i just needed to make a set of just his face okay

i’d love to see a marvel short with just tourists visiting new york after the movies take place and asking new yorkers questions about all the wreckage and they answer with the most unfazed look on their faces like

“what’s with those marks on the wall there?” “oh that? some big ass green dude just started parkouring” or “that’s my grandma’s house, sometimes her window gets smashed by this huge hammer but then it jumps right back to wherever it came from. we’ve started setting the clock by it”

“what about that on the road?” “that was like last week or something bro this dude in a metal armor smashed into the road, one car almost ran into him, but he said sorry so it’s cool”

and maybe even “sometimes this guy dressed in purple shoots arrows at the wall and they explode. we tell him to cut it out but it’s like he doesn’t even hear us. tbh i like his friend better, the redhead. she taught my little sister how to punch sleazy dudes in the face”

Sarada Uchiha

Ok so I just finished reading the second chapter of Naruto Gaiden and something about this panel made me think something.

So there has to be some connection to why their eyes are set up parallel like this. And then we get this masked figure. Obviously not showing their face for some big reveal later.

Something makes me feel like maybe his eye’s are actually Sarada’s eyes that were taken from her. Maybe my mystery person here. But the theory I want to make here is this, AND IT’S JUST MY OWN PERSONAL THEORY SO YOU DON”T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT. Okay so, Kishi is obviously going somewhere with how Sarada and Karin are compared to each other because of their glasses. What if somehow Sarada has Karin’s eyes, that’s why she has glasses like Karin’s because if Karin needed them, so would Sarada because of bad eyesight and all. And if someone stole her Uchiha eyes, she would obviously need new ones. And I’m not making any Karin is her real mother hints here, she’s Sakura’s baby girl.

I also think the Akatsuki mystery person is from team Taka. The mystery person has to know Sasuke based off how he knows he was the one to kill Itachi, unless that is common knowledge at this point, and plus all the Akatsuki are dead and this person is clearly wearing an Akatsuki cloak. The only other people to where one where those in team Taka. Plus there are too many unanswered questions about what happened to them, and Orochimaru and Kabuto, after the war is over.

There’s too many references to team Taka for there not to be some bigger plan with the connections. That’s all I’m saying.I know this is probably stupid to you, but it’s a late night epiphany so I may regret this in the morning haha 

2x20 The Fosters

Okay so while I still have the episode fresh in my brain I need to do a little recap.

-Still confused as to how the bullet hit Connor in the foot (we will just ignore that for now) Also kinda mad his dad’s first concern was if we would still be able to play baseball. And hallelujah Connor set is dad straight when he questioned him as to why he snuck out. I’m assuming when his dad asked “What does that mean?” Is when Connor told him he’s gay, resulting in him making Jude leave.

-Callie needs to back the fuck up off Jude. His best friend just got shot and you are insulting said friend. Even if she doesn’t agree with the friendship or thinks Connor is a bad influence, she could at least be nice considering he got shot.

-Taylor is the real MVP. Bless her for giving Connor her phone. 

-The look on Jude’s face when he read that text from Connor though! Also can I just mention how proud I am of Connor for finally being true to himself.

-As for the preview I’m beyond excited to see Jude stand up to Connor’s dad and hopefully we get a nice little Jonnor scene because god knows I need that in my life.