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Betty Ross’s TIH Ending

postcards–from–faraway​ has a really great meta up that mentions Betty Ross and laments that she’s just left hanging at the end of The Incredible Hulk.

But! Fun fact about The Incredible Hulk — the deleted scenes are the best parts. Not only does everything make way more sense and General Ross’s righthand man is a fully developed, kickass lady, Betty gets hers in the end.

(Skip to 27:31 for the scene)

Here, Betty gets a call from her boyfriend, whom she calmly confronts about selling Bruce out earlier in the film. She then forgives him, because she’s too moral and understanding and awesome to hold a grudge. 

Betty: I forgive you. But I’m not coming home yet.

Leonard: Where are you going?

Betty: I have no idea. But I’ll let you know when I do, I promise. Goodbye, Leonard.

Betty, who is a well-balanced individual who does not have issues with self-loathing, is brave enough to say goodbye and considerate enough to keep the people who love her informed of her whereabouts. 

As much as I love Bruce Banner, he does not at this juncture deserve Betty Ross.

And Betty Ross is not going to sit around and wait for him. She’s going to take some time to find herself, and she’s going to move on with her life, probably with Leonard, who will wait for her, something in another deleted scene she asks Bruce why he didn’t do.

So, yeah, The Incredible Hulk is definitely flawed but could have been a much better story and had a much better conclusion for Betty Ross had they left in the really compelling character moments shown in the deleted scenes. 

Now let’s all imagine Betty Ross getting wine drunk with Natasha Romanoff and serenely talking shit about Bruce Banner’s runaway tendencies. 


This comes up a lot, so I really wanted to look at why, objectively, Natasha is the right Avenger for the task of the lullaby. I’m going to set aside any notions of shipping and just focus on the tactical reasons why the Black Widow makes the most sense as the Hulk tamer.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that the ability to Hulk tame didn’t spring forth from Natasha’s genitals. It’s a tactical, necessary plan that is painless for the Hulk and Bruce and suits Natasha’s skill-set as someone who prefers to use subtlety rather than brute force.

Reasoning under the cut.

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