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My Favorite Anime

Many of us have watched a lot of anime through the years, but there will always be that one list of anime in the back of your mind that become timeless and close to your heart. No matter how many years have passed they still remain the best of the best,  because let’s be honest, anime is not what it use to be.

This will include series/movies/OVAs. there are also many series in this list that i couldn’t decide which i love the most, so there isn’t a particular order.

Ghost in the shell

I really like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, but the 1995 animated movie was my favorite. the execution of the animation and the story/plot was definitely something special, and no matter how many years have passed it still remains one of the best. The fact that the Matrix was inspired by the GITS 1995 movie supports my point.

The music for stand alone complex by Yoko kanno was awesome.

Rurouni Kenshin - Trust and Betreyal  OVA mini series. (the franchise better known as Samurai X)

You guys have no idea how much i love this OVA, because not only am i a sucker for symbolism and everything that has to do with Feudal Japan,  but because this mini series did a wonderful job at conveying  so much wisdom and depth. It has something poetic about it. to me it’s a masterpiece. 

i have the DVD somewhere around my house, but, i can’t find it and i’m freaking out about it,  cuz from what i’ve heard you can’t find that original version anywhere anymore since it was discontinued , so basically it’s a rare relic.  3 :’D

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #94 - The Book of Life

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes.

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #325.

Format: Blu-ray.

1) I watched this about a week ago - on the actual Day of the Dead - but didn’t have time to write it because I live in Chicago and the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. So my priorities were a little different than usual.

2) Anyone here a fan of “El Tigre”?

Originally posted by fire-miracle

Well the creator of that show - Jorge R. Gutierrez - was the writer/director of this film! Some El Tigre characters even cameo in the film’s opening, but you have to REALLY look for them.

Originally posted by oescafandronasociedade

3) The framing device of this film (a bunch of kids at a museum being told a story) is a classic fairytale/magical realism device that can be found in films such as Big Fish. It also gives the film a plot driven reason for it’s unique animation style (the characters looking like wooden figures).

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4) This film has some really great humor.

Vendor Boy: “Churros! Churros! (A bird poops on the churros.) Frosted churros!”

5) I will talk about La Muerte and Xibalba as individual characters in just a second, but for now I want to focus on their relationship.

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I’m not overly familiar with Day of the Dead lore outside of this film, but I think the idea of having the ruler of The Land of the Remembered (La Muerte, everything good and wonderful in the world) and the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten (Xibalba, everything that is negative in the world) be lovers is a great idea. Their relationship is tense, volatile, and can be filled with conflict, but never is it abusive. Never is it hateful. You always get a great sense of love between these two and that’s what makes it work.

6) Ron Perlman as Xibalba.

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These two wouldn’t work so well together if they couldn’t stand on their own as characters. And the work so well in that field because of equal parts writing, character design, and voice over work. Ron Perlman is a regular collaborator of Guillermo Del Toro’s, the executive producer on this film, and has worked in a number of animated project before (including VP Lancer in “Danny Phantom” and Clayface in “Batman: The Animated Series”). Perlman brings a roguish charm to all his characters, even when it’s just his voice. He’s interesting, rough, and just likable! And he makes Xibalba all those things. You’re never particularly rooting against him, even though he’s technically the villain. You’re just entranced whenever he’s on screen.

7) Kate del Castillo as La Muerte.

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American audiences are not as familiar with Kate del Castillo as they are with Ron Perlman, although she is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed popular actresses. As Perlman does with Xibalba, Castillo brings genuine charm, likability, and charisma to La Muerte. As well as an added fierceness that lets you know this undead ruler can keep her own when head-to-head with her darker lover. You definitely get the vibe that La Muerte is the more dangerous of these two but also the kinder, and so much of that relies on Castillo’s performance.

8) Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin.

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We first meet these characters and get a sense of their relationship as children, and it’s great. Yes Manolo and Joaquin both love Maria, but they’re friends first. ALL of them are friends! Later in the film Joaquin and Manolo remain friends even when vying for Maria’s affections, and they are friends with Maria before they are lovers. And I think it’s driven home by this statement from Maria as a child:

Maria [after Manolo and Joaquin fight over who’s she is]: “I belong to no one!”

They don’t belong to each other, they chose to be friends. They chose to be with together because they genuinely like each other. I love that.

9) A huge theme of this film is also seen in Maria’s, “I belong to no one!” line and that is the theme of being true to yourself.

Both Joaquin and Manolo have huge shadows they live in (a line which is actually uttered by Joaquin later): Joaquin’s dead father was a great war hero and Manolo’s father pushes him to be a bullfighter like all the men in their family have been. It makes for a unique conflict and a great message to kids of all ages: be yourself.

10) Maria as a character.

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You get a real sense of Maria as a character when we first meet her. Not only does she have the wonderful line, “I belong to no one!” but she also shows her placement of morality over societal values by freeing animals slated for slaughter. Her father sends her off to a convent to become, “a proper lady,” but…it doesn’t really work. At least, she doesn’t become his definition of proper. She is loving, kind, sweet, but fiercely independent and someone who follows her heart above all else. Zoe Saldana voices Maria, and breathes such wonderful life into the character you forget she’s acting. Everything about Maria just feel so real it’s amazing.

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11) The decision to compose the film’s soundtrack from popular music recorded specifically for the movie (the mariachi version of “I Will Wait For You” being the earliest example) as well as original songs composed by Paul Williams is a great one. The copyrighted songs never feel out of place and don’t distract from the plot, instead playing perfectly into the emotion of the scene. And the original songs are made for the moments which are purely story and pure character, so they could not possibly be represented by something which was already written because this story hasn’t existed before.

12) Manolo!

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All the characters in this film are written with such life and depth that lead character Manolo couldn’t POSSIBLY be an exception. He has skills as a bullfighter, but is deeply conflicted by his duty to his family and his duty to his heart. But it’s all guided by love, something with is illustrated by the inscription on his guitar (a gift from Maria, nonetheless): “Always play from the heart.” It is Manolo’s defining characteristic and defining struggle: that he wants to be himself, not his father or anyone else.

Diego Luna just…ugh! So I’ve seen Luna in small roles before (The Terminal, Elysium) but this film makes me a HUGE fan of his! I’m really looking forward to his role in Rogue One BECAUSE I loved his performance in this film so much. Manolo sings more than any other character in the film, and Luna infuses each song with such sincerity and warmth it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with his performance as Manolo. And he treats each line of dialogue the same. Like Saldana as Maria, you don’t feel like you’re listening to an actor. You’re listening to Manolo.

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13) Grandma is hysterical.

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo refuses to kill a bull]: “Kids today, with their long hair and no killing stuff.”

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo’s father says everyone in their family was a great bullfighter]:

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She doesn’t have many lines but very nicely embodies the film’s wonderful characters and humor.

14) Manolo’s Father, Carlos.

I have seriously MIXED feelings about Carlos, and I think you’re supposed to. He shows a genuine desire to do the best for his son, he just doesn’t actually KNOW what’s best for his son. He pressures him into being a bull fighter because it’s the Sanchez way, and when Manolo expresses dissatisfaction with this his father shames him into doing it.

Carlos [to convince Manolo to be a bullfighter]: “Don’t you LOVE your family?”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

(PS, I find this line to be the sign of an abusive relationship but maybe that’s just me.)

BUT Carlos has genuine moments of love with his son. He encourages him to tell Maria how he feels, he comforts him when he’s missing his dead mother, he actually LOVES Manolo. Hector Elizondo’s performance and the writing gets this across in a great way, and I think the film is better for it.

15) Channing Tatum as Joaquin.

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I do have to say of the trio of friends, Channing Tatum’s Joaquin is probably the weakest link. BUT that’s like calling one of The Lord of the Rings movies the worst in the trilogy: it was still nominated for best picture! I think it’s definitely because you know Joaquin is the third wheel, you know that Maria loves Manolo, and so it’s hard to get behind it. And you just can see that although they’re great as friends they wouldn’t make a good couple (despite Joaquin’s hopes to the contrary).

It would’ve been easy to write Joaquin as a jerk. And although he can be a bit pig headed here and there, you understand that he’s a genuinely good friend who truly cares for Maria (even though they’re not a great fit). Tatum brings a lot of this to the role, and even though I believe he’s the only non-Hispanic actor playing a decidedly Hispanic character (Ron Perlman gets a pass because Xibalba is an otherworldly creature) he has the same warmth and sincerity as Luna and Saldana have. It’s a nice way to round out the trio of friends.

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16) I can’t tell if this joke is stupid or hysterical.

Pepe [when he and his brothers are in danger]: “I’m allergic to dying!”

Pancho: “Especially in the face!”

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17) Joaquin’s biggest failing is probably that he buys too much into societal values, and his society’s values are…sexist. He is surprised that Maria reads, expects her to be a doting housewife (as all the high up men do), and that’s not what his heart wants it’s what he thinks should be.

18) “I Love You Too Much”.

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This is the song Manolo sings to express his feelings for Maria, and it’s beautiful. Paul Williams has crafted a quiet, loving melody which pulls at your heartstrings and is sung beautifully by Diego Luna. I think it’s my favorite song in the film and one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard.

19) Maria is awesome, if that hasn’t been made clear already.

Maria [stopping a kiss after Manolo’s song]: “Did you think it was going to be that easy?”

She’s not the girl who falls head over heels for someone just because they sang to hear. It’s appreciated, but there needs to be more than that. I love it!

20) This film never subscribes to storied cliches. It’s not like Manolo can’t be an idiot too, as noted when he and Joaquin start to fight over Maria (which she has shown to never truly appreciate).

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Maria: “You two are acting like fools.”

Manolo: “Wait, me too?”

You mean me, the nice guy romantic lead, is actually making a mistake? What kind of movie is this? (Hint: a great one.)

21) How long must it have taken to put out all those candles?

Originally posted by mariaymanolo

It shows devotion on Manolo’s part. As will the rest of the film, honestly.

22) One of the conflicts in this movie that gets me going the most is how unfair everyone is to Manolo. When they were children he stopped a wild boar from hurting people, but Joaquin got credit because he saved the mayor. As adults he’s ready to fight off bandits without a magic medal, but Joaquin gets credit because he does fight them off WITH a magic medal which protects him from harm. And when Maria dies from a snake bite everyone blames him. He’s not the snake! He didn’t bite her! So bug off!

23) My brother and I laughed so hard after we heard this line:

Student [after Manolo dies]: “What is it with Mexicans and death!?”

The only reason that line isn’t racist is because it was written by a Mexican in a film directed by a Mexican which is produced by a Mexican. So it’s okay to laugh.

24) The Land of the Remembered!

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

The Land of the Remembered is when this film’s visual style really takes off. Gutierrez’s imagination and the animation department’s skill bleeds through every scene in this wonderful place and it really pulls you into it’s world magnificently.

25) I mentioned in my Nightmare Before Christmas recap that Burton and company did a good job of establishing minor character with small introductions, and The Book of Life (although not Burton) follows in that tradition when we meet Manolo’s family.

Each family member - from the brutish Carmelo (voiced by the film’s director) to grandpa Luis (voiced by Danny Trejo) - is given a unique character with just a few seconds of screen time and dialogue which carries through until the end of the film. It works wonderfully.

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26) This freaking line, after Jorge is established as wanting to have been a singer.

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Manolo [after the two laugh about it]: “They crushed our dreams. Hilarious!”

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27) Manolo’s Mother.

(GIF originally posted by @lamuertes)

Immediately there is a difference in what is expected from Carmen Sanchez (his mom) and what there is.

Manolo: “And I became a bullfighter, just like you wanted.”

Carmen: “Me? Are you crazy?”

It turns out Manolo’s father saying his mother wanted that was…uh…wrong, to put it mildly. It’s a nice juxtaposition which establishes her as a character and not just a plot device.

28) Dude, I love this dialogue.

Xibalba [after Luis says La Muerte would never hand over her kingdom]: “She lost a bet.”

Luis: “Oh. She would do that.”

29) You get a lot of Manolo’s tender side and playing from the heart, but it’s easy to forget that he’s still a headstrong Sanchez boy. He still has the fierceness of a bull fighter, even if that’s not what he wants to do. And we see this particularly when Manolo threatens to expose Xibalba. That may not be the smartest move, but it is fierce.

30) Did I mention this dialogue and humor is awesome?

Luis [after his body is knocked away from his head]: “Hey, my arthritis is gone!”

31) The Candlemaker

Originally posted by thenugu

The Candlemaker rounds out the trio of immortals here, and falls in the middle. He is not about the Land of the Remembered or the Land of the Forgotten, he creates the candles (each candle representing a life). He is this big ball of happy childlike energy which is just fun to watch. And who’d they get to place this super upbeat and positive guy with hope and optimism dripping from him?

Originally posted by hiphop-community

It’s a nice change of pace from Ice Cube’s more hardboiled characters to see him play such a wonder filled creature, and to do it so well too! His voice work stands up there with the rest of the cast in that you never think you’re listening to Ice Cube, you’re just watching the Candlemaker. It’s great.


  • Maria’s fierceness has been established above.
  • La Muerte getting pissed when she finds out Xibalba cheated on the beat is fierce!

Originally posted by jeunetrentenaire

It’s a lot of fun to watch.

33) The final fight before Manolo can return to the land of the living is born from a wager he makes with Xibalba (he’ll face whatever challenge is thrown his way and win).

Xibalba: “What, do tell, is your worst fear?”

And then we get this:

Originally posted by littlechinesedoll

But it turns out his greatest fear isn’t killing the bull, it’s being true to himself. This ties into what I mentioned earlier: Manolo’s defining characteristic and his struggle are the same in that he wants to be himself. And we get a wonderful song to tie it up, of the same quality as “I Love You Too Much” and it is simply called “The Apology Song”. (Manolo’s father, who’s dead at this point, said that a Sanchez never apologies but after the fight is incredibly proud of his son.) It’s a nice character climax for Manolo before we get the final fight of the film.

34) When you have no idea this is coming, it’s the funniest line in the film.

Originally posted by museelo

(GIFs originally posted by @museelo)

35) I give massive credit to the filmmakers for the way they handled Joaquin. He and Maria are set to be married now that Manolo is dead, and he knows Maria doesn’t want it so he’s about to talk to her about it before the town is attacked by bandits. Joaquin could have easily been some Gaston type but instead we got a sincere, honest character who deepens the conflict of the film.

36) This freaking movie…

Originally posted by stevenscrivello

(GIF originally posted by @stevenscrivello)

37) The entire final fight of the film is wildly fun to watch.

Originally posted by kathon

It’s well paced, well choreographed, brings in all the characters we’ve met so far (living and dead), gives us a nice “dance” with Manolo and Maria, is filled with nice character moments, good humor, and has Joaquin decide he’s going to be his own man and try to sacrifice himself for his friends (it doesn’t work, he survives). It’s a great climax to the film.

38) “No Matter Where You Are”, the final song in the film, is a great ball of energy and love. But more than that, it let me know something I didn’t before…

Zoe Saldana can REALLY sing!

Originally posted by lghtmgnt

Just thought I’d share.

39) The final reveal, that Christina Applegate’s tour guide and the security guard are really La Muerte and Xibalba, is in classic tradition of magical realism and fairytale stories. It’s a nice ending to the film.

Originally posted by good-goodbye

The Book of Life is great, and truly under appreciated. It’s representation of Mexican culture is unique in the animated film landscape, and gives the film a unique visual and musical style. The acting is topnotch, and you can feel through the writing/directing/character animation that it is truly a labor of love for all those involved. A great film which everyone should see.

Up next: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Debunking studyblr stereotypes, or something like that

I see a lot of new studyblrs worrying about these things and it really bothers me that these are worries at all. This is not me railing against the many studyblrs who are fortunate enough to have or happen to have all the supposed “studyblr” things, but rather the point of view as a blogger who feels entirely at home, supported, and accepted in the community, and who is also paying for college. I’m opting not to use a read more, because I feel like read mores get disregarded half the time.

To start with, I will unabashedly admit that I use few, if any, of the studying techniques touted by the studyblr community. They just don’t work for me, and that’s cool. I don’t have the time/energy/ability to do mind maps and aesthetic notes, I don’t have the discipline to do pomodoros, and my attempt at bullet journaling failed within a few days. I have a cute school planner, but to be honest as the weeks approached finals I legitimately did not write anything in it.

As for stationery. My current favorite pen is this Paper Mate Write Bros. pen my friend lent me in psych class one day. Yup, you know the ones I’m talking about — the ones that schools stock in bulk because it’s $2 for 12 pens, and $7 for 60. The closest I ever got to “studyblr” was the Pilot G2′s, which I like, but I still far prefer my super cheap alternatives. I also got a giant bag of similar pens (Bic, Paper Mate, and Staples) for free on Freecycle, and I’m 1000% content with that collection. I didn’t buy anything new except $5 worth of bargain school supplies this year (some notebooks and filler paper). I reuse old notebooks to make filler paper. A lot of my binders and folders are dog-eared, but I mean they work. I also like the college-ruled notebooks you can get at like pharmacies and generic brands — no fancy dotted, high quality paper for me! Oh, and I only have Mildliners and Fineliners because a follower sent them to me. I love them, particularly the thought behind them, but I do still revert back to my Bic highlighters and Paper Mate pens. Look, if someone offered to send me stationery (which I don’t need at this point), I would ask for a white-out pen (which I received!! Thank you!), maybe a couple new erasers, a Sharpie or two, and if I’m really splurging, a 60-pack of those Paper Mate pens. (((*cough*mywishlist*cough*))

Now let’s talk electronics. I have a MacBook Pro from 2011 that I received as a gift when I started high school. It’s literally imploding, like each of its functions are gradually falling apart (first the battery went to shit, and now the CD drive doesn’t work). It’s a Mac, but honestly as soon as this one dies — and I intend to stretch out its life as long as humanly possible — I’m going straight for a $200 Chromebook or other PC laptop. Let’s be real, literally all I need it for is to go online and tote around with me, and I don’t even have $500 to spare. Plus, using messages/FaceTime on my Mac slows it down, so there’s no real reason to hold onto the Mac OS X. I bought my iPhone 5s when I was 18 (two years ago) with my own money, paid cash up front. It’s sluggish now, but like my old MacBook, I’m seeing if I can make it last through til grad school. And the idea of having a high quality camera is laughable. I film silly little, hopefully relatable vlogs on my iPhone, edit them, and upload them to Google Drive.

Also, I don’t have succulents; I’d kill them by mistake. I don’t make cute healthy meals; if I make ramen it’s a huge deal. I’ve had the same twin bed and bedsheets MY ENTIRE LIFE and not a single one is white. My desk is a hand-me-down wooden monster and it’s got stains all over it.

Here’s the other important thing. Do I feel remotely bad or envious of studyblrs with all this fancy stationery, who can be so productive? Frankly, no. I think it’s awesome they have everything they need, and that it works for them. But being a studyblr is about SO MUCH MORE than materials and studyspo. I appreciate the “real studyblr” movement that happened a little while ago, but I dislike the divide it created at all. Live and let live, right? The only reason I’d want a pretty new MacBook Air is because it probably isn’t as slow as mine. I wouldn’t reject Muji stationery or pens, but I don’t really feel any desire for them. And much as I admire others for being able to do habit trackers and bullet journaling, it’s not like I sit around wishing I could do it too. I mean, I can watch professional dancers all I want, and appreciate their beauty and ability, but I’m not going to go home and berate myself for not being able to do the same thing. They’re doing what they enjoy doing, same as I do.

MY POINT IS, to all these new studyblrs who are worried that they don’t have what it takes to be a studyblr, BRO DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. I’m relatively well known and respected in the community, and we’ve just listed all the ways I’ve breached every single fabricated studyblr “rule” — so if I can do that and get away with it, you certainly can too.

Imagine giving Chris his birthday presents.

A/N: Part 4 😊 How cute is he in that gif though. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3)

You and Dodger woke before Chris did on his birthday. Both of you snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs so you could start on breakfast as well as get his presents in order. You didn’t lie when you said you got him things he’d like and use, like baseball caps, plaid shirts, and socks. You did, but you also got him more than just things. You’d made him something a lot like the notebook; a montage filled with videos and photos of the two of you from the moment you met until now. The entire soundtrack for the montage consisted of Ed Sheeran- ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 'Photograph’, 'Kiss Me’, and 'Perfect’- because his songs always cleverly depicted your relationship with Chris. You smiled every time you listened to Ed Sheeran now, because you still couldn’t believe he was going to be singing at your wedding. Yeah, nothing you’d done or could’ve done for Chris on any of his birthdays was ever going to top what he did for you on your twentieth.

“Something smells good,” you heard Chris’ voice and footsteps as he entered the kitchen. He scratched Dodger’s head as he passed him, walking over to you to hug you from behind as you finished serving up a feast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausages- the works. “Morning, beautiful.” He kissed your lips when you turned in his arms, humming, “mm mm. Happy birthday to me,” he mumbled against your lips.

“Happy birthday, indeed,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Do you want gifts first, or after breakfast?” You asked and he smirked, which gave you the answer you wanted. “Gifts first it is,” you giggled, removing your arms from his neck and taking his hand so you could pull him over to the couch. “Close your eyes,” you instructed as you dragged him along, beckoning Dodger along too. “Okay, now sit.”

“Are you talking to me, or Dodger?”

“Both.” You giggled and pushed him back by the shoulders, watching slight panic wash over his face as he fell back; relief replaced it when he landed on the couch. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, right next to the gifts. “Okay…” You’d lined up the gifts up, starting from: a gift you’d bought for Dodger to give to Chris, a gag gift from yourself, to the practical items, to the montage- which was set and ready to go on your iPad. “You can open now.” You said and Chris did as he was told, raising an eyebrow at the bone themed wrapping paper. “Dodger picked it out,” you stifled your laughter when Chris snickered.

“Thanks, bud,” Chris looked over at Dodger and nodded at his oblivious pal. “It’s a fantastic wrapping paper,” he continued praising Dodger, trying not to smile when he heard you giggling. “You made a great choice,” he said with heavy emphasis on the word 'great’. “I wonder what it is,” he started tearing into the wrapping, laughing when he revealed a tube of tennis balls. He shook his head at you with a great big grin on his face, making you laugh. “I see he decided to get something practical too, something we can share.”

“You know Dodger, he’s a very 'sharing-is-caring’ kinda dog.” Chris chuckled and put the tube to the side, holding out his hand for his next gift. “Okay, this one’s from me.” You bit back your smile as you passed him your gag gift. “I think you’re going to love it, it’s definitely going to be something you use everyday.”

“Awesome,” he smiled as he opened the gift, revealing what appeared to be his NASA cap. “Uh…” He turned it to face you and quirked his right brow, “I already have one of these.” You tried not to laugh as you nodded; you’d actually just wrapped his old NASA cap to see if he’d notice. “Well, it is one of my favorite caps so…I guess- thank you?” He chuckled when he took a closer look, “you could’ve found a newer one to buy, this one looks like it’s been worn out.”

“That’s 'cause it’s second hand,” you told him, covering your mouth with your hand to hide your smile. “It actually belongs to a very talented Bostonian actor, I’d consider it a collectible.” It was that moment when Chris realized what you’d done; he burst into laughter- full body laughter, leaning back against the couch and pressing one hand against his stomach as the other covered his mouth. “It was very hard to come by, so I hope you appreciate it.” You laughed along with him, patting his knee with your hand.

“That’s fucking gold,” he choked on his laughter, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Tell you what, the next time- try and see if you can score me Chris Evans’ favorite sunglasses. I think I could really use it to go with this hat,” he winked and you giggled. “Your brother said you loved rewrapping things around the house to give as gifts when you were a kid, I can imagine how much fun christmases and birthdays were around your house.”

“Oh, they were plenty fun,” you nodded, laughing. “I was so good at giving gifts, everyone always really enjoyed their gifts from me. It’s like they just knew they were going to need it.” Chris buried his face in his hands as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. “I know,” you smiled as he dropped his hands, “I’m adorable.”

“Yes you are,” he grabbed your wrist and gently tugged at you, gesturing you off the table and onto his lap. You did as he orchestrated, taking the actual gifts in your hands to give to him as you sat in his lap; gifts you’d actually bought. “You really don’t need to buy me things, Y/N.” He told you as he unwrapped. “I don’t need things when I’ve got you, you’re everything.”

“Yeah, I know.” You kissed his cheek and he smiled as he pulled out the blue and green plaid shirts you’d bought him. “But you could use some new stuff in your wardrobe,” you said and he hummed in agreement. He unveiled a pair of black Mickey Mouse socks, chuckling, then grinned at the personalized Patriots cap you’d bought him; on the back it had 'Evans’ embroidered in white. “I know I’m not Ilaria, but I’d like to think I’ve got enough style to buy you some clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” He put the items aside and tightened his arms around your waist. “You have incredible style. Even Ilaria said so, she said she might just quit when we get married because my wife should be taking over her job of dressing Chris Evans.”

“You’re a sweetheart.” You pressed another kiss to his cheek before you reached forward to grab your iPad. “Here you go,” you passed him the iPad with the montage pulled up and ready to play. “This is your last gift for today. Well-” you whispered into his ear, making him laugh softly through his nose, “excluding the bedroom stuff.”

“Nice to know that Victoria Secret bag you hid in the back of the closet is actually for me,” he winked and you scrunched your nose at him. “Okay, what’s this?” He quizzed, then answered his own question when he saw the title of the montage: 'Our Almost Three Years’. “Are you serious, Y/N? You know Dad said my teeth can’t handle anymore of your sweetness,” he joked and you chuckled, leaning your head against his. “Should I grab a tissue box?”

“I’d say no, but we both know you’re a bit of a cryer.” You teased and he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t worry about tissues, what’s a fiancée for if you can’t use her shoulder to cry on.” He smiled and kissed your cheek before pressing the play button. “I love you, Chris,” you whispered as Ed Sheeran’s voice starting singing 'Thinking Out Loud’ and the first photograph you ever took together slid onto the screen. You and Chris smiled in reminiscent; it was at the airport just as you were both leaving Starbucks for the boarding gate. “Even more so today than the first day we met.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” His arm tightened around you, holding you close to him as you both continued to take a stroll down memory lane. It was nice to relive all your best moments together, to see all the old photos you’d taken throughout your time together as well as rewatch all the old videos you’d filmed of each other. You could really see when the two of you fell in-love, when the friendly smiles turned into longing gazes. Chris was incredibly thankful to see a collation of all those moments, he could’ve watched that video forever. “Me too,” he repeated, sighing with absolute satisfaction.

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Part 5A

anonymous asked:

can you talk about the liveshow and what you think? im feeling really anxious cause it seems phil isn't staying at their place and like dan seemed really angry and short tempered? like he kinda insinuated he hated the presents phil got him, he barely mentioned phil, he threw his phone down and said 'apparently im phils PR agent', he very clearly wasn't a fan of the tinder video. idk maybe im over-reacting and you can reassure me but the entire thing seemed so strange and it has me on high alert

hi love!!! i’m going to be honest, i definitely didn’t interpret any of these things the way that you did so i will do my best to try and go through each of the issues you brought up and explain why i didn’t see them in this live show–hopefully that will help you, and i think it will give me the space to also talk about some of the things that stood out to me a bit!! so your first concern is that it seems like phil isn’t staying in their place, by which i think you mean that phil isn’t living with dan? i can’t even articulate how wholeheartedly i disagree but i’ll try hahah. what we know is that phil left for two days literally two weeks ago in order to go to what they described as a family thing, and that now he’s gone for “a few days” again, for another “family thing.” i don’t see why there’s any reason at all to disbelieve these explanations or take them for anything more than what they are on face? we know phil has quite a large family with many random cousins and aunties and since dnp have been traveling so much in the last couple of months and are set to travel again in a few weeks for vidcon, and moreover phil is someone who values his family quite highly, it makes sense that he would maybe use of this downtime to catch up with them. and it fits that he’s not taking dan to these things bc dan has almost never gone to extended family events w phil that we know of (family weddings and the like) and he’s been expressing for the past few weeks how badly he just wants to be alone and not see any more ppl in order to decompress and recharge and get his creative juices flowing. 

but let’s jst say for argument’s sake that the “family thing” is an excuse to cover up something else that’s happening–i still do not see why phil not staying with dan is a reasonable conclusion.  like, w most things to do w dnp there is sometimes room for discussion and it could be better to consider both sides. for this though, there’s truly ZERO evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to refute it including but not limited to phil’s tv box sets behind dan when he does his live shows, the numerous pics phil has posted of them moving and then of him in rooms w the same furniture, decor, and hardwood floors that appear in dan’s pics, and the fact that like, it just wouldnt make any fucking sense for them to go through all this effort to lie about them not staying in the same place? what would they achieve out of not telling the truth about moving apart? and also why would dan then even mention phil going to “see his family?” isn’t that just drawing attention to something he is hypothetically trying to keep secret? i honestly can’t even believe this is something i have to take the time to address but it’s getting frustrating to see it keep cropping up (and i’m not blaming you anon bc ik how compelling conspiracy theories can be, but in this case there is truly no reason not to jst go w the evidence of your own eyes and trust in the fact that dnp are just as disgustingly happy in their domestic bliss as they appear to be.) if there IS some reason that the “family thing” is an excuse or a cover i think there are any number of more reasonable things that they could be covering–e.g. it’s v possible phil has something negative happening in his family right now like a sick relative; maybe phil is working on a solo project that requires him to be out of the house a bit to film or work at diff locations; maybe they’re BOTH working on a joint project but phil is taking care of parts of it and giving dan the time and space to rest and recharge. so many alternatives that make more sense than them living apart. 

to your point about dan’s mood, i definitely did not read him as being angry or short-tempered, and let me emphasize that i am remarkably sensitive to him getting into those more negative moods. in my opinion from watching dan so closely for so many months now, when dan is upset about something he tends to turn most of that ire inwards and it leads to a live show ripe with self-deprecating comments, repeated mentions of wanting death or his life being a joke with zero accompanying smiles or laughs, a lot of notices of negative comments in the chat, long rambles about his feelings or the general lack of direction in his life, etc. i think this live show was a good example of him being tired and nothing more, and that seems understandable given the general activity and socializing of the last week. he seemed lower energy with a lot less yelling and flailing about than he is normally prone to, but i didn’t get any of those really strong negative themes that he normally gets lost in when he’s not in a good mood. on the flip side he pretty confidently defended his decision to change his yt banner and icon, even tho he read out negative comments he laughed them off and assured everyone the changes are temporary, he seemed eager to spend a few days thinking about his next main channel vid and excited to have the time to put more creative effort into it, he was passionate and didn’t even qualify his opinions very much when he talked about wonder woman and the importance of representation and uk politics and the vital role of young people in the electorate, he was full of energy when he was discussing nintendo and steven universe and his other random interests. there were plenty of moments where he could have gone down a darker route but i actually thought that on the whole he kept the content of this show quite positive and light.

regarding his presents, i don’t think anything he said made it seem like he “hated” them? i mean he wasn’t super enthusiastic but that,, makes sense? given what he showed us and what he explained to us about them? w the fidget spinner it was a literal gag gift that he was underwhelmed by bc theyre litro not fun to use at all. makes sense. w the glass bulb tht predicts the weather i thought his tone was gently teasing and fond about how phil so would be the guy to find a nerdy gift like that and think it was awesome but dan the cold-hearted cynic obvi has to point out the lack of scientific merit lmao. but he was quick to defend it as well and state that he still thinks it’s a cool-looking object that he can look at, which honestly reminded me of the xmas present phil got dan with the inky dots suspended in water, and how dan said phil rly understood his need for calming, aesthetic looking things in order to soothe his mind. re: the plastic bonsai and the dog shirt from his family, both of those also seem like gag gifts and he was reacting accordingly bc they’re funny so he’s playing the necessary role of spurned gift-receiver in order for the joke to carry. and then w the sunflowers, i mean i found that whole bit v entertaining? it’s just a fun quirky fact about dan. he appreciates the thought and he’s still going to display the flowers, but it’s  funny as fuck to think about this giant ass man being afraid of literal sunflowers. and tbh i dont think this is the full haul of gifts he got. he’s sharing the ones he feels comfy sharing, the ones that are more joke-y and less personal and that make more entertaining stories for him to share, and that makes sense. i don’t think it needs to be interpreted more deeply in order to speculate on his general emotional state or his relationship w phil. 

you next stated he barely mentioned phil, and i think that makes sense given that he had a lot of non-phil-related things to get through in this ls. it’s clear there was a list of topics he wanted to discuss in his mind or maybe even written down that included his new graphic design, his birthday/the gift haul, uk politics, wonder woman, the gaming channel, new dinof vid. he tends to talk more about phil when there are fewer general topics he needs to touch on–this gives him space to just share a few domestic anecdotes. but this time around there were jst a lot of other issues to discuss and i think that’s fine? he’s his own person, he has perspectives he wants to share, he had a busy week and imo it’s not weird at all if sometimes he doesn’t have that much to say about his partner lmao 

he definitely did not throw his phone down after reading out the text from phil. and the “apparently i’m just phil’s PR agent” comment seemed soooo joke-y and fond to me, i actually thought it was incredibly cute. i get how tone is subjective and i suppose it’s open to interpretation and if you were reading that w this larger context of feeling as though dan was in a very negative mood, i understand why the comment may have struck you the wrong way, but to me i really found it to be a playful bants-y lil remark that fits very much w the way that dnp tease each other when they’re happy and flirty and whatnot 

finally, with respect to phil’s tinder video, i actually was struck by how far out of his way he seemed to go to defend phil for his behaviors? he said like multiple times “it’s not that weird” and tried to make everyone feel like we’ve all “been there,” which like,,, no. we haven’t all been there. wtf. if anything it felt like a classic sidelong defensive comment that dan makes where he is responding to criticism without really explicitly mentioning the criticism. since there were a few ppl who found the video a bit uncomfortable both bc of phil admitting to catfishing a random person online and bc of phil recommending tinder to an audience w a significant percentage of underage ppl, it’s v possible to me that dan saw some of that criticism and was sort of heading it off without fully getting into it. he did kind of laugh when he said “what a partnership” referring to tinder and phil, but i thought that was completely valid and in good spirit–i mean it really IS the unlikeliest and most random of partnerships and i think dan being somewhat openly aware of that is kind of funny and cool. moreover, his tone seemed fond (again) when he was talking about how he was cringing while actually watching the video. i mean a bunch of ppl had full on intense secondhand embarrassment while watching so i dont find that odd at all, and i honestly thought dan’s explanation of his own feelings seemed mild in comparison. im also interested in the fact that he’s going to be making his own tinder video though not one like phil’s, which, if it is the same one that he is going to putting creative energy into in the coming few days, opens up a whole realm of possibilities about how dan is possibly going to connect tinder to any of his own experiences. i’m curious and a lil nervous lmao. 

all in all i thought this live show was actually pretty decent. i mean it wasnt the most interesting as far as dan’s live shows go but it also certainly wasn’t off-puttingly negative for me either. i thought dan was quite honest about his emotions w many of the things he discussed and although he seemed exhausted he also seemed a little bit grateful and excited to get the chance to actually be alone in the coming days and think about his new video. im excited for him to get that chance and looking forward to see what it will be!!! and who knows,, maybe the time alone will finally convince him his new graphic design is trash and he’ll be inspired to change his banner/icons to things that aren’t Ugly ;)))

Listen to Me {Wonho Drabble}

Hi! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Your writing is amazing and I get super excited every time you post something! Do you think you could do #14 (I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship) for Wonho, and could it possibly be smut where Wonho is top/dom? If you can’t make it into smut or a smut with that particular plot that’s fine, I just thought I’d ask! I’d be super happy if you ended up doing this! You’re awesome!

Note: You’re actually a sweetheart, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this request and I’m sorry it’s taken me a long time to get around to doing. I’m not the best at writing smut - so my apologies if this isn’t great. Thank you for supporting me, it means so much, and your inbox made me smile a lot! Fighting~! Mami x

Warning: This is graphic content: sexual themes and the use of swearing. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Originally posted by kukie

Wonho had been in an aggravated mood all day. Why? You weren’t certain. He kept grunting in response to your questions, and huffing dismissively when things weren’t moving at the click of his fingertips.

Management had been pushing him to the limit recently, and it wasn’t helping that his sleep routines were being wrecked by filming various music videos and magazine photo shoots. He was busy, rushing around here, there and everywhere like the flash trying to cram each and every aspect of his chaotic schedule into his life.

He slumped in the sofa of the living room, giving you a half hearted sideways glance as you walked in. at first, it seemed careless and dismissive, but his next words contradicted his actions.

“Babygirl, come and sit in my lap.”

You frowned, somewhat shocked by his sudden craving for your attention, though you abided nonetheless. You sunk into his lap, thighs straddling his legs as his arms caged you into his embrace. He didn’t say any more, only pulled you in for a kiss, his lips lazing against yours before he pulled away.

“Will you get me some dinner?”

“No, I cooked lunch. Dinner is your turn, Jagi.” You told him, smiling. That’s how it worked with the two of you, always fair and always alternating the work load. Only this time, Wonho didn’t seem quite to eager to do anything but scowl from underneath you.

“Are you saying ‘no’ to me right now?” He grumbled, eyes turning dark with lust, electrifying your insides with desire.

“Yes, I’m saying no.” You responded definitely, as if you were longing for him, or falling into the depths of his dark, flaming eyes.

“I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.” He responded suggestively, then without a moment for you to adjust, he pinned you down on the sofa, climbing above you while you gasped sharply from a mixture of shock and arousal.

“Maybe you need to remind me.” You smirked at him, but it didn’t stay on your face long, not when he leaned down, pushing his impatient lips against your own, kissing you with maddening longing and yearning.

You didn’t know if it was the stress from the work he needed to relieve, or the agitation he was feeling for being over worked that he needed to flush from his system, but he worked on you like a predatory animal. His hands running over you in a forceful and extreme fashion, grunting every time you moaned beneath him.

He was hard, you could feel it even under the jeans he wore as his crotch pressed against yours keenly, rocking his hips backwards and forwards above you, creating a friction that caused you to wheeze in need.

He spoke no words, only ripped your clothes from your flushed, steaming body before doing the same to himself. He was in full dominance mode, and it was like nothing could stop him. His stormy eyes kept you right under his impassioned place, and his hands wandered statically over your body, earning himself sounds that only fueled him on. Your underwear had started to feel like they were flooding, until Wonho had finally torn them away, replacing the area with his hand, were he started to rub in the place you desired.

You reached out, placing your own hand around his manhood, stroking him up and down, as his throat started to whine.

“I want you.” He breathed, clearly short of breath as he reached out to cabinet next to the sofa. His hand scraped the draw open until he pulled out a small, silver packet, that he ripped open with his teeth before pulling out the product and rolling it onto his manhood.

He then came back down, moving the tip against the opening of your folds, his hands maneuvering around your body as if he was on a mission, he groped at your chest until he finally pushed himself inside of you.

You felt like you were living in ecstasy as he grinded inside of you. It was times like these when you really did appreciate how good Wonho could make you feel, not just physically but emotionally too.  His hands manipulated your skin, sending shivers with each stroke of the finger and pinch of the lips.

It didn’t take him long to wind you to your close, to get you fidgeting beneath him in a moaning mess.

“You better listen to me Jagi, or maybe I just won’t let you finish.” He growled seductively next to you. But in your bliss state, you could barely acknowledge what he was saying.


“That’s what I like to hear.” He muttered in a deep tone beside your ear between sharp, strong thrusts.

When you finally came to a close, he rode out your high, releasing at the same time, low moans erupting as he did.

You breathed heavily as he pulled out, looking at him with eyes that were still longing and craving.

“How about we forget about dinner and go for a round two?” You asked him, desperate for him to agree.

“Sure, if I can have a taste of you, that is.” He winked, his grumpiness subsiding as he pulled you up into his arms to carry you to the bedroom.

“Deal” You giggled, pressing lighthearted kisses against his neck as he pulled you to your second round of pleasure.

Bachelor {Tony Stark Oneshot}

“Could you write a Tony Stark x Reader with 28 & 3 where the reader and tony are engaged and tony comes back drunk from his bachelor party and gushes to the reader about how he loves her and is excited for their marriage then gets all embarrassed the morning after I love your blog!!”-Anonymous {xoxoxo}

  I’m going to kill Rhodey and Happy. How could they let him get this drunk! And how much freaking glitter could possibly be on him ? Oh God, I can only imagine how many strippers this glitter came from. Gross.

  4 am you received a call from Tony’s limo driver, requesting help in getting him, along with rhodey and Happy, out of his limo. It wasn’t too bad , rhodey and happy leaned on each other as they drunkenly made their way into your home, Tony could barely walk straight , so you had to toss his arm over your shoulder and slightly drag him in. You make sure the other two men are settled in the guest rooms, telling Friday to monitor their vital incase they need assistance .

 You finally get mumbling tony into you room, and drop him into your bed .

“You know You’re even cuter when I’m drunk ” he slurs, wiggling his eyebrows at you,“ c'mere baby.” He reaches for you , but you step back

“ you are not getting anything tonight Tony. You need to sleep this off .” You grab him some Tylenol and water, watching as he takes them , then sheds his clothes until he’s in his boxers .

“ how was your party sweetheart ?” You ask when you’re finally in bed with him .

He turns to you with a smile , “ it was great ! There was strippers , and booze , I’m pretty sure rhodey talked sam into licking whip cream off a strippers ass crack.” You both snort out laughing ,

  “ you guys need to stop picking on him tony!”

“ hey he loved it !” He argues . “ but you know what? It was missing something.” His tone changed , going from excited to sad. .you wait a few seconds before he continues “ it was fun, everything a party should be ! Hell I’d say it was even Stark party level good . But it needed something to complete it for me … it needed you. It wasn’t the same without you there.” You know he’s trying to be sweet, but you can’t help the laugh that slips out .

“ I love you darling; but I will never go to a strip club with you . Ever ”

  “ no no I know that. But I just- as much as I appreciated the party, I just wanted to be home with you. I can’t wait for this - for us to finally be married , forever.” He takes our hand and brings it to his lips. “ waking up to you everyday is going to be awesome , regardless of your morning breath and crazy hair . ”

“ watch it Stark , you’re breathe doesn’t smell like rainbows in the morning either!” He leans closer , gently kissing your lips.

“ I love you more than you can imagine my dear. Always remember that , no matter how much of a grade A jackass I can be, you are it for me. You are my life, you are my love . ” For a second you can’t believe how deep drunk tony just got , maybe he was faking being trashed .

  “ we can be like those old people from the notebook. What were their names ? Aoah and nallie? Oh shit no! Ryan and Rachel right!? We’ll be better than them, we are way more attractive anyway, have you seen me? Have you seen you? Damn.” Oh no, he’s definitely trashed .

“ their names are ally and Noah , love.”

“ no , that’s not it. I’m pretty sure it’s jack and rose.”

You bite back your laughter, “ I love you to Tony , there will never be anyone else for me.” When you turn to look, he’s passed out, drool already starting to form. Yep, I’m marrying this.

 The sound of groaning wakes you up, a smile already forming on your face.

  “ good morning sunshine.”

what the hell happened last night? I - when did I get home ?”

“ around 4 darling .”

“ oh god . I didn’t do anything stupid , why do I remember something about whipped cream and strippers.”

“ Wilson licked whipped cream off a strippers ass.” You answered casually. He let or a quick chuckle groaning right after. “ anything else I should know about ?” He asks

  “ Tony, what’s the name of the couple in the notebook?”

“ how the hell should I know?”

  “ so it’s not aoah or nally ?” The mispronounced Names must of sparked a memory.

“ oh dear God. What-”

  “ you declared your undying love for me, and said we are going to be better than jack and rose from the notebook .” He rolled over, shoving the pillow over his face

  “ that so many different levels of incorrect.”

You snort out laughing at how embarrassed he is . “ don’t be embarrassed love. It was sweet .”

“ yeah yeah, what do you say to a little morning sex, you know , to show how thankful you are for my sweetness .” He wiggles his eyebrows at you before rolling himself ontop of you. His lips are about to land on yours when FRIDAY interrupts

  “ sir, I thought you would like to be informed that happy and rhodey are wandering around your kitchen … in their underwear.”

  “ what the hell.”

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 8

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev)

Words: 2.1k

Beta: @waywardlullabies

Warnings: Fluff. { slightly angst }


Title: To The Freakin’ Moon.

Note: Hope you guys like this one!!! Feedback is always appreciated it. (x)

Jensen: “Good trip so far?”  

You: “She only dropped juice all over herself once and cried to the top of her lungs twice. It’s going great and everyone in this plane loves us.”

Jensen: “Ha! I’ll be in the lookout for viral videos of you sending someone to hell if they cross the line. Show em your mean right.”

You: “Funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is a jerk to us.”

Jensen: “I wouldn’t be surprise if you kick their asses.”

You: “You know me so well. She’s sleeping right now.”

Jensen: “Give her a kiss for me. Gotta go.”

After locking your phone, you looked down to the sleeping beauty in your arms. Knowing she rested peacefully in your arms melted your heart. She didn’t have a care in the world. You knew she was feeling cold when her tiny body curled towards you. The corner of your lip curved up watching her seek for warmth in you. Slowly and trying not to wake her up, you grabbed the pink blanket from your bag and covered her up.  

The flight went on for two more hours until you finally landed in Vancouver. Jensen was waiting for you as you walked out of the airport. His smile got wider watching you walk towards him with the stroller.  The sudden flashing lights interrupted the moment.

Jensen’s picked up his pace and reached you and JJ. He gave you a kick kiss on the lips before escorting you towards the car. You re-adjusted your bag and followed him closely towards the car.

“Are you okay after the accident, Y/N?”, “When’s the wedding?”, “Is there a wedding at all?!”, “You gotta put a ring on it, Jensen! She’s too hot!”.

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You’ve been dating your partner for six months. Tonight they’ve invited you to a work event, and as you step onto the red carpet, you realize it for the first time: you’re dating a celebrity. (x)

Even Oliver had to admit that, to his credit, Connor hadn’t exactly lied.

He turned the invitation over in his hands and frantically tried to think of something–anything– to say. His mind was going a mile a minute but his mouth couldn’t form words. 

“I know.” Connor put a hand on Oliver’s shoulder and leaned in. “I know it’s a big step. And a lot to ask but…I just thought that…” I just thought that wouldn’t be a that big of a deal. Why was Oliver so quiet? It was just the VMAs. 

Over the past few days, Connor had envisioned dozens of ways how Oliver would react to the invitation. In some he was ecstatic, screaming at the top of his lungs. In others he was so touched and overwhelmed he cried a bit. But in none of scenarios that had played out in Connor’s mind had Oliver acted as cold and quiet as he was now. 

He wished Oliver would just look at him. His boyfriend hadn’t taken his eyes off the gold embossed invitation since Connor had handed it over a few minutes ago. He’d known it was a big deal but he hadn’t thought it would be this much of a big deal. I mean, Oliver had to have known that at some point there would be something like this Connor would ask him to attend. 

“Listen, Ollie, you don’t have to–”

“You told me your name was Connor.”

Connor blinked. Twice. “What?”

Oliver slapped the invitation down, face up, and pushed away from the counter to pace the living room. Connor glanced down at the invite and frowned. It was addressed to Patrick Walsh but of course it was. Why would Oliver be upset about that? 

“My name is Connor,” he said, feeling dumb but not really understanding why. “Patrick is just a stage name.” Didn’t Oliver already know that? It seemed like everyone knew that. What the hell was happening?

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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Thirty-Eight

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Aria stretched out in the bathtub, sinking into the thick bubbles as she relaxed after a long day. She’d been working at the new restaurant all morning and then closed up her other place. Having been on her feet for over twelve hours, she couldn’t bare another moment upright. Groaning as the heat began to sink into her muscles, Aria glanced at the door when she heard Jeffrey come home. He’d been visiting with cast members, catching up after the long break between shoots.
“Sweetheart, where you at?” Jeffrey gruff voice called out from the living room.
“In here.” She called out, her sleepy eyes brightening as he sauntered in.  Smirking at the sight of her, Jeffrey crouched down and kissed her lips softly.
“Well hello, beautiful.” He rasped, his fingers tucking stray hair behind her ear.
“Hey, handsome.”

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Memory P2 [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]


Anon- “Your writing is absolutely amazing, never doubt yourself I love all you have written and your newest piece memory is great and you should write a part 2 maybe, if yo want your amazing and talented never forget that”


@5secondsofhamilton “Are you going to continue Memory?! I NEEEEEED MOREEEEEEE”


@marquisdebaguetteandham “MAKE ANOTHER ENDING OR I WILL DIE”


@favriotefightingfrenchmeme “You HAVE to do more memory please btw you are so so so awesome at writing”

Summary: Continuation of Memory.

A/N: Wow…a whole lot of you wanted either more or an alternate ending. Y’all are so sweet! You are way too kind to me. I didn’t want to say anything or any warning. I’d like to thank you! No matter if you reblog, like, or comment. I appreciate every single one of y’all. Thank you! I also made the last name Evans so…. LET’S JUST SAY THAT ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS ARE STILL THERE EXCEPT LIN. COOL.

Word Count: 800

Part One


Request Here!

When you got off of work, you headed home. You almost completely forgot about Lin. You just wanted him to be gone. Once you opened your front door, the smell of your favorite meal came through. Your boyfriend, Ryan was in the kitchen cooking. He was absolutely handsome. He smiled widely when he saw you enter the home. “Evening, Y/N! How was work?” You slipped off your shoes and kissed him. “It was alright. I got a few of the animations done. I finished the backgrounds!” You found a job as an animator at Disney. You’ve been working on a new movie, Moana. Being one of their top artists and animators, they hired you for this movie! You couldn’t believe that your name would be in the credits of a Disney movie! “That’s wonderful! It wasn’t intentional, but as you can tell. I made you something special! You know, since you’ll be going to be working in LA for the movie.” Ah yes. You were going to LA tomorrow for the official recording and animations. “Thank you so much, Ryan.”

After a tremendous meal, you started to wash the dishes. You weren’t exactly sure where Ryan was, but you were sure he would be back soon. You spent the rest of the night packing for LA. Ryan tapped your shoulder. You smiled and turned around to face him. “Y/N since you’re leaving for a while tomorrow, I was thinking…I couldn’t bear the thought of having my girlfriend be away from me for so long,” he got down on one knee and pulled a small velvet box from his pocket, “So..I want you to leave as my soon to-be bride. Y/N, you are the most kind hearted, generous, beautiful woman I have come across my entire life. I was lucky enough to call you my girlfriend but now, I want you to be my wife. Y/N, will you marry me?” Just when you thought your smile couldn’t get any wider. You started tearing up. You couldn’t believe that the love of your life wanted to be with you for the rest of your lives. You nodded. “Yes, a thousand times yes!” He let out a sigh of relief and slipped the ring on your finger. You took a photo of your ring and uploaded it to twitter.


Coming Soon: Mrs. Y/N Evans @ryan_evans

You couldn’t be happier.

Back at the Richard Rodgers Theater

Daveed got a notification from twitter. All of the cast members were sprawled out on the stage from rehearsal. He read the caption. “Hey, guys,” he tapped the photo and saw a diamond ring “Y/N is getting married.” Everyone turned to Daveed and pulled out their twitters, instantly looking up your user. “Holy crap. She’s already over Lin?”

“I guess so. I talked to her the other day and she seems just fine. I don’t think she wants to see him again. She’s working on Moana tomorrow.” At that moment, everyone stopped dead in their tracks. “Isn’t Lin working on that movie?” As usual, chaos took over. They knew this was probably not going to end well.

You arrived at your hotel and your assistant, Bailey knocked at the door. You had gotten to know Bailey pretty well over the year and you considered her your younger sister. You opened the door and she gave you the plans for the day. “Y/N! Let’s see, we have to go to the studio in 30 minutes so if you don’t mind getting ready!”

“Thanks, Bailey! I’ll be ready in 10!” You closed the door and got ready. Your fashion sense wasn’t very extravagant, so you had no problem. You had little to no makeup on and you ran out the door to meet Bailey.

You reached the studio and snapped a small photo. You were greeted by some of the assistants. “Morning, Miss L/N! How are you?”

“No need for formality, just call me Y/N and I’m doing fine, how about you?” You were genuinely happy that they were so friendly. You made small talk and they showed you to the conference room. Each of the animators had to work with a songwriter so they can weave in ideas for the movie. You heard nothing about the songwriters and composers for the film, so you were going in blind. You reached the room and you noticed a small sign on the door that said Y/N L/N and Lin-Manuel Miranda. No. He was working on the music? He was working with you? The door opened and Lin had short hair and his grey sweater he loved dearly. He smiled expecting someone new, but it faded when he saw you. “Y/N?” Even the assistant could feel the tension. She left you both.

This should be fun.  

Sooooo... I binge-watched GLOW in one day. And I regret nothing.

I really enjoyed the first season of GLOW on Netflix and I’m happy to see that it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback and support around the internet. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since the series was produced by the same team who created Orange is the New Black, but since I don’t watch that show, I didn’t have any real expectations for it to be as good as it was. 

Overall, I thought it was incredibly well done, and like I said in an earlier post, I think it’s great how most of the episodes were directed by women. I only saw a couple of douchebags on the internet say something negative that was on par with your typical misogyny. 

Anyways, here are my thoughts as I watched the show and failed to talk myself out of watching 8 of the episodes in a row with no break. The list below isn’t in any particular order.

Beware: Mild spoilers below. 

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HannibalCon RDC3 - day 2: personal recap

Day2: Hopefully with a few less spelling and typing errors (sorry!).

So my inner clock woke me again at 5:30, making me extremely grateful that I actually went to my room, bathtub and bed yesterday evening after the truly astonishing, hilarious and fantastic FannibalMusical and the equally awesome Cosplay contest. My voice was nearly gone from all the squealing and whistling and cheering on :). More of that later.

The hotel has english breakfast, which is yummy but I truly can’t quite stomach it on not enough sleep so I stuck to croissant with fruit which is also quite alright^^.
My first stop for the day was for my photoshoot with Aaron and Scott and I asked them to do bunny ears on me and I LOVE how their expressions turned out^^.
(link further down)

They are both very sweet and kind and it has been my honor to meet them here, hopefully will happen again (damn, I’m getting emotional and there is still one whole day ahead, geez).

Anyway, small break after that, got my additional autograph vouchers and then went back to queue for Hugh. Probably the longest and fastest building queue…. ^^. They went through the queue to get to the room for the group photo (which I didn’t take) and you know, it’s something you have to say for Starfury: they’re “near”. Meaning, they don’t just show up for two minutes of stage time and then get escorted back by heavy security as in other cons, but they’re actually there, walking around. Of course they retreat after the various shoots and panels but they don’t get hid away in a sense. You get to walk by Hugh Dancy in a corridor on chance. They walk right through the crowd to the shoot. They sit next at the table to you or at the contest at a table just over there. It’s…. intimate :P. And very very precious and appreciated. There is like a feedback loop of energy that will buffet you for the days there, and, from experience, for the months to come.

Anyway, I have to say Demore’s calming me down the evening prior had helped and of course having seen them up close before I wasn’t -quite- as nervous as at the last con anymore for the photos. Still ran little circles into the carpet and probably drove everybody around me nuts. I’m sorry guys (whoever stood around me).
Hugh did something close to what Eddie Izzard did, he greeted you (with a smile) and then offered you an open embrace. I know other people asked for various poses (and got them, he said at the panel he even picked someone up^^ (which he apparently shouldn’t have^^)), but honestly, that posing was just fine with me. I mean, I got to embrace Hugh?^^
(link farther down)

Just noticing that you can’t see my hand which was around his back and very lightly on his waist. Well you all know he is built from The Path. Just sayin’.
I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and ‘I love your shirt’. Which is so nice because these little comments aren’t prompted. And I love that the smile reaches his eyes. I think / hope he had a fantastic time this weekend, as we all did (imho).

I had to go right to the next queue for Bryan and Bryan + Demore next. And you know Bryan probably had the time of his life (bless him). I asked him for a hug and I got a really tight one - not for the camera. *sniff* He asked how much I’d slept and laughed when I said 'not much, 3h’. Got another hug for the camera. It must have been hell for his back because he bent down and went slightly low with his legs all the time but… look at it.^^

(link below)

He is taller than Hugh^^. Thank you, Bryan. I hate myself in here but I remember the feeling and that is the bestest ^^.

Just a few minutes later was the pic with Bryan and Demore and I asked them for bunny ears as well and look. At. Their. Faces. *g*

I love^^.

(Pics here: https://twitter.com/allionne/status/835483248990044160 and https://twitter.com/allionne/status/835497370846695424)

I went to the main hall after since Aarons and Scotts panel was up (Hughs and Bryans signing was moved through sheer fannibal queuing force^^ (another thing, Starfury does not cut the lines and I’m grateful for that… it just might take longer and things might get moved around a bit. I heard from the SDCC? that they cut the autograph lines for Hugh there and… imagine that. That sucks.)
You can see the pics from the panel (you may take photos as you wish, but no filming) on twitter. It was -hilarious-. I mean, even Martha commented on it^^. Somebody brought Hannibals collar from Digestivo and “Margot” had a riding crop and… well. There were high heels involved as well and Aaron lost it on stage.
Just…. read through the tag. They reaaaaallly love to play off each other. God I hope we get more of team Sassy Science.

I admit I skipped Ellens and Demores talk after that because I needed food. We went over to the unhealthy but cheaper option and collected our autograph items for later. Hughs and Bryans panel was next. Only…. Bryan was still busy and so Hugh did the panel alone for the most part. And I think he was a bit … not reserved exactly but careful as to how he phrased things? He did have a lot of fun though I think, some of it made him laugh in earnest and blush :P. He gives very honest and deep answers and that is fascinating to witness. Also, yes, his face is that mobile and it is astonishing^^. I had to go and queue for autographs close to the supposed end, I learned later that I just missed Bryan (though I did hear the cheering and surmised as much) and well. Go and read the tag. Bryan apparently almost opened the thing with telling everyone that Will&Hannibal would switch. And appently nobody even really asked the topping/bottoming question *g*. Anyway, I’m told it was a blast and that Hugh really was a bit relieved and Bryan called Hugh his crutch and that Will would stay part of Hannibal. They will give another panel today and I. Cannot. Wait.

Signing was very nice and relaxed, I had he ad signed and I had to grin a lot when I saw that they had put Scott and Aaron on opposite sides of the line….. LOL.
Anyway, went and collected photos inbetween and then went to the lobby to distribute more badges to their owner. At least I managed 3 (yay!) Also got to meet the lovely @vourer (Twitter) and I got my art book from @hanniwill (so beautiful!).
Went to my room for an aspirin and a breather and then queued early in front of the door to the main hall because I wanted a seat at a table in front (and got it, yay!).

The Hannibal musical was a riot, as mentioned before. And the booklet is extremely beautiful, made up with art and pics of the performers and I was so happy when 'they’ joined and watched as well, and I think they had the time of their lives as well. Or I hope so, because we did^^. Hugh blushed with the final scene^^. (They were in my direct left side line of vision when I watched the stage, I ended up holding up my arm the whole time because I got distracted watching them^^^).

Kudos to all those that made that happen, what a highlight.

Cosplay contest was another one, topped off by Bryan coming in with -his- Hannibal suit (you know the red black one) and Hugh in pyjamas, slippers and Masons blue robe. Thank you gods^^. The cosplays were diverse and hilarious at times (Funko pop hawaiian murder husbands!!) but Kay blew them away with her Mason makeup. And yes, it was…. whoa. ^^

We sang happy birthday for Demore and I think he was really moved. Precious.

I went to bathtub and bed after that because my inner clock sucks and I wanted to be able to be fit “enough” for the next day… because there’s still one photoshoot coming up… Bryan and Hugh. *giddy* And their autographs^^. And panels.

And lots of tears tonight.

Premiere night | Fionn Whitehead


Anonymous said: An imagine where you’re a celebrity and are dating Fionn and no one else knows until you show up at the premiere with him

Word count: 1,944

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

Originally posted by teenage-wasteof-life


Your eyes scanned your reflection in front of the mirror; the dark-gray and elegant strappy jumpsuit looked bigger on you since you had not put your shoes on yet and, finishing the last details of your gorgeous makeup, you tied your hair up into a bun on the top of your head. In your mind, your voice echoed again and again, saying that everything was going to be okay for the rest of the day, but you were not feeling it. You were worried and somehow, you just wanted to stay in for the night. But that was not going to happen.

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The first week had gone by rather quickly. You sighed as you closed the door, giving one last bow to the crew as they left. So much had happened between filming everyday and working through the night, but you were enjoying it more than you thought. You and Namjoon had formed a new tradition of having a drink after the managers and crew left. You went to the kitchen to prepare his beer and your glass of wine, you threw together some snacks as well, while Namjoon straightened up the living room.

Namjoon was getting more comfortable at your apartment. He set out your writing materials and laptop that you had placed in your bookshelf, and was about to sit down on the couch, when something caught his eye. It was a new draft of your upcoming book. He was loving being able to see one of his favorite writers go through the process, but you were rather secretive about what the book was about, so Namjoon felt himself lingering on the draft. Sneaking a glance to the kitchen, he saw you were preoccupied with snacks and checking messages on your phone. He took the draft and brought it with him to the couch.

She looked down at her shaking hands and breathed. The doctor was blunt, his tone borderline abusive as he stated that she was in fact going blind. Her head fell into her hands. She knew she had to tell him, the love of her life, but the words got caught in her throat. She would be a burden to him if she went blind. Maybe she could escape in the night? Maybe leave without a trace and avoid the disastrous conversation. The doctor patted her back, a small act of kindness after his abrasive diagnosis, as her mind continued to raise about the future.

You walked into the living room and stopped short. The story that Namjoon had his nose buried in was part of a new novel you were thinking of writing, it was at the stages in which you simply needed to write the plot. There were no character names, no true development, just words on paper. At this point in the writing process it was raw at best, about 50 pages of rough narrative. Usually you would snatch that out of anyone’s hands. Your perfectionist attitude screaming to take it away, but a small part stopped you. For the first time, you wanted to know someone’s opinion before you became too invested. Namjoon continued to read. He was a fast reader and he found himself nearing the end of the 50 pages of writing.

She touched his face, trying to remember the little crevices, the way his smile felt against her fingers, the way he stared intently into her eyes. She wanted to remember it, feel it, embrace it. She saw the shadows coming into the center of her vision, she knew his face would fall into the gray shadows and her world would be engulfed in a dull darkness. But for now, she wanted to see him, his shining smile in her lackluster world. She wanted to see him grow old, she wanted to watch her hair grow gray, she wanted to see herself in a wedding dress, but it wasn’t meant to be. So she gently touched his features once more before falling into hysterics.

Namjoon closed the last page and took a deep breath. The story was unsettling, a young girl realizing she’s going blind and trying to figure out how to live in a world that lacks all sight. He exhaled and you walked up, placing the snacks on the coffee table and handing him a beer. He stared at you as you slowly reached for the draft.

It’s still a work in progress. You said simply and he felt conflicted. He wanted to apologize for reading something that wasn’t his, but he also was happy that he read it.

Can I ask what inspired you to write it? Usually you have a more upbeat storyline. He questioned and you looked at Namjoon, then back at the draft.

I have a condition. You started. It’s genetic. You tried to figure the best way to put him. I can see, but when I was young I learned that I would need constant care to make sure that nothing happened to my sight. Had I waited to have it checked out, I would have been blind. Namjoon could put two and two together, you were writing about yourself, a fearful almost in your life’s story. You sighed. The reason I write happier stories is because I don’t like to dwell on what could have happened, but just like you, I need to re-brand. As I get older, so does my audience. I wanted to write something more thought provoking, more tear jerking. Namjoon placed his beer on the coaster and scooted closer to you, rubbing your back with small circles.

I think it’s amazing. Of course, it needs a bit more character development, but I truly think you have an awesome story on your hands. I just hate that it was something that happened to you. Namjoon said more to himself and you chuckled.

Ah, it taught me a lot. It taught me that even things like sight are a gift to be appreciated, that adventures need to be had and things need to be seen and felt and life needs to happen. Because if you let it go by, then all you saw was a computer screen. Namjoon laughed and nodded. Since being in BTS, he could say he traveled the world and saw so much, he met his idols and became an idol himself. But he thought back to how the guys spent their days off and it left him a little uncomfortable.

Hey, you want to do something tomorrow? He asked and you tilted your head.

Tomorrow we don’t film. Why would we do something? You responded and he smiled.

I want you to meet the guys when there are no cameras. We have the day off tomorrow. I think it will be good for all of us. Plus you can then rehearse meeting them for the show! He grabbed his beer and held it up to you in a cheers moment. You rolled your eyes at his corny nature and clinked your wine glass against his bottle neck. Taking a sip, the two of you snacked and talked about the week.

The date was fun! Namjoon exclaimed as you laughed.

Oh, you mean when you fell while rollerblading? You questioned and Namjoon acted hurt.

You said that you didn’t see that! He said, but you shook your head.

I just didn’t want you to be embarrassed. By the way how’s your hand? During your “date” Namjoon had hurt his wrist and had it wrapped up. He shrugged and explained that this was a normal occurrence for him. The two of you continued to laugh and joke about the week and the crew into the late hours of the night.

You woke up with a horrible crick in your neck and sitting on your couch as you looked over to see an asleep Namjoon resting his head on your shoulder. You groaned a little at the morning sunlight that poked through the blinds. Namjoon rolled off of your shoulder and snuggled against the arm of the couch as you stood up. Draping a blanket over his long, slender form, you shuffled to the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast. Namjoon walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and looked at you as you made breakfast. By the time he usually got to your place, you were already handing out coffees, so to see you like this made him smile. You turned around and were shocked to see Namjoon there

Morning. Namjoon mumbled and you nodded, trying your best to remain calm with his smoldering gaze and morning voice. Grabbing the coffee pot you looked at him.

Breakfast? You said rather enthusiastically and he smiled, nodded, and went to the cupboard to grab plates.

I’ll set the table. You moved out of the way and tried to hide your blushing face. There was something about seeing him in the morning that made you go a little crazy. Oh, and the guys are coming over in an hour, so you might want to make more food. He said and laughed as you looked up at him with horror in your eyes. He winked and left the kitchen to set the table.

NAMJOON! THAT’S NOT FUNNY! You yelled and he sighed.

Ah, a lover’s quarrel. You know they warned me about this before the wedding. He commented and you smacked him with a towel. Today was going to be an interesting day.

David Duchovny in NYC

Forgive me ahead of time. I tend to be detailed in my reviews so this will probably be long. I’ve never met David or seen him perform so this was all new and exciting for me.

As soon as I heard that David would be performing an hour or so plane ride from me, I decided that I was going. It was a tossup between NYC and Boston, but I chose NYC because I have friends there (they aren’t DD fans) and I haven’t been there since 2000 so I decided I’d stay for three days. I was flying out from Montreal the day of the concert at 6:40am, to arrive in NYC at 8am. I was up at 3:30am and at the airport by 4:50. Everything was fine and then I got on the plane and that’s when things started to go horribly wrong. The plane had a computer glitch. We had to go back to the gate. This problem lasted 90 minutes. After two attempts to leave, the pilot informed us that the flight was canceled. Panic and anger at Air Canada set in. There were now 300 people looking for another flight to NYC.

I got on the phone with Expedia and it took them 40 mins to find me a flight on another airline before 1pm. But I had to book it through the Air Canada agent. By the time that it was my turn, the flight was sold out and so were all the other flights leaving before noon. They also told me that LaGuardia was sold out so my only option was a 1:30pm flight landing at Newark which is a 45m to an hour from the hotel that I had booked. I had no choice so I took it. It was  9:30am and I had all this time to kill. I spent it stressing out that I was doomed not to see David.  I was also supposed to meet up with Valerie @vavieddfan and some others for lunch so I hoped I could find her when I got to the venue.

At noon, I went to the gate and they told me the gate had been changed and that the flight was delayed to 2pm due to bad storms in NYC. I was in tears again. By the time we took off, it was 2:20. I was quite nauseated while we were landing and almost passed out when I got off the plane. Nerves, stress, fatigue and lack of food. Thanks to the kind man who assisted me down the jet way so I wouldn’t keel over. I didn’t want to pay the $80 for cab fare so I called Uber and of course, my app decided to act up. It took me 12 minutes to get a driver. Someone had told me to be at sound check by 5:45 and it was now after 4. I looked like crap and I knew I wouldn’t have time to fix myself.

I got to the hotel at 5pm, flew into my room, changed my clothes and freshened my makeup. I didn’t have time to do anything with my hair so I clipped it up and hoped I looked okay. I hailed a cab and got to the venue at exactly 5:45. They started letting people in five minutes later and I finally started to relax, but that was short lived. The ticket guy stopped me and told me I had the wrong ticket. REALLY? This was the last thing that I needed to hear. I told him that I purchased the ticket last year and I chose the VIP sound check option. He told me to wait on the side while he let everyone else in. After he came back I said, “Look, I came from Canada to see him and this sound check was an option when I purchased my ticket…” and I don’t know if he could see that I was about to burst into tears, but he just told me to follow him. Bless this man. I thanked him profusely… twice.

Now I could finally relax. I spotted Valerie at the front and called out to her. There were two guys standing in front of me so I waited a few minutes then asked them if they would mind if I went to stand next to my friend. They were kind enough to let me. I was all excited to meet Valerie and be in the front row. Kerry (sp?) came out to tell us David had a sore throat and wanted to save his voice for the show so we’d be getting personal pictures with David instead. Everyone cheered. Suddenly my entire bad day vanished. :) David came out and I almost fainted again, but this time due to how absolutely gorgeous he is in person! People have said this, but to see him with my own eyes - he is breathtaking. He does NOT look 56! He talked to us a bit and his voice was hoarse. Then his band did a few songs with Colin, who is a talented cutie, singing. One of the songs he sang was Half Life, which I had avoided listening to ahead of time. I really liked it and couldn’t wait to hear David singing it.  

Now it was time for the pictures. I could see him as I got closer and I don’t get nervous when I meet famous people, but I had a few butterflies. More so because I thought I looked awful. I had what I refer to as “nine hours in an airport” face & hair. Okay, it’s my turn. I took a deep breath and went for it. David shook my hand and said, “Hi, how are you?” His hands are quite soft. *melt* I said, “Great. I’m happy to be here. I almost didn’t make it.” He said, “Aww, I’m glad you did,” and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped both arms around him and felt his arms go around me. *melt*  He is all muscle. His back, side and stomach (which I will get to in a minute). Like Valerie said, the person taking the pictures was taking a while so I took the opportunity to discreetly smell him since my nose was smooshed against his shirt. He smelled freshly showered to me. I moved my face away slightly when the girl said, “Ready.” After the picture, he rubbed my back and said, “Thank you for coming.” I started to walk away and then I turned back and told him that I hope he feels better soon. But as I said this, I RUBBED HIS STOMACH! I seriously have NO IDEA WHY and it wasn’t something I had planned. It was like automatic. Maybe because I do that to my little nephews when they are ill. I really don’t know. LOL. I immediately froze, thinking WTF did I just do. But he just smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you again for being here."  I wanted to pass out.  I went to stand next to his friend Matty and watched Valerie with him and then I floated out of the lounge. OMG! I just met David freakin’ Duchovny!!!! I said something like that to Valerie and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was right though. I look like absolute crap in the picture. It doesn’t help that the lighting is terrible and the settings in that camera are way off so we look yellow. I’m not going to get into my opinions on all that, but yea…  The important thing is I HAVE A PICTURE WITH DAVID! DAVID HUGGED ME! I TOUCHED HIM! WE TALKED! Breathe… I crossed it off my list and replaced it with, "Need a better picture with David.”  That’s my next mission. Maybe a comicon.

We went back upstairs and we were concerned that everyone in back who got to the pictures first would be back up before us therefore we’d lose our front row spots. Of course people were there, but we wound our way back up. Unfortunately someone was in my spot, a girl and a guy and when I asked her if she would move over a bit because I was there before, she budged like two inches. Annoying, especially since there was enough space between her and the guy for her to move a bit more more. I spent the rest of the time before the show trying to fight my way between her and Valerie. David came out at 9 and I forgot about blondie and concentrated on him.

Plenty of people have already reviewed the concert so I won’t rehash, but I’ll just give my personal impressions. Boundless energy, self-effacing, humble, appreciative, gentle, inspiring and talented. For someone who was sick, he didn’t sound bad. His voice cracked a few times, but overall I was impressed with how good he sounded. His voice has improved a lot over the past year. I love the dancing, as he calls it, “My dancing is a cross between Michael Jackson and Ed Grimely. Ed Grimely on my mother’s side.” LOL. The faces he makes. The little smiles that melt your heart, the sexy looks, the adorable looks, the interesting looks - one in particular that I call his “Mulder face.” It just is - to me. I lost track of how many times I leaned over to Val and said, “Je vais mourir,” (I’m going to pass out/die). LOL

He made sure we knew who his band was, that he was nothing without them, that they have their own projects and asked us to support them. They are all talented young men. I didn’t want to take a lot of pictures or video for two reasons: 1. I wanted to drink in everything I could and just be in the moment. When you concentrate on your camera, you miss the little things. 2. David said, “Be here now.” He wants us to engage and have fun and that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to remember what I saw and not read about what I missed. So I filmed short clips of a few songs, aside from my 3 favorite songs: Unsaid Undone, 3000 and Half Life. I brought two cameras with me. My newer camera has a bigger SD card and battery life so I used it to record those three songs. I used my old camera for pictures and the video clips. Ironically my older, cheaper camera takes better concert pictures and videos. I thought he did four songs for the encore, but I only remember three right now so perhaps I’m not remembering correctly. Hell or Highwater, Sweet Jane, The Weight. Perhaps Lately It’s Always December or one of the other ballads was part of the encore as well.

He is awesome at making eye contact and maintaining it. *melt* He is great at remembering faces and acknowledging those he knows or has seen many times, like Walt Frasier. He knows how to draw you in and keep you there. He knows how to get you moving. He wants US to have a good time because HE is having a good time. DAVID IS LOVE.

I took a cab to my hotel and the driver had never heard of it so I had to go digging in my purse for the address. I took my new camera out because it was in the way and guess what? I left it in the cab. Yup. I filed a report, but I doubt I will ever see it again. The next ride probably stole it. I hope they are *thrilled* when they realize that the battery needs its special charger and I have it. It sucks that I don’t have those three David videos, and it sucks that I lost a $400 camera and my 32GB SD card. But you know what? I have my memories and no one can steal those from me.

Thank you David for a memorable night. I’m already anxious to see him again. Well, I kinda did, in Central Park. I didn’t talk to him. He was walking too fast anyway. Just a nice little bonus. :D

Valerie - @vavieddfan Elizabeth - @lyricbird, the fan from Hungary whose name I cannot remember (sorry!) Walt, Laurice and everyone else I met - so wonderful to meet you all! Until next time…. :) <3


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AH Summertime fun? With some reader x trevor?

Word Count: 1285

“Jesus, Larry!” you all but shouted as you stepped out of the bathroom and gripped tighter to the towel wrapped around you. Larry laughed a little and raised the camera in his hands up so it was just focused on your face. “Sorry, Y/N, just trying to do my job,” he said with a shrug, turning around to head the other direction. You sighed and rolled your eyes before heading to the left to the room that you were staying in.

Due to some extra life stretch goals and some creative pitching to the company, Achievement Hunter had somehow ended up on a week long vacation in a rented house in Florida. One of the main deals was that there would be videos put on fairly regularly on the website of whatever shenanigans the group of you got up to.

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Zip-Line - Part 2

First half.  Wrote this after I learned about the zip-line in Paris.  Can’t do the other half just now, so please enjoy this part.  Also on AO3

Part 1 is here

Marinette heard her friends talking just outside the bathroom door.  It sounded like most of her class was out there.  She’d checked in quickly with Tikki, who was equally excited about trying the zip-line.  

“What’s taking so long?” Chloe demanded.  "Is she chickening out before she even gets up the tower?“

Shaking her head, Marinette finished drying off her hands and went out to join them.  "Sorry to disappoint, Chloe,” she said calmly.  "I just wanted to go to the bathroom.“

"Afraid you’ll pee your pants?” Chloe crowed.

“Not particularly,” Marinette brushed off the taunt.  "But I’d like to enjoy the ride without distractions.“

"Where do you want us to wait for you?” Adrien asked.  "Need anyone to go up the tower with you?“

"I’m getting a good spot near the center of the line,” Alya said.  "But that’s a good point.“

Marinette shrugged.  "Maybe the end, so we can head back together?”

“Well I’m going to escort you to the Eiffel Tower,” Chloe said.  "I want to make sure you go up, and I want a front row seat when you back out.“

"Why are you so certain I’ll back out?” Marinette asked.

“You’re plenty brave here, with your feet on the ground, when you’re trying to impress people,” Chloe said with a sniff.  " If you manage to impress them, I want to make sure you have the guts to do what’s right, and I’m not sure you do.  This will prove it.“

Marinette stared at Chloe for a moment, then nodded quietly.  This went deeper than the veneer of bullying, something the spoiled rich girl had reined in abruptly nearly a year ago.

"What are you talking about, Chlo?” Adrien asked, not quite a demand.  "We all know Marinette’s amazing.  Why would she need to impress any of us.“

Chloe shot Marinette a smirk.

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(She follows a textbook example of conversing with adults. Adults that don’t bare their teeth or slip a neurotoxin to stop her words. Adults that are parents to her friends. Hopefully good parents.)

“I’m Madeline. It’s so wonderful to meet you. Are you Trini?”

“Ohuhm, yeah.”

“My daughter has told me much about you.”


“Really! Come on inside.” Trini smiles slightly, a bit wary as she toes off her shoes at the mat inside, noting Mrs. Hart’s bare feet.

It’s the first time Trini meets Mrs. Hart.

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Nice To Meet You

Relationship: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1344

Summary: Reader works at a web show where Lin is being interviewed, and is a big fan of Hamilton. The host cancels and the Reader has to fill in.


“Are you okay?” You turned your head in the direction of the voice and saw the camera guy looking at you wearily. In all honesty, you were freaking out. Today was the day that Lin-Manuel Miranda was doing an interview for the web show that you worked for. You wouldn’t normally be this worked up for an interview, especially considering you weren’t even asking the questions, but this was different. You had been a huge fan of Hamilton ever since it made its off-broadway debut, so this was like a dream come true for you.

You couldn’t say all of that to a camera guy you’d never met before, so you settled for, “I’m fine.” You awkwardly looked at each other before you nodded and left. You really needed to get your shit together before Lin got there.

“Don’t be worried, (Y/N). He’ll love you.” You turned around and smiled at your best friend Taylor.

“Shut up. I’m just the mic girl.” You smiled and looked back down at the table of audio equipment.

“Yeah but you get to be all up close and personal with celebrities,” Taylor teased as she leaned against the table.

“Yeah, for like, less than a minute. It’s not like I’m gonna woo him with my magic audio skills,” you said as you rolled your eyes.

“You never know. Maybe he finds it sexy.” You gave her an incredulous look. “What? It could be a thing.”

“Sure, Taylor. Sure.”


After fifteen minutes of nervously checking and rechecking the mics, the producer came storming into the room where you were filming.

“He just cancelled on us! What kind of douchebag would do that?” the producer, Sam, yelled to no one in particular.

Your heart sunk. Lin wasn’t coming on the show anymore? Even though you were beyond nervous, you were still super excited. You also didn’t think that the producer should’ve called him a douchebag. He probably had a really good reason to cancel, you thought to yourself.

“So, can we go home?” the lighting guy asked.

“No,” Sam said. You were confused. Why did you have to stay if Lin wasn’t coming?

“Lin is still showing up, we just need somebody to interview him.”

It made sense now. Lin didn’t cancel, but James did.

It wasn’t a surprise that James decided to not do the interview. He was an asshole who thought he was too good to be hosting a web show. No matter how famous a guest was, James always thought he deserved better. In all honesty, you were glad he was gone. Good riddance.

“Does anyone know if James left his questions here?” Sam asked.

“I saw him take them home last night,” said Kim, the makeup artist.

“Fuck,” he whispered under his breath. “Does anyone know anything about Hamilton?” Everybody just shook their heads and returned to their work. You were faced with a dilemma.

On one hand, you would’ve killed to interview Lin-Manuel Miranda. You had so many questions you’d wanted to ask for forever. But on the other hand, you’d always preferred to be behind the camera, not in front of it and online for millions of people to laugh at you for making a fool of yourself.

“Actually, (Y/N) knows a ton about Hamilton.” You whipped your head up to see Taylor grinning at you from across the room. You rolled your eyes and flipped her off, but she smiled even wider.

Sam’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“Perfect! ‘Fan gets to interview idol.’ I can work with this,” Sam said - more to himself than anyone else - and then made his way out of the filming area.

Right before he left, he called over his shoulder, “just don’t be weird!”

You chuckled awkwardly. “That’s the plan.”


What felt like an eternity later, you saw Lin walk into the studio with a friendly smile on his face. Your stomach dropped for a second as you watched him walk over to Sam.

Sam and Lin spoke for a few seconds before he led him to the makeup chair. Sam then strolled over to you, a fake smile plastered on his face.

“Please don’t fuck this up,” he whispered into your ear. You gulped and nodded. Sam drew back and smiled at you before he went back to Lin.

You busied yourself for the next five minutes by putting your mic on and trying to discreetly fix your hair.

“You guys ready?” Sam asked as Lin walked over to you.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.

“Good! Let’s get filming!”

You and Lin sat down on the matching chairs, and you tried your best not to make eye contact with him.

“Hi, I’m Lin, it’s nice to meet you,” he said sweetly. He held out his hand and you shook it.

“I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan.” He smiled at you.

“That’s awesome!” His smile was infectious, and you found yourself having to refrain from grinning from ear to ear.

“Five, four, three, two…” As soon as the camera man pointed at you, you smiled as big as you could and began to speak.

“Hello and welcome to PopStation! I’m (Y/N), filling in for James. Today we have Lin-Manuel Miranda with us. Thanks for coming!” You started to breathe again after you finished the intro. If you got through that part, then the rest couldn’t be that bad. Hopefully.

“Thanks for having me!” he said cheerfully.

“I actually have something to confess,” you said, trying to emulate the way James easily spoke with people.

“Go ahead.”

“I love Hamilton.” Lin chuckled slightly as you continued. “The story is great, and the music is amazing.”

“Thank you! I’m glad you like it.”

The rest of the interview went pretty well. By your count, you had only blushed four times. And although you were fangirling for most of the interview, by the end, you appreciated Lin less as “The Cute Guy Who Wrote Your Favorite Musical”, and more as a super intelligent and interesting person. You were grateful for Taylor having thrown you under the bus, but you would never admit it to her.


You were leaning on the brick wall outside of the studio, waiting for your cab, when you were tapped on the shoulder. You looked up from your phone to see Lin smiling at you.

“Uh, hi?” You internally facepalmed at your awkwardness.

“Hi. (Y/N), right?”

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking to you. You seem really cool.” You grinned at the compliment.

“Thanks. You’re pretty okay,” you joked.

“I’ll take it.” The two of you laughed slightly. “So, is this what you do? Interview famous people?”

“Nah, I’m the mic girl. Our real host cancelled so I filled in.” A semi-awkward silence settled around you two. “I’m actually in school for a math degree with a focus in statistics, but since it’s summer, I need a job, and putting mics on famous people is kind of a hobby of mine.” You don’t know why you felt the need to blurt out a bunch of information about yourself and make that horrible joke, but you did.

Lin laughed slightly. “Well, if I’m being honest, being miced by pretty girls is kind of a hobby of mine.” You chuckled, and in the back of your mind, you though, is Lin-Manuel Miranda flirting with me?

You and Lin spoke for a few more minutes and swapped numbers before your cab arrived.

“It was nice meeting you, Lin,” you said as you climbed into the cab.

“You too, (Y/N).”

A couple minutes into the ride, you saw your phone screen flash with a notification. You looked down to see a text from Lin.

From Lin:
I hope you can mic me up again soon ;)

You snorted at the kind of sexual message.

To Lin:
You got it

You then locked your phone and leaned back against the headrest, a faint smile gracing your lips.

Thank you James.