked you deep in the eyes and touched your cheeks with his palms. His eyes were watery. No. Please Don’t.

„Y/N?” Your name fell out of his mouth as a weak whisper. He was still wearing his beanie, but this time it was a different color. You hugged him tightly and you whined in his chest.

„I’m sorry.” You told him. You still felt extremely guilty. You didn’t want to hurt him anymore. You wanted to feel him happy. As happy as he was never before.

„Don’t say that. It wasn’t your choice.”

You leaned your forehead to his. 

„Guys?” You almost forgot about the boy and the girl who were awkwardly standing behind you. Archie talked first.

„I’ll call Betty.”

Jughead stepped back and looked at you in owe. You wished he would’ve kiss you without shame. You couldn’t say that loud.

Exactly like that, you enjoyed the presence of your old friends all day long. It honestly felt like it wasn’t real. After so long, you were seeing them again. And when Betty arrived and saw you standing there, you couldn’t handle it anymore and started to cry while you hugged her. They grew up too. You even noticed a small scratch on Jughead’s cheek, and when you asked him about it, he told you that Archie had mistakenly hit him with the joystick in the face when he lost a round at his favorite video game.

„You, silly.” You said, giggling.

Everythig was perfect. You didn’t even dare to ask about Cheryl and her family because you didn’t want to ruin anything. Your friends were incredibly enthusiastic about your returning because they wanted you to have the best birthday ever. Jughead held your hand whenever he had the chance and he didn’t even care if the others were watching you, not even Betty. You felt sorry for her because it was, after all, her ex-boyfriend. She wasn’t bothered at all, she was happy that you were around. You didn’t feel how time passed and before you knew it, looking out the window, it was already dark outside. Until now you’ve been around and at Pop’s with your friends, then you stood in front of the highschool and talked about every possible thing. You also visited Archie’s dad, who was surprised to see you; he was in the middle of a phone call and started balding when he saw you. You wanted to laugh but you didn’t, though.

Right now you and Jughead were on your way to his dad’s trailer. You needed some time alone with him, and around Archie, Betty and Veronica you could not get your plan done. Your hands were intertwined, you felt something strange in your stomach.

„This day was simply amazing. Thank you for welcoming me back this way.” You said.

„Stop thanking us, Y/N. Everyone’s glad that you’re back.” You felt Jughead’s big thumb brushing over your palm. „Will you leave again?” He then asked, in a low tone. 

„I have to.” You answered. You wouldn’t want to leave but you couldn’t stay. Your parents would lock you in your room forever.

You two enjoyed the silence until you arrived and noticed that Jughead’s father didn’t seem to be around. You stood outside. It was hot and the wind was blowing slowly. You leaned your back against the trailer and looked up to the sky.

„Jughead?” He looked at you while his arms were crossed to his chest. „Are you okay?”

„I am.” He nodded. But you didn’t mean that.

„No, are you okay?” You became serious bitting the inside of your cheek. You watched him coming near you. He sighed.

„Yes, Y/N. I am.” You wanted him to tell you how horrible he felt without you, you wanted him to blame you and you wanted him to be angry at you. He wasn’t. He was just enjoying your company. You were an awful person, you knew that.

„I heard about you and Betty.” You spoke out of blue. In a few seconds, he turned his head towards you. 

„Does that bother you? Because- …”

„Jughead relax. It’s okay, I’m okay with that. Don’t worry.”


„You know …” He started. „I never stopped thinking of you. Like it only felt right when I was with you.” You felt your throat dry. Your lower lip was already between your teeth and something was devouring you on the inside. You turned your head to him and caught his sad expression. You opened your mouth but no words came out. Before you could figure it out, the space between you and the Jughead began to shrink. In the next moment, it happened. 

His lips stuck to yours as if they were simply meant to be there. Something exploded inside of you. You whimpered instinctively driving your hand to his cheek. Your body pressed more against the trailer behind you while you two kissed deeply and truly. It wasn’t a tongue kiss, it could’ve been just as passionate. You slowly raised your hands up to the end of his beanie and squeezed the little dark hair which was stuck out. You felt him trembeling in the kiss and you knew it was too much for him. But he wouldn’t stop, for you. He pressed his chest to yours and you felt his heart beating. You melted, then and there.

You didn’t know you had your eyes closed until you opened them to look at him while he slowly interrupted the beautiful kiss. He licked his lips, shy and you smiled.

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„You have no idea how good is to know that my father isn’t here now.” He murmured, looking at you with such loving eyes. You didn’t expect him to be like that. 

How amazing he was.

„I like you too, Jug.” You whispered, somehow scared that he would just shut you off.

I knew I would see you again.” He answered, smiling softly. „I don’t want you to leave again, Y/N.” He confessed, staring at the wet ground. 

„I don’t want that either.” When you thought about that, you made yourself sad. You didn’t want to be sad at this moment, you just had the most beautiful kiss in your life. The first kiss that really felt that real. Jughead was always real, he was here all this time, he still was. How unbelievable it was, it was true.

„I think it’s midnight.” You felt his hand reaching to yours again. 

„Maybe …” You said feeling empty. 

Happy birthday, Y/N.” Your smile though it was not as big as it should’ve been, it was there. You wanted to push everything away, every bad thought, every cry for help … You just wanted him. You felt your head being turned to him again, this time for him to kiss you for the second time. He hugged your frame with so much care that you could’ve even break into his arms as well, because he would have stick together all your pieces, all of your parts. It was hard to attach by someone when you knew very well that you both get hurt in the end.

But what if this wasn’t your end?  

It’s here! This is the last part of „Why Now?” imagine. I really hope you’ll like it, I already like to write stuff like this for you. What do you think about it? ’Hope it’s not too sad or something, usually I can handle to write sad stuff, I like it. Thank you so much for your reblogs and hearts, it really means a lot to me! And if you ever want to talk don’t hesitate to give me a message. Or ask me a question. Both are okay. Thank you for reading!

Cuddling with Jisung
  • ok, this request sounds like heaven to me
  • also, it’s been so long since my last masterposts??? wth¿??
  • but anyways, let’s start this right away ok
  • i still have some requests to do and i’m sO TIRED
  • you and jisung have been on friendship since he started to be part of the smrookies tbh
  • baby jeno was who introduce both of you
  • you can’t help but smile everytime you remember how tiny and innocent he was
  • now he’s like 20 cm taller than me and i’m oLDER THAN HIM THAT’S NOT FAIR
  • anyways, he had crush on you since the begining
  • woah ok
  • and let’s be honest, any of the members will be able to keep jisung’s secret of his crush on you for like almost three years
  • so ofc they told you and you knew about his feelings
  • but that wouldn’t stop you from being like bffs with him
  • and tbh, you didn’t confess either
  • so ofc having skinship was really common between you and jisung
  • and this of cuddling wasn’t something new either
  • everytime you felt scared or sad he would always hug you and caress your hair sweetly
  • he would also whisper really silly and cute things in your ear to calm you down
  • i’m soft already what the fuck
  • and you would do the same thing for him when he needs comfort
  • holding his big ass hands and caressing his cheeks while you tell him funny stories to make him laugh
  • and everytime you do this his little heart melts because of how caring nd attentive you are and he just really likes you
  • his heart beats super fast and just makes him want to give you kisses all over your pretty face
  • and ur internally like yes plz i’m begging you
  • going to the story,
  • both of you were on the dorms alone that night
  • you already had dinner together and washed up
  • y’all were even wearing the cute matching pajamas that he got you for your birthday and omg how cute is that
  • you guys were just chilling and watching one of those really shitty movies that you just randomly found on tv u know
  • and it was boring as fuck
  • not a problem tho bc of y’all are pure childs that always go to sleep super early ^^
  • i can’t relate
  • so both of you would be yawning like two lil babies every two seconds 
  • and eventually both of you fell asleep together aw
  • and let me tell you that jisung LOVES to sleep with you
  • you always get so cuddly and you’re constantly hugging his arm or waist
  • and you’re just so adorable, he can’t help but smile like and idiot as he looks at your sleepy face
  • “you’re so pretty y/n”
  • “one of this days i’ll be brave enough to tell you about my feelings, i promise”
  • “i’m so in love with you”
  • he would whisper all his confessions to your sleepy mind as he caress softly your hair and skin
  • you’re just so beautiful
  • he would placed his arms around your waist and hold you close to his body
  • and that cute smile and the blush on his cheeks wouldn’t dissapear until he finally falls asleep
  • and the next morning he would wake up with sound of your voice
  • …and yuta’s
  • “so you’re telling me that you had a crush on jisung for more than a year now aND EVEN KNOWING THAT HE LIKES YOU BACK YOU’RE NOT GOING TO CONFESS?!”
  • “if you are not confessing to him today i’m going to send the dreamies the pictures of the both of you cuddling”
  • “eXCuSE mE? nononononoonnonono hyung no”
  • “morning jisung”
  • the poor child was so confused lmao
  • but even if it was 6 am in the morning and was half asleep he knew that donghyuck doesn’t have to see those pictures never in his lifetime
  • “i’ll leave that to y/n, good luck”
  • but at the same time it would be his wallpaper for like a whole year lmao
  • “they’re going to tease you the rest of the year with this, y/n”
  • “yeah, i know, but it’s true tho”
  • “what?”
  • “that i like you and i should have told you about it”
  • but he would smile widely at you and then hug you
  • “it’s fine but, we lost a lot of time already so..w-would you be my girlfriend y/n?”
  • ok, and the end bc i need a nap asap
  • when i finish with my exams i’ll post more stuff i promise
Boyfriend Hansol
  • yes my busan prince has a request ( finally omg )
  • big shoutout to the anon who requested this ,
  • and also for @anoukpower for requesting too !!
  • sm better debut him soon he deserves more
  • im weak for him too so this might get really fluffy idek
  • and also this marks the very last post of the boyfriend! series i had alot of fun writing for all the 17 boys ( i cant believe i actually did all of that too ) but there are still many more scenarios and au’s to come so feel free to request ~
  • okay let’s go

  • so you have been friends with yuta since like forever

  • his friends are your friends and vice versa with him
  • so it wasn’t much a surprise when yuta suddenly introduced you to hansol one day
  • but something about him was just different but you couldn’t seem to find out what it was
  • back to hansol ,
  • when he first greeted you he said it in a monotone without much expression
  • “nice to meet you , yuta’s friend . i’m Hansol ”
  • “ haha nice to meet you , Y/N here ”
  • /gives a small smile and says nothing else/
  • then he acts as if nothing happened and goes back to listening to the conversation
  • and throughout the whole time he doesnt even glance at you
  • he hardly smiled too
  • you highkey thought he actually disliked you and you also scolded yuta for forcing him to join since he didn’t look too happy
  • little did you know he was just shy and wanted to seem like a tough man infront of you
  • and he’s an awkward little bean so he didn’t know what else to say
  • and he was the one who begged yuta to introduced you to him
  • “ yuta-ah , hyung needs help ”
  • “ what is it ? ”
  • “ your best friend … she’s really pretty ”
  • “ are you interested in her ? ”
  • “ …. ”
  • “ what do you want me to do ? ”
  • “ introduce her maybe .. ? ”
  • “ hm … not until you treat me to a meal ”
  • and just like that , for the sake of getting to know you hansol burnt a hole in his wallet because yuta just had to pick a 5 star high class restaurant which caused 50$ a dish
  • yuta you asshole
  • soon enough he began hanging out with the both of you more ,
  • and you’d slowly notice him looking at you from time to time ,
  • and how he’d blush a little when you got too near
  • one day you fell ill and yuta was busy so he couldn’t rush over to attend to you just in time
  • and once hansol heard about it he rushed over to your house within like 0.2983293secs
  • he wrapped you up in thick blankets
  • and offered to cook for you
  • and he attended to all your needs despite being tired
  • soon after he fell asleep beside your bed with his head in his arms
  • and you couldn’t help but take in every detail of his features
  • you were utterly touched and stunned by his caring side
  • which he hardly ever showed to others
  • after this incident the both of you grew closer
  • and yuta being himself , he teases the both of you a lot
  • “ wow Y/N , 8 years of friendship gone just like that because of hyung , bye i’m off ”
  • “ why are you saying this yuta ”
  • “ because someone’s been stealing my bestfriend /eyes hansol/ ”
  • “ i did not steal her ”
  • “ and i’m not even yours wth yuta ew ”
  • “ you’re not mine but you should be his ”
  • then the both of you stare awkwardly at each other
  • blushing like mad
  • then two weeks later he showed up at your house ,
  • and he passed you a small notebook
  • and when you read the contents of it you almost cried
  • because it was hansol’s daily journal/daily entry of his feelings for you
  • all for 4 months
  • and you hugged him so tightly he almost choked
  • and when you tell him you like him too
  • he smiles like crazy and immediately pecks your forehead
  • so cute aw -and when the two of you cuddled in bed together that night ,
  • he thought you were still asleep so he called yuta to fanboy over the news
  • when in fact you were lying in his arms trying hard not to laugh
  • “ hyung did it !! guess who’s my girlfriend now ? ”
  • “ she’s so cute ”
  • “ ahh i love her so much ”
  • honestly the type of boyfriend which helps you in everything ,
  • he tries to cook for you ,
  • buy gifts
  • and he likes to compliment you , but very lowkey though
  • and he doesnt show much affection , but on days when he’s in a good mood ,
  • he hugs you really tightly , and loves burying his face in your hair
  • pecks on the cheeks too !!
  • even though he seems manly and tough he’s actually a really big softie
  • he’s too shy to even initiate kisses on the lips so you’re always the one doing so
  • and when you do he blushes like crazy
  • for like one whole hour
  • he’s so tol you look so tiny beside him
  • so he loves having his arms around your shoulder ,
  • and resting his head on yours
  • lots of backhugs too aw
  • it started when he was busy with work one day ,
  • so you crept up behind him and gave him a backhug
  • he froze at first but he turned around and hugged you back without saying any words
  • from that day on he loves surprising you with backhugs , and catching you offguard makes him giggle like a small kid all the time
  • when he gets jealous though , he gets really confident and starts speaking more ,
  • when normally he’s just quiet and not saying much
  • “ baby do you want to go home now ? ”
  • “ it’s still early hansol , is something wrong ? ”
  • “ he’s getting too close to you ”
  • “ babe he’s only my friend , you don’t need to worry ”
  • “ i love you ”
  • and that was the first time he ever said those three words first to you ,
  • both sincerely and genuinely
  • you were so touched and happy you agreed to leave early with him in the end
  • he has your picture set as his phone’s lockscreen
  • and on yours , it’s a picture of him sleeping on your lap
  • and he blushes everytime he sees that picture because your hand was on his head , your fingers touching his hair
  • when couple fight happens he’s always the first one to apologise
  • and he’s always on the verge of crying because he cant bear to leave you
  • yuta also plays an important in helping y'all to patch up ,
  • he’d lecture you with his wise words on the choices and decisions you should be making
  • and he reminds you of all the times hansol has been there for you at your lowest points when he couldn’t be
  • and when you broke down after you heard his words ,
  • yuta called hansol right away
  • and like always , he appeared within seconds and he comforted you
  • okay ngl but lots of binge-watching of animes & probably cartoon shows together
  • when he first told you he liked watching them you were shocked at first before y'all dated ,
  • “ you’re turning 23 soon hansol ”
  • “ but it’s really nice , i can guarantee ”
  • “ okay … but what if it isn’t ? ”
  • “ it is ”
  • and he said it with so much confidence you couldn’t help but watch it with him
  • now both of you are hardcore anime enthusiasts taeyong had to stop y'all from influencing winwin any further
  • but it’s too late , yuta already did
  • he lowkey bought y'all matching pokemon soft toy keychains
  • but you didn’t know until you noticed he had the same one hanging from his bunch of keys
  • he often posts one word description pictures of you online ,
  • “ Beautiful. ”
  • “ Stunning. ”
  • “ Mine ”
  • yuta unfollowed him once because he was posting like 8 pictures of you in a day with those captions
  • he’s a great listener so you often rant to him when you have problems ,
  • and even though he doesn’t give great advice ,his hugs and company never fails to make you feel better
  • but since he isn’t that good with words either , he has problems trying to speak/say out his feelings and thoughts
  • so he asks for nothing more than your hugs when he’s sad
  • he stares at you in awe like 24/7
  • and everytime you ask him ,
  • “ what are you staring at ? ”
  • “ You ”
  • “ why ?? ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • he’s so sweet ahh
  • in conclusion he’s someone you can lean on and ask help from
  • and he loves showering you with love even though it may not be obvious
  • dont sleep on him , he’s too adorable not to be loved
  • i hope you enjoyed this series and thanks for reading !!

Request: Hey how are you ? I want to ask you if you can make an imagine with William where he’s my to boyfriend and he get jealous about something

Author’s note: so I have realized how I can’t do little imagines, so I already apologize for this one and for the next ones. Also I’m having a little trouble with writing in first/second/third person, I still didn’t figure out which one I prefer doing. I hope you like it, sorry if it has a lot of Christoffer, this boy just consumes me sometimes hahahah

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Silver (Hoop) Lining

Hello! Hope you are having a fantastic day! Here I bring you the new phanfic I talked to you about. I did a ‘‘5 times… but 1′‘ kind of fic because it seemed appropiate for this prompt. Hope you enjoy it!

prompt: Imagine Person A poking/touching Person B’s earring.

summary: Dan has got a new earring. A single silver hoop on his left ear. Why is Phil so obsessed with the little earring?

word count: 2.6k

no trigger warnings


It happened as soon as Dan entered the flat. He went to get some props for his next video, and apparently he ended up buying a single hoop silver earring for his left ear. He had actually mentioned it before in one of his liveshows, and today he saw the opportunity and did it. It looked sofisticated and even though it was barely noticeable he really liked it.

“Phil, I’m back!” he shouted, his roomate running down the stairs to him to help him pick up the bags he was carrying.

“Hey Dan, let me hel…” Phil stopped mid sentence when he noticed the new silver earring that Dan had on his left ear. “You have a new earring.”

“Yeah, I actually wanted to get one fo these a long time ago but I didn’t know if it will look good…” Dan explained, handing Phil one of the bags who was looking at him still with a surprised expression.

“It looks good on you. It suits you” Phil commented, lifting his free hand to poke it, mesmerized by how good his best friend looked with that earring, it really suited him.

“AH PHIL! It hurts!” Dan screamed, letting one of the bags fall down onto the floor to cover his ear.

“Sorry Dan!” Phil instantly apologized, retracting his hand to his side, feeling a bit guilty now he noticed Dan’s ear was getting red.

“Since it’s new it hurts, my earlobe still needs to get used to it…” his voice lower, now rubbing his hand on his ear to shoot down the pain a bit.

“Okay, I promise I won’t poke it again…” Phil said, grabbing the bag Dan had thrown onto the floor and turing to climb up the stairs, his best friend following him.

“Don’t promise something you know you can’t keep” Dan chuckled, knowing Phil he would try to do it again tomorrow if he was honest.


Actually, Phil didn’t try to poke it tomorrow, or the day after… It was a week later when it happened.

Dan had fallen asleep editing his new video, his folded arms and half of his torso supporting his head, which was almost hidden by the big black headphones Dan wore everytime he was editing.

“Dan, dinner is ready if you want…” Phil knocked and opened the door, not even waiting for a response when he spotted his friend, alseep uncomfortably on his desk.

Phil was debating himself. Should he wake up Dan so he could have dinner or let him sleep? If he was honest, this week had been a bit of madness for the two of them and a bit of rest couldn’t do him wrong.

So, letting the first option win, he grabbed a blanket and drapped it around Dan’s shoulders so he wouldn’t get cold. Then, he saved the file of the video, in case Dan had forgot.

He was about to get out of the room when he noticed Dan still had his headphones on. Sleeping with headphones was horrible, and more if you were in such as an uncomfortable position as Dan was now. So he took some steps back and carefully lifted the headphones off Dan’s head, freeing his now red ears form that hell.

Dan moved his head, trying to find the most comfortable position now that he didn’t have any restraints around it, so he rested his right ear on his right forearm, letting his left ear free, the shiny hoop earring  making its’ appearance.

“Oh” Phil whispered, spotting it and seeing how red his ear was. It was probably hurting him… Decided, Phil crouched down a bit and rubbed his thumb and index finger around his earlobe, feeling the thing hoop earring around his fingers, noticing now how his ear was turing into a more pinkish color rather than red.

He started wandering off, looking at his adorably snuggled up friend, now his fingers softly caressing Dan’s left ear, when he felt a shiver go through Dan’s body, startling him and deciding that he better leave now before he woke up the sleeping boy.

By the time Phil left, he had to reheat his dinner.


The third time it happened it had been an unconscious moment.

They were playing another “Best Friend Quiz” on the gaming channel when Dan threw the question. “At what age did I get my ears pierced?”

Phil looked at him, “I’m sure you haven’t mentioned that to me ever! I mean, you had your ears pierced the first time I met you but…” as the black haired was saying this, his hand unconsciosly lifted towards the damned thin earring, tapping it lightly with his fingers before caressing it a little.

“Give me three opitions, please!” Phil practically begged, not really wanting to fail this quiz.

“Okay, I will give you three options if you stop touching my earring! I told you, you are the worst at keeping promises!” Dan laughed, playfully swating Phil’s hand off his ear.

“Oh,” Phil seemed surprised at this. He hadn’t been aware of what he was doing. The way the earring looked in Dan’s ear was just so… And also it made Dan look so… Sexy. Inviting. Desirable.

“Sorry Dan” Phil laughed it off, his cheeks a bit red, hiding his hands behind his back so Dan would take the hint that he wouldn’t do it again. “Okay, now you can give me those three options!”

By the end of the video Dan had managed to post a tweet into his best friend’s account that had Phil blushing for a few hours. Something mentioning ‘Dan’s earring’ and 'wrong holes’.


The fourth time it had been funny. Okay, maybe only funny for Phil.

They were getting ready to go to one of his friend’s birthday and Phil was already dressed up and was just putting on his socks when he heard a piercing scream followed by a “PHIL!”.

The black haired jumped out of his bed and hurried to his best friend bedroom, only to see him with his left arm awkwardly hanging in the air, his left ear glued to his shoulder, his neck awkwardly bent, comically waving his left hand that was hid by his black jumper’s sleeve.

“What on earth…” Phil muttered before letting a loud laugh after seeing dan in such a comical sitution.

“Stop laughing and help me! My jumper got stuck on my earring and I cannot separate them” Dan scolded his friend, not really wanting to move much due to the pain it was causing him.  

“I really want to take a picture to use as blackmail for the cereal thing,” Phil said stepping closer to Dan, who was currently about to shout at his friend when he countinued, “but I think your pain is not worth it.”

Phil, with his soft and slim fingers managed to separate the item of clothing from his earring, caressing his earlobe a bit trying to get the redness out of it. “There you go”, he whispered before letting his hand fall to his side.

“Oh thank god! That was painful as hell!” Dan moaned, moving his neck and left arm so he could get the blood flowing again even though his ear ached a bit it was definitely bearable compared to what he went through. “Thanks Phil” Dan said, a smile showing on his face.

“You are welcome,” Phil responded, his thumb and index finger missing the cold feeling of the earring between them. “Now go, put on your shoes or we are going to be late.”

“Yes Mr. Lester” Dan jokingly responded, making a soldier move before Phil playfully pushed him on his shoulder before turning around with a smile and heading back to his bedroom.

Phil was disappointed when the silver keyring in the pocket of his trousers didn’t give him the same feeling.


Okay, the fifth time you can blame it on the alcohol.

They didn’t know how they got to this but after that birthday dinner they had decided to go to a nearby club, where they were invited to have free shots since it was their friend’s birthday which could explain why they were both now passionately making out in one of the couches that were located at the back of the club.

Phil was straddling Dan, who had one of his hands under Phil’s shirt and the other holding him from the hair, trying to kiss him even deeper.

When air was needed Phil didn’t miss a beat when he grabbed Dan by his nape tilting his head a bit, so he could kiss and nip his neck, which made Dan melt into the couch and close his eyes in pleasure as he was so sensitive.

Suddenly Phil started trailing kisses up his neck till he reached Dan’s pierced left ear where he bit softly his earlobe (not really wanting to cause him any pain) while shooting the “pain” with his tongue, making the silver earring move, causing a small friction that made Dan moan.

“I didn’t know you had sensitive ears” Phil whispered to him repeating the action and earning another moan from Dan.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for earrings” Dan mocked him, even though his tone was clearly not appropiate for a jocking sentence.  

Phil stopped for two seconds before answering, “It’s not for earrings, it’s just for brown haired boys who wear hoop silver earrings that make them look sexy.” Phil took the earring between his teeth and tugged it, a stinging sensation passing through Dan’s body making him shiver.

Dan grabbed Phil’s head making him stop his actions so he could look him in the eyes. “Why don’t we go back and continue this on the bedr…” but Dan’s sentence was cut by a drunk girl stumbbling onto them (not even saying sorry before going back to her friends), making Phil fall to the other side of the couch next to Dan, one of his legs across Dan’s lap, startling them both from the passionate moment they were having.

“You okay?” Dan asked Phil, sobering up a bit. Phil, on the other hand, had a worried expression on his face, his eyes not daring to look at Dan’s. Before that girl made them separate Phil was almost about to agree to  have sex with Dan and that coudln’t happen. At least not when they were both drunk and he knew Dan probably didn’t want nothing more that sex. Phil loved Dan and for him it wouldn’t be just sex. He couldn’t just have sex with him.

“Sorry Dan, I shouldn’t have kissed you, just… I need to think. See you at home if you still want to come back. I’m sorry.” Phil rapidly said, his words tumbling from his mouth while standing up and heading towards the exit of the club.

Dan, still a bit disorientated from the alcochol and what just happened, saw how Phil was just exiting the club. He tried to stop him before he left but he couldn’t make it on time. Once he was out he saw the taxi Phil was in turn the curb down the road.

Dan groaned in frustration but now that he thought about it they were both drunk and Dan wasn’t really sure if he wanted just sex with Phil. He offered to go home because Phil seemed to want him, but Dan knew it wouldn’t have been just sex for him and that frustrated him even more.

Needless to say they both didn’t sleep well that night.


The sixth time changed it all.

After their 'make out almost leading to drunk sex’ moment, all their encounters were being awkward. They stopped watching anime together, they started to cook individually, they also couldn’t manage to film any gaming videos anymore.

One morning after Phil showered he noticed Dan’s hoop earring was on the sink, probably forgotten after taking it out before showering. So, he changed into fresh clothes and picked the small hoop, knocking on Dan’s bedroom door before opening it “Dan?”

“Yes?” Dan said, standing up from his desk and walking up to Phil, surprised to see him there.

“You forgot your earring on the sink” Phil murmured, extending his hand to show him the shiny object.

“Oh,” Dan looked at it and then back at Phil, who was also looking at it, a nostalgic look drawn on his face.

Dan had to admit he was also remembering what had happened in the club. They both messed up, and he missed his best friend, and even if Phil didn’t want anything more with him at least he could still be friends. He had to try and his plan was starting now.

“C'mon help me put it on” Dan picked up the earring and grabbed Phil’s hand leading him to his big bedroom mirror.

“Dan, I don’t know, I might hurt you” Phil said, unsure why Dan wanted his help to put on his earring but he didn’t ask, not sure about what the response would be.

“No, you won’t. I trust you. Here,” Dan handed Phil the earring, who took it delicately and looked at it a few times before putting a hand onto Dan’s left earlobe so he could see better. Once he had spotted the little hole he inserted the earring carefully, closing it around and letting his fingers caress it a bit like he had done a few times before.

“I’ve missed your hands touching my earring. I’ve missed you.”  Dan wishpered, circling his hand around Phil’s wrist and then laced their fingers, tugging him a bit closer.

“Dan, I’ve missed you too but after what happened in the club…” Phil sighed but Dan didn’t speak and let him continue, “I messed up our friendship by kissing you. I’m sorry.”

“ I know we were drunk but… What if I wanted you to kiss me? What if I don’t want us to be just friends?” Dan suddenly said, making Phil look at him surprisedly, not really expecting that reaction from the brown haired. “Maybe you just want to be friends only but I need you to know that after what happ..”

Phil cut him off by kissing him, his thin fingers now on his cheek, making Dan tilt his head a bit so they could kiss deeper, a moan escaping through their mouths almost at the same time.

“I guess there is not turning back now… Not after that kiss” Dan said after they separated. Phil shyly smiled at him, making Dan grab him by the collar of his jumper and bringing him closer (if possible) so he could kiss him again.

“I hope we don’t. Otherwhise, it will be difficult for me to see you and not be able to kiss you…” Phil dived in again, but this time aiming for Dan’s ear, rememebring how he had made him feel at the club.

“I’m starting to think you like my earring more than me…” Dan jocked but let Phil nip at his silver hoop, making the brown haired almost melt to the floor.

“Trust me, even if you had the ugliest of the earrings I would still want you, but this one makes you even look sexier…” Phil flirted, letting his mouth travel to Dan’s neck, sucking the sking a bit so he could leave a hickey.

Dan tugged him back to his lips by the collar again but this time only giving him a peck and smiling against his lips. “Then, I’m gonna wear it all the time so you find me sexy every time you look at me.”

“I don’t have anything against that.” Phil whispered, leading them both to the bed, where they ended up making out for hours.

A few weeks later both would end up in that same bed without any clothes, only a single silver hoop earring shining in the dark bedroom.

First Rec Day of 2017

You know, Rec Day’s supposed to be about artists as well as fic writers! So I figured I’d dedicate this first rec day to giving some shoutouts to some of the best damn artists in fandom! Incomplete list of course, but I’ll try to get better about putting them in my normal fic rec posts as well!


Like oh god do I adore gyptym’s art. it’s always just so freaking striking; I love the style and the colors and the subject matter pretty much always manages to cater exactly to what I want to see and I adore it. 

  • tfw you find out you are just a memory of your boss’s dead wife (I LOVE THEIR TEX OKAY AND THIS COMIC IS JUST A PUNCH TO THE FUCKING GUT BECAUSE TEEEEEEX.)
  • roses are red n violets are blu (Red Team and Blue Team all together! It’s so perfect and the colors are gorgeous and the lighting is freaking amazing so just join me in staring at this forever) 


if you like suffering and pretty things, then Saro’s art is for you. And since I love both of these, I can safely call myself a fan.

Three pieces:

  • “we’re the good guys, right?” (I LOOOVE Saro’s York so much and haha, my favorite York line, hello my name is Steph and I love to CRY)
  • lighter, heavier (it’s so painful but in such a quiet way and it’s like a stab right in the heart. Yoooork.)


I realize everyone and their grandmother in this fandom probably is aware of papanorth and her amazing art but I could happily scream about papanorth all freaking day so why not. 


This shocks absolutely no one, but damn it I’m going to shove even more of Becky’s art at everyone forever. The lines! The colors! The faces! The lighting! 


  • Talking about their S.O.s in a dive bar while Connie and Delta do the nerd-work. (From Becky’s fantastic Law vs Order AU, it’s an obligatory rec for me because YORK!! AND TEX!! BEING DOOFY FRIENDS! Also the background here is freaking gorgeous and the expressions are absolutely perfect I adore it.) 
  • Facetious Zeus official art (Everything about this is painful but perfect, from the colors to the text to Tucker’s expression. Becky’s Tucker is just a gift and there were like five pictures of him open in my browser before I decided to go with this one.) 
  • Proud of Tucker (this one is like a fucking movie. the lighting is so striking and Wash looks so oddly but perfectly relaxed and proud and everything about it is so perfect. I can stare at this one all day.) 

@shooshopath​ (art blog @adobewanphotobi​)

AILEEN WAS THE LIGHT OF LAST SEMESTER FOR ME, AND HER ART IS A FREAKING GIFT TO THIS FANDOM. Her facecanons are great and her concepts are always so freaking beautiful that it makes me grin so much everytime I see her stuff.


@ueeyasu (art blog @artofuee

Holy shit I always love seeing Uee’s art? I love her take on armor and the colors and lines are always so great! 

Three pieces: 

EXO as : Husbands

A/N: I’ve watched too many WGM clips. xD It’s unhealthy. I hope you like this random one.

Xiumin - You were strolling the streets of Shinchon, Seoul when he suddenly stopped. You looked at him, confused. “What is it?” you asked. You took few steps forward and he pointed to the ground. “Do you know how to play this game? Sabangchigi?” he asked. “It’s like hopscotch, right?” “It is hopscotch. Do you like to play?” he asked as he waggle his eyebrows. “How do you play it?” you asked. He picked up two pebbles before showing you the way it’s done. “And what’s the punishment if it crosses the line?” “Piggyback ride. Call?” “What if I lose?” “We won’t stop ‘til you win then.” “Call.” 

External image

Luhan - “I could stare at your eyes forever,” you mumbled while looking at him. He chuckled before placing a kiss on the tip of your nose. “You couldn’t because you have to blink.” The smile on his face didn’t fade as he continuously caress your cheeks. “How did I get this lucky? Hmm…” “I don’t know and I believe I’m the one who should ask you that. How did I get this lucky?” “For our argument’s sake, we’re both lucky to have each other.” “You could say that.” “I love you…” “I love you too.”

Kris - You love to take random videos of Kris since you started dating and now that you’re married to him, it was no different. “Mr. Wu, I’m sorry if we called you during your date with your wife,” the producer apologized while Kris was sitting on a chair with a make-up artist doing his make-up. You started filming him as he spoke. “It’s alright. I mean, ____ don’t…” he paused glancing at your direction, “mind at all,” he continued before smiling at the camera. “You’re weird ____, but I love you.”

External image

Suho - “Oppa, are we all set?” you asked Xiumin and Lay while all of you were setting your house for Suho’s birthday. “We just have to light the candles then it’s good.” You started fidgeting once again. “Do you think he’ll like it?” Lay held your hand before smiling. “He will love it, ____.” “DONE!” Xiumin exclaimed before walking towards the two of you. All of a sudden, you received a message from Sehun. “They’re on their way here,” you announced. Lay lowered the lights and waited for his arrival. You could hear the shuffling of shoes and the click at the door. “I’M HOME!” Suho announced. Lay turned back the lights, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you all greeted in sync making him smile as he lovingly looked at you. He made his way towards you before placing a kiss on your lips. “Thank you, ____.” He glanced at his group members. “Thank you everyone.”

Lay - The sound of rustling grass made you feel glad. The pristine running water glimmered. You took a deep breath before you shivered. “HAHAHA!” You heard Lay’s laugh but you can’t see him anywhere. You twisted and turned until you were fully awake. “Good morning,” he greeted before rolling back to his side. You groaned. “What time is it?” you asked. “A new day, love. What are you dreaming about? It sounds good.” You looked at him, confused. “What are you talking about?” you asked and blush crept on your face as soon as he started moaning. “Am I in your dream?”

External image

Baekhyun - “I’m sorry Baek, but I don’t think I could watch you perform,” you told him while you were inside the comfort room. “I’m caught in a traffic jam.” Baekhyun pouted. “I can’t hear any honking noise. You’re a bad liar ____.” “Okay, fine. I’m too lazy to get up. I’ll just watch you tomorrow night.” You heard him sigh on the other line. “Alright… but you have to spoiled me later.” You giggled. “Fine.” “Rest well,” he said before ending the call. You fished out your old lightstick before making your way towards your seat. Some of the fans recognized you and you acknowledged them. As the show started and progressed, you noticed how he squinted his eyes towards your direction and during 3.6.5, he even ran towards your side and pointed at you. “YOU’RE HERE!” he shrieked before skipping backwards towards the center stage along with other members. 

Chen - “I’m done cooking!” he announced as soon as he settled the bibimbap he made on the dining table. He went towards the living room where you were resting and held both of your hands. “I’m dead tired, Dae… my neck even hurts,” you complained but he still insisted that you should eat what he made. As soon as you sat on your chair, he sat right beside you. You took a bite of his dish and he looked at you intently. “Do you like it?” he asked. You didn’t replied but instead, you just looked at him. “You didn’t?” “It’s delicious. Are you sure you’re the one who made this?” you asked. The smile on his face became wider. He stood up before standing behind you, massaging the back of your neck. “Tell me where it hurts…” “There…” you groaned. “Ouch, my hair!” you complained as he accidentally pulled some strands of your hair. “Sorry.” 

Chanyeol - You woke up around twelve thirty in the middle of the night after you took a power nap. You tied your hair up as you made your way towards the kitchen. As you were preparing a meal for Chanyeol, you heard the door opens. He didn’t said anything until he saw you in the kitchen. “What are you doing there? I thought you were sleeping,” he said. “Are you waiting for me?” He asked as he sauntered towards you, hugging you from behind. “I miss going home seeing you like this.” “I miss you too,” you mumbled before turning off the stove. “It’s done already?” he asked in surprise. “Yeah. I made this earlier and I just heat it up.” He planted a kiss on your lips as you faced him. “You’re the best!”

D.O - “What are the other things we need?” he asked while you two were buying food stocks for your house. Kyungsoo insisted earlier that he would come to the supermarket with you. He wanted to make sure that you will always have something to eat while he was on tour. “Kyung… our cart is already full.” “I want to make sure you’ll eat a lot once I’m away. Now, what are the other things you need?” he asked as he continue to search for more stuffs that you need while he’s away.

Tao - “I’m home!” you announced the moment you arrived at your home, only to see a pouting Tao sitting on the couch while you personal laptop was resting on the center table. “What made my baby grumpy?” you asked but he didn’t answer. So, you decided to turn it on, only to see your old tumblr blog. “Oh…” “Oh? That’s all you have to say? Your blog! It mostly contains Baekhyun posts! You even made an appreciation post of him. How about me ____? Do you even have one for me?” You started laughing out loud making him pout even more. You kissed his lips as you giggled. “I love you, dork.” 

Kai - You were cutting the beef for Taeoh as you two were babysitting him. However, everytime you cut a strip of beef, Kai eats three cuts or more. You slapped his hand and he glanced up at you. “Why?” he asked, looking at you, innocently. “You’re eating too much.” You stared at him harder. He pouted his lips. “Taeoh-ah, eat this. Your auntie’s scolding me.” He leaned forward, towards her. “She thinks I don’t feed you well.” Taeoh glanced at you, flashing you a grin. “Am I not feeding you well?” he asked, feeding him a beef wrapped in lettuce (?) He nodded his head. “Yah! You bribed him!” you joked. He scrunched his nose. “Oh please. You love me.” He turned to Taeoh. “She loves me right?” He nodded his head. ‘Goodness gracious!’

Sehun -  “Sehun, look here.” “Aah, stop it,” he whined, covering his face with his hands. “Come on! Your fans misses you. Ever since we got married, you rarely post on instagram. So, come on!” you said. He wagged his finger towards your direction. “Sehun…” you called but he didn’t even look at you. “Hunnie, I promise that if you pose for a picture, I’ll give you a reward.” He glanced at your way. “A reward?” he asked and you nodded. “Anything?” “About that—” “Then no!” “Fine.” He didn’t budge. You approached him, wooing him. He glanced at you while posing subtly. After taking few shots, he got up from his seat with a grin on his face. “Now… for my reward…

Stuck with the MAMA request. T^T

anonymous asked:

What's your favourite things about each other?

Mey is so fucking smart and well spoken. She’s incredibly determined and her work ethic is inspiring. She’s creative and talented and she’s made me fall in love with argentina. I’m saving up to meet her but I don’t think she’s taking me seriously when I say I’m going there. If you get the chance to, watch her yt videos because they’re breathtaking.

Rachel is strong. Like so fucking strong it makes me cry everytime I think about it. If I could grow up and be half the person Rachel is, I would be so happy with my life. She shows me every single fucking day that you can make good things happen when shit hits the fan and she reminds me that it isn’t always going to be good and that’s fine too. She’s going to make an amazing psychologist and I look forward to the day I can crash her graduation.

Gabriela is very amiable and in some ways diligent. I’m pretty sure she’s the only teenager I know who goes to bed before midnight. She’s going places, miss I’m 16 and I’m already taking college courses. She knows so many freaking languages and she’s loving and her happiness is infectious. She’s tiny as hell, at least compared to me but she’s got a huge heart and a great head on her shoulders. Meeting her was on par with meeting dnp and I’ll remember it forever.

Sam is fucking talented. Like have you seen this girl write or play music or draw? But not only is she talented, she’s hardworking. She sent us a drawing she made from a year ago when she first started and one from recently and holy fuck this girl determined as all hell. She’s gonna be running the world one day, I can see it.

Eliza is the kindest soul you will ever meet. It’s almost like she shares a soul with Phil Lester himself. She will put others before herself a great deal of the time and she will do whatever it takes to make you smile when you need it most. Her writing is incredible and when she talks about writing she makes me want to improve as well. She’s the cutest person alive and she likes to protect people by putting them in their pocket and I just really wanna hug her.

Aoife has the best voice of all time. I didn’t know how much I loved northern accents until her voice messages. Her laugh is deep and hearty and makes you want to laugh along. She gets really emotional about phan which gets me really emotional about phan. She also send me a voice message of rain and it made me cry. She’s a cute little ginger.

Emily is so tiny and cute and I agree with Eliza that I want to put her in my pocket and protect her. She tried to teach me the difference between asshole and arsehole but I still don’t get it. She says ‘phiw’ even if she thinks she doesn’t and it’s the cutest fucking thing. I knew I wanted her on the blog months before she was added but I’m not sure if she knew that or not.

Thea is my little Aussie child and Australian accents are amazing. Since our timezones don’t always line up, communication isn’t always the best between us but what can you do. I read through a fic she was writing a while ago and I literally fell in love the second I started reading. Keep a look out for her writing cause it’s gonna be prime.

EDIT I FORGOT TORI HOW COULD I FORGET TORI There’s very few words that could be used to describe tori and you get the full picture. Like, she’s literally on everything. Without her I’m certain Dan and Phil would fall apart. She kept this blog going when my health was down and I’m forever greatful for that. She’s kind and calm and she smiles this big smile it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I’m so proud of her for everything she’s accomplished and will go on to accomplish. Her talent for writing is tremendous and having been with her for 3 and a halfish years, watching her grown has been a highlight of my life. I wish I could one day give tori the world the way she has done so for me. She deserves all the happiness in it.



Okay I’m gonna add some stuff about Julianna because you can’t just make a sappy ass post and not expect us to write some sappy shit about you too, you big dummy. Julie is literally one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Literally every day, I wake up and get so excited to talk to her because she can just brighten your day right up. I love her little rants about people and how she just takes random trips to the store to buy Shopkins just because she can. She’s helped SO many people with coping mechanisms and she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She’s been through so much and she keeps going strong and I honestly don’t know how, but I admire her for that. I always tell everyone how amazing Julie is and I really wish I had had enough money to fly up to Jersey to see TATINOF up there with her and Gabi. You’re amazing and you truly are the mom of our little group


Going Up

A/N: This is the last part to this fic. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

“Well that escalated quickly…” Owen joked as they attempted to dress and clean up with the small amount of light Amelia’s phone provided.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Amelia apologised. “In my defence, you can’t just talk about the amazing sex we used to have, admit you have an erection, you still have feelings for me and expect me to do nothing about it.”

“Hey hey hey,” he silenced her and held his hands up in surrender. “I am not complaining. Do you know the amount of times I’ve wanted to do that over the past few months? Last week in Meredith’s room… the voicemail, your eyes with the tears, your little smile, and your dimples… I was so close to kissing you but… didn’t.” His voice became wistful and quiet.

“I was going to come down to your trailer that night…” She admitted, putting her phone away again.

“You were?”

“My feet just… didn’t,” she said, copying him. “I know I’ve seen you at work and you’ve been there for me but… I’ve missed you. I really do want this to work.”

She wasn’t sure whether it was post-sex hormones swimming around her body that were making her open up so vulnerably, or the location of the dark inescapable box they were standing in, but she was glad she was finally letting her guard down.

“I want this so much Amelia,” Owen replied, pacing up and down in a small line. “But we both just push each other away. We have to stop it. We have to allow ourselves to enjoy each other, have fun like we used to. When did it all have to get so serious?”

His voice became light-hearted at the end and he found her body to bring into a hug. She was so short compared to him, he ended up wrapping his strong arms gently around her neck. He could feel her arms snaking their way around his waist, linking at the back.

“Can I tell you something?” Her voice was small as she muttered into his chest and he could hear nothing but fear.

“Of course,” he chuckled, kissing the top of her head.

“When you went to war, I found it really hard to understand why you left…” she let her voice fade away and kept still, expecting an answer to her admission. He paused in thought, wondering how to tell her everything his mind had been going through.

“Amelia, I am so sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologise.”

“I do. I left. It’s how I dealt with Derek. It’s how I deal with everything. I told you that night on the porch- I run from any pain. Everytime I saw your face, I just wanted to wrap you up and keep you safe but you wouldn’t let me. You seemed like you weren’t willing to accept my help to be honest.”

She pulled away from the hug and sat down on the floor, crossing her legs. He also sat, unaware that they were facing each other in exactly the same pose due to the dark.

“I can see that,” she whispered, her voice sorrowful.

“And the more I wanted to help, the more you pulled away. The more you pulled away, the harder it got to see you. The amount of grief I was in over Derek was not even a smidgen of what you must have been going through… and you just wouldn’t let me in. So I left.”

Silence fell and after a minute or two, Owen heard a sniff.

“Amelia, please don’t cry,” he said. “Ever since I’ve been back, ever since the night on the bed, ever since the night on the porch… ever since… ever since you told me you were a risk… you’re a risk I want to take Amelia, but I haven’t had the courage to.”

He heard a smaller sniff and another patch of silence before he continued.

“I’ve been paddling around the shallow end and I need to dive in the deep end. With you. I want you. That will not change, you have to know that. But for now, I want to forget the pain, forget the trauma, and enjoy life together. I want to have sex in broken down elevators,” he heard her quietly giggle. “I want to take you out on a date, have stupid conversations about pointless things as we eat breakfast in the morning.”

“Owen,” she said, and he could hear the smile on her face as she said it. “You can stop now. I get the picture.”

“You do?”

“Yes. For a teenager who didn’t get a kiss until 19, you have a lot of game Major Hunt,” she teased.

He laughed at her reference and felt her hands on his knees, crawling their way up his arms and to his cheeks. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips and he could feel her wet cheeks from where her tears had fallen. It was quick and loving and made him smile, immediately missing her as she pulled away.

“I’ve always liked risks,” she said.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

For another three hours, the couple sat and talked about everything- their feelings, silly stories, secrets they never thought they’d share with anyone, gossip. Eventually the elevator started to move upwards and the two jumped up from their seated position on the floor.

“Why is it still dark?” Amelia asked.

“I have no idea…”

The doors opened, flooding light into the small box and causing Owen and Amelia to wince in the adjustment. Their pupils focused on their surroundings and standing in front of them was Richard Webber.

“Well well well… Welcome to floor 4” he announced, holding his arms out. “You’re free.”

“What’s happened?” Owen rushed to ask. “Where is everyone?”

“Nothing happened. Everything is fine. Everyone is working. This elevator just got caught,” Richard told them, perfectly calm.

“We’ve been in there for hours! How did nobody notice?” Amelia demanded.

“Calm down,” Richard casually said. “We had to wait for the electricians to come in and they just struggled to get it moving.”

“Well thank God we didn’t have a patient in there with us.” Owen sighed in relief of being free of both the elevator and the guilt.

“Can I suggest you two take the rest of the day off?” Webber offered as he walked away. “Oh, and Hunt, your scrub bottoms are inside out, in case you didn’t know.”

Owen looked down to see his scrub bottoms were indeed inside out and that Amelia had managed to put her top on backwards. They both burst out laughing, Amelia grabbing his hand and dragging him to the nearest store closet to change.


“Did you ever hear about the time this elevator broke down in that storm?”

“No, what happened?”

“Apparently, two surgeons got stuck on here for like… 5 hours. Rumour has it, they had sex and everything.”

“Sex in an elevator? Ugh, how cliche!”

“Excuse me, would you mind keeping the talk about sex to a minimum?” Owen said from the back of the elevator, having overheard the gossip between the two interns.

“Daddy, what’s sex?” A little girl with dimples and auburn hair looked up to her father with her mother’s eyes asking about the foreign word.

“Errrr…” Owen stuttered. He’d been hoping that she hadn’t picked up on the word but no such luck ever came his way when it came to his daughter.

“It’s a thing that grown-ups do,” one of the interns told the little girl. “Sorry Dr. Hunt, I didn’t realise there were kids about.”

Owen rolled his eyes and kept quiet. The elevator came to a stop at floor 5 and Owen silently moved to the front of the elevator to wait with his daughter. The thick seperation to the outside world slid back to reveal his wife.

“Hey!” He exclaimed in surprised.

“Hey yourself,” she replied, smiling and stepping back to let them off. He pecked her on the cheek out of habit and she ran her hand through her daughter’s hair as he did so. "Hey little chick pea!”

“Mummy, I’m not a chick pea! I’m a little girl!”

“Oh, in that case, hey little girl,” she teased, kissing her head this time.

“I’m just dropping her off at daycare. You about today or working?” he asked as she hurriedly stepped onto the elevator so as not to miss it.

“Finish a surgery at 1. Meet you back here for a little lunch?” she asked as the doors began to close. He nodded and watched her beautiful face crack into a smile before disappearing behind the door.

It had become their thing. If they were both in the hospital, they would meet on their elevator, retreat to the back corner, hold hands, chat about their day for however long they had, and occasionally sneak in a kiss or two, depending on how busy the elevator was. On very rare occasions, if they were alone and one was feeling particularly risky, the red button would be pulled. It didn’t matter if they were arguing, or if they were busy, or if they had somewhere else to be, it was their thing and it grounded them back to their foundations. Pretty ironic for an elevator, huh?

I love the fact that, while a whole country is united behind the same ideas : freedom of speech, unity without consideration of religion, color or politic party, marching on the street, that while all of our medias are saying the same mantra again of “no amalgams, the terrorists doesn’t represent islam, muslims are as much a part of France than the other”, that while muslims, jews and catholics are hugging on the streets, that while ordinary people who never heard the words of transphobia, Ferguson or white privilege are trying to overcome their prejudice and condone the bombing and tagging of mosque, applaud the cops they used to loathe for their work, a part of Tumblr is attacking us.

They attack us for defending free speech, when free speech is the only reason they can use this website to reclaim their agency, to educate themselves, to criticize governments and privilege. Without this free speech that we, French, fought and bleed for so many times already, you wouldn’t be able to speak. You would maybe not even know being something else than cis exist, than you may be aromantic, or asexual, that people like you exist in other parts of the world. You would be silent, forced to slave under laws that you can’t speak against, under people you can’t overthrow because no one think they are doing something wrong.

Yes, Tumblr, we French who tried so hard to overcome our privilege and our sometime biased views because of US thinking, who educated themselves on the internet on feminism and sexuality, because our universities don’t offer us courses on Feminism or Ingrained racism except if you do philosophy, because our countries are so wildly different that it’s normal that we can’t always understand you, we are today defending you.

People who you would maybe hate, because they don’t know their privilege, because they don’t know they are hurting your feelings, because they don’t know your religion and repeat things they heard without thinking too hard about it. People who know that what they do is not respectful, but when did we ever changed a country while being respectful ?!
People who don’t know Tumblr exist. People who don’t know your problems exist. That you should be able to live the life you want, whitout having to fear for the future, without having to fear men, white people or religious therapy.
But, hey, they do know fear. Now, even more than before, they know. The fear of turning on the TV and see another madman shooting people. The fear of taking the metro when it stop for a moment, thinking “hey, maybe there is a bomb, maybe I’m not gonna make it”. The fear for your relatives, because they lived 200 meters away from the printing house where the two terrorists hid for an entire day. For little boys who were told they couldn’t go outside their school because it was raining too hard, when the sound they could heard was the sound of helicopters and assault teams getting ready. The fear they heard in their parents voices, away in the country, for them.

So, maybe they don’t know your problems, and you. But they know fear. And rather than thinking only about them, their fear, their safety, they thought of you. They marched on the street when it was the perfect opportunity for a new killer to act. They took their children, their families, and they marched. For all the victims, no matter what religion they were, what work they did, what color they were. For this freedom of speech that is so much more valuable than our life, that people died for it. They choose to take a stance, to make a statement. That the French people doesn’t bow to terrorism. That the French people will support all religions and people who want to live together, under the banner of a great nation. That the French people is not afraid of standing for you. Your rights. Your right to have an opinion and express it. Your right to disagree with our rules and our ways. Your right to not like what Charlie Hebdo did. Your right to be muslim, or jewish, or atheist, or catholic, or any other thing you want to be. Your right to have a voice and to have it heard.

We fight for you since a very long time, Tumblr. Maybe we are a tiny community in here, maybe you don’t see us. But we see you. Our news talked about Boko Haram. They talked about the plane incident. Yes, the media coverage about the mosque and the news from other countries isn’t great at the moment, but can you blame us ? We just lived the most terrifying week ever, as a country, and you would blame us for being self centered ? For wanting to reconfort each other with the wonderful news of unity all over our country ?

You would want us, who tried to make Ferguson more know, who mourned Leelah, who try everytime they hear something racist or uneducated to take a stand, to think like you. To despise ourselves. To blame ourselves for our politics and they way the world work. But I think about all of those “white” girls that, suddenly, looked at themselves in the mirror, being told they are privilegied, when they thought their life wasn’t that great. I think of all those boys who try hard to say that sharing naked pictures of celebrities is wrong. I think about french people who think of you when they hear their own sister saying homophobic things, who weeps when the media doesn’t cover your protests.

So yeah, I find it fun that this tiny community that is trying so hard to change, for you, is getting so much hate.

You don’t understand our satire. I know why. You were never taught that everything can be criticized. Yes, even religion. You were never taught our dark humor, our cynical side that comes from a long line of philosophers and authors, from a people who broke his chains centuries ago from a monarchy “de droit divin”, by divine god.
You were never told that you could laugh of everything, if you did it in a certain way. If it respected “the law of the genre”. You were never taught in law school that you can’t do “hommage”, or fanfiction, but that you can make fun of a person or his work, if you do it with an humoristic intent.

Your media doesn’t understand us. It fly over all the covers of Charlie Hebdo that made fun of our politician, of the Pope, that laughed in the face of our extremist parties, because you need to know the actuality of our country to actually understand the jokes. Your media doesn’t understand second degree humor. Your media doesn’t understand that all victims are mourned in our country, that we know the name and the face of everything single one of them. That they will go into french history, not just the cartoonists, but the maintenance agent, the cops, the muslims and the jews. Your media doesn’t understand that we are spreading love and acceptance, that we are already suing those who spread hate on twitter.

So. You don’t understand us. You don’t try to understand us. You come to us, with your ideas, your religion and your education. You come to us who tried so much to be accepted into Tumblr, who tried to make a difference in a country vastly different from yours, who tried to be better persons. And you spit on us.

And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of trying to think all night about witty comebacks for people who rejected my offer of help to understand satire better. Of people who thought and said Charlie Hebdo were biggots and racist and that French people should die. I’m tired of this indignation that is causing me to shake in my bed, because a whole country is trying to do better and you don’t try at all.

But I’m not going to silence you. I will support your causes. Your problems. I will reblog and like your stories, I will think about them and try to be a better person. I will get into arguments with my sister and my grandparents about you, about your right to be who you want, to live as you want. I will stand for you. I will try to make my little corner of the world better, even if it’s slow.

So, please. If you can’t stand for us. Just let us stand for you without scorn. We will fight this fight, with this french spirit you seem to like and detest at the same time. And I’ll be damned if we don’t win. So that tomorrow, you can be free.

And I want to thank every single one of you who mourned for us, who reblogged or liked our posts or thought of us. We saw the images on the news, your actions in every part of the world for Je suis Charlie. To know that, even for an hour, a day, you thought of us, is the greatest achievement of all. Thank you.

- A french girl


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Prompt: People magazine print an article that says that a close inside source is claiming that Z is dating Trevor. Since Z and V tell the public they're "single" nobody but family and close friends know that they've been seeing each other. So everytime the public sees Z and Trev hanging out as best friends they automatically see it as a "relationship" and this makes Val upset. Z then goes to Twitter to make sure everyone knows that she and Trev are not dating but are only great friends

-Fed up-

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Thanks To Uncle Simon - 2

A/N: Like holy shit I was expecting like two people to read it LOL but thank you all for wonderful feedback. I feel like a buttwipe because someone claimed the suggestion before me, and theirs is called “Rollercoaster” so please go read that wonderful fic! xx -Dani


The cold autumn nights in California were so calming to Lauren. She remembers being in this same position on the couch almost a full year ago. Last year she would have been studying and doing homework for one of her hardest classes, but now, she was trying her best to respond to the 3k Tweets and messages that she would get from her fans each day.

A month after contacting many people who wanted the band to perform at their venues, almost every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday was booked. They’ve performed at low-key parties for nearby high schools, underground rock shows, coffee shops, and a frat house party in which they finally filmed one legitimate looking music video. The band would get paid enough for gas, custom t-shirts with the bands name on them to sell at their shows, along with new filming equipment for their videos on YouTube.

Two months after, Lauren was so overwhelmed with schedule changes and deadlines for new songs. Everything was just so disorganized and her mind was so flustered that all she wanted to do was go on Tumblr and sleep.

Six months after performing in small places, the band started to meet many different talent agents that had come to their shows, but Harry decided that they wouldn’t hire any of them because ‘they dress to fancy’. So for the next couple of months, the four band members have been fending for themselves. 

There was no doubt that Lauren was happy. Ever since she realized that her celebrity crush, Camila Cabello, knew that she existed. It used to be everyday that she would post about how bad she wanted Fifth Harmony in general to 'slay’ her, or how many times she would watch a video of the girl band just so she can make the perfect gifset. Lauren loved all five girls but always wrote fanfiction just about Cece Frey and Camila Cabello being the ultimate OTP calling them “CeMila”.

After the interview of Camila mentioning the bands name, the people who already followed Lauren on her Fifth Harmony fan URL, were so happy for her. She stopped and deleted the URL so now she had a personal one, just to save herself from public embarrassment if she actually ended up become more famous.

And she was thankful for her decision. Today, on all of her other social media websites, she was followed by at least 6,000 loyal 'Harmonizers’ just because of one shout out from Camila and a couple other thousand because of their publicity within eight months.


Camila Cabello was now relaxing in her home back in Miami, Florida. She didn’t have to worry about online classes anymore since now she was nineteen. She always wanted the college experience and always thought about leaving the band to do so. But of course, she was so passionate about music and these girls were her sisters so she wouldn’t dare to hurt them like that.

Last week, the five girls all got called into a meeting to talk about their very first International tour that their managers has booked them. They should have been excited, but through the fast paced schedules followed by early days and late nights, all they wanted was a couple of more months to relax and be with their friends and family.

Reluctantly, the five girls agreed to it. The tour managers noticed how stressed the girls had gotten, and decided that they won’t have to go on the tour until the end of January next year, and won’t announce it until Christmas.

Cece was visiting Camila since they haven’t seen each other in a month. They were sitting on the younger girls bed, relaxing in a comfortable silence. 

Minutes went by and after posting a “CeMila selfie” on Instagram and Twitter, she decided to sign out of the accounts so she won’t have to be blasted with notifications while she goes through her Tumblr.

She signed onto her hidden Tumblr that only had 93 followers since no one else knew that it was actually Camila. I mean who would? The profile picture was of a shaved llama.

She did the usual. Scroll and reblog, and then go into her old likes to see what she had 'saved for later’. Most of them included The Misguided Society new videos and pictures, which made Camila happy everytime she saw the bands faces. 

She went on Youtube on her laptop to watch every video of the band, and to look at new found pictures of them. She also loved the fact that they would post a new video of them covering a song or just messing around almost every Monday and Wednesday.

Camila had clicked on the most recent videos, which had a two minute video segment on each of the members of the band.

First she clicked on “Niall Horan: Misguided Society (Drummer)”. Harry, Zayn, and Lauren would all talk about him and then he would talk his own life, followed by different video clips of him goofing off and being so clumsy.

Next, she click on “Zayn Malik: Misguided Society (Guitarist)”. It showed multiple clips that the camera man caught of him singing in the shower, a time where he tried to do a handstand next to Lauren and Harry, but immediately fell, and a clip of him playing soccer. All you heard were the faint noises of the clips, but mainly a voiceover of his band mates talking about him.

Third, Camila chose “Harry Styles: Misguided Society (Bassist)”. He talked about himself being a camera man and talking about the way he formed the group and how they lived at home. Then he talked about his relationship with each of the band members.

“I remember meeting Zayn and Niall. They aren’t even related one bit but they’re pretty much brothers. I mean, we all are. Minus Lauren being a girl and all. They’re like family to me.” The clip went on to the four of them together.

“Zayn is the go to guy when you need a work out buddy, or someone to encourage you. He’s so laid back. He definitely has a fashion sense, and isn’t afraid to show it. In my opinion, he’s definitely the shyest one of the band."  The video showed Harry and Zayn attempting to wall twerk, making her Camila laugh out loud, causing Cece to sit next to her and watch the video.

"Niall on the other hand, is always bouncing off the walls. He’s like the annoying little brother that everyone loves. And he’s so open and befriends anyone that he meets. He’s so outgoing and rocks out on the drumset so well.” The video showed multiple outtakes where Niall breaks his drumsticks, causing the two girls the laugh when one of the sticks hits his face.

“And then we have Lauren.” Harry’s voice said, and Camila almost immediately gotten butterflies and a grin on her face. She glanced over to Cece who had raised eyebrows while looking at the video. It show Lauren smirking and singing, reading, playing soccer and softball, and goofing off with the three other boys. “Lauren is the baby of the band. She’s the youngest and the only girl, but she definitely is strong enough to be one of us. She’s very smart and passionate about music. She’s the one who writes the lyrics to all of our songs. We sometimes pick on her like older brothers would, but she doesn’t mind." The video showed multiple times when Zayn, Niall, and Harry calling Lauren a nerd when she sat on the couch with her hair up in a messy bun, a Carrollton High sweatshirt, and glasses on while she had a book in her hands. Then it showed clips the four of them messing around, to end the video.

Camila was having trouble breathing right now. That Carrollton sweater on Lauren looked exactly like ones that people would wear around her own town, and Lauren was everything that Camila wanted her 'Dream Significant Other’ to be.

"She’s hot. They all are.” Cece spoke up, shrugging her shoulders. Camila was still speechless. “Dang Mila, stop drooling over her.” Cece laughed, lightly elbowing Camila.

“I-I I’m not drooling over her.” Camila panicked.

“Come on Cabello. I, for one, know that look. It’s like the way you looked at Bea during the X Factor.” Cece replied, shrugging her shoulders. “How is she anyways?”

Camila never liked talking about her ex girlfriend. The whole 'CamAustin’ drama during the Neon Lights Tour Bea would constantly be attacking Camila with break up threats if she continued to see him without telling her. Camila never cheated on her girlfriend, especially since they were secretly dating.

Bea and Camila came out unintentionally when they were spotted out in California together, being touchy-feely and trying to find hidden spots so they could kiss. After the story was shown to the public, they both had even more fans. But of course, the excessive fame had gotten to Bea Miller, which caused Camila to eventually lose her.

When the two young pop stars decided to break up, being mad was an understatement for Bea. She was furious that her 'adorable’ girlfriend was the one to break things off, and during the last conversation, she told Camila that she had cheated on her twice while they were together.

The four other girls of Fifth Harmony were the first to know. Camila would cry herself to sleep every night for two weeks. The girls would take turns cuddling with her at night to make her feel safe. Eventually, Camila got over it. She became a stronger woman, and put her feelings through the music, which caused a greater fame for Fifth Harmony.

“Hello Mila anyone in there?” Cece said, interrupting Camila who was caught up into her own thoughts.

“Sorry, what was that?” She responded innocently, making Cece chuckle.

“I asked if you got the letter of the AMA’s this year. Apparently we’re runner ups for Artist of the Year and Best Group. It’s not official until every one starts voting for us to be nominees and all." 

Camila didn’t respond, all she did was shrug her shoulders and go back onto the computer to watch more videos of her favorite band.


"Daddy, I’m tired.” Little Eric rubbed his eyes.

Simon squatted down so he was looking into his son’s eyes. “It’s just tonight, alright? This could be a very big deal for Daddy.” He said as nicely as possible. Eric nodded, holding his father’s hand as they proceeded into the Whiskey a Go-Go venue in Hollywood.

Simon had failed to get bands to sign with him, since for the past three years he hasn’t done much. He also never got a response from Misguided Society, so he decided to take initiative and go to one of their concerts to talk to them face to face.

About two hundred people were already inside, and packing more in quickly. People realized that the famous Simon Cowell was there with his three year old son, so of course they stopped him every once in a while to take a picture.

The crew was setting up on stage as the band was upstairs, getting ready. Simon wanted to critique their performance to see if he made the right decision of coming to the venue tonight.

“Dude. DUDE!” Zayn smacked hand on Niall’s chest, grabbing his attention. “Isn’t that Simon Cowell?” He pointed over the railing, looking down to one of the booths. Lauren and Harry heard, so they ran up next to them.

“Holy shit. What’s he doing here?” Lauren said, obviously taken aback. The four of them looked at each other confused.

“You’re on in one minute.” One of the crew members said.

They took their minds off their surprise guest, and huddled up into a prayer as one of their managers were introducing them on stage.

“Alright guys, we obviously have someone here to impress. We cannot blow this tonight. It’s one of our biggest performances, and I have a feeling it can only go up from here.” Lauren said as the three boys nodded in agreement.

“I love you guys, let’s kick some ass.” Niall said, putting a balled up fist out for the others to 'knuckle-touch’.

They took the stage and realized how many people were there, screaming their names. This was definitely by far, one of their biggest performances so far.

Lauren was nervous and excited, knowing that Simon Cowell was watching her. He’s the one that knows Fifth Harmony on more of a personal level, so all she wanted was to impress him.

They did their set, and Lauren had sung her heart out. They had finished a full hour of covers and original songs, and Simon never changed his expression. He would look up at the stage, then back down to write down some notes which was intimidating for Lauren.

They got off stage and got asked to take pictures and get autographs from many fans. Lauren would look up every now and then, and Simon was no where to be found.

The band headed back to the changing rooms as the fans filed out of the building.

“That was so sick!” Zayn said, grabbing Lauren’s shoulders from behind, shaking her as he talked.

“Yea man, besides the fact that you almost forgot the solo. Harry said, grabbing Zayn into a headlock as they headed down the hallway. Lauren jumped onto Niall’s back for a piggy back ride, as they all continued to walk and talk.

They turned the corner of the hallway, and decided to race eachother to the room. They all got their almost simultaneously, all falling through the doorway.

They all laughed because of their clumsiness, helping one another up. They didn’t even bother to notice another presence in the room, before they heard a cough.

"Holy sh-”

“Simon Cowell?” Harry interrupted Niall from any further words.

Simon stood up and stuck his hand out for the four of them to shake. “Hello, I’m Simon.”

All four of them were pretty much fangirling over him, since he was a huge celebrity. After all talking at the same time, Simon cut them off by a hand gesture that got them all to shut up. He then pointed at Harry, gesturing for him to speak.

“Wh-Why are you here? Not to be rude or anything.” Harry stumbled all over his words.

Simon chuckled. “Well you never responded to my emails a few months ago, so I decided I would talk to you in person.” He walked over to Eric who was sleeping on the couch. “This is my son. I would like to request an easy, quiet meeting for us.”

The four younger ones agreed. They all sat down in front of Simon at the table in the back of the room.

“I would like to discuss a deal. How would the four of you like to become famous?” Simon asked, and the four all had the same facial expression; raised eyebrows and jaws dropped. “I would like to offer my management skills. I would love to sign with my record label, and come work with me.”

Zayn, Lauren, Niall and Harry looked at each other questioningly before Lauren spoke up. “Please give us a second.” The four of them left to bathroom on the side of the room.

“Guys, Simon Cowell wants us to sign to his record label!” Niall said excitedly.

“Wait. We all have to look at the pros and cons here.” Harry said seriously. “We could sign with him now. But he’s hasn’t worked in three whole years, what if he doesn’t do much for us?” Harry paced back and fourth. “What if we don’t sign with him, and continue to play until someone better comes along?”

“Let’s just.. Let’s just give it a try. We won’t make it official. Let’s just see what he could do for us in a month or two and then we’ll see from there. Like, wing it.” Lauren suggested and the three boys all agreed. To be honest, all she wanted was a better chance to meet Fifth Harmony and working with Simon Cowell was definitely a way to do it.

They left the bathroom awkward and sat back down.



The first week, Simon convinced the band to change their name. Now, their known as “The Reason Why”, which they had came up with themselves. It represented who they were and it attracted people.

The second week, Simon booked them gigs in bigger venues.

The third week, their ratings and followers had shot up by 73%, since Simon tweeted out photos of them, attracting more audiences.

By the end of the first month, they recorded their first song professionally.

So much has changed for the band since the started working with him. They were twice almost three times as famous as before. They performed at the House of Blues, and even caught a few paparazzi’s secretly trying to take photo’s of them. What made them realize they were so famous, was the fact that now people were asking to take photo’s with them even in Walmart.

MTV and TMZ were big fans of Simon Cowell and it was obvious that they follow his every move. TMZ even did a segment about how 'Cowell is back to work, and is helping out college kids fulfill their dreams’. MTV on the other hand, wanted the band to be on their 'Artist to Watch’ segment that was coming up next week with special Alumni Guests appearances.

The band was more than satisfied with what Simon has done for them within such a short amount of time, and yesterday, they were officially signed to SYCO Records.


“Come on Mila! We’re going to miss the flight!” Normani called out in the middle of the airport. She had her big sunglasses on, strutting her way through the crowds with her new designer bags.

“Mani walk slower!” Camila was having trouble with her usual back pack and plain black luggage and duffle bag. Her glasses were falling off her face and her pizza box was to hot to carry on the bottom.

Normani and Camila hung out three days prior, just to catch up until they got a call saying that the girl’s were invited to perform at the MTV’s Artist to Watch show as 'special guests’. As soon as Camila saw the line up for this year, she was the first to say yes. She followed the Misguided Society’s whereabouts secretly, and noticed how they changed their band name and worked with Simon. She was proud of herself for taking that risk several months ago to show him the bands video.

They got to the boarding line, and eventually into the plane. From Miami to Los Angeles, they decided last minute that they would fly first class for the heck of it.

Thirty minutes of flying in the air, Normani decided to strike up a conversation. “Can you believe how far we’ve come Mila?” Camila looked away from the book she was reading. “I mean, almost four years ago we were the Artist to Watch with like half a million followers, and now we sold out all of Madison Square Garden and headlining an International Tour.” Normani sounded shocked with her own words.

“It’s crazy to think how different our lives would be if we denied the offer to be formed into a group during the show.” Camila shrugged her shoulders.

Another hour went by and the girls still haven’t fallen asleep. Camila was almost finished with the book she bought right before the flight, and Normani was humming along with Beyonce’s new album.

“A Walk to Remember?” Normani said out loud, realizing what Camila was reading. Camila blushed since she knew what Normani was about to say. “Alright Cabello, who do you have your eyes on now?" 

"No one..” Camila responded shyly.

“Mila, no. You’re telling me. The only times you read mainstream lovey dovey corny books is only when you got them feels for someone.” Normani said. 

Thirty seconds of a hardcore stare down, Camila gave in.

“Lauren Jauregui.”

“HA! Dinah so owes me five bucks!” Normani laughs as Camila sat there shocked.

“You made a bet with Dinah!?” She playfully hit Normani with the book. “Was it really that obvious?”

“Girl, you would creep on her twitt- hold on let me rephrase that. You searched her name on Google and pressed on everything that could possibly have something to do with her.” The two girls burst out laughing.

“MANI NO.” Camila was embarrassed from being caught. “I don’t even know if she’s.. If she plays for my team. And plus I don’t even like her like that. I like her face and what I’ve seen so far.. I need to know what she’s actually like, you know? Maybe she just does it for the camera.”

“Mm girl, we both know I have better gaydar than you and the fact that she wears flannels and leather jackets is like asking if a fat kid likes candy. Plus she’s not dating any of the guys she’s in the band with, right? So there you go.” Normani responded, shrugging her shoulders again.

If Normani was right, Camila Cabello would definitely be falling hard.

The rest of the flight, the two girls had fallen asleep.


I can’t believe we’re performing for MTV tonight!“ Niall said, jumping on the couch of their dressing room.

"I know right? Lauren started jumping next to him, pushing him and causing a wrestling match between the two.

"Aye knock it off you two babies. Get ready to rehearse” Harry said half joking, throwing clothes over to Lauren and Niall as Zayn came out of the bathroom.

They rehearsed all day and met the other performers. 'Bulletproof Souls’ was an all girl group, who tried hitting on Lauren and the guys. Next was a sweet girl named Sasha Blake, who was a solo artist found from 15 second covers on Instagram. Then finally, was a cocky guy named Paul Tony who was a total Justin Bieber wanna be.

They all grabbed dinner together at a near by restaurant as the surprise guest rehearsed. No one had a clue who it was, and didn’t seem to mind either.

They got back to the venue, and The Reason Why was the last to perform. Paul was first to perform, followed by the 'Bulletproof Souls’ in which Lauren had to walk away from. Their voices were to squeaky to enjoy.

She roamed around the building and into the back lot to call her best friend Alexa back. After a few rings, Lauren decided to hang up since there wasn’t going to be an answer.

She walked aimlessly through the parking lot, checking on the time every now and then. The wind was picking up and then she heard a door shut. Lauren turned around, and noticed it was the same door she had came through. She ran back over as quickly as she could, and tried pulling and pushing it open. No luck. She looked at her phone and she was supposed to be on stage in five minutes.

“Help! Let me in! Someone!” She yelled, banging loudly on the doors. She knocked for a minute, but it felt like forever. Four minutes until show time.

“Please open up!” she yelled again. She gave up and thought of going through the front doors, which would take to much time. Lauren started walking away until she heard the door being pushed open.

“Oh thank God.” Lauren sighed out before turning around. The light was dim and she couldn’t see the girls face. “Thank you I thought I was going to miss th-”

“Oh my god.” The angelic voice said. Lauren knew that voice from anywhere and her stomach started flipping. The girl walked into the building with more light and Lauren’s face was blushing harder and harder.

“Yo-you’re Camila Cabello.” Lauren stuttered as the lights above them came on, revealing both of their faces fully.

“Lauren Jauregui. Oh m-”

“Mila! Get your booty over here!” Normani called out from the dressing rooms.

Camila looked embarrassed from her bestfriends mother-like shouting, as Lauren stood there in shock.

“I’m so sorry for staring but I love you.” Lauren immediately regretted what she said. Camila’s face was amused. “No not like love love but like love and stuff and I’m going walk away now.” Lauren was so flustered and she crossed her arms walking away, back to her band.

Camila was chuckling to herself at the nervousness of her crush.

Lauren’s band took the stage, and it seemed like everyone was there for them. They were screaming at the top of their lungs, with multipile posters and signs being held up for both of them.

Lauren sang her heart out like usual, praying that Camila was doing something else rather than watching her perform. Through the whole set, Lauren couldn’t help but think of how stupid she probably seemed. Whenever she looked over to Zayn or Harry next to her, they gave her a reassuring look as she powered through the rest of the set.

They finished and everyone was excited to find out the special guest performer.

“It’s Fifth Harmony.” Lauren spoke up.

“What?” Harry asked.

“Fifth Harmony is the Alumni guest thingy.” Lauren was messing up her own words again.

“Alright Jauregui, what’s wrong with you. You’re usually more articulate than saying 'thingy’.” Harry told her.

Lauren sighed out and put two hands to cover her face. “I met Camila Cabello before meeting back up with you guys and I told her I love her and she thinks I’m so stupid! I couldn’t believe she was right in front of me an-and I just couldn’t talk!” Lauren rambled.

“She called you stupid?” Niall spoke up.

“Well I mean no.. She didn’t say anything she kind of just stood there probably trying to comprehend what I was trying to say.”

“WAIITTTT. You told her you love her!?” Zayn bursted out laughing.

“Shut up I didn’t mean to, it just came out.” Lauren threw a pillow from the couch at him.

She sat in embarrassment through the thirty minutes of Fifth Harmony’s “Throwback set”, the one they did when they first performed their Artist to Watch.

The girls had finished, and Lauren and the guys were finally allowed to leave the dressing room. Zayn and Niall decided to ask if the other performers wanted to hang out afterwards, while Harry was packing his bass away and flirting with one of the crew members.

Lauren was doing the walk of shame back out of the building to the car as every one was following behind her, all laughing and talking. She had to go through the same spot that she met Camila, and if she turned the left corner before the door, she would go down the hall of Fifth Harmony’s dressing room.

Lauren just prayed she didn’t have to see her again.

She sped walk straight to the door, and to her luck, she ran into someone, knocking both of them down.

Lauren was on the bottom, with a weight laying right on top of her.

“Oooh here we go.” Zayn said, smirking. Lauren turned her head to see who was on top of her, and of course, it was Camila Cabello.

They looked into each others eyes, before realizing they were in this position for longer than they should. “Oh my god I’m so sorry.” Camila said.

“No, no that was my fault.” Lauren said as Camila stood up, reaching her hand out to help Lauren back up.

“If it was your fault, how were you the bottom?” Camila asked.

“Yea Jauregui, that one’s new for you, ain’t it?” Niall joked as Harry pushed him.

“We’ll leave you two to it.” Harry said, signalling the group to follow him out the door as Camila and Lauren stood nervously in front of each other.

“Uhm I guess we’ll go too.” Normani said, grabbing both Ally and Dinah out the door as Cece smirked, walking out and checking out Lauren.

“So uhh.. Sorry abo-”

“No, I want to apologize for earlier. I didn’t know what to say when a girl just pops up out of nowhere and it turns out to be one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” Lauren interrupted Camila.

“You think.. You think I’m beautiful?” Camila blushed, making Lauren realize what she said. Lauren rubbed the back of her neck to make her less nervous.

“I do.” Lauren said awkwardly. They fell into a silence as Camila looked down as she played with her own hands.

“So I heard we’re all going to hang out or grab food after..” She started.

“Oh yea, we should probably go.” Lauren said, opening the door for Camila.

“Thank you, Lauren.” Camila smiled up at the green eyed girls.


A/N: okay I rushed this chapter in like an hour im sorry

Our Future

Summary: Dan and Phil actually own the “Future Phil Lester” and “Future Dan Howell” Twitter accounts, and use them to talk about how they want their lives to be ten years in the future.

A/N: I forgot I wrote this like a week ago on ao3. I’m sorry I’m keeping hidden fics from you guys DX but here it is! I wrote it for a friend who kind of requested it?? Enjoy! Oh, and FYI, these Twitter accounts are legit, and any tweets in this fic are taken from that account itself. If you want to know what they are, feel free to ask and I’ll hit you up with that link to them ;)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 2,014

 Dan groaned as he woke up, rolling over and hitting the large object that shared the right half of the bed with him.

“Oof,” Phil said when Dan accidentally smacked him. He smiled down at Dan, setting his phone on his lap. “Good morning.”

“What are you doing?” Dan asked groggily, eyeing Phil’s phone.

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Here is my full report of what happened during the autographs session :)

First, let me just say that they’re all absolutely GORGEOUS! I know we’ve all said that they’re one of the most good-looking cast on TV, but I assure you that you do not realise just how true it is until you meet them all (well, almost all of them. Looking at you Mr. Amell ! ;) ). And they’re all so sweet, so smiley, really, trully adorable and we can tell they genuinely enjoy being there.

OK, moving on!

I started with Willa. Manon (wittyfelicity) was in front of me and she made her sign the 3x20 script. She asked her if she could try to make Stephen’s signature too and she did it! So I was all (jokingly): “That’s a fellony!” ^^

When it was my turn to be in front of her, we greeted each other and she was all smiley. She’s so pretty up close (sorry for repeating myself). And the thing that struck me was how deep her voice was. It’s much lower than in the show. But in a very feminine, sexy way. I looove her voice! She told me that she’s having a great time, that she misses wearing her costume (which I told her looks totally badass and she agreed) and that there are very exciting stuff coming next for her character. Then, before I left, she said: “Nice shirt, by the way” (I was wearing my “Poach Eggs Not Elephants” tanktop). I said: “Yeah, thank you. Represent!”. Then she said: “Yeah, represent.” She was smiling all the time and she was so nice. I loved her!

Then I went on to Danielle. We greeted each other, “how are you?”, etc… Then I said that I was very excited about seeing her back as Killer Frost, and she said that she was too, if that is ever going to happen (my guess is yes ;) ). Then I said that Rick and her were so adorable and funny during their panel and she said: “Yeah, we have fun together”. I thanked her and wished her a good evening. She was also smiling all the time. And I could tell she’s really grateful to everyone for their kind words.

Next was Rick. Boy, is that man beautiful! He has the gentlest eyes and he was smiling all the time. After we greeted each other, he said he was very good and enjoying himself very much. I asked him: “So, is Eddie really dead or are you messing with us?” He said that apparently he was really dead. They haven’t told him if he’ll be back yet. So I said: “Well, whatever happens, you’ll be trully missed because Eddie is just (both hands on my heart) such a good man”. And he smiled at me, so happy about that, and he said: “Thank you so much, that means a lot to me”. Then he high-fived me and wished me a good night. He also noticed my shirt and said: “Nice shirt.” Once again, I said: “Yeah, Represent.” And he was all: “Represent, baby.” Cutie!

Mr. Ramsey was next. I said: “Hello again”, and he was still very smooth with his “Bonjour”. I said: “I’m so excited about season 4 and the H.I.V.E storyline. Do you know a bit about it?” After finishing to sign my poster, he just laid back in his chair, hands on his head, just chilling ^^. David: “I know there’s gonna be a costume of some kind.” I was all: “Yeah, I’ve heard. But it has to stay simple and subtle because you’re Diggle.” David: “Yeah, absolutely.” Me: “Diggle doesn’t need a costume, he’s perfect the way he is and he’s as much a superhero as the rest of them anyway.” David: “I absolutely agree.” Apart from that, he said that he’s really enjoying himself during this convention. Also, the writers haven’t told them much about next season yet. They’re much more in the dark compared to the previous seasons. Anyway he’s looking forward to everything. I wished him a good night and thanked him for coming all the way out here. David: “Our pleasure”. He is so handsome! The scruff looks so damn good! There’s a very attractive vibe that’s coming out of him :p

And finally………. EMILY! I’m using CAPS because seriously this woman… I mean, I have no words to fully describe her perfection. She’s the most wonderful, the cutest, the nicest, the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen! (but yes, I am biased since I love her so much) I tried my best to fully enjoy my time with her and I’m gonna try to remember everything I told her and everything she told me (having this goddess in front of you is kindda unsettling so you have to compose yourself). But I stayed cool and I managed to form words in front of her and actually make her understand me so that’s what matters. Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase ^^

I greeted her, she asked how I was and I asked her back. She was very good. I started with: “So, I have a few things to tell you.” Emily: “Go for it. Tell me everything.” She finished signing and she looked at me (Lord, have mercy!). Me: “You must have heard it a hundred times but I’m gonna say it anyway: You-are-amazing.” Emily: “Awww!” (she hid her face in her arms, she was so touched). Me: “I love you so much. You are my favorite character. I mean, I love absolutely everyone here, you’re all so sweet and wonderful, but you… (she didn’t leave my gaze and she had the biggest smile on her face) You light up the show. Felicity is absolutely awesome.” I finished my compliments filled monologue and she said: “Thank you so much, that’s so nice of you.”

I went on: “I was livetweeting the panel and apparently you have some pretty passionate Brazilian fans who asked me to pass on their love for you so there you go.” She smiled and she said: “Yeah, I feel like Brazil is so warm.” Today was very hot too so I said: “It’s very hot here as well!” Emily: “Sooo hot!”. Then she noticed my shirt and she was all: “I love your shirt, by the way.” Me: “Right? I mean, who doesn’t love elephants?” Emily: “And Paul’s face. He asked me if I wanted one of his shirts and I was all…” She acted that she basically took the shirt from Paul’s hands and wore it right away like “Don’t be ridiculous, of course I want your shirt!” Emily: “I wanna wear him everyday.” Me: “That’s a pretty handsome face to have on your shirt.” Emily: “Yeah, totally.”

Next I said: “I was really sorry that your panel with Colton got cut short earlier.” She was all: “Really? It was?” Cutiepie didn’t even notice it ^^. Me: “Yeah, that was too bad.” Emily: “But I feel like we occupied the time pretty well. We gave quite the performance.” Me: “Oh yeah, you were amazing, definetely. I feel like everytime it’s the two of you, you’re just very natural and fun. It’s like we’re not even here!” She laughed and said that they do have fun.

And finally I said: “I was sorry to hear that you’re lactose intolerant.” Emily: “Yeah… But I’m just intolerant so I can still eat dairy filled products.” Me: “Well, with this weather, if you want to enjoy a really good icecream, you can go to the Île Saint Louis where Notre Dame is and go to Bertillon. They have lots of delicious sorbets too. Best icecream in Paris, I swear.” She was so cute repeating the name “Bertillon”, I could’ve died… Emily: “OK, cool, thank you.”

I thanked her again for coming. I said seeing her was amazing, that they needed to enjoy the city, and that I was looking forward to tomorrow’s panel of David and her and also my picture with Colton and her. She said: “Yeah, cool, definetely. See you tomorrow. Thank you.”

She was smiling the whole time. She looked so beautiful! Trully angelic. And she really listens. You can tell she enjoys spending time with each fan. You can see on her face that she really appreciates all the love we have for her.

So there you have it. I am still utterly star-strucked. She really seems like a warm person. Her presence is very exciting but also soothing. That’s why I said that I really wish I knew her in real life because she seems like that kind of people who just brightens your life :)

OK, I’m done with my full report of the autographs session. I’ll get back to you if something else comes to mind. Tomorrow I’ll try to buy an extra for Colton’s autograph because I reaaaally wanna talk to him too now (the autographs are the only time where they really let you converse with the cast).

This whole first day was absolutely awesome, amazing, surreal, really an experience I would recommend because it’s worth it.

I’m gonna post some more pictures now and try to upload the audio of Emton singing “Summer Nights” (that woman can sing like a goddess! They both should start a band!) ^^

Tomorrow will come some more livetweeting and pictures for y'all! Thank you for reading! :D