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For subjects like history, geography, business and even the sciences like biology and chemistry, a lot of content needs to be memorised! These are just a few of my tips on how to memorise all of the information you need before your exam.

Repeating over time- In the best scenario, studying for a test three weeks ahead is the most optimal way to study. Usually, the process is memorising chunks two weeks before and doing past papers the week of. However, more often than not, this doesn’t end up happening because the weeks get hectic/busy so the max time before a test is probably 1.5-2 weeks. The next few points are more catered to that time period!

Palm cards- This I feel is the most common way of memorising things, by putting information on palm cards and taking them around with you to study on the train, bus, or wherever you go. The cons of this is to make sure that you don’t copy the information onto them in a passive way. You learn it over again when you write it out so make that opportunity count!

Teach content to others- I have learnt over the past few years that this is one of my favourite ways to memorise- give a family member, friend or anyone (even your pets) the notes and teach them the topic, point by point. If you can’t explain a topic in a simple way where the other person can understand, it indicates that you haven’t learnt the information properly or enough to explain it in a test situation.

Film yourself- Another of my personal favourites, read over your information one palm card/paragraph/page at a time, turn on your phone camera or photobooth (on Mac) and film yourself talking like you’re in a Youtube video. If you do this a lot, it really helps because it’s almost as if you’re talking to someone else, and speaking it out loud helps you memorise.

Writing out notes- It’s best to actually type out/write out notes as you go in class, but before tests I usually handwrite them out again. This emphasises this in your mind and you can also ensure that you have learnt everything that is on the syllabus. Making them pretty is a plus!

Watch videos and Podcasts- Youtube has so many great videos on any topic. My favourites are Khan Academy (most subjects) , Crashcourse (science and history), Lisa Study Guides (English), Stated Clearly (Biology) and Eddie Woo (Maths). If you’re a visual/auditory learner, these really help because it feels like you are learning the lesson again.

Active textbook reading- Read over the text books and annotate/highlight. However, you need to ensure that you are actually reading the text, not just highlighting the words. 

I hope this helped anyone who has trouble memorising, good luck with all of your exams!



'Minor' Accidents

A/N: I finally forced myself to type this out on my phone while I wake for a new laptop. Sorry it took so long!

You immediately smile when Harry’s name pops up on your phone screen, but that smile quickly fades after he speaks.

“Please don’t freak out.”

The first words out of his mouth make you do the exact opposite of what he wanted you to do- panic. You can hear some kind of commotion in the background as you ask him what’s happening.

“I got in a little car accident, but-”


“Hey, I’m fine. I promise I’m still in one piece. I just can’t drive my car home, I need you to pick me up.”

You’re already putting your shoes on and desperately searching for your purse while he’s trying to explain where he is.

“There’s no need for you to come all the way over here; I’ll walk to the corner near the bakery and you can pick me up from there.”

“No, Harry. I’m picking you up where you are and we’re going to the hospital.”

He tries to argue, but he knows you’re much too stubborn and worried to give in.

“Stay right where you are. I’m on my way. I love you.” You hang up before he has the chance to protest any further.

As much as you’re trying to block it out, this whole situation is giving you flashbacks of the accident you were in over a year ago. Now you know exactly what he felt when you’d called him in the same situation.

As you round the corner Harry described, the scene in the road makes your heart stop and you understand why Harry had tried to get you to pick him up somewhere else. Contrary to what he said on the phone, this was not a little accident. You pull over to the side of the road where Harry’s waiting, your hand covering your mouth as you’re trying to blink the tears out of your eyes. Your car door flies open and he holds his arms out for you to run into.


All you can do is whimper his name as you wrap your arms around him, rubbing your hands over his back and appreciating that he’s still standing in front of you.

“I’m okay, baby. I’m okay.” He assures you, hugging you closer to his body in an attempt to calm you down.

You pull away and hold his face in your hands, your eyes darting around to look for anywhere he could be hurt. As far as you can tell, he’s completely fine.

“Stop, angel. I’m fine, don’t worry.”

You can’t stop yourself from glancing over at the wrecked car that’s still in the middle of the road. Just by looking at the scene, you can imagine what Harry had felt right before the car smashed into his. There was nothing he could’ve done to avoid it.

“Don’t look over there, baby, please.” He practically begs, taking in the panicked look on your face. You’re blinking quickly to stop any tears from falling, and the thought of Harry being in that car when it smashed was making your head spin with worry.

“I… I’m so glad you’re okay. Oh my gosh, Harry.” You pull him back into you as you finally start to relax, and you feel him take a deep breath as he squeezes you a little closer.

“We’re going to the hospital.” You insist.

“Baby, we really don’t need to, I’m fine-”

“Harry, we’re going. Just in case.”

He gives you an exasperated look, but when you raise your eyebrows at him, he knows he’s not going to get out of it. After a few more attempts at persuading you he’s fine, he finally gives in and hops in the car and lets you drive.

He won’t admit it, but by the time you reach the hospital, he’s actually glad you forced him to come. His entire body is starting to ache and his head is pounding horribly. Judging by the pain in his head, he’s not too surprised when he’s told he has a pretty serious concussion.

You shoot him one of those looks that says ‘I told you so’, but he can tell by your tight grip on his hand that you’re more concerned than anything. He’s released from the hospital with some painkillers and instructions to take it extremely easy for a while- instructions you’ll definitely make him follow.

“I can’t believe I have a concussion. Thought I was fine.” He huffs while you help him get settled on the couch at home. Even though you know you’re being a little overly protective, you don’t think it’s a good idea to let him walk up the stairs to your bedroom. Besides, the couch is surprisingly comfortable and big enough for both of you.

“I don’t even remember hitting my head.”

You nod understandingly, placing your hand gently on his knee as you sit down next to him.

“You were in shock, baby.” You say quietly.

He’s spacing out, rearranging thoughts in his head and trying to figure out what to say to you. He knows you’re going to worry no matter what, but he has to at least make an attempt to calm you down before you drive yourself crazy.

“I know you’re worried, but I swear I’m fine. I feel normal except for a little headache.”

You bite your lip and study his face, noticing the little bump and bruise on his forehead as you push his hair back.

“Stop that. Y/n, I can see you freaking out. Please, listen to me, baby.”

You finally let his hair fall back to its original position as you lock eyes with him, and his hands reach over to take yours.

“Harry, don’t you realize how lucky you are?” You practically whisper, sadness and worry in your eyes as you stare up at him.

He nods slowly and smiles at you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.

“When I saw that car, and I thought of you driving…” Your voice cracks as tears fill your eyes; as soon as Harry sees, he shakes his head and reaches out to cup your cheek in his hand.

“Hey, no tears… This is why I wanted you to pick me up down the street.” He chuckles lightly and wipes the tears from your cheeks.

“I know how scared you feel, y/n. I know it’s terrifying to know that you can’t protect me from everything, because that’s exactly how I felt when this happened to you. But baby, I’m perfectly fine, okay?” His eyes are wide as he stares at you, watching for a reaction. He knows nothing is going to soothe your worry completely, but he hopes his reassurance can help somehow.

You nod slowly and take a deep breath, feeling a little relief when Harry’s arm wraps around you and pulls you into his side.

“You’re okay.” You repeat, closing your eyes and feeling calm for the first time since he called you earlier.

“Now, can you relax so we can catch up on Criminal Minds?” He laughs.

You roll your eyes playfully but snuggle closer to him when he turns the TV on, content with the fact that you both get to enjoy little moments like these.

Spring Day Theory 🌼

As the Spring Day teaser was released today I thought I’d create a study for you guys putting forward my observations as a Creative Writing and literature graduate, please enjoy… *puts smart hat on*


A plotless work by Ursula K. Le Guin based solely on description and allowing the reader his own interpretation of morality and philosophy. The only chronological event in the piece is the first day of summer in a euphoric utopian city named Omelas, an extended metaphor for youth, with a vibrant festival atmosphere which we see in the teaser within the Omelas motel in bright rich colours as they all live communally just like the people within the text.

The reader is intended to remain unsure about the reasoning behind this ambiguous world which is left completely up to interpretation, confirmed by the writer in their own words: “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairytale, long ago and far away. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids.”

The central point which makes the story real is its single atrocity, the suffering of one child in filth, darkness, and perpetual misery.

Once old enough to know the weight of this suffering, a group of young and old individuals walk away silently seen in one of the scenes as each member walks together into a new environment, evident due to the drained hue of the cinematography as it becomes more wintery, seen too in the opening shot in which the members have frosty blue tinged lips juxtaposing the background of bright childhood sights like the merry go round reading “you never walk alone” as well as the beach which show a stylized divide between them and their surroundings. 

Jimin’s scenes are most notable with the most enduring being his connection to the sea, a theme which sets forth a contradictory metaphor as old as classical literature itself, of the ocean as a serene, beautiful yet dangerous and hostile environment. This idea is supported by Jimin holding another persons shoes in his hands, typically the first thing to wash up after a death by drowning at sea.

It is arguable that Jimin later walking alone in an apparent wilderness is symbolic of the book endings ambiguity and potential as a blank canvas on which the personal meaning from the readers imagination can be applied. Once again the writer confirms this: “The place they go is even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. It is possible it does not exist.”

This could hint that the characters have no further plot line, they are without a continuing story arc, supported by the imagery within the teaser of each member repeating his own theme as oppose to developing.

The notion of the scapegoat is central to the understanding of the text, the writer being heavily influenced by psychomyths alluded to by Dostoyevsky and William James. In a nutshell that no matter the happiness we felt in a society that hinged on the suffering of one, our happiness would be so monstrous to us that we would be forced to leave it by our own conscience.

No Vacancy

About 7 friends on a road trip staying at a motel, encountering a seemingly helpful group and being trapped, waking up to a gruesome and bloody terror they must work together to escape and survive.

There is a huge possibility that the other group is a mirror image of the 7 friends whose own actions put them in danger, causing them to have to work together to overcome the consequences, it can also be used to explain some of the dark and bloody themes seen in Wings, Epilogue and I Need U era.

Owl Service

A supernatural fantasy written by Alan Garner set in modern Wales and based on a mythical Welsh woman named Blodeuwedd who was created by flowers for a man cursed to take no human wife. She betrays the husband for another man and is turned into an owl as punishment, a future theme eerily hinted at in the sign at the bus shelter (which oddly has no exit roads) at the destination aptly named ‘Affair’.

In Garners tale 3 teenagers find themselves re-enacting this story, whose bird imagery relates directly to Taehyung’s portrayal in Wings and the mythology and classical themes set forth in the previous era.


It is imperative we ask ourselves the forbidden question, what if none of this is real? What if what we are seeing is just a narrative device created to obscure the real story? What facts would this leave us with?


The central fact is the reflected suffering of a young person – escaping into his books and movies to distract himself from the truth, a truth so all-encompassing that it bleeds through into every single thing he reads and watches. An individual who was well versed in classicism and philosophy, of high intelligence to keep noticing these themes and applying parts of his own life to generate meaning. 

The ‘hyung’ Tae calls for yet never gets through to after the fact, doomed to repeat and suffer that which he cannot change, the events of his youth refracted in what he reads, so many variations of books and films all mixed together and all in English, overlapping and still somehow alien from each other, yet in each he sees his friends as well as himself as the protagonists, that child would be the central theme, the scapegoat, the utopia, the one individual which knits it all together. 

The view of this one man would perceive all the events, know the suffering of each character as only an omniscient narrator would, how else would he know both the suffering and the joy simultaneously unless the characters were all a part of him, each one a strength and a weakness.

With this view, only the events during I Need U could have been real, the rest simply memories, reflections and glimpses into his imagination as he goes about his life, revisiting a now distant, traumatic yet halcyon past.

Who do you think he is? I hope you enjoyed my mini case study of the new teaser! If you would like any more theories I welcome asks! 💖

Written by Laura Cathrine. 🎀

For the record

Ugh, disclaimers make my ass itch, but here we go.

I’m not here to give antis, negative nellies, I-told-you-so-ers, flip floppers, Eeyores, shit-talkers or the perpetually dimwitted a platform.  I enjoy talking with individuals who want to have a good time and don’t attempt to suck the fun out of this fandom through its dick every nine seconds through bitterness, bitchery, bullshit or assbasketry. 

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The anons that don’t have anything new, fun, interesting or complimentary to add to the discussions that I enjoy having need to take it somewhere else. Preferably to your own blog in your own space with like-minded people. Because it’s more fun that way. I highly recommend it.

I’m a Lido Deck-dwelling , 100% unfazed by literally anything nirvana shipper. Nothing’s gonna change that. I’m not looking to be proven right or convince anybody of anything. I just contribute what I can and bask in the glow of two lovely people and the vibes they put out into the world. 

That’s it, that’s all. 

Take it easy, keep it sleazy.

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The Start of Something Good (hopefully!) - HijabonitaBOX

Okay so, I know I haven’t been posting on this blog too often recently and that was really because I needed a break from social media. That being said I realise this may not be read by a lot of people, but I’m just gonna put this out there anyway and it would mean so much to me if you did :)

So for years - and I mean literally YEARS - I have wanted to start a brand with the name HIJABONITA specialising in modest but chic clothing and hijabs for Muslim women. I had this idea at a time in my life where I was prevented by various circumstances and limits put upon me and my freedom to pursue what I was passionate about. And so unfortunately I never had the chance to make this dream a reality. Until now. But these days there are so many places you can look to find modest clothing, not like how it was when I first came up with the idea - back then Islamic clothing stores seemed to sell exclusively bin bags.  I wanted to make chic modest fashion accessible for Muslim women who also didn’t have hundreds of pounds to spend to get actual classy attire. Now we have places like Inaya etc who cater for this very well.

However! I have been musing about a new direction in which to take my dream and that is through a subscription box, but purely aimed at you guys - hijabis or just Muslims, mainly girls, who want something personal to them, something different.

Now this box won’t just be a hijab, some hijab pins, etc etc etc - I’ll aim to go beyond that. For now I can’t tell exactly what the boxes will contain, but I just want to put some feelers out to see what you guys think. These boxes will be tailored to the needs of the modern Muslimah who wants to live life to the fullest but in a halal way.

I’m coming up with names, and right now I’m going for HijabonitaBOX. Because Hijabonita has been my idenity and my baby for so long so I feel like it should be part of the name. However if any of you would like to suggest names then I would be so happy to consider them!

So yeah, anyway, I would just like to know what you guys - potential box receivers - think of this idea :)

Peace <3

BTS Reaction-Nothing Underneath.....(18+)

Here is your request.  I’m in need of a second admin to my blog.  I’m going to put up a post for it in the next one I make but i’m hoping to get another person to help me out and show case their writing and help with a reaction or two as I am planning a wedding!!!  :-)  Just drop us a line and we can chat!  

I do not own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners!

Jin:  He would come home to you cleaning in just a plain shirt and would be astonished that he could see through your shirt, however he would be slightly turned on.  He’d run over to you and bring you in for a kiss as he drapes his jacket around you.

Suga:  When he came to see you are your apartment, you would be wearing a strapless dress that he asked you to wear.  He would see you had nothing underneath and pick you up and carry you to the bedroom where he would give you exercise all day long.

J-Hope:  When he came home and saw you washing the dishes in your white shirt he would call out to you causing you to spill water all over you.  He would give you a smirk and lay you down on the table where he could get a better view of your shirt.

Rap Monster:  You would visit him in the recording studio, wearing a tight shirt that shows everything.  When he didn’t notice you, you would walk around showing yourself off until he would set you up on the recording board earning all his attention.

Jimin:  He would be shy when he came home to your shared apartment.  He would notice you going around and doing housework.  He would notice you weren’t wearing anything underneath and pull you in close to his lap so he could see you a lot better.

Tae:  Unlike the other guys, the minute he saw that you had nothing underneath, he would corner you to the wall where he would pick you up and take off your shirt telling you that you must want him to see since you weren’t wearing anything underneath.

Kookie:  He would also be shy about wanting to tell you that he noticed.  He would notice that you had nothing on once he saw you exercising.  He would pull you into his room and tell you that he knows and start to kiss your neck.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Daddy looking for princess to spoil

Hey everyone,

I’m a 24 year old Daddy from Virginia. I’m finishing undergrad at the end of the year, and will up moving somewhere around the country next year. Maybe near you!

I’m interested in something long term, with a connection, not just sexual. I like making rules, and having my little follow them. I’m extremely affection, and am always the kind of person to make time for my little, whatever they need. My goal is to be a rock for you to lean on, and someone who will help you grow and become the best person you can be. If that means micro managing, then I can do that. I’m about putting a lot of effort into relationships, and a lot of communication.

I also have a general set of rules that I’d like my little to follow that I can share.

Feel free to message me here, or on Kik at SlothCatMissile

Edit: I have never gotten this much attention in my life haha. If I don’t get around to messaging you, send me a message first! I’m attempting to talk to everyone.
Please Read, It Won’t Take Long

Hey guys,
I’m wondering if you could help me out here. As you know, Christmas is coming up and I really want to make an effort this year, especially for my sweet auntie. She always encourages me with my art and she loves seeing everyone else’s art. I’m planning to make her a book with loads of art to look at and remind her that she is appreciated and loved. I know things are hard for her as she has scoliosis that causes her a lot of pain so I just want to make her happy. It would mean the world to me (and her) if you could draw or create something that I could put into the book.

Please spread the word, re-blogs are greatly appreciated.

Just know that if you ever need a favour I’m here to help, thank you.

Also I would like to thank @spookyjimrippedmas for helping so far. <3

K but consider: autistic nico

•his special interest is mythomagic. he’s embarrassed by it cause its ‘childish’ but secretly spends all his time thinking about it and runs at least 2 blogs

•communication difficulties. sometimes words just. dont happen??? will, hazel and The Squad™ do their best to give him space and make him comfy

•nico who has eating problems because of ~sensory issues~ like he cant stand the texture of some food or it smells too strong. Will helps hims find foods he can Tolerate 

•The Boi stims with his ring!!! hazel gets him one o those fancy spinner rings as a gift and nico loves her so much……….. he puts it on the finger next 2 his skull ring and it makes him Happy

•Nico never really knowin how the people around him feel and worrying that he upsets them and they just dont say anything

•nico with executive dysfunction!!! i Yell

•nico w a Very Specific Schedule. he wakes at 6:00 every morning to get coffee and bring it back to his cabin before everyone else gets up. if someone else is in the dining pavilion everything is Fukt™.one time chiron gets a new brand of coffee and Hoooo Boi Nico is ready to Stab A Bitch for a full 24 hrs

i could go on tbh. autistic nico brings me Life

P.S. I’m definitely going to be putting up a F.A.Q. on my blog when I have the time, but the most frequent message is:

Can I dub your comic/translate your comic?

My answer: YES YOU CAN!!! I absolutely love it when people make dubs and translate the comics to other languages–please, please, please do so if you want to!! You have my blessing! My only condition is that you credit me and wherever you post it, provide a link back to the original posted here on my blog. And I’d love to be tagged/sent the link to your dub/translation via IM so that I can see it whenever I can!! 

I appreciate everyone who does things like this because they’re always so amazing, so please, no need to ask – just follow the two simple conditions and have fun and I can’t wait to see it! <3

My new hobby 🎹
  • Me: *sighs out of boredom*
  • Daddy: what is it pumpkin?
  • Me: I need something to do...
  • Daddy: what about coloring? Arts and crafts? Or do you want to watch some movies?
  • Me: nooo... I want to do something different... and amazing!
  • Daddy: like??
  • Me: hmm.. like trying to play piano? I really like that idea!
  • Daddy: baby I don't know about that...
  • Me: *pouty face* oh okay...
  • Daddy: *pats my head* are you sure? You won't give up 5 days later??
  • Me: I'm sure daddy! I want to make beautiful music so I can play for you and put on a show for my stuffies!! It will be so amazing!
  • Daddy: it's going to take time princess. Are you sure you have the patience?
  • Me: yes sir! Just give me a chance daddy I'll make you proud!
  • Daddy: okay baby if you keep up the hard work I'll go out and buy you the things you need okay?
  • Me: thank you daddy! I love you!
  • Daddy: I love you more pumpkin.
  • Me: and daddy... thanks for supporting me...
  • Daddy: there's not a thing in this world I wouldn't do for you princess and always know daddy is your biggest fan and wants you to succeed.
The Perks of Being Sick

So much of the Spoonie community (my own blog included) is dedicated to laugh at our respective nightmares, while also expressing our frustrations with living a life that is unimaginable to able bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I think we need a place to put that anger, pain, and unrest. But I also think it’s important to recognize the benefits of being sick. 

Yes, benefits, no sarcasm intended or meant. Whether you are a spoonie living full time on your couch, or part time in the hospital, we’ve all had days where we’ve seen healthy people doing activities we remember being able to do without paying a toll. I remember handing a prof my thirteenth sick note of the term and him making a comment along the lines of “I wish I could afford as many sick days as you.” That cut me incredibly deep because I have always strived for perfection to the degree of self destruction, and he had no idea just how much I would have loved the freedom to go to school without my body telling me no. I wanted a life that was bigger than my body and here was this prof living without health restrictions, jealous of my ball and chain.

This isn’t an essay about the importance of living your fullest, etc. This is a message to you that it is okay (and important) to recognize and grieve the life that was taken from you by your illness. My illness stripped every part of my identity from me one bit at a time, piece by piece, until there was nothing left but half a shaved head and some PTSD. Each time I thought it’d had the last of me, I found something else I was no longer able to do. It was horrible, I’m not going to lie. The worst part of being sick is watching others live the life you’d imagined for yourself and knowing you can never have it. 

But in that horror, in that blinding white anger and sadness, you are forced to reinvent yourself. You are forced to learn that nothing matters and at the end of the day, the person you thought you were is just as easily replaced by the person you could become. Grieve your losses, but be okay with a fresh start. Being sick forces you to try new things, new strategies in keeping sane and happy, and that’s not so different from what our able-bodied counterparts are looking for either.

There are always things to be grateful for. If this year hurt you, be thankful it’s almost dead and you’re alive. And there are ways to live a productive, fulfilling life, even in the most unexpected manner possible. That is the perk of being sick; you know that you are more than your illness, your job, your aesthetic, you know that for every curveball thrown, you can adjust, morph, and reinvent yourself into the person you deserve to be.

well well well,, it’s been a short and honestly frickin’ wild ride (no swears cause trying to keep a clean image for the youths™) but we finally hit 1k,, haha what i’m not late guys 2k !!! (look i know i said i would do a follow forever at 1k but guess what i didn’t so what are you gonna do about it, huh?) anyways i want to keep it short and sweet but ~  holyy molyyy guys i haven’t even had this blog a full 2 months yet??? like that’s absolutely wild ~

so in the short time i’ve had this blog i’ve made some awesome friends and met a lot of people with a lot of cool blogs and basically i’m so thankful to everyone who puts up with me and actually reblogs my shit and sends me messages and asks like you guys are all so amazing,, so uhh basically everyone on here i’m giving you a hug or just a high five if you’re not into hugs or even just supportive, excited jazz hands because i love you all so much 💕 💕

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Break Time

Originally planned to continue this bulk until the end of the month, but surprise flu-like symptoms put me out of commissions for a few days. Since it’ll take me a while to get back into the groove, I figured this probably a good time to call it for now.

It’s bittersweet, but I honestly cannot consider the past four months anything but an absolute success. Normally I get so physically and emotionally exhausted by month 2 or 3 that I stop making progress. I get sick of eating, sick of the gym, and just generally unmotivated.

This time, progress was incredibly steady from start to finish. I had such great support from around the ‘net, and was just generally feeling very good about myself, my motivation levels were through the roof. I could probably keep going for months, but it’s time for a break. With over 70 pounds gained, my body (especially my feet) needs some time to adjust and get used to being heavy again.

The next 2-3 months will be a bit quiet. I will do my best to maintain my weight, though I expect to lose 10-20 pounds because that’s just how things go. When late May/early June rolls around, I will start back up, with an eye on 300 and beyond. Looking forward to it!

Stat Update:
Weight: 202 -> 273 (+71 pounds)
Neck: 16.5" -> 19" (+2.5")
Shoulders: 52" -> 58" (+6")
Chest: 46" -> 51" (+5")
Arms: 16" -> 18.5" (+2.5")
Forearms: 12.75" -> 14.25" (+1.5")
Belly: 41" -> 49" (+8")
Waist: 38" -> 43" (+5")
Thighs: 24" -> 27" (+3")
Calves: 15.5" -> 18.5" (+3")


as a few of you know, i recently had a miscarriage. i had to take a medical leave of absence from work so i could take care of doctors appointments and the emotional trauma attached.

i’m back to work now, but missing two weeks combined with the medical costs i had to pay has put a serious dent in my bank account, and bills are due soon.

if you can, even just donating a dollar makes my life a little easier and makes it so i can pay to keep seeing doctors and living in my house.

my circlepay is rianalyssaxo@gmail.com

if you can’t or don’t want to donate, please, please reblog this. it would mean the world to me. it’s been a hard few weeks, and knowing someone still cares is more than enough to help me keep going.

thank you all for being here and putting up with the weird way my blog has been going for a few weeks. i hope y'all have a good day.

So my cat is at the emergency vet right now because his bladder is blocked up and we had to pay through the nose so that they’d give him treatment. And I’m, like, highkey stressed because they took pretty much all we had and idk how we’ll make through the next few weeks and I just. If I put a donation button on my blog or made a post asking for help, would anyone be willing or able? Maybe I’ll open up writing commissions? I’ll post a link to my writing blog and AO3 if anyone wants to check out what I’ve done, just.

I really need help guys.

anonymous asked:

Random question for Admin. (No picture needed, just curious) How many questions do you think this blog gets daily?

Depends. I usually get a fluctuation of asks if I post something. So, on average, if I don’t post anything for a day, I’ll get about 15 asks. And then I’d say I get maybe 5 asks per post I make?

*puts on glasses and green visor* Let’s do some math now. I made this blog on 16 November 2014, which was 696 days ago. I have 13,568 asks in my inbox, and 778 posts (not all my posts are asks but idgaf), which adds up to 14,346 asks. That averages to about 21 asks/day. Yeah, my guess was pretty close.


                                         What are you doing? 

There are so many problems that need fixing on this site. 

  • A way to block blogs on mobile without going to said blog. 
  • Weeding out the pornbots 
  • Taking care of the problems with notifications {I.E. having double notifications or not actually being able to see all notifications}
  • The glitch where themes just suddenly disappear from blogs for a few minutes
  • On blog ads that keep turning on  { Note: I understand the need for ads. I do. But putting them on our blogs without warning and messing up people’s themes — themes that people spend a lot of time perfecting — is not the way to do it. }
  • Actual child pornography 

But, instead you take away our ability to check mutual followers… a choice which has caused many people, including myself and my friends, very unnecessary anxiety. 
Perhaps, if you focused your energies on solving the very serious problems that plague Tumblr, rather than make them worse, we could turn this site back into what it was MEANT to be: 
A place where people can form friendships, share common interests, express themselves!

 Let’s try to make it that, again. Please. 

anonymous asked:

I love your blog so much! The way you write is amazing and not just because it's beautiful and captivating but because you're not afraid to portray the character as they really are, flaws and all. (Also you love Jumin and he is my absolute favorite, really don't like how the fandom treats him) You are amazing! *throws flowers*

Thank you so much and yes, I agree with you on Jumin. Everyone just portrays him like this psychotic rip-off of Christian Grey when in reality he is so much more than that. For one, the bad end people use to make him out to be this sugar daddy dom…while it can be interpreted as sexy it really isn’t, in my opinion. He does these things in his overly intense need to protect you and keep you around, not to seduce you. I mean for heavens sake, the man doesn’t want to touch you until he’s put a ring on it. He’s basically a virgin! Who would think he’d jump straight up into whipping and flogging your ass?!

I also want to add that this is a bad end for a reason. The game acknowledges that this behaviour is bad, which is why it is your job to ‘cure’ him from it. You get said bad end by feeding into his obsession, which is your choice to make. I don’t see why people complain about his reaction, when it is literally their choices that caused it. As for his otherwise controlling behaviour I personally don’t see the issue. In fact, I feel like his reaction is the one sane one in the game. You were locked in an apartment, hacked by someone no one could trace with a bomb about to blow up! What else should he do?!

If I were him I would insist on you staying at the safest way possible until that issue is resolved as well! That place just happens to be Jumin’s place. It also isn’t like he is holding you captive there. You are free to roam about not only his penthouse but the entire building which according to him includes a garden, a hair saloon and multiple other fancy things. You get fancy food from cooks and can ask for any clothes you want as well as ultimate protection. 

On top of that I want to remind everyone that if you chose to give the ‘oh my God, let me go answers’ you die. You get back to the building, just like you wanted, only to be blown up by mentioned hacker. You know…just like Jumin warned you would happen and tried to prevent…yeah, that way! So honestly, his controlling behaviour was merely due to the fact that he is smarter and more worldly than the rest and predicted things better. He basically saved your life so how about giving the poor dude a break for a change?

In conclusion I just wish people would stop putting Jumin in this tiny niches he’s much too big for. He’s either over-sexualized, in a way that doesn’t fit his character at all, or demonized for something that frankly anyone in that situation would have done. Especially considering that he neither kidnapped her - MC went on her own account - nor did he ever lay a hand on her. Everyone needs to stop acting like he is some sort of sexual predator when in reality he’s an emotionally constipated cat lady at soul…


i’ve come to the decision that i would prefer to not give out any more personal information on here. if you know any of my info, including my name, please refrain from using it.

from now on, i will just go by ‘M’, or i can make up a name if that would be more convenient for all of you guys, please just let me know. again, please refrain from using my name or sharing any of my personal information that i might have given you in the past.

also, i feel like i need to mention that i’ve been considering doing this for a while but i ultimately decided it would be a good idea because @illumeshawn did it. i just thought i would put her in this in case anyone doesn’t see her post. don’t use her info as well!!

thank you ily guys. please message me and tell me if it’s easier for you to refer to me as ‘M’ or if you’d like me to come up with a fake name.